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Resolution In Progress
Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 19, 2023

All of their "representatives" sound like they are coming down from a ** overdose. I spent AN HOUR in traffic trying to reschedule a vacation that I paid in full $1578.00 for. After an hour on hold with a "REP" who kept on saying that no Delta flights were available when I was asking over a year in advance!! I asked him repeatedly if it was too far out in advance and perhaps that was why it was not showing up at all, and he completely just dodged the question. Turns out I was completely right.

He "finally" found a flight available in March and after I spent the first 15 minutes saying I did NOT WANT to pay any more out of pocket, he quoted me $500 to change. LOL! I went home and found flights, and a BETTER HOTEL FOR $100 CHEAPER! $1508.00 with a PROMO CODE! Shady people, all they want to do is UPCHARGE YOU, and not help you so you wind up throwing away good money. Do your own research at home, first and then call them for it to be switched. Do not trust these shady people!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 30, 2023

I booked a trip for my husband and myself through Apple Vacations, whom I have used many times before. The day of travel I received an email from Frontier stating that the flight was delayed 2 hours. I knew we would miss our connecting flight so I called Apple. They told me to go to the airport and talk to Frontier since there is no number to call. When I arrived at the airport then I found out the flight was delayed even longer. I spoke to the agent at the baggage area who looked up flight information as well as I myself did and found out that we would miss our connecting flight in Atlanta. He told me to fly to Atlanta and it would become their problem to figure out. He also said it looked like I would have to fly from Phoenix to Atlanta-Atlanta would probably have to fly me to Orlando then fly to Montego Bay arriving on the 17th. That plan was obviously ridiculous so I called Apple again and they said the best option would be to cancel all together.

He told me that the flight would be fully refunded and would contact the resort the next day to find out if that would be refunded. I went home. I called Apple the next day to find out if the resort was going to be refunded and they said no, only the flight. I asked to speak to a manager to find out options. He told me he would suggest that I book another flight to Jamaica since the previous flight was refunded and would be back in my account within 25 business days. He was the 3rd Apple representative to tell me that the flight was going to be FULLY REFUNDED, so I booked another flight-not through Apple-to Jamaica.

I booked with Frontier again since it was the cheapest last minute. I asked Apple is Frontier was refunding my baggage and they told me to reach out to Frontier. Frontier told me that the flight was non-refundable and didn't acknowledge the baggage fees. Since then I have emailed, called, and gone back and forth with Frontier and Apple trying to get my flight and baggage refunded. Apple tells me to contact Frontier and Frontier tells me to contact Apple. And now no one is even responding at all. Apple tells you lies then ignores you.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 20, 2023

    My wife and I booked a trip through a travel agent who used APPLE VACATIONS. Flight on Frontier Airlines January 26th 2023 was cancelled 10 mins before take off. Frontier says the pilot didn't bring his passport. Sounds like ** but OK. NO CALL, TEXT, EMAIL from APPLE. NOTHING. NO HELP. They left us hanging at the airport. I book my own flight down to Cancun for the trip. Ended up being able to go still. Here is the catch! It has been 3 months and no refund for the flight. Not an Email back, Not a call, Not a Text! They never did anything to help get the mess straightened out. Took our money and RAN...

    We get that things can go wrong, it is the utter lack of communication and respect for people's time that makes it so they will never get a dime from us again. EVER.... Emailed Customer Care 21-35 days for a response is what the automated email says. If you need 35 days to respond to complaints you run a ** company.. SORRY NOT SORRY... Rant over... Spend your money wisely.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 13, 2023

    Beachbound Vacations a division of Apple absolutely ruined our vacation and refuses to reimburse us for their mistake. My wife and I booked a vacation thru them to Cozumel, Mexico for April 2nd -8th 2023. When we arrived at the airport on the 2nd we were told that our flight on United Airlines had been cancelled and we wouldn’t be able to be rebooked until the next day. After further discussion with the agent she told us that United had notified our 3rd party agent (Beachbound) at 9:07p.m the previous night. Beachbound never called or texted us!

    After calling Beachbound upon getting back home they stated they had emailed us. This email never came through, even though all other email’s from them had. While on the phone with them we verified our email address and told them to resend the email while we waited on the line. Again, the email never came through! We also stated we wanted a refund for the lost night at the resort approximately $425.00 US. The agent stated he would contact the resort. Why in the world would the resort refund? They had the room ready and it was still ready when we got there! They didn’t drop the ball,! United Airlines and Beachbound did!!

