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Last updated: Dec. 7, 2017

982 Orbitz Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 7, 2017

I thought I was getting an amazing deal! When you put in your credit card info it shows you don't have to pay anything. Scratch that, at the end it said total cost = $0! But after you confirm that and it's over, they charge you $200 the next day. I called them to cancel it and they said they would release the payment. That I would just have to call my bank. I called my bank and they told me Orbitz was still holding it, that I needed to call them to release it. So I called Orbitz back and they gave me the same spiel, that they already released it and it should be there, that I need to call my bank to confirm. I did this runaround 3 times.

I called Orbitz back and they told me I won't get my money back (THAT I DID NOT AUTHORIZE) until my bank accepts it, which my bank cannot do because Orbitz did not release it to them. I talked to a manager who would not help me, and would not give me the release. So now I have to wait 7 days for them to give me the money they took that overdrew my account with an overdraft fee! I will never go back to them, especially because they charge you a fee that is not authorized.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 27, 2017

My family and I needed to rent a car for our vacation in Cancun. We decided to use Budget through Orbitz. Orbitz highly recommended that we purchase their collision coverage so we did. When we arrived at the Budget rental office in Cancun they did not have any information in their system that we had paid for the collision coverage. I showed them confirmation but they did not honor it. We did not have another option but to pay their additional fee for full coverage which cost $230.30. I emailed Orbitz asking for a refund but did not get a response so I called them and was told I would not get a refund. I requested to speak with a supervisor and after emailing the rental receipt and after 1.5 hours of being on the phone with them I was finally told I would get a refund.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 27, 2017

On 8/19/17 I bought round trip tickets plenty of weeks in advance to take care of my elderly mother for a week in mid-October. I was contacted a month later on 9/19/17 by Orbitz saying I had been removed from my reserved flight. Orbitz offered me other flights later in the day but those times would not work for me since my mother would have nobody to supervise her if I did not get there when originally planned. So I asked for a refund. Orbitz complied refunding the tickets but not right away the $19.00 flight insurance I had bought. They told me refunding the flight insurance would take several weeks and that I would not see this refund on my next credit card statement but most likely the next statement after.

Fast forward to 11/26/17, I called Orbitz after not seeing my refund after going over my last couple credit card statements. Orbitz kept me on hold with an agent for 30 minutes to finally tell me Orbitz would refuse to give me that $19.00 refund due to me taking too long to repeat my request for my refund. I asked to speak to a manager who asked me questions like what day I originally asked for the refund and who I talked to all the while claiming it was not in their records. Finally I was again promised the refund along with an email to prove it - something that should have been done originally. I would not be surprised if this delay of refunding people the flight insurance is a policy designed to defraud them. Orbitz probably knows their customers will forget such a small amount over time. Horrible company who treats customers poorly.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 25, 2017

I will NEVER book on Orbitz again. Orbitz contacted me and said my flight was cancelled and they needed to change it to a 10:55 pm flight which meant we would have missed our connecting flight back to the US leaving Dubai. Our original flight was early evening and a direct flight to Dubai so we had 1 more day at the resort we booked for our honeymoon. The resort is $1,000 a day. The only option for us was an 11am flight which means we needed to take a speedboat at 6am our final day. Over $100 in International phone calls to fix a flight change that was forced on me. 24 hours later and the itinerary was not changed!!! I called back and spent more money to make sure it got changed and the manager then fixed it and offered me a $50 coupon to right the situation after losing over $1,150 total in this trip. They could have given us an upgrade or anything to make it better.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 20, 2017

I paid for two nights' hotel in a foreign country. When I got to the hotel they had been out of business for over a month. I got dropped off at the hotel by the airport transportation. I had to find and pay for a cab to help me find a new hotel. When I contacted Orbitz to get a refund they were horrible. I am still out hundreds of dollars and all Orbitz want to do is give me a 25.00 coupon. I will never use them again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 17, 2017

I am very disappointed with Orbitz. After doing business with them for 15 years, I've realized that they are charging more money at check out with the poor excuse that "AIRLINE CHARGE HAS GONE UP" and the rate is $30 - $35 more. Of course they add the "only two seats left" to panic a customer. Such BS. They got me once BUT this time I switched to Priceline and got exact airline, date and times R/T and the price was the ORIGINAL amount that Orbitz WAS charging. Naturally I went with Priceline as it was a total of $68 overall savings. The rate with Priceline remained the same throughout the checkout. AGAIN this is the second time Orbtiz has done this. They can stick their "Orbucks" up their rear.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2017

I have a very bad experience with Orbitz and I will never do business with Orbitz. They overcharged me for car rental and never gave my money back. After admitting the overcharge they told me I have to get my refund from ALAMO car rental. But Alamo said I have to get it from Orbitz. I suggest to book flight, hotel, car through the company directly not through Orbitz. Customer service is very bad. Website is dishonest. It changed the time that I selected to drop the car. As a result I was overcharged. This is stealing. They designed their system that way. Also never get a package of flight and car with Orbitz. They cheat.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 17, 2017

As a long time customer of theirs and someone who travels frequently, my recent experience with Orbitz is extremely frustrating and disappointing and I have no plans to ever use them again in the future due to their lack of response. Unless you have $3000 to spare just to be able to get home from a vacation, I suggest you don't either. On Thursday, October 5th, our last night of our vacation in Europe, I went online (as I had done multiple times already just to make sure everything was still okay) to Orbitz website and pulled up our reservation. Everything looked fine, all of our flights were there and on time, and after 2 weeks of travelling, we were ready to head home.

