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I booked a vacation package for 5 nights to Punta Cana at a Riu Palace Resort flying with Sun country. The Hotel was ranked a 4.5 stars, but it was old, smelled bad and after visiting the others sisters resorts, this one seems to be the oldest and less fancy of all of them, but the website said it was better than the other 4 RIU Resorts. Anyway, my complaints are not about the resort, even that I was expecting something more upscale for the price I paid. My nightmare started at the return time at the Punta Cana airport. I was traveling with my Indian friend, so everyone there wanted to speak Spanish to us. The employees at the airport, the section that holds the gates for: Sun Country. United, Southwest and Spirit in particular speak a very broken English and will avoid English if possible.

Our flight was at 3:25. We got there at 1:20. We were told the flight was delayed an hour. We proceeded to go to the gates. Our boarding pass said gate 5. They had a screen where all the departing flights were posted. All it said was departure time and delayed or on time. This section of the airport was an open area, where you could see and hear the plane engines all the time. All of this combined with the noise of travelers, the fans and wind make it impossible to hear a word of what they said on the intercoms. My friend asked 3 times if the plane in gate 1 was our plane, since it was a Sun Country one. Employees at that counter said no 3 times. She decided to go ask at gate 5, where there was no Sun Country plane. The workers there said the plane at gate 1 was our plane and it was leaving.

We supposed to had just boarded this plane and hoped that was the right one. There were no one calling to board the plane and the monitor where all flights were listed never said "boarding". There were no signs in gate 1 either. They said we were called. So, we had to go talk to Funjet people, where they did not do much. They called someone, and told us, it was our fault, no flights until Monday, this was on a Saturday, and we had to pay $125 fee to get a Monday flight. We had to booked a hotel $142 a night, pay taxi $40 and get another ticket to flight the next day with American Airlines $400. Funjet did not do anything to help us, even knowing the airport is a primitive one. I was not expecting this. I will not travel again to Punta Cana not use Funjet. Is a very bad company and does not care about customer satisfaction.

I am a travel agent with XStream Travel and I have never had a worse experience than I have with Funjet Vacations. First off let me start off by saying that the wait times to speak with a representative are ridiculous. One time I was on hold for over 30 minutes and if you have a problem with the reservation, get ready to spend your whole entire day with them.

I had 12 clients going on a trip to Santa Domingo. Everything was smooth until I had to drop one of the passengers from the reservation. It took 2 1/2 weeks to get it resolved. My client wound up having to pay $400 additional to get the matter resolved but mind you, they made over $6000 off of those 11 passengers that I as a agent brought to FUNJET. Thanks to Funjet, I lost my clients due to inaccurate information, documentation, etc. I lost my COMMISSION to keep my customers happy and FUNJET basically tried to make me look like an incompetent agent and I'm pissed. I will NEVER book another vacation package through them as long as I'm an agent. Delta Vacations will be getting ALL of my business.

The moment my partner and I arrived at Riu Palace resort in Punta Cana the bad experiences started! The front desk clerk was rude and irritated that we asked for more than 1 rm key. He put wrist bands on us but never explained why or how important they were. The wait staff with the exception of about 3 people were also rude, spoke zero English & completely ignored us until they wanted us to buy something they were trying to force on us or if they noticed we were willing to tip! The beds & pillows were ridiculously hard & extremely uncomfortable! We were treated like crap & we will NEVER visit a Punta Cana resort again! VERY DISAPPOINTED!

For years I've wanted to work for Funjet. I've applied to almost every position I'm qualified for and get turned down. I'm getting married in February 2017 and was working with wedding specialist Katie. Her communication skills are some of the worst. I've worked as an event planner and never in my life would I allow anyone to wait more than 24 hours for an email response. She not only didn't respond back to several emails, she didn't actually do things she said she was going to do.

She was supposed to set up a Groups Your Way code for me to give my guests which she did not do. I found out 15 days later by me having to call the Groups department myself. Katie advised it took a while to complete and a rep from the groups department told me it take up to 8 business hours. If she's too busy or can't handle the work maybe Funjet shouldn't give her as many responsibilities. I'm very disappointed with the service from Funjet and maybe all the rejection letters was a blessing because clearly Funjet employees don't have the same work values and ethic as I have. I will not be using them for not only my wedding but future travel.

I am horribly dissatisfied with my experience with Funjet. Everything that I have had to deal with has been a pain. Firstly they messed up my flight and hotel and I had to call them. I had to call them 3 different times throughout the day after they didn't call me back when they said they would. It takes 25-30 minutes for a human to pick up the phone and answer me. When someone did answer me they were terribly rude and made me highly frustrated. They just about hung up on me and I had to call again. When another person finally answered and could actually speak to me like a civilized human being she couldn't even get my confirmation paperwork because they were having internal problems. The service I received has been crap and they were the ones that were in the fault. In the end I got nothing to compensate for the emotional hassle and stressful situation I have been put through. Never again will I ever use this company.

