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I booked a reservation on 9/17/2016 for a 2 night stay at a hotel in Duluth, MN. This hotel had a hotel cancellation policy of 24 hours prior. I had reservations for 9/23-9/25. I cancelled the reservation on 9/20, plenty of time before the 24 hour time frame for a penalty. I received a confirmation at the end of cancelling that my reservation had been cancelled but I never received a confirmation email but didn't think anything of it until I received a call from the hotel confirming that I was still making my reservation. When I called them they stated that they never received a cancellation notice from Expedia and that I would be charged one night's stay as a penalty. I immediately contacted Expedia and they stated that they never received the cancellation and that I was responsible for the hotel charge. They could do nothing for me.

So I am having to pay $289 for a night's hotel stay that I didn't even get to enjoy. I have not had this experience with them before and have used them many times, but I will NEVER use them again. NO customer loyalty whatsoever and it was frustrating trying to talk to them. Their English is broken and you can tell that they are reading from a script and don't really care what you are saying. They just read what is in front of them. I will also file a complaint with the BBB against them as well.

When reserving seats for American Airlines flights I selected seats that were offered on the Expedia site. When I checked in with AA, they required extra money for the seats reserved. This was not noted in the Expedia site. Tried to contact Expedia. Received no help from call center in India. Tried to change some reservations. Expedia wanted more money for the change than the airline charged me for the new reservations. Canceled reservations with Expedia. Received some money back and reserved the flights directly with the airline. Airline said they would not charge me for the change if I had reserved with them. I will never use this useless bunch again. It is not worth the aggravation.

Ticket Change by Singapore Airlines due to cancelled flight. Expedia sent me an email asking me to call them. When I called they basically told me to call back later after 20 minutes on the phone. Repeated this four times and still unable to get clarification on how my ticket change will be handled. Agent even had the cheek to ask me to pay more for a ticket change by the Airline! Never again Expedia... your service is horrible.

I called to change my flight with Expedia. I spoke to an agent in India who was in a different time zone to myself and made a mistake on my booking. She booked me for the next date. On calling Expedia I was told I will need to pay another change fee while they investigate. Expedia insists that their agent was right despite the language barrier. I was speaking to someone in India who clearly was dealing on another time zone and possibly did not understand me. They don't have a proper complaint procedure and have spent hours trying to speak to someone that knows what to do. They put you on hold for hours and don't even offer an apology. 1st and last time of booking with Expedia. They advised I pay money to get the phone recording of my conversation. Who does that. I did not check the reviews before booking with Expedia. Now I know. I am a very disappointed customer. Will try my best to get my money back and never book with Expedia again.

We booked a reservation with Expedia over Labor Day weekend and the lowest rates for the motel (Fairfield Inn by Marriott) were guaranteed. We knew someone else at the motel and they paid a lot less than we did. When contacting Expedia they refused to refund us anything and gave an excuse that it had to be before the stay. Also, stated the other person made reservations directly with the motel for the lower rate. Neither Expedia or Marriott would refund any money. Always book directly and NEVER use Expedia.

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Be very careful when booking with Expedia, because they are very good at scamming people. We made a reservation for a lake front room at Marina resort at Big Bear, CA and charged 450$ per night, not having room available when you check in and try to give you a room in another location outside of Marina resort with dirt view. Then the staff in Marina resort telling us because we booked via third party it can happen and they cannot refund our money even they don't have the room we booked and paid for it. Very complicated behind the door scam. Poor customer service, are not helpful at all, just wasted 40 minutes of our short vacation time. When they transferred us to management and supervisory this people do not care and they will not be liable for anything, they will try to waste more time.

Management sucks, customer service sucks, and I will make sure it will be my last time I ever book with Expedia and I will tell all my family members and friends to stay away from Expedia. Be careful with them, Expedia is very good at taking your money, but when it comes to refund, you will get worst attitude and service in the world. It may not be fraud, but it’s absolutely consumer deception.

I purchased the refund protection policy, but when I had to cancel my flight due to a death in the family, they told me I would have to go through Delta to get a refund. What's the point of purchasing that if I have to go through Delta anyway?! They told me I have to apply through the insurance company, and they would approve my refund request through Delta. What's the point of buying it!! I asked them to tell me the steps and why this is the process for refunds. They told me I'd have to ask the insurance company. I asked them how can they not know the basics of the product they sell? If you're selling something, shouldn't you know a little something about it? How can you sell a product and not know the basic premise of what it offers?! The supervisor hangs up on me because I asked him that question!! I will never go through Expedia again!

