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I bought an airline ticket for a good price from Travelocity and was happy to purchase it online. During checkout, though, it automatically charged me to choose a seat, even though there wasn't any indication on the site that I would be charged. I tried to undo this seat selection to no avail. I purchased the ticket, even with the $9 charge, and then called customer service to see if they could cancel the seat and cancel the fee. After an hour and a half ordeal, in which I tried to explain multiple times that I just wanted to cancel my flight and go through another airline, my ticket was finally cancelled. The customer service representative called me several times, even after I explicitly told her not to contact me. This was a terrible experience. I will use the airline websites from now on to book flights. It actually ended up being cheaper just to go that route!

I booked a flight with Travelocity!! Filled in my name in the Travelocity form exactly without any spelling mistake, and in the same order as it is in my passport. "Claudio von **". I'm 62, I know how to write my name, I pay attention to details. Special Note: I have a title from Europe "von" before my last name. Since I fly a lot I learned out of the experience that computers, especially American ones, never know what to do or where to put this little "von" title. Sometimes they miss it altogether, and often they write it all together in one word with my last name, that's obviously incorrect, as it is not written like this in my passport. To avoid this writing it together I purposefully filled it in this order.... name: Claudio, middle name: von, last name: **.

When I received my Travelocity booking confirmation with an email it said exactly this: "Traveler information: Mr CLAUDIO von **. Your reservation is booked and confirmed. There is no need to call us to reconfirm this reservation." By reading it, I saw all was written correctly. Now here is what happened. When Travelocity transferred the information to the airline computer they inverted the order of my name writing it: **/Claudio Von. Arriving at the LAX airlines counter 2 hrs before departure Hawaiian Airlines didn't allow me to board if the name didn't match exactly my passport. So I called immediately Travelocity.

After long waiting and listening to music they transferred me to Travelocity customer service in Philipines who had no clue what to do, not even the Travelocity supervisor, then next call went to India, next to Central America, next to Las Vegas, Travelocity supervisors ping-ponged me around, and let me hang on the phone for 1 1/2 hrs not resolving anything, until I lost the last boarding chance and my booked flight left. By doing so they informed me I also lost my connection flights in Australia and my return flight 23 days later from Australia back to the USA!! After being stranded in LAX it took me very shameful 12 hrs on my iPhone with Travelocity's customer service, up to 6 PM!! Finally exhausted and reaching no resolution I had to buy, and pay myself a new ticket to Australia if I ever wanted to get there.

Travelocity offered an Airline voucher to use in one year written out on the same just proved "unusable" inverted name: **/Claudio Von. Unbelievable!!! Claiming that is the airline's policy. The own employees on the phone told me, yes the policy stinks! Outraged I can only say Travelocity's customer service STINKS very big time! Surprise: Now my new ticket I had to buy myself to Australia reads Last name: believe it or not: Von**... again written wrong by their own computer glitch but they say it will be no problem. Where is ignorance and where is fairness here? And a just and honest treatment to the consumer? To complete the insult I had purchased the Travelocity ticket and paid also the extra amount for the travel insurance they add at the end of the bill. They told me it's not claimable in this case!! Then when is it??

Travelocity sucks big time. They just stole $350.00. Yes TRAVELOCITY stole $350.00 plus $25.00 travel protection plan money. If I do not purchase another one way ticket the woman at Travelocity stated they would not refund any of my money even though both tickets were purchase individually - one was for today September 8th 2016 on Delta from Kansas City to Allentown Pa and the other was a return trip on Sept 19th 2016 from Allentown Pa to Kansas on Atlanta. The woman at the Travelocity office stated Travel Protection insurance was basically was a fraud invented to collect an additional $25.00 from any sucker who falls for Travel protection!

I purchased a round trip ticket to Allentown Pa from Kansas and the person Best Friend, got caught up in airport traffic and missed her plane by 5 minutes and she was told there was another plane leaving in less than a hour and she would be able to get on it and get to Atlanta and still get the adjoining flight out. The woman at Travelocity basically stated I was screwed by them and there was nothing I could do, she basically was laughing at me over the phone. She wasted my time and she was yelling at me about ticket quotes and regulations instead of how we could get this woman on this flight and how the Travel insurance they told me to purchase to cover this issue is no good.