We woke up about 3:30 am Scotland time the next morning, got our things together, checked out of our hotel, and headed to the airport. We waited in line to check in for the first of our 3 flights home, from Glasgow to London Heathrow. After handing the check in agent our passports, she asked if we had our booking reference. I pulled that up from the email and handed her my phone. After a few moments, she seemed very confused and told us that she couldn't find our tickets and that she was sending us to their customer service representative.

We shifted down a few lanes and met with her. She made some calls and then informed us that we didn't have tickets on this flight because our travel agent (aka Orbitz) didn't confirm our tickets. At that time, she also informed us that there were no seats available and no other flights that would get us to London in time to make our connecting flight. I asked her what she suggested we do, and with nothing more than a shrug, she suggested calling Orbitz.

I then spent over 2 hours on the phone with Orbitz, most of it on hold, while the representative I was speaking to was talking to the 2 airlines involved (Air Canada and British Airways). According to the Orbitz representative, neither airline was taking any responsibility for any of the issues, Orbitz was taking no responsibility for the issues, and neither airline nor Orbitz was able to offer us any kind of solution or options to get home, except for a flight that was 3x the amount we had originally paid in addition to a change of flight fee that we would be responsible for.

At that point he transferred me to his supervisor, who I spoke to for another few minutes, where she tried to tell me that they had sent us an email in March letting us know that we needed to contact them about the flight. We have no record of receiving that email. And if you ask me, even if that email was sent, sending one single email about a flight issue that large, with no followup, phone call, automatic rebook, and no note or error listed in our itinerary is absolutely ridiculous. I again asked for a suggestion on what we should do. The Orbitz rep told us to try speaking to British Airways again to see if they can help us.

We again waited in line to speak to the customer service rep to see what other flight options we might have just to be able to get home. Although we were originally scheduled to fly back into Windsor, I told the agent we would take anything close to Michigan (Detroit, Lansing, Windsor, etc). She had nothing to offer us. As you can imagine, at this point, we'd already been at the airport for several hours, feeling like no one was willing to help us and completed stranded in a foreign country. I again asked what we could do and again, with nothing more than a shrug, the British Airways agent said that we could "look online" to see if we could find another flight and cancel the rest of our flights already scheduled for the day because at this point we obviously weren't going to make them.

After I pulled my computer out to look for flights, I also went back onto Orbitz's site to see what had possibly changed between the night before and the morning, because there was no message stating our first flight tickets had been cancelled. Imagine my surprise when there was still no message, or flag, or error, or note, or anything by that flight, stating that our tickets had been cancelled. It was sitting there, just like the rest of our flights, just like normal, just like it should have been.

We searched for several minutes online, looking at several different airlines and flights and destinations. The only flight that was still leaving that day that was the most affordable, was a flight to Chicago, so we booked it for $1150 a piece. Since we needed to get back to either Detroit or Lansing to get home, we debated renting a car and driving home, but in the end after the long day we were going to have, we paid for another flight to get us to Lansing, which cost us another $250. We originally paid about $800 round trip for our flights. And we had to pay an additional $1500 a piece just to be able to get home.

After we booked our flights home, I called Air Canada to cancel the rest of our flights, hoping that we may be able to get at least a partial refund. The person I spoke to at Air Canada couldn't believe that we were not rebooked on another flight and went forward with cancelling our flights from London and Toronto. All they were able to offer us as a "refund" was a partial credit with Air Canada that had to be used within a year, had to be from the same zone (so coming from Europe) and at that time, a flight change fee would be taken out of whatever credit we have. So basically, it was nothing.

We did absolutely nothing wrong. Yet, we still are the ones suffering for it with no one willing to take responsibility or help. After an incredibly stressful day of travelling, $1500 that we were not planning on spending, going over on our phone plan (which was only supposed to be used sparingly for emergencies) and being awake for over 24 hours, we landed in Lansing.

Since then, I have expressed my displeasure with Orbitz and their services and was happy to have been contacted by them on my Twitter account, thinking that maybe now that I wasn't stressed to the max and exhausted, we could discuss in more detail what they were going to do to rectify the $3000 we were forced to spend unnecessarily to get home. They asked for our information, asked for the receipts for the new flights we purchased, and said they would get back to me within 72 hours. 72 hours came and went, and not a peep from Orbitz. I messaged them asking for an update, only to be met with a "We'd like to contact both airlines" and asked for another 24 hours to do this. 24 hours pass, not a word.

