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I would like to start off by saying our experience from start to finish was terrible. We did not choose our hotel. It was selected for us and the amount of money we paid for this resort was insane. We were looking for a luxury all-inclusive resort with a great beach, fine dining, and all the other amenities that all-inclusive offer. We were told, "This resort had it all, and it was Breathless resorts, which implied quality". NOT TRUE!

Once arriving in Punta Cana we were escorted to our hotel. It was less than clean and we were asked to attend a meeting after we unpacked. We did not attend our meeting until the next day which was a sales meeting to try and get us to "Buy in" to the resort. Our resort was not an all inclusive. It had several things that you had to pay an "UP CHARGE" for which was not told to us in the beginning. Also the resort was a party resort which we were looking for a more quiet venue. To top it off my mom got salmonella from one of the restaurants and we had to go home two days early... Not the vacation we were looking for and paid all of that money too... NEVER AGAIN.

Let me begin by saying that giving even one star would be an abomination. This company hides behind deception. It is always easier to pass along blame to hide gross incompetence. That said, we booked a vacation for 6 adults and 1 Infant child under 10 months old. When the confirmation was received, it had not only spelled the name of the child incorrectly (my grandson, I know his name), but it had charged him for a seat on the flight. While Apple did refund the seat charge under protest, (stating that this is a common practice to assign a seat to an infant, I'm certain everyone that books with Apple is overjoyed with the prospect of paying for a 7 month old they would naturally hold) they insisted they were not responsible for the 200 dollar charge to correct the name but also charged an additional 200 dollar fee because they want money to change the ticketed seat to "child will be held my parent".

They blamed it on the airlines stating it's their policy. When does Apple take responsibility for spelling errors and arbitrary seat assignments. It's the don't ask don't tell policy that was employed. Several calls later, the response was "it's not our fault", how about 40 dollars for your inconvenience. This vacation cost over 20,000 dollars. Not only will we never ever use Apple Vacation again, we frequently travel with friends who we will also discourage from ever using their services. We have been a repeat customer with Apple and have probably spent over 100,000 dollars in the last 4 years.

The 400 additional dollars they charged and refused to acknowledge as their error shows us they are not the least bit interested in customer service just their bottom line. Keep the 40 bucks and invest it in better training your staff. Did I mention that we spoke to 10 different people and every single one had a different spin on the Apple policy. We will continue to vacation in Punta Cana each year, but will certainly know better than to ever engage the services of Apple Vacation.

Recently, an Apple Vacations representative that I got from calling their website's 800 number, told me of a NEW Secrets 6 Golden Apple Resort in Panama at a bargain price. We were looking for a luxury all-inclusive resort with a great beach, fine dining, and all the other amenities that all-inclusives offer. She said, "This resort had it all, and it was a Secrets resort, which implied quality." NOT TRUE! Once arriving in Panama and boarding the bus to the resort, the Apple rep for the hotel told me he didn't have my documents and therefore I had to pay for the transfer. Since Apple Vacations always includes transfers to and from the airport and hotel, I said, "No, it was already included in the price." He disagreed (and continued to disagree with me), insisting I had to pay.

At the resort, the check-in clerk did not have my reservations and implied that she didn't have any rooms. The "NEW" 6 Golden Apple Secrets Resort, was actually an old InterContinental Resort that they were refurbishing. Most of the restaurants were not open because it was "off season". One could not use the beach because of the tides. They oftentimes ran out of alcohol. The walkways were crumbling. The attitude of many staff members was poor, if not rude. I called Apple immediately, informed them of the situation... that this was NOT what I paid for and requested to be moved to a different property... the rep said she would work on it. I called the next day and got the same reply. I called again on the following day and got the same reply. I've purchased many vacations from Apple over the years and this is the first time I've felt the need to ask for their help in rectifying a bad situation. They did absolutely nothing!

Apple Vacations doesn't fix their mistakes! First mistake: misspelling one of our last names. They said several times it would be fixed; we ended up having to pay $50.50 to have the airlines fix the ticket. Second mistake: giving the transport company the wrong arrival date leaving us stranded at the airport for 3 hours where we had to try and find someone that spoke English to help us. (You cannot contact Apple Vacations once you are out of the US and the number that was given to contact someone in Panama did not work.)