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I recently used Funjet to book a trip to Mexico for my son's wedding. I totally forgot to call back for the trip guarantee. Yesterday was the last day to enroll. I saw the reminder on my email. Late last night I tried to get through but their 24 hrs line was closed. I realize this was my fault. No excuses but I do have children, a full time job, semi invalid parents and a husband. Again my fault. When I called back this morning they wouldn't allow me to get the protection plan. It isn't that big a deal but considering we have booked 35 people through their site for this trip, I don't see where it would have made that much difference. Oh well $250.00 their loss. Work to the busy, if you want the protection plan, do it then. Heaven forbid you get busy and forget something. I won't be using them for the other six people I have to book for!!!

I wouldn't even rate this company one star. One reason the company that went thru them TraveLink LLC didn’t even offer insurance on my trip - so 2 months ahead of time when my passport didn’t show up they told me it was no refund and nothing they could do. So I asked if I could change the date. They tried to charge $400 more dollars per person claiming it was airfare. Then I called Funjet and couldn’t get a live person on the phone. Then they claimed I was a no show at the airport when I called to let them know my passport was late. They don’t even offer you rooms with airfare for $1200 a per person. I could have paid for room and board with the right travel agency.

I've been a Funjet customer for more than 10 years. They've been a fairly decent online booking portal. They claim to have representatives at the resorts they book customers at, which is supposed to further the guests' customer service experience. But my experience is that those reps don't do much other than sell you other products or (fairly often) are not on site when you do need help like a Funjet booked/paid shuttle never showing. A few weeks ago I made a simple mistake: I booked a hotel on Funjet 3 months out. And I put down a $100 deposit. Know that when you put that $100 deposit down, you'll never get it back. The geniuses at Funjet have concocted a "BILL OF RIGHTS" that you see when you check out. What the phrase "Bill of Rights" connotes in the U.S. is "rights" for the consumer. But, the "rights" are actually Funjet's circling and convoluted ways to hold onto your money.

For example: In my case, two days after booking I found the same room $150 cheaper per night elsewhere. Would Funjet match it? No. Could I get my deposit back once I cancel? No. Though called a deposit at checkout, it's actually a $50 per person fee. Their claim is that if you purchase their $59 per person "all in one travel protection" it will protect clients from penalties and fees. However, the logic is flawed at the "deposit" stage when you're in $50 per person. Could I get my $100 back? Sure, now that you've paid us $118! In my initial conversation with a customer service rep I was told that they couldn't match the price because the difference was just too great. In a follow-up email with customer service all kinds of rules were cited and cross-referenced: they could only price match within 24 hours, or only with the travel protection -- I should have paid them $218 so I could have gotten $100 back...

To sum up, I booked a hotel on their site and owed them $100 for something almost every other site does for free. It's confusing, it's in 6 pt. type and they say it's in their "Bill of Rights." My point is that instead of putting in a disingenuous "Bill of Rights" that implies consumer rights at checkout, be fair to consumers and customers and put in a bullet that reads "Fees may apply to cancelled reservations." It's simple, and gives the consumer a head's up so they double-check the fee rules. It's a sad to think that Funjet makes a business practice of doing their customers a disservice. I can't imagine using them again.

Upon arrival in Cancun, Mexico the shuttle services were awesome from the airport. We were given a booklet that said we must meet at the Phase III location for return shuttle information. We landed in Mexico Thursday August 6th. We were staying at the Oasis Cancun not the Grand Oasis which is a good twenty minute walk to get to. The Funjet people at my hotel said I must go to the Phase III location (Grand Oasis Hotel) to receive the return shuttle information. On Saturday August 8th I was at the Phase III location 10:00 a.m. The Funjet employee told me I should have been there Thursday our day of arrival. He told me to come back at 4:00 that evening and he would give me the pick up time. I walked back to Phase III and was there at 4:00. There were multiple vacation tables set up and all of them had their employees assisting people on vacation. No one was at the Funjet table.

I walked around for 10 to 15 minutes and went back. No Funjet employee but there was another couple waiting with a 4:00 appointment. No air conditioning just ceiling fans. We sat 1 hour, I ask the table next to us if he could call Funjet and see where they are. He said "no", that it was a different company than his. We sat until 5:30, I am wringing wet with sweat. I'm spending my last evening on vacation waiting on Funjet which I paid them for a service. They are not paying me to sit here and sweat like a pig, when I could be in the pool with my son and grandsons. I finally stood up and had a screaming tantrum for anyone who gave a crap to hear. All the other hotel and vacation employees had sat and watched us waiting for someone to help us. Well guess what they finally wanted to assist us in contacting Funjet. They called Funjet and the guy was right there in the building and was at our table within 3 minutes.

Upon his arrival he was rude to me and said I should have been there Thursday. This was the same employee that told me Saturday morning to come back at 4:00 Saturday evening. He gave me no paperwork which is fine and told me to be out front at 9:25 Sunday morning for the shuttle. He was still trying to reprimand me when I walked away. He never once said "oh I'm sorry, I'm 1.5 hours late and let me be nice to you". Never never again Funjet! I have used your company for over 20 years and have never been treated like a dog before.

