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3 day tour - Montreal/ Ottawa/Quebec - I took this tour from 7th-10th September 2016 provided by NGH Tours. The bus- comfortable and spacious- no complaints. The price of the tour was advertised as USD 126.00, however, we were told on the bus that we MUST pay an additional CAD 255.00 per person for 2 buffet lunches and 2 buffet dinners. This extra sum was also to see the places of interest which were advertised as OPTIONAL on the Tours4fun itinerary. The tour guide (Ben) said this extra sum was for mandatory sightseeing, not optional as per the website. This sum was also for tips for both Ben and the driver (Wing), however, Ben made a request for more tips at the end of the tour! I did not appreciate the hidden fees as I mainly booked this tour because of the price.

The tour itself, whilst informative, was too rushed on account of all the OPTIONAL sights which were jammed into the itinerary. The original itinerary would have allowed for comfortable time to visit the allotted places, instead we were extremely rushed and even the bathroom stops were limited to 7 minutes for a full bus! We were not allowed to use the bathroom on the bus. The driver was very rude to passengers and was always angry. The buffet meals - food was good but the time limit took any pleasure away. We were told to "go in, eat, get up and leave..." by our guide. The hotels - Sandman and Ambassadeur were acceptable. I will book with Tours4fun again but not if the tour is operated by NGH Tours.

Coming from Australia and being very experienced travelers, we decided, for a change to go on an organised tour of Martha's Vineyard to save us the hassle of driving in NY state. So, we booked an 'American tour' and expected an all 'American 2 day trip'. Instead it was Chinese based, Chinese run and catered for the Chinese. A bus with 2 Australians, 6 Jamaican ladies and 45 Chinese! The tour guide Helen was pleasant and tried her best to accommodate everyone's needs BUT the Chinese clients dominated the entire experience. The bus driver (Chinese) (who we weren't even introduced to) never spoke to the clients. Helen only spoke in Chinese to him. Fortunately, the narration which was pretty good was in English and Chinese, but at times difficult to understand because of her accent.

This trip was NOT worthwhile. The initial cost was OK, but on top of that, there were additional tour attractions which they demanded had to be paid for in cash once we were on the bus. I would expect bus groups would get discounts to some attractions, but we had to pay FULL price and we were given no receipts. We drove forever...traffic was shocking leaving and returning to NY (2 hours late). On the return trip, we got off in Flushing and caught the subway home as it was quicker. The mandatory $8 a day tip for driver and guide was also a bit much. The only consolation was the great hotel we stayed in, but Helen didn't know where we were staying till 2 hours before!

There was very little coordination of the itinerary as we backtracked constantly across the Providence area, esp when driving to their specified Chinese buffet restaurant and then to the hotel. The days were extremely long...leaving at 8 am and arriving at the hotel at 10 pm and the following day leaving at 7.30 am and didn't get back to NY till well after 9 pm. Even though I enjoyed Martha's Vineyard and the surrounding areas, the whole weekend was disappointing. The island tour on Martha's Vineyard was a total waste of money. If I had read the complaints made to the consumer board about this company, prior to my booking, I would NEVER have booked this tour. Avoid this company at all costs.

The tour is advertised that you get so much for such a good deal. See vegas and the grand canyon and hoover dam. I booked this tour for my elderly parents and cousins. It came out to be $244 for them leaving on a Sunday. What they don't tell you in the fine print is that if you wish to go to the grand canyon or hoover dam, youre going to have to pay extra. Everything has an extra fee associated with it. Even if you choose not to go to the grand canyon and dam on day two for $50-$90 per person you'll still have to pay them $30 per person to have the day to yourself in your hotel room. You pretty much have to pay them to do nothing for you. Pay more to go on this tour of the grand canyon or still pay to be left behind and do nothing. Its ridiculous that you have to pay them $30 per person for them to do nothing for you because you opted out. They list it in their notes as a "free day fee." They ought to be sued for such bogus practices.

We took a 3 day bus tour from Toronto to Quebec city. Be aware that you will have to pay 4 times as much on the bus (cash) in addition to what you paid at registration. Please note, there are no other choices. You have to pay for your meals at buffets of their choice (some were okay and some were unacceptable. Dinner in a restaurant in Quebec city was terrible.) and "tips" for bus driver and tour guide. Hotel Ambassador is unacceptable. Tour guide is mediocre. We did not learn that much, but she kept us all on the schedule and it was important. Please do not trust the high rating on their website. They never post negative reviews there. We submitted one and they did not post it, even after I contacted them and inquired why they did not post it. Disappointed.

