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Me of Poughkeepsie, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchase two air tickets. At the airport our flight had to be rebooked and the airline waived all fees. The airline told us that since the ticket was booked through an agent, they had to make changes to the reservation. I was on a call with Airfare for an hour, they spoke with the airline on my phone as well. They were giving me hard time to rebook it, finally agreed and said the confirmation will be sent within an hour, but they never sent it. We were at the airport for hours trying to straight it out.

Airfare agent Phillip confirmed on the phone that both tickets were rebooked for 2 days from that day, free of charge as discussed with the airline, that confirmation is coming. The following morning, the confirmation was still not provided. I followed up with Airfare. They gave me runaround, told me that no one could have made the reservation as it was weekend and they just came to work on Monday (what??).

They suggested to talk to the airline directly, which I did, but the airline could not explain what happened as they did not issue the tickets. I spoke with another 2-3 people at Airfare, no one could help. They told me that now they rebooked one of the tickets, not both. The new ticket was never issued - but the confirmation was sent. The airline confirmed that there is no real ticket! The new confirmation, for the non existing ticket was also very confusing as it had two dates for the return flight. I called Airfare multiple times and got runaround again.

I disputed the charge on my credit card. Airfare charged me for both tickets again, with no authorization! The fraud was reported and is investigated. Now I have multiple charges being investigated as a dispute, not just two original ones. Of course we were not able to use the tickets that were never issued. Oh, we also got an automated notification, that our return flight was rebooked - to the next day... and then it had a 12h layover somewhere in Europe. This would be a disaster traveling with a small baby. Stay away, don't buy from them. They should be closed down.

Bo of Tampa, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

The only reason we gave this company a 1 star is because they don't have the option for 0 stars. Horrible customer service, horrible to deal with. Their level of comprehension is very minimal. The willingness to help is a big 0. The rudeness is at all levels from associates to managers, they hang up the phone on you as you ask questions, very poor trained personnel. My wife purchased two tickets for her grandparents for an x day, and a few days before grandma got sick so she had to be hospitalized, so couldn't fly. Oh my, what an ordeal to change the dates and to get answers. In our personal opinion, we would never use their service again.

Alicia of Tampa, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought 2 tickets with two different cards. They called to confirm these were my cards, but left voice mails telling nothing at all, just a weird guy talking nonsense. They cancel my tickets, but charged me 2 times more the tickets. Still waiting for the refund of one of the tickets to one of my cards. These guys from Kayak or are totally rude, lost, and don't know what they are dealing with. Last time I use Kayak neither I go back to

L of Pacific Palisades, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Do not use this company!!! I booked a ticket to London through Kayak and inadvertently bought the ticket through That was a huge mistake! First, they spelled my middle name incorrectly and when I called to have it corrected, they blamed it on me and said there was no way their system could have made that error. I explained I had screenshots of my processing page with the correct name time and date stamped. They were extremely rude and told me that if I wanted my name changed, I'd have to pay a penalty fee.

Then I was asked to extend my trip. I check with the airline directly to see what the fare difference was, I was told there'd be no difference but would have to change with the agent. The agent at wanted to charge me a $350 penalty fee on top of a $350 fare difference. When I explained the airline had said there was no difference, they got snappy and said, "Fine, then just deal with them." I had to go through 3 days of calling and emailing to explain that the changes had to be done with them. Each person I spoke to was ruder than the previous. I've never experienced such horrid customer service. This company is awful! In the end, I couldn't make any of the changes... ugh!!!

lorelei of La, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

This company engages in money laundering seriously. I bought an international ticket through Kayak, which led to them. The ticket was about $1,000 (base fare of $900/fees & taxes 100). After a day, they refunded me the $1,000. I started noticing a multitude of transactions on my account over the next few days. First one was $850 and $182, two separate transactions. Then they refunded that. Second one was $780 and $237, two separate transactions.

