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International Travel Network (ITN) has created efficient, technologically innovative, cost-effective resources that enable airlines worldwide to divest discounted fares and excess inventory.

Since foundation date 2004, the company has expanded its team to include more IT innovators and industry experts. These additions have been instrumental to ITN, as the company maximized ticketing capabilities and compliance monitoring standards to accommodate large inventory and smooth, speedy transactions.

In 2009, ITN re-launched its web presence with new features, services and advancements to improve upon current transaction options for airlines and travel agents. Developing unique technological and educational tools to deliver the latest innovations and valuable services to the industry, ITN enables airlines to sell a greater volume of discounted tickets to qualified, interested buyers with greater speed and efficiency. Today, ITN employs a staff of 100 and works with 500 independent sub-agents and agencies.

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Consumer Complaints and Reviews

The customer service with International Travel Network (ITN) was pitiful to say the least. They bill the bank 3 times in just a few minutes. Of course the bank red flagged it as fraud. I confirmed to only pay once. The bank did, only to have ITN cancel the flight and yet still had the payment. It took me several calls to get that returned. After all of that, I tried to get a new ticket. It was then that ITN would have to call me back with a 3 way call. A first for that! Even after doing that the money set there with still no ticket.

I called several times only to be transferred over and over to different people trying to find out why and when. I ask for supervisors, and it was always someone would call me back with the answers. It has been a total "runaround" and when they finally "email" the ticket info, there was no time to get to the flight on time and ITN called and wanted to cancel the flight as they didn't want it to be a no show. I have been told the flight is cancelled and ITN still has the ticket money. From the beginning to where things stand as of now has been 3 days of misery dealing with International Network and it's not over yet. Please use a reputable agency. I will never use ITN again.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We are sorry to hear about the trouble you had to go through with this reservation. Kindly provide us your ITN confirmation number or the ticket number and we will verify the case with our Quality Assurance Department.

Thank you.

With kind regards,

ITN Team

Let's summarize my experience: I purchase the ticket, and ITN was very pushy for me to finalize and purchase it, which made me suspicious. ITN representative had asked me to speak with my bank to authorize the charge on my card, which also was suspicious, especially since this has never happened with me before. Clearly they have a long history of scamming people and figured a way to protect themselves (DO NOT REPEAT MY MISTAKE). ITN had sent me a fake reservation number that same purchase day and few days later issued the ticket and send me the real ticket (that reservation number was not recognized by any of the airlines).

ITN had sold me a flight protection plan not explaining that this was with their own company, not with the airlines, which practically is worth nothing. Not to mention that you have deceived me with how good this policy is, and that it will waive all fees and penalties in case an emergency comes up, and then only find out that I could do everything directly with the airlines under the same conditions, rights, and responsibilities! They never mentioned that the policy is with their own company, and covers me with their own company not the airlines!!! BIG SCAM. ITN had promised to reserve my seats for me and find out the day before the trip that they didn't. I had to do it myself and settle for nonfavorable seats and when asked them, they came up with an excuse. ITN had emailed me the luggage allowance, which was wrong and cost me to pay for extra weight at the airport!

Before paying the airlines, and at the airport counter, I have spoken with ITN supervisor, and he told me to go ahead and pay the extra weight fees and promised to reimburse me for the charges, and that he'll send an email with that, but he did not! No email, no reimbursement. BIG LIE. I canceled my reservation, contacted United Airlines to get a refund. United said I am illegible to get a refund or change of dates, they informed me that ITN has blocked my ticket and cannot process anything. ITN has promised to process the refund, but a month and half later, they have done nothing. I can't get my refund directly from the airlines nor through ITN. ITN operates with the following names/partners: Air Concierge & ASAP tickets.

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are sorry to hear that your experience with us was not a pleasant one. Please accept our apologies for any created inconveniences. According to our records a refund request had been submitted by Mr. Nathan with the airline. We will update you as soon as we will hear from them. Regarding the baggage charges that you had to cover, please send us a copy of the receipt to and we will check for reimbursement.