Third issue: no detailed itinerary or vouchers. It is hard to take a taxi, when your ride doesn't show up, if you don't know which Marriott you are going to. Everyone kept asking to see our vouchers. We finally got a hold of our daughter through wifi and FaceTime audio in the US to contact Apple Vacations to figure out where we were suppose to be and to make sure there were no other issues.

Once we arrived at the hotel, the company Aventuras 2000 took over and we had an AMAZING vacation in Panama. Apple Vacations did not reimburse us for $50.50 or apologize for their mistakes. However, they did book us in some wonderful all inclusive locations and arrange wonderful excursions. Too bad that they don't fix their mistakes and cannot be contacted once you are out of the US. All in all, we looked at the mishap with a sense of humor and have made the decision to learn Spanish. We won't be using Apple Vacations again. Panama is a really awesome place to visit!

The policy states I can cancel 45 days prior to my vacation and still get a refund minus the $45 per person fee. That is not the case. I cancelled exactly 45 days prior but I was told Apple doesn't count the current day or the 2 days before your vacation so I would not be getting any refund. Beware, they change the rules to suit them. I have used many other sites to book & cancel my vacation with no problems so I will be using one of them from now on!

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Have been advised by Apple's Email that our "all inclusive" vacation to Jamaica had a flight date and time change. However, when I called Apple to confirm, they still have the old date and time. I was told I needed to call the person that sent me the email because they couldn't see any change in their system. I called the person that sent me the email but all they could tell me is the time change was now 11:05 PM instead of 12:01AM??? I said the date also changed from the 10th to 9th per the email. They said that could not be confirmed. So, I called American and verified the 11:05 PM on the 9th was correct. Also, called Apple Vacations twice to have a wheelchair added - they did not, so had American add that for me. Too many wasted calls to this company to verify information.

Planned a well needed vacation to Jamaica through Apple vacations, Also purchased the Av-ok insurance for both of us, highly recommended by my agent.. Due to plane maintenance we were delayed leaving on our first flight and when arrived at second airport, couldn't land for fog so circled there, in turn missing our flight to final destination. Purchased a room there so missed one night of stay in Jamaica. Spent at least an hour everyday of my 5 day vacation at the Apple desk in Lobby Trying to schedule for our departure back to the airport on our leaving date.. Total hassle. Get back talk to agent about our missed night no help.. The insurance did reimburse us our night stay in Philadelphia, but I feel it was trip delay and should be reimbursed for night missed in Jamaica.

Insurance threw it back on apple and Apple has been no help. Have been giving me the run around and every excuse in the world not to reimburse for night missed.. I'm a business owner and realize this is no way to do business. Once I booked and they got their money, you are on your own, no help whatsoever.. No giving up on this. Sure that's what they are hoping.. I recommend anyone to never book a trip through Apple... And not to bother with the insurance they push.. If anything happens during trip, they are no help.. Will not return calls or anything, and if you do get ahold of them, they treat you like you are a total idiot.. Bad Business and will never get mine again!!! Total Joke.

Well when everything goes according to plan there is no need to get in contact with Apple Vacations. That being said when you have an issue good luck getting a response from the company. The company states all you have to do is call their toll free number 1-800-517-2000. Good luck with that when you are in Mexico (Cancun). That number doesn't work and the Apple rep at the resort I was at said, "Sorry I can't help you, I DO NOT HAVE AN OUTSIDE LINE." It wouldn't have helped anyways.

Oh by the way don't think you can use email either. "" also only gets non delivered errors in Mexico. Wow what a waste of time and energy. Well to make matters even more unbelievable when trying to communicate using the email from home and getting the automatic response that someone will respond within 24-36 hours. That is a real laughter. Let's try 24-36 days and I have still not got a response. I think they think they will teach you patience or just wear you out and you will forget about it.

Be aware that the optional insurance on extra excursions made while on an Apple Travel tour amount to a surcharge of approximately 16%. I am not talking about the main tour. I am talking about extra activities. On my recent trip to Cancun I took a snorkeling excursion. The base charge was $9.79 out of the $71 total. That is 16% above the base of $61.21. For my excursion to Xcaret the insurance portion was something like $22 out of the $159 total. Charges like that add up fast for multiple excursions and multiple people.