Such a coincidence that the flight prices had dropped to those exact rates as the days went by. They were using my $1,000 to buy CHEAPER tickets and then give themselves a BIGGER commission. And continuously refunding me every time they would find cheaper tickets. I bought my ticket on the contingency of a base fare of $900 and $100 in fees/taxes. I am disgusted by this conduct. Of course the people on the phone can't explain anything as this company is literally outsourcing people in India for $3/hour to answer the phones. They are rude, unprofessional and talk over you. I was very tempted to block my card after this.

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Krisztina of Sterling, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

Please do NOT buy ticket from this company!!! Unprofessional, rude, yelling at people, charging extra and can't explain, or won't. I had to change my husband's ticket for Hungary because his doctor said he can't fly with his condition for at least 3 more weeks. So I called Airfare and asked for a change or cancellation, but from the first minute they were so rude and unhelpful. Everything is by email and nobody can explain by phone. I did talk to these people like 6 times, and it is always the same old little no English speaking man picked up, Clark, Id# **, if it is true, because he lied to me every time. First I asked for a manager, he said he has no manager. Last time he had a manager, but unfortunately the manager was so unprofessional. He told me I have to be quiet until he finished talking and he started yells at me. I am usually so calm and I just want explanation, but with this company, NO luck! Please for your own good, do not buy from them!

Lavanya of Fremont, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I am supposed to fly on April 24 but I wanted to postpone my trip. The customer service people said it is not possible to refund the ticket not even hold the ticket. Generally every airline hold the ticket for 1 year but this airline does not provide that facility. We cannot even change the ticket to some other person’s name and if we would like to postpone we have to decide the date now and then pay the change of ticket fee on the particular day itself and also confirm the postponed date on that day. I would absolutely not prefer this airline ever again.

Yisraela of Los Angeles, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I called three days prior to my trip which was meant to be from Dec 6 -21, 2015 and cancelled because I was sick. I rebooked the flight over the phone on DEC 3!! with an agent who re-booked it for April 30 - May 15, 2016. When I went to check exact date info I was not able to find my new booking. I called up and they said I was a no show to the airport which was not true. They admitted sending a new proposal to the wrong email address so I never received it. I called up many many times trying to fix this.

They kept sending emails to wrong email address. I kept being put through someone else who had no idea what was going on. I explained my story 15 times and they said they understood but did not rectify. They said to call Virgin Australia which I did and they washed their hands of it as well. I was passed like a bouncing ball between booking agent and Virgin Australia with none taking any kind of responsibility. I will never use this airline again. They have so many complaints on Consumer Affairs I think they should be investigated.

Amanda of Natchitoches, LA on
Satisfaction Rating

So, I too booked my flights through, unaware that it wasn't Kayak anymore. I booked them using my fiance's credit card. After I booked, I received a call from a man with a heavy accent, asking if I knew the person whose name was on the card since the name on the ticket was different. I said "yes, he's my fiancé." My fiancé also got a call (since I booked his ticket as well), asking what his relationship was with me. This confused me a little, so I did some googling. I too read all the horrible reviews and of course got extremely worried. Within 24 hours, we both received our confirmation emails with our ticket numbers.

I remained worried just because of some of the reviews I had read. The day before our flight, I received an email from Kayak saying I could check in online. So I did, and printed our boarding passes. They were legitimate and we flew with zero problems. My advice is: be sure of the dates you want to fly. Most of the reviews I read were people who tried to change or cancel their booking. We didn't need to do that, and we had no problems, thank God!

Kia of New Orleans, LA on
Satisfaction Rating

This is a long and involved story but suffice to say, have swindled me out of roughly $3800 over the last 18 months. I booked a flight from New Orleans to Australia about 18 months ago and found I was unable to fly about 2 weeks before my flight was due to depart. After lengthy negotiations with and the airlines I was supposed to fly with (who were helpful but unable to do anything since the booking was through a third party), I was able to keep my credit and change my flights, at great expense of course (I think the fee to change my booking was somewhere in the order of $800). While this was prohibitively expensive, since the original flight was also pricey (several thousand dollars), it seemed worthwhile.

