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I get great deals on sky auction. I travel to Cancun frequently and the deals offered on sky auction are unbeatable. I suggest that anyone bidding READ the deal... the true cost is often found in the details. Also before you leave home confirm the deal with your hotel. On my last trip my name was entered wrong. Sky auction customer service fixed the deal before my arrival. THANK YOU SKY AUCTION. My last deal was a super luxury hotel in Cancun in February… seven nights for 125.00 per night... AWESOME.

We just returned from a 2 week vacation to florida and we purchased a vacation rental in orlando thru the SkyAuction website. The place was great. We have been using this site for cheap cruises and vacation rentals for about 10 years now and never had problems. We have had our money returned when things didn't work out. They always get back to me if I have a question. The dates were wrong on this last rental that we bought and through a series of emails, things were corrected. They were very patient and helpful...Don't know why others have such issues with them. I think they are great...

I've used SkyAuction several times to travel domestically and internationally. The negative reviews are from people who want a deal without being flexible. I want to pay half the price for tickets, but I want to sit together. I want to book the hotel on the dates I want. They didn't have availability when I wanted, and gave me my money back but I'm still not happy. What about that guy that said, "Don't give your credit card number to this company," - the only time you give credit card information to SkyAuction is when you have won a bid and are paying to complete a reservation. If you want a DEAL, but don't want to be flexible, then by all means stay away from this site.

I bought a hotel auction from and paid about 100$. The hotel was so bad I would not even let my dog stay there. I have been trying for weeks to get someone to help me handle this. The telephone didn't even work in the room so we couldn't call for help when wires were hanging from the walls and my 3 year old got hurt. I plan on taking legal action with this company.

I booked a hotel with them after having my husband go physically to the hotel and inquiring about availability. After I booked Skyauction told me there were no rooms available for the sames dates that my husband had been assured they had rooms. Apparently Skyauction only gets a few rooms where they can pick from. I was livid. So, it is not enough to check with the hotel to check availability. To be honest though, after I complained and explained I would probably never go by that city again. Skyauction was very gracious and refunded my money. They really did not have to do that.... You really have to read the fine print and be very flexible. I have used them in the past and have had no problems.

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Their usage of the term "subject to availability" on every auction allows them to walk away from any auction where they did not achieve a fair market price. I bid on an auction that states: "Available only from Oct 12 to October 18, 1-5 days max." I won the auction on a Sunday and same day submitted my request. Called their office every day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, spoke to Daniel, hris and Nadia and Sam...) Was told to wait a little longer... In summary... Never got my confirmation. My credit card never charged... A waste of time and energy. Bogus listings. As a cliche... If sound too good to be true it probably is. I never had to wait 4 days to not hear back regarding a reservation.

What a company! They refuse to reply my email, it's their way only. They trick me into giving them my credit card #, took the money and run. Bunch of crocks. Will never deal with them again. Bad company. Be very carefully read the small print 2 times and don't believed anything they said even if it make sense, don't give them your credit card info.

I booked several hotel stays in Mexico with Skyauction. Seamless and never had any problems. One time the hotel had no availability and they suggested another resort. I declined and got my money back. No questions asked. Not sure why people are complaining??? Of course there are fine prints - just read it - Skyauction is running as a business too. However, if you are a little bit flexible - you will save a good amount of $$$.

My wife and I were about to bid on a SkyAuction package. We thought we would look for some feedback on the site. What a nightmare of a typically dishonest business. This company should be shut down. They are blatant crooks.

I bought 2 tickets on 9/28/13 for a Broadway show for tomorrow, Oct 8th, and I still have not received the tickets! I also won a gift certificate to a restaurant and have not received an email confirmation about the certificate.The seats were not together either. I was taking a child and wanted him to seat next to me. I have contacted SkyAuction by phone and emails several times and no response. Once someone picked up and was very rude. I would never recommend this to anyone.

I have been using SkyAuction last 15 years and have been very satisfied. I have gotten great deals at very low prices. It is very important to very carefully read the description for what you are bidding on. If you are looking for a trip over peak periods such as Christmas or other school holidays you will probably not find the dates you want. Suppliers are putting it up for auction during their low periods when they have vacancy - that is why the price is so low!

I have dealt with SkyAuction since 1998. And every time I go on vacation, I get a good deal with them. I'm very sorry to read that some people had such a hard time because while dealing so much with them myself, I had a share of times when I had to contact their offices and make cancellations for different reasons. But they always accommodated me by offering something equal or better. And when I did not approve, they always refunded the money to my credit card. I believe many people complaining here did really have a problem with SkyAuction. I also believe some people blow things out of proportion.