I message them again and they said "they were slammed yesterday, I will update you tomorrow". Growing slightly irritated, I said okay. Fast forward to today, 2 days have gone by and nothing. I messaged them again saying that I felt my issues and concerns were being ignored and that that was unacceptable, and that the issue needed to get resolved or I'd look into pursuing legal action. Guess what? Radio silence. Absolutely not a word from them at all, which solidifies the fact that they don't care about their customers and feel no responsibility for making sure they are taken care of on their travels. Only after I started publicly sharing my concerns again, was I contacted by another agent asking for details. Since I wasn't in the mood to repeat myself, I told them that they could look in their messages and would be able to be up to speed on the situation.

Since then, and many long and frustrating conversations later, there is no resolution and I'm still out my money. They are refusing to refund us, and offered a $100 Orbitz voucher, which I did not accept. They are still insisting they sent us an email about our flight being cancelled, which we still have no record of receiving. The flight was actually not cancelled, our tickets were cancelled because according to the check in agent in Glasgow, Orbitz didn't confirm our tickets (which I'm working on getting proof of).

They have no good explanation of why the flight was still showing up on our itinerary other than "when airlines cancel flights, it doesn't always reflect on your itinerary with us." Which again is untrue because the flight wasn't cancelled, we literally watched other people check in for what was supposed to be our flight. And why shouldn't our itinerary change on your website if something is cancelled and you apparently knew about it? They claim they have a certain different email on file as the original booking email (and the one they claim they sent this cancellation email to), yet the original booking confirmation was sent to my email. Hmmm...

At this point, with them continually contradicting themselves, not paying attention to anything I'm telling them, and offering that insulting $100 voucher, I'm trying to avoid dealing with them moving forward and am just focusing on getting any official documentation that can show they messed up and have contacted a lawyer. The screenshot shows that the first flight was still on our itinerary after being told our tickets had been cancelled.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 14, 2017

In March, I booked a trip to Austria/Italy through Orbitz. I was flying American Airlines and Air Berlin. In August, Orbitz contacted me letting me know Air Berlin was filing for bankruptcy but that no changes had been made to my flight since other German airlines (Lufthansa was one mentioned) were stepping in and helping Air Berlin when needed. The email from Orbitz stated that if any changes were to be made to my flight, they would contact me. When the day of my trip arrived, I flew from Charlotte to Chicago. When I went to check in at the Air Berlin counter at O'Hare, it was completely deserted. No one was there and I learned my flight from Chicago to Berlin had been cancelled.

I contacted Orbitz several times asking for help. More than once, I was hung up on or put on hold for an extended (over 30 minutes) period of time. When I did speak to an Orbitz rep, no one offered any type of solution and basically said there was nothing they could do. I purchased trip insurance and now I am being told by Orbitz that I will not be refunded even if I file a claim through Aon. I am beyond DISGUSTED with my experience. As a travel agency, it is Orbitz's job to provide a solution when a customer is STRANDED at an airport. Especially when it's an airport that isn't in the customer's home city. I am out over $2,000. This isn't a small sum of money. Orbitz has robbed me and has turned a trip I had been looking forward to all year into a MISERABLE experience and a waste of time and money. I will never use Orbitz again. Why offer trip insurance if you won't honor it? Is it just another way to steal money from your customers?

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

Every time we travel I always book with Orbitz but from now on I won’t. We just booked our international flight. The price when I searched online was 601.40$ per person for round trip but they charged 627.60$. I called and talk to the lady and she said maybe the price changed while I was completing my booking. I said, “No the price still 601$” after she was searching online for a while and she said, “Oh yeah it 601$” but she didn’t refund me the difference and they still charged me 627.60$.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 30, 2017

I called Orbitz 3 times to make sure my return flight was cancelled. All agents I talked to said it was in the notes. They said they cancelled it. And they didn't cancel it. I spent 6 hours on hold with Orbitz as well to make sure they cancelled it. If you go with them make sure it doesn't need cancelling. Mine was an emergency and they could care less. The airline marked me as a no show. They are frustrating and could care less about the situation. ORBITZ SUCKS!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2017

If I could give them less than one star I would. Hours upon hours of being put on hold. Lied to. I purchased a 4000 business class ticket that had a connection. When Orbitz booked the connection they put me 1/2 in coach and 1/2 in business. This is NOT what I paid for. They have lied, passed me from operator to operator. Days on end. DO NOT USE THEM. There are many other sites to use. DO NOT USE ORBITZ!!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 22, 2017