We found out in the bus that some people paid &100 dollar less by person for the same trip. The problem is that in their website they make people believe that the sites that we visited, people have to pay. When they are for free. Also they make you believe in their website that you can go inside the White House. It's very tricky their website.

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We really enjoyed our trip to Martha's Vineyard. It was a 2 day tour. Left on August 29, 2016. At first our original plans had changed to what was advertised (Steam boat trip). We then went to the Mystic Aquarium and the Breakers instead. Everything was on a time schedule that worked out well. Our tour guide Suki was so pleasant and helpful with any information we needed. She was truly a gem and very knowledgeable and so very friendly even the small children on our tour were very enamored with her. We thank Tours4Fun and our driver for a safe and pleasant experience.

I took a tours out of Las Vegas to Bryce and Zion Nat. parks. There were optional tours to Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend that we were told were mandatory. The tour guide collected from everyone. Tours4fun farms out their tours to random bus tours. I asked three times why they were mandatory when they were listed as optional and each time I got a confusing answer, however I had to pay. He was Chinese with poor English. When I got back I complained to tours4fun. They said reimbursement was up to the company that actually did the tour and they wouldn't reimburse me.

I was told I could have chosen not to pay (not true), but this was the only itinerary for the second day. Tours4fun said I could have stayed in the (low class) hotel. Really!!! You would think tours4fun would want to know that the company was cheating their customers. I was the only English-speaking person, the rest were Chinese. He narrated mostly in Chinese. One time he went on and on in Chinese and nothing in English. When I said "English please" he said about three words. Be prepared to be ripped off for this extra payment of $84.00. I would not ever use them again.

3-days tour to Las Vegas and Grand Canyon was quite cheap but still not worth it. The bus was full of Chinese and the guide explained everything in Chinese three times longer than in English. Lunch place on both ways was horrible Asian buffet where everything was crowdy, noisy and messy and food was eaten. All dishes were almost empty. The food that was left was very bad. Lunch didn't include the trip. It cost 15$. The hotel in Las Vegas was okay. The trip to Grand Canyon took 10 hour (return) and we had only 45 minutes to stay at the South Rim Grand Canyon. The tour also included visits to a chocolate factory and an outlet. A chocolate factory in the 100 degrees heat is a joke. You can't buy anything from there.

And the outlet where they took us was totally a fraud... Poor Chinese who bought brand products "cheap"... The bottom of this trip took place on the return. They showed a catastrophe movie on the bus and it was San Andreas which tells about earthquakes in Los Angeles... very comfortable return to home. The most positive thing in this trip was very good bus drivers. And remember, visiting Grand Canyon costs 50$/person.

I went with my family in 1 August 2016 on this 3-day tour, was a bit frightened by poor review by some. Our experience was opposite to what some others have written. It was value for money, the guide was enthusiastic, hotel stay was awesome for the price, all passengers appreciated the guide. Some customers may not be used to tip system, but should understand that it is a norm in the US. Most things are explained on the Tours4Fun website. Thank you so much, I would certainly recommend.

We went on the 3 day tour to Niagara Falls Washington DC and Philadelphia. The coach was filthy the air conditioning did not work and the coach was very smelly. When we complained to Bill the Tour operator he said it was not his problem and said tell the driver. The Driver said it was not his coach and he would not clean it. The tour guide could not speak proper English we couldn't understand him. He could not explain anything but kept saying "OK?" OK?? He didn't given any explanations of where we were or where we were going. When he asked a question he couldn't answer us.

On the second morning the coach broke down. Neither the coach driver or Bill came to tell us what the problem was. We wasted 2 hours sitting waiting. When the coach started we asked the driver what was wrong and he rudely said "Don't ask questions its working now so you don't need to know!" The trip was then rushed and we didn't have enough time to enjoy the sights we had paid to see. The Tour guide insisted everybody paid him an extra dollar on top of the $8.00 service charge and when one of the families refused to pay this because the service had been so bad he became very rude and threatening telling them to get off the coach and called the police. As a fee paying customer I was very upset by the whole experience. There was no customer service. The coach was dirty and unsafe. This is not what we paid for and I wished I hadn't gone. This spoilt our whole visit to New York. This is a Bad Bad company. Don't go anywhere with them!