I bid, won and paid for a hotel room at Grand Mayan Resort in Puerto Vallarta. The date of the auction was July 22, 2012. I tried to book the hotel with no success, and now I am informed via my account that this offer has ended on July 25, 2012. I understood that my offer was good for one year. I have been unable to contact these people at their suggested email address which is My loss, their gain, I suspect.

A little over a year ago, I bought two Resort Vacation Certificates for $199 each. I checked through the first year but found there was no availability for many places I wanted to go, including Fort Lauderdale. Of course, when you upgrade, many are available. Today, I realized that my certificates expired in November 2012. I tried the numbers anyway only to realize they had both been validated by someone else and even worse for a March 2013 vacations at two resorts in Fort Lauderdale. I called Endless Vacation Rentals and spoke to an employee and then a supervisor named Shane. I deduced that the scam is that they block any possibility of using the certificate, so it expires then they either give it for their friends, relatives or resell it during the second year that it is valid. You will notice when receiving a certificate via email that it strictly says resale of these items is strictly forbidden either privately or through any other website.

Automatically, they themselves have breached that rule. The SkyAuction site said I had two years to use it so that too was deceitful as you are only told after purchase that you only have one year to book it. I asked Shane if his company supported this type of illegal and unethical practice and if they were willing to help me. He said I would have to contact SkyAuction directly as there was nothing his company could do for me. As far as I am concerned, if Endless Vacation Rentals want to be in a business relationship with SkyAuction, they are both liable. I see from many other posts there is no point in me calling SkyAuction to be abused on top of being scammed. Thanks everyone for your comments.

I'm glad I didn't pay for an airline and other travel costs just to find out there were no hotel reservations. I really feel bad for those people. When will the government do something about this company? The IRS should be looking into their financial reporting if this is the way they process a simple travel voucher. In situations like mine, are they reporting twice the revenue for one certificate? Strangely, Endless Vacation Rentals couldn't see that both certificates were redeemed at all until I gave them the confirmation numbers. It doesn't sound good.

I won a $100 dinner certificate and 2 orchestra seats to see a Broadway show. It sounded like a good idea, so my family was coming to visit and I purchased them a $100 dinner certificate. They went to the address listed on the certificate, only to be told they were no longer at this address. The managers gave us the correct address ... We went to the Panorama Cafe and showed them the gift certificate and the waitress told us they no longer accept the certificates from SkyAuction. How embarrassing! We got home and called the other restaurant and they told us they no longer accept certificates from SkyAuction. I contacted SkyAuction via email because no one works weekends. I explained the situation in the email only to get a response that states "Yes, those restaurants do accept our certificates and we will not be issuing a refund." What a joke this company is. Buyer, beware; this is a scam. Do not purchase dinner certificates from this company. We have had to get our credit card company involved. Oh yea, and I called early for four days, only to be put on hold forever. I will never purchase from this company again!

I bid on a hotel and won. They then emailed me that there was no availability. Then they listed the same hotel two days later with the exact same terms. They wanted me to switch to a more expensive hotel. They had the gall to block a second bid on what became available ... or was it never available and just a scam?

I purchased a Carnival cruise from NY to Bahamas. When we arrived for this cruise, Carnival said our name was not on the list. I had my boarding passes with stateroom to show them and came to find out SkyAuction did not pay for our cruise. We were very, very disappointed. I tried calling them over and over to no avail as the ship left. We had already taken vacation time off of work, hired a sitter for the kids, put the dogs in boarding, and now were out a vacation! Very disappointing! I disputed the charges on my credit card and received what I paid back.

I asked to withdraw from a bid, knowing that we would not use it. The item had 4 days left for bid. I got a nasty note saying they would charge me $75 if I didn't continue and they offered no help.

Two things:

1) I have won auctions with a "free" $100 SkyAuction gift certificate. However, twice when I tried to redeem the certificates when they were about to expire, SkyAuction dragged their feet so long in redeeming them that they did expire and SkyAuction refused to honor them. Never mind that I tried to redeem them prior to the expiration date and pointed that out to them. They are very, very difficult to reach when you try to lodge a complaint with them; it's virtually impossible.

2) I've won auctions twice for hotel rooms that were perpetually "unavailable" when I tried to redeem them, or I got a response from SkyAuction that they were no longer "selling this hotel," whatever that means. Their auction practices are not completely above board I believe.

Skyauction twice did not deliver on two different auctions. Recently, I "won" an auction allowing me to book a room for up to 7 nights in NYC anytime in 2012. I was again told that they did not have my chosen hotel but I can "request" one of two others. This company is a scam.

I now understand their BBB (Better Business Bureau) C Rating. I wish I had researched their company prior to trying to book a vacation. They have negative reviews strewn all over cyberspace and rightfully so. What an incredible waste of my time. Go to a more reliable and honest supplier. I will do business with a company that delivers what they offer. And I will add to the negative reviews everywhere google leads me. They are the epitome of a "Bait and Switch" organization, a tactic that has been around since we began walking upright. They tire you out with their rhetorical statement citing their terms of sale. I have heard that tired old rap enough. All companies have similar terms but, Priceline, Hotwire, Quikbook and others deliver. Skyauction are charlatans.