I purchased round trip tix through Orbitz for JetBlue for myself and my fiance to travel to BVI. Since Irma devastated the BVI, we decided to stay home. Orbitz gave me a credit voucher for JetBlue in the amount of $2,550.00. It seems as though I can ONLY use this airline credit voucher with Orbitz. Long story short, because this story is VERY LONG, I am on hold now for over 30 minutes during an already 1:30 min phone tag game to get to someone that can get me a new flight using this seemingly magical credit voucher that they can't see to identify, even with my confirmation email. I will NEVER. I repeat NEVER use Orbitz again and will probably not give any other third party company the opportunity to service my travel needs, which is over $100,000/year personal and $250,000 for business. Goodbye Orbitz.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 16, 2017

I recently bought 2 tickets for an international flight. I typed both my husband and my names correctly when buying the ticket at Orbitz website. My husband's name is (example) John Brown II, I typed it like that. When I see the itinerary it says John Brownii. I called Orbitz and was constantly put on hold for 3 hours!!! I spoke to a bunch of incompetent people and kept on getting transferred to extension to extension. I was only asking for the "II" to be spaced out from his last name so we would not have any issues with at the airports and no one even the supervisor was able to fix it! Please do not use this company. They are incompetent and just do not care about the customers at all! I will never use this shady company again. I would rather pay a little more money in another flight website than getting screwed up again!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 16, 2017

My husband and I booked a package trip from Norfolk to Miami for our anniversary. The hotel was not available due to damage from Hurricane Irma. Every Orbitz Rep we spoke with, including a corporate Rep named Chris ** were very unaccommodating, rude even. Why would someone want fly to a destination without their desired accommodations? While they were willing to refund us our money for the hotel, all they were willing to do was provide travel vouchers up to a year. My husband is in the military and had to request this time off. We don't know what this year could bring and how his schedule might change to know if or when we would be able to reschedule this trip. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had booking a trip. I will never book anything through this site nor would I recommend them to anyone.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 6, 2017

August 29, 2017 I purchased the attached tour package from Orbitz from Zurich to Rome for $1,521.64. A few days later, my partner was informed by his employer, Neiman Marcus, that he will be honored in Dallas as outstanding employee in an award ceremony and events that will take place from October 22 to October 24. Since this is an event that is not only a life time achievement but also a ceremony that he is expected to attend, we realized that it will prevent us from being in Rome during our booked Orbitz package.

September 3, 2017 I called Orbitz' customer service where I explained the situation and asked for re-scheduling the trip to Rome. The Orbitz person was unable to give me an answer but said she would call back with one within 10 minutes. She never called back. September 4, 2017 I again called customer service and was told that our airline tickets booked with Orbitz allow no date change and are not refundable. Yet, she would check about the hotel and would let me know a day later (August 5) about the status. She never called back either. Today, I received a mail saying that the entire booking with Orbitz is not changeable or refundable. The issue of a date change charge was never even addressed.

The attached mail speaks for the total incompetence of your call center staff in the Philippines, (as they said they were from), in both communication and English proficiency as well as in not understanding the urgency and reason for my requests. In addition, their high pitched, highly accented voices were difficult to understand and they apparently did not understand what I was talking about. They responded like robots reading from a script. I had to spell my email address three times as if that address were not already on my Orbitz records. Most importantly, I did not book with either the airline nor the hotel, but with Orbitz as my agent while your employee said that they have to check with your providers!

I was unaware that I had booked a "no change and non-refundable". I traced my steps back in the booking process and found that Orbitz never pointed out or referred to these severe restrictions during the entire booking and payment process. The restrictions came to light only in the infamous "fine print" of my payment and booking confirmation that I received later. I cannot imagine a more dishonest and deceptive sales tactic than this that hides severe restrictions that I as a seasoned traveler would never have agreed to had I known about it. I urgently and respectfully request that you allow me to re-schedule mine and my partner’s trip to Rome even if it entails a reasonable change fee. Our new dates would be October 28, 2017 to October 31, 2017. Your immediate and positive response is greatly appreciated.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 1, 2017

Up until four years ago I had positive experiences with Orbitz. Recently I booked an international flight with them 2 months in advance. One of the connecting flights was changed by the airline and I needed to go through Orbitz to get it changed. Three separate phone calls and hours of being on hold or promised call backs that never happened and I still don't have the issue corrected. Never again. Extremely poor customer service.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 29, 2017

I booked 6 family packages to Cancun on Orbitz. Called in to cancel 1 package for my parent, got refund back for hotel and credits with United Airlines for flights. Later called back to re-book the same vacation for my parent and paid $400 re-booking fees. Got confirmation for hotels, but did not get a confirmation for flights, no records of flights on online account when I logged in. Turned out wrong month was booked, 5/23/17 while my whole group of 22 people are going on 6/23/17. Called Orbitz on 5/24 after receiving an email stating flight canceled, Orbitz said it was my fault and could only give me partial refund of $400 for the fees, so my costs of ~$1150 is gone. I ended up booking new flights with another website for my parent.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 27, 2017

I appreciate those of you who will take the time to read this lengthy post. I am currently seeking compensation from Orbitz for an unwarranted change they made to my booking, the night before my scheduled departure from Amsterdam back to my home Melbourne, which resulted in me nearly being stranded first in Amsterdam, then again in Hong Kong; and eventually ended in me needing to purchase a new flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne. I booked a flight with Qatar Airways through Orbitz website, at which point my return leg was Amsterdam - Doha - Melbourne. It was fully paid for and confirmed with an email upon purchase back in February 2017.

