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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I book a trip thru Orbitz 1st time and something happened and I could not make the trip and I list my money over $100 and I could not get a refund. So I took that as a lesson learned. Almost a year later I have booked a trip thru Orbitz and purchased the insurance in the event something occurred which something did. Well what do you know even with the insurance I cannot get my money back due to some foolishness of a deception that was not even mentioned in booking. I just wanted to change the date and can't. Now I'm out of $180 more dollars. Please I don't want to see others lose money. There are other honest travel booking sites. Please take my advice with all of the other bad reviews and don't use Orbitz. They are thieves and there is a different story every time.

I bought a hotel and air package through Orbitz. Though I had a flight confirmation number, Orbitz never booked my flight, did not notify me of this and continue to show the flight as booked even after the date has passed. I had to resort to buying a last second one-way flight as Orbitz was no help before my departure. After arrival, I had to make 3 additional calls to get a return flight, totaling over 2.5hours of phone times, during which they wanted to charge me for the return flight!

Step by step: My problem was that my package was delivered without a flight. I resolved it on my own for the first leg by buying a one-way at the airport. So, my experiences with customer service started with me needing to be reimbursed for my purchase and my flight to be made whole by Orbitz providing a return flight as I had scheduled.

The Orbitz Website still shows that my package has a confirmed flight. When I arrived at the airport, AA had the confirmation code but said that Orbitz did not book my ticket. During the customer service "experience", I was told that the booking failed. Well, why does my itinerary show Confirmed, state that I don't need to follow up and if I didn't have a flight in my package, why wasn't the whole package cancelled and why wasn't I notified. Package = more than 1 item. At ORD, with no ticket for the last flight of the night to LEX, I called customer service and was on hold for over 20 minutes. Since it was the last flight of the night and I had a business trip, I purchased a 1-way ticket on my own.

After arriving in LEX, I called customer service again, spent far too long repeating my information, being put on hold and finally getting to a supervisor. Said supervisor stated that she understood the issue, documented it but couldn't resolve it since the ticketing office on the West Coast was closed. She stated that I would be called the next day to have the matter resolved.

End of the next day and no call. I called again, supposedly talked with a supervisor that could take no action himself, put me on hold twice - including once for 35 minutes - and actually quoted me a flight price for me to pay to get back to Chicago. After explaining for the 10th time that I needed Orbitz to provide that flight and for me to be reimbursed for my purchase, I received a flight confirmation and an email to attach my receipts to. They eventually charged me for just a hotel, which cost more than what I would have paid on my own, did not apologize for not including a flight and tried to make me feel lucky for getting a return flight!

After sending them my receipts for the one-way I bought 5 times since they claimed that they never received them, I got the response below. Keep in mind, I was more upset about them dropping the ball, taking no ownership and wasting hours and hours of my times. My total outlay ended up being about $38 more than it should have been and I just wanted that as compensation and I expected an apology! How do you sell a package for one item?! I didn't appreciate the caps on "round trip". I am sticking with Travelocity going forward as Hotwire is another site to avoid.

"Thank you for contacting us about your package reservation. Regarding your flight portion, no refund will be process since you originally booked the entire flight for the amount of 294.20USD. Since ticket was not issued, that amount will not be collected. You purchased a new ticket from ORD-LEX amounting to 296.10USD and we are the one who purchased a ticket from LEX-ORD amounting to 296.10USD. Technically, you paid 296.10USD to have an entire ROUNDTRIP TICKET and the difference in the original amount of your roundtrip ticket which is for 294.20USD is only 1.90USD.

As one time courtesy, we are offering you a travel coupon amounting to 75USD that you can use for your future bookings with Orbitz.com. You can use this coupon for prepaid hotel reservations and package reservation just for the hotel portion and this coupon is valid for 1 year. You will be able to read the full terms and conditions of this coupon once you log-in your account on our website."

Very bad customer service!!! I booked in a mistake ticket with wrong dates, they don't want to change the dates and don't give me my money back!!! Do yourself a favor don't book with Orbitz!!!

I would give zero stars but that is not an option! Paid for insurance and they would not cancel my flight and book another one that suited my needs. I wish I had read the reviews sooner! JUST DON'T USE ORBITZ! CHEAPOAIR AND TRAVELOCITY IS MUCH BETTER!