If you had asked me about two weeks ago, I would have raved about how I love the site, so what happened? About 1 year ago, I purchased a restaurant certificate from the site. I received the certificate, as paid for, but found that the restaurant had gone out of business before I could redeem the certificate. I contacted Skyauction via email about the problem and I was told I would receive a Skyauction credit. Not the ideal situation, but I was satisfied with my prior purchases on the site and I figured that I would find something else to buy but after one years' time I did not.

I contacted customer service via email and explained the situation using the wording "I have not found any other certificates to purchase on the site and I would like to request a refund to my credit card", my response was an abrupt "you can buy more than just certificates". Well, this was not a helpful response so I decided to call customer service instead. I contacted Maxine ** in customer service and began to explain the situation. I barely got half of the story out when I was cut off and asked for my order number. I provided this, thinking that although I was rudely cut off, it may help for her to have the order in front of her. Upon pulling up my order, I was told my credit could be extended for 6 months.

First off, I did not know that refund credits had deadlines. Second, I paid for a product that I could not use due to no fault of my own and therefore should be refunded. This is a basic pretense of customer service for any business. I attempted, again, to explain the situation saying that I paid for something that I could not use at no fault of my own, I was promptly cut off and was told that it was not Skyauctions fault that the restaurant closed and that they lost money too. I was now getting angry and raised my voice because the golden rule of customer service is that the customer is right, this is especially the case when I am having my money essentially stolen from me as I paid for a product that I did not get! Maxine nastily told me that she would have someone look at it and get back to me then hung up! Seriously, she hung up on me.

One week later with no response, I called again and got the lovely Maxine again. I begin to tell my story, as a refresher, and said that I never got the call back that I was promised. I stated that I understand the purpose of a company is to make a profit, then I got cut off again with Maxine rudely stating "we are not making a profit, we lost that money too!" I then said that she is clearly being very rude to me and not letting me speak. I want to speak to a supervisor. Maxine said that she is a supervisor. I then asked to speak to someone above her and she said there is no one above her then proceeded to argue with me that there are no other options or persons to contact, while pounding on her keyboard intentionally. I then asked if they ever gave out refunds and she said "yes, on a case by case basis." Come on! I said I was going to call the President of the company and she said in a really sarcastic voice "okay, have a nice day." Then hung up again.

I am not so upset about not getting the refund I wanted, but I am upset in the way I was treated like a piece of garbage or like I was trying to scam the system. I was given no service whatsoever from a person who has the title of "Customer Service Supervisor." Apparently, she was never taught that customer service is about serving the customer. By the way, my refund is only for $45, nothing that would put a company under. In these tough economic times, it's a lot of money to me as a consumer. If you buy from, hope and pray that you never have to deal with their service department.

On a trip to Jamaica Sumfest 2010, I arrived at the hotel only to be told they could not honor my reservation because SkyAuction had not paid them. After numerous phone call attempts getting nothing but answer machines, I lost it! Finally, about 7 hours later, I was assigned my "hellhole" room.

And on just last month, July 2011, I was told I won and sent a total to submit. Only to be told that it would be an additional fee at my sending my debit card info to pay for it. Forget it!

What a disappointment. Beware of their ** excuses when trying to resolve any issue. I had used Sky Auction before to book hotels without issues. I will never again use them for any service. I won an auction for a flight to St. Maarten. When I booked the travel dates, I was concerned about the return flight only giving me less than an hour to get through customs for my connecting flight. I wrote to Sky Auction with my concerns and all I got was a standard computer response. I called the airlines directly to see if I could change the connecting flight and was told no! I then advised Sky Auction that since I never received any reply nor help in 7 days from them, I was going to dispute the charges on my CC.

Well this caused me to be billed $438.00 on a flight that I tried to change in January, that was booked for April. The CC company resubmitted the charges on the statement of proof for Sky Auction that I never requested a cancellation nor was granted one! How ** do they think their customers are? It states and I agreed that the trip was non-refundable! Why I was disputing the charges is because there was lack of information shared, no reply to email and no phone numbers given to me to even try to resolve the issue. So a lesson learned, I will never again use them nor advise any other friends or business partners to use them.

Between July 2 and August 8, 2010, I "won" seven auctions. Since I was able to use the first restaurant gift certificate successfully, I was lulled into a false sense of security. The second time I wasn't so lucky. The restaurant told me that the certificate number had expired prior to the date I won the auction. I contacted SkyAuction for remedy and they ignored me.