With kind regards,

ITN Team

I paid for a RT ticket from Houston to Tel Aviv and was issued a ticket returning from Tel Aviv to Houston and continuing on to Chicago. I immediately called the travel agent to ask why. He said it was a promotional fare and not to worry at all. The airline ticket agent at Tel Aviv said the ticket was a fraud. Her manager confirmed what she said. I was in a wheelchair and explained to them that my agent assured it was a promotional fare but they refused to accept my explanation and said I needed to pay an additional $300 to change the ticket so my baggage doesn't end up in Chicago.

I paid the money and upon my return called my agent to tell him what happened. He consistently claimed it was all my fault since I did not call him from Tel Aviv and said that I was responsible to pay the additional money charged. I contested his statements to customer relations but did not receive any help. The travel agent kept hammering on the promotional fare to reduce ticket cost. I asked how would it reduce costs if I end up in Chicago instead of Houston. Because I would have to pay for the Chicago Houston airfare. I'm still waiting for an answer. The agent wants me to book another ticket from him!

Dear Customer,

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We apologize for the created inconveniences. The amount of $300.00 that you have paid at the counter had been credit today to your account today, 9th of September. As a travel agency we keep our word and try our best to help the customers. Please let us know if you have any other questions, we will be glad to assist you.

With kind regards,

ITN Team

I thought this was such a good price. I took it and they offer ticket protection too for a reasonable fee. How could I go wrong? Well, it is very wrong to buy from this company. I saved $200 on a rt to Italy this is true... plus $62 for trip protection which covered changes and cancellations. How could I go wrong? Well, earthquakes in Italy, personal situations and one of my friends there - with whom I was going to stay - is very sick. I wanted to change my ticket and come back early but trip protection only counts for what the company itself charges... not to change ticket - it would cost me almost $800 to change.

Then they told me to contact airline myself... which I did and was told by airline that they cannot change this ticket. It must be done by the agency - and was told that agency should know this. So called several more times to ITN with poor customer service... and finally told cannot change ticket without huge fee. This company is a danger to the traveling/consuming public. I asked them to refund my "cancellation protection" at least. We shall see if this happens. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We are very sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience with ITN. Kindly provide us your confirmation number or the ticket number and we will be glad to assist you.

With kind regards,

ITN Team

The company is a ripoff. It is much better if you purchase tickets directly with the airlines. The put markup on the ticket as I spoke to Cathay Pacific. The ticket I had with ITN is 400 expensive compared to Cathay. I remembered that there were 2 charges on my account. One from Cathay and the other from ITN. So next time if you book ticket and tells you that split amount from ITN that means that is the amount that they are getting from our pocket. I believe this all happens to all tickets with other airlines as well.

Also I will never use the Ticket Protection Plan. It does not make sense. It will not cover anything on the benefit of the passenger, in fact it will charge you more since rules of the airlines will still apply if you take the protection. I suggest it is better to go to the airlines directly. With the airlines it is fast, whatever happens they are liable to their mistake, but this company is full of crap. Not to mention their quality department is so stupid. They are not really helping. They are only saying that they are investigating but the truth is they will only take priority of their profit.

We are sorry to hear that your experience with ITN was not a pleasant one. Kindly provide is your confirmation number with us or the ticket number and we will review the details of your case. All the charges are disclosed to the customer before the ticket is purchased, there are no hidden charges.

Please send us your booking details and we will be glad to assist you.

With kind regards,

ITN Team

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To let people know not to use this service. I was first promised a low fare to Europe, but next day new much higher price. Could not give us seats on any flight. No communication when one flight cancelled and we were stuck in Europe. No personal service--or service at all. Plus, airlines apparently do not like to deal with this company.

Dear Customer,

We are sorry to hear that your experience with us was not a pleasant one. We do our best to assist our customer with all the issues that you have listed bellow. Could you please provide us your ITN confirmation number or the ticket number and we forward the case to our Quality Assurance Department.

