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122 Apple Vacations Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 26, 2018

My fiancé and I just returned from our trip to Punta Cana. Our flight was through Swift Air out of Cleveland Hopkins Airport on Saturday at 7:00 am. There was a delay which was not communicated very well while we were at the airport; we heard several different excuses; from they had to find another plane to they had to get a new crew to they had to get the current crew rested. The delay was from the very start and they stated we would not be leaving until 8:00 am which then turned into 11:00 am. I’m glad we upgraded to first class due to the fact the plane was very old and uncomfortable; the stewardess’s were not very attentive throughout the entire flight and ran out of ice 2 hours into the flight.

When we finally arrived in Punta Cana at 3:30 pm we went through immigration and customs and were the first to arrive on our bus to take us the resort. We were on the correct bus and were told to get on the bus by an Apple representative; I believe it was bus #21. We waited on the bus for nearly 2 hours to get to the resort due to the fact that we were waiting for 1 more couple to arrive. The bus had at least 30 people on it who were VERY eager to get to their destination. The Apple Representative was an ** woman who was EXTREMELY rude and disrespectful and kept saying... “This is not my fault, there was a plane that was delayed and we know about it. You think we weren’t waiting for you guys as well?”

One of the other passengers said to her; “This is money that we are wasting by not being on our vacation and sitting here on this bus!” She said back to him, “You think I like waiting for planes to arrive all day? WE WERE WAITING FOR YOU THIS MORNING!” It was as if we caused her some inconvenience by our plane being delayed yet she was still getting paid. The bus driver was very friendly and kept trying to get the woman to let us leave and get to the resort since we were only waiting for 2 people who may or may not show up. Needless to say after 2 hours of waiting she FINALLY let us leave and the other couple we were “waiting for” never showed up to the bus. We had asked our representative before we finalized booking if we should take an upgraded form of transportation since we had upgraded everything else and she reassured us that Secrets was the first stop and we did not need to upgrade.

Secrets was the first stop but by the time we arrived at the resort it was 6:30 pm. We should have been to the resort by 2:00 pm at the latest. We missed an entire day of our vacation which is extremely disappointing. I cannot get over how rude the Apple Representative was that would not let us leave; if this situation occurs they should have let us leave and found another form of transportation for the other couple.

We ended up running into the other couple that was supposed to be on our bus they were told to get on bus #27 and when they called roll call on their bus they did not say their names but they were told, “Oh it's fine... we will take you there.” It seems like there was a lot of miscommunication and lack of organization. When the lady finally let us leave she again said in a very nasty tone, “THIS IS NOT MY FAULT…” I replied back to her and said... "Yes it is your fault; we could have left 2 hours ago..." this is not OUR fault. Extremely frustrating after traveling since 5 am.

When we arrived to the resort we were taken to our room. We upgraded to “preferred” and were actually put in room 4132 which was not in the preferred section of the resort and were in perfect view of everyone walking from the beach to the pool/restaurants. There also was not much view of the beach since there were tall shrubs everywhere. We were also told that there would be a Jacuzzi but this was not like the ones in the preferred area. This was actually a Jacuzzi bathtub on the balcony.

On the first night we went to the Mexican restaurant; the food on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best) I would rate it at a 2. I ordered a chicken quesadilla and it looked as though they put a soft tortilla shell in the microwave with some cheese and called it a quesadilla. My fiancé had the fajitas which he said were decent but definitely not a good impression of the first meal. We tried to order some tequila shots which took 20 mins to get to us and were in wine glasses which was very strange. We walked down to the beach our first night and were disappointed to see and smell all of the seaweed that covered the beach and made it hard to even get to the water without stepping in it. Although it was later in the evening we were bombarded by the panhandler which was very aggravating.

Since we were not happy with the room we asked to move rooms which they did accommodate and moved our room to room 2393 the following day at 5:00 pm. We had to check in with the preferred lounge several times throughout the day to see if our room was ready. When we got to our new room our butler Martin showed us into the room and there was water all over the floor as if someone with wet bathing suit had just walked through and the TV was on which was very strange.

After Martin left us in our new room we noticed the air conditioning was making an awful noise from the fan blade being loose; when the janitor came up to mop up the water on the floor there we asked him to call maintenance to get the AC fixed. We waited in our room for maintenance to come up to fix the AC which a couple hours later was fixed. Not sure if they thought we were someone else/what the confusion was but there was a “happy anniversary sign” on our door but it was not our anniversary... we didn’t say anything but it was just odd that it was on our door.

The next day we noticed the refrigerator was not cold at all; we called the preferred lounge to send someone up to fix it. It was not until the next day that it was fixed. We were exploring the resort and asked a woman a question in regards to what to do with the “key” that was given to us that was to unlock coupons... she couldn’t believe we were had not gone our “welcome breakfast” yet and turned on the charm and friendliness to get us set up. She took us to the main lobby to meet with our Apple Rep Katie. We got set up for the cigar tour for the following day at 9:00 am which did not make the lady who took us there very happy because she wanted to schedule our welcome breakfast for the following day at 8:00 am.

It wasn’t until she walked us back to our room that we realized this was not a “welcome breakfast” and she wasn’t being friendly “just because” she wanted to make sure we got sucked in like all the others she was touring around for the “packages/timeshares/memberships.” I have been on a cruise to the Bahamas and then to Disney but in order to get our Disney tickets “FOR FREE” you had to sit through a “short” meeting which turns into another 3-4 hours of vacation time lost because they’re trying to suck you into their timeshare.

This left a VERY bad taste in my mouth since we had already missed a day due to airline delays/bus issues. We paid a lot of money for this trip and weren’t there to get conned/get anything free/especially the “spa” – that she gave us “free spa coupons to get us sucked into going to this breakfast; which I will say we did NOT attend. We watched people all week and talked to several members who we had to literally try to hold composure as they told us what a “great DEAL” they got... and how they can bring their whole family etc. etc. It’s dirty math... my fiancé is an accountant and when we told people what we paid for the trip they gasped but then proceeded to tell us how much they pay a month... and it literally made ZERO sense. It is NOT a “welcome breakfast” it’s “let’s pray on IDIOTS to give us all of their money and waste their precious vacation time SALES PLOY.”