While signing up for the Xcaret trip I asked if the insurance was optional because the form seem to indicate it was but did not make clear provisions to decline. I was told it was included in the price. I asked again if the insurance was optional and was told all excursion companies that Apple used carried insurance. Well of course they do because Apple takes a fat cut out of the premium without disclosing to the customer just what coverage they are getting.

After signing up for the Xcaret excursion, I had lunch and thought about it. The excursion was two days away so I went back to the Apple onsite representative and asked again if the insurance was optional. When I got another song and dance I told her it was a yes or no question. She relented and said it was optional. I asked for cancellation and refund on the insurance portion only. She said she would take care of it. The next day she said it was done.

Upon returning from my trip I contacted Apple to tell them the credit was not showing on my account. That was over 8 weeks ago and the refund has not shown up on my credit card even though I contacted Apple several times about the subject. I kept getting the story that someone was working on it although no one contacted me or resolved the issue. The only person I was able to contact was the person who originally booked my trip. She is the one who keeps telling me that she can't do anything about it but promised me she had forward all the information to someone who could. I understand division of labor. I don't understand why no one with responsibility has contacted me or resolved the issue. It is a big shame because otherwise the trip was as promised.

But now I don't trust Apple and won't use them again. They put profits above the customer. The insurance markup is a big profit source for them and a poor value for the customer. No information is provided about what is covered and the customer might already have some coverage depending upon the credit card used. Avoid the excursion insurance. Better yet, avoid Apple Travel.

A friend of mine booked 4 of us on an Apple Vacation to Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar in Cancun. One of the best vacations we ever had! No problems with flight, no problems with transfers. The airport in Cancun is difficult, but this had nothing to do with Apple Vacations. The hotel was wonderful, staff friendly and pleasant, and food was great. We had such a great time we went back again about a month later.

Representative's name who was booking our trip: Irina **; Dates: 11/26 to 12/3/15; Destination: Cancun, GR Caribe. Our group consisted of 12 people (5 kids and 8 adults). Me and my friend organized this trip and referred 7 people to Apple vacation. Besides the fact that neither of us (amount me and my friend) got referral bonus or discount, my price end up being $354 (if I would get ocean view, plus bags cost) over all of my friends (including the ones I referred).

At the airport I discovered that my bags are not included in the ticket price and each bag is $25 (we had 3 bags, so totaling both ways it is $159), however all my friends (9 of them) had their bags included. All of them got an ocean view for the same price as mine, however my windows were facing to the wall. I tried to call Irina from the airport when I discover my bags are not included, but she didn't pick up. I am under tremendous stress. I am very disappointed with the way Irina handled the situation, from booking my friends over me and not letting me know about my bags.

I would first like to say the representatives in the US are extremely kind, polite, patient & helpful while making plans and reservations. With saying that I now must tell you about our vacation. In September we began making plans for our Cancun vacation. We were told Apple Vacations was the way to go. We had never used before but willing to try it out. We researched all the resorts, locations and what each had to offer. We had it narrowed down to a few. I made several phone calls asking all the questions I should in order to make to best choice for us.

We chose the GR Solaris, Cancun. We needed ocean view, balcony and quiet area. We had looked at all of the photos and loved the property & pools. We received the quote and I asked repeated everything over and over. We were clear on everything about the resort, name of it, location & views & balcony. We booked flights & resort. Done! So excited. we made sure to arrive as early as possible on Sunday Oct 11th in order to have a full day. Once we landed is when our issues. Flight was perfect, picking up luggage & customs was not an issue. We walked out the front door at 9:30 am looking for the flowered shirts... we were one of the first couples to the stand to get our package. Once we did, we waited for almost an hour for transportation. We were put on one van, loaded luggage then asked to get off and put in a car. The ride over was pleasant and not far.

As we arrived, the resort didn't look at all as it did when we looked at it online. We went on in and began checking in... as we were looking around, my husband & I knew right away this was NOT the resort we requested. We booked the GR Solaris. Plain & simple! Yet somehow we were booked & taken to the GR Caribe by Solaris (which I NEVER even saw as an option while searching). I immediately brought it to the front desk clerk's attention. He assured me this was a great resort and wanted to show me the room. I asked to speak to a representative from Apple Vacation. They called for me and gave me the phone. The man spoke very poor English so I asked to speak to someone else. There was no one else. I began trying to call the numbers I had called once before but was unable to connect from there. We left all the luggage at the front and allowed them to show us around.

