The lawn care and landscaping industry generates approximately $76 billion in revenue every year and is expanding quickly. Companies range from small, locally owned and operated businesses to national chains, and service professionals in this industry can help individuals achieve the desired result while doing as little or as much work on their own as they want.

Top 8 Best Rated Lawn Care Companies

TruGreen has been providing lawn care for more than 40 years. They offer tree and shrub services and have both residential and commercial divisions. TruGreen donates services and products to create public green spaces.
LawnAmerica provides lawn feeding and fertilization to customers in Oklahoma and North Carolina. The company also offers lawn pest control services.

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What features matter most?

Services offered

Services offered

Lawn care and landscaping companies offer many different services. Prices and types of payment will vary depending on the services, so you should realistically assess what services you need before hiring any company.

  • Fertilizer: If you want your lawn to look lush and green throughout the spring, summer and fall, look for a company that fertilizes your lawn and provides weed control.
  • Tree/shrub care: Manicured trees and shrubs add to the overall appearance of your property. Some companies can trim and fertilize trees and shrubs as well as treat them for pest infestations or diseases.
  • Aeration: Aerating your lawn, essentially poking small holes in the soil, allows water, fertilizer and essential nutrients to penetrate the grass and reach its roots. Most companies that offer fertilizing services offer aeration services too.
  • Irrigation: An important part of keeping your lawn green is ensuring it receives the right amount of water. Irrigation systems and sprinklers make it simple to water your lawn, but maintaining those systems can be complicated. Some landscapers will ensure irrigation systems work correctly and efficiently as well as winterize them at the end of the season.
  • Hardscape: Hardscape design and installation covers all landscaping that does not involve planting or caring for plants. Hardscaping includes installing fountains, building retaining walls, creating outdoor rooms and more. Some landscape companies offer these construction services while others will refer you to a local contractor.
  • Snow removal: Lawn care companies in areas that receive a significant amount of snow or ice may offer snow removal services. Some cities and states require property owners to clear the snow and/or ice from city sidewalks near their homes, so businesses in those areas are more likely to offer snow removal services.
  • Mowing: Although it is the most essential lawn service, not all landscaping companies offer mowing. If you are looking for one company to handle all services, make sure to inquire about mowing.

Product ingredients

Product ingredients

Anyone who spends time in your yard will encounter the products applied to your grass. Products used on lawns also mix with ground water and interact with the ecosystem, so it is important to understand what chemicals, if any, are being used by your lawn care company.

  • Chemical treatments: Chemicals in pesticides and weed control products effectively kill bugs and weeds, but some ingredients in these products have been linked to cancer, birth defects and neurotoxicity. If you have children or pets who frequently play on your grass, you may want to avoid these products. Any lawn care company should be able to tell you exactly what’s in the products they use and whether those might have any negative effects on the people or animals in your lawn.
  • Organic: Lawn care products do not follow the same governmental regulations for the use of terms like organic or all-natural as food, so you should not assume any product is safe simply because it’s labeled as organic. In terms of lawn care product, organic and all-natural typically mean only that the product was minimally processed. Organic products may not be as effective in pest and weed prevention, but they often breakdown and improve soil more than the chemical alternatives.

Service programs

Service programs

Your needs will determine how often you need landscaping services. Consider how much time and energy you plan to invest in your yard before you select a service.

  • One time: If you need your lawn cleared or cleaned up after a particularly bad winter season, or if you’ve just purchased a house with a yard that is out of control but you plan to maintain the landscape once any green waste is removed, you can probably hire a smaller company for a one-time service. Hardscape installation might also be a one-time service.
  • Weekly/bi-weekly: Weekly service might be a more appropriate choice if you want your lawn to look great but don’t have the time or energy to mow and fertilize it. Many companies offer a regular service plan to maintain your yard throughout the growing season.
  • Seasonal: Lawns and other green spaces often require extra work at the beginning and the end of the growing season. Many companies can come once in the spring and once in the fall to clear away yard waste that accumulated in the preceding months and give your trees, shrubs and lawn a boost of nutrients.