On the 2nd day at 3:30 pm I ordered room service; the hamburger was completely pink in the middle and the hot dog and fries were cold and very old. Before dinner I called and asked them to come up and take the plates since they had been sitting in our room for several hours. We got back from dinner at 8:30 pm- the plates were still on the table and the turndown service had not come to our room yet. I set the plates outside of our room on the floor to get them out of site. The cleaning lady came after 9 pm and knocked on the door to turn down the room but we were already in bed and asked her not to come in. When we walked of our room the following day at 7:00 am the plates of food were still on the floor next do the door. (Pretty gross since they had been sitting there since 5:30 pm the day before).

Food Ratings: Scale 1-5 (5 being the best) (Tipping there were a lot of people around us tipping- we did not expect this but did want to tip for good service- we did not have single dollar bills and asked in the preferred club and bar if they had change but they did not which would definitely be hurting the employees if there is not a place to get change and you don’t expect to tip- wondering if we had tipped more often if our service would have been different- it was as if the employees expected the tips which we did not expect).

Breakfast Buffett on the beach – 3. Oceana- 3 (lobster was very tough). Seaside Grille Breakfast- 2 (went there twice- ordered the croissant with ham/cheese- croissant was burnt black and the ham/egg/cheese was freezing cold as if it was premade and not warmed up). Seaside Grille Dinner- Salmon & Ribeye – 5 (best meal). Himitsu- Hibatchi dinner -4 (2nd best dinner we had). Portofino – 2 “special dinner” ordered ahead of time lobster was covered in spicy powder of some sort- courses were coming out fast but just too out of the ordinary it was as if they had to get rid of certain food before it went bad so they call it a “special menu”.

Scores Night Bar (we did not eat there/drink there but could barely stand the smell when we walked in on 2 separate occasions- smelled EXTREMELY musty like they had a flood and did not properly clean it up... almost gagged at the strong odor). Alcohol: I personally am not a big “drinker” but my fiancé does drink- it was odd that we ordered a lot of drinks at the preferred pool and even went into the preferred lounge to get top shelf liquor and did not feel any effects of the alcohol our entire trip. In the preferred lounge we ordered Don Julio and they ran out- they also ran out of Grey Goose Vodka- when paying for preferred having to walk inside from the pool to the preferred lounge to get top shelf liquor is very inconvenient but we did it numerous times- would have thought the bartender would have offered to have the top shelf taken outside so we did not have to walk in every time.

When they ran out of Don Julio the bartender said they were out but getting more and to come back in a couple minutes. They did not have it restocked for 4 hours. In an effort to try anything to part/have a good time we of course tried the very highly recommended/baby maker/ knock you off your socks/ hyped up drink... mamajuana. I think this is another scam/con- we were “WARNED” by Katie that people fall off chairs get so messed up/you have to wait a half hr between each shot because it really sneaks up on you... we took several shots in 1 day and felt absolutely nothing...

Night Life: Not much nightlife/instructions from our Apple rep or butler in regards to what was going on/what to do at night. We saw a couple shows but were not very impressed. Did not receive the paper that was supposed to be under our door every night to tell us what was going on/where to go what to do etc. Beach: We were told the panhandlers cannot come up to the 2nd row of chairs in the preferred area- the most certainly did- they would not leave you alone the entire day. Security seemed lax until the 3rd day so we did spend much time at the beach because even going into the water you weren’t only dodging the annoying people trying to throw monkeys on your shoulder but also the incredible amounts of seaweed. I know the seaweed is out of their control but we will be asking when booking our next trip if seaweed is in “bloom.”

Last Room Issue: As we were packing up to leave there was HUGE cockroach right were our suitcases were sitting on the floor- it was at least 3 inches long on its back and still alive. Trip Home: Picked up late from the resort- were supposed to depart at 8:30- got picked up a little before 9 am. Plane was supposed to board at 11:00 am- did not board until 12:00 pm. Seats on the plane did not match the tickets which was making passengers freak out. It was still the very old plane that we took to get there- it literally had a projector screen so it had to be from the 1970’s. We were in Row 1 in first class. The flight attendants were worse than on the way there- shortly after takeoff they heated up some fried chicken which smelled and proceeded to eat it and lick their fingers- I watched the entire thing from my seat.

Our overhead bin was full due to the fact that the flight attendants had their bags there which they took out midflight and were searching for something. Very unprofessional – one of them had a HUGE hole and run in her tights she also had what looked like dreadlocks and long dirty looking hair. Not attentive at all- had to ask 2 hrs into the flight for a drink and for them to take my snack box trash which had been sitting there for over an hour.

When we arrived to the airport and went through customs and were going through security to get our carry-on bags re-checked to enter the US the entire group of flight attendants cut in front of me and separated my fiancé and me. The security guard even asked them to step to the back of the line but they did not care and threw their bags on to the belt and proceeded- it was very rude and unprofessional. Didn’t apologize or say excuse me. My bag was literally going through the belt and the entire crew stepped in front of me and proceeded on. I could have screamed. I was so frustrated at that point! I know this email is EXTREMELY long – I tried to call and speak with someone but was told this had to be in writing. I would still like to speak with someone because I am very disappointed in the trip and the amount of money we paid for the lack of service/quality of food/drinks/airline. We will not be returning to Punta Cana.

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Original review: May 22, 2018

The Apple Vacations rep asked us to come two days in a row to schedule departure. The departure bus was scheduled to take us to the airport five (!) before the flight. That Apple rep told us that it takes three hours to get to the airport because of the construction. He got attitude as soon as we informed him that we came to schedule departure as he requested and we are not interested in buying any tours. His demeanor, way of talking was extremely rude. At the departure time, there was no bus and we were told that we were late the bus had left without us. Though we were on time and but the way there was not a single representative to ask for assistance. They all came around 8:30 (50 min after the time we were scheduled to be picked up by the bus). When I asked the guy, how come he scheduled the pick up and did not make sure that the bus would be there, he stated that we were late!!!