BEWARE WHEN BOOKING HOTELS THROUGH FUNJET!! I booked 2 hotels on 5/7/15 for dates of 6/8-9/15. Funjet charged my credit card that very day. The documentation FunJet sent me states "Hotel Cancel Policy: TO AVOID BEING BILLED CANCEL BY 4:00 PM 05-JUN-15." I canceled/changed my reservation on 5/26. Funjet charged me a $50/person cancellation fee!

We used Funjet in January 2015 to book a vacation to an all-inclusive in resort Cancun in July 2015. We paid the trip off in 6 weeks but we could have taken longer. We bought their travel insurance which included a low price guarantee. The price went down $500 two weeks after we booked and we were able to get the new price when I called. When we got to Cancun were told by the Lomas rep when we booked our excursions that because we had bought the travel insurance it would also cover our excursions if we got rained out or for some reason could not go.

We asked for two queen beds at booking and got one king. We were told by the hotel they could move us the next day and they gave us a rollaway bed. We ended up staying in that room since it worked for the 3 of us. I was told by the hotel I had to request the high floor room through Funjet two weeks before we arrived. I did so and we were put on the 5th floor which was perfect. I was kept updated on airline time and flight # changes, and seat assignment changes. When I have used other online booking websites I only found changes out by checking my flights myself. Funjet used Lomas for the hotel transfers and they were great. We left from the airport promptly and were picked up on time for our return flight. I will use Funjet again for my future trips. They delivered as promised.

We booked an all-inclusive trip to Aruba with a Travel Agent and Funjet was the third party to the connection. Arriving to the resort we were given a king size bed... granted that we had booked in July of 2014. While trying to explain to the staff that we paid for a double bed room, we were told that they did not have a double bed room. I really do not get this Funjet. You told us when we paid for the trip that there were double bed rooms left. We agreed to the paying for a double bed and that is what we expected upon arrival. I paid for my trip and wanted to enjoy my time.

The hotel felt that by adding a "cot" as it looked to be would make us happy. Well... guess what Funjet! I am very disappointed in your company ways of doing things. I do not see that as good customer service for anyone. Then they would not respond to my email... now I am really upset. I would not tell anyone to use your company for their vacation. I do not find you reliable or honest about working for your customers.

June 2015 my boyfriend and I were heading to Jamaica. I don't fly much so I didn't know that we had to be at the airport 2 hours ahead of time to get our boarding passes. So our flight was at 12:30 and it was approximately 11:18 and we had to stand in this long line. By the time we got to the front it was 12:10. The lady told us that because we booked through Funjet they could not reassign our tickets for another flight. She suggested that I call Funjet.

So I called and was on hold for a total of 1 hour and 8 mins. Once the lady got on the phone she basically told me that the only thing they could do was issue me a flight but I would have to pay an extra $2700 for a next day flight. Of course that was not going to happen. So she told me "Well we can refund some of your money." But this refund is only good for a Delta flight through Funjet. Once it has been booked a rebooking fee of $200 per ticket will be applied. So you can reissue me a ticket but you can charge a rebooking fee. So bottom line is we didn't go to Jamaica. I lost money not only for the flight but through accommodations as well. Once I use this credit Funjet can go and play in traffic. But you live and you learn. Funjet is not the route to take especially if a problem arises because your next problem will be an empty pocket!

I was looking to book a trip for our group of 7 to go to Cancun for the Xmas holiday with Funjet upon recommendation of a friend. On the phone call with the agent, I told them where we were looking to stay but they gave me a couple of spots to consider and to our delight we found one that was more ideal. They didn't have the cheapest prices for what we wanted but when I found a better deal while browsing, the agent found the same deal and did a price match. We stayed at Beach Palace and had an awesome experience. Also, when I had to change the flight for one of my passengers because of a job emergency, they were able to get that sorted out for us. And for some reason the price of the flight even after using the credit was still close to or even cheaper than the one we booked months before. I also added 2 other guests later. We had a great time and we're very happy with our customer service experience.

We booked our trip to from Houston, Texas to Cozumel, Mexico through Funjet. I called Funjet 2 weeks before our departure to find put more information regarding our checked luggage because what I was originally told was not matching up with the online information from the airliner. I was told multiple times during our call that each flier got one FREE checked bag and one carry-on. Fast forward to May 7th at 4 am and guess what we had to pay! 6 passengers x $25.00 ea.= $150.00 BOTH WAYS... so we paid the $150 going there and the $150 coming back... When I called Funjet from the airport that morning I was told "sorry you were misinformed." Nope I call that being lied to! Upon arrival at the resort everything was wonderful UNTIL we began booking our excursions using our resort credit.

I had spent weeks making a very detailed excursion itinerary... I search countless websites for the breakdown of resort credits and NEVER once found anything about the excursions only being offered on certain days (mainly because I believe they change the days based on your stay so they don't have to pay for the excursions.) Needless to say all of the "good" excursions were on days that we would not be at the resort (the LAST May 7th excursion left an hour before check in and would not go again until the following Thursday 2 hours AFTER check out). Ridiculous.