    Wouldn’t a last minute cancelled flight merit a phone call? At the very least a text? If you have to be at the airport at 5a.m who’s looking at their email at 9:07 p.m at night? Most people are in bed for the 3:30 am alarm to get to airport! Not that it would have mattered anyway because that email has yet to come thru after supposedly being sent twice now!! Had they called we would have been able to leave early enough to make the 6hr drive to the connecting flight and still salvaged our vacation. Instead we lost the entire day of vacation and an already paid night at the resort.

    At this point we figured Beachbound would at least reimburse us the paid night at resort, (Any reputable company would right?) and finished what was left of our vacation. I called them when we returned home, this time being transferred to the Post Travel Dept and they again stated they were going to contact the resort and try to get us refunded. I ask AGAIN why in the world would the resort refund? They’re the only innocent party in this whole fiasco! Wouldn’t a normal person contact United Airlines? They’re the ones that cancelled the flight due to “technical difficulties”!

    Amazingly, this email managed to come through the next morning: “We appreciate the opportunity and time to address your concerns for your Hotel Issue. Our goal is to provide every client the best vacation experience. We’ve completed our investigation into your complaint, and this is to inform you that we have not received approval to offer compensation. The Hotel partner told us that they will not be able to waive the penalty as travel was in their high season. The Hotel will charge for complete 6 nights.

    We sincerely apologize and it is our hope that you will give us the opportunity to serve you again in the future, so that we may have the opportunity to provide a much more positive travel experience. Regards and Happy Future Travels,” At NO POINT was this a hotel issue, the hotel did nothing wrong. What is wrong with you people Beachbound? This was a United Airlines & Beachbound Issue! This fight will continue, but take this as a warning! DON’T BOOK with BEACHBOUND unless you want your vacation ruined!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Resolution response: March 25, 2023

    Apple Vacations did contact me and gave me a little refund after a few weeks of back and forth.

    Original review: March 4, 2023

    We booked a vacation at Dreams Flora. Preferred club ocean view suite what we got was a pool view non-suite. The staff said we got what we paid for so I showed them the itinerary and they said this is the right room and I had to contact Apple about it. So I started email RHW during vacation email and got the runaround. The entire time then once my trip was over the pretty much said that I had to contact the post-trip team. What a bunch of crap. All I want is what I paid for. They also sell this as a new resort. It is not new. It's rehabbed. Very misleading and dishonest. Does the attached photo look like an ocean view? This really ruined our 32 anniversary.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 19, 2023

    Booked a trip on Apple's website. Made our choice of an upgrade on our hotel to an ocean view suite and paid the extra fee. Once I received my confirmation it says an street view suite. Why would I pay so much to enjoy a street view? I reached out several times to customer "care" emails and chats. I finally got in touch with someone through chat and was told the room I chose is no longer available. Maybe if someone would shown any concern when I contacted them months ago I would have the room I paid for. Apple reps did not even offer any type of resolution.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 18, 2023

    Don't Don't Don't book a trip with Apple Vacations. I booked airline tickets and hotel to Las Vegas with them and I ended up paying for the hotel twice. The hotel charged me for the nights and I spent even though my itinerary with apple vacations included airlines ticket and hotel. I called customer service and after many emails with their customer service they told me the hotel charged for fees and taxes, and won't refund. The hotel wouldn't have charged me if they got the payment from Apple.

    Plus when I was paying for my carrying on bag on the airline, I noticed that the ticket was paid half the price and I paid to apple vacation. A real rip off... Buy your ticket directly and book your own hotel. Also I bought the shuttle from airport to hotel, it was a disaster. They did not tell me I have to take two shuttles, long walk to first shuttle that took us to another terminal, get tickets in a booth and wait almost half an hour for the second shuttle to take us to the hotel. All that after a long airline flight. JUST STAY AWAY FROM APPLE VACATIONS. I would have put minus zero star if I had the option.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 9, 2023

    NEVER EVER book your vacation through Apple. You’d be better off booking it all by yourself considering the amount of help they offer which is ZERO. My friends and I booked a group trip to Mexico for our friend’s wedding and we had an absolute nightmare experience with this travel agency. Our flights were cancelled and moved around due to bad weather in our connecting city and Apple vacations was completely USELESS in the rebooking process. We had to do everything ourselves. We had to pay for our own hotel rooms when our flight got cancelled. We had to pay additional money for a shuttle, ferry, and taxi when we had to fly into mainland Cancun instead of the island Cozumel. And we had to organize it all ourselves.

