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Made reservation at Koreana Hotel in Seoul through on 7/19/16 given the information on the website which indicated a cancellation policy of same day as arrival and no upfront payment. Payment due when at the hotel in Seoul. Citibank called me on 7/19/16 to indicate that the Koreana Hotel tried to charge all of the cost of the 6 day stay upfront. I called and initially the CSR said that she was sorry but could not do anything about it. Then a manager came on the line and said she'd call the Hotel Koreana to inquire if Hotel Koreana would accept an unpaid reservation as indicated in the website for Hotel Koreana. Manager asked for my number and said she'd call me back regarding Hotel Koreana's attempt to charge 100% of the stay before arrival.

No call from was received by the time of this posting. Consequently I assume that the Hotel Koreana and are simply ignoring this flagrant abuse of a (former) website user's trust. published false information for Hotel Koreana and Hotel Koreana made no effort to remedy this abuse of customer trust. If Citibank had not had a fraud service, I'd be out the money. I'm quite sure if I had tried to cancel my reservation which who knows what conditions Hotel Koreana might have given their lack of transparency in the time of charging for a stay in their hotel. Beware of both and Hotel Koreana!

Ridiculous. Every time I called or emailed, I would get nowhere. Phone number must be to a foreign country--I could barely understand them and they tried to bs me by telling me my credit was in Canadian dollars. Well, they charged me in AMERICAN dollars. What a rip-off. Don't waste your time. *If it's too good to be true, it probably is. The whole experience was a nightmare.

I normally book direct with hotel. I thought I got the correct number from the internet but didn't realize I was talking to I was told there was no cancellation. I've stayed at this hotel before so thought it was a mistake. I called to move my reservation to the following week. sent a confirmation of cancellation and also info on new reservation. Turns out I've been charged full price for cancellation and also the new reservation. How dumb of me to use this company. Never again.

I booked 4 consecutive nights in 4 different hotels in 4 different cities. Three of them were pre-paid to All three confirmed that I was paying too much, and two of them gave me something in writing to that effect, but I had already paid to When I called them, they said they do not honor special rates on AAA or IGH (Holiday Inn Program), only public websites that do not require a membership, even if the membership is free and open to the public (like Expedia & Hotwire). While the difference was under $30, they chose to lose my business than reimburse the difference. What a lousy business decision on their part. They have lost my business.

What frustration and dismal service I am currently experiencing with! Never ever book your "fully cancellable" accommodation with them. My refund has still not been received after 70 days! I made a booking in March 2016 for a hotel that was fully cancellable. I subsequently cancelled the booking and my refund that should be processed within 24 hours and "can take up to 30 days to reflect" has still not been received 70 days later (even worse - when I booked I didn't see anything on these terms and conditions but maybe I missed them).

After the first 30 days passed, I had to contact the centre, which after follow up, I was told that it seemed the refund hadn't been processed and now would be. I would need to wait another 30 days. After more than 60 days has passed, I had to phone again. Now the feedback received was that there seems to be a problem with the credit card. I must phone a number and provide new card details.

I phoned the number, which has various options, and I choose the "refund" option. Here I was told they are NOT the right people to help me, and I must phone another number. When I called the new number received, I realized it was the exact same number I had just dialed. Given this, I then chose the "cancellation" option. This lady was very friendly and helpful. However, at first they were asking for details for a different card because there were problems refunding into the card I paid with, at which point I explained that I only have one credit card, so I could not give alternative details. They agreed to try process the refund immediately and I would be advised within 24 hours if it was successful or not and that I would receive an email to this effect (at which point, if it was successful, I would need to wait another 30 days).

I told the lady that I don't believe if it is unsuccessful that I will be contacted, because nobody has bothered to contact me over the last 70 days unless I follow up. She assured me I would be contacted. Needless to say, 24 hours would have been Tuesday 5 July 2016 and as of Thursday 7 July I have still not heard anything. And even worse I am paying large amounts of interest on my overdraft because of this! Shocking shocking service! I would love if a lawyer in this forum could assist me...

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I booked 3 nights at the price of $129.00.per night, which should have been $360.00 but with them adding additional unknown fees it came up to $530.00 which was crazy to me. I have learned not to book through these 3rd parties. I was told children are supposed to be free and with them they will take the children and add them as another party or person. I will not deal with this business again. I was also told they are supposed to be govern by corporate rules. Looks like they have rules of their on. I haven't check my credit card to see if they really did me in yet. I get so tired of business you can't trust.

