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Booked a trip for me and my wife to the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort in Puerto Vallarta. We were supposed to get all inclusive and an ocean view. The week of our trip, the hotel tells us it's not all inclusive, and that we would not get an ocean view. Here's the best part... The hotel rep tells me a lot of angry Travelocity customers have been arriving there thinking they are getting ocean view and all inclusive and that Travelocity's website has been having issues lately.

So as you can imagine I'm beyond upset. I call Travelocity and tell them the situation... They admit it was a mistake! I was put on hold for over 2 hours as I kept getting re-routed. The entire time they tell me I'm getting a full refund. Finally a supervisor comes on saying he has to penalize me 1 day hotel fee and the airline fee. I yelled, "how can you penalize me for something you admit is your fault?!" He said it is what it is and that he had to follow procedure. In the end they kept $600 of my hard-earned money. Yes you heard me right, not only did our trip get canceled, they kept $600. Not 1 apology. No future credit. My wife has been crying the whole night. I've been on the phone with my credit card company trying to get that $600 back. Only time will tell.

Booked our trip to Breezes, Nassau for 8/3/16, 6 nights. This is our second trip here, and one of many times we've used Travelocity. Wife booked trip cost 3000. Less than two days later she seen on Travelocity! that the same exact trip ocean view and same flight times had reduced 600. She called to get some help and was told they would see what they could do. Heard nothing for two more days so she called Travelocity and they said she had never talked to anyone. Well my wife had notes and named the associate, and asked if they would refund the difference. Well that's a big No!!!

And to top it off the trip is now 1000 less than when we booked. We dealt with Travelocity so Breezes cannot help. I will not use them again. Customer service and some sense of fair play should exist. We will enjoy our stay at the Breezes I'm sure and not hold them responsible. It's a great resort. Travelocity has however lost my business. BEWARE.

7/15/16 - Thank you for refusing to help me. Your customer service reps are the worst. I bought a plane ticket for my mom to go back to Florida and my computer auto populated my first name in the passenger name field instead of her name. Although all the other passenger information like birthday, sex, and last name were all correct, your reps refused to help me and fix the first name. A simple little mistake, and no one from your company wanted to have the courage to fix it.

Everyone I spoke to kept stating the policies and procedures to change the name, and amount of fees that I need to pay to get this done. You should train your reps to be more helpful to customers, resolve problems, and correct human mistakes, instead of just sounding like robots reading from a script. I see that your company loves capitalizing on people's mistakes. My mother was not allowed on the plane and she is scheduled to have a medical procedure done Monday morning in Florida. Thanks for nothing. I assure you that I would never use your company ever again.

I bought travel insurance for my recent travel. My first leg of my flight was delayed by two hours thus resulting in me missing my connecting flight. They provided another flight that was 16 hours later. That flight too had an hour delay. Spent a combined 6 hours on the phone explaining my situation. Was given a reference number for my claim. Every time I called back for a status update I had to speak to a foreigner and explained my whole story why I am making a claim AGAIN.

I can understand companies outsourcing to third world country to cut on cost but the people they hire need to be competent and understand basic English. What is the purpose of travel insurance when they want customer to go to HELL to file a claim that is rightfully deserving of a reimbursement. I will go to all length to find as many sites to write negative ratings for Travelocity and their customer service department. Will tell all friends and family to never ever book anything less with this company. I am fed up with Travelocity!!!

So I'm sitting about 2 miles from the hotel I thought I had booked for 7/7/16. When I get to the hotel, the guy said Travelocity booked me for the 8th. I paid an extra 40$ thru Travelocity. To stay at some dump. The site claimed it to be the best in the area. Said it had free breakfast with your stay. When I got my first room key, the room the guy gave us had no door knob on it. The lights were on and so was the tv. Someone was living in it. When I got my 2nd key for another room, the room was dirty. Crumbs from other people eating in there were all over the floor. There was a spitter bottle on my nightstand. Hair in the bathroom drain. The bathroom you couldn't even turn around in. There was a meth head/prostitute living on the other side of the building.

When we got settled in, we went down to the office only to find out there's 3 undercover cops sitting in the office waiting for someone. The place is a total dump. Drug central. I was half afraid to sleep under the blankets. Under the beds were old bottles and food wrappers. I will never buy another hotel or anything off of this site. It's a joke. Your best bet is to go directly to the actual hotel site and book that way. Or call the hotel to actually talk to someone. 1st and last time booking off of here.