As I told him that was not true and we were on time and he was the one to schedule us so early without any reason and that he himself did not take an effort to come to work to make sure his customers are picked up, he started yelling at me. He would talk over me and yelled into my face that this is not US, that we are in Mexico. As I asked for his name, he took his badge and put it almost into my face, saying: "Here... Write it down". That was the most aggressive, offensive behavior I ever was subjected too. The young man has a attitude issue, not a single skill of dealing with customers, and no desire ever to try to learn. My goodness. We are planning to contact the whoever is in charge of Apple Vacations and report the name of the person. He should not be working in customer service. We will tell everybody not to use this company because anybody could be on my place and get treated like that.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 21, 2018

It has been a problem since the beginning. Stacey ** was our trip "Guest Coordinator". She was nice through emails. Replied with her supervisors in CC but had a terrible habit of not calling back or emailing back until days later. The flight costed more than our whole Caribbean trip. Then we asked about switching days which proceeded to be another issue. I hate this company. I am paying more on this trip than when we book through Groupon,, or planning ourselves. I will never book with this company again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 27, 2018

Traveling with Swift Air, called several times and left several messages to pre-pay for baggage. No one ever called me back. Finally called Apple Vacations, and they were TOTALLY UNHELPFUL and was like "oh, we can't help you, that's all through the airline." Totally ridiculous, do NOT book through Apple Vacations, they will take advantage of you and won't help you in the least when you need something fixed or taken care of.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 19, 2018

Customer service is awful. I have been working with an "agent" and cannot get a hold of her and have to constantly follow up with her. I gave her my credit card information for the deposit which was a week ago and still has not been taken out. Sent her a follow up a few days ago and sent another one today. Since this is her job not sure why I have to follow up with her for the past three weeks to just book a vacation. I like Apple Vacations but, after this terrible customer service I will probably never use them again.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 16, 2018

I can't decide if I'm more disappointed with the experience itself, or how terrible trying to work with my agent and Apple Vacations has been... Terrible customer service and neglect. I wouldn't travel with this company if they gave it away. I asked for an upgraded room, paid for it and didn't get it. I asked for upscale restaurants, liquor and safety. NONE of these were experienced. I followed my agent's (who has not called or tried to assist either) instructions to email my complaint. I was offered a $100 voucher... What a slap in the face. I then explained that I didn't want $ or a voucher, I wanted to discuss everything that went wrong with someone. I have asked several times for a phone call. I have been traveling and vacationing for 40 years and this is the first time I have placed a complaint... I am disgusted!!

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Original review: March 14, 2018

We booked a 12 night 6G Adults Only All Inclusive Square Deal for Punta Cana for November 25th to December 8th of 2017 thru Apple Vacations. At time of booking it was never disclosed by the representative taking the reservation that Apple Vacations, AM Resorts & Secrets Resorts had the right to give you any Category 5 hotel they see fit even if it allows children. On November 24 at 15:13 - 17:33 Apple Vacations called to tell us we were going to be sent to Secrets Royal Beach. I told him we were not happy about this and he would have to look further into other alternatives. We purchased a Adult Inclusive Vacation Package. This doesn't come up as an adult inclusive under the tab of your website and we don't want to have to share the resort amenities with families that have children.

You will have to go to the NOW Larimar side to use Restaurants, Theatre, Dance Club, Sports Club, Bars, Casino, Coffee Shop/Snack Bar, Spa, Fitness Center, Salon, Tennis Courts & Business Center. There are also 6 buildings that face the NOW Larimar side. The latest reviews also state people are getting very sick during their stays. After talking to three different representatives we were told they could assign the Secrets Cap Cana Adult Only resort if we were willing to pay an additional $1,478.00 per person. There were no managers available at the time to waive the fee or do a complimentary swap as one of the reps told us. We couldn't decline going because the cancellation fees were the cost of the trip. We were told to talk to management upon arrival tomorrow and everything would be worked out then.

On November 25 at 15:15 - 17:45 We spoke with Secrets Royal Beach management and they got Apple Vacations Representative involved along with Secrets Cap Cana Management plus Apple Vacations Management. After all that was said and done they still wanted the $1,478.00 per person to move us to Secrets Cap Cana. Secrets Royal Beach did not want to return the initial payment nor work with Secrets Cap Cana to make this complimentary swap happen. They just wanted to keep the money and get more. Secrets Royal Beach did offer to give us Preferred status only. This allows you to enjoy a couple special areas and restaurant for breakfast or lunch. Plus give you candy and chips in your room. They gave us a pool view room but not the Preferred room you would normally get. We told all parties we weren't happy about this and we were filing a complaint because we didn't pay for a vacation to be around children all the time!

We didn't get a 6 Golden Apple Adult ONLY inclusive resort. Room was spacious but boring. The deck has only 2 little chairs and a nice hot tub but no privacy shade to enjoy it. The bathroom needs help because there is mold in the shower area and tiles are in need of repair. The wood is worn from the weather. When opening the refrigerator door your waters on the door will continually tumble out onto the floor. Remember to shake your clothes when packing so the cockroaches don't follow you home. We told management and they said, "They exterminate but this is a tropical climate so we're used to it."

Butler was nowhere to be found when needed after check in is done. One day he said there was a special table for us set up for dinner at Portofino, the manager told us he never even called. Our fruit and champagne were delivered at the wrong time, twice for our turndown service only to have to go find the ice machine to keep it chilled. The fruit had to be tossed because it was warm already. Housekeeping and Room Bar Service were terrible. They can't do the simplest job by replacing what has been used! Everyday we had to go talk to someone because they didn't do the job they were paid to do. If you use shampoo, sunblock or wash clothes it is easy to replace it. If you drink 2 waters or 2 sodas replace them. If you eat the candy and chips replace them.

Restaurants: Service is terrible and slow. Workers have no motivation and lack work ethic. They forget about you when they have to many guests to take care of. Especially refilling drinks. Food is not delivered hot nor kept hot. Can only get different salad dressings at buffet. Restaurants only offer vinaigrette or balsamic. Seaside - Had several meals here. Steaks were ordered well no pink to only come to us blood raw in the center. When sent back they came back charred black and not able to eat at all. Management will say they are sorry is the typical answer. Pastry basket in the morning is not fresh at all. Himitsu - 1 out of 3 times we did this fish was offered as an option. Otherwise you will only get chicken, beef and shrimp. Portions are very small.

Portofino - Pizza and Pasta is good when hot. Not kept at good temp though. Oceana - Steaks were ordered well no pink to only come back raw in the center. Sent back and was ok upon return. Creme Brulee tasted like the lighter fluid used keep flame going while bought to the table. Lobster Bisque there is a tiny piece of lobster the size of your thumbnail. There is no lobster. Buffet - Food is cold not hot like it should be kept. It is not kept up and sloppy messes everywhere. The best solution is to have the chef prepare something for you. Look for Alejandro he will keep your drinks filled.