So I said "okay forget the excursions we will cover the ones that were really important to us out of our own pocket, but we would like our tickets to PlayaMia water park..." Except now we were told they did not affiliate with PlayaMia anymore so we would not get our tickets EVEN THOUGH I used my cell phone and pulled up the HOTELS Web page and walked the Guest Services representative step by step on the location of the PlayaMia information. I was still told "too bad". At this point I wanted to call Funjet and switch resorts but off course the 1-866 number Funjet provided me with I could not call without the hotel charging me $2.35/min... Never once did Funjet nor did the resort tell me there was a Funjet representative at the resort or a local Mexico number I could call them!

Next was the food... we are the same bland restaurant everyday because the other two restaurants that were supposed to be open for lunches never were and the staff acted like they had no idea what I was talking about when we asked them. Then one of us "lost" the all inclusive bracelet and when she asked the front desk about it she was told it would be almost $400 dollars to replace it or she would need to leave the resort... We decide to get back in the rental car and backtrack and by the grace of God we FOUND IT... Guess what... She didn't "lose" it simply fell off her arm because it was not fasten right. When we return to the resort from backtracking for the FIRST TIME IN 2 DAY we were being hounded for our bracelets...

When she told them it was in her purse they insisted on "escorting" her to the front desk... When she showed them what happened they were like "Oh yes sorry we discussed it after you guys left and we were going to get you another one at no charge." ummm NO YOU WEREN'T that is why you were hounding ONLY our group. So frustrating. Then when we left for good and got to the airport that was a joke! The staff was so rude and the airport was the worst! After boarding our plane (1 1/2 hours late) we sat stuck on the tarmac for 3 hours... So our flight left 4 hours late and made us missed our connecting flight from DFW to IAH and go figure it was the LAST FLIGHT of the night!!!

Needless to say we ended up having to rent a car for $300 to drive to Houston because when I called Funjet they could not help us... Stuck in a random airport with no support from our travel agency... Our only options were to sleep in the airport and catch the next flight (had to be home that morning for our kids) NOT AN OPTION... so we had no choice but to drive it in... Seriously this had to be the WORST TRIP of my life!!! Called Funjet today to get our money back for checked baggage, airplane ticket for flight that was missed due to no fault of our own, and some type of reimbursement for our RUINED trip that we were lied to about damn near EVERYTHING!!!

Just cancelled my trip to Mexico. I've used Funjet for each trip to the Riviera Maya, this would have been the 5th time there. In the two months since I booked my trip, the hotel changed the prices of the rooms and now one of the excursions is not included anymore. They would not honor it and wanted me to pay an additional $750! So glad I purchased trip insurance! I am losing $300, but it is worth it so that they NEVER see any of my money ever again. It is the principle and not necessarily the money. Don't use them!!

I recently booked a vacation from Milwaukee to Cancun. One of our travelers needed to cancel due to surgery so we called 8 days prior to departure (Friday) - according to my math (Leaving the following Friday). Talked to the Funjet Rep about our options as we hoped to find a replacement traveler. They said no problem, just call at least 1 day prior to departure - additional fees would be $250 plus whatever difference (increase there might be in price of the trip). So we looked for a replacement traveler over the weekend and couldn't find one.

Called Funjet Monday to tell them we don't have a new traveler - but now they said we are inside the 7 days and that they could no longer refund us anything. Now that's a douche bag move if I've ever seen one! I feel as though I was lied to by the Rep - or perhaps just selectively given the information necessary to push me into the "no refund window". I can only imagine that they sell thousands of these vacations to each of the hotels and airline each year. Apparently there is no wiggle room with the refunds. I'll book all of my next 50 or so vacations through another online vendor and make sure I get my money's worth when I get to the resort.

I bought a vacation package on May 19th from Funjet Vacations including flight tickets and hotel in Paris. But on the departing day at the airport, I found out that my reservation was canceled. I, with my two children, had to purchase new tickets and book hotel at airport, and waited for hours to take next flight. It was a huge financial loss and emotional stress! Here are the details of what happened:

Funjet vacation's term and conditions says full payment is required 46 days before travel, and the emails also said final payment is due July 5th. However Funjet didn't charge me although they have my credit card on file, and they didn't say that I need to call back to make payment either. I contacted Funjet on 6/30, 7/9, 7/14, 8/3 and other times for making changes and confirmation. None of the representatives, whom I spoke to, told me about my past due payment. After the final payment due date was passed, I talked to the hotel and my reservation was still good, and again I talked to Funjet, and no representative told me about the past due payment either.

