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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

We travel a lot for my twins' travel basketball team. To get a good rate we book in advance. In this particular case we needed to cancel and thought this would be a considerably easy process. Let me just say dealing with accents and the lack of knowledge is the worst thing I have dealt with for some time. Not to mention the constant transfers and the 20 minute wait for a supervisor is ridiculous. After my matter is resolved I will not book through Orbitz again. Expedia or Priceline will now gain my business along with the other 25 parents that are a part of our travel team.

I book a lot of travel for my company. I never used Orbitz before but thought I'd try it for the rewards. I booked a couple hotel stays but every time I tried to sign up for rewards, I would get this error message: We couldn't complete your request. Please try again later. I called customer service and 45 minutes later with no help I was getting angry and asked to speak to someone else. I was on hold for a couple minutes when the same girl came back on the line and asked if she could help. She then said... "Oh sorry... This is Expedia." Maybe she thought it was funny, but I know it was Orbitz since I was on the phone for the prior 45 minutes. Real funny. They just lost out on a ton of travel bookings from my company. I will never book with them again.

I was booking a hotel for an upcoming trip. When I put the dates in and hit continue all was good. I glanced at the amount and it was correct at $137.00. As the date approached I realized I had not received an email confirmation, so I called the hotel direct... they said "We don't have anything for you coming up." I called Orbitz. The customer service rep was a jerk out of the gate. He then told me I booked the hotel for some time in September. I said "No I am not going then there. Must be a mistake, and I never received an email confirmation." I then asked to speak with a supervisor. He said "NO." I said again "May I please speak with a supervisor." He said "NO, I gave you the answer and I will not connect you."

I hung up, called back, asked right away to speak with a supervisor. The woman was pleasant however she promptly put me on hold for 45 minutes. I then hung up and contacted my CC company. This got a call from someone at Orbitz. He said the reason I did not get a confirmation was I input the wrong email address. I told him what happened. He said he will not allow the CC company to dispute the charge but would remove the reservation and credit me. I said that is fine... Guess what... NO CREDIT from Orbitz. I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN AND I PLAN TO TELL EVERYONE I KNOW HOW BAD OF CUSTOMER SERVICE THEY ARE. For a company this offers the same product as 100's of other companies online you would think the way they would differentiate themselves is customer service... Well I guess they have done just that!

I used Orbitz to book a flight for two from Sacramento CA to Cody WY. The price on the site was $447 round trip per person. When checking out, it didn't occur to me to double check what I was actually being charged. After completing the transaction, I noticed that I was charged $662 per person. I immediately tried to cancel online, but found no apparent way to do that. It took awhile, but I finally located a phone number to call. After the usual frustrating menus, I got through to a live person and told him I wanted to cancel the reservation I just made.

The interaction with that person went reasonably well and I was promised I'd get a full refund. For several days after that call, the Obitz charge appeared on my online credit card account as "pending." The charge has now disappeared from my online account, but I won't be certain I'm not being charged until I receive my monthly statement. Nevertheless, the bait-and-switch tactic was clearly dishonest. I ultimately booked the flights directly with the airline. The airline's price was $20 per person cheaper than the Orbitz advertised price and $235 cheaper than the price Orbitz was actually going to charge me.

In addition, the per-person 'fees and taxes' charged by the airline were $69.30, while Orbitz's fees and taxes were $83.87. We had a bad experience with Orbitz a few years back when we booked a room through them and initially got an unacceptable room. Orbitz ultimately did book us into another hotel a block away for the same price, but it took a couple of hours of frustrating and maddening runaround phone calls.

Despite that bad experience -- and thinking maybe it was just an honest misunderstanding about what kind of room we were being booked into -- I decided to give Orbitz another chance. Big mistake! This company is just flat out dishonest. If you catch them at it, they make right, but apparently they figure lots of folks won't catch them (or will give up trying to get it set right).

Flight cancelled by airline in Ecuador which caused us to miss our hotel reservation and leg of trip. Airline assured us we were eligible for refund but that we had to process refund through Orbitz. We returned home and called Orbitz to process this refund. We waited on hold for over one hour for the customer rep to inform us that our refund had been refused by the airline because the flight had not been cancelled, even though I had talked to the airline immediately before calling Orbitz to confirm procedure, and holding the unboarded boarding passes stamped cancelled by the airline. I explained to Orbitz customer rep that there was no way that the airline had told them that. She immediately put me on hold again to "transfer me" but left me on hold, periodically picking up to check if I had given up and hung up. Then finally hung up on me. Orbitz is a joke of a company and should not be trusted.