My husband got on the phone with this horrible creature and finally he asked to speak to a supervisor about this woman and issue and this horrible creature argued with him very nasty and then put us on hold until and after the flight that the flyer could of been on left the airport, my husband hung up on Travelocity. After this NEVER again will I use this robbing low life money stealing Travelocity site. They even declared the round trip ticket was not even covered under the insurance even though it hasn't been used, the return trip is not until the 19th of September. I am so upset I do not like to be robbed. Pissed off in Allentown Pa and my Friend is pissed off in Kansas City Airport...

I booked a flight for my husband and I to attend our son's Veterinary School White Coat Ceremony four months ahead of time. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 5pm on a Thursday. We arrived to the airport at 2:30pm. When we tried checking in, the agent couldn't find our reservation. I gave him the confirmation that I had printed out. Upon checking the flight number, the agent informed us that the flight actually was leaving at 3:20pm and it was too late for us to catch that flight. No other flights were leaving for our destination that day. The next day's flights were booked. The next flight that they could get us on would be on Sunday, too late for us to attend the ceremony. We were devastated.

We requested help from the airline's supervisor. When we asked why we weren't notified of the time change, she replied that because we made our reservations through Travelocity, it was their responsibility as our Travel Agent to notify us of any changes. Had we made our reservation directly with the airline, we would have been notified of the change. She was able to get us on the flight, but we were not able to check in our baggage as the flight had already boarded and the system would not allow us to check them in. They could not put our baggage on a later flight because according to regulations, we have to fly with our bags.

We didn't have time to go back to our car to leave the bags there as we barely had enough time to make it to the gate, so we had to pay to leave them at the airport's baggage storage. We had a choice, leave our bags and make the flight or not go at all. It was more important to my husband and I to make it to our son's ceremony. Getting into Vet School is difficult, and we weren't going to miss this important event in our son's life. Thankfully, the people standing in line waiting to get through security were kind enough to let us go ahead of them. We made the flight by the skin of our teeth. Travelocity's failure to inform us of changes ended up costing us several hundred dollars. We will never use them again. Incidentally, the confirmation had our return flight leaving at 8:40am. It was rescheduled to leave at 7:30am. We weren't notified - again! We knew about the change only because we confirmed directly with the airline.

I tried to book a round trip ticket to Cancun from JFK. They offered me the flight there with InterJet, however the flight back, which I wanted because my companion flew with it was not available and just to put this reservation on hold I offered it with Air Mexico. The customer service rep assured me that the reservation was fully refundable till midnight pacific time the next day. I kept checking return flight with Interjet in Travelocity website, but it was not still available. The next day I decided to check with InterJet directly and there was only one ticket available. I paid and obviously had two reservation in the moment. All my attempts to cancel Travelocity reservation online failed.

When I called their customer service automated telephone line I was presented to enter itinerary number and press 1 to confirm cancellation. The machine informed me that my reservation was successfully cancelled and I won't be charged. When I haven't received any confirmation email within the hour, I became suspicious that something is wrong. I called them up again and after excessive wait was connected to India. The guy said that can cancel the second reservation with Air Mexico, but won't be able, however, to cancel the InterJet reservation and suggested to call them directly. Now the situation was that I had two reservation on my name on the same InterJet flight. Speaking to InterJet customer rep was also very frustrated. He offered me to change the reservation to another day. To have 2 reservation going there and one to return.

Finally I called my Chase credit card and they were able to remove those charges from Travelocity. It was such a relief. Travelocity are liars and scammers. Their own policy to refund your charges till next midnight is nothing but lie. Stay away from this site unless you want to get to the same trap as me or hundreds of other customers giving them 1 star review.

