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We too should have read the reviews. I used Liberty in Scranton PA. (Dickson City); what a mistake!! I booked a honeymoon for my daughter. We booked airfare and hotels. When my daughter arrived in San Francisco and was ready to move on to LA she realized two days were missing for hotel stays. We called Liberty and they put ALL the blame on my daughter for not reading everything. Remember now, they booked the flights so they knew how many nights she was staying. They didn't even apologize for the mistake. When I asked why they didn't bring her attention to the missing days their excuse was "we assumed they were staying friend or something". We all know what "assume" means. We have no legal recourse because my daughter did sign the contract trusting they knew what they were doing. If you are thinking about using Liberty, DON'T. If you do check and double check because there will most likely be a MISTAKE.

I sent an inquiry to United for a trip to Las Vegas for a group. Simultaneously, I called Liberty Travel to see if they could arrange the trip on my behalf. Apparently the emailed request was captured by Liberty Travel and is now under their name for my group. I have tried unsuccessfully to contact the person at Liberty who is holding my record at United. At this point I am no longer interested in working with the travel agency and will never work with them again because calling their 267-295-0020 number never gets a return, timely call and they had the audacity to take messages, never call back and close for the evening. The record has to be canceled by them in order for me to move forward with United and there is no one to help. I never received any written confirmation from Liberty on any of the arrangements they indicate they are making on my behalf.

I just want to share how horrible Liberty Travel is. I booked a cruise 30 months ago with an agent at their Deptford, NJ branch. I used her before and she was great. She left the company and I was assigned Janelle ** who was very disinterested in helping. About 30 days before my cruise leaving on July 23, 2016, I stopped in to speak to Janelle. I was told she left the company and I was now assigned to Brianna ** who said that she heard many complaints about Janelle and she promised much better customer service. Not sure why I wasn't contacted about Janelle leaving.

I asked Brianna for a phone call the day before we left on our cruise to see about an upgrade. Not only did I stop in that day (she wasn't in yet) and sent an email, I called her around 2 pm, 5 pm and 7 pm only to be told each time that she had other customers and couldn't call me back or answer my email each time I called. She was too busy helping new customers who were in the office instead of me who was leaving very early the next morning. I won't even say how much was spent with Liberty Travel for this once in a lifetime cruise for a family of 4, plus another couple that also booked with me, but it was well over $10,000!

I did get a call from the store manager Jeri ** at 8:41 pm the night before I left with more excuses. I did call Jeri tonight on the same phone number she called me from but was told she's not working at this time and I should have not called her on this number. My cruise was impacted by Tropical Storm Darby which included an itinerary change and excursion cancellation. With 2 families booked with Liberty Travel, I would expect some kind of contact. My brother who was also on the same cruise had many updates from his own travel agent as he did not use Liberty Travel.

I booked a trip to Beaches Turks 2 years ago. Trip was paid in full the middle of 2015. Unfortunately there was a cancellation of one adult the beginning of 2016 (well within the cancellation policy of Beaches) and another adult cancellation at the beginning of May 2016 (again within the cancellation policy). I have been in contact with the travel agent and manager of Liberty Travel in Garden City since the beginning of May and have not been able to find out what my refund will be. The service provided by this particular Liberty has been underwhelming at best. The manager has been uncooperative putting blame for this problem on Beaches and others. I was awaiting an email promising me information concerning this issue last evening. As I expected NO email came.

I have spoken to several other travel agents who tell me that a refund within the time frame of these cancellations is a no-brainer and the money should already be in my pocket. My educated guess is that Liberty did do these cancellations in a timely manner and now are working thru a penalty charge from Beaches and I'm left holding the bag. This is our 5th trip to Beaches as a family and NEVER AGAIN LIBERTY even though I used them for all my other trips. My new mantra is NEVER NEVER AGAIN LIBERTY GARDEN CITY. In my opinion when the manager speaks no real truth leaves his lips.

Booked a trip with Liberty Travel in Livingston, NJ. The salesperson had not traveled to either destination. By recommendations of previous clients that had been there he made the arrangements. We needed to rent a car from Nashville and drop it off in Memphis. We picked the car up (Alamo) and was not a mid-sized car that we requested and paid for. Also there was a $100.00 charge for dropping the car off in Memphis that the travel agent did not tell us about. When confronted the agent after the trip he called Alamo and I waited to hear from him. He could not do anything and I finally called Alamo myself to try and resolve the problem. I felt the salesperson is too inexperienced to work there. Also many times I tried to call during business hours and got a machine to leave messages, several times the salesperson did not return the call or never was told I called.