The hotel was very dated, under some construction, nothing at all like anything we would ever choose. Pool was small & everything was very inconvenient. The long hall ways to the rooms were open to the outside. The room was on the end with view of the roof, next to the speakers at the pool with a very loud announcer, there was large space under the door and the balcony again looked at the roof. This was NOT going to work. Again I stressed this is not the correct resort, it was switched during booking. They tried showing us one more room which was the same telling us this was a great resort that the GR Solaris is a downgrade from this one.

Again I insisted to speak to the Apple Representative to straighten this out and move us. I finally did get to speak to someone that informed me we could meet them at the GR Royal Solaris at 4:00 to get us moved. At this point it is 12:00. WE have now wasted 2 hrs of our day, now we are told we have to wait another 4 hrs for help. We had lunch and waited until 4:00. We went to the area we were told to meet at. The rep was late. He then informed us he didn't know why I was told to come there that there is nothing that can be done on a Sunday. Reservations is closed on Sundays.

At this point I am in tears, exhausted and frustrated. My husband's appointment was at 9 am the following morning. We could not wait to take care of this the next day after. It took the rep an hour to find someone to help us. By 6:00 I was ready to cancel our reservation & call the credit card company to cancel all payment to APPLE VACATIONS!

Finally there was a very kind woman I believe to be the manager at the Royal Solaris that began making calls for us. Somehow she was able to do exactly what we had been trying to do since 10:30 am... she had arranged for us to be transferred to the hotel resort we knew we had booked! The GR Solaris! We finally arrived about 7 pm. Our entire first day in Cancun was spent in the lobby of 2 hotels trying to get to the one we knew we booked. I am not sure how it happened. Maybe by accident while booking or maybe it was done after the fact. I know we received the confirmation showing GR Caribe by Solaris... who would know it wasn't GR Solaris... like when you book a Hilton and it shows Hilton Garden Inn on the booking.

Once we arrived at the GR SOLARIS (which by the way was a total UPGRADE times 100 from The Caribe not a down grade as they kept trying to convince us of), it was beautiful. By this time we were too exhausted to do anything more than have dinner and get some rest. The staff was very kind and helpful here. During all of this, I NEVER heard back from one APPLE Representative. Still have not. I will add when someone books vacations through your company and travel to another country they should be able to contact someone they can communicate with.

We actually ended up extending our stay by 2 days but I can assure you after all of the trouble we had I booked directly with the hotel. I could not chance another mess up. I must say I was referred by a friend but I cannot do the same. This has been an experience I wouldn't want any of my friends to have. Maybe this information can help provide better service in the future.

Apple Vacations is fine, as long as you don't have any problems during your travel. But if you have trouble and need their assistance, forget about it - you are on your own. This is horrible when you are stuck in airports in a foreign country and/or scrambling for flights and accommodations. We have used Apple about 8 times and the very first time we had travel problems, they were hard to reach, unhelpful and even gave me bad information. We lost a day of our vacation due to airline troubles then lost another day to the stress of having to get Apple's help while at our destination (Cancun). Their customer care phone hours stink, especially when you are traveling EARLY or need to reach them late in the day and they are snotty and patronizing on the phone.

When I wrote a detailed email upon return to voice my concerns, I got a form letter back 8 weeks later and a $100 per person voucher to use on a future booking. There was no acknowledgement of the misinformation they had given me. So I told them I'd have to voice my concerns online. So there you have it. Travelers beware!

This is my first time go to Cancun. I call to Apple Vacations. They recommend Royalton Riviera Cancun because they say that resort have waterpark. I was going with some friends that have kids so that's why we pick the Royalton. We get there on Sunday at 9:30. We get to the hotel at 10:30. I know it's their policy they won't let you check in until 3 PM. I did tell them I have an infant, that she doesn't feel good, she have a fever. Can they give us a room first then the infant could have some rest. They say no they have no room. We had to stay there wait until they have the room. They say they may have a room 1 o'clock or 2 o'clock, the latest is 3 o'clock. They give my friend the room first but not me. I am the one with the infants she having a fever. Didn't give me the room until 4 o'clock. I did talk to the manager. They don't care.