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I flew from Seattle to Auckland via a ticket I bought on Travelocity. Due to medical reasons I needed to come home early. I decided to call Travelocity (from New Zealand) to see if I could pay to change my ticket. Travelocity said it would cost over 500 dollars to change a ticket from Auckland to Seattle to an earlier date. Albeit I'm not a travel agent but I'm finding that very hard to believe. As I had already spend $90 calling Travelocity from an international phone line, I hung up and found another way to get home. Luckily, a family member was able to use their frequent flyer miles to book me a ticket home right away.

I called Travelocity when I was back in the US to see if I could change or cancel my flight to get credit with the airline. Travelocity said this was not possible. This time the phone call was 80 minutes. The woman (employee number S#**) said I couldn't cancel the flight, I could only change the date of the flight, using the same airline and same departure and arrival cities. In addition a change of date would be $300. Since I was in Seattle and not going back to Auckland anytime soon this was useless.

I called the airline hoping that they could help me. Hawaiian Airlines was fast and helpful and helped me cancel my ticket to get credit with the airline in 23 minutes. Travelocity's flight change/cancellation policy says to look at the airline's change/cancellation policy for guidelines. Travelocity made up their own cancellation/change policy on two separate occasions. Both customer service representatives were totally incompetent.

Six years ago I received a Travelocity $100 gift card as a wedding present. Finally getting around to trying to use it, and find that Travelocity no longer offers or accepts gift cards. I reached out via their website and Twitter, since I had no notification that the gift card was going to become worthless. The back of the gift card states the gift cards do not expire. In my opinion they owe me $100. Reaching out to the website and Twitter has been nothing but boilerplate response. I attempted to send an email to their CEO Roshan Mendis, but it just bounced back.

I should have read the reviews for Travelocity before booking because then I would have seen all the 1* reviews saying exactly what I've also experienced the past couple days with them myself. I was booking a flight for my friend and I from JFK to Santa Rosa, California - round trip - when I was given an error message with my itinerary # and told to call customer support with it for further assistance.

When I called I was told that, despite being charged for it, and having an itinerary created for the trip, that it was showing up blank and they could not "prove" I paid them. Over the next 14 hours on the phone with them (10 hours one day, 4 hours follow up the next day) and several trips to my bank which accommodated me past closing hours because of my circumstances, I would talk to nearly a dozen travel agents and representatives in India & America (to get to corporate in America you get a robot first, transferred to India, transferred to their supervisor, then they're allowed to transfer you to American offices) and everyone I spoke with had varying accounts of the situation.

Firstly, I was told that though I had an itinerary they saw no ticket purchases under the #. What they DID see is that they opened *3* accounts under my name and charged me a $20 fee *7* time ($140) between them, and they also saw 2 $44 insurance fees for 2 tickets, though supposedly I hadn't purchased tickets according to them. Those fees were refunded after leaving work early to go to my bank and having Sheri from Travelocity fax over the authorization #s to the fees so my bank could void the payments. They could not void the plane tickets.

Second, because they could not see I had paid them and they lost the info they booked for me, they could only tell me my flights consisted of a Delta flight, American, and Alaska Airline flights, and that I should call them. Travelocity could not tell me specifically which they booked it with since they lost my info and that I should call all three to see if they have any info for me. So a wild-goose-chase ensued and I called all the airlines and explained my bizarre situation. Third try with Delta yielded results: they saw that Travelocity had sent my name and my passenger's name to the airline but had no plane number, no payment, no ticket - just that they made a "ghost" reservation with only our names.

Many Travelocity reps told me the same thing: "Huh, that's strange." (and later "sorry, there's nothing we can do"). I spoke to the next agents about what happened to my plane ticket/money. They were adamant that I was not charged and I should just buy another ticket, not understanding I didn't have enough for another two round trip tickets with the money they overcharged me still. The first person I got said to wait it out, it's not a big deal/just a mistake (he laughed when I said it was a $1,400 mistake I was paying for). I was then told by the same corporate rep that I could book a one-way both ways and wouldn't be charged because they'd cover it with the round trip I already paid for and got no ticket.