Funjet canceled my reservation on August 8th without me knowing it! I found out about the cancellation of the reservation at the airport two hours before the departure. I was with my two children, planned to fly from Newark to Paris. I had to purchase the airline tickets at the airport, and paid high price. I also had to make new hotel reservation, paid much more but still didn't get enough room for 4 people where my original reservation had. It was such an emotional stress! I contacted Funjet right after I found my reservation was canceled, and asked them to rebook my flight. Funjet took 2 hours, and they were working really slow and I was put on hold many times, and which caused me missing the original flight. Then Funjet asked to make reservation with airport, and my kids and I have to wait for hours to catch the next flight.

The good. Funjet is good for those who want to take a nice vacation, but can't afford to pay for it all at once. Funjet allows you to put at least $150 down on a vacation typically over $500 per person and pay on it up until 45-60 days prior to departure. I typically travel as a non-revenue because my husband works for a major airline. But, being that this particular trip was for 6 members of my immediate family as well as 3 friends, it would have been difficult to travel standby, so we decided to just pay for airfare as well as regular room rates. If you do not have it paid off or expect to have the balance paid off by the due date, all you have to do is call Funjet and let them know. Best to pay what you can until you are able to pay it off.

The downfall is that you need to have all of your ducks in a row such as passports, etc. if you are going out of the country. Read and UNDERSTAND the cancellation policy. If you cancel, Funjet will keep ALL of your money for whatever fees they charge. I booked a family of 6 for a trip and had to cancel one of my daughters the day before our trip because her passport did not come in. I paid $1200 per person for a 5-night trip to Grand Bahia Resort in Jamaica to include round trip airfare. We are only getting about $175 back and that is in airfare credit to be used with Funjet. When I spoke to the resort, they stated that they would have just charged for two nights. Funjet is a rip-off when it comes to cancellations. Beware of cancellations. Would I use them again? Maybe as long as I am definite about the trip and all my ducks are lined up in a row.

I chose a trip to Cancun, Mexico during Valentine. My wife has cancer. I filled out the form online and chose the round trip option from airport to hotel. We get to Cancun and Fun jets partner Lomas Transportation did not have us listed. In my itinerary, it told us to bypass the timeshare people and proceed outside to the transportation representative in a teal shirt and white pants. We were not listed. They called their company and we were not listed. At this point we just wanted to get to the hotel. A Lomas representative pointed us to other transportation where they charged us $60.00 to the hotel. We found out later that the normal charge for such transportation by taxi is $25.00. This was truly a scam. Then we had the return ride to the airport from the hotel and had to pay an additional $25.00. I feel that Fun Jet owes us no less that $85.00 in refund. They could add an additional $100 to that refund for the anguish caused during this time in our lives.

Beware of fishing scam! I searched for a vacation on the Funjet website and I was very happy with dates, airline choice, departure time, arrival time and mostly the price until I got an error message that said this: "Alert. We apologize but the hotel selected is unable to validate the number of passengers to the room occupancy limit. Please select an alternate hotel, revise your search request, or complete a multi-room booking for this party size." Mind you, I had 1 room with 2 adults only! I refreshed the page few times, I got same options to choose and I got excited until I got to the point where I needed to continue with booking the vacation and I got same "Alert" again... then I decided to contact the agency and ask them for help.

The agent on the phone went through the same steps as me and she got the same "Alert" message too. She put me on hold for about 10 minutes because she needed help from her office. When she came back, she told me that if I wanted to continue booking same vacation I either had to change the airline (which changed the time and that doesn't work for me) or still book the same vacation but for about $700 dollars more! When I asked why can't I get the same price that I keep getting online, she replied that there wasn't enough seats available, there was only one seat with that price. When I asked why the same airline, same time, same seats are available but for much more money, she said that I wouldn't understand if she tried to explain. I am very disappointed.

I feel like they are offering/advertising different prices until you reach the point where you want to continue with booking then you get the very high price or the low price that was available does not have an option to continue with booking! I call this a fishing scam, they just try to lure you in. Also, in the past I had a different experience with them, when I tried to book a vacation, luckily my husband saw the fine print that the room that I picked was not available for the date that I picked and the check in date was the next day! I was so shocked that if we didn't catch that what would we have done when we got there?! They price you the airline fare for the dates that you want to leave and get back but the hotel gets booked for the next day! Please be very careful if you ever decide to book through them!

Once getting back from Mexico, they told us it would be a 4-8 weeks investigation for a refund. They said they couldn't give us it, because there were recommendation cards filled out by the staff that forged our names and had nothing but good things to say! I am trying to pursue legal steps moving forward for some of the incidents as well down there. Nothing was included that was supposed to be... never good through Funjets.

Long story short...FunJet set us up on the worst vacation at the worst resort my wife and I have ever been to (and we're not picky). From the wrong room that was 3 blocks away from the beach after paying for beach view, to a broken a/c, broken fridge, broken toilet, "marble" that was falling off the walls, stained furniture, a leak in the ceiling, a shower that flooded and blinds that were broken, to blinds that were broken and did not open, to a rude staff at the hotel, to wait staff that hissed and meowed at you, to food that was so raw it had blood running through it... this was the worst. The company did not help us at all while at the resort and is refusing to compensate us outside of the cost of hotel room only for 2 nights. That's an insult. In our correspondence, they've accepted that they messed up and they know it was the trip from h*ll. They refuse to make it right and this is going on 120+ days of corresponding with them. They do not respond in a timely manner and are as incompetent, rude and as much help as the staff at the hotel. I will continue to pursue my refund that is due to me through all means necessary...including legal action. DO NOT book through this company.