And while we're there the waterpark is remodeling nation let me know then I won't book that hotel. The reason I book that hotel because they have a waterpark for my friends' kid and my son. So sad and this hotel is so brand-new. They don't have palm tree not much shade to cover the sun and the bad thing is they don't have show in the hotel. After we play at the pool 7 o'clock we go to dinners. Nothing to do because they don't have show. They don't have activity. The service at the steakhouse in Royalton Riviera Cancun is very bad. We have 10 people we went for dinner. We got the waiter the whole time he don't smile. He treats us not good. We asked for A1 sauce he say they don't have. It is a steakhouse it doesn't make sense.

At the end we talk to the waiter. We say "You need to smile a little". He answer he is tired. "Today is very busy day". This is not the answer. When you serve people you need to smile. I don't know we so upset about the hotel. I never will recommend this hotel to nobody. The reason I picked this hotel because Apple Vacations recommend. I don't understand why they say is a good hotel. I don't know. They just want to make commission because the hotel is new. Doesn't have customer yet. Do not pick this hotel.

We used Amstar for our travels to an excursion and travel to and from hotel. They screwed up on both. After fussing regarding the excursion and the Amstar guy being rude for his screw up, he paid for us a taxi to the excursion. What I have a problem with is our flight from Cancun, Mexico to Charlotte, NC, 3 hours and 10 minutes non-stop, ended being a 19 hour journey home. The Amstar guy had us scheduled to meet in front the resort at 11:15 am. He explained the van would be there in about 20 minutes to pick us up. The bellman from the resort explained he spoke to the Amstar guy and the van will be here in 20 minutes because of the sinkhole. (total 40 minutes).

After 20 minutes, I went back to the Amstar Guy, he asked what did we need, as he had not meet us. He also told us due to the sinkhole, all flights are delayed so we were okay and not going to miss our flight home. The Amstar Guy and girl and Bellman began talking to each other in Spanish, which I don't know. The Amstar girl asked us twice, are we sure we were to go back today? I stated yes and show her my flight information. The Amstar Guy stated, "I will be right back." I stated "No, I am coming with you."

Within 3 to 5 minutes, a van was there at the resort to pick us up. The driver did the best he could to get us to the hotel, but they had him stop and pick up another couple on the way. The couple had not been called for early pick-up; therefore, they had to pack. As we were heading to the airport, we saw our flight taking off. We were meet by an Amstar Guy. He asked the guy at the counter of the airport to confirm our flight was gone. (We were told more lies because no flights were delayed).

The Amstar Guy stated we had 2 options: a plane going to Phoenix was leaving now, which we had to run to then didn't know how much a layover then leaving to go to NC and would be home by 6:00 am or we could sit in the Cancun airport until late then take flight going to Florida then stay the entire night in the Florida airport then leave there for NC at 6:00 am. I am very upset the way Amstar treated us. If he would had done his job, we would not have missed our flight. Who do I need to speak to regarding this matter?

Extremely poor serviceā€¦ Do not go there!!! Air conditioner did not work the whole time we were there. We complained and requested service from day 1 until the night before we checked out early costing another 2000.00 for airline tickets. Bring your own bottled water, they only have 3 cases according to management and it's for management only. They run out of ice and drinks at every bar every day, they are totally rude at any request you have. There was not one min motorized water sport. When we asked where it was we were told it was not available and could not give us a location of it. The beaches are not sand, it is ground up rock and construction debris. Your feet will kill you after walking on it. Forget about making sand castles with your kids.

The beaches are filled with seaweed and many staff members are in the waters trying to clean it out by hand. Bulldozer, forklifts are on the beach as you're trying to sunbath picking up the seaweed. The diesel fumes are beautiful as you're sucking them in. The pools are over packed never to find a blessed chair or anywhere to sit and the water is like being in a hot tub - not refreshing at all. Beaches are less than desirable. As you walk along the beach and pool area it smells like a backed up sewer. With the air not working in the rooms, you try to migrate to somewhere on the resort to cool down only to find no relief. They have ceiling fans all over but won't turn them on until you continuously ask, it took 3 days! The lack management in this hotel leaves a lot to be desired.