Cut to a few weeks ago, when I found out through my lawyer that I would be unable to fly due to my current visa status. Essentially, leaving the United States at this time could result in me being disallowed to re-enter the country, so in her own words "it's not worth the risk". I try to do the right thing and contact to let them know I need to cancel, not really expecting to get any credit back. More than anything, I was trying to do right by this company and the airline. It's a pain when passengers no-show. So I call the number of the website. The first THREE times I call, I'm put through to a customer service rep who, after saying 'hello', doesn't speak to me at all. I don't know if the call dropped (it was still connected?) or whether they just didn't feel like working. But either way, by the fourth time I called, I was pretty annoyed.

I tried to explain the situation to the customer service rep who seemed more interested in talking over the top of me. He told me in no uncertain terms that I could NOT get any credit back on the flight and when I asked to speak to a supervisor, he initially refused. It wasn't until I told him very calmly and firmly that I knew I was entitled to speak to a supervisor that he finally put me on hold and transferred me. By the time the supervisor got on the line, I had decided that there was no reason for me to speak to another rude, helpful person in a call center on the other side of the world. Previous reviewers are right, it's near impossible to speak to a fluent English speaker who works for this company. When I asked the supervisor if I could be transferred to someone in an office in the United States, she simply said "No". About 5 times.

Finally, she told me to just email. At this point, I was so annoyed that I agreed. Not only was the connection bad/muffled but nobody spoke anything better than broken English. And they seemed more interested in reciting a script than listening to what I was actually asking them. Email seemed preferable. Upon emailing, I was told that I would have to pay A CANCELLATION FEE. I didn't get around to finding out how much the fee was because at this point, I firmly emailed them back and told them "Haha, no way. I'll just no-show if that's the case." They then proceeded to call ME about 6 times even though each time, I told them very firmly that I was not going to pay to cancel my flight and that I would appreciate if they stopped calling me.

Finally, I called Delta and Virgin to find out if I could do anything on their end. Guess what? They had NO RECORD of my booking. I am not currently listed in their system (as of today, November 9 2015), despite the fact that I am supposed to fly out of the United States on a Delta/Virgin flight on November 30th. In the words of the Delta rep, "your third party hasn't paid us for the flights yet". Even though I booked over 18 months ago. Right. In short, AVOID. This company says they are based in Washington, they are not. They are based in India. It's impossible to speak with someone who is fluent in English. They will give you the runaround and charge you excess fees whenever they can. And it seems like even if I had turned up to the airport and tried to board my flight on the 30th, there's a good chance the airline would have had no record of me as a passenger! Not worth it. I wish Kayak would stop using them as a suggested third party.

Jacquelin of Delhi, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

We purchased air travel tickets from via Kayak on March 26, 2015 for our two week honeymoon starting on September 14th, 2015. We paid for the tickets in full using our American Express credit card in the amount of $2,580.26. Twenty-Four Hours before our trip, we tried to check-in on Sunday, September 13, 2015 to select our seats. We were having trouble online, so we called American Airlines who was administering the flight. When we spoke with the AA Rep she told us that we were unable to due so being that we were on an international flight, and that we would have to check-in in person the next day.

When we arrived to the San Francisco International Airport (SFO), we were asked to step aside as they had no record of our flight details, or any other account info that would put us in possession of any tickets and/or on the flight. During this inquiry with American Airlines to find our tickets and flight information, we ended up missing our flight. American Airlines said we could not board another flight (to Chicago) to catch up to our first stop (from Chicago to Rome) because domestic travelers have priority over international travelers and the flights were already full. Then, American Airlines instructed us to contact British Airways for further assistance since the tickets information was with their company and American Airlines was only facilitating the flight. After a lengthy wait on hold, British Airways informed us that they canceled the connecting flights because we missed the first flight to Chicago.