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Orbitz is very misleading about their pricing. Their reward points expire quickly and it's useless. The prices on their website don't include extra hidden fees that are not charged on other websites (not just taxes, which is expected). I booked a Triple Room room for 3 person and was up-charged to add an additional person even though this should have already been included (and was on every other website when booking the same room). This is an Orbitz charge, not from the hotel. The total price after the room cost, hidden fee, taxes and including Orbitz rewards was still substantially higher than other websites (regular price). The rewards points are essentially a SCAM to keep you using their website. I highly recommend booking direct from all airlines and other hotel websites. Never, never ORBITZ!!! If you want to contact customer service you have to wait for long, long, long time and good luck to understand their English.

I had to cancel an Orbitz flight due to illness. To rebook, normally there is a 135 per person exchange fee for the credits, but the airline involved (JB) agreed to waive these due to the illness. Later on I called to book new flight with credits. Orbitz claimed to lose the documentation about the 135 waivers, 3 hours wasted proving this. Eventually booked a new flight, which should have been less than 1/2 the price of my existing credits. Orbitz verbally confirmed the number of dollars remained, however never sent e-confirm. Had to call again for confirm, they sent, but ticketed the flights for the full amount of credits (basically tried to sneak this by me). Orbitz refused to acknowledge this upon calling.

I went to Jetblue, who was able to cancel and rebook those flights at the correct prices, but had to leave the excess credits at orbitz. Orbitz emailed me with "MCO numbers" to use these credits. I have called no less 8 times since and spent more than 14 hours on the phone trying to use these credits. I have sat on hold for over an hour no less than 6 times, and no less than 8 different orbitz agents have claimed these MCO credits either didn't exist, were not valid, were not opened, or required a different person to book them (resulting in new transfers and wait times). Eventually allowed they would let me book, but only with corporate escalation dept which is basically impossible to reach (for each and every new flight).

Have called 3 times since to try do so, had one called dropped after 2 hours, fell asleep after one 2 hour hold, and was never called back on the last one. I have no way to use these credits. Orbitz is using deceptive business practices/fraud and purposely incompetent customer service so that I can not actually use the funds that are rightfully mine. I have wasted almost 24 hours on this to date without help from this company. This company is fine if you never have an issue, but never experienced such horrid customer service as this without recourse.

On June 11, 2016 me and my friend came to DC from California. We had scheduled with Orbitz to pick up a vehicle from the airport when we landed. We made all payment arrangements via Internet. I flew all the way from LAX to Reagan national airport, upon arrival I was instructed to take a 15 min shuttle to Dollar Rental and pick up my vehicle... When I arrived I was told that my reservation was invalid due to the fact they don't accept my credit card (which was a Visa by the way). At that point I cancelled the reservation however Orbitz still charged me for a insurance fee, which I never used because I never received the vehicle. Then when I contacted Orbitz they told me because I didn't file a separate cancellation with the insurance department I could not receive a refund for the insurance... Don't book with Orbitz.

While I have used Orbitz many times in the past, I never will again. When we tried to return from our overseas trip, we were informed that our flight had already left. Apparently, there had been an itinerary change that rerouted us through a different city and more importantly it left two and a half hours earlier. While Orbitz claims they e-mailed me about this, there's no question that I never received the e-mail. As others here have stated their attempt to fix this problem and get us home would've cost over $1400 per person for three people - there were all sorts of change fees/price difference fees/etc. Ultimately, Aer Lingus agreed to get me back to the United States for €150 per person which is basically a missed flight fee but then my remaining domestic flight had to be purchased from scratch so to speak.

Additionally, since it was already late in the day we had an overnight stay in an expensive near-airport hotel there and the whole thing cost $2000 in the end. As many others have mentioned here, their customer support is appalling. No one speaks English and you can be on hold forever. Every time you call them you basically start from scratch with the lowest level employee they have. Even when a "supervisor" e-mailed me with a request to provide receipts and told me to call back the next day, it took two hours the next day to get back to a "supervisor". That individual told me that my situation involved too much money and that I had to speak to a "manager" so I was put on hold again.