Apple vacations was our booking agents. They are a bunch of liars, do not book with them! There is no such thing as 2 double beds ocean front at this resort. That's what we paid Apple for. I have lots of pictures and videos to post. Coming soon, so keep posted! Also the sporadic power outages DURING THE NIGHT AND ALL DAY LONG... which when they do, go out - there is no running water, toilets don't flush and you die from the heat. There are NO back up generators! Also the sand on the so called beach is not sand, it's ground rock and construction debris such as cement. It hurts your feet and everything. Sandals, clothing, body has a white powdery dust all over it.

Just returned from a 6 golden square deal (7/23/15) where we specifically requested an all adult only resort. When we arrived Apple stuck us in a facility that was not only an All Adult place, but we were mobbed with kids. All children's activities, pools filled with kids. Just saw online that Dreams Palm Beach offers special on certain date for families with kids at a discount and this must have been the week. This was unfair to put us in the family setting. I left my family home. Never again will I trust Apple. Plus we were put in different seats on the plane. A long 3.5 hour return.

Our experience with Apple Vacations was phenomenal. First off, we got a great deal on our vacation package. All the Apple Vacations' representatives were courteous and informative both on the phone and on the resort. They provided transportation to and from the airport which was always on time and comfortable. Will be using them again.

Went through Apple Vacations to book a trip to ClubHotel Riu in Negril, Jamaica. I've been waiting eight years to go to Jamaica due to medical issues! Upon going, my partner asked the representative at Apple Vacations several times how much money to take, etc. because this was our first trip to Jamaica. We were told about 100-300 dollars. I am so glad we didn't listen... that was a huge lie!! The excursion are pretty expensive! Not to mention transportation once on the resort, etc. We WASN'T informed (after we fully paid for the trip) not to exchange our money to Jamaican currency, that we wouldn't be able to sit together on the plane (Southwest doesn't have assigned seating), that there are two Riu resorts near each other in Negril. Upon arrival we wasn't sure we were even at the correct resort.

So many things went wrong on this vacation! My belongings stolen, being escorted from a buffet for having on a cover up because they have a no bikini policy (which I DIDN'T HAVE ON), drinks being snatched out of our hands, etc. I called Apple Vacations travel agency to complain about my very recent trip after returning home and was told that all my documents said "Southwest Vacations" not "Apple Vacations." Really? Then was told that no one else they sent to ClubHotel Riu Negril, Jamaica has ever had a problem.

I was also told to write a letter explaining the situation and Apple Vacations would address the letter to the appropriate department, which I really doubt that to be the truth and these are my reasons: 1. I was put on speaker without my knowledge; 2. Told my one o'clock appointments is here; 3. Passed to another representative who stated she overheard my complaints; 4. Then told she had someone in front of her and would call me back! I just think that was very unprofessional! I wasn't even aware that I was being put on speaker in the first place! Everyone in that agency could hear my conversation and yet no one took the time to address the situation. I just feel my complaints wasn't important but my money was! Apple Vacation travel agency paid me more attention before I paid for my vacation!

I was suppose to go to Costa Rica. A week and a half before the trip couldn't go. The travel agent was telling me I couldn't get anything back because we had no insurance. My fiance got 490 back off the credit from his flight ticket. I got 527 back from Jet Blue directly at the day of flight because my flight was the wrong day. Never again and not sure if I get anything back from my hotel.

We booked a trip for 7 to Memories Grand Bahama (that is another subject) through Apple Vacations. Apple gets an F on a grading scale. They offered absolutely no support to us. On the reservation confirmation email, it was noted in writing "king beds". But the representative said to call the hotel about 2 or 3 weeks before arriving there to make sure everything you requested is a reality.

First I couldn't get through, then after many phone calls, I finally obtained the correct number. I was transferred, transferred, transferred by Apple. When I asked Apple why they promised king beds on our confirmation from them, they said, and I quote "we don't sell beds. We only sell views." Say what? Due to constraints on how much I can type, let me say, book your own vacation, but at the very least don't use Apple Vacations. Nightmare.

We paid almost 4000.00 for this trip. After all of these problems Apple decided that our unhappiness was only worth 50.00 per person. I will not book through Apple again and I suggest everyone else beware as well. My wife and I just returned from a 10 day vacation at Grand Sunset Princess in Mexico. We are very unhappy with this resort. We also paid extra to have the platinum package and we do not feel it was worth the money. We asked for a king size bed and never received it. We were told we could have it Saturday.