Upon arriving at the airport, we were informed that even though we'd received a confirmation email from Orbitz, they hadn't actually completed booking our flights so we had no flight reservation. After spending SEVERAL HOURS on the phone with multiple Orbitz representatives, they were able to book us on a flight that we had to pay over $2000 for, that "Orbitz would probably reimburse us for" but no one could confirm that for sure. When they finally did reimburse us for the difference, they wouldn't reimburse us for the flight insurance we bought for a flight that was never booked.

They also charged us a booking fee to book a flight that only had to be booked because they messed up. After another 45 minutes on the phone they (very unapologetically) refunded the insurance and booking fees and nothing else. This whole experience resulted in a 6.5 hour travel experience turning into a 16 hour travel nightmare. I will never ever use Orbitz again and will dedicate a small portion on my life to making sure no one I know does either.

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One month ago, I booked all inclusive package with Orbitz for flight and ALL INCLUSIVE westin spa and resort hotel for 5 days. The cost of that was almost $1800 (the price without all inclusive option, would cost me half of this price). However I don't have appropriate vacation for more than 5 years, I decided pay this extra money for my comfort). I spent almost 2 hours in the phone speaking with orbitz attendant, triple checking all the details of my reservation before book it.

When I finally, I got everything done, and got Orbitz email, I noted that it didn't mentioned my all inclusive option. I called Orbitz to ask what happened and the attendant said that is all right, and my reservation is for all inclusive meals. After a long trip from Vancouver to cancun (9 hrs and 30 min trip) and spent 1 hr waiting to rent a car, to finally, got to the hotel. For our surprise, only the room was reserved. We were exhausted and starved and I spent more than 3 hours speaking with 4 different supervisors and attendants of orbitz, that didn't helped in absolutely nothing. The supervisor Jay, was incredible rude, apathetic and insensitive.

When you call orbitz you gonna hear the machine say "this call will be recorded". Based on that, I asked the orbitz attendants to check my calls history and hear the "record". For my another surprise, they have no access to the call records :0. So I asked to sent me my call records, and they said that I have to contact the corporative department, that, surprise again, they don't have the number or email for I contact them. At this time, I was crying and having a such a hard time at the reception of the hotel. What a shame, everyone there looking at me and feeling sorry for my situation. I never passed such situation before. I never asked for a bonus, tip, gift or nothing, I was just asking what I paid for. And I have no help or support at all.

Detail: in April I booked the same deal with orbitz, but my brother had heart attack, so we have to cancel it to travel to Italy. At that time the hotel was refunded, but the tickets with united wasn't. For the United tickets we got a "credit" that we have to pay $200 each to rebook our trip. When I tried to rebook it, the tickets cost way more than buy a brand new one. So in result of it, I lost a $1000 ticket. Based on that, when I booked this trip, I paid more than $100 for insurance, in case that I need to cancel it, and SURPRISE, I CAN NOT cancel the hotel!!! I wasn't expecting spend more money, but for the all inclusive option in this hotel I have to pay extra $80 per person, that gonna cost me $160 PER DAY = $800!!! In conclusion, my dream vacation (5 days only, that I missed the first day discussing with orbitz in the phone) started be a nightmare!!!! Orbitz I'm so disappointed with you!!!

I made my reservation for 9/3 around a month early to my trip to Las Vegas. Checked Orbitz site shows "booked No need to confirm." We "booked" at the Comfort Inn in Henderson, Nevada. Show up to the Comfort Inn around 930 pm with a 9 and 7 year old after playing baseball games all the day in the wind. Told the front desk our name and with a blank stare he doesn't have a reservation. Call orbitz.com after being transferred and cutoff because it isn't normal office hours. Came to the conclusion that Orbitz did NOT "post" it to the Comfort inn and suites. It being a Holiday weekend there isn't a vacancy in Henderson or Vegas that we can find at 1030pm now.

They eventually hung up on my wife because they couldn't find a room. Ended up staying with friends that used Hotels.com that actually made the reservation. Today 9/5 called orbitz.com to see if they would make it right for the inconvenience they caused my family. They said "sorry" and offered me a 25 dollar credit. I will not use Orbitz again.