I explicitly asked if I'd be charged and he assured me with his word I would not be (I was, but we'll get to that). He said I'd have to buy a way back since the original flight I wanted to return on was not available (not sold out, just showing an error) and the next available ticket was slightly more expensive. I agreed only because I was beyond worried at this point I'd be stranded in CA without a way to return, and the corporate rep explained I'd be refunded the other ticket anyway so I shouldn't worry.

He goes to put it through and couldn't - rushing to the bank again with them on the phone I checked my account and it was now down $2,000 instead of $1,400. They DID charge me for the one-way there that they assured me they wouldn't and now couldn't book the way back because I could afford it after being charged a roundtrip, one-way, seven service charges of $20 and the $88 insurance still pending refund. It was 12am at this point and I'd been on the phone for 10 hours straight at this point and the rep said he'd call back tomorrow to see if any of the $2,000 had been refunded.

Following day; I could not wait for a call back and called them again. I was charged "$0" and $1 charges several times by Travelocity over night. Being transferred around a bit again between India & America I reached a rep that answered many questions the others could not. With her we discovered Travelocity had also charged me - get this - for a flight to CHICAGO!! Two passengers. Again, was told "huh, that's weird." And again I was told "there's nothing we can do" - that I'd have to wait to see if the funds would "just be kicked back to your account".

I was forced to cancel the one-way flight there because I could not book a way back. I canceled the first vacation I was ever going to take, because Travelocity charged me for a roundtrip, one-way to California, one-way to Chicago, tried booking a one-way back to NY, and hit me with the same surcharges 7x. The rep that finally helped me/the one I discovered the Chicago flight with gave me $200 credit towards (some) hotels for my troubles, though I never plan on using Travelocity EVER again (or Expedia - I got Expedia customer support when I was transferred around by Travelocity so I think they're connected).

After this rep and I had finished all we could do and I was told to wait, the rep from the previous night that said he'd call back, called back (the one that charged me for the flight he said I wouldn't be charged). I filled him in. I spoke to someone and he looked in my account and saw I canceled my one-way and said "oh... But, that's not refundable." I freaked out a little and said the other rep told me I would be refunded and he kind of just retracted his statement and said to wait it out then. I've been partially refunded as of the beginning of this review and I continue to check for the rest of my money in my account.

Travelocity is a scam. They do not care about your troubles. I cancelled my card because I kept getting $1 and $0 charges from them. I canceled my vacation for my passenger and I. This has been the worst experience with a company I've ever had in my entire life. They nearly wiped out my bank account and scheduled flights to places I did not want to go without my permission and didn't book the flight I wanted/paid for. I've never seen an operation so sloppy.

Oh, and Victor at corporate was super disrespectful and I'd be ashamed to have someone so inconsiderate on the phone with customers arguing with them, telling them they don't know what they're talking about when Travelocity is the one that has had no idea what's going on this entire time. There is only more confusion with every new answer I got from them. Spare yourself the trouble. I will pursue legal action if necessary.

Looking back at my family's first time using Travelocity, I can assure you we won't be using it again. My mother had booked a flight, got her itinerary, and everything was crystal clear. We had already booked stuff in the country we were visiting and we were packed and ready to go. As we were getting ready to leave, the day of, my mother checked another email she had gotten. The itinerary was totally different! My mother and a good friend of hers were on the phone for hours, talking to people who got them nowhere, people who didn't even know very well English!

It seems that our flight had gotten canceled and they didn't even decided to inform us so they just changed our flight. Even worse, the people we were talking to were all the way in El Salvador! I've never had such a stressful experience when flying. We ended up talking to a supervisor who was high up on the status, who lived in Las Vegas, and he got us a ticket. Though the stress didn't stop there. When we got to the airport we found out that that flight was cancelled as well! Our connected flight was cancelled! We ended up having to fly with Avianca airlines, which was a lot better than United Airlines. I do NOT recommend this website to anyone whatsoever. Take business elsewhere.