They informed us the insurance we bought was not through them and that we must contact the insurance company we bought the tickets from originally for further assistance and for insurance information. We then contacted Allianz who was insurance company recommended to us and they instructed us to go home, and that we would not be traveling that day. The Rep from Allianz, Jeff, told me very sternly to go home. That WE WOULD NOT BE TRAVELING THAT DAY. He told me that I would have to file a claim via Allianz and hope to get some money back.

I didn't understand why I wouldn't get all my money back and he just kept repeating to me to go home and to check my email and that I would have to file a claim. I asked him again and he said sorry and hung up on me. After our two hour drive home we filled out an insurance form with Allianz and waited longer than the prescribed 10 days (more like 45 days). They denied our claim on the basis that, the plane has left so the tickets have no further worth.

We attempted to contact them 4 more times, but they were not answering their phones. No automatic voicemail or auto-directory. Simply just letting it ring. We noticed that this situation was not the first time someone had this problem with this company after reading various reviews online and we then proceeded to complain to American Express. A formal CLAIM was filed through American Express on September 26, 2015 for both Allianz as well as for American Express attempted to issue a refund/cancel payment. Each time, they were given a different reason why they could not give us a refund while included contradicting answers. The first answer was that we in fact were on the plane and used our 'e-tickets'.

Once we documented that we never left the state of California, let alone the country, they then changed their answer to say that we never even showed up to the airport. The third time we re-opened our claim with AMEX we're told that it is not in their policy to refund because our reason is not a qualifying issue. It seems to us, that if we are telling the same story over and over again and they are changing theirs each time to fit their needs a bit better each time, someone is being dishonest. My spouse and I are disappointed that we missed a once in a life time opportunity to spend two weeks in Italy on our Honeymoon and treat ourselves for all of our hard work and sacrifice. I lost time (3 weeks) from work that could not be reversed.

My spouse and I lost the money that we spent on hotel deposits, non-refundable museum tour fees, a non-refundable and expensive time share gift from our parents and then the obvious; our very expensive airfare that caused all the problems. We want this company to be held responsible for taking money from us and not giving anything to us in return and Kayak needs to stop doing business with this awful company!!! This has been an awful experience.

N of Palm Beach Gardens, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

Normally I don't write reviews, but in this case could not help myself. Worst possible site ever! Kayak directed me to this site. I purchased my ticket but wanted to change it. They quoted a price of $350 for the change and $102 for the fare difference. Then when I notice the charge on my credit card, it was a charge of $312.23 for difference in airfare. Customer service people are super rude, speak broken English and basically no one knows what's going on in this site. I hate this site and am never booking through this again. If I could pick 1/2 a star or rate them negative I would.

Julie of New York, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I booked a flight last September and was unable to take the trip. I tried moving the ticket at the time and for a $615 ticket they wanted to charge me a $350 change fee and almost $300 additional fee. So, double what I originally paid. I chalked it up to the fact that maybe it was because I was trying to move it to dates that were too soon. At all times when dealing with them, you can't get anyone to help you on the phone. They hang up on you. They insist you go through a website which gives you totally unrealistic prices. It's all a scam. I had a year to use the ticket. I tried again today. They want another $745 for a new ticket, that to purchase directly from the airline would cost $435. As we all can see from their terrible rating on ConsumerAffairs, we have all been taken.

I did find out that if I would have gone to Chase within 60 days of purchasing the ticket, their fraud department would have tried to help. That may help one of you, if you have purchased it on a Chase credit card. I've also reported them to the BBB. I don't expect to ever see the money again, just hope that by posting here, it will save someone else the hassle or maybe someone will step in and put a stop to this fraudulent company.