Do not use Orbitz or buy the travel insurance. It's misleading and a scam. My family had a trip planned to drive cross country and for me to fly home then fly back and drive the family home. However we ran into mechanical issues with our car that wiped out our travel budget. When I bought the ticket I also purchased the insurance because I thought it would cover me if anything happened. When I had to cancel the trip I submitted the claim and now I find out I am not covered. In the rejection letter it stated I could file a claim if I was dead. I have yet to figure out how to do that beyond the grave. However, the webpage that talks about the insurance, does not list any restrictions. The assumption it gives you is you can cancel your flight and get your money back.

So, I am very disappointed in Orbitz for misleading its customers and I will continue to give them bad reviews until they make it right by refunding my money and to rewrite the page. I went back to the site this evening and went through the process of booking a flight so, I could re-read the page about trip cancellation. It's very misleading. I have added a screen of the page. Now it's up to Orbitz and their customer service to make a customer happy again.

Economy Rent a Car Bucharest (OTP), Reservation dates Jul 11, 2016 - Jul 29, 2016. The company that you brokered for in Bucharest has the lowest standard of integrity and customer service. Please stop working with such companies that will destroy your hard earned reputation. We arrived at 11PM exactly as we mentioned in the pickup time. I traveled with my wife and her pet companion for emotional support. This Economy Rent a Car does not have a booth or office for that matter, nor clear information were supplied on the reservation email received from Orbitz after reservation. Pick-up instructions from Orbitz: Counter in terminal, shuttle to car, open 24 hours. That was not true. We were stranded in the airport after landing, 1.5 hours trying to locate someone, when a person approached us without any identification or uniform asking if we need transportation.

I explained our situation and the person volunteered to take us to the actually Economy Rep that was waiting outside the terminal for us. “What a lucky coincidence”. We had our first red flag right there as this is not customary to meet and greet as described by Orbitz (counter in terminal). Took us to a nearby shop 4-5 km out of the airport in the middle of night, was close to 2AM after 24h of around the globe travel. My wife was crying, the tension high as I could not believe I got myself dragged in this kind of deal by Orbitz. After presenting my reservation the real circus begun and I will try to use their positioning as much as I can remember:

“Tough luck for you but Orbitz is not the rental company and the price they gave you will not stand here. You need to purchase insurance, Geico International from US will not cover. There is going to be a warranty/deposit and will be used as deductible in case of an accident in amount of $900, and we will draft and hold the funds upon signing the new contract. There is also inconvenience fee involved as you pick up and will drop off the car to unusual hours, $40 each, pick up 11PM and drop off at 4AM.”

These times were taken in price consideration already when I booked the car with Orbitz and agreed to the amount of Total: $286.94, Base Price: $208.00 Taxes and Fees: $78.94. New deal with Economy was $544 and actually after returning they charged my card $594, have all documents ready for review. I was terrified driving the i20 Hyundai they gave me not to have any issues with them. On their contract it says that once taken the car and returned sooner there is no refunds, but if late will pay by the minute. The car had half a tank of gas only, was heavy perspiring smelling and had a bunch of dings and dents. They would not note them as they said are insignificant however I took pictures of everything.

The worst ordeal I ever encountered while traveling and this should not be acceptable or happen to anyone. Long story short this is not the reservation I made and I should request refund of the full amount however request to be reimbursed the $307 additional they charged me for a car not worth a penny more than the initial deal, not even that.

At the drop off they refused to give me any paperwork stating they will be emailed to me as there is no printer available. Guess too early at 4AM to turn on the computer and they had just the return sheet I signed for no damage and return of deposit printed early. I did not have time to argue as my international flight was boarding within the hour and never received that copy ever, for that matter. I will address all social media channels if this request will not be honored. It ruined the entire vacation and Orbitz is responsible.

Super horrible disaster happened!!! During my living 1st day, after the house keeping I lost all of my stuffs including valuable private thing even food, clothes, pants,etc. Although some part of my personal things is found back, I still lost some personal thing! My clothes is thrown directly to the trash can so that everything is polluted and dirty. I had to suddenly stop my trip. It seriously and deadly affect my emotion!!! Although the hotel pay some money for my compensation, I think the hotel general manager is not enough and no sincerity at all! This bloodcurdling experience make me so scared and angry!!! I can not find a sentence to express my feeling!!!

