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I purchased my ticket from OneTravel 3 weeks ago. It was such a BIG AND EXPENSIVE mistake. Please pay attention when you are purchasing your ticket from internet so not to land on their website. I got my ticket $40 more than my friends for the same destination (Milan to Tirana). In addition they charged me $60 commission. IN ADDITION, $20 for each luggage at the airport!!! Total, my husband and I paid $140 more than our friends for the same destination. I will never ever purchase my ticket from OneTravel again...

August 26th found a hidden charge of 70 dollars on my charge card. When I called about it they informed me it was a booking fee. Operator told me I should have booked online. I told her I did book online. She then stated that there was nothing that could or would be done. I tried to explain that no one said there was a booking fee. They had put the charge in with taxes hoping I would not notice it. Will never use OneTravel again and will make sure all my travel buddies know about their ripping people off.

This terrible company issued two tickets under one name, MY NAME and I found out while traveling from BALI to HONG KONG!!! The airline made me buy another ticket for my GF --- never use them. They said it's my mistake even though I put her name on the website, checked in online, checked in at the counter and was not allowed on the plane when stepping in!!!

I booked a ticket for a co-worker and we found out after he landed in Chicago that there was a connecting flight there. Nowhere in his itinerary does it mention Chicago, picking seats for those flights, etc. Instead of it being one stop for international travel he now has an extra flight and layover that we didn't plan for. We will not be using this site again.

I canceled my air ticket and I had been told I will be charged USD $50 but they charged me 2 times which was total US$100. I called them to ask why they charged me double but the guy and women were so rude to me. Women told me "it was a mistake, now we refunded you US$50," without being polite. They are the one who took my more money and they are talking to me so badly. And that guy should know how to talk with girls. He was the one who was ignoring to transfer the call to the supervisor and told me to be patient.

I pleased him 3 times to talk with the supervisor with all the explanation then he told me "you got your refund so why you wanna talk to the supervisor?" Who is he to ask me such question. He was trying to refuse it but finally he transferred my call after I became loud and rude to him. Lastly, the supervisor was very good. I just wanna say please if you are working for a customer, be polite. If you can't be polite take more training.

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I purchased a round trip airline ticket through BIG AND EXPENSIVE MISTAKE. I'll be as brief as I can... But there were numerous problems! I purchased the flight I wanted to and from. OT confirmed it. A few days later, they changed the flight plans and merely told me about the change. Their plans did not fit with my schedule. Also, they put me on an overnight flight, which I did not want. I sent several emails and tried to contact their so-called customer service. No one was interested or wanted to help me resolve the problem. I was told to call the airlines in question -- that One Travel could do nothing, even though they had made errors.

The airlines was quite accommodating to my requests, but I had to pay a $200+ change of ticket fee, plus another $115 to change the name on the ticket, which had been an error made by OT! The whole experience was OT was overwhelmingly negative and costly. Do yourself a favor -- stay away from them. Their business should be closed down, in my opinion.

NIGHTMARE! They are deceptive and will rob you. I booked a flight from YYJ to LAX. After I paid, I was informed the flight I paid for was departing from YVR another city many hours away from YYJ. Nothing on my screen informed me of this change before I booked the flight. They never returned the full fare after hours on the phone. Beware brothers and sisters - 'ONE TRAVEL' should be called 'ONE RIPOFF'!

OneTravel company is a thief company. They are liars. Just booked a ticket over the phone and was told the total charge is $355. But after hanging up the phone, the bank informed me that I was charged $375 by OneTravel. I called to cancel it, the customer service said it was non-refundable. But they didn't tell me this information before I booked it. They did this on purpose to deceive money from us! Earlier this week I booked a round trip but it became a one way for no reason. They deducted the same price of round trip for this one way. Just google those complaints about one travel, I don't know about you, I was totally shocked and regret that I didn't check about this before I chose this thief travel agency randomly. Don't be deceived by their low price! You are gonna pay more later!

I booked this trip on March 2016 for 8/28/16 departure to oversee. They booked me on Etihad Airlines. This morning I checked in at Denver airport and I have been told they will check me to Abu Dhabi only and I have to collect my luggage and recheck it again and pay for access bags where I'm suppose to pay at

Denver airport too. The total amount is unlivable compare to the price of the ticket. It cause me to miss my flight and I got back home and I'm on the phone with OneTravel. We had a conference call with Etihad Customer service support in Manchester. The OneTravel agent admitted misleading me for not disclosing on their web or on any other means of communication of this situation.