This was taking way too long so they agreed to call me when that person was available. That was literally 4 1/2 hours after I first dialed the phone at which point I was sleeping. They sent me an e-mail refusing to provide any reimbursement. I told them that I thought when someone has an itinerary change that is literally 2 1/2 hours earlier that when they contact the individual they should REQUIRE a reply from the individual - whether that is a reply to an e-mail or a reply to a text message or whatever. That would seem like a sound business practice me. They never bothered to respond.

First I want to say that Orbitz is a great company. My flights I book was perfect. The only problem I had is when they took $45 twice out of my account for two different rentals that I booked and cancelled. I book two separate rental car booking I was suppose to pick up on 06/01/2016. I cancelled these rentals. I called and requested a refund on 06/01/2016 and they told me I had to fax over my paperwork then they will consider a refund. I tried the fax number and was busy my whole trip. Today 06/28/2016 I called and ask why they did not refund me my $90. Their answer was because they had to wait and investigate. So I ask "was you ever going to refund me my money?" Yes when you all. Be careful with places that take up front down deposits. They don't refund you your money until you call a month later.

After I write this review I will be trying my best to contact the CEO of Orbitz seeing my son has got nowhere with them. Now for my story. My son who has served this country with three tours between Iraq and Afghanistan and has now been stationed at a Pacific base location has had his next base orders canceled at the last minute. My Son has tried to get a refund from Orbitz on his airline tickets for himself, wife and 8 month old son. Total cost of about $5K. He had insurance on these tickets. My son thought his request for a refund would be honored. Instead he got a response that the ticket will not be refunded and that they would remain good in the event he was to someday go to this forward base. This of course will not happen as his orders to go there is cancelled for very good family reasons that are private.

First off; besides being a proud father of a Son that has lived though three tours and being very grateful I have him alive and feeling proud and sad for other fathers who has gone though the ultimate sacrifice of losing their son or daughter makes more angry at how business like Orbitz and some parts of society seem to easily forget where their everyday freedoms come from. Yes I have a personal beef with Orbitz but it needs to start somewhere and yes a company like Orbitz may never refund my Son's tickets.

So I want everyone who reads this to do one simple thing that can be anything in regards to our men and women in the Military. First thank them for their service for retired and active. Buy them their lunch if you can. Perform an act of kindness for them. Visit the VA. If you see them outside doing yard work pitch in and help them. Invite a military family to your home cook-out. And best of all... Remind business like Orbitz that being military friendly above all must be their top priority.

Will never book with Orbitz again. An hour and a half on the phone (mostly on hold) with two agents whom I could barely understand because of their accents, and then they wanted to charge me $498 per ticket (two) to change my reservation. Before I pulled the trigger on that, I went online to the airlines website and in 1.5 minutes changed my reservation and only paid an extra $50 per ticket.

I was booking a flight from Chicago to LaGuardia during the week of June 27th. The least expensive combination on Orbitz cost $290 per person so I selected it. In the next window Orbitz said that the airline had just increased the price to $605 per person, more than 100% increase! So I withdrew from the site and checked out Kayak and Expedia who were steadily at about $410 per person. Then I decided to test Orbitz so I went back one hour later and did the same search again. The $290 to $610 increase happened again!

So you know that the increase was not due to the airline because airlines do not jump the price over 100% all at once, if the airline had increased the rate 100% at 5pm, it would still be about that same price at 6pm, and if the airline had increased the rate to $605, the other resellers like Expedia and Kayak would have raised their rates accordingly and they did not. Orbitz is a very tricky business and is not truthful. Be careful. We'd rather drive than deal with companies like Orbitz.

Even one star is more than what they deserve. Do not use Orbitz!! I made two reservations for my brothers and I for the same trip. The day we got to the airport one of my brothers couldn't get on the plane because his flight was not confirmed with the airline, which was BS. I had called and confirmed all the reservations prior to our flight. I had even paid extra to purchase 3 seats next to each other. This totally ruined our trip. We had plans to attend an event in Copenhagen, which we missed. I called Orbitz and was on the phone with them for 45 minutes and then they hung up me.