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Wow, I just called Liberty Travel in River Edge, NJ. I asked to speak with an agent to discuss a trip that I would like to plan and the woman said "I am going to stop you right there. I don't have an agent available so you are just going to have to keep on calling back until someone is free. Try back in an hour or so." Wow! Guess they don't need my business. At least be polite and take a message and explain that someone will get back to me by the end of the day? I don't need to "keep trying" to call back in today's world where everything is just a click away. I should have just booked online anyway but figured I would give the local agent some business. Thanks Liberty Travel. Back to the web!!

Booked a trip to Cancun with them for my birthday in March 2016 for my Daughter and I, my Daughter's flight were the wrong times she missed her flights and took her all day on standby to get into Cancun, my flight from Cancun also had the wrong times, email to the person I made the reservations with - went unanswered and phone calls to the company - the person is working in another office and can't be found. Apparently they had the correct flight information but what I had was all wrong.

Liberty Travel sold us a family vacation last summer from NYC to Greece and told us we had 4 confirmed seats with e-ticket numbers. They took our money for the entire trip over 2 months prior to travel. When we arrived at JFK airport, Delta told us Liberty never properly communicated with them and as a result of overbooking, we were bumped. Our vacation to Greece with our 2 children was ruined. We showed the Delta gate agent our confirmations, but they indicated Liberty did not follow proper procedure. And so Liberty pointed the finger at Delta, and Delta pointed it at Liberty. This went on and on. I didn't have a relationship with Delta. Liberty had the relationship. I expected them to fight for us. They did not. Don't be fooled into thinking Liberty Travel is something more than it is. And they offered us nothing. Only a ruined trip.

I went to Liberty Travel in Springfield Pa. I wanted to get information about a trip to Jamaica. Ryan ** who is the assistant team leader was unprofessional. I have booked 3 trips, two in one year with Liberty. I was rushed and was given parental advice about not leaving kids unattended in the hotel. Oh by the way I don't have any kids. There are children traveling with us. He was extremely unprofessional. I spoke with the manager of this location Susan. She made me feel like she didn't care. How about a real apology? Susan offered to assist me with my trip. No thank you. I would rather book online with Travelocity. Maybe Liberty Travel should try to hold onto all of the customers that have especially since online travel websites are taking over and the agencies will be obsolete.

Vacation started out with incorrect flight number. Got to resort, found out that we were booked for a king sized bed (two females) when we had specified two beds. I next found out that I should have been told to pay for wifi. Security on the beach was almost non existent as proven one afternoon when an underwear clad, drugged man strolled on the beach, hassled women, verbally threatening them while security sat on her phone. Activities which were promised were negligible unless you wished to pay for them. I can't tell you how unhappy I was especially when a friend told me about her wonderful experience at another resort on the island. I would not recommend Antigua or Liberty Travel to anyone. Your associates don't do their homework. PS I didn't keep my paperwork for this venture.

My wife and I booked our getaway trip to Punta Cana in January. It was scheduled to be a seven-day trip along with airfare. In the middle of the trip we heard the weather was changing and most of the vacationers were hearing from their travel agents about flight cancellations. We tried contacting our agent at Library Travel and was told she just received information about our flight being canceled. I contacted the airline AA. They informed me that they had started contacting their passengers earlier in the week to give them a chance to change their flight plans. However this information was never told to us b/c the Liberty T never contacted us to pass on that information. So we had to spend night in the airport, pay for our flight back to Pittsburgh. If you are traveling Please Do Not Use Liberty Travel.

Called Liberty travel about one week ago. Receptionist took detailed information and promise to pass along to sales agent that was promised a call back later that day. Never received a call back. Called again about 5 days later and spoke to the Manager. The Manager said that should never have happened, he did not have ANY record of my call of needs. Re reviewed my needs and said he would call back within the hour. 2 hours later still no call. Called once again with promise to call back. NO CALLS. This is no way to do business. Don't say that you are going to follow up and not, nor make any records of needs. Not a professional way to do business. The Manager should be fired and replaced with a professional. Who knows how many clients they have lost because of poor records and call backs.