Do NOT book through Funjet. I booked a hotel (Luxor Las Vegas Sept 12-16,2013). On Sept 10, my friend backed out. So I called Funjet to cancel. They said I would be charged a one night penalty since it was after 3pm which is check in time. They were saying it has to be at least 48 hours to not be charged. But Luxor said I had until midnight to cancel and the Funjet fine print said that the cancellation policy is based on the hotel, which means I cancelled in enough time!!!! But the travel agent didn't want to lose her commission (I guess) so she gave us a hard time. So after 2 hours of being put on hold, talking to different departments, Funjet agreed to give us a refund but it would take up to 21 business days.

So 21 days later, I check my account and I only received a partial refund. Funjet claimed it was because of a one day penalty. They said they would email Luxor to find out if a 1 day penalty was charged. I personally called Luxor. They said that they are not sure why Funjet is emailing them because it's easy for emails to go unnoticed and more importantly, they DID not charge a 1 day penalty. I call Funjet back with facts, names, dates and phone numbers and they finally agreed to give me my money back but it's going to be another 7-14 business days. Luxor hotel was willing to back me up on this. They were very nice! I can't believe Funjet attempted to pocket the rest of my money. I didn't get an apology or explanation on how they messed up. That entire process was a 4-hour ordeal. Funjet vacations are a bunch of scam artists and I wouldn't recommend them to my WORST enemy!!

I've written a complaint and haven't heard a word with regards to the disgusting hotel in Cancun, The Krystal. What a horrible experience. I have written all information and included all res. #. I wish someone would contact me regarding this matter.

To start, this was my 8th time going to Cancun. I have gone with my husband and kids, with just my husband and myself, and 13 members of my family once. It's our favorite place to go. Three of those trips were through Funjet. So the knowledge is there. To start with, we arrived at 2 pm and were aware of check-in at 3, so we went to get our bracelets (all-inclusive) so that we could eat something. When we came back to check in, they were very rude and we found out that we had to pay to use the safe in our room, which is odd since the maid was the only other person to go in our room.

So we take our own luggage to our room. That was ok till we got to our room and find there was no fridge and the bottled water that was set on the bathroom sink had $1.80 on them and the coffee had $2. And there was no coffee pot to make it. We had to walk to a store to buy water for the room, but there’s no way to keep it cold - we couldn’t even get ice. So, we went down to our Funjet rep and he tried really hard to help us, but it was too expensive to switch to a sister hotel and it’s $25 each a night to upgrade to a room with a fridge. He tried for 2 days to try and help us, but his boss in Cancun would not help and he couldn’t reach anyone in the USA to help him either. We felt kinda bad because he wanted to sell the extra stuff to us, but we refused to give Funjet any more money since they had no desire to help make our stay better.

We went to the show they had that night and it was so bad and the way we were set, I felt like I was at my son’s school program. Then, it was so hot and drinks were not available in there - no bar, water, or waitress. So we left. Then the next day we hung out at the pool (it was nice), but the swim up bar was at the end where the kids had to swim. There were only 5 chairs and then drinks were limited from the bar. We had to sneak bananas to him to have a good margarita - yes, we had to sneak it out because they wouldn’t let you take anything out of the buffet. We tried to take some dessert for later and they wouldn’t let a little kid who was taking a box of cereal and they stopped him to. The waiters were wonderful (Requrio and Luis), but the food was awful - it’s the same thing every day, just different colors or flavor.

We ate at a taco bar by the pool. The entertainment by the pool was lame and all they offered was bingo or aerobics. There’s no music by the pool and we had to play volleyball in the ocean because there was no room at the pool. And the ocean was horrible - rocks were everywhere you walked and all the seaweeds floated up all day and the beach was smaller than my backyard. Even lower rated hotels have lounges in the main area to meet people and have drinks. They had nothing. This one is crazy. We went to the front desk to ask for a map and ask questions. They said they don't have maps and didn’t even try to help us.

Of course, the hotel next door had the maps. It’s the same map I get every time I have gone to Cancun for 15 years. I was so angry because I spoke so highly of Cancun to my 2 friends I went with and everything I told them great was bad. All the picture of the hotel on the advertisement were pictures of the hotel next door and the price we paid was for a 4-star all-inclusive. This didn’t even meet a 2-star. And the all-inclusive was not supposed to be limited. I feel we were misled by the picture and hotel description. I could go on, but I hope you get the picture. The only good part were the shuttle to and back, the waiters, and the ladies that seated us at dinner. Also, we talked to a couple that just got there and when they got to their room, there was luggage on the bed. They went down and told them and they gave them again a room with luggage on the bed. And at least they were truthful about the fact that we didn’t have to pay for our luggage on the plane.