Entertainment Staff: Awful, boring and terrible rolled into one. The shows aren't good. The singers use iPod but still miss the words and sing off key. Very disorganized when rains to set up in the lobby to continue the show. The fire show was the best but the children running around and not enough seats to accommodate all the guests is the downfall. Got talent show is the worst for if guests don't do anything they have the staff sing over and over. Preferred club and Lobby: Not that clean and you will find cockroaches here too especially by the Food area of the Preferred Lounge. Other guests were killing them with the shoes they were wearing.

Pools: Main pool bar ran out of bottled water for two days. Had to go back to other bar or room to get it. Tiles are coming off and very dirty. The water is ice cold as well. Preferred area is very small and you can hear the kids from over the wall. Beach: Awful not like pictures at all. There is tons of seaweed everywhere. Then every few minutes you have to deal with children and vendors on top of that even in the preferred area. On December 1st the seaweed on the beach was finally all cleaned up. It was a beautiful sight to see and you could enjoy the water. This only lasted for a day. The other resorts down the beach keep their properties up much better and cleaner.

December 3 we were locked out of our room because check in didn't set the correct check out date. Upon checkout when we reached the front desk, we were told there were $42.05 US Dollars in charges for phone calls placed from our room. I explained we were told the calls were complimentary and shown how to dial out by the front desk when we checked in plus the website said they were complimentary as well. Had to argue with management regarding this and eventually was told they wouldn't charge us.

In the end my husband was sick everyday during this trip with an upset stomach, loose stools, diarrhea and skin rashes. I had things on and off plus the skin rash as well. On December 2nd my husband was offered Gatorade from management. We told them we have been using plenty of water already. It took almost two weeks after our return home to get him well and the rashes to subside. We did write a formal complaint and requested a full refund. We did get a response back stating they would offer us a $125.00 per person voucher from Apple Vacations and have to sign an NDA. Secrets Royal Beach felt the staff did the job well and said they forgave $400.00 plus dollars in phone calls not $42.05 that we were told and they weren't going to give anything else in return.

On January 18th, 2018 we wrote Apple Vacations, AM Resorts & Secrets Resorts an Appeal to reach out the CEO and other upper management staff to do the right thing and issue us our refund for not giving us what we paid for. We told them we weren't happy with the response and felt we were cheated by the company. We continually tried to work with Apple and Secrets from the day before we left to the day we were coming back as problems happened during this trip.

Today is March 13th, 2018 and we still haven't heard back and they have decided to keep our money! We feel you future travelers should gain the knowledge from our loss and experience with these companies. They aren't going to give you what you paid for and saying they can change things because it is cheaper for them is no excuse. If you book a true ADULT ONLY RESORT you should get it. We weren't given it. They wanted more money. Do yourselves a favor and look elsewhere for better service and cleaner beaches. Even if you have to pay more. The Resort wasn't even on par with a local Ramada and Holiday Inn Express by our home. We would suggest you spend a little more and go to a Sandals Resort. You will truly receive the service and ADULT ONLY you want and expect from a 6 Star resort.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 11, 2018

AVOID APPLE VACATIONS... This is going to be a bit long because I am including the exact wording that is in the Apple Vacation Document. My cousin planned a destination wedding in La Romana, Dominican Republic through Apple Vacations. When we received our package, the first page of document stated the following exact words in bold writing. 'ROUND TRIP AIRPORT/HOTEL GROUND TRANSFERS INCLUDED' followed by instructions upon arrival. As with all travel documents you have the rest of the terms.

On the second page item #3 read. "Roundtrip transfers are included for passengers (air, land, package) arriving to Punta Cana and La Romana airports, traveling on any charter airline, and staying in either the Punta Cana or La Romana hotel areas Reservation must be made with Apple Vacations. All other passengers (air, land, package) arriving in Punta Cana and staying in the La Romana (and vice versa) must purchase the roundtrip Punta Cana - La Romana optional transfer. Transfers are not included for Air only passengers. Transfers are not included for scheduled air passengers (air, land, package) arriving in Punta Cana or La Romana and staying in either Puerto Plata, Santo Domingo, Santiago or Samana. Optional transfers are available for Santo Domingo Transfers are not available for Puerto Plata or Samana."

They used this Item 3 to make us pay extra for transfers, even though the first page indicated the transfers were included (remember the bold writing at the top). As if that wasn't enough, we were at the airport waiting for our flight back when my husband realized he had forgotten his Apple Watch charging in the resort room. We couldn't get in touch with family who was still there so we decided to call Apple Vacations because we knew they should be able to communicate with the staff better. The response we received back from our rep was 'I'm not on site, you will have to call the resort directly.' She didn't even attempt to assist. Customer Service Sucks... Save yourself some time and heartache and choose someone else.

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Original review: Dec. 26, 2017

APPLE LEISURE and AMResorts Unlimited Vacation Club. Everyone get ripped off once I guess. I signed up for AMResorts and UVC in Punta Cana Mexico, I was approached at the car rental office by the gentlemen that gave us our car (I assume he got a kickback because we did show up at the presentation). We bought the pearl package, when all is said and done, including the AMResort Fees, etc. I probably paid $8,000.00. $6,000 upfront and then payments every month. They gave us a week at one of their resorts as an incentive and that was it. Never got any discounts. The points you earn you must use every year, or you lose. Intentionally they make it difficult to use and understand... DON'T DO IT! We literally never used it, we could always find better deals online without a membership.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 1, 2017

Apple Vacations @ Secrets Capri Riviera Maya - Arrived. Checked in then bothered for over an hour to do a tour for timeshare. I clearly said no then got an attitude! Beautiful resort. FOOD WAS INEDIBLE. ORDERED WINGS EVERY TIME ICE COLD DRINKS WERE SLAPPED TOGETHER. NOT BALANCED. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! Mini bar included lmao. Day 2 was told in order to get it stocked with beer/spirits was told it wasn't included and I would get an upcharge. This resort is a romantic resort but on day 4 the pro golf production stayed there and was very vulgar. Ignorant ride. Disrespectful to myself. 1 of the golf crew members was dry humping a table which I have a video of acting like a college student. Pool closed at 6 pm. No activities except volleyball and hooked up an iPod to a speaker during the day for entertainment.

So basically after 6 pm it was a senior citizen's retirement resort. Take your meds, soak your teeth and go to bed! My 30th anniversary was completely ruined. Had to pay and eat out 3 times. We needed a good meal, the steak from the steakhouse was all gristle. Couldn't eat it. Spoke to Apple Vacations rep while there and was told they couldn't help me. Wow! So I was ripped off of 3 thousand 4 hundred dollars.