When booking a return trip to Charlotte from Orange County, there was an issue with my bank and the transaction didn't go through. Expedia instructed me to check with my bank and resubmit payment. What Expedia DIDN'T tell me is that a portion of the payment HAD gone through. I had been charged $438 for an unconfirmed flight. After resubmitting the payment and it STILL not going through. I have over $1,300 charged to my account and NO FLIGHTS. This money has not been refunded to my account and is not available to me. I have been told that my only option is to hope the money has been refunded to my account tomorrow and if not I have to go through the claims process to get it back.

Hotel date change immediately after booking cost me $95 penalty. Three weeks before my stay, I booked the wrong hotel dates of 10-9 and 10-10 in Salt Lake. What I wanted was 10-11 to 10-14. The website popped up the dates from my visit the previous day and I did not realize the dates were wrong. It was my error. I was planning a 23 day trip of hotels, rental cars and eight air flights and got confused. Immediately after the booking within 5 minutes, I tried to fix it and Expedia said I could only get a rate $20 higher per day than the original booking so over 3 days it is a penalty of $60.

I can see if I tied up the room for two weeks, then changed the dates shortly before arriving at the hotel. But I found the error immediately and it was almost a month before the hotel stay was planned. Expedia and the hotel did not lose a booking that cannot be replaced in the next three weeks. I cancelled the booking and lost $95 but learned a good lesson. I will avoid Expedia bookings in the future. I booked another hotel in Salt Lake outside of Expedia. I am asking that the $95 penalty be waived and that Expedia allow timely changes to fix booking errors.

One more point: Expedia says their contract with the hotel does not permit a refund in this case. I am the paying customer and when I need a date change that does not penalized Expedia or the hotel, Expedia should negotiate your contracts to have some flexibility. Expedia I assume wants customers and must negotiate contracts that protect the customers, the people paying the bill. So Expedia and the hotel lost the revenue of a three day stay in Salt Lake and I will stop using Expedia's services because they do not protect the customer.

Utterly appalled by customer service. So far I have had three calls totaling 1.5 hours. I would say an hour of that is my being put on hold while they appear to achieve absolutely nothing. Yesterday they took £150 worth of Nectar points to add to my account. This took over an hour to achieve. Subsequently the vouchers were not added to my account when I tried to check out. After 30 mins of another phone call (put on hold for 20 mins over 3 separate occasions) I eventually lost patience with the process and decided to call back next day.

In the meantime, the holiday went up by £60 and I spent a further 45 minutes (30 of those on hold) while another lady achieved absolutely nothing at all. So now £60 of the £150 is gone and I've wasted a ridiculous amount of time. They won't put the £150 of points back on my card so I'm left with either wasting a lot more time with incompetent people or lose the money. Right now that's a difficult choice because I just can't handle the frustration of these people anymore.

We booked with Expedia and needed to cancel the last of a four day reserve. We were told that since we had used Expedia, they could not issue a refund as per their contract which is in fine the fine print and received after confirmation of payment. We were not aware of this when we went through Expedia. We did not save any money by going through them and were hustled into reserving what they said was the last room available at the hotel we were looking at and informed that five other people were looking at the room we wanted to book. I would never use them again.

Today I tried to make a reservation with Expedia for a flight and each time I attempted to "Complete" the booking, I received the following message: "We hate it when this happens... The price of your trip has changed from $292.40 to $322.40. Rates can change frequently. Book now to lock in this price." I was willing to agree to the price difference and again attempted to "Complete" the booking. When I again received another message about the price change, I did not book the flight. I IMMEDIATELY CHECKED MY CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT AND FOUND FIVE $20 CHARGES ON MY ACCOUNT AND THREE PENDING TRAVEL RESERVATION CHARGES.

