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Read our guide to research and find the best pool company for you. Some pool companies specialize in design, installation or maintenance, while others retail pool and spa equipment like pumps, filters, lights and chlorinators. We compared indoor, outdoor, above-ground and below-ground, heating and customization options.

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Common pool questions

How much does a pool cost?

Pool installation costs vary depending on the type of pool you choose. Expect to pay at least $2,000 upfront for a pool, not including maintenance costs.

Above ground pools are the cheapest type of pool and cost anywhere from $1,500–$5,000. Fiberglass pools are inserted into the ground and can be a cost-effective alternative to a poured concrete pool, coming in around $15,000–$20,000. Poured concrete in-ground pools are the most expensive pools and cost anywhere from $15,000–$50,000.

While pool installation costs are the most expensive part of owning a pool, you’ll also have to pay for monthly upkeep and maintenance. Expect to pay around $200 a month on maintenance.

Does a pool add value to a home?

A pool can add value to your home, but it can also make it harder to sell. In the best circumstances, you can expect to increase your home’s value by up to 7 percent by adding a pool.  If you live in a higher end neighborhood where most houses have pools, then installing a pool can add value and make your home easier to sell. However, if adding a pool makes your house the most expensive one on the block, it could make your home harder to sell.

The real value in adding a pool is your family’s improved quality of life. If installing a pool makes your home more enjoyable to live in, then it can still be worth it, even if you don’t end up recouping the costs.

What type of pool is best?

The main types of pools are fiberglass, concrete and vinyl. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Fiberglass and concrete are more expensive than vinyl, and they look nicer. Fiberglass has the lowest maintenance, which makes it a good option for homeowners who don’t want to spend a lot of extra time cleaning their pool. Choose the one that works best for your house, lifestyle and budget.

  • Vinyl: Vinyl pools are the most affordable types of pools. They’re generally ready-made and can be installed quickly. They don’t look as nice as other types of pools, though. They’re a good option if you want an affordable pool and aren’t very concerned with how it looks. Keep in mind that you’ll need to replace the vinyl liner every 5–9 years.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass pools are next in line for affordability. They’re relatively fast to install and are more durable than vinyl pools. They’re also easier to maintain than concrete pools, which means you can spend less time cleaning your pool and more time enjoying it.
  • Concrete: Concrete poured pools look the nicest and are the easiest to customize. They’re also the most expensive. If you have the money and want a pool that will make your home more appealing for visitors and buyers, then go with concrete.

How to choose a pool company

Pool styles

Pool companies sometimes specialize in certain types of pools or materials.

  • Indoor pools: Indoor pool companies have the equipment and ability to install and service indoor pools in both commercial and residential settings.
  • Outdoor pools: Outdoor pool companies need special equipment to install and service outdoor pools. Pools built in colder climates need to be winterized, and a pool cover is likely necessary.
  • Pool services: Some pool companies do not provide pool installation. Instead, they focus on pool services to help maintain the cleanliness, health and aesthetic beauty of a pool.

Product selection

Pool companies offer a wide range of products. Think about what you want from your pool when deciding which pool company to choose.

  • Material quality: Pool companies make pools from different materials, including stone, concrete, and vinyl-lined. It's important to choose a company that offers the materials that are in the right price range and that work well in your climate.
  • Design: Some pool companies offer unique designs or can work with buyers to achieve the design they have in mind. Other companies simply offer standard pool designs, like a circular or rectangular shape.
  • Features: In addition to building a pool, many pool companies offer additional features. These features could include slides, lighting, solar heaters, diving boards, pool alarms and more.

Design Methods

Pool companies have to first put together a design before they can begin building a pool, and they do so by using a number of different methods.

  • Contractors: Certain companies will contract out the design work to someone else or another company. If this is the case, find out which designers they use and what their reputation and work is like.
  • By hand: Some companies do the design work in-house, by hand, on a piece of graph paper. It is much like how an architect sketches.
  • Software: Some pool companies use advanced computer software to do their design work. All three of the methods work, the preference depends on the consumer's needs and wants.


Whether a pool company focuses on building and installing pools or on fixing and cleaning alone, it should be able to offer repair services. These services can vary, and it's important to understand what the company can offer you.

  • Regular maintenance: If you own a pool, it is going to need regular maintenance. Some pool owners choose to take care of pool maintenance themselves, while others prefer to outsource it to a pool company. Some of the maintenance requirements are cleaning and vacuuming the pool, checking and replacing the filters and valves and testing water balance, pH, calcium hardness and total alkalinity levels.
  • Chemicals: Find out what chemicals a pool company uses to treat the water in a pool. The most common chemicals to use are chlorine and salt, but there have been recent trials for alternatives. Some companies charge a flat rate while others add charges for certain chemicals.
  • Availability: Depending on whether you use a local pool company or a national one, it may be more or less available for repairs.

Types of pool companies

Home pool installation

Home pool installation companies install various types of pools into personal residences. They should have the appropriate licensing for the work they are doing and have a wide selection of materials for consumers to choose from to meet their home pool needs.

Home pool
Commercial pool installation

Commercial pool installation companies have the ability to install and work on pools in commercially zoned areas. It's important for them to be properly licensed to perform commercial installations and have the necessary work permits to do so.

Commercial pool
Pool repair and maintenance companies

Many companies specialize in pool repair and maintenance, either for commercial pools or residential pools. This can involve regularly scheduled maintenance or as-needed maintenance when pool owners are having issues with their pools.

Pool maintenance
Above-ground pool installation

Some pool companies specialize in above-ground pools that require far less intensive construction and licensing than in-ground pools.

Above-ground pool

Pool companies FAQ

How long do above ground pools last?