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This is a messed up website with untrained staff. I booked a flight from Toronto to Houston. They used Westjet's reservation system to make the booking with westjet flight number. Went to West Jet counter and was told its a Delta flight and not west jet as Travelocity has used their system to make the booking. Went to Delta and no record of booking. They asked me to call Travelocity to get the booking info and the ticket number. After 1 hour on the phone with them and three different people I was told its actually a United Airlines ticket and I should call them. Called United and after 30 min finally got the info needed. Missed the flight and had to wait another 10 hours to get the next flight and pay an additional $150 as the next flight had different fare structure. Called Travelocity to file complain and they didn't give a damn. I warn everyone to stay away from this website. Its a scam. They will make your booking and not pass the info to the airline.

In Ireland and had problems with their site as the wrong day got booked. Approximately 2 hours on the phone with promises that never got enacted on. What a joke and waste of time. They actually never could fix their own problem. However Travelocity thought it was okay to make promises. Thanks Travelocity for making a bad situation worse.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I did not learn the first time or second time. Every trip we planned had EXTRA CHARGES WE WERE NOT TOLD ABOUT. The room had a $50 extra charge each night! Car rental was $250 more than they told us. THEN, the car rental place Economy rental car in Cancun charged our credit card $500 that we do not owe and will not stop trying to get this money from us. We had to cancel card. Travelocity has been no help. They disconnect call when they find out we are having issues. Move on... if the price is cheaper... guess again!

This is by far the worst company I have ever made flight arrangements with. I'll start by saying my original flight was pushed back which delayed me from my connecting flights. I was told by the desk attendant I could catch another flight in Chicago which took me to Fort Lauderdale, Fl instead of West Palm Beach as originally booked with the price of $779.20. Hence, I get to Chicago which I'm told that flight will not get me to Fort Lauderdale, FL until this morning 7/7/16. At that point I'm told by another attendant the only flight I can get will be to Miami, FL.

The expense I encountered to catch a Taxi all the way from Miami to West Palm Beach, FL was well over $150.00. I have been on the phone with 5 different people and only being offered a $50.00 coupon. No one seems to care about the inconvenience of the customer. It appears to make it your problem. NEVER EVER BOOK WITH THESE PEOPLE. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMER!!!

Room had no working air conditioning. Had Sleep Number beds that did not function. Had no working phone in the room. I attempted to contact Travelocity (no phone number that I could find anywhere) and when I went to the Travelocity website and requested a call back I NEVER received one. So I had to find my own alternate accommodations. I contacted Travelocity via their website, providing an email and contact phone number, on July 2, and still haven't heard back as of July 5th. Thanks for nothing! Travelocity may be good for booking but USELESS for support.

Booked a stay using the website. During booking process the website explained $97.00 room rate and $50.00 for taxes and fees plus $90 cleaning fee for one night stay. I would not recommend this website or resort.

My wife and I planned a family vacation using Travelocity for the flight reservations. We had been long time users of Travelocity and rarely ever had a problem in the past. Travelocity no longer exists as it once did. Apparently they have been purchased by Expedia (Microsoft) and ever since then their customer service has been non-existent. What's worse is they have begun to defraud the public on a massive scale. We purchased airline tickets for a round trip flight to the west coast. We were provided the ability to select seats on the Travelocity website.

As per the website warning/disclaimer, we called the airline a week before the flight to confirm our seat assignments. SURPRISE! We didn't have seat assignments. Not only didn't we have them, the airline told us Travelocity NEVER sent a request for seat assignments! Needless to say we were told we would be split up among a full aircraft, individually, regardless of age. OUTRAGEOUS! We cancelled our flights immediately with Travelocity and asked for a refund. It's been 6 weeks and we are still disputing this. STAY AWAY FROM TRAVELOCITY!!

For practically the same price we could have booked directly through the airline and had guaranteed seat assignments. Had we known of this recent change with Travelocity we never would have used them. It looks like now we are out $1600. Someone should initiate a class action suit. Travelocity should not be offering seat selection when in fact they do not have the authority to do so.