I next called Expedia and the customer representative said that she called my bank while I remained on hold and the pending charges would be removed within a few hours. Many hours later, the charges are still there. I called Bank of America and their customer representative said that "Expedia would have to accept or except the charges in order to remove them." I called Expedia back and they said their authorization department would send a FAX to my bank and the charges should be removed in 24 hours.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH EXPEDIA UNLESS YOU WANT TO SEE MANY UNEXPECTED CHARGES ON YOUR CREDIT CARD, ATM CARD, OR BANK ACCOUNT. I have now spent hours in an attempt to rectify these fraudulent charges and am on hold for the customer representative to check with his authorization department. I wish I had read the reviews on ConsumerAffairs before attempting to book a flight with Expedia. I would encourage anyone reading this to do the same. There are multiple complaints about unexpected charges caused by Expedia from both hotel and flight bookings. Expedia does not have a single competent employee who can assist in resolving this problem and although I appreciate our diverse culture, it is frustrating when the customer service representative cannot speak well in English. BUYER BEWARE!!!

In reality Expedia does not reimburse if you've found a better price. While I was booking a package before I paid the price went up, but I bought it anyway. I then saw the price had not gone up on their site so I tried to claim the best price guarantee. Even though I took a screenshot to verify THEY DID NOT HONOR THEIR PROMISE. I was told once they refused to honor their guarantee I had no recourse. Also, the time between connections was so short I missed my connection and almost had to spend the night in the airport.

I went online to Expedia to book a flight/hotel room to stay at Marival Residences Puerto Vallarta. I clicked on the PENTHOUSE Ocean View Room, which had an upcharge of $58 per night; I also booked the round-trip Alaska Airline from San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta, which had an upcharge of $148 for the outbound flight. The total for this package came to $2,503. Right before finalizing my transaction, I checked the pull-down, fine print information for the room, and it listed the room as an ocean view, 2 bedroom layout. Thinking this couldn't be right, I exited out of the reservation and clicked on the same options to get the PENTHOUSE Room, but kept on coming up with the same result - the lesser quality room.

So I called Expedia and the representative tried the same options for the flight and penthouse room and he came up with the same information and price of $2503. He then checked with his supervisor and told me that there was an upcharge for the penthouse of an additional $300. After a lengthy and upsetting discussion with the customer service rep and then his supervisor, it was apparent that Expedia was pulling a bait and switch on me. The wording on the room description was subtle, but because I have visited the hotel many times, I knew the vast difference between the penthouse and the ocean front room... No upstairs deck, hot tub, 1880 sq. ft. vs. 1400 sq. ft... Buyer beware of Expedia as they are complete scam artists. I WILL NEVER USE EXPEDIA AGAIN!

I tried to extend my stay during the slow season in Tortola, so I called Expedia's customer service. They had me on hold for 45 minutes. The person I talked to was hard to understand and all they wanted me to do finally was to book another airline. I wish they could have told me this in the 1st 5 to 10 minutes. Last time I will use them. You find out the quality of a company when there is a problem and Expedia's is awful.

For the second time Expedia changed my flight immediately after my purchase. The first time was a year ago. They had me coming into an airport far from my home. This time I was all set up for a flight and when I got my schedule the flight had changed to a different carrier and a different time. I paid a $50 insurance just in case I had to change my flight. They said that was only for medical emergencies and would not refund my money. I asked to speak to a supervisor. After a 20 minute wait, he said there was nothing he could do. I asked to speak to his manager. After waiting for 45 minutes, I gave up and got a call back a few seconds later and he said there was nothing he could do. This is theft.

Garbage travel company in every way possible and I see that by far, I am not the only one that went through the agonizing experience with them. After reading multiple reviews, decided not to even bother with writing the full story. Simply avoid this company and hopefully they will go through enough lawsuits against them to put them out of business permanently!!

Be very careful when booking with Expedia, especially with all-inclusive packages. They don't disclose all information. On their site it says such and such price per person, but some hotels they don't charge your for children 6 and under, and you end up paying for them regardless. When you figure out that you paid for the kid, they give you an excuse of telling you paid per room not per person and the child wasn't charged.

Meanwhile, we all understand we have to pay for flights but that remaining amount they don't disclose to you, because they are very good at scamming people into believing you paying per person and not per room. Then they told me I should've booked one room instead of two and this way I wouldn't have to pay for the second room. Very complicated behind the door scam. Poor guys at customer service are no help, but they don't disagree that I am wrong. When they transfer you to management, this scum does not care and they will not be held liable for anything, they will try to play the consumer for stupid, because as soon as you figure out their scam, they say it's on the website, and we don't need to disclose any information.

Management sucks, company sucks, booked 2 times with them in 2 years worth of 7 thousand dollars, and I will make sure it will be my last time I ever book with them, and I will tell all my family members to stay away from them. Be careful with them, very good at taking your money, but when it comes to refund, you will get worst attitude and service in the world.