My brother purchased another ticket to get to Copenhagen two days later (he could fly the next day but he had to pay a fortune) which was the day we had plans to fly to Norway. So, we lost money for our flights to Norway and from Norway to Amsterdam, we lost money for all our hotel reservations, we didn't attend the event that we flew to Copenhagen for, and on top of all that we purchased three new tickets from Copenhagen to Amsterdam and reserved new hotels. We missed that event, we never made it to Norway, and was so stressed out the entire time. It took us years to save money for this trip and to plan it. We had to go through hell to get approval from work. I hate Orbitz with all my heart. I hope this company goes bankrupt and all the employees of it go to hell.

You need to perform specific steps only hours after you book the flight if you see the price drop for them to reduce your fare. I saw the price drop & notified Orbitz & they didn't give me the reduced fare. I should have cancelled (could have cancelled since it was only hours after the booking) and booked the flight directly on the airlines site to save money.

Do not use Orbitz to book any of your travels. I have missed my connecting flight because the flights (yes flights with an 's') I had booked through Orbitz were late and caused me to miss my connection, which was the last one of the evening. Now, because my connection was a round trip and I missed it, they will not refund me ANY of the money or the hotel. Not only did I spend 1.5 hours on the phone with them to try to sort this out, but they did nothing for me, NOTHING. Not to mention my bags were also lost, which I told them. You would think as a place of customer service they would do something. No, I just have to eat $1,500?! Do not book any travels through them, go directly to the airlines. When you work with the airlines, the airlines work with you. I have never experienced this with any airline before.

I bought two air tickets and later found out there were charges on my credit card for 4 tickets (2 and another two for the same airline, same route). I called Orbitz and was told they only see 2 tickets in their database for me, so could not explain why there were two more charges on my credit card. A couple months later I received an email from Orbitz stating that the flight back has been cancelled. I called Orbitz and told them about the itinerary number and the email and they again did not recognize it and told me the itinerary number suggests it is from Expedia and transferred me to Expedia. Expedia told me under that itinerary there is a hotel reservation, not an air ticket. So, there is some kind of fraud going on for transactions happening on Orbitz and they are either unaware or act that way.

I booked a hotel in Pensacola Fl. through Orbitz. Orbitz sent me 1 confirmation email but charge my credit card twice for the same hotel room, but I didn't realized this until I saw it on my credit card statement. When I called Orbitz, they said they couldn't refund me since the stay had already passed, and they blame the Hotel for not letting me know that there were two reservations under the same name. I would not recommend this site.

I booked a direct flight from NY to JFK at 7pm. Three days later Orbitz told me American Airlines has cancelled the flight and they can put me on a 6am flight direct or a 5pm layover flight. Since I needed to be in NY during the day I had to take the layover flight, but they said I can call back in a few weeks to see if any other flights opened up. When I asked if I was getting money back since I paid for a direct flight but I'm now on a layover flight, they told me no since I'm taking 2 planes. It's more expensive and they were doing me a favor by not charging me.

It's now a few weeks later and I noticed on my online itinerary, it says my flight leaves at 7pm, but when I checked on American Airlines website, that flight number leaves at 7am. So I called Orbitz, waited on hold for 45 minutes. They told me they can get me on a direct flight, he just had to make sure it was ok with his supervisor. I waited another 35 minutes to speak to a supervisor who said that he cannot put me on the direct flight because I'm going from a layover to a direct, even though Orbitz was the one who changed me from nonstop to layover. I waited another 50 minutes to speak to his manager who told me they can put me on flight #2721 for an upgrade fee of $6,000 (this flight number on American Airlines is $500).

I've now been on hold waiting to speak to a corporate manager for over an hour now. I tried to chat with someone on Orbitz website, who told me they can't do anything to help with this. I'm starting to think I'm being scammed and 3 HOURS later, I still don't even know what time my flight leaves... if I even have a flight! I will never do business with Orbitz again.

Apparently when booking with Orbitz for a JetBlue flight, if someone books on JetBlue's site direct, they easily bump you out of your seat. This happened to me, separating my wife & I. As she was 1 day out of the hospital, barely confirmed to be healthy enough to fly, I was very annoyed with both Orbitz and JetBlue.