Extremely rude and uncooperative customer service! I made a booking yesterday and they said on the phone that a confirmation email will be sent to me, but I hadn't gotten one for 24 hours so I called again. This time they say that they cannot find my reservation at all even though my credit card has been charged! Apparently the person wrote down all of my information wrong: email address, phone number, etc. I asked customer service to search by credit card number since the charge went through but THEY JUST PLAIN REFUSED. Will not use again. I'd rather pay higher prices than going through this disastrous platform again.

Since I wanted to book a two night hotel stay at a hotel through, I figured that I would use my free hotel night stay for one of the days. I had planned to use my rewards from their promotion of purchasing 10 nights and get one free. But upon calling their customer service department, I was informed that I only had 5 nights credited. I believe I spoke with a girl named Alley. She told me that I hadn't signed up for the rewards, so I wouldn't get credit for it. Then she told me that she could credit me for the 3 nights I had recently purchased. When I told her that I expected to get credit for the other nights I paid for through, she told me that she would need to speak to her supervisor.

After a few minutes of me on hold, the call got disconnected. I promptly phoned them back again, and asked to speak directly to a supervisor. Tony came on and I could barely understand him with his accent. He informed me that they have a 30-day period which they can credit the acct. I told him that I was unaware of this. He had a very unpleasant attitude, and it was like he was saying well it's just too bad. He didn't offer anything to make me continue to be a customer. I had booked a total of 12 nights at 6 foreign hotels with them, in less than a year. Tony told me I only had 4 credits in my acct. It's amazing that Ally told me I had 5, and she could find my phone number associated with my acct., and Tony told me I had no phone number for my acct.

These two phone calls were minutes apart, yet they both told me different things about my acct. with I informed Tony that I guess they don't need my business anymore, so I'll never use them again. I've used this company for a number of years without incident, but upon using them more frequently, it seems they just don't care. I guess they have too much business.

When I booked room through I needed a room near Yosemite National Park. After arriving I realized the room was way too far away from the park so I called the motel manager and he told me I would be charged for the first night only not the two nights if I didn't come. When I returned home I checked my statement and was charged for two nights by, two nights I was NOT there. I called and they told me I had a non-refundable reservation. I am so disgusted with the poor ethics of people, society and businesses. Does anybody give good honest service any more?

A reservation was made through The reservation dates were pre-filled by the website and were not noticed until a confirmation email was sent. We called their Customer Service right away. They promised a cancellation with a refund and then to book a reservation for the correct night which I received an email confirmation of. When we arrived at the hotel, they had no reservation for us nor could the hotel do anything about my confirmation notice. After four more calls to Customer Service they sent a reservation to the hotel but there were no more rooms. A refund was made for the failed reservation that night but not for the reservation for the future date that had been filled in by their website. When I tried to reinstate the future reservation they would not allow it but they kept my money. This episode appears to be a pre-planned effort by to get you to cancel a reservation, keep the money, and then book it to another party.

I booked and paid for 3 rooms for the weekend trip to Las Vegas. They sent me a confirmation e-mail. Then someone with a heavy accent called me from an unknown number (a number showing as 000) and claiming that my payment was not released by the bank, asked me to provide my credit card details to prove my identity. I got suspicious and did not provide any details (what is the point of providing the details to someone who claims that he has already have them).

Then I received an e-mail indicating that my booking was cancelled. I immediately called them back but stuck with their customer service. Their customer service is terribly bad. They said they would call back in 3!!! hours but never called back... I called them again and heard the same story again. Finally I received an e-mail saying that processing issue had been resolved and I would need to book again!!! But the prices had gone up by 15% by then. Terrible customer service, the worst booking experience ever.

There was a glitch with my booking (incorrect dates) and as soon as I discovered it I rang the hotel, asking if they could simply move the dates forward so that I wouldn't lose the booking or the first night fee. They told me I had to call, which I did immediately. I phoned and explained my situation to the customer service assistant, and they put me on hold for over 30 minute (while I was on an overseas cell phone no less!!!) so naturally I hung up. I then called back, explained my situation again and was told that they had to phone the hotel, and put me on hold again. While this was less time, they then came back and said that the hotel told them that there was not one in their reservations department, so they had to call back.

The customer services assistant then told me they would call me next day after they had spoken with the hotel. Next day passed, so I thought I had better call again, which I did only to discover no one had called the hotel yet again. They put me on hold again only to come back after 15 or 20 minutes to once again tell me that there was no one at the hotel, and they would have to phone them after the weekend and then call me back on Monday.