I cruise which I love. Food is 5 star products and prepared by a real chef. So my 1st all inclusive vacation and it was this bad. Not good. Bad business in my opinion since my husband and I vacation 3x a year. Potentially lost a very good customer who has a group of friends that vacation together. A group of 10 couples! Hopefully Apple will respond back to me and straighten this matter out!

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Original review: Sept. 5, 2017

We are scheduled to arrive in Punta Cana on the 5th of September. Hurricane Irma is going to arrive shortly after us. I called Apple Vacations to ask about their policies to protect travelers. They said, "If it's safe to fly in, you can't cancel without a $349.00 per person penalty." I called the airlines, they said the same. I am horrified that Apple & Delta would send their customers into a Cat 4 hurricane.

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Original review: Aug. 29, 2017

My husband and I booked an all-inclusive vacation package through Apple Vacations to Punta Cana. I was told when we booked the 5 Apple square deal that we would find out where we were staying 2 days prior; however, we were not informed until I called them directly the day before (less than 24 hours). They placed us at Sunscape Dominican Beach, which was not truly a "deluxe" resort. More importantly, we were scheduled to return home on Saturday, but our flights were canceled. I sent two separate emails to their customer service department requesting assistance with finding alternate return flights home and received no response.

At our hotel, we were informed by the local representative that Apple Vacations said it was our responsibility to deal directly with the airline and there was nothing they could do. We were in a foreign country, without cell service and dependent on WiFi to make calls. Once United canceled our flight, we attempted to reschedule and add a different flight, but no options were available for days. We were stranded in a foreign country for 3 extra days due to this cancellation and were forced to pay for additional days at our hotel, costing over $300.

We finally had to book new return flights through a different airline in order to get back to our home state and a rental car to drive the remaining distance, that cost us an additional $1300. After finally getting home four days late, I called Apple and spoke with Laticia, a customer care employee. She stated that she could only offer an apology that they never responded to the email request and did not offer an explanation as to why the proper email for customer care was listed on their website or travel documents. Furthermore, she was noncommittal about how long we would have to wait to receive the refund for our flight that United had already stated would be sent within 21 days.

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Original review: Aug. 13, 2017

Apple vacation representative was very responsive during booking of the trip. Once we got to Rivera Maya, Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort it was down hill. Took over 2 hours to try and get the Ocean view room that we paid for without any success. Staff was rude and didn't want to assist us anymore and insisted on providing a king size bed when we reserved 2 double beds. Then they tried to make US believe we were RECEIVING a free upgrade. Manager got involved and we got double beds with poolside view. Still not what we paid for.

TRIED TO REACH APPLE REPRESENTATIVE FOR 2 DAYS. Still no return call. The bathrooms are outdated tubs need repair. When you shower the water doesn't run out so you are standing in a puddle of water. Housekeeping could not repair it. Bed Linen and towels were dingy, closets smelled like mildew and housekeeping had to be asked daily for towels and shower caps. Never received the Ocean View room that I paid for. Very disappointed in my first and last APPLE VACATION.

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Original review: June 25, 2017

This experience was a disaster from the start of booking which I should have never went through with and followed my gut. However it was being booked with a large party for a bachelorette / bachelor together. To make a long story short, I had to cancel in the end. And although it was booked without insurance, I was told by the agent if I canceled it would only cost me 245.00 to cancel and I would be refunded the difference. I only received a portion of my money and every time I reach out, I am told I will check with accounting. I am filing a complaint with the BBB. I have the text from the agent that I would get my money back if I canceled. This is such poor customer service and bad business. I then get an email asking me how my trip was!!! I have copies of the text messages the agent was communicating with me. However each time you call - the excuse is she is in a meeting.

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Original review: June 6, 2017

Montego Bay: Secrets Wild Orchid. Booking online or by phone is easy. It's always easy to get a representative on the phone when you're about to give them money. If you have an issue, you will be on hold for over 30 minutes. Then they say there's nothing that they can do. We had a lengthy annoying check in process and they gave away our swim out suite room! We had to downgrade to a garden view on an upper level. We specifically booked for that junior suite swim out. The transfers to and from the airport were without issue. I'll save the review of Secrets for another time. The food was mediocre, you won't starve but you will not be amazed. The alcohol was cheap and watered down. The rooms were just ok and clean. The service was slow and with attitude.

Punta Cana (VIK). Our flight getting there was really late and our flight coming home was super early! I researched prices etc then called to book when I was ready and they changed the flight completely! They should have made it clear! To make it even worse, Stanley the transportation person arranged our pick up at 3:20am for a 7am flight!!! We were the first people at the airport. Nothing was open, and we sat there for 3 hours.

The resort was mediocre in general. The pools were nice. The beach was nice but it was so overcrowded. The service was hit or miss. The liquor is cheap and watered down. The rooms were basic but clean. The food is awful! You will eat but don't expect your taste buds to go on a journey, it was mostly disgusting buffet food. They did not have Dominican food at a Dominican resort??? They had Mexican and Italian. The Italian place had very sweet disgusting marinara and the wine was awful. You will get pestered to buy things constantly, it was annoying.

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Original review: May 30, 2017

Eight of my friends booked a Mexico vacation with Apple May, 2017. We stayed at Paradisus Playa Del Carmen with the advice of our travel agent. First Frontier makes you pay for a seat and baggage!!! We paid $1600 each for an all inclusive vacation and we did not know ahead of time that we needed to pay for seats or baggage on Frontier until very close to leaving.

When we arrived at our resort, we had terrible problems with the rooms, getting towels at the pools, my birthday celebration was to have balloons and decorate my room (they put 4 balloons on a bed in my friend's room not mine and on the wrong day) and the worst part was we scheduled with the Apple representative an excursion to into Cancun which was a 45 minute drive each way and after waiting in the lobby for over an hour and driving 45 minutes when we arrived we were told that the excursion was cancelled due to choppy water and that the Apple rep was informed via email that morning!!! We were furious!!! Then we had to drive the 45 minutes back to our resort!!! We spent half of our day trying to go on the excursion when the Apple rep was told about this early that morning. We were not happy with the Paradisus or Apple Vacations.

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Original review: March 24, 2017

For my boyfriend’s 50th birthday we booked a vacation to Cozumel through Apple Vacations. Through the booking process we purchased the optional transfer option for $90/person to get us from the Cancun airport to the hotel in Cozumel. We knew we would be in a foreign country where we didn’t speak the language and were aware of some of the cartel issues known in the area, but felt once on the resort property we would be safe. Having this option was something that was important in making our decision to go to this destination.