I booked a reservation for this hotel through Orbitz for a stay from August 12 to August 19. According to both Orbitz and Holiday Inn websites, if I cancelled before August 10, I would not incur a cancellation fee. I cancelled this reservation on August 1. I was informed by Orbitz that Holiday Inn states that I had to cancel 13 days prior to August 12 to avoid a fee. That part was not on either company websites but if I cancelled prior to August 10 to avoid a cancellation fee was on my receipt.

In confirming reservations just for my own information for a flight a week away, I discovered that my flight had been canceled (perfectly understandable, but I got no notification) and it had been changed from a 2-1/2 hour non-stop to a 4-1/2 hour one-stop. I called Orbitz - big mistake! After many hoops, person with little English tried to convince me that a 1-1/2 hour layover in another city - which she said was "for refueling" - constituted a non-stop flight. I asked to speak with a supervisor, who told me he had no access to my records but would forward me (again) to a "reservations specialist." He gave me a "direct number" to reach them, which turned out to be the same general number I had called in the first place. I spent an hour and 14 minutes on the phone, by my phone's count, and finally succeeded in getting the reservation changed (after one hangup). I will never use Orbitz again!

I wouldn't advise my enemy to their services. I think they trick their customers, deceived them, and most people will forget that they have future travel money in their account. I cancel my flight an hour after the stipulated 24 hours margin. I called them and they told me any canceled flight will incur flight fees and Orbitz fees. This is crazy to me. After claiming my future trip fee, I would never use them again. Deleting my account afterwards. There are other cheaper services to use. Trust me.

After calling Orbitz to confirm a specific room they were advertising was available I paid for my hotel room and drove 8 hours to LA. When I got to hotel I was told the kind of special room I ordered wasn't even a room in their hotel. I called Orbitz and was on hold for 4 hours while they tried to get me a manager because they kept calling hotel manager asking them to accommodate me, but hotel manager was really nice but kept explaining they can't accommodate what doesn't exist in their hotel. I told Orbitz there was another hotel on their site that offered the room too but that all others were all sold out. Orbitz told me they would not refund my money so I could get another hotel until they listened to a recorded conversation they said they had of me booking the night prior. I told them that was fraud and they said well take the room we have for you or sorry nothing else we can do for you until we listen to recording which will take 7 to 9 business days.

My bank won't reverse my funds because they say I made the transaction. Well yes I did but they sold me something that I didn't buy. Now Orbitz has stolen my money for the last month of the sum of 580.00!!! Don't book with Orbitz. They false advertise for something they don't have even when you call and confirm with their so called customer service.

The most inept, unorganized booking site ever. I booked a flight, it was cancelled, and I never even received a notice until I was at the airport. Then, trying to get a refund on a cancelled flight was pure agony.

I made a reservation for a hotel but the screen had a different Marco Polo than I wanted. When the confirmation popped up, I immediately contacted to tell Orbitz that I had the wrong hotel--less than four minutes after making the reservations. I was told there was no waiving the cost and I was responsible for the cost.

DO NOT BOOK YOUR CAR RENTAL THROUGH ORBITZ!!! I too made a car reservation thru Orbitz and purchased their insurance which is charged to your card immediately unlike the car reservation. When my husband got to the counter, they told him the insurance was not accepted and that they would have to charge us an additional $15/day on top of the $65 that we have already paid. We are fuming!!! It has been a very long time since I have used Orbitz (about 2 years) and I had an issue with the car the last time as well. I stupidly thought that things might be different this time around. Again, DO NOT BOOK YOUR CAR RENTAL THROUGH ORBITZ!!! And if you call to complain, you will be redirected somewhere in India.

Orbitz shouldn't be offering car rental services at all. When I got to car rental all of the sudden car rental rate doubled in price and on top of it Orbitz insurance wasn't accepted. It cost me additional 250 dollars than originally booked. Such a scam. When I contacted Orbitz Customer Service I was directed to talk to car rental company about extra charges. So what is the purpose of using and booking through Orbitz if they don't care about their customers at all? Not even willing to solve a problem that was created on their end. I was charge for insurance 77 dollars by Orbitz. Last time I talked to representative I was assured to receive refund back within 5 business day and two weeks later I still haven't received it, not even to talk about the difference that I had to pay. Completely ruined my vacation. Be smart. Do not use Orbitz.