Company size/capability

Company size

A company’s size will determine how much work they can do and how many services they offer. Think about what services you want before choosing a company.

  • Smaller: Small, local companies will likely not offer as many services as larger companies, and you might have to wait longer for services to be performed if they only have a few employees. However, hiring these companies may give you more personalized service.
  • Larger: Bigger companies will probably be able to offer a wider variety of services than smaller companies. If you’re looking for a single company to handle all of your lawn care needs, consider hiring a larger and/or national company.



Landscapers will have access to your property and may have access to certain parts of your home. Before hiring a company, learn how they select employees.

  • Employee screening: Companies should have a screening process in place to ensure their employees can legally work in the United States and do not have a criminal record that might endanger you or your family.
  • Employee training: If you are paying for fertilizing or other services that require the service provider to understand chemistry or agriculture, you should make sure all employees have adequate training. Ask about how much training employees receive and the qualifications of the trainer.
  • Clear communication: Many companies can send you information about the employee who will be working on your property. For safety, ask for the name and a physical description of the employee who will be at your home.

Price and payment


Companies have different pricing systems and payment options. The way you are charged will depending on the type of service you’re looking for. Make sure you understand how a landscaping company prices its services and charges you for them.

  • Single payment: You will likely need to make a single payment for very large or very small jobs. Companies should be willing to provide you with a binding, written estimate for all major work.
  • Service agreement: If you’re looking for continual maintenance of your lawn, you might save money by signing up for a service contract. Many companies offer deep discounts for new customers who sign up for regular maintenance. Make sure to ask if you’re receiving an introductory rate and if there is a penalty for canceling your service.
  • Hourly rate: Some companies charge an hourly fee for basic services, like mowing your lawn or weeding a flower bed. Make sure you have a sense of how long the project will realistically take so that you’re not overcharged. Also, ask if there is a minimum charge.
  • Education: Some companies’ websites feature a variety of informational resources to help you maintain your landscaping once they have done the initial work. Companies that teach you how to do things on your own are more budget-friendly in the long run because you can complete projects yourself if you want.
  • Guarantee: Before purchasing any services or signing a contract, ask whether the company offers a satisfaction guarantee and/or how they handle unsatisfied customers. Many companies offer a satisfaction guarantee and won’t charge you if they don’t deliver the results promised.

What are different types of lawn care companies?


The size of a local company will determine the number of services the company offers. Local companies may have a better understanding of the factors that impact green spaces in your region than national companies. They will be able to suggest products and plantings that are best suited for your area.

National and/or global

Companies that operate across the county or around the world will likely offer more services than small, local companies. These companies may use more scientific research in their approach, and their employees will likely have more formalized training than those at small companies.


Many national and international companies sell franchises to local service providers. Franchise owners may offer the best of both national and local companies. Their employees will likely complete a training course, and they will understand the ecology of your region.

Lawn care

Local, national and franchises can all be lawn care companies. This type of company is more likely to focus on fertilization and weed and pest control. They may or may not offer mowing services and/or tree and shrub care.


Landscaping companies can be national companies, local operations or franchises. They provide hardscaping as well as other services that require more physical work as opposed to just product application. These companies may or may not provide fertilizing and weed/pest control services.

Who'e it for?


Home owners who want to keep their lawn looking great may want to consider hiring a lawn care company or landscaper. Those who are physically unable to regularly work in their yard and/or those who have hectic work schedules may be interested in more comprehensive services.

Home sellers

Research shows a well-maintained yard adds to property value, so anyone consider putting their house on the market might wish to invest in lawn care.


Individuals who own rental properties might want to hire a lawn care company to do basic maintenance. Including lawn service will make more potential tenants interested in the property and will increase the amount of rent the landlord can charge.