According to our itinerary "FERRY TRANSFER TO COZUMEL FOR PASSENGERS ARRIVING IN CUN - Passengers flying an APPLE CHARTER into Cancun and reserving a hotel in Cozumel may purchase an OPTIONAL transfer that provides roundtrip transportation between Cancun Airport-Playa del Carmen, roundtrip ferry transport to/from Cozumel and roundtrip transportation between ferry dock and Cozumel hotel." The cost on this was $90/person.

When we arrived at the Cancun airport an Amstar representative (Apple Vacations counterpart) could not locate our reservation. After about 45 minutes of going back and forth they found our reservation and the paid transfer information. They put us on a shuttle to Playa del Carmen and dropped us off at the ferry. At which time we were told we needed to purchase the round trip ferry ticket. Again we showed them that we paid for the optional round trip transportation but were tired of arguing so we simply paid the ferry fees. Once we arrived in Cozumel we had to then pay for the taxi to the hotel. Once again we showed the Amstar representative that we paid for round trip transportation and the exact wording (stated above) describing what round trip entailed. Without any success we got into the taxi and paid the taxi fare out of pocket.

Once we got to the hotel we didn’t have any issues until it was the day before our departure. We were now told that we have purchased round trip transportation which means that they will pay for the taxi to the ferry and then ferry back to Playa del Carmen and we will be responsible for finding our own ride to the Cancun airport. After several attempts to work with the Amstar representative at the resort we placed an international call and contacted the Apple Vacations representative state side (Bridgeet).

After 30 minutes with Bridgeet telling us that round trip is considered a van ride to Playa del Carmen, we pay the ferry and taxi to the hotel on the way there and then on the way back Apple Vacations would pay the taxi and ferry back to Playa del Carmen and we need to find our own transportation from Playa del Carmen to the Cancun airport I asked to speak to a manager. After being on hold for 20 minutes Matt came on the line. He explained that round trip doesn’t include the van rides from the airport in Cancun to Playa del Carmen and back (BTW the van took us to Playa earlier that week). It’s just the ferry to the island and the taxi to the hotel and back. Keep in mind we have now had 6 versions of what our $180 paid for and the definition of round trip.

I once again reiterated what our documents from Apple Vacation stated as the description of round trip meant and it was not what we have been explained by any of the Apple Vacation or Amstar representatives. Matt tried to ask Amstar to work with us and they denied it. After being put on hold again for another 15 minutes he came back and said his manager approved for Apple Vacations to pay for our transportation from Playa del Carmen to Cancun. They would send an email to Amstar which we asked to be copied on and were not. So we were not sure what to expect the next morning.

The next morning we paid for our own taxi and ferry to get to Playa del Carmen and we were met by an Amstar representative- Fernando who was our contact on our arrival to Playa. Fernando looked at our documentation and stated that what we have been trying to explain is truly right and that Apple Vacations representatives were wrong. Our documentation states that round trip includes van transportation, ferry, and taxi on the arrival and departure legs of our trip. He stated that he would try to get us reimbursement. I am not holding my breath on that.

When a customer pays for round trip flight on an airline and there is a layover you don’t get to just fly the first leg of the trip and then have to figure out the second leg on your own. Round trip means to and from a destination. However, the definition by the Apple Vacation representatives is not what is promoted on their website or itinerary. Their marketing communications are false and misleading. In total we spent a half day of our vacation working with various Apple/Amstar representatives trying understand what our $180 was paying for and working to find a solution to being stranded in a foreign country where you don’t speak their language. The purpose of working through a travel agency is so you don’t have to worry about these issues.

I would not recommend using Apple Vacations not only due to their false advertising, but to their poor customer service. There was no sense of urgency or apathy from the agents. They were argumentative and wanted to prove that we are wrong. Apparently more training is needed for their agents to understand what they are promoting and overall customer service skills.

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Original review: Feb. 20, 2017

Apple is simply a seller of bulk, mediocre properties. Once they have your money, don't expect any assistance with any problem. Bought a package deal, paid for it in full. Frontier changes the baggage fees at the last minute. Apple says, "Too bad, so sad, sucker. Deal with Frontier." A reputable company would make good on the price a customer has already paid for the entire package. Found out a fee for checked bags was hidden in our package price, but we didn't have any checked bags. Requested a refund from Frontier and Apple who kept pointing fingers at each other. Bottom line - you're sol stupid.

So, Apple is scarce when you need help, but holy moly do they bug the crap out of you to sell you excursions - under the guise of you need to check in for your return transportation. Called and woke us up at 8:00 am to ask why we missed the welcome meeting the day of arrival. Because we've been to Mexico 50 times and want to spend time on the beach not in the lobby talking to an Apple Rep. Woke our friends up at 6:00 am for the same thing?? Hubby wasted an hour of his vacation waiting in line to confirm our departure information. Hubby asked why Apple thought it was okay to call vacationers so early.

The Apple rep gets all pathetic and says he's just doing his job. Bull. Rep says we need to check in the day before departure to confirm. We blew that off because we went on vacation to enjoy ourselves, not go to meetings. HEY APPLE, post the information. If someone misses the bus, that's their problem. We've used Apple for years, but this past trip will be our last. They've really gone downhill and have become so unscrupulous and ANNOYING. Read their Glassdoor reviews. Unhappy employees...

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Original review: Jan. 24, 2017

DO NOT BOOK A TRIP THROUGH APPLE VACATIONS!!! In July, 2015 we booked an all-inclusive trip from Cincinnati to Cabo including airfare... totaling $4259.98. In August we cancelled the airfare because we had enough miles to fly free. To our amazement, we received a credit for $490... $490 for round trip airfare for 2 from Cincinnati to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! Things improved from there... When we were cancelling the airfare the price online was cheaper than when we originally booked. Amy informed us the new rate without airfare was $3089.98. Our trip is now approaching in March. I called again to verify the balance due, which is due in 2 weeks, and they said there was no documentation of that conversation which lowered the pricing.

The rate online today is $1449 per person excluding airfare... $2359 per person including airfare. Simple math shows the airfare is $910 per person and yet we received a $245 credit per person when airfare was cancelled. In order to receive the reduced rate, we had to change our room selection from ocean front to ocean view... We'll probably arrive and have a mirror in the corner of the deck so you can see a reflection of the ocean! Apple Vacations is an absolute rip off! BEWARE!