My parents booked this tour because they were told about it from a friend. They booked the 3 days Chicago tour. My parents booked this tour because they wanted to go to the main attractions with a schedule with a tour guide that will explain the city to them as well as help them navigate throughout the city so they wouldn't have to plan the trip because they were too busy to do research. They originally booked this trip just for the two of them. However, they couldn't go due to a family emergency. Therefore, the trip got postponed until July 8, 2016 when my siblings and I were out of school for the summer so we could also join them on the trip. My parents then added my siblings and I on the tour so we could all explore the city together.

This tour is STRICTLY for international Chinese tourists! Do not go on this tour if you are NOT. The tour guide only speaks Chinese. If they do speak English, it's very broken with a strong accent. We had such a hard time understanding our tour guide even with the most simple conversation. Our tour guide also looked like he just woke up from deep sleep. His work shirt and pants were all wrinkly with no regard to his look. Also, keep in mind, this tour has gratuity per day per person!!! It's ridiculous in my opinion. Never going on this tour again.

I took 3-Day Bus Tour to Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Niagara Falls (Night View), Watkins Glen, Secret Caverns from New York and believe me if you want to enjoyed this tours, don't pay anything to the tour guide, just in that case is a good deal. ONLY POSITIVE THING: HOTELS ARE GOOD VALUE! The tour guide start going seat by seat asking for what "optionals" tours are you willing to taking on, and given, and he show us a handwriting sheet with prices of that and HIS TIPS!!! ($8 Dollars per day per person!.. MANDATORY TIP!).

He had some tours and shows, the most of them just for CHEAT YOU! For example one of them was an entry for Watkins Glen, who is a State Park and it is free for everyone! I PAID because I didn't know that. When I arrive to the place, there was no entry fee, so I asked to the tour guide, and he told me that is for an insurance, a requirement of the park. I was really doubt about it, so I went to talk to a State Park Agent and he told me that they don't have that requirement and actually they don't sell that kind of things! So I got really upset and asked to the tour guide about that issue, and he started to scream to me, and very very rude, and we were fighting about it.

I was wondering why I have to paid 10 dollars for a free State Park and he just told me, "You have to talk to the agency!" and I insisted that he lied to me and he just told me that I have to talk to the agency. I felt robbed and very very upset. Like that all the tour is in the same way! Same thing with some shows and attractions. This review could be very very long with all the things that I have to tell about this company. My only suggestion is that avoid them or take it and not take any optional tour, and don't pay his "MANDATORY TIPS".

Usually I don't write reviews. However, special circumstances require special measures. I booked the 11-days Yellowstone tour together with my best friend. I am a frequent traveler and lived in five different countries in the last years. Hence, I got a broad view of what is good and what is bad service/organization. I like to emphasize a few things that were extremely disappointing. To summarize the experience before going into detail: it is a huge scam!

1. The special conditions - The discounted price was about 700 USD per person. My friend could not come to the trip. I sent an E-mail to the agency, just to inform them and claim some of the money back. However, they sent me an invoice of about 400 USD saying I need to pay a punishment fee for him not coming. Trip before: 1800 USD for two. Trip after: 2200 USD for one. I called them and the service agent got directly angry, yelled at me, and told me that I need to pay the additional 400 USD. I requested a few times for another (more experienced) agent and got assigned to one after a few days. In the end, I didn't pay the fee and nothing happened.

2. Collecting Service Fees - The special conditions also say that each traveler is expected to pay 8 USD tips per person per day. 11 days 88 USD per person. After three days, the guide collected already the service fee in advance which was more a mandatory tip. The concept of tips is normally that you pay as much as the service was worth to you.

3. Mandatory fees - during the trip the guide collected 180 USD mandatory fees for the entry to the national parks, the use of the bus, etc. From my point of view, this fee needs to be included in the tour price, since there is no choice and you cannot just skip one or two of the tours. Additionally, the mandatory fees increased between booking two month in advance and the departure by 30USD. They can change the fees as they like to. In San Francisco, a city tour is offer which one has to take. Otherwise, the bus will drop you off at a point which is 1.5 hours walking away from the final stop of the tour. You pay 35 USD and they drive you to a church and a viewpoint. The worst city tour I ever took. It should be really optional or included in the announced tour price. All in all I paid 300 USD more (+35%) on top of the announced tour price plus the expenses for food.