When I first met John, our agent, I was a little skeptical of his credibility but I gave him the benefit of the doubt since I am a returning customer of Liberty Travel. My first experience was excellent. I was told that if I purchased trip insurance, I'd be able to cancel for any reason. Well of course, my girlfriend who I'm traveling with, cannot keep the date so I emailed my agent and told him that we needed to cancel. Now all of a sudden, you need a covered reason and that there were two different insurance packages avail at the time of purchase and ONE was only mentioned. No thorough explanation of cancellations was conveyed nor were there any disclosures/cancellation documents given, outlining the policies, at the time of booking.

In addition to the lack of info that was provided, we were told we'd get info/call backs but those did not happened unless we followed up with phone calls or emails. I even contacted its corporate office in NJ. The customer representative from NJ told me that she had verbally spoken to the manager at Selden, who was out of the office until Oct 19, and that the manager would call me the following day. To date, I have not received a phone call from the manager.

They told us that we cannot get a full refund because it wasn't a covered reason. They told us that we would lose $300 per person, if we canceled. Perhaps if information was conveyed correctly AND supporting documentation of the cancellation process/guidelines were given, I might think differently. No such thing happened. PLUS after two phone calls to corporate office, I am still waiting to hear back from them even though I was told someone would get right back to me. My husband and I take vacations about three times a year and I will never use Liberty Travel again and I will never refer anyone to them, despite the industry that I am in.

There are travel agencies everywhere. There is no reason to use them. I went to Liberty Travel while in NYC. It was the first travel agent I came across and what a nightmare. Ashley ** was my agent. I began the process with her on May 3. Would not return calls or emails to get the trip booked. Should have been my clue and I should have moved on. I was excited for the two resorts she presented and I wanted to book that trip. She did not begin to book it until July. At that point, we could not do the trip in the order we wanted because of resorts already being booked. My 60 year old sister had to fly out on red eye because to change the order of our trip was to travel farther that day. My sister did not have the option to fly to Dallas the day before to break it up due to work. 6 months into this bad deal we could not get our itinerary. Other flights were supposed to be booked to get us to the resorts but that did not happen.

From May to October we still don't have this tripped booked and we don't know what to expect. I finally got in touch with her supervisor and she said Ashley is very busy and is working hard. This company has so many bad reviews in multiple travel sites. There is no reason to use them. Sent the supervisor an email saying answer our questions or refund our money. We leave in 2 months. It has been 6 months of struggle. Oh and Ashley lost my sisters AMEX credit card info TWICE. This company has to be in business from people like me who used them once. I can't imagine anyone using them twice. It is not worth it. There are other agencies. This is a 10,000 dollar trip. I don't feel they are any cheaper. It is not worth the aggravation and I am not convinced this trip is going to go well.

In May 2015, we bought and fully paid for 4 Delta airline tickets with "confirmed" seats from Liberty Travel. Delta has shown us these seats were never confirmed. We were not allowed to board the plane for our Aug. family vacation to Athens and the Greek Islands. We are sick over this. Getting our teenage kids together with our work schedules is difficult enough, but not to go on our planned vacation is very painful. We were also prepaid for hotels in Greece and have incurred significant loss. We are reasonable people but Liberty Travel refuses to talk reason. We were put on a flight at a later date, but this trip we saved up for was all but lost. I would not buy a packaged product from Liberty Travel again, and not even airline tickets. Buyer beware.

The whole time we were there it was what they call party day. The girls were drinking on the job and the store had a marijuana stench. The girl who was helping us was constantly playing with her phone. After my wife noticed the girl was eating ** like candy we left. We'll never be back to this location.

Went here to book my vacation to Italy. Travel agency book the wrong tours. Wanted to see the Underground Tunnels. And change the airline flights to a different airport. Had to pay for an other room closer to the other airport. Then the airline that they booked for us was on strike.

We just returned from our vacation to Punta Cana which you booked for us. I want to say that we are very dissatisfied with your booking process and the results that followed. It took us more than 75 minutes for Southwest to get us checked in almost missing our flight! My wife all but passed out waiting. After all was said and done, it was determined that you did not furnish them with all of the required information which caused the delay. I am not pleased with this kind of service nor am I accustomed to it. It was a nightmarish start of what was supposed to be a long expected relaxing vacation.