I booked a flight with Expedia on September 13/16 at 8:49 pm. Since their advertisement states that if you cancel your flight within the first 24 hours for free, I decided to hold it by buying it. Around 9pm on the very same day, within the first hour I found another trip cheaper than this one, and cancel it. Well... they CHARGED ME $35.00!!! No reimbursement AT ALL!!!

Expedia has a serious issue with handling cancellations. I cancelled my reservation one day prior to deadline, but apparently they did not receive my cancellation. I did receive message on Expedia website stating cancellation was successful, but I did not receive a confirming email. So I contacted Expedia (again through their website) and asked them to confirm that hotel was unbooked as I didn't receive a confirmation email, and again there was no response.

On the day I was to check in at hotel, I received an email from Expedia asking me how I liked my check-in. Alarm bells went up and I spent two agonizing days on the phone with Expedia while on my vacation only to be told that my cancellation didn't go through. I know that's not correct, as I went on the Expedia website after I cancelled and received message that I have no bookings. As a result I now have to pay full hotel bill for a 4 night stay when we didn't even stay there. NOT HAPPY WITH EXPEDIA!!!

Today, September 19, I gave Expedia one more chance by calling and escalating the issue with management to see if they could provide me with an audit trail of my reservation. When I provided my booking number, the manager, Reema, told me that the hotel is Unbooked. I said "That's correct, and that's why I was calling because according to Expedia they don't have a record of my cancellation." After being put on hold, Reema came back to tell me that they don't have a record of the cancellation and that an investigation has already taken place. There was nothing else they were willing to do for me.

P.S. I did have trepidation about whether the hotel was even booked as my itinerary consistently said the "Hotel is not booked", but as I was not sure whether I was even going to use this stay, I didn't follow up because as the time got closer to the booking I was pretty sure I was going to cancel, which I did on the day prior to deadline.

I booked a hotel last night (Sept 14 2016) for two nights October 28, 2016 and October 29, 2016. The price advertised said 128 each night. So I assumed I would pay roughly 300 dollars for those two nights. I was charged 415.12 and later was sent an email by the hotel saying I owe an additional 300 dollars for a security deposit. Total upfront 715.12. Less than 24 hours after realizing this I tried to cancel my reservation with 43 days notice. Expedia would do nothing for me, even though it said on the site free cancellations. I can't prove any of this because the ad has been removed less than 24 hours later. What I can prove is that I would not have agreed to 715.12 for 2 nights at a 3 star hotel.

Fake Prices - BEWARE. It has happened twice now. I go to book the flight and the price has gone up. I declined both times and they held money on my charge card for 2 to 3 days. In both instances, I checked the fares again and they were the lower prices. This is unethical.

Recently, I booked a ticket to Florida. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to cancel my ticket. I requested the team to waive my cancellation fee due to my condition but that was not considered. Post cancellation, I went over the terms and policies with customer reps multiple times to avoid any confusion and make another booking using the cancellation vouchers, but as I was afraid of, they provided incorrect information. I had to pay twice of the regular price for the tickets and had to make uncountable calls to get the booking done. On top of that, when I requested for itinerary, they were not able to track the new ticket and made me sit on the call with them for 3 hours on a working day. No respect for customer's time, efforts or money. Worst service ever!!

I'm submitting this review because of my tragedy travel experience and my sincere wish that no one will continue to pay for Expedia's mistake. The story begins with a cruise booking with Expedia: a round trip cruise from Seattle to Alaska for my elderly parents. I rescheduled my work to bring my parents, who are visiting US from China, to Alaska. I booked the cruise through Expedia. I called Expedia ahead of time regarding visa and the male representative specifically assured me that my parents can go on the ship and have to stay on the ship at the port of Victoria, which is the only port of the trip that stops in Canada. However, we were shocked at the Seattle port that they cannot board the ship. I called Expedia at the port and the answer I got was they couldn't do anything and they are not responsible so I wouldn't get any money back.

I'm forced to board the ship in a rash with my three year old in the last minute since Expedia refuse to return anything. However, you cannot imagine the sadness of seeing other families get together for family portrait and dinner, or the guilty to have to send my old parents back at the Seattle port, or loneliness at night when my kid cry because he missed his father. I'm a weird existence on the ship because I'm too young to go to Alaska by cruise by myself. The cruise became a 'prison' for me.