The airline told us Travelocity NEVER sends seat requests and Travelocity tickets are always UNASSIGNED with them. This was deliberate misrepresentation of a product or service to trick the unsuspecting consumer to purchase said product or service, or better known as fraud, simple fraud. That is exactly what Travelocity is doing by offering seat selections. They know and are aware they are no longer requesting seat assignments from any airline. In our particular case we had Virgin America for the departing flight and JetBlue for the return flight. Both airlines stated the exact same thing!

I am writing in regards to a trip we booked at Purgatory resort in Durango, CO. The pictures showed a brand new condo with a beautiful kitchen and fully loaded. To our surprise, when we arrived, the condo was built in the 70s and had not been updated since they were built. To make matters worse, we found out from the people running the premises that they normally charged $120/night.... Travelocity charged us $150/night. The price would have been well worth it if it were the same condo they showed in the pictures.

We booked a flight and hotel with an agent and he lied to us repeatedly on two separate issues and when we received confirmation emails we realized the dates for flights and hotels were all wrong. It wasn't even until I contacted their customer service agent that I realized he hadn't even booked the hotel for the correct dates. We spent hours on the phone trying to correct the problem. In the end we just cancelled everything and even then it took 1 hour and 46 minutes on the phone just to get a refund for their mistake. We then immediately found cheaper airline tickets on our own and another wonderful hotel. Don't waste your time and money with Travelocity. Awful experience.

In April, 2016, we booked four tickets through Travelocity to Paris. On May 11, we realized that the names on our passports didn't match exactly. My husband needed to add "Sr." to the end of his name, and I needed to add my maiden name in addition to my middle and last name. We didn't need to change a passenger name, just add more to it. From May 11th to May 22nd we made 17 phone calls to Travelocity regarding this seemingly minor issue. We were kept on hold for 6 hours and 25 minutes, dealing with 17 "representatives" and 3 "supervisors" who, though polite and friendly, were completely unable to make these minor changes and confessed that they had never heard of the airline they represented.

Part of the problem was that none of the 20 Travelocity employees we talked with spoke without an accent, and, as a consequence, were difficult to understand; and they had no idea what it meant to add an "Sr." to the end of a surname. Apparently it isn't in their culture. The airline had no phone number, which was a problem for both Travelocity and us as well. (a different issue) Through emails, it became apparent that this had to be resolved through Travelocity, not the airline, we would have to re-book two of the four tickets, pay the price difference, and pay a fine of $125 each... a difference of almost $800. We have never dealt with any company that made it so difficult, frustrating, and costly to do something so simple. We cancelled our reservations and got a refund through our credit card company. The airline did not dispute the issue.

This is the most atrocious and difficult customer service that I have ever experienced while trying to book an all inclusive vacation. I will absolutely never book with Travelocity again. When calling to inquire about my reservations I was disconnected twice. After being on the phone with a customer service representative that had claimed to process my account and then waited for over a half hour to never receive a confirmation on either end, only to be hung up on again.

I once again called back asking to have my vacation package to be confirmed and every representative I spoke to has claimed they couldn't find the information and that their "system was updating". At this moment I am still on hold for now 2 hours and counting waiting to speak to a supervisor. I still have no idea if my credit cards were charged for this trip because no one at Travelocity can even verify. The most horrifying customer experience to this day. If there was a negative number on this scale, I would chose it.

I wish I would have read the reviews before dealing with this company as I am currently dealing with long wait times while they are suppose to be calling hotel. I made reservations on May 2nd for a condo in California. My grandson and his team are in the national dirt bike races. Of course they charged my card for the full amount. Our dates are 6/22/16-6/26/16. I was not able to go on the first day so I called the management company to make sure my son-in-law could pick up keys only to be told I don't have a reservation. After many calls to Travelocity the condo management company reserved another condo and wanted payment. At this time my family is on the way to the condo. If I would not have called about the keys they would have arrived and would not have a place to stay. For 2 days I have been trying to get a refund from Travelocity and all I get is a runaround.