The night before my scheduled flight (9th of August), I placed an international call to Orbitz and enquired about possible changes to the flight as I was not looking forward to a 20 hour layover at Doha Airport. A visa is required for entry into the country, and this was not pointed out to me beforehand, which would have meant I’d have had to spend almost a whole day at the airport. The lady on the phone told me that this was unfortunately the earliest direct connection to Melbourne with Qatar Airways, so I conceded and asked for recommendations as to how I could kill some time while I was there. I was subsequently put on hold for what was meant to be ‘2 minutes’, and ended hanging up after 20+ minutes of waiting.

The next day, I arrived at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam in the morning to allow myself plenty of time in case of any issues. As my check in gate was not yet displayed, I thought I would check in through the Qatar Airways website. It was then I noticed my booking had changed to include an earlier flight to Hong Kong with Qatar, for a prompt transfer to Melbourne with Cathay Pacific, which would get me home almost 12 hours earlier. Needless to say I was shocked as Orbitz had not communicated this information to me in any written or verbal form, and I had not given my consent to change any of my bookings. I decided to clarify this with the airline desk at Schiphol, at which point I was told no such booking existed under my name, and I should call Orbitz to figure it out.

Back on the phone with Orbitz, it was confirmed that my flight had been rebooked, but not yet validated. There was no explanation as to what “validated” meant, but I assume it was payment. Nonetheless, the woman on the phone never asked me for any credit card details to process a payment, and after speaking to someone higher up, she said it was all sorted and she would send me an email confirmation of the new booking, which I received shortly after. It included a price breakdown for the change which was never quoted to me and thus not paid for.

A few hours later, at check in, I was asked if there had been any changes made to my booking, which I confirmed as I now had this email. However, I was still unable to be checked in, because apparently my new booking still had not been “validated” and I was told, once again, to contact Orbitz to reissue my ticket. When I asked if they could simply revert back to my original, fully paid booking, I was told it no longer existed. I spent the next hour in a state of distress and anxiety, being spoken down at by Schiphol staff and being made out to be a difficult customer, while going back and forth between international calls to Orbitz and Schiphol staff members who were both telling me different things about my booking and that I should refer to the other party to sort out my problem.

I was told by Orbitz that my original, fully paid booking could not be reinstated (with no explanation as to why) and that the new booking could only be validated by the airline staff as it was now in “airport control”. Eventually, I was put through to someone in higher management at Orbitz who was able to help mediate the situation and talk me through the process with Schiphol staff. They were finally able to “reopen” my booking somehow, and I was able to check my bags in only for my Qatar flights, and was told I would have to re-check my bags and retrieve a new boarding pass for my final flight to Melbourne when I got to Hong Kong.

During my quick transfer at Doha Airport, I decided to double check my new booking was valid by trying to check into my Cathay Pacific flight. However, it kept showing me that I had an error with my ticket number and it could not be validated. I made yet another phone call to Orbitz to confirm it was sorted, and the lady assured me because I was already mid-journey, it would not be a problem and I would able to easily check in to Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong. But unfortunately I was faced with the same situation at the check in desk in Hong Kong, with the staff telling me my ticket number was only valid for my Qatar flights, and that I should have been reissued a new ticket number from Orbitz for my Cathay Pacific flight. I was so frustrated at this point, I asked how much it would cost to just buy the ticket on the spot to avoid the hassle of calling back and forth again, and they quoted me the ludicrous price of 18646 Hong Kong dollars.

I said "thank you very much," and went online on my phone and immediately bought a $562 USD one way ticket back to Melbourne with a different airline, where I was able to immediately check in and retrieve my boarding pass without any issues at all. Upon arrival back home, I promptly wrote a letter of complaint to Orbitz requesting compensation for the new flight I had to buy, the lengthy international calls I had to make, and the stress and anxiety they had caused me. I included screenshots of the phonecalls, the new flight details with the new airline, and all email correspondences and confirmation emails I had received from Orbitz.

Their response? "Thank you for contacting Orbitz regarding your compensation request and feedback about your flight reservation with itinerary number **. We understand that this is not an ideal situation for you. We would like to inform you that as outlined in the Orbitz booking rules and conditions all airlines reserve the right to change their flight schedules from time to time with or without notification. Orbitz receives schedule changes directly from our partner airlines. Orbitz does not issue airline schedule changes as we are only operating as a travel agency. We can only communicate airline schedule changes to our customers with the options provided by the airlines if applicable.