I bought a package to Punta Cana from Orbitz. The airline change the times and I could not travel at the hours they change it to, so I call Orbitz to help me find new tickets. They not only did not help me, they just told me to cancel it and I did it. It has been more than 3 weeks and I still did not get my refund. I call 4 times minimum to Orbitz and the airline. I was in the phone for at least an hour each time and until now, I don't have my refund. Do yourself a favor. DO NOT USE ORBITZ.

Last week my trip to Seoul South Korea was cancelled, but fortunately, I had travel protection on my flight - or at least I thought it was fortunate. Trying to use my credit of $1681 is a nightmare. First, for each ticket I book under this credit, Orbitz is charging me a $300 change fee. WHAT?! That's more than the $200 change fee when you don't have travel protection. They say it's Delta and if I want to dispute, just call Delta directly - what will that help? And, I have to book all flights through them. I can't even book it online. Secondly, they cannot tell me WHAT is included in the change fee... sigh!

Thirdly, I cannot understand a word this lady is saying. I asked to speak to a rep in the U.S. so we can end our mutual frustration and she informs me there is no one in the U.S. to speak with. UGH!! Lastly, I can only book flights on Delta, even if there's a cheaper flight to the same destination, with another airlines and cheaper. So essentially, for a $300 ticket to Atlanta, I have to pay $600. What a ripoff!! I am furious!

This company did not uphold its customer service, promises or policies. I booked a two bed hotel then when I showed up it gave me the wrong number of beds. When I called them they told me to rebook the proper room and they would refund the other with the notes in the system. After doing so they refused to refund because of their cancellation policy when they instructed us to do it. I spent no exaggeration over three hours on the phone with them with no success. Do not trust them or use them if there is any chance of error or needing customer service... Absolute biggest waste of time and disaster... A total rip off. Their supervisors are the worst excuse of management ever created.

Unfortunately we have invested about 7-8 hrs of our time trying to get answers to two simple question. This company outsources their call centers to different parts of the world (mainly India and Philippines). Fiancé purchased 2 tickets from Venezuela to Aruba, our first question was if the taxes and fee to enter and exit Aruba were included and the second was to make a name change. It took several days and several hours later to get and answer and it cost us 80 for a name change and 90 for taxes to exit Aruba which they are not included in the ticket. At one point I had to have a 4 way call to get the information. It only took 2 1/2 hrs to get me the answer.

I booked a ticket from Ireland for my daughter, who was coming home for the summer, having finished her first year at college in Ireland. The flight was booked through Orbitz of May 31st. The price was $800, and I paid for right away. Everything was confirmed, looked up her itinerary, and it had all the details correct. Everything great so far. 4 days later I receive an email from flight fulfillment@orbitz, telling me that they were unable to issue my ticket and that my money would be refunded. I thought this was a scam email, so I went to my original booking, again looked at my itinerary, called the Orbitz customer service number, and listened to the confirmation message. It said my flight was confirmed, no need to reconfirm. So I assumed everything was going to be ok. Just to be sure, I called Orbitz customer service. After a very long wait to talk to someone, my call was eventually answered.

The CS agent told me that they could not issue my ticket, no reason given. I asked was that it, 1 email with no follow-up, no alternative options, no checking with me to make sure I got the email. I asked to be put through to a supervisor and was told in broken English that there was no supervisor available. So I asked the CS agent, what other options they could offer me. She was able to offer me the same date, but the price was now $1140. I declined, and went elsewhere to purchase my daughter's flight.

The thing that really ** me off the most was that this was my daughter's first transatlantic flight on her own, and I wanted everything to be perfect for her. If I had not called Orbitz, she would have turned up for her flight on the day of travel, to be told she did not have a ticket. If I hadn't given my email instead of hers, I would never have known that they cancelled her flight for no reason. Of course I have heard nothing from Orbitz by way of apology. I will never use this poor excuse for a travel company again.

Just to make this clear this was after the Expedia buyout so that is not going to correct this issue. This was the first time I tried to book a package with Orbitz, hotel and airfare. We were planning on a trip to New York and thought if I could get a good deal we could do more while visiting. My first problem came when I selected the hotel and flight and pressed the button to book. It hung up and there was no way for me to see if it actually worked (I work in technology so I understand system problems can occur).