In order to resolve this, my wife had to be re-booked with a new seating position far from mine which I paid extra for to be in "A" boarding position. This is not how this should have played out but it was the only way we could get checked in. Needless to say we will not be booking with you or Liberty Travel again as we were advised by the Southwest Airlines supervisor who told us you did not handle the booking properly. He said, "Whatever you do, do not use that travel agent again". And we won't!

I booked a trip for my wife and I to take our honeymoon in Ireland. When my wife initially called to set things up, we had some trouble getting anyone to help us, so she called the corporate office. A manager there put us in touch with another branch location nearby the corporate office and assured us that we would receive excellent service. We did not. Although the agent told me to email her because she checks her mail constantly even when she is out of the office, after they took our money, phone calls and emails were ignored.

I finally called a supervisor named June to get a response from the travel agent which I did, but June promised to call back the next day to follow up. She didn't call, so a day later I tried to call her "direct line" she gave me (someone else answered and I had to play 20 questions to get to June) to ask why she didn't follow up. She indicate to me that the "team leader" who is the direct supervisor over our agent wanted to call me personally. June then stated that the team leader was right across the hall and that she would call me back "immediately." Anyone want to guess if I ever got that call back?

I booked a trip to St. Thomas with my husband, daughter, mother, niece and nephew through one of the Brooklyn offices. I have used this agent before and thought that everything would be ok. We have been having discussions regarding this and the people going since April. I had until June 30th to pay off the trip and was very excited on June 30th when she informed that we were officially booked. I asked her to email me my confirmation and itinerary since June 30 but never received an email. I didn't think anything of it because our previous experience was so great. I called for her a week later and they informed me she was on vacation so I tried back two weeks later. When I tried again I was informed that she was now back on vacation until July 27. I thought to myself "hey... everyone needs a vacation" so I asked the young lady who answered if she could possibly email me my itinerary and confirmation. She was very sweet and obliged.

After finally being able to review the information, I found out she had the wrong names on the itinerary and didn't book the flights for my mother, niece or nephew! I immediately called the agent who assisted me that day and asked if it was a typo or mistake. She told me she would contact my travel agent who was on vacation and get back to me. I waited about an hour and called her back. She told me that my agent said I didn't book flights for my mother, niece and nephew. I asked the agent why would I book only a hotel for them but a flight and hotel for my husband and daughter. How are they supposed to get there?!!! After a long silence, I asked her if there was still availability on the flights. She told there were but now they were $300 more per person!!! Then she tried to make an excuse for what happened and make it seem like I wasn't clear enough in my instructions to my agent! I will never use this company again!

So glad I read all the horrible reviews on Liberty Travel. Called and spoke w/ ** and she was so enthusiastic about planning a trip. I was very impressed with her skills during the initial phone call. I waited a couple of weeks, no response after leaving several messages. I called after the third week and she happened to answer the phone. I explained how disappointed I was with her and she responded it will be better and I thought ok, everyone deserves another chance. Waited another week and still nada. I called and was going to just speak with the supervisor to file a complaint (I honestly thought she must be new and just did not want to admit she did not know what she was doing) and I was told SHE IS THE SUPERVISOR... LOL... Thank you everyone, I dodged the bullet on this company.

I booked a trip with ** in June of 2014 to take a trip to Las Vegas later that month. I gave detailed instructions about what dates I needed the trip booked for and the price I wanted to pay. I finalized everything and paid for the trip. She was supposed to send me all the confirmations the same day I paid. Several days later, she sends me the confirmations and to my disbelief, she booked the trip for the wrong month. I immediately try and contact her via phone and email because my trip was supposed to be in a few days. She finally gets back to me and says it's my fault she booked the trip for the wrong date and she hopes I can still take trip.

I frantically have to book a new trip elsewhere because I had already planned the trip for June 2014. I asked ** when my money will be refunded because she booked the trip for the wrong month. I was given a partial refund and told I can use the airline tickets for up to one year. I was not happy with this but when I tried to contact **, she mysteriously was no longer employed at this company. I now had to deal with **. This new person was worst than **. She never returns calls or emails on time. We tried to use the airline tickets but she waited until after the one year mark to respond and now we can't use them. There's nothing like $1600 down the drain. During this whole process I received several internal emails from Liberty Travel so I know that they like profit off of these kinds of mistakes. Beware when using this company.