4. Food, hotels and wake-up hours - The bus stops regularly for toilet and lunch breaks. Most of the time, fast food or Asian buffet is offered. However, during the 11 days I only ate once breakfast. The bus departures every morning at about 6 o'clock (sometimes earlier). The hotels do not offer breakfast before that, so you need to prepare your own breakfast and eat it on the bus. The hotels are medium to low class and always located outside of the city.

5. Travel group and money - The group mainly consists of Chinese travelers and the tour (with the lunch stops) is developed to suit the Chinese travelers. My group was really friendly and it was fun talking to them. However, if you are not so open to the Chinese culture, this is definitely the wrong tour for you. Since you need to pay everything in cash on the bus, it is likely that you get pickpocketed. Invest in a travel safe before the trip in order to avoid what happened to me.

6. Content of the tour - The tour is very compressed and full of really nice places. You will spend most of the time on the bus. About 10 hours a day and stop here and there for 30 min. The stops at the sights are rather short. For speed tourists no problem. Did I enjoy the sights: Yes! Can I recommend the tour: Definitely not! Book a tour with another agency such as Columbus, Globus.

We took 2 days trip to Niagara Falls. Worst trip ever. Ride is quite long, but bus was old and uncomfortable. Guide didn't let you use bathroom, even when we stopped. They rushed us all the time, didn't give any time to enjoy epic views of the falls. Also we paid for extra activities around 80 per person, which seems a lot when we checked actual prices online. Do not take native dance show, total waste of money and time!!! And you have to tip 8 dollars per day per person. So for family of 4 people two days tip is 64. Very generous if you ask me. But the worst part happened on our way home. Our bus broke. We had to wait for another one coming all way from NY for around 4 hour. Then three more hours to NY. That was just horrible. Reading other reviews I see that it happened before with different trips. We received refund 10 dollars per person. That's all. I really recommend to look for different agency and enjoy your trip.

Bus Tour taken from June 08 - June 12, 2016. This tour is cheaper than other tours and although it cuts out the frills such as nice food, it covers the essentials of touring the Canadian Rockies. 90% of the tours passengers were chinese speaking from China or Hong Kong or that region. The passengers were all nice people. The tour guide spoke in chinese and english. If you are uncomfortable in a bus full of one race and you are the only family that's different, then this tour is not for you. The schedule is busy like any other tour, the pick up and drop off were prompt and on time every time.

We did not buy the food package as we thought it was poor value for money - and we were right. The food package was chinese food for every dinner or lunch - but the buffet meals were reduced cheaper fare with bare essentials. At every stop there are always food places that will give a good meal. I don't recommend the food package. Since breakfasts are not included with each hotel stay, you can be really gouged when going to the remote hotel stops such as Lake Louise and the ice fields. $4 for an egg and $4 for 2 slices of bread is outrageous even for these locations! Therefore I recommend you carry canned chicken or turkey or tuna salad snacks with the easy pop out opening and a couple packs crackers for in-room breakfast if you can't stand the gouging.

A few packs of your favorite coffee (all in one mix) or tea or hot chocolate will be useful because all the hotel rooms have water kettles and mugs. The next stop will have chain restaurants or convenience shops. Overall, though expensive, the tour was worth it, and still about half the price quoted for the same tours sold by other operators. The hotels are all 3 star and have clean rooms etc - good enough for an overnight stop and early departure.

We booked a 6-day Grand Canyon-Yosemite-San Francisco tour on and were guided by a company called Seagull Holiday when we arrived. Maybe the tour is cheap, but one shouldn't have had to endure a service this bad. This tour is the worst I've ever experienced. They divided the tour into several smaller tours with different tour guides. The first tour guide we had is someone called Eric **. This guy shouldn't be a tour guide at all. Not only did he rarely provide any basic information of places we visited, he also had no respect for his customers. He showed customers bad attitude and just focused on getting more money out of service and optional tours, not that he provided any kind of services. He is also very impolite. I've never met such a terrible tour guide.

The other 2 tour guides we had did a little better at their jobs, but I wouldn't call that good. Overall, I don't think Seagull Holiday has any understanding of customer service. We didn't see much of the Grand Canyon or Yosemite or anything for that matter. Plus they have so many hidden fees which add on more than half of the tour cost. Don't waste your money on this your company. Stay away!

My family and I took a trip to Maine State, the bus was very old. On our way back from Maine from the rear of the bus was black smoke coming out. The driver explained that supposedly he forgot to open a ventilation, after visit the last attraction the driver and the tour guide removed from the roof the ventilation because the smoke never stopped. In top of everything the tour guide request his MANDATORY TIP. We refuse to pay it based in unsafe conditions of the trip. The tour agreement was to pick us up and deliver the passengers at Main Street, Flushing. Because of the tip they dropped us at China Town without further explanations. Very unprofessional, unethical behavior.