"Please accept $25 coupon that you could use for your future reservation. We know that this is not enough to compensate you but please consider this as a gesture of goodwill. We regret any inconvenience that may have occurred and would like to assure you that your business is important to us. Despite your recent experience, we encourage you to continue to use Orbitz for your future travel arrangements. We do appreciate your understanding regarding this matter. Thank you for choosing Orbitz."

I immediately phoned them to explain this was absolutely not okay because there had been no changes to the flight itself, only my reservation, and I was told time and again by Qatar staff that it was in the hands of the booking agency and not them. They refuse to take liability for the change. I have exhausted all options - having contacted multiple local and national consumer affair agencies in Australia, who have led me to the Federal Trade Commission in the US as Orbitz is based in Chicago, who then led me to a page on the usa.gov website titled "how to compile a complaint letter".

I find it utterly preposterous that a business can get away with such behaviour, when they could very easily resolve the situation by returning me the money I paid them for my original flight that I could no longer check into. Please, if anyone has any advice on how I can take my case further without having to take serious (or expensive) legal action, get in contact with me.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2017

I booked a week stay at the Grand Hotel in Panajachel, Guatemala based on the reviews and pictures on Orbitz. The hotel was horrible. Mold everywhere, electric wires taped together, no screens, no A/C, threadbare sheets, and the guaranteed wifi didn't work. It was a booking that required payment in advance - my mistake!!! I lodged numerous complaints with the owner/manager during the first 24 hours and he attempted to move us to another room but it was every bit as bad. I travel for a living (own my own travel company) and I've never stayed in a worse place. I contacted Orbitz to try to get assistance - change the hotel, get a refund so we could move, etc.

The standardized emails I received told me they'd contact me within 24 hours or I could call this phone number - IF I WAS IN THE US OR CANADA. I was in Guatemala. No one returned my emails so we left the hotel hoping to figure it out in the coming days. I wrote a second email the following day with the same response and no follow up. I finally received the first email form Orbitz several days after we had left the hotel. I asked for a refund and they declined - because the owner who promised me he would seek a refund on my behalf, turned it down after we left and Orbitz clearly cared more about hosting a hotel than serving their customers.

The pictures on their site do NOT represent the hotel I stayed at. I've sent pictures and submitted a review and it has yet to be published. I've never once lodged a complaint about a hotel and I've stayed in thousands. This one was really bad and Orbitz did my family a disservice by representing it, by denying my claim and by not contacting me to right the situation while I was still in country. I did everything I knew how to correct the situation before booking another room, to no avail. I feel cheated and lied to. Wosrt decision I've ever made to book this hotel and to book through Orbitz.

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Original review: Aug. 12, 2017

I used Orbitz for the first time to book a vacation for my family. I took their recommendation for the "luxury" hotel and accommodations (it was advertised as a suite). The package I bought was for the hotel and airfare. Unfortunately I did not think to ask for the breakdown of cost between the airfare and hotel at the time. Note I was traveling with my spouse and three minor children. When we arrived at the hotel it was, to say the least, horrible. The air conditioning was not working (we were in a very hot climate), there were puddles on the floor from windows leaking, mold on the walls, the kitchen area was grimy and dirty, the rest of the place was not clean and there was an inappropriate, poster sized picture on the wall by the door of a woman pulling her pants down showing her bare bottom. We complained to the hotel manager. He offered us another room but it wasn't any better.

I called Orbitz and told them we were not going to stay there. I was in a foreign country with no place to stay and was transferred around Orbitz customer service, which was terrible. Also, after seeing this hotel I did not trust them to find me decent lodgings somewhere else. I called other hotels at my own expense, and found availability. After much delay/debate, Orbitz offered me a credit of only $1,700 for the hotel - my total bill with them was $6,300 for airfare and hotel. So that would mean my airfare was $4,600. The new hotel cost me $6K for two rooms for the week (last minute booking so expensive). I didn't have much choice but to take the credit and go to the new hotel, thinking I would get in touch with Orbitz when I returned to make it right. I mentioned above that I was traveling with three minor children and we needed a decent place to stay.

I checked online and found the same flights for $2K less than what I paid for them. I only searched for about 10 minutes to find better fares. When I returned home I called Orbitz customer service and was on hold/transferred around for hours. I asked for a full refund to cover the additional $6K I had to spend for the new hotel, but at the very least, a refund of $2K for the discrepancy in airfares I found. Orbitz was not helpful in the least. I received nothing and the customer service personnel, even when transferred to a supervisor, were not helpful at all. To add insult to injury, on the return home the airline (United) gave our ticketed seats away. We got to the airport two hours ahead of the scheduled flight. My family and I were caught up in an immigration line (with 500 or so other people) and United gave our seats away, despite the fact that we were checked in with boarding passes.