To resolve remaining issues of transferring dining package and on board credit to my name, again I have to speak with Expedia and got their irresponsible answer like, "We can't do anything about it; you have to ask the cruise." However, they are pretty clear about that if I booked through them, the cruise won't talk with me. When I was at the port trying to talk with Expedia, the cruise boarder officer was so happy to learn that this mistake is not caused by Norwegian and she specifically told me that this has happened several times with Expedia before.

Apparently I'm not the only one suffering from their non-professional service and apparently customers and their feedback are not talking seriously by this notorious company. What should I expect? I only hope that the others' bad experience are visible for me. So to avoid more tragedy, I will share my story on Twitter, Facebook, WeChat and Chinese media so that people won't be cheated by this company.

Expedia is irresponsible for their mistakes about false information on visa requirements. They first failed to inform customers at the time of booking and when I called later regarding visa, I'm told that my parents can stay on ship at the port of Victoria if they don't have the Canadian visa. If I know Canadian visa is necessary for a round trip tour from Seattle to Alaska, I can ask my parents to obtain the visa ahead of time, I can choose cancel the trip or I can switch to my husband who has a green card. However, because of the misleading information I got from Expedia, I weren't able to do any of those and was shocked at the port during the last step of check-in.

The reaction I got from supervisors in Expedia is only, "That's your mistake; that's your responsibility; we are not responsible and there's nothing we can do." This is how they treat their valued customers when conflicts happen. No action is taken. Even my request for phone call investigation is denied. What should I do? Feeling helpless when unfairly treated and cheated by this big 'LIAR'. I have to warn others with my experience: Please don't book cruise through Expedia. They don't know what they are doing and they are not responsible for any mistakes they made. Their customer service cannot provide correct and reasonable service. If you don't want to screw up your trip, time, money and feeling like I did, don't book through Expedia!

I tried to book hotel on 9/3/2016 using their website. Unfortunately I was getting error message. So I called customer service. One of the people try to book the room online but he was getting error message too. So he called the hotel and after 20 min. he informed me that hotel was booked, no vacancy. I asked if I would get charged he told me not because I was getting error message. After two weeks I see charge on my credit card. So I called customer service to dispute the charge. I was on hold for an hour. The supervisor told me that they record all the phone calls and they do not have anything to support my complaint. So he refuse to reimburse the charges. EXPEDIA ARE LIARS AND THEY ARE STEALING MONEY. NEVER USE THEIR WEB OR BOOK ANYTHING FROM THEM!!! I called credit card and I will dispute the charges. Even if I would have to go to court I won't gave up!!! NEVER NEVER USE EXPEDIA!!!

My Niece Lorna booked a surprise trip to Prague, she's a student and money is tight. These are her words of the fiasco - I booked a surprise trip with Expedia to Prague for my boyfriend's birthday. The trip in total cost me 441.57, which is a lot of money for me that I had been saving for quite some time. As advised by Expedia, I went to attempt to check-in online (was told I would be able to do this 30 hours prior to check in). It was only then that I realised my flight time was different on the check-in than it was on the e-ticket on my itinerary. I had printed off that e-ticket and itinerary that morning. My original flight time was departing Gatwick at 14:20 and arriving in Prague at 17:10. I had chosen this flight so that we would have plenty of time to get to the hotel, shower and go to dinner.

Due to the delay of flight and Expedia not informing me, I phoned to request a refund of 40 so that I might get a taxi from the airport to the hotel as I now would not be getting into Prague until 8pm, and after baggage collection and travel I knew we wouldn't be at the hotel until after 10. I first spoke to a man (I have phone records to prove each call) who after a lengthy conversation in which he checked and established that a flight change was not possible promised that a manager would phone me back within 2 hours in order to discuss my request of 40 refund. After 3 hours, nobody had called, so I phoned back and was eventually put through to Jesseka who informed me that there were no managers and a refund would not be possible. She told me that if I booked the airport shuttle (which cost around 30) and paid for that at the hotel, Expedia would then refund me the money.

However, I was not by this point feeling particularly trusting and told her I did not want to do that as if I was not refunded it would have cost me an extra 30. Also, the airport shuttle takes over 1 hour, which is longer than the public transport I originally intended to take, making this pointless as it would not save me any time or stress. She then proceeded to later email me, ignoring that I would not be taking the shuttle and promising that everything is good to go (see email attached).