The Etihad customer service agent had nothing to offer rather she blame OneTravel for their mistake. It Sunday today, but tomorrow first thing I will do is initiate a lawsuit against OneTravel for the stress and inconvenience they cause me. By now I should be home for the holidays and my sister wedding. OneTravel is big scam - a U.S travel agent with customer service in India. They only think are good for put you on hold for twenty minutes either to hang up or they will do it. It's a bad experience. I regret very much not googled their review. I will not recommend OneTravel to anyone.

I needed to purchase a one way ticket for my son, age 14-1/2. Given the rules of different airlines, this had to be done by telephone. I had the base ticket price from a normal internet search in front of me, then called OneTravel to make the purchase. They charged an extra $93 they could not give me a clear reason for, but as I say, I had to purchase by telephone. At the airport I found that since he was not 15 he could not change terminals from his first to second flight - so I needed to fly with him - a last minute $380 ticket for myself. Then for the second flight we had not properly been charged the $125 unaccompanied minor fee so we paid this in transit. Thus in total I paid $978 for my son to come home for freshman orientation rather than $380 if I had the ability to purchase his ticket normally.

I am angry at myself for staying on the phone more than an hour with the woman from OneTravel in India to complete the purchase rather than hanging up and purchasing his ticket directly from the airline - who obviously would have been better informed about the rules. The woman I spoke with repeatedly tried to tell me I was paying too much for the ticket and needed to have him fly through a bigger airport which would have left him with a 20-minute layover to change flights. Now that would have been an added nightmare! At least I was there to sort things out with the airline people during his layover. Can you imagine if he had been younger and on his own? In the end I sorted things out on my own, but the airline people were quite disgusted by the negligence of OneTravel to have sold us this inflated and wrong-headed ticket. They kept muttering why didn't the travel agency read the rules?

I bought ticket in advance 6 months ahead. Unfortunately I have health issue and I have to cancel my ticket. So called company and ask if I can change ticket or have voucher to use in a future. With big drama finally I have voucher in my hands but... I can use it only with "United". What? I didn't buy ticket from "United" - I bought ticket from "Onetravel". Why I need to call United with my voucher and argue with them?

I'll never use OneTravel. The customer service is very bad and not helpful. Many times they hang up on me. When I asked for supervisor, I waited for 25 minutes and the line was lost. Never again.

It was written on the webpage that the cancellation is free if made in 4 hours, and the customer service is available 7/24. I booked a flight and immediately realized that I was mistaken about the airport, and tried to cancel my flight. It was around 10:30pm. I tried all the possible ways to cancel my flight. Tried to cancel online, two times. Each time received "Processing" info, but it did not work. Called customer service millions of times, got no response. Opened live chat, no response. E-mailed to customer service, no response.

4.5 hours later, received an e-mail saying that I need to call customer service in order to cancel. And when I called back, OF COURSE, since the 4 hours passed, I had to pay cancellation fee which is 25$. The customer service agent simply IGNORED my attempts to describe me trying to reach, and simply stated the same free cancellation in 4 hours script. I understand that he does not have a right to admit that the company he works at, sucks. I insisted for having confirmation e-mails for refund. Hope it works out. They are simply cheaters. Avoid them.

My daughter purchased tickets in June 2016 to come home from Madagascar after working for the Peace Corps for 2 years for herself and her friend. The company requirement is that the bank, my daughter and OneTravel be on the phone at the same time to confirm the payment before the money is extracted from the account. Since they were not able to make this happen, they cancelled her tickets. But when I looked in her account, they still took the money.

I called the company and asked why did they take her money if they cancelled the tickets. They said they didn't take the money. According to them Kenya Air took the money and we were told to get the money from Kenya Air. When I asked them for contact information, they said they didn't have any -- no phone number and no email address.

OneTravel had me go to the bank and have the bank send them a screenshot of the account proving that the money was deducted from the account. We sent them the screenshot. They still did not give her money back. I made a fraud claim with the bank in July and it will be October 2016 before I get results. I asked why it would take so long, the bank told me that OneTravel is refuting the charges! Really? My daughter is out of $1300 for cancelled tickets and now I am out of $1300 to repurchase the tickets so the last leg of the trip wouldn't have to be rescheduled. I can't see how this company stays in business. They need to be shut down.