With kind regards,

ITN Team

I purchased a ticket which was never issued to me until a month after I paid them. When they issued the ticket, it was in the wrong names. I couldn't fly with the wrong names. I pointed it out to them. It was their fault. The best they could do is cancel my ticket and levy a charge/penalty which they didn't do until the day of the flight. They sent me an email that I missed my flight, hence they weren't trying to refund me.

Thank you for your feedback. According to our records this ticket had been refunded on 5th of August. You should get the funds within 5 to 10 business days. Kindly let us know if you have any questions/concerns, we will be glad to assist you.

With kind regards,

ITN Team

I'm a first time user of ASAP Tickets (ITN), so far I'm impressed with the service provided. I save time and money on the tickets compare to other search engines. It's nice talking to real people who listen to your concerns. My agent was very informative and helpful. He was also upfront about all my requests. Thanks so much for understanding my needs. Take care and God bless. Hope to do more business in the future!

I purchased a ticket thru ITN and they input the wrong name on the passport. Now they want me to pay an additional 383.00 to correct a problem they made. I asked for a full refund thinking the travel protection would cover as it did in previous flights and they told me NO. The ticket cannot be used because the passport and ticket do not match. I refused to pay more money. I will never used this company for anything and I beg consumer not to use them and get burned like so many others.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. Your booking had been located and your review forwarded to our Quality Assurance Department for investigation. We will verify the records and will get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.

With kind regards,

ITN Team

I purchased 6 tickets for this ITN in November of 2015. I was informed by my eldest son that he and his fiance are expecting and would not be able to attend the family reunion. The due date is August, but the doctor will not allow her to fly. The flight is July 26th, so baby could come at any time in July or August. I also purchased ticket protection whenever available just in case. I request to have their 2 ticket canceled in June and money refunded because of ticket protection. Today is now July 12 and I have to call the airline last week to cancel the 2 ticket myself. ITN first was telling me that the tickets are non refundable. I informed them that I have purchased ticket protection and should get a full refund on those 2 tickets. I also provided them with a doctor’s letter as requested.

Now they are saying they need the letter to be more detailed. I informed them that the letter states the name and that she is unable to fly during the scheduled trip time. I also asked what details are they requiring. They just keep repeating the Doctor knows. I also informed them of the HIPA law, which is the Health Information Protection Act. They had no clue what I was talking about. My feeling is they are trying everything to not refund me for tickets. I will never use them again for any travel arrangements, and we travel at less 3 times a year. They are the worse I have ever encountered. Do you self a favor and find another travel company to do business with. CROOKS!!!

Thank you for your review. Your booking had been located and verified with our Customer Service Department. We are sorry that passengers are not able to travel as scheduled. Your case had been assigned to the Customer Support supervisor who will send you an email with the options you have shortly.

With kind regards,

ITN Team

The issue we had was resolved by the firm.

Original Review

I purchased multiple international flight tickets from ITN at the same time. All had their return leg luggage "stripped" off. WE had to pay $250 per bag to check in. Out "agent" Tyke said that it was a system error that he is resigned to the idea that cannot be changed. When I objected to this, and asked that something needs to be done, he just hung up and decided to no longer take calls or reply to emails. They do not deserve even one star.

After booking flight to Glasgow, Scotland with Malou we paid for travel insurance for change or complete refund of ticket. On the bottom of the confirmation it states: "Change your flight, no problem for FREE." When my sister and I discovered that not only did they have us returning from different airports (Glasgow and I from Edinburgh), my sister was leaving the US one day before me!

I requested a change in my flight 3 weeks before the trip and was told the fee was $250 plus. I read back their promise on the page and the agent said that they have no fee but the airline does. I argued and Fisher said they were going to open an ticket of inspection. I called back the following day and talked to a different agent and she stated the same thing but gave no reply or satisfaction, but opened another ticket. Since that call I have not heard back from anyone from that agency.

I am completely disgusted with a company that sells travel insurance for the purpose of change or cancellation and does not stand by their promise. Here is their information: Do not do business with them, as they messed up the whole experience. ITN International Travel Network, 100 Pine Street

Suite 1925, San Francisco, CA 94111, Customer Support Phone (800) 750-2238.