While I was on the phone on hold to her I was cut off, and despite promised, not rung back. Therefore I had to phone again, this time I got through to a man. I informed him of my situation and requested to speak to a manager. He told me there was indeed a manager there and put me on hold. After a while he came back on the line to say he was still waiting. As I did not want to keep paying for calls, I asked him to phone me straight back. Despite promises, he didn't. So I had to phone again. By this point I had had enough. I had spent the majority of my time on the phone attempting to sort out a refund and establish whether my current tickets (as they didn't have the correct time on them) would be acceptable to fly with.

Eventually I was put through to Duty Manager Aswin at around 9pm (my first phone call was around 3pm) who promised that I would receive a refund of 40 for a taxi as this was all he was allowed to give me (after 6 hours I was expecting a higher amount but had no choice but to accept and was relieved that it seemed to all be over). I have his email stating he has sent me an e-ticket.

Due to having lost all faith in your company, I myself phoned the hotel in Prague to confirm that it was indeed booked and on their records had been paid for. They confirmed this. By this point I was so exhausted that I just went to bed. I decided to phone Smartwings (the airline I was travelling with and with only a Prague phone number) in the morning. After being on hold with them, I finally got through to someone only to be informed that I did not have a valid ticket to fly with as Expedia had failed to Re-issue my tickets as was needed due to the time change. This was on the day that I am supposed to be flying, and had I not phoned Smartwings and merely believed your staff, I would have gotten to the airport and been told I did not have a valid ticket and not been allowed on the plane.

I again had to phone Expedia, by this point I was hysterical (naturally) and demanded to speak to a manager immediately otherwise I would miss my flight. I was put through to Dapesh (Duty Manager) who after several attempts (he originally sent me another copy of the travel document your staff had already sent me twice which is not an e-ticket, I cannot fly with it, and is not re-issuing my flight tickets as requested). Eventually, after speaking to his flight team, he promised me that the tickets had been re-issued, although he stated he could not send them to me so instead told me to go onto a website to retrieve them. After this, I phoned Smartwings again and was finally told that my tickets had been re-issued and I would be able to fly. This all took almost 2 hours of my time, leaving me extremely stressed and anxious.

I had been really really looking forward to my trip, but the incompetence of your customer service staff completely ruined that. This was such an incredibly stressful experience which has left me extremely distressed and disappointed that did not have to happen had your staff been appropriately trained. It seemed that even the duty manager did not know what he was doing, as nobody seemed to realise that the tickets must be re-issued for me to be able to fly, and had I not phoned Smartwings and believed Expedia, I would have lost my entire trip.

1 hour 13 minutes holding for a simple resolution and impossibly incompetent personnel. Barely speak English and unable to comprehend simple instructions... NEVER AGAIN!

I spent an hour online trying to book a room at a motel. Expedia gave me a discount code for a discount on my first night since it was my first time booking through Expedia. I couldn't find out how to use my code, so I called customer service that was a waste of time. They were not helpful and in the end I found out that Expedia lies to you. There were no limits on the discount other than it was only good one night one time. By the time customer service found it they then told me it's only for the first 50 bookings and then when I said it didn't say that, they then said only some hotel. Again I told them that's not what it said on coupon, then they made another excuse. Finally got tired of dealing with them and booked without the discount. I won't trust or book through Expedia ever again, have had great luck with other booking sights, I will go back to them in the future.

I accidentally booked the wrong hotel. I realized it right away and called them letting them know the mistake that I had made and that I needed to switch it. They passed me back and forth from one person to another for 45 mins and then said there was nothing they could do for me. I will NEVER use them again.

I had the full trip reservation with Expedia. And when I wanted to cancel the reservation they said that the insurance doesn't cover everything. And they can't contact the flight company. They basically left us to fight that. And they decided that they are responsible for any changes that we make. Bad service when it comes to cancellation and outside not USA based location for customer service which is hard to deal with. Terrible company and bad to do business with.

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Founded in 1996, Expedia is one of the oldest online travel companies. It was created by a team at Microsoft.

  • Hotel price guarantee: Expedia will not only match lower offers but also give customers $50 for finding cheaper rates.
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  • +VIP Access: +VIP Access members get free amenities and services at select hotels.
  • Visitor guides: Expedia provides visitor guides to help vacationers find interesting things in their destination cities.
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