Susan of Richmond, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

My daughter and her friend want to go to Belize so she (and I) went online to look for airfares. She was looking on and was interested in a flight with Avianca and selected it to research price. We selected dates to and from but before we could get the price of the ticket we had to put my credit card information in. We did that and it said the information was wrong so we put the information in again and we finally saw the price of the ticket but it was too high so we hit cancel. We have never gotten anything from this company like a confirmation email saying we booked and it wasn't until I was checking my card because we did buy a ticket with another company that I saw a $2K charge for Avianca.

It took a week for Avianca to research this before we even found out who had charged these tickets to my card. I called today after email them and getting some responses; the last one a bit disturbing stating that I cannot get a refund (see below). In that email it also stated that we actually booked 4 flights but they could tell that the second booking was a duplicate and only charged me for the first booking. I think that had something to do with the website not processing my credit card properly the first time.

"This is the only option you have. We have done nothing wrong from our side as we don't have any of your info. You booked it online and you agreed to the terms and conditions. Please reply so we can cancel the booking before departure to avoid the no-show, otherwise you will lose the entire funds." If I booked a ticket and they emailed me how come they don't have any of my info? The man I talked with initially was short-tempered and quite nasty, said why was I so worried about this if I filed a dispute with my credit card company and he hung up on me. I called back and was hung up on twice then the third time I was told to talk to a Mr. AJ in their dispute department in 30 minutes and talk to him. I have filed a dispute with my credit card company but SOMEONE has to INVESTIGATE this company.

Eddie of Riverside, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I called the first time to speak with someone in customer service. After 10 minutes of being on hold, someone opened the line and then hung up, so I tried again and was placed on hold for another 10 minutes. Then an angry person came to the line and he sounded like he was in a small room with bunch of other operators. The person was very unprofessional and down right jerk. I felt that I was being interrogated by the Russian KGB. I felt that he was annoyed by me and my call; I have no Idea how this company is going to stay in business. I travel a lot and If I ever come up to site I will refuse to do business with them.

Chris of Boston, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

I can't tell you how much of a scam this company is. I booked a flight and about 10hrs later I called and realized I needed to change the flight. Every other SOURCE ON THE INTERNET GIVES 24HRS TO REFUND A FLIGHT EXCEPT this terrible organization. They offered me a change fee of $750. Stay away from this site. Kayak needs to remove them from their options.

Tareq of Orlando , FL on
Satisfaction Rating

This company is the worst anybody will ever deal with. I called customer service to change my flight because my flight was delayed. Somebody answer the phone that sound like an answer machine, kept talking without hearing a word of what I said then hung up the phone. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.

Ben of Evanston, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

Everything that I have read bad about this company happened to me. I am convinced that any positive feedback is on part of employees posting it. Booked a flight 6 months in advance, Airfare cancelled flight 1 week prior to date. Said I could have refund or change flight days. I called the airline with which I was supposed to fly. They said they were a very small airline and never flew on weekend and I should have never been able to confirm those days. Women from airline said the same day I purchased my ticket they notified the booking company that it was invalid. waited 6 months to notify me, which meant I had to purchase new tickets the week before my flight. I asked for a refund and Airfare said to request a refund after the time of my original flight.

I requested a refund again after the flight date and was told that it was being processed and would receive a refund in two weeks. One month later after not receiving a refund I called again and was told that I wasn't getting a refund because I waited until after the date of my flight. I have everything in writing via email that they told me and they still continue to deny everything. I am currently following up with legal action. Customer service for this company is rude and you will be hung up on 98% of the time you call as soon as you say you have a problem. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE AND NEVER USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!! I have reported this company to the DOT and Better Business Bureau.

jagatjit of Portland, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I booked a flight from Portland OR to Amritsar India. Before 10 days I was about to travel someone told me I need Canadian Transit visa, which I could not get in 10 days. There was no information about visa requirement on the website. I called them and they said they could not cancel and refund the ticket but then can give me an open ticket valid for one year. I was happy and booked another flight. After 7 months I wrote them to send me a new ticket which I could use. I called them, wrote few emails but not reply. I had to cancel my plan.