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Original review: Jan. 21, 2017

Apple sent out an email that our resort would not be opening in time for our stay! We were told to send an email to customer notifications with my booking number (which I did) 3 days later still no response! During this time I called the 1-800 # to customer/notification to try and discuss where we would be relocated. Each time I called (3 days in a row) I was on hold for an hour or more.

The first call I talked to Alfonzo who was very nice and was trying to get our group together at a new resort. He sent out an email and promised he would call back the next day between 3-4 and that didn't happen!! I had to call again and wait another hour on hold and was told that they still hadn't received a response from the resort. I asked to speak to a manager and was put on hold for another 20 minutes. Then I was told he would call me because he wasn't at his desk. Never received a call, however I did receive an email from management stating the same thing that hadn't received a response yet.

Day number 3 I was on hold for an 1 1/2 and finally someone answered and I have them my booking number only to get disconnected on their end. Now you would think they would call me back seeing how I told her I had been on hold for 1 1/2 and it wasn't my fault we got disconnected, but of course that didn't happen. After losing it and pulling it back together, I sit here for the 4th time waiting for a representative!! Unbelievable experience, short of a nightmare!!

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Original review: Dec. 31, 2016

Total joke. Paid $7400 for 7 days. Food, drinks are horrible. Orange juice is on a bar gun and is clearly not that. Not worth the money. I was reluctant to book through them. Made the mistake of giving it a try. Don't let them convince you that is 5 star. Golf was good. Other than that forget it. You're stuck eating marginal food and they screw up your reservations and try and switch you to an even more mediocre restaurant. I feel like I was taken. Went to Hard Rock hotel 10 mins away and had the 1st real meal in a week. How sad is that?

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Original review: Nov. 28, 2016

I have called Apple five times in a row. After the first ten minute hold I was disconnected. Then I was disconnected again after 20 minutes. Then I held an hour and 20 on speaker while I did house work. I called a local travel agent and she gave me a different number. Held 25 minutes, hung up. Then called back and this time selected the option to book a trip to see if someone would pick up. Been holding 10 minutes. Wow. Very pissed. This is my fifth Apple trip, first time booking online without an agent. Never again.

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Original review: Nov. 4, 2016

Single worst travel experience of my life. We booked a trip 2 months ago for Costa Rica. I called to confirm our room type because what we received from Apple didn't match the resort. After lengthy discussion over several hours we were told that we would have a specific room that didn't even exist at the resort. We got the resort and Apple on a call and once they realized we were correct they charged us an extra 400 per person for the room we thought we were getting to begin with. The original room we had booked was an upgrade fee for 189 per person for nothing.

Now the flight issue. I have an extreme phobia of flying on the left side of the plane and they agreed to accommodate but 30 hours of phone calls later and they are yelling at me, saying I don't get to pick my seat and that I will get to deal with my return flight in the middle of my vacation. Now I have to spend my vacation time dealing with this just to ensure I can select my seat for the return flight. On top of it I'm being told a different answer from everyone I speak to and was literally yelled at by their agent Dave (who is a supervisor). He said he had the right to yell at me because I was raising my voice. So in summary if you want to give a lot of money to be treated poorly then book away. If not, I highly recommend avoiding Apple Vacations. Happy traveling!

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Original review: Oct. 30, 2016

We booked our entire vacation to Iberostar in Puerto Vallarta, including all transfers and a visit for two to a show called, "Rhythms of the Night". We booked everything on line, and our receipt showed we paid for two people to see this show. When we arrive at the hotel to schedule the day of the show, Miguel tells us that we only paid for one person, that there was a mistake, but he would call and get it fixed, to see him the following day. Which we did, however when we came back the next day expecting our reservations to be made and taken care of for two, as our receipt shows, he told us that we only paid for one, and that we had to pay an additional $113.00 for the other person.

We were in a foreign country with language barriers, he was our go to guy, and he was not helping us. We insisted he call Apple so we could talk to them, but he told us he could not get through, and wouldn't even try. It felt like a scam all over. He gave us numbers to call Apple that wouldn't work, and refused to call for us, telling us his cell phone couldn't reach them. He refused to give us our money back for the tickets we had paid for.

Frustrated, we bought another ticket through the hotel concierge and went to the show. The show was amazing and we would recommend going to it, but just not schedule a trip ever again with Apple Vacations. Our daughter will never use them again as well, nor my sister and her husband, who had the exact same thing happen to them. It ruined a day of our vacation arguing with Miguel over this.

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Original review: Oct. 22, 2016

My wife and I used Apple Vacations for a trip to the Grand Palladium in the Mayan Riviera. We paid for guaranteed first stop from and back to the airport. You take a shuttle, there could be other people on it but you are guaranteed to be the first stop to the resort and back to the airport. This was our 9th visit to the Grand Palladium and the travel time to and from the airport is just under one hour. Our return flight was scheduled to leave at 3:24 pm. Apple Vacations has a desk at the Grand Palladium and I was instructed to go to the desk to set up a pickup time for our return. The Apple representative was a woman named Ksenja. I told Ksenja I don't want to leave earlier than 3 hours before our flight. She explained there could be problems with traffic, crowded airport security, etc. I told her that if we miss the flight it would be 100 percent our fault, Apple would assume no responsibility and I would sign anything stating that.

She said they will pick us up at 10:50 am and no later. I pleaded with her to change our pick up time but she would not. I asked her to call someone at Apple that could approve the pick up time change but she would not call anyone. She was very arrogant about my request. Our day of departure was Friday October 14th. She said come back to the Apple desk Thursday and she would see what she could do. I agreed. I went back to the Apple desk Thursday. Ksenja was not there but I was helped by a man named Hector. He very politely changed the time. I walked back to my room which is about a ten minute walk. It's a large resort. As soon as I got there my wife said Hector called and said he could not change the time. I went back to the Apple desk and no one was there.

I went to the Apple desk the next day before our scheduled time to leave. Hector and Ksenja were both there. Hector apologized and seemed sincere. Ksenja did not seem sincere. She said it was out of her control. Of course she would not even make a phone call to ask for approval. Friend of ours were leaving the next day (Saturday) on a flight to Cleveland. Saturday is much busier at Cancun airport than Friday. Their pick up time from Apple was exactly 3 hours and 20 minutes prior to their flight schedule. Our pick up time was exactly 4 hours and 34 minutes prior to our time.