All of the other airlines were getting their passengers out of that line but United chose to ignore our boarding passes and gave our 5 seats away. This is another topic but thought to add to describe the totality of our travel problems. Please use this as a discretionary tale to not use Orbitz for your travel. Do not trust the hotels they recommend or what they have on their sites, and expect nothing in terms of customer service or remediation. They do not have the lowest airfares as advertised - quite the opposite. They do not check the hotels they recommend and customer service/remediation is non-existent.

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Original review: Aug. 6, 2017

Erroneously purchased Airline tickets and hotel reservations using my nickname. The tickets and reservations were all international and I did not realize I needed to use my full legal name which appears on my passport. Upon realizing this I worked with (by now) dozens of Orbitz representatives to painstakingly change the name on reservations to my legal name. One of the tickets was lost completely due to an alleged policy from one of the partner airlines. Tried to invoke the cancellation policy I PURCHASED WITH MONEY based on the original sales representative's assurance all situations were covered. Turns out I would have to die in a statistically impossible terrorist attack (or just die in general) to even make a qualifying claim. YOU HAVE TO DIE TO GET CANCELLATION INSURANCE HONORED.

The rest of the messed up tickets were excruciating to name change since I kept getting disconnected by obviously incompetent customer service representatives, many of whom could not speak English well and I also suspect it is this company's strategy to not take the onus for their stupidity. It is my suspicion most of the managers I escalated to purposely disconnected the phone line so they did not have to contact British Airways to make the change for my ticket from my one vacation stop to the next. I finally reached one representative supervisor (Homer) who started to fix things initially but then the phone conveniently disconnected again due to an alleged phone outage. HOW INCREDIBLY CONVENIENT THEY LACK PHONES, EMAIL AND CORPORATE INSTANT MESSAGES ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Apparently other modes of modern communication escape this company (such as I'M, emails, etc). I have had to spend over $1700 for the flight I was not able to make to travel to Europe from Cleveland, Ohio and nearly had to spend $300 to make it from the first half of my vacation to the next (I was in two countries in two weeks). I have lost two full business days on the phone with this ridiculous company which I could've spent with my European family members instead of working on this labyrinth of incompetence. My flight back home to Cleveland was STILL messed up when I was about to fly home from London and the only way London could honor my flight tickets home was due to the fact I was flying home and had a USA passport. IF I WASN'T LIVID ENOUGH, THIS WAS THE FINAL INSULT.

This could have all been resolved with a phone call from a reasonably intelligent and competent person which Orbitz seems to lack. This is quite legitimately the most horrendously unpleasant customer service experience that I've ever had in my lifetime and it has cost me money, time and emotional trauma that cannot be erased. Will never use again them and am going to dispute the magically non-refundable (but cancellable if you die) first ticket with credit card company since Orbitz did not honor the travel cancellation protection I purchased. I am amazed this company has not been shut down yet for their ridiculously unethical and incompetent practices and am going to investigate my legal rights about all of this further.

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Original review: Aug. 1, 2017

I took my son for a weekend trip. I booked a hotel room on Orbitz at the last minute because they were $6 cheaper than the other 3 sites. When I was checking out on the website I remembered verifying the dates. July 31st to Aug 1st. The price was $116 plus tax. Moments later, I received a confirmation for Aug 13th to 14th. I immediately called to correct whatever mistake had been made. I was told there would be a $50 penalty plus the difference in rates for the new date. The rep had obviously been through this before so I asked for a supervisor. I was told that it was impossible for the system to do that and it was my mistake. He contacted the hotel and got permission to waive the $50 fee. So now it was going to be just the rate difference of $40.

When I mentioned that there were many complaints on the Web about the same situation. I was told that he could call corporate IT because they record every transaction and they could confirm whether the system was faulty but it could take more than a day. SO... then I mentioned bait and switch and the Federal Trade Commission. He then called the hotel and got permission to refund the original transaction and create one with a coupon code. This made the amount $6 more which was what everyone else was charging. The problem is they ran my card again and the refund on the original transaction takes 7 days. So here is a rundown of their scam.

1. Advertise low to get the sale.
2. Book the wrong dates.
3. Charge change fee and rate change if the consumer will pay.
4. If not, waive the change fee but get the rate increase.

5. If the consumer is smart or "causing trouble" Pretend to go above and beyond and use a coupon code. Get the actual rate that everyone else is charging. 6. Keep the original transaction for 7 days to earn interest.

I know the market is tight and highly competitive but these kind of tactics are unacceptable. Some of you may think I am crazy and that a large corporation like Orbitz would plan the whole thing, but look at Wells Fargo. They outright signed people up without permission. What's a little bait and switch in comparison? You have been warned, make transactions at your own risk.