I booked a vacation online w/ Travelocity for a house in Grand Cayman on 7/29/16. The booking was done w/ confirmation & awaiting the departure for 8/7/16-8/15/16. On 8/4/16 I got an e-mail saying my booking wasn't booked because the hotel overbooked & I'm no longer able to stay at the house that I got for my family vacation. I can only get 8/7/16 - 8/12/16 & the last 3 days go somewhere else. Now imagine I got me a 5 star residence for $4,765.20 for 1 week, the now wanted to put me, my wife & 3 daughters into a 3 star villa. I've been on the phone back & forth for 2 days and yet nothing has been resolved. I called and spoke to 8 different people in India & America, I still haven't gotten anything resolved but yet my $4,765.20 is still in the hands of Travelocity. A family vacation for 5, paid $4,765.20 & yet we're w/o a place to stay. I paid them & I'm getting nothing back in return for it. HELP, HELP, HELP!!!

I thought I would give Travelocity a second chance. Bad mistake! They have screwed me twice now. They will not get that chance again. I will never use them again. I've had to call 2 times now for this recent overcharge. I've spent almost 2 hours on the phone with them. This last time I asked for a supervisor. (The first person gave me her name but conveniently I could not talk to her when I called back.) They hesitate to give you a name and won't give you a direct phone number. I wish I could send them a bill for the time I had to spend on the phone with them. Please do not use Travelocity. I am trying to be hopeful that the supervisor I spoke with will actually do the refund but I was trusting the first person would follow through and do that too. We'll see. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I was a faithful and longtime customer of Travelocity. Booked a Junior Suite for 9 days/8 nights at the Cofresi. When arrived to the room, I was disappointed with the garden view, which was far from a garden. Called the front desk and begged for them to change my room, the front desk told me to call the next day and talk to the day supervisor. I did that the following morning. The person at the front desk kept blaming Travelocity. I reply "I guess I'll be checking out earlier", was ignored. So the fourth day when I was checking out 5 days earlier. They asked me for the reason I told them about my earlier complaint, and the person at the front desk said "call Travelocity if you want a reimbursement for the 5 nights you did not use, because you booked with them." I left in tears.

My first called to Travelocity was 7/17/16 @ 10:54 am, 2nd call 7/17/16 @ 9:55 am (18 mins on hold), 3rd call 7/22/16 @10:28 am (1hr. on hold) all the agents promised to help resolve the situation and reply to me via email within 48 hrs. The 4th and last call was on 7/27/16 @ 4:09 pm (21 mins on hold) the agent told me that, "I didn't need to call again". To this day I still waiting for an email or a call from Travelocity.

I needed a last minute rental car so I went to It's supposed to be a quick and easy way to rent a car... this has been the worst experience with any travel company in the history of my existence. 1st Problem: Booked me a car in a location that DOESN'T exist. 2nd Problem: On hold for 3 hours to resolve matter. 3rd Problem: Call disconnected multiple times. 4th Problem: The "on -hold" call finally answered to tell me to call back in an hour. 5th Problem: 5 hours later, problem not resolved. Told to call back later and then call magically disconnected. Life is great when your expectations are met when using a service. It's how you are treated as a customer when mistakes happen that reveal the issues within a company. Never book through Travelocity. They don't care.

I "was" a long time customer of Travelocity; until they made a mistake on a phone booking. Although it was clearly a mistake the agent made, they refused to resolve the matter. Over 3-hours on the phone with customer service (if you can legitimately call it that); issue elevated to "customer service tier 3" which basically meant a customer service agent that actually spoke fluent English explained their terms and conditions that do NOT protect you even if they made the mistake in the travel booking.

One agent admitted they made a mistake, the next higher level agent denied it and said they would need to review the recording at "some later date" after they tried to cancel the wrong hotel booking. However, although a "package" was booked, they refused to cancel the airline without a fee. In other words, they would have you continue to keep the airline booking although you won't have a place to stay! Absolutely disappointing experience that is worth telling you about. Learn from our mistake, which was booking with Travelocity thinking they would stand behind us for their mistakes. Horrible company - avoid Travelocity and Expedia (which now owns Travelocity).