A month later I again raised the request to reuse my ticket. Dropped 5 emails, called multiple times. There was no response for the email and customer care is so arrogant and ill mannered that they would shout at you as you made a mistake booking a flight. I do not even know how they could be so ignorant and hard headed a part of customer care team. This is a hopeless website. I actually holds responsible for this as well. They should not list these websites at all. I am so upset that I am thinking of suing them for all the inconvenience and bad behavior.

Klejt of Hahaj, AK on
Satisfaction Rating

Purchases a ticket through and had to cancel it. The representative on the phone said that my money would be 100% back guaranteed. So I went to purchase another ticket and was charged twice. I have no idea why they charged me twice and went on to talk to the bank. They said they would contact them and still haven't gotten a response from them. Charged me twice for a ticket, no money back and the customer service is horrible and rude. Now I have to close my bank account to avoid any future charges from this company.

John of Toledo, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

I searched for flight from Toronto to Istanbul on I sorted all direct flight results and chose the cheapest direct flight which was $4535 in US dollars total for 5 people. Then Kayak transferred me to where I purchase the ticket. Later on I saw that they charged additional $122 total for foreign transaction fee. I called and they told me to contact Amex. The credit card company referred me back to Airfare. I emailed and called Airfare. They responded back saying that they reached out to Turkish Airlines and waiting for a response from them. I called and email several times for the last two months and got the same response.

When I called today, the customer service and the supervisor named **, according to him, were extremely rude and disrespectful. Put me on hold for more than 15 minutes, hanged up on me and cut me off constantly - not listening my concerns. Avoid I am also very disappointed with KAYAK.COM to see how they work with very cheap companies. When I called Kayak, they said they are just a 3rd party search engine. I lost my confidence and belief in Kayak as well.

Galina of St Augustine, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I booked a flight at going overseas. Two days later I received a voicemail, it was very hard to understand because of the accent. But after listening a couple times I heard that I needed to call back about my recently booked flight. I called back (to the number that was left in the voicemail). The guy that answered was EXTREMELY rude and had a terrible attitude, I had to hang up after 4 separate consecutive rude comments without even getting the reason why I had to call back. After that I received a voicemail AGAIN and the voicemail said (whispering): **... **... Ok, you **… I didn't even know how to react.

I checked my email after I got off work that day, I received two from Airfare. First one said that I needed to verify my credit card information (which is understandable) the time of the e-mail was 4.30 PM, and then the second one at 4.53 PM saying that my reservation was cancelled. So I had 23 minutes during work hours to deal with that. As soon as I was done with my work I called the company back, completely stressed out that all my other flights and hotel reservations will be worthless and I'm going to lose all the money that I paid was possibly gone due to a disgruntled employee. The person that answered the phone (after 15 minutes on hold) was much more helpful and resolved my issues. However, the EXTREMELY rude voicemail is just unbelievable, that is the worst thing I've heard in my life!!! Never going to use Airfare again in my life if this is not resolved to my satisfaction.

Francis of Irving , TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a air ticket to fly return from Montreal to Frankfort on and was redirected to purchase from No problems - paid the 1400$ realized that it was a Tango Fare and requested that change the fare class to Flex. After 2 days I got a negative on their behalf. They said that Air Canada did not have any seat. I was on the flight and AC had more than 50 empty seat. So bottom line they lied to me and did nothing. This will be the last time that I use this company.

F. of Fairfax Station, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

I booked an international flight with My wife and I were concerned about receiving the air miles towards our United flights since we would both receive Silver status when the miles were added to my account (over 15,000 miles for the flight). To ensure this I called, and spoke with a supervisor. He ASSURED me that we would receive miles for the flight - I gave our United mileage plus numbers and then also sent them by email to When I completed the flights I was told by the airlines that no miles would be credited given I was booked on "S" class.