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Original review: July 25, 2017

So I thought I was being smart and bought the cancellation plan. Wellcthat's a scam. Yes it was my fault I booked my flight for 12:44 am. I thought it was pm. Called to change or cancel and remake since I bought the cancellation plan and guess what. It pretty much only works if you're dying. Would pay $350 on top of the 500 I already paid for the ticket. This also has to do with a medical emergency that I have to be there that morning which I thought I would ask but I made the accident. I filed a claim and will be getting a doctor's note. Don't ever buy cancellation plan unless you think you're gonna die and want your money back after death?

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Original review: July 23, 2017
So I have read some of the reviews and I was surprised to find out that what happened to is typical. I wish if I read these reviews before booking the ticket.

Basically, what happened to me that my nephew booked his ticket to overseas flight having one stop and short layover time. Obviously, these 2 options cost more money which he paid. 2 weeks before his return he wanted to reschedule and leave earlier. When I called the Austrian airline from the USA to reschedule, I found out that they canceled the route from Cairo to Vienna and they were surprised that Orbitz didn't notify us. Called Orbitz a couple weeks after to confirm what I was told because we never received an email to notify us of any update. For almost 3 hours they kept arguing with me to force me to take a 2 stops option without any discounts or partial refund which is not enough to book a return ticket or lastly to book me a new route and I pay the difference.

But wait a second. Why I have to accept a 2 stops flight where I paid more upfront to select a one stop flight. Why I have to pay a delta of new tickets if it's not my fault. And more importantly, why no one cares about that fact that there was a cancellation of one of the flights and weren't notified but found out by luck when we call the airline itself. Finally, after I threatened to go to the court, they magically found another ticket that has one stop and acceptable layover on another Airline.

UPDATED ON 07/24/2017: After promising me with a new ticket that has one stop and reasonable layover, they sent me an email apologizing and giving me the 2 stops only option... I believe I'll need to sue them.

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Original review: July 23, 2017

Made a reservation, paid and booked a week prior to my vacation. I arrived at my destination 6 hours away from home, and could not check in because my reservation was never sent in by Orbitz. The hotel said there was nothing they could do on their end, so I had to call Orbitz customer service. I spoke to 5 PEOPLE, and put on hold each time while they were trying to get a hold of the hotel. Each time I hung up because I was on hold for over 20 minutes. After 2 hours of standing in the hotel lobby, FINALLY, someone called me back, and all they could say was the hotel gave away my room because they were over booked, and that I should call the hotel to make sure my reservation was complete. To accommodate me they were going to put me in a piece of crap hotel 20 minutes away.

I asked multiple times to just have my money refunded, and that took over 30 minutes to accomplish because they kept wanting me to book that room they offered me, and kept transferring me to other departments!!! I ended up going home with my fiance, and family because there was absolutely nothing in the area (besides that hotel) that had any availability. I was just fed up with their customer service, and I am a very patient person, but this was UNACCEPTABLE, and UNPROFESSIONAL. Our weekend was a complete waste of time, and ruined. I will never give Orbitz my business ever again. If anyone is going to make a reservation through this company, please make sure to call the hotel before you leave or arrive. I would hate for this to happen to another person.

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Original review: July 23, 2017

They forgot to call and notify that my international flight had a 20 hour preplanned delay. Very negligent people and service is very bad. Customer representative promised me 200$ of travel expenses and later then was bargaining for lower amount, very cheap behavior. I learned my lesson and I'm not going to book any future international trips through Orbitz.

Original review: July 20, 2017

Booked hotel for our vacation and found same hotel and room much cheaper. Sent in required form for price match. They said they couldn't price match because my proof didn't show hotel. Replied it was in the right upper corner of screenshot. Then they said it was the same price as what I paid them. Resent screenshots of documentation. Then they said the cheaper rate doesn't show my two kids. I replied with additional proof that two kids under 17 stay free. Once again they replied with my rate says "Two queen beds" their listing says "two standard queen beds." The price match is an absolute scam. I verified with the hotel if there was any difference with their double queen bed rooms. None. Orbitz still refused to honor their price match. Only option was to refund, pay resort penalties, wait five days to see the reversal of funds in my bank and rebook.

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Original review: July 20, 2017

Me and my fiancee book a car on Orbitz. Final price with taxes would be $358. When we arrive to pick up the lady said we supposed to pay $760. But was clear when we booked that we wouldn't have extra fees. We call, send email and till now they didn't return $85 for "insurance" and in the end we pay $620 for another car. We lost money, time and for nothing. I had so many options to rent this car but I chose Orbitz for "trusty". I couldn't be more wrong. We are not from US. We from Europe and they keep sending us automatic emails with phone that doesn't work and so on. Terrible customer service. I'm ready to go forward with this. I know we have a case but I'm hoping for the best with good communication. This is my last chance.

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Original review: July 13, 2017

Terrible!!! Accidentally booked the wrong date, asked to move the date (even at a fee) and they did not respond to any of my messages to their support site. They pretty much do NOT have a support site, since your email is ignored. DO not use!

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