Please make sure when dealing with this company to be upfront on their reservation process. I have come to believe, they are running some sort of scam, in causing a delay in submitting payment request or approval from the credit card company which in term, casing the purchase & confirmation of the airline ticket to be delayed by a day or so, this kind of action has cost me over $450 easily. I had worked with my credit card company ahead of time to notify them of a large purchase and gave them the company name and my travel time and destination. I conformed with them that it's all cleared.

I was on a three way call between the travel agency and my Bank to confirm the purchase, all went accordingly and everyone was in agreement of the purchase price and billing, this was on 06/16/2016. I get a call on the next early morning 06/17/2016 from ASAP agent notifying me that the rate has gone up due to the purchase or air ticket did not go thru due to bank issues. I contacted my Bank of America Card service and they confirmed that the mishandling was on their part with plenty of deviance supporting that. Please be aware and make sure that you will not be scammed by these people like they did to me. I will be reporting them to the better business bureau also just to make sure such shady business need to be stopped and the consumer must to be protected.

The worst service ever. I bought a ticket from Cleveland Ohio to Cairo Egypt. They arranged the whole trip which had Air Canada as one of the airlines. They took my data and knew that I am not American so that I have to acquire a transit visa to be able to transit in Canada, but they did not tell me. I booked the ticket on March 5th and on April 21st I knew by chance that I may need a transit visa, so I sent them an email asking if I really need visa as this is my first time to book a ticket myself. They replied we are not authorized to give any advice about the visa. They refused to help me knowing whether I need a visa or not!

After some research I discovered that I need a visa and applied for it on the day after, but it was too late to get the visa before my flight date, so I asked them to help by either change the flight route or delay it. They refused all solutions and insisted to cancel the flight. They charged me $590 out of $875 ticket price! They was not cooperative at all. They did not even reply my emails to get the rest of my money. They replied only when I sent them that if you did not reply me I will file a lawsuit.

When I called all I wanted was a 1 way ticket to the Philippines. Your agent talked me into a round trip ticket with flight insurance. This insurance is at a higher rate than the industry standard over $50.00 or is $53.11 dollars. This is a joke. Round trip $758.76 plus the $53.11. Now the cost $300.00 plus $620.90 = $920.90. This is higher than the original ticket. Then they add a bonus of a free trip to canada. Now we do not want it increases the price of the rebook.

What about all the problems that I had with your travel agency. The 2nd person I talked to apparently went on vacation. Without advising me of the doctors note to be sent nor did she send me any paperwork. No follow up. The third person sent me a email with paperwork and helped me with the cancellation. Now He stephan is no longer with the company. The next person said she would send me the information. Apparently she left, did not inform anyone about the situation and did not send me any emails. Well I called back and guess what she apparently left for the day.

Your company advertises that you can get a great deal on every trip because you buy in bulk and discounted tickets. You trick the customers into doing something they did not originally contact you for. When we contact your customer service we get the runaround. I am sending you one paperwork and also sending something to the better business bureau. The paperwork is showing that he was in the hospital for tests that the doctor said he needs. The doctor now wants to have more tests done. If you need more paperwork I will send it to you.

It says in bold letters: WISE DECISION - YOUR TRIP IS PROTECTED! This is false advertisement. This covers nothing but your $250.00 fee from ITN. We are asking for a 100% refund and we want what we originally asked for a 1 way ticket you advertise and gave me many quotes for around $589.00, $540.00 when we 1st tried to book a flight. Instead of this we end up paying an additional $300.00 plus $620.90 = $920.90. I am trying to get a 100% refund but they are giving me a hard time in doing so. We have a medical issue and they are telling me I am not going to get a refund from the airlines because the medical paperwork is not sufficient. What we are asking for is a refund and then a rebooking for a 1 way flight. Do not purchase the trip insurance!

I purchased a ticket to go from Toronto to Entebbe with the Sale Agent Stephanie... That was my first mistake. She has no clue what is she doing, such as selling you a ticket where you have 45 min to change plane in Doha, one of the biggest Airport ever. Anyway, I won't tell you about all my journey which has been a complete tragedy and disaster, but make yourself a favour. Don't even think about using their services. They sucks... Once you give your credit card information don't expect any services from them, they will tell you that they are sorry and they can't do anything, you won't have any chance to talk a representative. They will always try to blame you, and never try to assist you.