I have called 5 times (they refuse to let me talk to a supervisor. I am very polite on the phone wanting to reasonably talk and try to resolve a problem asking for a supervisor to discuss this with) and emailed them 7 times - NO RESPONSE! The problem was that they verbally guaranteed the miles! NO RESPONSE is just as alarming as the error they made! NEVER AGAIN!!! Don't get taken in by the slightly reduced fares!!!

Zhongyang of Baltimore, MD on
Satisfaction Rating

Cannot change and cancel the tickets. The telephone was linked to a rude idiot person. Cannot spell English at all! I wish I could see these reviews before. And I have to say, why Kayak linked me this rubbish website? Never use Kayak again.

andy of Las Vegas, NE on
Satisfaction Rating

I've learned my lesson about using third party travel agents online. I expected to have to pay a higher change fee to change our flight, but was originally told a price over three times higher than what the airline would have charged! But that's not why I'm posting. ** was so rude to my wife on the phone that he brought her to tears! When I took the phone from her, I was lied to by him, and then he hung up on me! Once I got to speak with his manager, I asked for ** to apologize. He called to apologize, but it only got worse from there! His apology was (unsurprisingly) insincere and went down hill from there. He was defensive, argumentative, tried to justify his bad behavior, interrupted me repeatedly, and finally hung up on me again! Use at your own risk. I will never use them again.

sarah of Braintree, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

We booked through Kayak and didn't realize until after everything was booked that it had gone to a third party via an email. That was shady; we should have known who we were booking with BEFORE submitting cc info. We booked tickets to Paris and realized a couple weeks later we needed to change the itinerary. Changing flights is a process that should be fairly easy - pay a fee and rebook on a different flight. Hard? Damn, near impossible with this company.

After navigating their terms several times, which are contradictory to much of the other information on their site, and calling them several times, we were stonewalled with rude customer service, wait times exceeding an hour and being disconnected. We were bombarded with email requests to click to contractual terms in canceling our flight, agreeing to pay a fee that they wouldn't tell us until we agreed to the terms. They wanted our cc info to pay for fees that they wouldn't tell us until AFTER we gave them our cc info. We only did this after making a call to Amex and receiving their guarantee they would go after them if anything untoward happened.

In the meantime, while waiting for these god awful people to get back to us, we called British Airways to see what they could do. They weren't helpful at first, claiming they had no responsibility as the tickets were sold through a third party. However, after railing on them for close to an hour, we were connected to the division that handles bookings with travel agencies. Through them, we learned that these tickets were actually refundable, minus a $250 fee; the travel agency had been deceiving us, claiming that they couldn't refund them because the airline wouldn't allow it.

Moreover, British Airways quoted a price of $250 change fee per ticket that they charge. This agency quoted us $700 to change tickets, plus an extra $250 dollars on a different flight that was priced LOWER than the original flight when we started this process. They flat out told us British Airways wouldn't allow a refund. We got all the names and extensions of the people at BA who shared this information and were able to they telling the truth; this company was price gouging and taking advantage of the consumer. At this point, we decided to forgo the simple change of flights and wanted a refund and to terminate any transactions. In short, these people shouldn't get our money.

Here's the worst part- when we tried to handle this over the phone, they insisted we needed to file a claim. In that process, they insisted we had to click on the terms essentially agreeing to pay their quote which they claimed came directly from British Airways in order to start the process. They tried to casually explain that if we wrote a memo in the box explaining our communication with British Airways, it would negate their terms and we would get a refund. There was no other way to go unless we agreed to their terms in changing the tickets.

And another point of fraud- They claim on their site that BA allows up to two checked bags per person. After inquiring with BA we learned that they only allow for one checked bag. At this point, we will one last phone call to them to give them the opportunity to make this right. After that we are filing with the Better Business Bureau and sending American Express after them for fraud.

S. D. of Evanston, IL on
Consumer Increased Rating!

So, I did get a response immediately from knight apologizing for the rude behavior of their customer service.