Monday rolled around, and still no call back. By now I was extremely anxious because my trip is next day. I called back AGAIN, only to be put on hold again while they phoned the hotel. The customer service assistant then came back on the line to tell me that no one had previously spoken with the hotel, and that they couldn't help me. I would have the bear the loss and rebook my hotel online and take up the issue with the hotel myself.

YES. After all of this wasted time, international phone calls and frustration, I was told that I had to talk to the hotel direct. I rang the hotel and was told that because the booking was made through that they couldn't help me. I then got back onto to re-book the hotel, only to find the dates I required were no longer available, so I had to phone the hotel again and make the booking direct.

I am of pocket the first night's accommodation, I am out of pocket for the expensive international phone calls, I am out of pocket for the more expensive hotel rates going direct and for the late booking, I wasted at least 3 hours of my time and I have lost the 3 nights to go towards my rewards (because I had to book direct to stay at the same hotel as my colleagues).

I booked 2 nights stay at the above-mentioned hotel and advised me to pay $280 at the hotel with the possibility to cancel until 6/22/2016 10:00 am. Next day they advertised the same hotel for $220. I tried to cancel but I was told I would have to pay $140 even if I am within the cancellation window. I called directly the hotel and they told me the same. Apparently the cancellation window was wrongly displayed. I went to the hotel and checked in, got the room but the bed sheets were stained with blood. I complained to the reception desk, they replaced the bed sheets but for the entire stay they were very glacial with me. Please see attached pictures.

They even cancelled my access keys, I had to go back and forth to get new keys. The hotel is very noisy, phonic insulation is insufficient, they accept dogs and the hallways smell dog urine (2nd floor). Calling was useless. BOTTOM LINE: beware of

For a few weeks I kept searching for a hotel room for one specific night based on a course I was attending. The hotel I wanted was booked so I returned to every few days and searched the same date to see if there were any openings. A few days before my course with the same search a room opened and I immediately booked through Showed up at the hotel to find out my reservation was for the next day. During my search changed the search dates to the next available, and I mistakenly booked it.

I talked to the hotel owner in person and he said he could not issue a refund, I had to talk to Expedia/ Called and they said the owner makes the decision, they called the owner and he refused, and they did nothing. Got a big runaround from I will NEVER book another room through as I do no trust their online booking system, and the way they play the customer against the owner and themselves.

I initially booked a room for a Tues and Wed night for $535 based on the beautiful description of the property by I then realized I could not get there on Tues and called to move the reservation to Wed and Thurs nights. refused to move the reservation or give me credit for Tues night. I ended up paying nearly $800 for 3 nights, even though I stayed only two. The room was not as represented. It was disgusting. The towels were tattered and dingy, the carpet was dirty and stained, the bathtub could not drain and backed up, the sofa was torn, etc. The hotel offered to give us credit for the room, but said we had to go through since we booked through their site. only offered an $80 coupon to use on our next booking!! I will NEVER use again!

Disaster! I've probably gotten close to booking $50,000 rooms over the years. Not again! I tried to redeem my points; done it many times before successfully. Looked like it worked; showed me the remaining balance I'd be charged for my room. Instead, my credit card was charged the full amount. I called to get this resolved. The nice agent helped me and sent me an email confirming that I was receiving the correct refund. During my conversation with her I noticed that the base rate was $50 lower. So I asked her and she told me to send a screen print requested the best price guarantee. I did. In the e-mail below you'll see the nightmare and hours of conversations that followed.

"Re: Best Price Guarantee: More problems with my account. 117.40 USD IS NOT THE PRICE I PAID for this reservation. READ all the e-mails. First, I redeemed a free night on my reservation; base rate of $199 NOT including taxes and fees. The transaction went through and the screen I received was correct; there was a remaining 117.40 USD owed in addition to the amount of my free night redemption. It showed $117.40 being charged to my credit card.

Next, I checked my credit card. THAT IS NOT WHAT MY CREDIT CARD WAS CHARGED! I was charged the full amount for my reservation: $230.33. No free night redemption; opposite of what my confirmation screen showed me. So I called and spoke with a customer service representative. She fixed the reservation/redemption problem and sent me an e-mail (I kept that e-mail) confirming the refund: *We're writing to let you know that we've processed your refund.* *Refund amount: USD 112.93.*

While we were on the phone looking up my reservation problems and trying to fix them we saw the new base rate of $149 on both and She told me to take a screen print and send it in requesting the price guarantee. So I did. This is the 3rd e-mail regarding the best price guarantee. This reservation has been nothing but problems. The hundreds of nights me and my family have reserved on have been fine until this reservation. I want my refund for the guaranteed rate difference and I want it now. So many mistakes made; so much wrong information from and by staff. This has been a waste of my business time and Please fix this now and correctly. I paid $199 base rate. On the phone with we saw the new base rate was $149. Honor it now."