So since it had problem I called them on the phone. The person on the phone seemed to be having the same problem but instead of saying 'try later' or 'tomorrow' they held me on the line and finally said it worked and sent me a confirmation. Well a few weeks later I wanted to verify my seats and put my frequent traveler number on the flight. I get a message saying that part of my itinerary was cancelled on the site. Orbitz never notified me that the flight was never confirmed. Of course the hotel was prepaid so I asked for a refund and they said we put in your request but another team has to verify it.

I got an email that made no sense so I replied asking for more information and they never responded so I called the number provided in the email and each time they stated they will have another team call me back that never happened. I called again and told the women I wanted this resolved today she suddenly said she was having system problems and would have to call me back. She never has now the date of my vacation has past and I still haven't gotten a refund. This is the worst travel site I have ever used and I would recommend that no one ever use it for any reason!!! You will be taking the chance of losing your vacation.

We had booked flight ticket from Salt Lake City to San Francisco, but due to some reasons we had to cancel the ticket. During cancellation the Orbitz representative told us that the ticket price won't be refunded back to us. Instead I was told that I can use the credit amount to future travel with the same airline. After few months I called Orbitz to book a flight using my credit balance. They asked me $230 per person along with the flight fare difference. Previously when we were cancelling the ticket nothing was mentioned about this $230. We lost the credit amount. Orbitz just try to cheat customers. They have the worst customer service policy. We suggest not to use Orbitz.

I was screwed up by Orbitz/JetBlue. I came at JAX airport one hour before boarding. The line was long. They made me miss my flight. The JetBlue representative told me to call Orbitz because my flight was booked thru Orbitz. I had an International that I missed because of those mistakes. JetBlue could put on the next flight and I won't miss my international flight. I was on the phone for over 4 hours with Orbitz different representative. I missed my entire flight and reschedule my flight which they have a good traveling, I have to at least $900 in fees and my original tickets cost me $1400. I will this info all over website that I find because this a steal. Poor customer service, high fees. I lost 4 hours between Orbitz, JetBlue, and Morocco Airlines.

I booked a flight through Orbitz using my full legal name, as suggested. Apparently, Orbitz's system put an additional "E" in my last name, which would put me at risk of getting rejected for the flight. I have talked to the customer service in the last two weeks, spent literally 8 to 10 hours waiting on the phone and been told that they need to call the airline company and suggested me to wait for 48-72 hours. As 72 hours ended today, I called the customer service and again got the same response. It became clear that they had not called the airline company and due to the time differences, airline company's office is closed. So, why in the hell I waited for 72 hours?

Why do these guys keep telling me the same story and not correct their own mistake? Why do I have to pay the price for their mistake? This is a reckless company with a crappy customer service and does not deserve even a single star. Bottom line: I would never and ever book a flight through this company. I wish I had booked through the airline company's website. It is easier, more safe and the good thing is that I would have directly dealt with the airline company, which is the one that can come up with a rational solution without wasting your time. Suggestion to the Orbitz: put a disclaimer or banner saying "book at your own risk or waste your time waiting on the phone".

Orbitz is horrible. I've used them in the past but won't again. I booked a roundtrip flight for a business trip to Paris, paid for it (required), and all was well until the airline cancelled the flight and rebooked my home trip onto a different flight. Unfortunately that flight is too early for me, I have meetings to attend. So I talked to the airline and they were happy to rebook to a different flight but said it had to be done through Orbitz. And Orbitz, of course, refused to do it without massive change fees plus a new, higher price for the flight. This would have cost me at least $500 additional, for something I had nothing to do with!

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Orbitz is an online travel website owned by Expedia Inc. It was founded in 2001 and acquired by Expedia in 2015.

  • Rewards: Orbitz rewards travelers with points they can exchange for discounts.
  • Vacation packages: Travelers can save money by choosing vacation packages instead of buying services individually.
  • Activities: Orbitz can help tourists find activities and events in their destination cities.
  • Mobile apps: Mobile users gain access to exclusive deals.
  • Scratchpad: The website's Scratchpad feature helps travelers keep track of offers that interest them.
  • Best for Budget, domestic and international travelers.

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