I must say I was being a little tough with the 1 star rating.
End of the day,
1) I was able to get a Good price
2) My dates changed as needed
3) Billed without any hassle

4) Communication was prompt

I cannot let one bad apple ruin the basket...I am changing the overall star rating to 3.

S. D. of Evanston, IL on

Original Review

I booked a return flight ticket from which routed me through I normally don't go by reviews because everyone has their own experience. However, what happened with is ridiculous. I am posting this review after 6 weeks, again because I thought it was just a one-off experience or the customer service representative might have been having a bad day. When another of my friend went through the same ordeal, I had to post the review.

Feb 16 was my scheduled day of journey. However, I had to make changes to my journey date and move it by two days. I just wanted to call the help desk and check. ** (I am guessing is an alias) was the person who answered my call and mentioned, "Click 'Change by E-mail' and fill the form." I acknowledged and ended the call. The form was not very user-friendly. It was 700 dollars and my return journey was at stake. So wanted to make sure I get everything right. So I make another call, and this is where it starts going down. ** answers again. The language used was, "Sir, how many times should I inform you the same?" I apologized and said, "I understand the frustration but please be with me. I want to make sure that I fill this correct." He said in a very rude tone, "SIR, IT'S A FORM. PLEASE FILL IT. YOU CAN'T HAVE ME ONLINE FOR FIIIIIIIIIVE (five was stressed for almost 3-5 seconds) MINUTES."

I am a project manager myself and I have seen people having bad days. I did not react to what he had to say and disconnected the call, thinking I will figure out. Basic thing here was that I needed to know where I should mention my new travel dates so that I get a quote from The form did not have those fields. So I called again and surprise, the same person answers and starts shouting at me again. The third call went for 10 minutes and again the guy could not answer me and this time I did question back saying, "As a customer rep, you should be helping me but not yelling at me." I got really frustrated. This form had a "Other" or some option with a huge text box. I just mentioned everything I wanted in that box and I got a reply back after 24 hours. As much I appreciate the response and overall experience with the website and my travel, I totally find a fault with the customer service department.

I request to get their house in order. You are a consumer facing website with a ton of competition. If you cannot serve your customers with respect, I am not sure what your operating model is. I hope your customer service department don't start their day with, "Hey guys!! Today we gonna piss off 80% of our calls and make sure none of them return to our website." That's the vibe I got and am I running away from your website forever. Anybody in my circle at any point mentions an air travel, I voluntarily make a statement, "If it is routed through, do not proceed and start over your search."

Sharon of Lynnville, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

This has been the worst experience of buying tickets to fly from Nashville to Manchester, England. I was over charged by $1,535. The customer service were rude and put the phone down on me twice (**). They refused to take responsibility until I said “I would write this”. Then they told me this extra payment would be back in my bank account within the next 5 days. (Initially I had to send bank statements blah blah....) Then he told me it was weekend for them there and to call back on Monday. Not 24 hr. support then.

I have been on the phone to my bank, the fraud squad, retail disputes and no one can get them to release my money so I can use my bank account. How can that be? I don't even know if my flight is even booked as Virgin Atlantic, who the tickets are with have no acknowledgment of payment yet so won’t deal with me. So I have to wait and see if the money is returned within the next 5 days. In the meantime I can’t access my bank account. Nightmare.

chandu of Milpitas, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

The customer care and service is worst ever seen. Even 1 star is also high. Due to medical emergency I booked a ticket and was not confirmed. Later I cancelled my ticket, Airfare didn't pay the full amount back. Airfare is the worst agent.

Dear Customer,

We’re regretful that you received service that prompted you to contact us with a complaint, and we regret any inconvenience or frustration that your experience has caused you.

If you do have a booking with our company, please send me the confirmation so I can help you with your complaint. As per our record, we were not able to find any booking under your name or under your email address.

Thank you,
AJ knight
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