I recently took a 4 day tour to Baja California with Tours4Fun. It was AMAZING! It was my first time to Baja California and well I wasn't so sure what to expect. Everything about the tour was perfect. The bus was comfortable and on time. Our tour guide was VERY kind and knowledgeable about every site and also gave us a story to every stop we made. I felt safe throughout the tour and anything I needed, the driver and tour guide were there to assist.

I originally signed on a 3 nights, 4 days package from LA to Las Vegas/Grand Canyon because of the seemingly cheap cost for a trip to the Grand Canyon as well as 3 nights stay in Las Vegas... However, I was SEVERELY DISAPPOINTED by not just this tour but also Tours4Fun. First of all, this tour is run through Seagull Holidays, a primarily Chinese based tour company. If you do not speak any Chinese, you are out of luck because the tour guides mainly cater to the Chinese tourists and hardly speak any English. Our tour guide, "Leo," spoke about 90% Chinese, and 10% English the entire time.

The few times he did speak English, he gave either false information (The San Gabriel Mountains are not a part of the Rocky Mountain Range, Ventura County is not a part of Los Angeles) or he made ridiculously insensitive/racist remarks such as saying Salt Lake City is a very high level city because there's mainly white people that live there... I would've rather preferred it if he just didn't speak any English at all and not say anything so that I could at least sleep a little rather than hearing his bogus remarks.

The next deception came when we were on our way to Las Vegas. The tour guide handed us a paper with a list of optional packages travelers could participate in while on the tour. First of all, YOU HAVE TO PAY AN EXTRA $50 PER PERSON TO GO TO THE GRAND CANYON. You guys (Tours4fun) mislead me by advertising the Grand Canyon as part of the original $139 deal. I notice that you guys have since increased the original price to cover that part of the package but that does not deter from the fact that I and the other people that I was traveling with that week were misinformed about the additional cost for the grand canyon.

I was very pissed off about the surprise cost so decided it would simply be better not to pay the $50 per person. But when I told them this, they said that I needed to pay a mandatory $30 fee for NOT going to the Grand Canyon... How ridiculous is this? I HAVE TO PAY $30 TO NOT GO ON THE GRAND CANYON TOUR??? My girlfriend and I were completely bewildered by the ridiculously shady manner in which this tour was managed. We ended up paying the $30 per person to not go to the Grand Canyon and just rented a car in Vegas and did it ourselves. Ended up paying a little bit more but we refused to ride with this tour company for all its ridiculousness.

Another thing that was ridiculously shady was the fact that the tour almost forces you to dine at a generic Chinese buffet about 15 minutes away from the strip. The name of the buffet is a very generic "Las Vegas Buffet" and I'm almost positive the owner's in cahoots with Seagull Holiday. The bus stopped there right before we arrived in Vegas for lunch and once again on our way back to Los Angeles. What's ridiculous is that with all the marvelous restaurant options in Vegas (literally a few miles away from that restaurant), they make this obscure restaurant in the middle of nowhere a lunch stop not just once, but twice. We were really looking forward to Grand Canyon and Vegas but this tour completely ruined what would've been an enjoyable vacation.

We wake up in the dead of the morning to join their over-packed schedule, and when we arrive it's still dark and we can't see anything. We can't understand the guides, bad English and Chinese, many, many hidden fees, no real choice to join or not.

We waste one day of the tour. They charge us extra to everything. Everybody was getting in the bus, driver won't ever turn the light on, we have to use our cell phone. They don't have a straightforward schedule. We don't even know what's the name of the hotel we will stay. Bad experience. Never will used this bus tour. I'll cancel my future trip and I'll tell my friend too to cancel this trip.

The day tour to Girona and Costa Brava was really nice. Everything was beautiful and I really enjoyed it. Everything went smoothly, like with the stops, and I made a new friend. The service is great.

I used to visit Washington, DC and other attractions in New York. That's where I got the Tours4Fun contact, and since then, I have been traveling with them. With Tours4Fun, it's easy to book, and the staff are professional. We have been getting a lot of help if there are any changes. My family members had used Tours4Fun for our US Trip and we had a lot of fun at that time. I'm pretty much comfortable with them. Booking is hassle-free. The good part about purchasing online is you get points, but the later part of using those points is a little tricky. Also, once or twice, I called them up for changing some bookings and I never got a good response, but overall, interactions and service provided by the team was good. The Bellagio trip was a good experience. Las Vegas was the highlight of that trip. If I can get to use my points, I'll book with Tours4Fun again.