I work in the service industry, and just can't understand how a company can be successful running a company like this... Saying that, this company may disappear very quickly. They won't be able to keep their customer with their lack of professionalism. If you are dealing with Stephanie or Lindsey you are already in trouble...

ITN see you never. It has never been a pleasure!

We purchased airfare ticket last year from New York to Dubai and last September 2015. We are a permanent resident of US and once we purchased the ticket we were advised by the agent that we do not need a visa if we are coming from the US if we are staying less than 30 days. I actually did not believe the agent and I told him that we are not a US citizen (he knows that since we need to give our passport information when booking and I gave him a non US passport information). Though he did gave me a number and website to check, I was not able to check since I think that this guys know what they are doing. Come Travel time last December 11, 2015, while we are in the airport, the airlines ask us about the visa and since we don't have it then we were not allowed to fly that day since only US citizens don't require a visa not a permanent resident.

I called the agency (Tickets was actually bought with ASAP travel, an affiliate with INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL NETWORK,) and all they can do is let me talk to the customer support agent named BRENT and Brent won't allow me to talk to the ASAP agent, Stephen, or to his manager and all he can say is they will investigate on this matter. The trip is like a reunion after 10 years for the family of my wife. All they can say is "we will investigate on this matter and give you $100 to re-book the ticket." We did re book the ticket but we have to pay for an extra $802 for 2 tickets. BRENT said that based on their investigation, they did not do anything wrong and they will not even refund us the $100 exchange penalty!!! They definitely pretending they did not do anything wrong. They know that we are not a US citizen since when they book the ticket, they need our passport information and so the agent knows that we are not a US citizen.

We purchased the ticket through ASAP Travel since they are heavily advertising of a very good service in our local TV network, but everything is good only if there is no problem. Once there is a problem, they will left you in the cold!!! They don't care if the trip is for a family reunion after 10 years, they don't care if you missed the birthday celebration, a very important family gathering. So for all those Filipinos trying to purchase tickets with ASAP Travel, think twice or thrice, IIWAN KAYO SA ERE! For those Travel agency who are thinking of partnering with ITN, who claims they reach out to the largest travel audiences with a personal approach, THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! Might as well stay away from this company if you want to have a profitable business. They do not have care for the clients. Worse they will blame you and wash their hands!!!

I bought a ticket from ITN in April 2015 to travel internationally. I got a call from them 13 hours to my dispatcher that my flight had been cancel and that there is nothing they can do for me but refund my full amount. I call Delta and delta told me that my flight was booked for the 17 December 2015 when I was told that it was booked for the 18 of December 2015. I told them that it is really important I make this trip, that I am asking them to please try and find me another flight on a later day. All they keep saying is that they can't do anything about it but refund my money and that I should call Delta to see what they can do. Delta offer another traveling schedule and only needed ITN to reissue the ticket and they refused.

I have booked and paid for a hotel in Liberia for 21 day. I also booked and paid for a rental car for 21 day also and other expensives. I ask them who is responsible for all those lost and all they keep saying is that they can't do nothing but refund my full amount and that I should discuss my losses with Delta instead. I also ask them to refund my money right away so that I can get another flight right away and they are also saying that is not possible. That my refund will take 7 to 10 business days. I am helpless right now. This is the worst business relationship I have ever had. They are taking advantage of the fact that they are not the victim and that they got nothing to lose like I do.