My last conversation with a manager yielded me an $80 credit; nice but more than I asked for. And he told me I had to press the Book key to actually get the correct screen shot including fees and taxes. WHAT? Pretend like I'm booking a room to get fees and taxes when it's the base rate that changed? And it was on their own website? And my final email today told me again to send in a screenshot with all that info even though my reservation ended yesterday?

I've been a long time customer and fool me once, shame on you. But if I make the mistake of doing business with again, shame on me. I'll try not to make that mistake again. Their employees were very nice and professional however they were unable to help me due to training, corporate policies and flawed IT systems. Too many other ways of booking rooms to deal with this again.

While in Rome, we booked a "4 Star hotel." As we had just checked out of a 4 star hotel earlier in the day, we were quite familiar with comparable properties. When we arrived at 57 Frattina, we were dismayed to find the " hotel lobby" was a dingy stair landing in the building. We were then taken down the street to a different building and then to a room that would have qualified as a 2 star hotel on its very best day. The toilet was in a glass enclosure in the center of the bedroom and offered no privacy whatsoever.

Despite the fact that the ad was fraudulent - the property was neither a hotel nor at the advertised address (much less a 4 star) - refused to assist us. They had their money. The "staff" at 57 Frattina had packed up and moved on. They were neither available at the listed address nor by phone. was neither interested in the fact that they were promoting a fraudulent property, or helping their customer. After over an hour of patiently trying to explain the situation, a supervisor conveniently started saying she couldn't hear us and hung up. Please do yourself a favor stay away.

I have two reward nights in my account. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to redeem these reward nights. There is a filter on their website for "redeem free nights". In spite of using this filter, the options that feature cannot be redeemed. Call center is trained to deny anything with diplomacy but not solve the problem in any way. They refuse to share the name of their legal entity in India based on which a consumer complaint can be filed. This website should be banned by the government of India.

Gone are the days where customer service is a top priority for businesses. I booked a one-night stay for a hotel for my husband who was scheduled to go on an interview out of town. At the last minute, the interview was rescheduled. I attempted to call the hotel directly and was told to contact I did so and they in turn told me to contact the hotel. I kept getting the runaround from both parties. I missed the 4:00 cancellation policy by 20 minutes.

I did not want my money back. Rather, I wanted to be able to at least transfer the hotel reservation for another night. I was told that was not possible. I attempted to find and call other numbers to try to resolve but it just led me to the same line. Moving forward, I will spread the word among family and friends to not use or any of its affiliates:,,, trivago, Egencia, Venere, Classic Vacations, Expedia Local Expert, Travelocity, Orbitz, HomeAway,

Do NOT buy gift cards from!!! I purchased a gift card for my parents and tried to book a room for them. I found a room with availability and attempted to book it using the gift card. After I entered the gift card information, I received a message saying the room wasn't available. I attempted this several times with the same results. I called customer service who confirmed the room was available but when they found out I had a gift card, they wouldn't book the room. They wanted a credit card to secure the room. I told them I wanted to book with my gift card and was told I had to do that online. I explained it wouldn't let me so he transferred me to a different department. Several hours and ten departments later, I still am not able to use the gift card!!

After creating an account and using their site to book a room, it changed the date I reserved a room for. After calling them I was told they would have to charge fifteen bucks extra, but would send me a voucher in the mail towards future bookings. WTH? Rip off. I am contacting my credit union and reversing their pending charge immediately. They won't get a cent. I cancelled my account at their crummy business and I will never even think about using them again. Consumer beware.

I am a frequent traveler and recently have booked over $2000 worth of hotel rooms with in just the last week. My most recent booking reservation was only made on because I received an email with a promo code for 11% off. I went on their site and booked my reservation, however at the close of my reservation there was no place to input the promo code. Upon completion of my reservation I contacted the online customer service representative to question why the promo code was not applied. The customer service rep had no solution for me except to suggest I cancel the reservation and incur an 50% charge to in turn re-book to receive the 11% promo code. Well even if you aren't a mathematician it is obvious that this does not make any sense whatsoever.

I suggested she charge my card completely for the reservation and then apply the 11% discount. She said she could not do that and again suggested the ridiculous suggestion of canceling and re-booking, causing me to pay 39% more. I then asked to speak to a manager to which she said there was not one available online and suggested I call the 800 number. I then called the 800 number and spoke to a woman in Central America. I asked to speak with a manager to which she said she was. I explained the scenario once again and how the promo was not given to me and that was the only reason I booked through them in the first place. I asked that she charge my card for the full hotel stay and apply the 11% promo.