Tried to confirm reservations my husband made for me. They requested one thing which was the email attached to billing. I interrupted my husband again! The reservations are in my name. Well after 15 long minutes, I ask for a supervisor lol. Biggest joke of all and as I type this I am still on hold for supervisor. 1 hour and 46 min and going. My poor husband tried to save a dollar. This is not the place!!!

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS ORGANIZATION -- OneTravel (also known as CheapOair). They are an Indian-based firm with poor business ethics and poor customer service. OneTravel Air (Also Known As: CheapOair) 1050 East Fleming Rd., Suite 302, Las Vegas, NV 89119. Telephone: 800-566-2345 800-425-4567. Purchased airline ticket with travel insurance ($22.99). Couldn't travel due to documentable issue. Called the firm to cancel and was told: Ticket not cancellable, but a ticket credit could be issued for a $50 charge and a $200 rebooking fee! $400 ticket - $50 Cancellation fee - $200 Rebooking fee - $22.99 Travel Insurance cost. AND THIS IS WITH THE PURCHASE OF THEIR INSURANCE!!! I demanded a refund, citing the purchase of the ticket on their website and the purchase of their Travel Fee Protection

They directed me to the Travel Insurance Company: Seven Corners Inc., 303 Congressional Boulevard, Carmel, IN 46032. Telephone 877-444-4697. The Trip Insurance Company would not refund, saying they would “consider” my request only after completion of a Nine Page Trip Cancellation package AND proof of cancellation (which meant accepting the outrageous terms of their cancellation policy)!

For consideration of a refund, they demanded: Cancellation Notice (meaning that I had to agree to the ridiculous cancellation fees BEFORE they would agree to consider refunding my money - $50 cancellation fee AND $200 rebooking fee) [if I didn’t agree—and I do NOT – they would not process my cancellation request; which again, is not promised!!!] Proof of Purchase with a copy of my Credit Card statement (the Itinerary is unacceptable), Physician’s Statement – attached with my Medical History, Date of Birth and Social Security number! Over the past THREE HOURS, I have spoken with five Indian representatives -- Spencer (Representative), Wilfred (Supervisor), Sherry (Representative), Gilbert (Representative), Kerry (Supervisor), [the Associate from Indiana-based, Trip-Insurance Company, Seven Corners was Ryan **]. None of them was willing to provide the License number of their Firm.

I did not realize when I went to book a flight on Alaska Air that onetravel was booking my flight until it was too late. My husband had to stay another day. Called onetravel and after paying for a round trip ticket they wanted another 300 dollars. What a scam. Called alaska air and they got me another bid for less than half. Would not recommend OneTravel to anybody. My mistake. Never use them again or anybody I know.

Worst, worst, worst company ever. First of all, I had my credit card shut down because they tried to charge the same flight twice. Now that I am in my destination, I need to move my flight back for a couple of months (August to December) and I already called them multiple times and they just ignore my request. First call I made they told me it would be $2.000,00 to change my flight that was bought for $850. I called back later to double check with another person because I could not believe that was right, and since they only have ONE PERSON working per day, that was my only option.

Now they say they can't change my flight. They say the company doesn't allow it (HOW?!), I called the company twice and they confirmed me it was up to Onetravel to make the change. They have no excuse, they just say the company is denying it even when I spoke to the company already. I asked to speak with a manager and they said THERE IS NO MANAGER. I asked to speak with someone above him and he said he would transfer me to customer services, and then HUNG UP ON ME. ** scam running from India. I wish there was a way to shut this company down. How come so many people have being scammed by them and NOTHING HAPPENS?

Endless time spent waiting on hold to get simple information. Then they told me I'd have to contact the airline, and it was Expedia's number, and of course Expedia didn't know anything about the matter. All customer service will be through an Indian call center, and they'll try to sell you a car rental or hotel room. My ticket, which supposedly came with cancellation insurance, was non-refundable AND non-changeable without a fee the size of the ticket! The "customer service" will hang up on you, and refer you to the airline for answers, because THEY don't speak Spanish! I SO wish I had read this page before I bought... oh well. Incidentally, Sky Airlines has a non-working website, doesn't return or respond to emails, has maybe one person answering the phone, and has a local Chilean phone number. And they don't speak English. I don't even know if they're a real airline.