We were trying to book travel for our daughter's wedding and would be traveling with our adult son. He wanted to fly with us out there but needed to return earlier so we thought we would use a travel agent to coordinate the flights. We called Liberty Travel in Danvers and spoke with a woman there who talked us through all of the options and found flights that worked for the three of us. We then asked her to find us a hotel and car and she said she needed to work on that and call us back. No word from her so we called back four times over the next two days to see if she had booked the flight. She was always tied up. We started over with another agent, who got us the same flights and then told us that there was an additional $30/ticket airline fee. We checked with the airline and it turns out it was the travel agent's fee. I was so disgusted with their poor communication and dishonesty, we cancelled our reservations with them and made them with the airline.

When we booked with Liberty travel we were told 3 people could not stay in a room so we booked 3 rooms oceanfront. (Know we waited over 2 hours to see a travel agent when we had an appointment with ** but ended up speaking with **, ** never acknowledged us!) When we picked up our tickets they booked us 2 rooms. For some reason ** took over as our travel agent. She offered us the 3 room for $145 garden view. I said to her “you are the one who screwed up not us.” She said we signed the paper work for 2 rooms. I said to her “I really don't know what I signed as it was over 3 hours we were there and I just wanted to get out of there.” So we then decided to just keep the 2 rooms thinking they had 2 queen size beds. When we got there, there were only 2 double beds.

The hotel gave us a cot which sunk in the middle. I called our travel agent and she was very rude and said there was nothing they could do. I told her she should have told us they only had double beds as if we knew that we would have taken the extra room. I then called corporate and later that day they send up another double bed. Now my suggestion is please do not use Liberty Travel, they care nothing about customer service, their only concern is to make money!

I wasn't going to do this but I've tried several times today to get a response from ** at Liberty Travel in MA however, she is playing the ignoring game!! Let me start by saying that I have used her and Liberty for the past few years booking 2 cruises and 3 trips to Aruba. Apparently, this means nothing to her!! I booked another Aruba trip, well, the hotel that is about 6 months ago and gave a $300 down payment. My trip is the end of May so about a week ago, she leaves me a message that my flight had changed, oh I forgot to mention that I did all the research to get a good flight then called her so she could book and make a commission, which was nice of me to do, since I could have booked it myself, anyway, I've had a rough few months and just paid out a large sum of money to the IRS so I am a bit strapped, however, I do have plenty of time to come up with the balance of the hotel prior to the end of May.

I spoke to her about this and she informed me that Liberty could not wait for the money, that I had to come up with it or the reservation would cancel from her system. I said ok, so call the hotel and she informed me that she couldn't, so, I took the initiative and emailed them directly. They quoted me the same price that I was getting from Liberty for the hotel so I contacted ** and told her that they said all I had to do was put a deposit of 2 days down and they would save my room and I could pay the balance when I arrived. I was ecstatic!

I told ** and she told me not to call them and book that she would contact them and see what she could do. I complied with her and waited!! She told me if I canceled she could only refund $200 out the $300 that I had on deposit, okay, this is their policy, which I don't believe is smart, but, whatever. She then read the emails that I was sending to the hotel and said that I went behind her back and said I was being hounded for the money by Liberty. Wrong choice of word on my part, but, that's neither here nor there. Now she emails me and tells me that I should just cancel with her because she feels that I can't be trusted, when she knew full well that I had contacted the hotel directly!! If she couldn't do what was best for me, then I had to do it!! I found the flight myself and I spoke with the hotel myself!! Now she is playing baby games and not responding to any emails!!

This is the only way you can get in touch with her btw, I called several times yesterday and was told she with a customer or on the phone!! Little do they know that I drove there and parked off to the side where I could see her desk and called and was told the same thing, so they were lying for her because she didn't want to speak with me!! Still after that I emailed her today several times and asked her to either cancel or see what she could do with the hotel so she could still be in the loop but, she hasn't canceled or answered me!! This is supposed to be a professional!!!