I tried booking a package and got an error message so called in to agent. She attempted to book but got error message. I asked "will my card be charged?" She said no. So I asked for her name. She refused to give it so I asked for Supervisor. I waited on hold for over 45 mins with no check in at all and finally hung up. Called back in and asked for Sup and was put on hold for over 15 mins no check in and hung up.

Finally over an hour later got a call back from first supervisor and was told that the wait to speak to supervisor is usually 30 to 60 mins which is just unacceptable. My card was showing two pending charges by this time and asked the supervisor about this and he had no answers and no apology for my long wait time so asked for Manager. After a shorter wait I got a Manager who researched why the booking wasn't going through (system issue) and apologized for horrible customer experience and offered me a hotel voucher to use in future. I went in a few weeks later to book a hotel and the voucher was never added to my account.

Booked a trip for me and my wife to the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort in Puerto Vallarta. We were supposed to get all inclusive and an ocean view. The week of our trip, the hotel tells us it's not all inclusive, and that we would not get an ocean view. Here's the best part... The hotel rep tells me a lot of angry Travelocity customers have been arriving there thinking they are getting ocean view and all inclusive and that Travelocity's website has been having issues lately.

So as you can imagine I'm beyond upset. I call Travelocity and tell them the situation... They admit it was a mistake! I was put on hold for over 2 hours as I kept getting re-routed. The entire time they tell me I'm getting a full refund. Finally a supervisor comes on saying he has to penalize me 1 day hotel fee and the airline fee. I yelled, "how can you penalize me for something you admit is your fault?!" He said it is what it is and that he had to follow procedure. In the end they kept $600 of my hard-earned money. Yes you heard me right, not only did our trip get canceled, they kept $600. Not 1 apology. No future credit. My wife has been crying the whole night. I've been on the phone with my credit card company trying to get that $600 back. Only time will tell.

Booked our trip to Breezes, Nassau for 8/3/16, 6 nights. This is our second trip here, and one of many times we've used Travelocity. Wife booked trip cost 3000. Less than two days later she seen on Travelocity! that the same exact trip ocean view and same flight times had reduced 600. She called to get some help and was told they would see what they could do. Heard nothing for two more days so she called Travelocity and they said she had never talked to anyone. Well my wife had notes and named the associate, and asked if they would refund the difference. Well that's a big No!!!

And to top it off the trip is now 1000 less than when we booked. We dealt with Travelocity so Breezes cannot help. I will not use them again. Customer service and some sense of fair play should exist. We will enjoy our stay at the Breezes I'm sure and not hold them responsible. It's a great resort. Travelocity has however lost my business. BEWARE.

7/15/16 - Thank you for refusing to help me. Your customer service reps are the worst. I bought a plane ticket for my mom to go back to Florida and my computer auto populated my first name in the passenger name field instead of her name. Although all the other passenger information like birthday, sex, and last name were all correct, your reps refused to help me and fix the first name. A simple little mistake, and no one from your company wanted to have the courage to fix it.

Everyone I spoke to kept stating the policies and procedures to change the name, and amount of fees that I need to pay to get this done. You should train your reps to be more helpful to customers, resolve problems, and correct human mistakes, instead of just sounding like robots reading from a script. I see that your company loves capitalizing on people's mistakes. My mother was not allowed on the plane and she is scheduled to have a medical procedure done Monday morning in Florida. Thanks for nothing. I assure you that I would never use your company ever again.

I bought travel insurance for my recent travel. My first leg of my flight was delayed by two hours thus resulting in me missing my connecting flight. They provided another flight that was 16 hours later. That flight too had an hour delay. Spent a combined 6 hours on the phone explaining my situation. Was given a reference number for my claim. Every time I called back for a status update I had to speak to a foreigner and explained my whole story why I am making a claim AGAIN.