We went on a trip to Ixtapa, Mexico. It’s a beautiful place. That’s why we have returned there thirteen years in a row. We have never had a problem until this year. I missed my plane. It was my fault, but we always go through a company, such as Funjet, etc., to help with the unforeseen. We could have better not have bothered. Our rep Rafael ** said he would look into it. Two days later, we still had not heard from him. We then saw an Apple rep and within ten minutes he told us he couldn't get us a new ticket. But if we went to the airport, he said they could help us and they had a plane out that day with room on it. I finally found the Funjet rep. He said he couldn't do anything about it. This was two days later. If I had not seen him, he probably would not have contacted us.

He was extremely rude and nasty. If you would like to go on a side trip where he could take your money, you couldn't get rid of him. Which brings up another problem: if you did not have the exact amount of money for the trip, you had a hard time getting your change back from him. It's really too bad the reps aren't trained better with this company and dealing with more personal reps. The rudeness was inexcusable. I was very impressed with Apple helping us when we hadn't even booked with them. Do I want my money back? No. But I do think Mr. ** should be told to look for a different job. We will go back to Ixtapa next year but not through Funjet. If they get rid of Mr. **, I may consider it in the future. I spoke to someone on the phone and he said they never had any problems in Mexico before. After reading comments of other people, I'm beginning to question the integrity of this company.

The Lomas reps are liars and cheats. We received the most horrible service that we have ever encountered traveling to Mexico. They were rude, disrespectful and unaccommodating. The horrible service we received from the moment we checked in should have gotten us an upgrade at the very least, but didn't. We requested to be moved to another resort and were told if we did, we would have to pay to be moved. Never will I book with them again and my travel agent is fired.

We booked a vacation at an all inclusive in Cancun, Mexico through Funjet Vacations. When we arrived at the resort we were told that we booked as "European" which we now know means we do not have meals and drinks included. So $l500.00 was paid extra for the 8 night stay. Funjet did not say anything about this all inclusive not including food and drink, but claimed that we should have clicked on the word European and we would know what we purchased. We feel that this was important info to be put in the fine print. Funjet believes everyone knows the meaning of European. We did not, but now we sure do. The BBB apparently agrees with Funjet. We will never again use Funjet also called Marks Travel again. Also will not waste time with the BBB.

You will see a detailed account of what I went through during a vacation I booked through Funjet. Because of what I went through, I’m looking to get a full refund for my hotel stay for two reasons: as compensation and for the fact that I only stayed at the four nights, not the original eight nights that I had booked. When you read below, you will understand why I am looking for both compensation and a refund. However, Funjet is refusing to refund my money in full or compensate me.

This is a two-part letter of complaint concerning both Funjet and the Bahia Mar hotel.

Part one: Funjet.

I recently booked a vacation through the Funjet travel website. I wanted to go to a beach resort in Miami, Florida, so I searched for vacation packages from New York to Miami. When I searched, various hotel and flight packages came up. I looked through them until I found what appeared to be the most reasonably priced and affordable package according to my price range. The package I booked was a flight from New York’s JFK Airport to Miami International Airport and the hotel was the Bahia Mar hotel and beach resort. The Bahia Mar hotel is located at 801 Seabreeze Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale.

As I had searched for Miami and this hotel came up, I was under the impression that the hotel was in Miami being unaware of the geography of Florida and trusting the Funjet website. I believed this because I had searched for Miami vacations and this was one of the packages that came up. However, I discovered upon arriving in Miami that it was nowhere near where I wanted to stay which would have preferably been Miami Beach, Hollywood Beach or South Beach. However, this error was made due to the misleading nature of Funjet's website as they have Fort Lauderdale hotels under a Miami search.

What is even more perplexing is that the flight was to Miami International Airport, which was nowhere near the hotel I stayed in and was a $90 cab ride to the Bahia Mar hotel. As I got off the plane and went to the taxi stand and told the driver the address, his face screwed up as he said where is that. I told him Fort Lauderdale and he said that's far and it's not in Miami. There were also no shuttle services to the hotel from Miami Airport. My heart sank while I was in the cab and I realized I was getting further and further away from Miami.

I arrived at the hotel on Saturday, May 23, 2009, at about 11:30 pm. The situation became worse when I proceeded to the check-in desk and the clerk requested a hotel voucher which I did not have nor was I informed by Funjet that I would need one. The following morning, I called my mother who was in New York and she advised me to call Funjet. We both called Funjet, but were unable to call Global Travel as they were closed. Funjet told both my mother and I that we didn't need a hotel voucher and the hotel insisted that I did need a hotel voucher. Finally, my mother faxed a couple of email confirmation letters that she received from travel consultant Karen ** who initially helped my mother book the vacation package. The hotel finally agreed that those emails would be sufficient. The Funjet staff did nothing to assist my mother or me.