I, along with my wife, 10 month old daughter, and three in-laws, booked 2-Day Niagara Falls and Thousand Islands Tour**from New York** [**]. Trip was starting on 18-Jul-2015. Bus AC broke down even before the end of first day. We were told that driver will get it fixed and it will be all good by second day morning. But it did not happen. It was extremely hot and humid in all packed bus. Driver and guide even did not have a courtesy to update us on the situation. We travelled from Niagara York all the way New York, whole 8 hours without AC in suffocating and boiling bus. It was a terrible experience, my daughter was so restless and uncomfortable throughout the journey back due to hot n humid bus.

Guide and driver charged $8/person. So I paid 80$ for 5 people party for a two-day tour and it was total waste of money as we did not get any support/courtesy messages at all. They never tried to arrange an alternate bus for us. It even rained on the bus briefly and since driver popped the ceiling ventilation, it literally rained inside the bus. My in-laws came from India and it was their first trip within the US and such low-grade uncourteous service was so much embarrassing. It was a total disaster and I will never ever give it a try and will stop everyone to use this agency. Sorry for all the criticism but these guys well earned and deserve it. Please stay away.

We were researching for a trip using another website and a friend of mine told me about Tours4Fun. We booked through them because they have the same tour as the other site but were a little bit cheaper. And purchasing the tour was clear and straightforward but it was a little bit of a headache when they kept emailing me on getting my passports and additional trip information afterwards. But their customer service we polite and once we got everything figured out, it was fun.

We went on a Quito and on an Amazon Jungle Bus Tour where we met in Quito the first day then we started traveling into an Inca village a little further into the Ecuadorian Amazon Jungle on the second day. The tour guide we met and talked to was nice and everything seemed to be planned out. The tour went with the itinerary they gave us and the family at the place where we stayed at in the Amazon was very nice and accommodating. And, they made the experience even better than it would have been. Overall, it was a good trip.

I chose Tours4Fun because of the price.I’ve never had an issue with the customer service. I bought it back in August. There was no visa, so that wasn’t a problem. I prefer a small course, which is why I had such on my last trip which was at Barcelona. Nothing really impressed me during the stay. I think there are a lot of better places in the world to visit than Spain. But overall, the tours were fine and I’m happy with the experience. I still intend to use Tours4Fun in the future.

I had a good experience with Tours4Fun. Everything was fine and perfect.

Myself along with 4 family members landed at Ny airport to start the 5 day trip. We were put in a van for our drive to hotel. The van was driven by someone who doesn't know how to drive and also doesn't know how to speak a word of English. He can't even read STOP signs on the road. Even his GPS is in Chinese. I have to guide him on every turn and step. His GPS kept falling off of windshield and he would always pull over to fix his GPS (almost 6 times). One of those stops were so dangerous that someone almost hit us from behind. Every second in that van was extremely stressful and I almost burst into tears thinking about how I put my family into this situation. After coming back home I sent a detailed complaint to Tours4Fun and nothing happened. I am planning to lodge a complaint with the New York State Dept of Transportation. No family should go through what happened to me. No one deserves this.

I heard about Tours4Fun from a friend. It was easy to navigate when I purchased the tour online. The one-day bus tour was very nice and efficient, and the time management is good. I'll probably be booking my next trip with them again.

The site was a little bit confusing because all the trips are numbered and since there are more than one trip to the same destination, there's more than one number for the same trip. I guess some of them are geared towards Asian people or from outside the country and that made it a little bit confusing. Otherwise, the website was fairly straightforward.

Moreover, the one-day bus tour was a bit long but it was very good. The driver seemed to be well-seasoned and he knew the route, all the top spots and the fun spots. He alerted us when we needed to look to see. We didn't stop when we passed by the Hoover Dam, it was dark and he pointed in that direction. He was clearly satisfactory. Also, going to the Grand Canyon was beautiful. Even though the bus ride was long, with the scenery, the trip was well worth it. If I went with my children, I think they would feel the same way. However, I learned after I booked the trip that there is a helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon that would curtail the amount of time travel. That's the only real negative. I don't know if their company could get around that because they're a bus company.

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