Another couple was on the same bus as we were on. Their flight time was 2:15 pm, 1 hour and 9 minutes prior to our time. My return time is important to me because I don't want to spend my last vacation night packing or going to bed earlier. This was the 8th time we used Apple vacations for our 9 trips to the Grand Palladium. Because of Ksenja's arrogance and not caring attitude we will never use Apple Vacations again.

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Original review: Oct. 13, 2016

I would like to start off by saying our experience from start to finish was terrible. We did not choose our hotel. It was selected for us and the amount of money we paid for this resort was insane. We were looking for a luxury all-inclusive resort with a great beach, fine dining, and all the other amenities that all-inclusive offer. We were told, "This resort had it all, and it was Breathless resorts, which implied quality". NOT TRUE!

Once arriving in Punta Cana we were escorted to our hotel. It was less than clean and we were asked to attend a meeting after we unpacked. We did not attend our meeting until the next day which was a sales meeting to try and get us to "Buy in" to the resort. Our resort was not an all inclusive. It had several things that you had to pay an "UP CHARGE" for which was not told to us in the beginning. Also the resort was a party resort which we were looking for a more quiet venue. To top it off my mom got salmonella from one of the restaurants and we had to go home two days early... Not the vacation we were looking for and paid all of that money too... NEVER AGAIN.

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Original review: Sept. 16, 2016

Let me begin by saying that giving even one star would be an abomination. This company hides behind deception. It is always easier to pass along blame to hide gross incompetence. That said, we booked a vacation for 6 adults and 1 Infant child under 10 months old. When the confirmation was received, it had not only spelled the name of the child incorrectly (my grandson, I know his name), but it had charged him for a seat on the flight. While Apple did refund the seat charge under protest, (stating that this is a common practice to assign a seat to an infant, I'm certain everyone that books with Apple is overjoyed with the prospect of paying for a 7 month old they would naturally hold) they insisted they were not responsible for the 200 dollar charge to correct the name but also charged an additional 200 dollar fee because they want money to change the ticketed seat to "child will be held my parent".

They blamed it on the airlines stating it's their policy. When does Apple take responsibility for spelling errors and arbitrary seat assignments. It's the don't ask don't tell policy that was employed. Several calls later, the response was "it's not our fault", how about 40 dollars for your inconvenience. This vacation cost over 20,000 dollars. Not only will we never ever use Apple Vacation again, we frequently travel with friends who we will also discourage from ever using their services. We have been a repeat customer with Apple and have probably spent over 100,000 dollars in the last 4 years.

The 400 additional dollars they charged and refused to acknowledge as their error shows us they are not the least bit interested in customer service just their bottom line. Keep the 40 bucks and invest it in better training your staff. Did I mention that we spoke to 10 different people and every single one had a different spin on the Apple policy. We will continue to vacation in Punta Cana each year, but will certainly know better than to ever engage the services of Apple Vacation.

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Original review: June 25, 2016

Recently, an Apple Vacations representative that I got from calling their website's 800 number, told me of a NEW Secrets 6 Golden Apple Resort in Panama at a bargain price. We were looking for a luxury all-inclusive resort with a great beach, fine dining, and all the other amenities that all-inclusives offer. She said, "This resort had it all, and it was a Secrets resort, which implied quality." NOT TRUE! Once arriving in Panama and boarding the bus to the resort, the Apple rep for the hotel told me he didn't have my documents and therefore I had to pay for the transfer. Since Apple Vacations always includes transfers to and from the airport and hotel, I said, "No, it was already included in the price." He disagreed (and continued to disagree with me), insisting I had to pay.

At the resort, the check-in clerk did not have my reservations and implied that she didn't have any rooms. The "NEW" 6 Golden Apple Secrets Resort, was actually an old InterContinental Resort that they were refurbishing. Most of the restaurants were not open because it was "off season". One could not use the beach because of the tides. They oftentimes ran out of alcohol. The walkways were crumbling. The attitude of many staff members was poor, if not rude. I called Apple immediately, informed them of the situation... that this was NOT what I paid for and requested to be moved to a different property... the rep said she would work on it. I called the next day and got the same reply. I called again on the following day and got the same reply. I've purchased many vacations from Apple over the years and this is the first time I've felt the need to ask for their help in rectifying a bad situation. They did absolutely nothing!

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Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
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Resolution response: June 28, 2016

Apple Vacation emailed us today to apologize for the mishaps and to request the receipt for the name change charges so that they can reimburse them. It sure would have been nice if they had taken care of the problem before we left, but I am pleased that they are reimbursing me for the name change on my plane ticket. I guess I can update my rating since the trip itself (after the initial issues) was a very positive experience. The hotels and excursions that were chosen were worth it. Our favorite excursion was the day trip on the Panama Canal that took us through the locks. It is one of those unique experiences that everyone should experience.

Original review: June 24, 2016

Apple Vacations doesn't fix their mistakes! First mistake: misspelling one of our last names. They said several times it would be fixed; we ended up having to pay $50.50 to have the airlines fix the ticket. Second mistake: giving the transport company the wrong arrival date leaving us stranded at the airport for 3 hours where we had to try and find someone that spoke English to help us. (You cannot contact Apple Vacations once you are out of the US and the number that was given to contact someone in Panama did not work.)

Third issue: no detailed itinerary or vouchers. It is hard to take a taxi, when your ride doesn't show up, if you don't know which Marriott you are going to. Everyone kept asking to see our vouchers. We finally got a hold of our daughter through wifi and FaceTime audio in the US to contact Apple Vacations to figure out where we were suppose to be and to make sure there were no other issues.

Once we arrived at the hotel, the company Aventuras 2000 took over and we had an AMAZING vacation in Panama. Apple Vacations did not reimburse us for $50.50 or apologize for their mistakes. However, they did book us in some wonderful all inclusive locations and arrange wonderful excursions. Too bad that they don't fix their mistakes and cannot be contacted once you are out of the US. All in all, we looked at the mishap with a sense of humor and have made the decision to learn Spanish. We won't be using Apple Vacations again. Panama is a really awesome place to visit!

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Original review: May 31, 2016

The policy states I can cancel 45 days prior to my vacation and still get a refund minus the $45 per person fee. That is not the case. I cancelled exactly 45 days prior but I was told Apple doesn't count the current day or the 2 days before your vacation so I would not be getting any refund. Beware, they change the rules to suit them. I have used many other sites to book & cancel my vacation with no problems so I will be using one of them from now on!

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