Business owners

Customers may find a business more reputable or successful if any green spaces around the business are properly manicured. Business owners may want to hire a lawn care company to handle regular maintenance and/or a landscaper to improve the appearance of their business.

Company reviews

  • TruGreen Lawn Care

    TruGreen was founded in 1973 in Troy, Mich. Today, the company headquarters are located in Memphis, Tenn. The company applies science-based solutions to meet residential and commercial lawn care needs.

    • Scientific approach: TruGreen employs several individuals with Ph.Ds. in horticulture and other relevant subjects. These individuals design service offerings and training programs so that all TruGreen technicians fully understand the science behind lawn care.
    • Service options: Interested customers can visit TruGreen’s website to learn about the variety of service plans the company offers. All plans include a Healthy Lawn Analysis®, targeted weed control and fertilizer. Some plans also include aeration and/or lime treatment to balance the pH in customers’ soil.
    • PGA provider: Trugreen is the official lawn care provider of the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA). In addition to caring for the greens of PGA Championship courses, the company offers deals to PGA members.
    • Community involvement: TruGreen is committed to creating green spaces for everyone to enjoy. Local offices have planted flowers and grass around public schools in Los Angeles and helped to improve landscaping at Memphis parks. In spring of 2016, the company helped to create a community vegetable garden and fruit orchard in Lansing, Mich.
    • Tree and shrub care: Customers who are interested in improving the health and appearance of their trees and shrubs can add specific services to their TruGreen plans. Options include root fertilization, pest control, spring feeding and targeting trunk injection, which corrects nutrient imbalances.
    • Best for TruGreen offers services to meet most customers’ needs and budget.
  • LawnAmerica

    LawnAmerica was founded in 1999 to provide lawn services to residential areas in Oklahoma and has since expanded to North Carolina. They offer lawn services, tree and shrub care, bug and pest control and holiday lawn decoration.

    • Best for LawnAmerica is best for customers looking for a season-long lawn care and pest prevention services, including homeowners, landlords and commercial property owners.
  • Lawn Doctor

    The Lawn Doctor began in the 1960s when new homeowners in New Jersey sought professional help to maintain beautiful lawns. The company now has approximately 500 franchises in 40 states, making them the largest lawn care franchise in the United States.

    • Best for Lawn Doctor provides local expertise supported by a national brand.

  • Green Lawn Fertilizing

    Green Lawn Fertilizing was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in West Chester, Pa. The company is a small, locally owned business and serves parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

    • Best for Green Lawn Fertilizing caters to those who want to keep their lawn green and bug free.

  • Massey Services

    Massey Services Inc. was founded in 1930 and is now one of the nation’s largest pest prevention companies. Headquartered in Orlando, Fla., the company serves Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina and Oklahoma. Massey Services provides irrigation maintenance, pest prevention and control and landscaping services to residential and commercial customers.

    • Best for Massey Services helps customers who want one company to handle pests, irrigation and landscaping.

  • SavATree

    SavATree has been providing tree and lawn care since 1985 and is headquartered in Bedford Falls, N.Y. The company provides organic and hybrid treatments to keep lawns and trees green. They service areas in Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC and Wisconsin.

    • Best for SavATree caters to customers looking for a single company to address multiple lawn care services.

  • Weed Man USA

    Weed Man was founded in 1970 in Canada and later began franchising. Weed Man USA started in 1996 and now has over 250 locations across the North America and the United Kingdom. The company offers several lawn care services and pest prevention options.

    • Best for Weed Man is best for residential and commercial customers who want to do some things on their own, but also want are professional lawn care, pest control and pest prevention.

  • Gibbs Landscape

    Gibbs Landscape was founded in 1966 in Atlanta and continues to operate in the Atlanta area. The company offers full service landscaping to residential and commercial clients. They also designed and maintain Gibbs Gardens, a residential estate garden that covers almost 300 acres, which visitors can pay to tour.

    • Best for Gibbs Landscaping caters to people in the Atlanta area who want a full service lawn care company.