    Our vacation, once we finally got there after 30 hours of travel, was not even relaxing because we were on the phone CONSTANTLY trying to get apple to refund us for the days of our trip we missed, all the extra transportation, and get them to extend our trip an extra day to make up for the days missed. No help whatsoever. We had to do everything ourselves. The resort, airlines, and transport services said they couldn’t help us with anything because we booked through Apple and Apple had to make changes. But when we tried to talk to Apple they never answered half the time because they are open BANKING HOURS 9-5 WEEKDAYS??? When MOST people travel on the weekends! Ridiculous! When we finally got a hold of them they told us they couldn’t do anything and we had to contact the hotels, airlines, etc. Individually. It was back and forth like this for three days.

    By the time our vacation was almost over we finally got our trip extended NO thanks to Apple AT ALL. We did everything ourselves. And now we still have to file a bunch of insurance claims to try to get our money back from all the cancelled flights and extra transport costs to get there. I will NEVER use Apple Vacations to book my trip again. It was the worst travel experience I’ve ever had in my life. To think all this could have been avoided if they would have let us reschedule our flight in advance when we saw the weather coming. But that was on a Sunday and they aren’t open on the weekends! Every time we tried to call about a new flight they would be closed and wouldn’t open until 9 the next business day! That’s when our new flight left!!!

    I just can’t believe a company who claims to be a travel agency would be this utterly useless at organizing vacations and would be closed in the evenings and on the weekends! It makes me furious. And thanks to their total lack of involvement in the vacation that THEY got a percentage of for our booking, we had to rearrange EVERYTHING ourselves while we were trying to relax on the beach that we paid $3000+ for!! NEVER USE THIS COMPANY EVER EVER EVER! I will happily post this review on any site that allows me. No one deserves to have their vacation ruined the way we did!!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 4, 2023

    We booked a Disney trip with a travel agent to travel right after our daughter graduated kindergarten. We booked in Feb of 2020. We put 1k down and were excited to travel. Covid hit and for obvious reasons we were unable to go. We called to cancel and were told we had 2 years to travel. Last year we went to use the money for a Mexico trip and Apple stole our money. They said we didn’t fit the timeline, even though we did. They would not produce any proof that we were told differently, only stated we were told 2 years from the original booking. The agent told us wrong and Apple told us wrong.

    They stole our hard earned money and refused to apply it to future travel with them. It seems they didn’t care about the safety of travelers during a pandemic and found a way to steal 1k of our money that we were trying to use. Apple cares about 1 thing; profits. Do not use Apple as they will hurt you and your family's pocket boom for their own profits.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 7, 2023

    Back in October, I contacted Apple Vacation via email regarding a Vacation that I preferred to book with an agent (not online). Immediately after, I got an email confirming my email was received and would be answered in couple of days. Did not happen. Next; I called and spoke with Morgan, who promised to send the reservation for our preferred hotel and flights via email by next day, I let him work on it several more days, then had to call back, without receiving an explanation, rather giving him another chance (in the meantime we lost our preferred hotel and preferred dates).

    Neither booking, nor a call, not even an email followed. Finally, after losing two other preferred resorts and dates, I booked a family vacation online for 7 nights/8 pax. On 12/29 our Frontier flight was delayed (after our check-in and paid luggage), soon after cancelled 'due to the maintenance. I spent total of 3 hours waiting a call at the airport and over an hour at home, got a first next available Frontier flight 3 days after the original (with additional payment of $224per pax), after planned New Year in Dominican Republic, to 'catch' the leftover of our family vacation - instead of 7, now 4 nights.

    Again Ms. ** promised a callback/email...did not happen. To make sure our hotel has a time to organize our transfer on a different day and to inform them of the 'new arrival' dates I called the hotel in Dominican Rep. directly (also sent a 'reminder' to do so to Apple via email). After all experienced and after reading the most recent reviews regarding same/similar matters, we are disappointed. We have yet to employ our Travel Protection Plus plan, which, seemingly, presents another question mark itself. We used to book for many years our vacations via AppleVacations, including Frontier's non-stop flights. We never ever experienced any issue and we were glad to 'award' them with highest reviews.

    Not responding to customers' request, letting customers lose their preferred, initially available destinations and flights (and charging extra for a new due to a canceled flight), is an act of neglect which has no place in any business, especially not in an travel agency which was able of keeping highest ratings for decades and a name you wanted to link your next trip to. Customers should never suffer due to any organizational/structural changes and challenges or/and lack of or responsible, trustworthy staff/agents.

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