I got a supervisor today (Joan) who placed me on hold for 35 minutes while she was trying to call the hotel to see who's fault it is. After waiting she tells me their customer service is busy and she will try back in an hour and let me know what she found out and assures me they will take care of this That was 5 hours ago. I called back to be ask again what the problem is I told him I would not go over it again just put me in touch with Joan who of course is not answering her phone.
In reading other reviews this seems to be how they deal with clients who want their money. Leave them on hold for long periods of time and hope you hang up.

This event for my grandson was to be a fun experience. Staying at the same condos with the rest of his team was part of the experience as well as a birthday party for his 21st birthday.

This company has pretty much ruined all plans but not doing their job and worse not to take care of the problem they caused. A company like this should not be in business. A simple hotel reservation has turned into a nightmare. I have been in customer service for 50 years. I know mistakes happen but it is how you take care of the problem once it occurs. Travelocity does not take care of their mistakes, they make them worse.

I declined the Flight Protection Plan three times AND was charged for it. Then, when questioned, they say they will not/cannot/won't cancel refund the declined charge! This should be ILLEGAL!

Being on the telephone with the Philippines for almost 2 hours is a frustrating, aggravating and annoying. Beside the language barrier they lose your information therefore, you now have the same price that's available in the system. Forget escalating it to a supervisor because she no better than the person that you were speaking to in the first person. And forget being transferred to the States because THEY ALL STICK TOGETHER. The bottom line, I lost the price while I was talking to the agent. But unfortunately, I was able to find it again online... I WILL NEVER CALL TRAVELOCITY AGAIN. IT'S NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPEN TO ME and the ONLY reason I called is because I'm disable... Good luck.

I used the Travelocity search engine to find a hotel in a specific neighborhood in Paris for a work conference and when their search engine populates "sales", it has a technical glitch that lists hotels in the !!totally wrong neighborhood!!.This did not just happen once. I took photos of many examples where they are flat out lying about location. I trusted their mapping feature to be accurate and it sent me to a hotel 30 miles outside of the city. I spent 8 hours!! on customer service calls **PRIOR** to my trip trying to correct the issue.

They told me only a supervisor could rebook me at another hotel. Then they'd leave me on hold for 1-2 hours each time and no supervisor would answer, or they would not get back to me about the problem. I finally had to spend 80Euro on a taxi to go to the hotel in person and cancel. The manager of the hotel confirmed the search engine location problem and even sent Travelocity a LETTER on my behalf requesting a full refund for a hotel I never checked into.

Travelocity has ignored all of our joint correspondence. They keep blaming the hotel saying "the Pullman La Defence Hotel does not allow refunds" but it's Travelocity lying to me. The hotel has written letters on my behalf. I had to PAY TWICE for a Paris Hotel and when I got to the 2nd hotel (La Fontaine du Luxembourg), it was under construction and fully tented. And Travelocity gave no warning about this.

It was the worst trip I have ever taken. Not only did they cost me $600 for a fraudulent hotel, but I paid over $100 in cab fare and missed $800 worth of work to deal with this ridiculous problem. Finally I had American Express reverse the charges. If you feel like Travelocity has tricked you or lied to you, get your credit card company involved. They often have far better customer service, especially when you have a paper trail proving the fraud.

We booked a vacation package to Maui with Travelocity in March 2016 for September 19th. Something came up and we were forced to cancel. I started calling on June 15th. I told them I was forced to cancel this trip. They said to hold on while they check the package. They play this torture music for 30 minutes when they come on the line to inform me that Hawaiian Airlines has a no refund policy for cancellations even with three months notice. However, the airline will provide a voucher at a $200.00 fee if I use it before March 2017. I will not be able to do that so funds for are lost. Doesn't sound like Hawaiian Airlines with three months notice. They checked with the Westin Kaanapali and could not get a hold of anyone. They said they would pass it on and get back to me. This was June 15th.

On June 18th I had not heard anything and called Travelocity again. Talked to someone about the problem with a refund for the hotel after looking round 1 with the airline. She said to hold while she phones the hotel. Over thirty minutes later (torture music) she said that she couldn't get a hold of anyone and she would put me on the line with her supervisor. More torture music and he came on the line fifteen minutes later and said he had a different number for the hotel and would give it a try. Music on and he returns another twenty minutes later with news that the hotel has a no refund policy on cancellations even with three months notice. Westin Kaanapali. Not likely.