Everything was perfect except for the part where the person that helped me did not disclose the fact that the second ticket that he made will mean that I would have to pay extra, as in pay approximately $5 per kilogram of checked baggage if you contact the domestic airline. If I did not investigate what kind of ticket I was receiving, I would have transferred without the baggage if I have left my cash or credit card to pay for the second ticket legs of trip. I have traveled quite a bit through the military for 20 years and could understand terms that ticket agents would use in dealing with customers, but never did I hear the person who helped me say that I would be stuck midway as airline baggage fees are not included on the last leg of the trip which happened to be in the domestic route for my case. Bottom line, good customer service but pay attention and ask questions you may not normally ask ticketing places, like what happened to me.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. Although baggage fees are not charged at booking, the form that you had to fill in to buy a ticket has a ‘Baggage Fees’ section where we do provide some estimates. As fees are subject to changes, we suggest contacting airlines directly. Nonetheless, we understand the incident must have been very unpleasant for you and we will look into ways to provide information on baggage fees in a more accurate way.

Kind regards,

ITN team

I booked a ticket 5 months ago, to a vacation by Dec. this year... So it's been a while and I decided to confirmed the flights for me and my husband, then we figure it out that the electronic ticket that this guy name "HARRY **" Of ITN... which his the one you make our itinerary. When we call to confirmed our Flight we found out that 2 flights wasn't exist. We pay it already and we got all the information and on electronic ticket it say all flights are CONFIRMED!

Now, we keep calling these guys and send emails. We didn't get any response from them or even customer services, they say that they're going to call us back after 2 days but till now I keep calling them and some other guys or employees of this "B.S" travel agency. They just keep asking our phone number and leave messages to someone whom we talked to. Till now we don't get any good response from them!!! How you gonna trust this B.S. Travel agency how they rate them with BBB accredited when they don't know what they're doing!!!

Dear Barbie,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We do apologize for the frustrating experience you had with us and we are sorry it caused you so much trouble and distress.

To help us address your concern please send us a direct message at with your full name and the email address you mentioned to the agent. We will get back to you as soon as we get the results.

Kind Regards,

ITN Team

L knowledge sold me a ticket that had to transit through Canada knowing full well we need a transit visa! Instead we showed up at the airport only to be told my mother in law cannot travel and that the agent should have notified us.

Dear Susan,
Although we are sorry to hear about the troubles you faced, we’ve made it clear that we want our customer to read and understand our policies and procedures by placing an obligatory check-box. We also remind customers to make sure they have all necessary travel documents and to verify the visa requirements for all the stops as some of the countries require a transit visa. Do not hesitate to email us at with any further questions.
Kind regards,

ITN Team

There is nothing to be fair about this company. They ripped me off of $13190 for just a one way ticket when their quote didn't say so and when I wanted to cancel they took $550 as a penalty. It's a fraud and stealing.

My 11-year-old son and I missed our flight to Amsterdam from San Francisco. As soon as we realized our mistake I called ITN to reschedule for the next flight, but the entire round trip had already been cancelled, and the penalties and charges for rescheduling an entire new round trip flight amounted to over $5,000. We won't be able to visit my ailing father. My son may never get to see him. Plus, our return seats have already been sold to another customer, so ITN and Turkish Airlines really made out at our expense.

I paid a ticket with ITN to go to the Congo. I get sick with malaria and notified them. They agreed to postpone my trip but asked me to pay a penalty of almost $400.00. I went to aeroport to take my flight and they refused to respond to my numerous calls over the phone. I spent 2 days in the aeroport in Kinshasa, emailing them, calling them, but they wouldn't respond. In the end I paid another ticket and I came to the USA. When I was already in the USA, the company ITN contact my friend and took payment for the penalty they inflicted me. My friend told me and I sent to ITN all the emails that I wrote them while I was in the aeroport till the time I paid another ticket.

I called them twice, but they wouldn't answer. But when I went to their web making like I wanted to buy a ticket, they responded me. I told them to pay me back my ticket return and till to this day it is like they are seeking ways to gain time and take my money for free. This is the most disappointing experience I had ever had with a company!

On April 8, 2015 I purchased round trip tickets to Manila Philippines for my wife. It was a trip that was not an emergency but had to be done soon so as to be able to close on a property sale. We did not know how much time my wife would need to close the deal. So when we spoke to the ITN Agent ** she suggested we pay for flight insurance in case we had to change the ticket. My wife thought it was a good idea so we purchased the insurance. Sure enough as fate would have it, the closing was scheduled for the day before my wife"s scheduled return and she would need additional time to deposit the proceeds and wire the money to the US. We called ITN to reschedule. We spoke to the selling Agent ** and she referred us to Customer Service.