Started reading the reviews on this company and WOW. All of the reviews are correct. My flight was canceled and needed to be home for a dr appointment on that Friday. So I figured I would leave on a Wednesday to be home in time. My flight was canceled. So as I am waiting in line for a new flight I was told there was not a flight out of Tampa Florida to Detroit Michigan until late Friday night. So I ended up going to Orlando Florida and getting a flight back home on Thursday night.

So I have called to get a refund on my ticket thru these people and now they want a letter from my Dr that said I had to be back here to see him. Not only a letter but a book that contains my medical condition. Advised that is not their business, she advised me that I won't get a refund for anything. Advised I would get a attorney, she said just said "fine," they still need my medical records. Advised I also would not fly through them again with insurance again didn't seem to mind. Really are these people a joke or what? Now why people write bad reviews on them. Just a bad experience with the insurance company for my first time I have ever flown.

One of the worst experiences I have had talking to their customer service. Every agent transfers you to other agent and none of them will solve the problem. This all started when I had to cancel my reservation last year and after fighting almost a month they gave me the credit of $2500 and told me to book my new reservation within 1 yr and "use your credit." When I called them to make a new reservation, they hung up on me 3 times, and for the 4th time, they said "you will have to pay a difference of $1200 on top of the existing credit of $2500."

When I check on their website, the actual price of the ticket is $1750. Yes, they were charging me $2000 more. There is no way you can trust on these agents on what they were saying. They have got, TOM DICK and HARRY sitting in Mumbai or Delhi saying they are talking from New York, **. I have lost my $2500 and every hope of them giving me a decent ticket. If you want to stay away from travel difficulties, book directly thru airlines or use American Trusted Website to make any type of bookings.

I was shopping to buy an airline ticket for my mom from India, HYD to Newark in That site compared prices with various websites. I thought I got a good deal in Etihad for my mom. It happened through OneTravel. I was not suspicious, as it is through Expedia. But after paying $1,315 for my mom's ticket they gave us fraud confirmation number. When my mom called Etihad Airlines, they said no reservation was made on her name. When I called OneTravel from NJ, those guys said, I need to pay more for them to send us the e-ticket. They didn't say this when I initially book the ticket. Then I got suspicious and went and read reviews. Very bad reviews. They are frauds. I realized this after 2 days. By then they charged my credit card. I immediately called dispute department of my credit card and disputed the charges. Now those travel agent is after me. I STOPPED PICKING UP HIS CALLS. DON'T TRUST THEM. THEY ARE FRAUDS.

Horrible experience. I paid $51 extra for insurance protection. When I tried to cancel or change my flight a couple minutes after I booked it, they told me that I was unable to do it. What is the point of paying the $51 of travel protection? It clearly says "Trip Cancellation" before you book it.

So... I never write this sort of reviews BUT given what happened today I must!! This is a scam and those of us complaining here are not just a bunch of disgruntled customers but actually Fraud Victims; my story goes like everybody else's... Flight booked, confirmation received... BUT then hell begins. See all other reviews. Had to curse and swear to get my tickets cancelled without penalty. When I actually woke up was when during one of about 5-6 "verification calls" they started to ask me questions that are specific to those used as banking/credit card security questions. Wow! And this was after they managed to trick me into even sending them a photo of my credit card front and back.

Well after the outright "phishing" for security details related to my card account I did pull out... But bear in mind that Payment Fraud Prevention is my actual profession!!!??? So man are these guys clever. Now luckily due to my profession I have access to some research tools which indeed confirms that this is indeed… A ONE MAN BUSINESS RAN FROM INDIA by a well-known criminal. Basically their idea is NOT to sell airline tickets. The setup is merely a front TO PHISH FOR PERSONAL DETAILS!!! This is not a travel agency at all. The guy runs several other online stores in all different fields JUST FOR PHISHING! Avoid at any price. And yes I am confident to reveal the above facts. Thanks to the intel I have been able to dig up as a fraud professional myself. Again even I fell for it but hey ho…

Purchase tickets in mid-June for traveling in August. Called them in late July for seat assignments but was told the reservations was canceled by the airline 2 days after booking (I was charged the same day for the ticket and their service commons)! They said their support team going to fix it immediately. After one week and spending hours with them, nothing done! Finally dispute the charges and rebook different flight (higher price since the time was closer to departure). DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

I have used OneTravel for a couple of years. This year I have had one problem after the other- mainly due to the service center. The staff, which is obviously based in India, does not understand name spellings, and it appears English. It caused me to have a cancelled hotel booking for no obvious reason and another booked under my middle initial.