I made an airline booking through Orbitz with Orbitz booking number #**. Later I had cancelled the trip and I got an email confirmation from the supervisor stating that I am having a credit balance of $1505.25 and I should use it before September 2016. Yesterday (08/04/16) I had contacted Orbitz for making a new airline booking. The agent informed me that my earlier booking had been flushed out of their system and kept me on hold for one hour to verify my credit balance.

After one hour he told me that I need to wait for one day to make a new booking. I had complained and asked me to contact with their manager and after lot of persuasion he had transferred the call to their Manager. I had explained the situation and informed him that I cannot wait for one day since the airline fare can go up. He understood my problem and took down my flight details and informed me that their executive will call me within one hour for completing the transaction. After one hour I got a call from the executive and confirmed the flight itinerary with me and asked my credit card details for the balance payment. I gave my card details and he had confirmed to me that he had completed the transaction and I shall get my email confirmation shortly. He even updated my frequent flier no. I had completed this call by 1900 Hrs CST on 08/04/16. I had also seen hold on my credit card for the balance amount.

Even after 2100 Hrs I had not received any email nor the booking is being shown in my Orbitz account. So I contacted customer care and after lot of wait (nearly 45 minutes) the agent had confirmed to me that there was no booking in my name. Today from morning onwards I am calling Orbitz to get confirmation, but even after spending > 3 hours on phone my problem was not resolved. This is the WORST customer service I had faced till now. I do not know whether I need to make another booking directly with airline or wait for Orbitz to resolve the complaint.

I will never use your company again. Your website said there was only 1 room left, so I reserved it. When I got to hotel there were 18 rooms left and I could of gotten a lower rate by booking direct with them. I call Orbitz customer service and was told hotel policy would not let me cancel. That was not true. Orbitz had already collected my money. SHAME ON ORBITZ!!!

I purchased an airline ticket in Feb 2016 and in June 2016. I received a confirmation email with different return times for my trip in Aug 2016. I didn't really look at it until today because I knew the times I selected on my original ticket... I needed to be back by a certain time which is why I chose that flight. For some reason the airline cancelled or changed... I really don't care what the excuse is. I paid Orbitz and Orbitz should make sure that they provide the service they are selling, period. I shouldn't have to deal with, "oh your flight was changed and there is nothing I can do, it's up to the airline"... No, that is unacceptable... There is no reason why flights should be changed with a drastic time difference without Orbitz accommodating and taking every step to ensure their customers get to their destinations as close to the original time as possible.

I should not have to provide a reason, it's because that is what I chose and I plan what needs to happen in my life and I need to be home at this time. The reason why is irrelevant. Orbitz has the ability to reach out and make changes, that's what they do. That is the service they are providing... They collaborate and network daily with airlines to move people throughout the world. If you don't understand how to talk to people in America then why not just let us talk to the Airline that will take care of us.

My flight was changed and Orbitz told me there was nothing they could do. I was very calm until I kept getting the runaround. The guy would not let me talk or even talk to someone else until I started screaming at him like I was 5... Then he transferred me to his "superior" and then the "superior" finally switched me to Virgin airlines (this was over an hour) and once I was transferred it took two minutes to give me my old flight times back... Why was that so difficult. I paid for trip protection and Orbitz was all about me cancelling my trip... WTF... That isn't an option. Why was this so difficult? Why can't airlines just schedule their own flights... I don't get it. I would not have a screaming headache right now. Stephanie at Virgin America fixed it all and I am very grateful and happy... I left a great review for her... Thank you!!!

I bought my flight tickets with Orbitz to fly with TAP from Sao Paulo (Brazil) to Madrid (Spain). On my way back home, TAP changed the date and time of the flight, but Orbitz didn't inform me and I just heard about it when doing check in at airport. So I had to go to a hotel to spend the night once the flight was 12 hours later than the planned. I called the airline direct and they said they couldn't help me because I had to deal direct with Orbitz. Then I call them and spent more than 3 hours (on 4 separate occasions) and most part of time I was waiting and at the end, they told me they have nothing to do. I want Orbitz refund me on the hotel and dinner.