I can understand companies outsourcing to third world country to cut on cost but the people they hire need to be competent and understand basic English. What is the purpose of travel insurance when they want customer to go to HELL to file a claim that is rightfully deserving of a reimbursement. I will go to all length to find as many sites to write negative ratings for Travelocity and their customer service department. Will tell all friends and family to never ever book anything less with this company. I am fed up with Travelocity!!!

So I'm sitting about 2 miles from the hotel I thought I had booked for 7/7/16. When I get to the hotel, the guy said Travelocity booked me for the 8th. I paid an extra 40$ thru Travelocity. To stay at some dump. The site claimed it to be the best in the area. Said it had free breakfast with your stay. When I got my first room key, the room the guy gave us had no door knob on it. The lights were on and so was the tv. Someone was living in it. When I got my 2nd key for another room, the room was dirty. Crumbs from other people eating in there were all over the floor. There was a spitter bottle on my nightstand. Hair in the bathroom drain. The bathroom you couldn't even turn around in. There was a meth head/prostitute living on the other side of the building.

When we got settled in, we went down to the office only to find out there's 3 undercover cops sitting in the office waiting for someone. The place is a total dump. Drug central. I was half afraid to sleep under the blankets. Under the beds were old bottles and food wrappers. I will never buy another hotel or anything off of this site. It's a joke. Your best bet is to go directly to the actual hotel site and book that way. Or call the hotel to actually talk to someone. 1st and last time booking off of here.

This is a messed up website with untrained staff. I booked a flight from Toronto to Houston. They used Westjet's reservation system to make the booking with westjet flight number. Went to West Jet counter and was told its a Delta flight and not west jet as Travelocity has used their system to make the booking. Went to Delta and no record of booking. They asked me to call Travelocity to get the booking info and the ticket number. After 1 hour on the phone with them and three different people I was told its actually a United Airlines ticket and I should call them. Called United and after 30 min finally got the info needed. Missed the flight and had to wait another 10 hours to get the next flight and pay an additional $150 as the next flight had different fare structure. Called Travelocity to file complain and they didn't give a damn. I warn everyone to stay away from this website. Its a scam. They will make your booking and not pass the info to the airline.

In Ireland and had problems with their site as the wrong day got booked. Approximately 2 hours on the phone with promises that never got enacted on. What a joke and waste of time. They actually never could fix their own problem. However Travelocity thought it was okay to make promises. Thanks Travelocity for making a bad situation worse.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I did not learn the first time or second time. Every trip we planned had EXTRA CHARGES WE WERE NOT TOLD ABOUT. The room had a $50 extra charge each night! Car rental was $250 more than they told us. THEN, the car rental place Economy rental car in Cancun charged our credit card $500 that we do not owe and will not stop trying to get this money from us. We had to cancel card. Travelocity has been no help. They disconnect call when they find out we are having issues. Move on... if the price is cheaper... guess again!

This is by far the worst company I have ever made flight arrangements with. I'll start by saying my original flight was pushed back which delayed me from my connecting flights. I was told by the desk attendant I could catch another flight in Chicago which took me to Fort Lauderdale, Fl instead of West Palm Beach as originally booked with the price of $779.20. Hence, I get to Chicago which I'm told that flight will not get me to Fort Lauderdale, FL until this morning 7/7/16. At that point I'm told by another attendant the only flight I can get will be to Miami, FL.

The expense I encountered to catch a Taxi all the way from Miami to West Palm Beach, FL was well over $150.00. I have been on the phone with 5 different people and only being offered a $50.00 coupon. No one seems to care about the inconvenience of the customer. It appears to make it your problem. NEVER EVER BOOK WITH THESE PEOPLE. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMER!!!

Room had no working air conditioning. Had Sleep Number beds that did not function. Had no working phone in the room. I attempted to contact Travelocity (no phone number that I could find anywhere) and when I went to the Travelocity website and requested a call back I NEVER received one. So I had to find my own alternate accommodations. I contacted Travelocity via their website, providing an email and contact phone number, on July 2, and still haven't heard back as of July 5th. Thanks for nothing! Travelocity may be good for booking but USELESS for support.