When I went to the Concierge on Saturday I was told that it would be Monday. I double checked on Sunday and again was told Monday. Went to the concierge on Monday and then they tell me Tuesday. On Tuesday we get a new room but with 2 double beds again. These beds were like sleeping on a rock. I have an injury so that did not help matters at all. I was in pain the entire trip. Each day there was a different concierge and apparently they did not make any notes regarding our request. I had to explain the entire request over and over every day.

We were also told that the private platinum pool was adults only. There were children everywhere. Splashing us and throwing balls near us. There was not any international beer (it says international drinks included). There was not any Corona (Domestic beer). What kind of resort in Mexico does not have Corona? Getting a drink from the butler on the beach or at the pool was very difficult. They took forever to make it around to the guests. If you saw them once every couple of hours you were lucky. Getting refills with the meals was not very easy either. I do not think they have enough staff for the size of resort they are running. The food was cold every day. Good but cold. There were so many rocks in the water that you could not go in. In fact my wife cut her foot so bad that any deeper she would have needed stitches.

This is our 3rd trip through Apple. We have had a problem every time. From broken air-conditioning to ants everywhere in our room. Not as much trouble as this trip but trouble none the less. We are seriously considering booking with a different company, other than Apple. We plan to book a trip every year and was thinking of booking another trip this year. Now we have to decide who we will book with. With that being said, we would not recommend the Grand Sunset to anyone nor would we ever book it again. At this point I do not think we would recommend Apple either.

Dreams Villamagna - Hotel taxi refused to drive us from the airport because we talked to a lady when we landed about excursions. Next day they tried to stop us from leaving and grabbed my wife's arm. They lied to us about excursion money and stole $60 from us. Room smelled moldy. We had diarrhea for 5 days and not the only couple with stomach problems.

My niece and 3 friends purchased an Apple Vacation and received a room at the worst hotel they had ever seen. The pool was dirty, bed linens soiled... Took review of several sheet sets to even find a clean one. Don't ever let your children or yourself book from Apple vacations. It appears to be a scam company with no customer service that we have seen.... for an additional 1200 more dollars they got a secure room. BAD APPLE.

They cancelled my flight right before my trip was set and cost me 798 because the hotel said that this was the airlines problem not theirs. I had to get a voucher from the hotel saying I have to come there within a year or they would just keep the money as well as pay a rebooking fee that can cost up to $150. Not only did they cost me money they had a nerve to say I can pay them 500 more dollars to fly out the same day from Dulles airport, as if it was my fault. I am completely in awe and disgusted with this business. What makes things worst is that I shared this with my co-workers and 3 of them had the same issue or worst with this company.

We had booked with Apple Vacations for March 20-27, 2015 at the Blue Bay Grande Esmerelda, Cancun. Upon arrival and entering the pool we noticed the water was approximately 6 inches below the skimmer and there was mold in the grout of the tiles. Choosing not to utilize the pool the remainder of the vacation proved to be disappointing, however, it appeared damage had already been done as we both became ill for the next 2 days with dysentery and vomiting. We reported the pool conditions but no one seemed concerned about a pool with a nonworking filtration system. We also did not have overhead lighting in our room as we requested a light bulb but never did get one. We never at any time witnessed cleaning of the pool or any areas as we had in the past in Punta Cana and Secrets Silversands.

Birds landed on plates etc at the buffet located at the pool hence creating a breeding area for bacteria also. In short, this was the vacation from hell. I am also handicapped and when calling for assistance with transportation was told to get on the tram which I could not do. A nice man did finally accommodate us in a golf cart. This was in celebration of our 40th wedding anniversary with 3 other couples and it was of the utmost disappointment. I have never stayed in a dirtier place than this. We work hard for our money and this was truly like a scam whereas they took our money and didn't care.

I have went on other Apple Vacations that turned out alright, so I thought after talking to an Apple the Apple 5 Square might be fun, well let me tell you, it was not fun at all- big rip off! They took us to a RIU which Apple says is a Apple but if you google the internet you will see it may be a 3 or 3.5, it is not even included in the RIU literature with the other RIUs. We were in a rundown hotel that looked like old apartment buildings, you had to walk 15 min to get to the hotel lobby. They only filled the hotel fridge every 2 days and that was 2 beers, a couple waters and pops, only generic stuff not name brand anything. Our shower leaked all over our room, it was so bad, I cannot tell you! It took us 2 days of our vacations and an additional 60.00 a night to get to stay at a real Apple 5 Apple, don't know why we would have to pay more money, but we did.