She said that she could not do that and again suggested I cancel and re-book, again incurring a 50% charge to get the 11% discount. Again mathematically this does not make sense. I asked to speak to a manager to which she said no one was available and that the only thing I could do was place a formal complaint. So I have written a formal complaint letter and I am writing this review to prove my dissatisfaction with this company and their bogus promo codes and poor customer service. I am a frequent traveler both for business and leisure and I will never use again.

I started using last year to look for places to stay when I go on a trip. The interface is very easy to navigate and there are a lot of payment options to choose from. There are also a lot of discounts and special deals available on the site. I have to admit, it felt sketchy trying to book for hotels using the site especially their special deals but based on experience, the hotels are legit and they honor the price that we got through I'd say my experiences have been okay, nothing really stands out. But, I have a few trips where I got deals through them for the rest of the year, so I'm looking forward to the experience (though my expectations are not way high up).

I booked a one night stay at a serviced apartment for myself and a group of friends to attend a wedding away from home. The booking confirmation looked fine & I thought nothing of it. A further friend then wanted to reserve another apartment in the same complex for himself to keep the party all together but instead of using he called the apartments directly. He was told that they only take reservations for a minimum of 3 nights stay, so I called them (using the number given by my friend) to confirm my booking.

The apartment had no knowledge of my reservation and the number that was given in my email by didn't actually exist. If I had not called to confirm this, four people would have turned up at the apartment with no place to stay that night. The restriction on the number of nights was not noted on the site at all. I have cancelled the reservation and now found alternative accommodation.

I booked a hotel through and received a confirmation number. However, when I called the hotel directly to double check, they were overbooked. So I was unable to stay at the hotel. Now will not issue me a refund for they have a dispute with the hotel and they are holding my money hostage. will not advocate for me and told me to write a letter to their corporate headquarters instead of helping me. I am frustrated and sickened for this ordeal cost me a lot of money in cab fare, time and energy. I will forever after book directly with the hotel and tell all my friends/family to do the same.

I booked a room through two months ago on the basis that if I changed my mind by such a date the deposit I had now paid would be refunded. I did change my mind and acknowledged the deposit was to be refunded. However, they kept my money and ignore my demands for return of the monies. Avoid!

Booked with for years. One day accidentally booked two rooms for the same hotel because the page was very confusing. Wanted a two bedroom suite, then were asked how many rooms so we clicked "two" but didn't notice we were being billed for two units until later. We called within two minutes of making this booking and were told to call back the next day once the booking was completed. We did, every day for a week, back and forth trying to get someone to credit us one room.

Finally the hotel we booked at tried to credit us the room and eventually agreed. THEN two weeks prior to the event we get a call from some ** at who says if we don't pay the cancellation fee of $900 he would cancel our entire reservation and just hung up without waiting for a response. So we go through instead and get the room and cancel with

We thought we were done with but oh no. They just charged us the $900 anyway and we have absolutely no recourse to fight it. Our credit card company has taken it as far as it can apparently. We just lost all the supposed "savings" we had earned using this sorry excuse for a company for the past five years. Looks like brand loyalty doesn't mean anything to these **.

Checked into Quality Inn at Clearwater St. Petersburg airport. Room was a disaster, bedding on floor, windows open, water dripping. Went to desk to request money back and find new hotel. Would not give money back so left and got other accommodations. Now the hotel has stated the room was used and will not refund to comments "Unfortunately since we did not get red burned neither will you." Do not use this service as they are NOT customer service orientated. And besides, I got the runaround for two days from their staff, not meeting or responding to commitment. If I did not continue to follow up nothing at all would have happened.

I am so ** pissed right now. I'm at my hotel today trying to get my room and they're telling me they cancelled my reservation and now you're telling me I can't get my room and I can get my money back. What kind of company is this? Just robbing people like this. Just taking their money when they want. You don't want to give it back and don't want to make them satisfy their customers. Why do you have this company? This is ridiculous and this is robbery. You guys are stealing people's money.

I purchased a hotel from and the room was nothing as described. Complete dump. Dirty bugs and filthy. When I complained to customer service they kept putting me on hold to only say they were sorry and since the hotel wouldn't reimburse me they wouldn't. But I purchased the room through you guys not directly through the hotel. What a waste of money. Very poor service on end. Maybe I should have just used Priceline.

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