Now she is holding me hostage, because if I book myself with the hotel, they will have double booking! I will NEVER again use them, especially her!! Very poor business practice!! When they want the money, or the deal, they are all over you, after that you are trash!! Oh and btw, last year she screwed up my reservation and I still went back to her again!! Shame on me for that! Do yourself a favor and stay away from Liberty Travel in Swansea, MA especially **!!!

My husband and I spoke with ** to book our vacation for the summer. ** didn't seem too interested in his job number one, and he also didn't seem to know what he was doing. He kept eating food in front of us which made the experience less enjoyable. Anyway, ** was able to get us the hotel we wanted but not the room view we wanted, but we are flexible people. Anyway our trip wasn't scheduled until May. We placed a partial deposit on the room for 500.00 and was told we needed to pay off the room 60 days prior to the trip. Then he bid us farewell.

Fast forward to two weeks later, an unexpected event caused my husband and I to cancel our trip that we have not even fully paid for and haven't taken. When we showed up and informed them that we were canceling our trip, ** insisted that we wait for him. 45 mins later we are still waiting, so we spoke with someone else. One agent told us we would get a full refund. We were happy. Two days later the manager calls and informs us that we were only getting 200.00 back of the 500.00 we deposited. They said it was a cancellation fee. We were not informed of said fee nor did they tell us what that fee was for - was it for the hotel or was it their fee and if so, why weren't we made aware??

Of course we asked these questions and no one answered them. They took over half of our deposit in a cancellation fee that seems suspicious to me. Will NEVER EVER USE THEM AGAIN!!

Completely ruined our honeymoon. We flew to Punta Cana and had nowhere to stay. We paid for the best top floor ocean view suite at their recommended resort and they double-booked our room. We spent our honeymoon in twin beds after traveling to 3 different resorts and now they keep blowing us off as we try to either get our money back or get another trip. We even tried to fly home from our resort when we had nowhere to stay and no one would help us. We were stuck in another country!

Wow, I should have read the reviews before doing business with Liberty Travel. Unfortunately I didn't, and after about 30 confusing phone calls with Liberty and probably even more emails and having my bank getting involved to verify information on invalid charges from Liberty, the trip finally happened. I originally booked a direct flight for my newly-wed daughter and her husband from Charlotte to NYC. They wound up being routed through Chicago, both ways...originally, they were staying near Times Square for Christmas ceremonies, wound up staying in Jersey City instead.

And the best part is I got all these DOWNGRADES at a mere $500 over the original price. Then if that wasn't enough, the return flight had to make an emergency landing (not Liberty's fault). My daughter couldn't wait until the next day for another connecting flight so they had to get a rental to get home in time for prior commitments. The airline offered to refund the return portion of the flight directly back to us but Liberty convened and tried to keep the refund and offered us a travel coupon that was good for another crappy vacation....but it didn't work. TAKE THAT! LIBERTY TRAVEL!!! SCUMBAGS...never again.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! Thank you all for your reviews. I recently inquired about a Disney Cruise with Liberty. They sent me an email with the itinerary I wanted and an almost to good to be True price. Before committing I read the reviews. I also reread the email. OMG I feel like I dodged a bullet! The literary gave me the itinerary I wanted on the dates I needed however the itinerary was for the week before and the ship was the wrong one. A fact that I overlooked the first time I read it. But after the reviews I read it again. So I haven't even started and it has already begun! So thank you all I will not use liberty. I am so very sorry for You all who did and had bad experiences.

While trying to plan my destination wedding, I was referred to a "group specialist" located in Center City, Philadelphia. I first spoke to her on the phone and I've never done this before so I was trying to think of all my questions as she was giving me some prices. She was rushing her answers and barely letting me get my thoughts and next questions out. Then we began emailing. She would only address one question in my emails and not answer anything else. Then she "forgot" to email me one day as I was awaiting some pricing. She then tried getting me to pick one place for her to get prices from when I already asked her for two places because we weren't set on one yet. It was like she didn't want to do it and wanted the quickest way.

Every time I had to ask additional questions, she would either not respond for days or not respond until I followed up again. She told me she would not recommend on place I asked about. But then didn't offer any other suggestions. She is the expert. She knows what I'm looking for so if she is not recommending this place then she should automatically suggest another. She didn't give me any other ideas, nothing at all. That is her job. I shouldn't have to ask her to do her job. Needless to say, I stopped contacting her and moved on to other travel agencies.

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