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Making your house your own is an exciting and challenging part of home ownership. The most difficult part isn’t the physical demolition or installation–it’s researching your options and deciding exactly what result you want in the end. We compiled our most helpful information here to make every part of your remodel as simple for you as possible. Once you’ve educated yourself and feel confident in your decisions, you’re ready to make your dream a reality.

Plan a home renovation

The most important pieces you need to start a renovation are: a specific, concrete goal or desired outcome, a budget and a timeframe. Remember, you are the most qualified person to determine how your space needs to change–you live in it every day. Once you have a goal and budget you’re comfortable with, you’ll know if you need professional help. A contractor will be able to help you create a project schedule that works for you and your household. They should also be able to provide good insight on where to get the most bang for your buck.


Find home remodeling ideas by room

Perhaps you have a budget in mind and several areas of your home that you want or need to update. If you’re updating your home to sell it, use trends and return on investment to help you make the smartest moves. If you’re updating for you, prioritize improvements that will make home life better for you and your household. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, assess all the rooms and spaces in your home. Identify the one you like the least, try to determine why and go from there.


Choose building materials and fixtures

The fixtures and materials you decide to install will play a critical role in the upfront cost of your remodel and the long term costs or savings of maintaining your home. Returning to your original goal for look, feel and functionality is especially helpful at this phase of the project. If a specific type of floor or countertop is critical to your goal, adjust your budget around it. If your preference is more general, ask your contractor or retailer for a budget-friendly option that will last and blend in well with the rest of the space.


Select home appliances

Home appliances are big investments that can make life easier and even lower your utility bill. In addition to cost, you need to consider things like energy efficiency and whether you really need appliances with special features like smart technology. The options may be overwhelming at first, so take your time and start with basics like your kitchen size and whether it’s outfitted for gas or electric appliances. Remember, you want your appliances to last, so choose something you love that will serve you and your family the best.


Update home decor and furniture

Your home decor sets the mood and is the most visible way to express your personality through your living space. It can be the entire point of your project, or complement a major transformation like knocking out walls to open up and lighten a space. Decor is also where you’ll find the best opportunities to stretch your budget. Knowing how to snag a good deal or find inexpensive wall art and accent pieces is easy and will bring your personal touch to life.


Landscape design ideas

Outdoor projects can be just as involved–and just as rewarding–as interior remodeling on your home. Aside from boosting your home’s exterior, good landscaping can improve your health and well-being by encouraging you to spend more time outside. Just like an interior project, build your goals and budget around what’s best for your priorities and quality of life. Maintenance is also an important factor to consider for both yourself or your prospective buyers.


Improve home security and protection

You care enough about your home to invest in improvements; now make sure it’s protected against life’s unwelcome surprises. Revisit your homeowners insurance to make sure you’re fully covered, especially if your remodel increased your property value. Another easy protective measure is installing a new home security system or upgrading your current one to better protect your home and the people in it. Look for a system that addresses any concerns you have, such as nighttime lighting or window and door motion detectors.


Home repair and maintenance

Some home improvements may be more practical; requiring updates to basic systems like air conditioning and plumbing. Perhaps this is the reason for your remodel in the first place. Updating these systems may not make your interior look more attractive, but routine home repair and maintenance can prevent a small problem from turning into a catastrophe. Even if your systems don’t need replacement, good maintenance will end up saving you money in the long run.


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