I then called back Funjet to ask them if they could transfer me to a hotel in Miami as I did not want to be in Fort Lauderdale and due to their error, I was in the wrong location and was not happy. I spoke to Erin and later Elisa. They were not very helpful at all and said that I could go to Miami, but I would have to pay more money for the new hotel and a penalty fee for the hotel I was already staying at. I did not want to spend more money than I already had and felt that they should have been offering me compensation for their mistake rather than making me pay more. Their attitude was cold, indifferent and unfriendly. As far as my complaint was concerned, they said I could write a letter to Funjet as I am doing now: however, I would like to emphasize they were not at all supportive, were facetious and argumentative, and were making false accusations that my mother had become abusive and cursed at them during the conversation she had with them.

I was with my three-year-old son, exhausted, very disappointed, stressed, and feeling down about the whole situation, so I asked my mother to join me in Florida as I needed her support. This was a further expense.

Part two: The Bahia Mar hotel.

On both Sunday night and Monday morning, both my mother and I inquired about changing to a smoking hotel room with two beds as my mother would be joining me. We were both told by **, a front desk clerk, and **, a supervisor at the Bahia Mar hotel, that it would be fine and there would be no extra charge and there would be a smoking room available the next day when my mother came in. On Monday night, May 25 (Memorial Day), I went to the front desk in the early afternoon to ask about the room change and was told that were no rooms available at that time and to come back later and was told again that there was no extra charge. Later that night, I went back to see if a room had become available and spoke to **, who I later found out was the manager, and I asked him about the room. He then told me it would cost me an extra $20 a night and I informed him that I was told by three different clerks, one being a supervisor, that there would be no extra charge. He said that was not the case and I would be charged. I tried emphatically to stress to him that there was a big problem in communication between staff if four different people are giving out different information; however, he refused to listen.

I also told him that the cleaning staff had not changed the toilet roll in the bathroom of the room I was staying in and there was only half a roll left. To which he replied: “We have limited housekeeping services.” However, he did not offer assistance or say that he would fix the situation, so I said, “Are you going to speak to housekeeping about getting more toilet paper?” He said he would do his best and I asked what that meant exactly as to me “do his best” meant he was not sure if he could get more paper. So I responded, “So does that mean I shouldn't use the bathroom?” And he replied that that was not the case. As I was getting a little annoyed by his attitude and the whole situation, he said, “If you get angry, I will have you removed from the hotel.” He said all of this with a cold and uncaring look on his face and tone and while I was standing there with my three-year-old, whom he was also threatening to put on the street.

When I returned to the hotel room and attempted to call housekeeping, I discovered that my room phone was not working so I went back to the front desk and told ** about it. He once again responded in a very cold manner that he would have it fixed. I then told him that he should have more respect for and be more caring toward the guests that stay in the hotel as we were paying a lot of money to stay there. He replied the respect should be mutual and I said I have not once disrespected you. He was extremely argumentative, abrupt and insensitive. This experience added insult to injury as not only was I where I did not want to be because of a huge error on the part of Funjet, insulted by Funjet staff and made to feel like they did not care, I was also in a hotel which had a manager who also did not care about his paying guests.

My mother arrived on Tuesday afternoon and was informed by ** the supervisor at the hotel that there would be no extra charge for the room. We then changed rooms and my mother ordered room service. When my mother called to order the food, the woman that answered the phone was rude and got the order wrong. As my mother was tired and I was hungry anyway, we ate the order that came. When my mother asked the woman why she had an attitude, she said, “Excuse me, I am just very tired.” Later, my mother found a cockroach in the bathroom of the room we were staying in. By the following morning, all we wanted to do was get out of there. This led to me searching for a hotel in Miami and changing to that hotel. This was yet a further expense on my part.

Before we left, I spoke to a supervisor at Funjet who said her name was Tammy and explained my situation to her; however, she was also not supportive as she talked over me and did not listen and also tried to imply that the situation was my fault and I should know where Fort Lauderdale is in relation to Miami, which then led me to ask her if she was familiar with New York and if she would know if I asked her where the Bronx was in relation to Manhattan. She responded no and I replied, “Well, there you go. So if you booked a vacation to New York and the hotel was in the Bronx and you wanted to be in Manhattan, would you have any idea that those two places were far away from each other? She again replied no. She then tried to tell me that I would have to ask the staff at the hotel if they would refund me for the nights I would forfeit by leaving the hotel early as it would be up to them and the hotel staff told me it was up to Funjet. I then spoke to ** at the hotel who said she could only credit me two nights out of the four that I would lose.

I was not happy with this, but there appeared to be nothing I could do. Later, while we were checking out, I asked to speak to ** again and my mother and I sat down with ** and explained everything to her in detail. At the end of the conversation, she agreed to credit me three nights out of the four which was better; however, I still felt and feel that I should be compensated by Funjet for the whole experience as basically my only vacation was ruined by the incompetence of Funjet. My request to Funjet is to be compensated for the entire eight nights that I booked at the hotel which would be an extra five nights as I have already been refunded three nights by ** and not by Funjet. I further request that the five nights be refunded without a penalty fee. We left the hotel on May 27, 2009.

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