Through an associate's suggestion, I used this company to purchase a ticket for my mom. I received an itinerary notification and when I checked my bank statement on July 29th, 2016 I saw that the ticket was paid for along with the insurance. On July 31st, I received notification from a company that my purchase for a business item was declined, which was confusing because I had calculated everything and already transferred the monies from my regular account to this spending account. When I checked the account, I saw that there was a pending charge of $601.00 from Orbitz for the same ticket that had already been paid. I called the bank and they confirmed that a payment was already paid, and another payment pending was now in the system from this company, which caused them to place money on hold.

I called Orbitz right away, first off the customer service representative had such a strong accent you cannot understand anything they are saying well. I explained to them I was not happy and they needed to remove the pending charge from my account right away since they were already paid. They had the nerve to tell me that this is normal and that the pending cannot be removed for 72 hrs. Are you kidding me? So you will screw up someone's account for no good reason holding on to monies you are not authorized to do so? I am livid. If I did not get notification from this first company, I would have had all of my other purchases declined due to the imbeciles at Orbitz. Then to find out after they have had so many complaints, that they are rated very low. Do yourself a favor, save yourself heart and headaches. DO NOT USE ORBITZ EVER.

We have booked with a few online agencies. Booking with Orbitz was the worst experience I Have ever had. We booked early in April for our vacation in July. When the day came for our departure flight from JFK on July 22, from Dynamic International Airlines at 6:00 AM for our 8:00 AM flight. Dynamic was the last check-in counter, with the rest of that row empty. The four attendants that were there, talking to each other and texting, then informed us with a condescending attitude that our flight was rescheduled for 8:00 PM that night.

When we called Orbitz right then and there with what was going on, the representative did not believe us. She said that according to her records the flight was scheduled as usual. We said "we are here right now and it isn't." We had to put the attendant on the phone with the Orbitz representative. She still didn't believe. She called the airline and they weren't open till 9:00 AM their time. We were on over an hour with her. She finally hung up and said we had to deal with it and there was nothing Orbitz could do. That was the first of seven calls to Orbitz and each representative was rude, kept us for over an hour on our cell phones.

At 2:30 PM that day after calling the airline up to 10 times, we informed the flight was altogether cancelled. When we called Orbitz with that information, again they said, "We have not been given that information." They finally rechecked after we said it was and had them recheck. Orbitz, then knowing that the flight was cancelled and that we had already missed a day in our 6 day, 7 night vacation package to Punta Cana, said they would only refund us the money. The refund would take 8 weeks.

When we asked to be rescheduled for another flight, their response, call the airline ourselves and they couldn't do anything. They left us to fend for ourselves and find another flight out. We had to find one because we had a vacation package booked separately and we worked hard to have this vacation. We had to book another flight for more than double the cost of what we paid Orbitz. NEVER BOOK WITH ORBITZ!!! They were rude, hard to understand, unhelpful, and absolutely horrible to us.

I booked a trip to Mexico City with Orbitz for Thanksgiving 2016. Now we have only July 2016 and the trip is already in jeopardy. I was contacted by Orbitz to call them because of a change in itinerary. I was connected to someone in India and I could not understand a word he was saying. I asked for a supervisor and after a long time I got a guy on the phone that barely spoke English. What I could get out of him was that the airline had cancelled the outbound flight. I could not understand what other flights were available.

After some back and forth he told me that I could get a full refund if I would cancel. However, I still have not received the money back that Orbitz owes me, over $1,000. I have already called five times, and one customer service representative is worse than the next. You never know what country you are actually calling. I feel that I am supporting third world development instead of booking a travel, which I originally intended. It is a shame that companies like Orbitz are allowed to operate in the US. I think that they are circumventing the US labor laws and making money at the same time with offering shady deals. Needless to say, once this refund procedure is over, I will never ever in my whole life use Orbitz again. I will also contact the Better Business Bureau and see what my options are.

We travel a lot for my twins' travel basketball team. To get a good rate we book in advance. In this particular case we needed to cancel and thought this would be a considerably easy process. Let me just say dealing with accents and the lack of knowledge is the worst thing I have dealt with for some time. Not to mention the constant transfers and the 20 minute wait for a supervisor is ridiculous. After my matter is resolved I will not book through Orbitz again. Expedia or Priceline will now gain my business along with the other 25 parents that are a part of our travel team.