OneTravel made my reservation to travel, spelled my name wrong with a confirmation ** and then want me to pay $30.00 (thirty dollars) to correct the spelling of my name to the airlines. Caribbean airlines told me that I will have to pay the airline $25.00 to take out that "S" in my name. My name is Margaret and OneTravel spelled my name Masrgaret.

Well I buy my air tickets from them and I needed to change the flights after a couple of days. Some things move so I contact them over the phone, email. Nothing happened. They ask me to contact them by phone and nothing. They just want your money but no customer service.

I purchased tickets for my husband and I, I noticed our last name was spelled incorrectly. I immediately called OneTravel to have this corrected, I was informed there would be a $50 fee since I had just purchased the tickets 30 min ago I asked that the tickets be cancelled. The correction was made on my last name but not my husband's. I called OneTravel again. This time I was informed I would be hearing from someone in approx 3 weeks. I got the call and an email. I was asked to fax my husband's passport, I did so as asked. One month later I sent an email asking for an update, I was informed he was taking care of other passengers who were traveling sooner than my husband.

I waited another month before sending another email asking for an update. This time I was informed the correction would not be made until one week before my husband travels. I asked if this was normal, I was informed he was too busy but if things should slow down he would take care of it sooner, I asked if there was a possibility that my husband wouldn't be able to travel, OneTravels rep's response, "I don't think so, it's a simple spelling error." Ok if it's so simple why hasn't it been corrected. I called Aer Lingus, this is who we will fly with, they can not help me as I booked through a third party.

I took to Twitter. I was lead to believe I was talking to a OneTravel rep. I was asked for the credit card info that the travel was booked with. I was promised a $100 credit for my troubles. Instead my credit card info was stolen and numerous fraudulent charges were made. Chase was on top of this, credit card canceled, lesson learned. I then tried to follow forum. This company selects who can follow them on Twitter. I was blocked from following them. If this is an legit business with nothing to hid you would let anyone follow you on Twitter. I did read other reviews, I should have taken them more seriously. I am disappointed in the airlines that continue to do business with this company. They treat travelers so poorly. Is there anyone who can help consumers.

OMG what an experience. I was set to book my own flights on the airline website and decided to check TripAdvisor for rates just in case. They sent me to OneTravel that quoted a "complete" price of $300 less. Well, ok, they must be a big company that get special rates, and since TripAdvisor sent me there I thought "why not"? Filled out all the info, confirmed the price, clicked on "Buy" and instead of the confirmation page I got a page informing me that price was no longer available, but would I like to pay $200 more? Immediately my phone rang.

The caller (Indian call center) identified herself as CheapOFlights and she was calling to finalize my order. So blah blah, the complete price would be $400 more than the price they originally quoted on the site (there's your bait & switch), and I better buy now because there's only 3 seats left on the flight (there's the pressure).

After a short conversation, I told her I don't know what kind of scam they were trying to run on me, I am not taking the offer, and goodbye. Fortunately I react to pressure tactics like a cat reacts to a leash. But I can see how they would trap their victims with their well-practiced script. She called me back immediately to tell me we were cut off somehow. Yes, that's what normally happens when I hang on on someone, and I again told her that I was not interested in their scam, and goodbye. I could hear her still talking as I hung up again.

Now thoroughly uncomfortable, I called my credit card company to make sure they didn't try to process the charge. While I was talking with them I said "what the heck, cancel the card and send me a new number." They agreed, no big deal to them. So I don't have to worry about my card number finding its way somewhere it shouldn't.

If you're reading this after your experience (oh yeah, after canceling my card I went looking for reviews ), I feel your pain. If you're reading this before dealing with OneTravel or CheapOFlights... OH HELL NO. In my many many years of doing financial stuff online I have never encountered a situation so distasteful. And shame on you TripAdvisor for pushing me into their arms. You've come down a few notches in my book.

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