On the charter flight there and back Apple charters with Frontier. I paid for my seats extra, even had the seat numbers on my itinerary, but they didn't give us the seats I paid for. In fact tried to put my husband and I on both flights way across the plane from each other. I hate to fly and there was no way I could do that, so a nice couple did help us and changed seats with us. The Apple rep on the Plane was rude, the Apple Rep at the hotel only wants to get more money from you. Apple has given me no help of any kind about a refund or compensation, even though they stole 2 days of our vacation time, they took our money and ran. I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau next, I suggest everyone else on this web site do the same! You should get what you pay for. Not only did they not give us that they took our time, which is money as well, don't you agree? Please write the BBB, we cannot let them do this to other people.

I was looking for a beautiful place to travel and have a tranquility and no problems booking or making arrangements for a vacation. Unfortunately I'm epileptic and suffered 10 seizures this past weeks. When I booked my vacation, I did mention that. No insurance was offered to me. Now my doctor for my health issues advise me it wouldn't be safe for me to travel. I did let another agent know and now can't get my deposit back. I'm not trying to be cheap, but also don't think it's legal or right for someone to take your money without giving choices or money back, at least consider your disability. I can't imagine myself being kept in a situation I wasn't prepared for or have doctors approval for. Hope there's a solution for this situation.

First I have to say that we have traveled to Mexico many times and this by far was the worst experience we have ever had. The Oasis Cancun was listed as a 4 apple resort, fun for everyone, but when we got there we found a Spring Break damaged resort. Toilet seat in the garbage can, sliding door to balcony falling off, bathtub didn't drain with rusty yellow water that came out, electrical outlets that shocked us, no clock in the room, no coffee pot, no towels to shower with for days. Not to mention the filthy language that was broadcast all day from the giant stage set up for spring breakers that went on all day. At night there was swearing and screaming that required us to sleep with earplugs. We had our 12 year old daughter with us and spent most of the vacation dodging sexual games and drunkenness. NO ONE should ever go to this hotel with children in the springtime.

They tried to charge us more money to eat at certain restaurants when the apple book boasts all inclusive. All inclusive to me means you have paid ahead of time for the luxury of eating well. I could go on and on but I would be here all day. In closing, as a family on a budget who trusted that a 4 apple resort would give us a comfortable get away without breaking the bank, we found nothing but stress, trashy rooms, rude behavior and filthy language. We are sooooo not pleased.

I booked our trip to Cancun in December 2014 for departure in April 2015. As the trip got within 3 weeks, I called Apple to find out about any documents that I should have from them. That's when the disappointment started. I found out that when you book through Apple, you have no chance to get the seats you want on the flight to Mexico. You are not even guaranteed to sit with your wife. I was able to secure a seat next to my wife at the airport. When we got to Mexico I paid for our ride to the hotel and back to the airport because Apple failed to tell me that we get free transportation. There were also no Apple reps visible at the airport. We got to the hotel and it was awesome. The staff was friendly and helped us to our room. I was not too happy that it was the very last room on the 3rd floor. Long walk to the elevators. I have back problems and am recovering from cancer so the stairs are out.

When we opened the door the room was not exceptional but that's ok because I planned on getting out and getting some much needed sun. We opened the curtain to the balcony and were shocked to see the hotel next to us. I was told we had ocean view. In fact it was 75% hotel view and 25% ocean view. I asked the desk to change rooms but they said they had none. We finally found an Apple Vacations rep on the property and he was of no help. He did sell me on an excursion but that was all the help we could get. The hotel the rest of the way was great but then when it was time to go and we wanted an earlier ride to the airport, he said I needed to do that earlier. I told him I tried but the reps were hardly ever there.

The other travel agencies like Expedia had reps there all the time but not Apple. It was always hard to find one. We paid for a cab back to the airport and then had to pay another $100 to get a seat next to my wife. If I had waited for the Apple driver, we would have had to stay another night because they oversold our flight. I will go back to the hotel but will not book with Apple. They don't tell you everything and I found out that if I book far enough in advance, I can get it for less on my own and get the service I deserve.

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