What I didn't tell the supervisor that I had already called the resort before even calling them. They said they have no such policy and it would be the third party's (Travelocity) policy. I asked him to send me a email saying that I will out $2700.00 because something came up three months before the trip. Wait it's not over yet. He said he would get a hold of the manager to get on the line. Put me on hold, music, music, music. 20 minutes. Gets manager and says "are you there? I say "I am" and he can't hear me. Hangs up. The manager did call right back from a different phone number. She said also that it was hotel policy for no refunds on cancellations. She said she get a hold of the hotel manager and put me on hold to see what she could do.

Another twenty minutes pass when she says she couldn't get a hold of the manager (surprise) and would send them a email and forward the response to my email, what I wanted a long time ago, as soon as she gets it. I said I would not lose $2700.00 and not put up a fight and now I have her personal phone number. I am sure they do not believe any normal human being would stay on the line listening to very bad annoying music for over a hour and a half and get nothing. I did get mad enough to call the manager back and the phone message says that this phone is for outgoing calls only. Perfect. Never again. They wouldn't let me rate them no stars.

I canceled a travel package last September 2015, and I have tried multiple times to use that airline credit, and have spent over 20 hours on the phone with 6 different representatives to book my new flight, to no avail. I was, however, successfully charged the $200 change fee. This is the most frustrating experience had with any company, especially considering that I am a "Travelocity Gnomad" and have spent over $50,000 on travel through Travelocity in the past two years, and have proactively touted Travelocity as the best travel company for at least 10 years.

I am supposed to be flying out next week and thought that I had a reservation (emailed to me was a snapshot of the correct flights). I called the next day when I hadn't received confirmation and the representative assured me that it was "in the queue" and to check again the next day. It never showed up, and now I'm on the phone and was just told that there is no reservation for my flight next week. I have a feeling I will never be able to use my airline credit and even paid $200 on top of that. I hope no one else ever has to go through this, although I am certain now that this is the way that they make their money. I have spent too much time and money, and now I also feel like I might have a heart attack. NOT WORTH IT. Book directly!!

Booked one leg of a flight, tried to book hotel reservations, phoned for customer support and was told I would not receive a discount because it was not a round trip ticket. But the website popped up and stated now that you have booked your flight, book your room now and receive 54% off. Not, you have to have a round trip ticket. Last leg of flight was not booked. Last time I will use Travelocity and I will continue to report this company to the better business bureau and anyone who will listen and encourage them to change their website and have it state - must book round trip ticket!!! Fraudulent advertising is fraudulent.

I recently booked a car rental through Travelocity back in February. I received an email confirmation - all appeared correct so I didn't think twice about it until today. 2 days before our trip I decided to call Hertz just to ensure we actually get a van (there are 6 of us) only to be informed that my pick up location is NOT at the airport as I requested when I made the reservation.

I called Travelocity and after almost 30 min on hold finally got a supervisor (after being disconnected once). I was then told they would do some website analytics to determine if there was a problem with the website during booking that resulted in the error (vs. it being my error). After 50 additional minutes on hold I was greeted by the rudest customer service manager I have ever dealt with. I was informed that since I hadn't logged into my Travelocity account since I made the reservation it was MY fault and there was nothing they would do about it.

When asked why logging in mattered (I had checked my reservation email - it said "Car rental in Portland" and had a hertz address - but not location name. For all I knew it's an off-site location) I was told it was my responsibility to check to make sure the address was correct, not theirs. Why would I google an address that could be an off-site rental location when I put the airport code into the reservation request?

The supervisor was extremely rude - continually talking over me and not listening to what I was trying to ask or say. When I acknowledged that I knew I was being rude because I was upset but that I didn't appreciate that she AS A CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER was being rude to me - the customer - she just told me that yes I was being rude and that she wasn't, she was just following policy. When I asked to speak to her supervisor I was denied because there was nothing anyone could do for me. I told her I didn't want/need help - that I wanted to report her behavior and got her name (but still didn't get escalated). I have provided feedback online and requested they contact me (and I will call them back again). So we shall see what they do to address her behavior. Unfortunately I am stuck with the incorrect reservation because the cost difference to switch it is astronomical (fortunately it is 15 miles away is all). DON'T USE TRAVELOCITY EVER.