Booked a stay using the website. During booking process the website explained $97.00 room rate and $50.00 for taxes and fees plus $90 cleaning fee for one night stay. I would not recommend this website or resort.

My wife and I planned a family vacation using Travelocity for the flight reservations. We had been long time users of Travelocity and rarely ever had a problem in the past. Travelocity no longer exists as it once did. Apparently they have been purchased by Expedia (Microsoft) and ever since then their customer service has been non-existent. What's worse is they have begun to defraud the public on a massive scale. We purchased airline tickets for a round trip flight to the west coast. We were provided the ability to select seats on the Travelocity website.

As per the website warning/disclaimer, we called the airline a week before the flight to confirm our seat assignments. SURPRISE! We didn't have seat assignments. Not only didn't we have them, the airline told us Travelocity NEVER sent a request for seat assignments! Needless to say we were told we would be split up among a full aircraft, individually, regardless of age. OUTRAGEOUS! We cancelled our flights immediately with Travelocity and asked for a refund. It's been 6 weeks and we are still disputing this. STAY AWAY FROM TRAVELOCITY!!

For practically the same price we could have booked directly through the airline and had guaranteed seat assignments. Had we known of this recent change with Travelocity we never would have used them. It looks like now we are out $1600. Someone should initiate a class action suit. Travelocity should not be offering seat selection when in fact they do not have the authority to do so.

The airline told us Travelocity NEVER sends seat requests and Travelocity tickets are always UNASSIGNED with them. This was deliberate misrepresentation of a product or service to trick the unsuspecting consumer to purchase said product or service, or better known as fraud, simple fraud. That is exactly what Travelocity is doing by offering seat selections. They know and are aware they are no longer requesting seat assignments from any airline. In our particular case we had Virgin America for the departing flight and JetBlue for the return flight. Both airlines stated the exact same thing!

I am writing in regards to a trip we booked at Purgatory resort in Durango, CO. The pictures showed a brand new condo with a beautiful kitchen and fully loaded. To our surprise, when we arrived, the condo was built in the 70s and had not been updated since they were built. To make matters worse, we found out from the people running the premises that they normally charged $120/night.... Travelocity charged us $150/night. The price would have been well worth it if it were the same condo they showed in the pictures.

We booked a flight and hotel with an agent and he lied to us repeatedly on two separate issues and when we received confirmation emails we realized the dates for flights and hotels were all wrong. It wasn't even until I contacted their customer service agent that I realized he hadn't even booked the hotel for the correct dates. We spent hours on the phone trying to correct the problem. In the end we just cancelled everything and even then it took 1 hour and 46 minutes on the phone just to get a refund for their mistake. We then immediately found cheaper airline tickets on our own and another wonderful hotel. Don't waste your time and money with Travelocity. Awful experience.

In April, 2016, we booked four tickets through Travelocity to Paris. On May 11, we realized that the names on our passports didn't match exactly. My husband needed to add "Sr." to the end of his name, and I needed to add my maiden name in addition to my middle and last name. We didn't need to change a passenger name, just add more to it. From May 11th to May 22nd we made 17 phone calls to Travelocity regarding this seemingly minor issue. We were kept on hold for 6 hours and 25 minutes, dealing with 17 "representatives" and 3 "supervisors" who, though polite and friendly, were completely unable to make these minor changes and confessed that they had never heard of the airline they represented.

Part of the problem was that none of the 20 Travelocity employees we talked with spoke without an accent, and, as a consequence, were difficult to understand; and they had no idea what it meant to add an "Sr." to the end of a surname. Apparently it isn't in their culture. The airline had no phone number, which was a problem for both Travelocity and us as well. (a different issue) Through emails, it became apparent that this had to be resolved through Travelocity, not the airline, we would have to re-book two of the four tickets, pay the price difference, and pay a fine of $125 each... a difference of almost $800. We have never dealt with any company that made it so difficult, frustrating, and costly to do something so simple. We cancelled our reservations and got a refund through our credit card company. The airline did not dispute the issue.

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