Yesterday, I went to book the voucher for LimoRes, which states on it's face that it expires on 12/31/2010. LimoRes stated that they could not honor it, since it had expired on 12/31/2009. I purchased a gift for my nieces in California, it was a day cruise out of SF Bay. I looked closely at the tickets prior to putting it in their card, and sure enough, the fine print had 12/31/2009 on it. I contacted the cruise operator and they confirmed invalid status.

I cringe at the thought of my former co-worker going to dinner with her husband at a very nice Italian restaurant in her area, courtesy of the "gift certificate" I gave her. If the restaurant doesn't honor the $100 certificate, they will be stuck with the tab. I checked with the NYC Water Taxi, since I "won" three tickets allegedly valid until July 31, 2010. Wrong, these too are no good.

A pattern has emerged. SkyAuction auctions off invalid "entertainment" certificates, and simply fails to provide recourse to dissatisfied consumers. I can't imagine people who've lost thousands of dollars with bogus travel "winnings".

We bought two RT tickets to Tahiti on Air Nui. When we got to the airport, the rep at the check-in desk told us we had no reservation. I gave her the 6 digit reservation number. She said that only pulled up a reservation but not paid tickets. They spent 30 minutes checking for us and had a manager get involved. Finally, they said there were no issued tickets in our name and we had to buy new tickets. Sky Auction emailed us and told us to send the receipt to them, but they never got back to us or emailed us again. We never got our $2000 back.

I had purchased several items from SkyAuction, and the only ones that I was happy with were the DVDs. I had purchased two Ed Hardy mini race cars that were supposed to climb the walls and "defy gravity." They were junk and didn't work. When I complained, I was referred to the "All sales are final." comment when you purchase something.

Also, the turquoise necklaces and the bracelets are crap. I don't think this is American turquoise but Chinese. I don't recall seeing where it was from, but they were all ugly, even though the pictures made them look good. I had also purchased two cuff bracelets with turquoise, and upon receipt, one was broken and the other was so poorly made I wanted to cry.

I sent them back and wrote them an e-mail, stating that this was junk and that if they didn't give me my money back, I would post pictures of their ugly crap on the internet for everyone to see what kind of junk they are passing off onto people. I also received the wrong order of DVDs. I had e-mailed and e-mailed, trying to get an answer. Finally, I sent a threatening e-mail which received a response. I didn't say anything since it took them so long to get to me. I will never purchase anything from them again. Buyer, beware! You would think that this should be a reputable company, but the majority of their products are junk!

I bid on a flight to South Africa that listed from any of 117 cities. One of the departure cities was my city, Shreveport for only $130. I bid and won. Now, they tell me no flights are available from any of those 117 cities. If I must leave from JFK, I must leave a week prior to what I wanted. The auction is described as: South African Airways to South Africa or Many Cities in 18 African Nations from New York, Washington or many other U.S. Cities: Bid Per Roundtrip Ticket (Auction: 1745065) 1108637.

It does say this: "Reservations subject to the availability of specific classes of service as contracted with the carrier and not every flight or date may be available.” But surely not every flight from every 117 cities is unavailable. Plus, there were other auctions leaving from NYC that were much lower in price. If I had wanted to leave from NYC, I would have bid on those.

They will refund my money, but the reason I have to book through them (now paying my own way to and from JKF and the week of hotel while in South Africa before my planned safari) is that I already had a problem with them. I bought another set of tickets and did not make the reservations in time. That auction said that reservations had to be made by 31 March and I called on 9 April. However, for that auction, I had already paid with my credit card and understood from the clerk that I could book anytime. (I knew they could get booked up, so I wasn't going to wait too long).

So now they have $3,172.00 of mine that I must use through auction, no reimbursement. Can you help? I've been calling all day and I've left all sorts of messages. I am willing to get a lawyer if necessary as this should not happen to anyone. And it will, over and over if I don't do something about it now. I am crying as I write this. I am out over $3,000 if I don't accept this flight. But if I do, I must fly to JFK, possible spend the night if necessary and return, plus hotel and food and car for a week in South Africa waiting for my time for Safari. These people need to be stopped.

Previously used SkyAuction on several occasions with good results. However, I bid on a hotel in Galveston,TX, a choice of three hotels listed. Each one was booked months in advance, which is highly suspicious, for the dates that I elected. The following message was sent to me, "We are sorry, but we are unable to confirm your travel submission as requested." The reservations agent has noted below the reason(s): The hotel is sold out on the dates requested.

I won an auction for a round trip hotel with air all inclusive vacation. They were unable to fill any dates I supplied no matter how many dates I gave. I was emailed this note: “As we were not able to fulfill your auction as requested, we have withdrawn you from this auction without penalty.” You cannot get any response from them. Be smart don't bite, it is a scam.

I tried to make reservations and was told the hotel was booked and to change dates, which I did and they did not respond to my request.

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