I was booking 2 rooms for 2 nights over the 4th of July weekend in Springfield, MO for a family of 8 vacation. I was having challenges finding a hotel. Finally selected one, filled out the credit card info but before I hit submit I changed my mind and decided to book a nice hotel. So I went back to the hotel that was more expensive, booked it, entered my card information and hit submit. I got a message that my card info was incorrect so I entered it again and hit submit. I got 2 confirmations and immediately realized I had booked 2 hotels, 2 rooms for 2 nights. I called Travelocity and because selected the non-refundable option, they could void either reservations. It was clearly obvious that at the same time I book 2 hotels in the same city, same days, 2 rooms. Then I received 78... yes I said 78 confirmations of these 2 reservations...

I booked a trip with Travelocity heading to Russia for a month. I booked head in advance got a great deal to book non-refundable. A week before taking my trip a immediate family member became sick and soon passed away. This was a once in a lifetime trip for me. I had to cancel my trip to attend to my family. I was told by an agent that I would be able to use this trip whenever I wanted to. After 3 years has gone by and not being able to afford another trip I called to see if I could approach the subject of a refund, only to find out that the credit for my trip was cancelled as well. I was told I would be left on hold for a very long time and then was left waiting on the phone for over and hour before hanging up. My advice is if your thinking of use this company look somewhere else as this is the worst company I have been associated with yet in my life... Pooooooor Quality.

First - wouldn't let me cancel a reservation with them 30 min after I had made it without charging me 1/2 (one night's stay and we were staying two nights) b/c I had found a site that offered the same room for $100/night less. Said cancellation would only be refunded in full by 4p THE DAY before the day I reserved it. Second - upon their suggestion, I filed Best Price Guarantee form to get the $200 back and was denied on the Best Price Guarantee b/c the room isn't "apples to apples" yet. It's the best they can offer – a two adult room is a two adult room.

I booked a packaged deal on May 15 with Travelocity. I was unable to see the entire itinerary until tonight on my trips. The hotel in Acapulco was missing. I called to ask why and they said it had been canceled. I had already paid for the entire package and did not cancel the hotel. After speaking to a supervisor, he told me that I had to speak with someone from corporate headquarters because there was nothing he could do for me. He wanted me to send him a copy of my bank statement which I refused. This is the first time I had used Travelocity and it will be my last. I want to find out if there is a government agency I can report them to. I'd like to give them a zero. I wished I had checked the consumer reviews first. A big mistake on my end.

When we got to London we were not happy with our hotel. We did not blame Travelocity just wanted to change it. On the second third day there we sent a Facebook message. Got a phone call a while later. Said we could look up hotels and let them know which one we wanted. We did this and it took another day for them to get back to us just to tell us the hotels we chose were either booked or too expensive. We picked more hotels. Took forever to hear back. They finally called back. All the while we spent two extra nights in an awful hotel. One of these nights the fire alarm went off from someone taking a hot shower and the steam set off the alarm. We told them to call in three hours so we could get to Internet access. They did not call. My husband called customer service on our dime. It cost a lot to call internationally. At least 50 cents per minute. Was out on hold for an hour and a half. He was hung up on twice. Finally got a hold of someone.

In the meantime our hotel had checked us out without our permission and gave our room to someone else who walked in on us. We were forced into a decision because it had taken so long to hear back. No hotels were available that were not expensive. So we had to pay $1100 extra for the new hotel and arrived past midnight very emotionally tired and exhausted. When we got back to the states we contacted Travelocity about our complaint. We did get the small refund for the four nights we did not stay at the first bad hotel. Haven't seen it in my bank yet by the way. We were told a higher up supervisor would contact us within 48 hours. It's been over a week. No word. I am greatly disappointed and if we do not hear back I will be even more disappointed. At this point we will not be using Travelocity again.

I was forced to cancel a hotel reservation several days before the start of my schedule stay. Travelocity has a policy of charging a first nights fee for any cancellation. The website attempts to make you believe that it is the hotels policy. The hotel informed me that it is not their policy, but Travelocity's. The cancellation fee is a Travelocity scam and I will never use the site to book another reservation and encourage anyone considering using their services to find an alternative booking agent to accommodate their needs.

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Travelocity is a Dallas-based travel company owned by Sabre Corporation, a travel technology company that has been in business since 1960.

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