At Customer Service we talked with ** who said there would be a $200 penalty plus the flight differential for that travel date. I told ** that we had insurance and she responded that that was protection from ITN so that we would not pay a $250 penalty. She said that we would have to pay the Airline (Cathay Pacific) the penalty. Frustrated and angry but I said okay. I had no choice. She then informed me that there were no flights available for the return dates requested, so she said she would put us on a waiting list with the airline if they confirmed it. She stated that next day I would get a call at 3 PM from her as to the results of that.

Next day at 2:30 ** called instead of ** to tell me that Cathay Pacific had denied the Wait Listed confirmation request. The reason, as per ** was that these were bulk tickets purchased by ITN from Cathay Pacific and that they could not be refunded or changed under any circumstances. I was angry and I hung up. Twenty minutes later ** called me to say that Cathay pacific would allow me to fly on another date for only $100 penalty and no price differential "if" I was wait listed but the dates requested were not available so he suggested that I pay a price differential so that I could fly on another day but I would still have to buy a new ticket for my wife's connecting flight.

When ** called back I had thought "Oh ITN is going to do the right thing." Instead it was an attempt to sell me more tickets. So ITN basically defrauded me of $195 for insurance protection that was meant to protect me from them charging $250 dollars for changing my flight which they knew they couldn't do and which would not protect me from any Airline imposed penalty. I was stunned. So my wife had to quickly give someone else in Manila the authority to finish the transaction for us and return on the scheduled date. I would never recommend ITN to anyone under any circumstances.

Excellent service. Salesperson willing to look at all options. Would be nice to have a way of splitting commissions, or guaranteeing commission to originating salesperson (assuming purchaser is satisfied with original salesperson) in event of time difference leading to difficulties with last-minute bookings.

I, my wife and my daughter refugees from war-torn country (Iraq). We bought 3 air tickets from ITN, to be used from Orlando to Baghdad, Iraq. We are new to this experiment. The three tickets were scheduled on April 30, 2015. We wanted to change our travelling dates for reasons out of our control (I have a dental surgery, which necessitate flying to Baghdad on April 11 NOT 30) and my daughter and her mother needed change any day after April 30, 2015 because she will have an exam on the same day of their travel, which happened through her college and out of her control. Now the ITN want us to pay a penalty of $450 (Approx 32%) out of the ticket price ($1382.6). We think this is totally unfair for any consumer, and there should be a government restrictions to protect people.

I'm very sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with ITN travel. I am also a victim of their penalty cancellation fee. They charged me $828.65 out of $1490.3 ticket price. That is 56%. It's not right for them to make easy money on me because just i got sick after IUI treatment. We are not alone. There are at least 8 people out there complaining about their practices. I really need a favor from you. Spread the words to friends whom they treated unfairly and being "ripped off”. They cannot take advantage of our difficult circumstances. We need to stop them before more people will fall into situations like us. Together we can file a complaint to the State Attorney of CA. **. Please help me to reach out to our friends. Thank you very much, I'm looking forward to talking to you.

My wife had booked a flight back to the Philippines for December 15, 2014. Her father died on October 29, 2014, unexpectedly, so we had to change her flight. We were charged $650 for the change and told "Once you get the death certificate we can reimburse you". What a joke this has become. Get nowhere when we try to contact them!!! Have heard several stories, "You need to contact Delta yourself". We did and they said that because we used a travel service there was nothing they could do directly, all request had to go thru International Travel Network. Then ITN tells us we should never have been charged in the 1st place!! We have sent the death certificate to them. Still we get nowhere, can't even get confirmation that they received it. Now have learned thru Delta that ITN actually took $250 for themselves and Delta only got $400.

I wasted almost 2 weeks with their representative who made no less than 8 promises and never was able to keep them. Not sure what the problem was but BEWARE, their price promises and itineraries are sketchy at best.

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