I book a lot of travel for my company. I never used Orbitz before but thought I'd try it for the rewards. I booked a couple hotel stays but every time I tried to sign up for rewards, I would get this error message: We couldn't complete your request. Please try again later. I called customer service and 45 minutes later with no help I was getting angry and asked to speak to someone else. I was on hold for a couple minutes when the same girl came back on the line and asked if she could help. She then said... "Oh sorry... This is Expedia." Maybe she thought it was funny, but I know it was Orbitz since I was on the phone for the prior 45 minutes. Real funny. They just lost out on a ton of travel bookings from my company. I will never book with them again.

I was booking a hotel for an upcoming trip. When I put the dates in and hit continue all was good. I glanced at the amount and it was correct at $137.00. As the date approached I realized I had not received an email confirmation, so I called the hotel direct... they said "We don't have anything for you coming up." I called Orbitz. The customer service rep was a jerk out of the gate. He then told me I booked the hotel for some time in September. I said "No I am not going then there. Must be a mistake, and I never received an email confirmation." I then asked to speak with a supervisor. He said "NO." I said again "May I please speak with a supervisor." He said "NO, I gave you the answer and I will not connect you."

I hung up, called back, asked right away to speak with a supervisor. The woman was pleasant however she promptly put me on hold for 45 minutes. I then hung up and contacted my CC company. This got a call from someone at Orbitz. He said the reason I did not get a confirmation was I input the wrong email address. I told him what happened. He said he will not allow the CC company to dispute the charge but would remove the reservation and credit me. I said that is fine... Guess what... NO CREDIT from Orbitz. I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN AND I PLAN TO TELL EVERYONE I KNOW HOW BAD OF CUSTOMER SERVICE THEY ARE. For a company this offers the same product as 100's of other companies online you would think the way they would differentiate themselves is customer service... Well I guess they have done just that!

I used Orbitz to book a flight for two from Sacramento CA to Cody WY. The price on the site was $447 round trip per person. When checking out, it didn't occur to me to double check what I was actually being charged. After completing the transaction, I noticed that I was charged $662 per person. I immediately tried to cancel online, but found no apparent way to do that. It took awhile, but I finally located a phone number to call. After the usual frustrating menus, I got through to a live person and told him I wanted to cancel the reservation I just made.

The interaction with that person went reasonably well and I was promised I'd get a full refund. For several days after that call, the Obitz charge appeared on my online credit card account as "pending." The charge has now disappeared from my online account, but I won't be certain I'm not being charged until I receive my monthly statement. Nevertheless, the bait-and-switch tactic was clearly dishonest. I ultimately booked the flights directly with the airline. The airline's price was $20 per person cheaper than the Orbitz advertised price and $235 cheaper than the price Orbitz was actually going to charge me.

In addition, the per-person 'fees and taxes' charged by the airline were $69.30, while Orbitz's fees and taxes were $83.87. We had a bad experience with Orbitz a few years back when we booked a room through them and initially got an unacceptable room. Orbitz ultimately did book us into another hotel a block away for the same price, but it took a couple of hours of frustrating and maddening runaround phone calls.

Despite that bad experience -- and thinking maybe it was just an honest misunderstanding about what kind of room we were being booked into -- I decided to give Orbitz another chance. Big mistake! This company is just flat out dishonest. If you catch them at it, they make right, but apparently they figure lots of folks won't catch them (or will give up trying to get it set right).

Flight cancelled by airline in Ecuador which caused us to miss our hotel reservation and leg of trip. Airline assured us we were eligible for refund but that we had to process refund through Orbitz. We returned home and called Orbitz to process this refund. We waited on hold for over one hour for the customer rep to inform us that our refund had been refused by the airline because the flight had not been cancelled, even though I had talked to the airline immediately before calling Orbitz to confirm procedure, and holding the unboarded boarding passes stamped cancelled by the airline. I explained to Orbitz customer rep that there was no way that the airline had told them that. She immediately put me on hold again to "transfer me" but left me on hold, periodically picking up to check if I had given up and hung up. Then finally hung up on me. Orbitz is a joke of a company and should not be trusted.

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Orbitz is an online travel website owned by Expedia Inc. It was founded in 2001 and acquired by Expedia in 2015.

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  • Activities: Orbitz can help tourists find activities and events in their destination cities.
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