On average, above ground pools last up to 15 years until the structure gives out. However, liners only last anywhere from five to nine years, forcing you to replace them several times during the life of the pool.

Inground pools last as long as 20 years.

How much does it cost to have a pool installed?

The average cost to install an inground pool is around $30,000, while above ground pools cost as little as $1,000. This cost depends on the type of pool and materials you choose.

Is a pool worth it?

Whether or not a pool is worth it depends on how often you plan to use it. Pools usually don’t increase the value of your home much, but many homeowners don’t mind the expense given the enjoyment they get out of their pools.

What is the life expectancy of a fiberglass pool?

The life expectancy of a fiberglass pool is 25 years or longer. Fiberglass pools are long-lasting and require little maintenance.

What is an indoor pool called?

The proper word for a building with an indoor pool is natatorium. Compared with other pool types, indoor pools are the most expensive to install. If you are interested in building one at your property, contact a contractor to get started.

How much does it cost to fill in a pool?

The costs to fill in a pool depends on the type of pool and its square footage:

  • Filling in a standard size inground pool costs anywhere from $3,500 to $5,000.
  • Filling in a larger-size pool may cost from $10,000 to $15,000.
Is a swim spa better than a pool?

A swim spa may be better than a pool, depending on how you plan to use it. Swim spas are generally smaller, less expensive and easier to maintain than pools, but they don’t allow for as much recreational use.

Can you backfill an above ground pool?

Most pool manufacturers do not recommend backfilling an above ground pool. However, some contractors may provide this service despite the potential risks associated with it, including corrosive elements in the soil eating away at your pool wall.

Are indoor pools expensive to maintain?

Indoor pools are less expensive to maintain than outdoor pools. Common indoor pool maintenance items include:

  • Brushing and vacuuming the pool
  • Shocking the water
  • Testing the water
  • Maintaining the filter

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    Swimming pool company reviews

    Anthony & Sylvan Pools

    Anthony & Sylvan is a pool company that has been in business since 1946. It installs pools and does regular maintenance and cleaning. The company is known for its unique and custom pool design and it offers a lifetime structural warranty.

    • Variety: Anthony & Sylvan installs a wide variety of pools, including concrete and fiberglass pools.
    • Vanishing edges: It can install "infinity pools" -- pools the appear as though they don't have any edges.
    • Add-ons: Anthony & Sylvan can install many add-ons, such as sunken barbecue pits near the pool, beach entries, rock waterfalls, spillways and more.
    • Experience: The company has been in business for nearly 70 years and has worked on over 370,000 pools.
    • National availability: Anthony & Sylvan provides pool services to people across the country and can work closely with consumers to give them exactly the pool they want.
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    Blue World Pools

    Blue World Pools provides both above-ground and in-ground pools. The company headquarters are in Nevada and they have been helping families and individuals install new pools for over 12 years.

    • Variety: Blue World Pools installs many types of pools, including above-ground and in-ground pools.
    • Custom pools: Blue World Pools can work with customers to develop custom pools, depending on the available area.
    • Comprehensive help: The company helps homeowners throughout the entire process, from deciding on a pool model to inspection and maintenance.
    • Financing: Blue World Pools offers financing options to help customers pay for their pool over time.
    • Free site inspection: The company offers free site inspection for homeowners and business owners interested in installing a pool.
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    Island Recreational

    Island Recreational offers a wide variety of pools, as well as pool care and maintenance. It has a number of stores in Long Island and New York, that customers are welcome to visit.

    Read more about Island Recreational
    Namco Pool & Patio Equipment

    Namco started as a small, family owned and operated business in the early 1960s. Today, the company has a 200,000 square foot distribution warehouse and 19 retail locations throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and New York. Many items can be purchased online and shipped anywhere.

    Read more about Namco Pool & Patio Equipment
    Jandy Pro Series

    Jandy Pro Series is a pool and spa product brand headquartered in Vista, California and founded in1958. In 2007, Jandy became a member of the Zodiac Pool Systems family of brands. Jandy offers a full line of professional-grade pool and spa equipment including pumps, filters, valves, lights, automation systems and more.

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    Blue Haven Pools & Spas

    Blue Haven Pools builds and remodels in-ground concrete swimming pools and spas. Its offices around the United States have provided inground pools for tens of thousands of homeowners since 1954.

    • Design and construction: Blue Haven Pools specializes in a full range of standard and custom designs with a wide array of features ranging from tanning ledges to infinity edges.
    • Technology: Blue Haven’s private-label equipment line, SmartFeatures™, includes options like antimicrobial filters, handheld- and smartphone-compatible remote controls, water- and energy-efficient equipment and alternative water sanitizing systems.
    • Licensing: Individual offices are fully insured and licensed to build pools in their local markets.
    • Warranty: Individual offices provide limited lifetime structural warranties.
    • Financing: To make it easier to pay for pools over time, Blue Haven offices help facilitate loans through a national network of home-improvement lenders and finance programs.
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    Kayak Pools

    Kayak Pools makes pools and spas based on the needs of its customers. It is a corporation, based in New York, that outsources to dealers and businesses to sell their pools nationwide.

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    Endless Pools

    Endless Pools has been installing all types of pools for over 25 years and has served over 20,000 customers. The company employs a team of architects, designers, engineers and customer service specialists to help design and install pools.

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    Royal Swimming Pools

    Royal Swimming Pools offers high-quality swimming pool kits for above-ground swimming pools. It also provides hot tubs and other pool accessories. They have been in business since 1987.

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    Premier Pools and Spas

    Premier Pools and Spas have over 25 years of pool-building expertise. The company specializes in luxury pools and custom-designed pools.

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