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Updated on 11/03/2017

Many appliance manufacturers do not sell products directly to the consumer. Instead, they wholesale products to a variety of big box and specialty retail stores to handle sales. These appliance retailers offer value-added services to streamline purchasing.

Some retailers offer extended warranties, delivery and/or takeaway services. They can also have special product discounts or price matching services, so it is important to compare the same appliance models at different stores to get the best deal.

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    Compare Reviews for Top Appliance Stores

    P.C. Richard & Son
    Read 2296 Reviews

    Founded in 1909, P.C Richard & Son is a family-owned company that offers electronics, appliances and mattresses. P.C. Richard & Son has a service center for electronics and appliances, as well as a support call center.

    Read 1223 Reviews

    Goedeker's was founded in 1951, and they sell furniture, mattresses, plumbing equipment and lighting solutions. The company also offers kitchen appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, ovens and laundry machines.

    Abe's of Maine
    Read 657 Reviews

    Abe's of Maine is a company that specializes in cameras and photography equipment, in addition to a slew of miscellaneous electronics. The company offers online and phone ordering, they also have a retail store in Linden, NJ.

    Plessers Appliances
    Read 161 Reviews

    Plessers Appliances was founded in 1919, and the company offers a range of appliances though their website, in retail stores and by phone. Customers can buy dishwashers, refrigeration products, air conditioners and more.

    Appliance Direct
    Read 370 Reviews

    Appliance Direct is an appliance store with locations across Central Florida. The company offers refrigerators, dishwashers, laundry solutions, cooking products and wall ovens in their retails stores as well as online.

    Home Depot Appliances
    Read 784 Reviews

    Home Depot is known as a large hardware store chain, but the company also sells home appliances online and in their retail stores. Appliances offered by Home Depot include refrigerators, air conditioners, washers and dryers.

    Conn's Appliances
    Read 1190 Reviews

    Conn's HomePlus was founded as a plumbing company more than 120 years ago. Today, the company sells a range of products, including furniture, mattresses, home appliances, televisions, audio devices and smartphones.

    AJ Madison
    Read 92 Reviews

    AJ Madison is a Brooklyn, New York-based home appliance retailer, offering a broad selection and a price match guarantee on all products. Their website allows you to search by brand, category, energy star rating and more.
    Read 55 Reviews

    Founded in 1999, Repair Clinic offers over one million replacement parts for appliances, power tools, HVAC equipment and lawn equipment. The parts cover 160 brands of washing machines, dishwashers, AC units and other equipment.
    Read 248 Reviews

    Appliance Zone is an online appliance parts and accessories company. Founded in 2008, the company offers equipment for homeowners and customers who are passionate about installing and fixing home appliances on their own.

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    The ConsumerAffairs Research Team believes everyone deserves to make smart decisions. We aim to provide readers with the most up-to-date information available about today's consumer products and services.

    What should you look for in an appliance store?

    Warranty availability

    Not every appliance retailer offers extended warranty programs, but with such high-value purchases, a warranty is essential. Be sure to look at what each warranty encompasses and the duration of the warranty before making a purchase.

    • Manufacturers warranty: Retailers selling refurbished or store return models might not be able to offer the original manufacturer's warranty, so be sure to ask.
    • Extended warranty length: Extended warranties can last for five years or more, but some retailers only cover up to three years. Review the options available before settling on the right retailer.
    • Warranty exclusions/service: Some warranties only cover certain parts and labor, so there may still be a bill to pay after a repair call. Try to find the most complete coverage available, and make sure in-home service is included to avoid expensive freight and shipping costs.

    Payment options

    When making a big appliance purchase, many shoppers do not have cash up front. Flexible payments and lines of credit can make all the difference when deciding on a specific product.

    • Store credit availability: A retailer might offer the option to apply for store credit. Look for retailers with financing deals that include extended periods of low to no interest.
    • Layaway options: For those who don't qualify for financing or prefer to pay upfront, layaway allows some payment flexibility. Shoppers make payments on the purchase and pay in full prior to delivery.
    • Credit card offers: Major retailers might offer a revolving line of credit on which to buy an appliance. This is different from a store card in that it can be used anywhere a credit card is accepted.

    Package discounts

    When buying several appliances, the cost can add up quickly, so be sure to look for retailers that offer discounts on matching or multiple appliance purchases.

    • Washer/dryer pricing: It is not uncommon to see a single price for a washer and dryer combination. Buying them individually might up the price by as much as 30 percent.
    • Dishwasher and disposal packages: Installing a dishwasher without a garbage disposal could cause frequent clogs, depending on the dishwasher model. Be sure to look into discounts on paired installation.
    • Complete kitchen overhaul: When buying a refrigerator, range and dishwasher, all from the same manufacturer, ask about a package deal or discounted price.


    The cost of shipping on appliances can be sky high given their size and weight. Some retailers offer discounted or free delivery, depending on the price of the purchase.

    • Delivery included: When delivery is included in the price, it can help keep the total cost down, but check to see about installation services as this may have an extra cost associated.
    • Take away services: Getting rid of the old, broken appliance can be a hassle. When retailers offer take away services, the old one goes out when the new appliance arrives.
    • Deliver speed: Check with the retailer about shipping times. Sometimes it is worth paying a little more to avoid a lengthy wait time on delivery.


    Expense can play a big role in the eventual choice of retailer, but with price matching options, shoppers might be able to shop locally and still get the lowest available price.

    • Price matching: Retailers often run sales, but to avoid buying from an unfamiliar store, check out the different price matching options.
    • Sales and discounts: For those looking to upgrade rather than replace a broken appliance, some research into the sales cycle might be a good idea. Sales are often seasonal, so by waiting, shoppers might be able to get a top of the line model at a more affordable price tag.
    • Floor models: Buying a floor model might offer some extra buying power. Sometimes even small imperfections can drive an appliance price down considerably.

    Customer service

    When making any major purchase, customer service and company reputation play an important role. The right company will explain all of the options and offer transparent pricing.

    • No hassle service: Read reviews and check on other customer experiences before choosing a retailer. This helps avoid pushy salespeople and confusing information.
    • Transparent service and pricing: A surprise total at the register could cause a purchase delay. During the sale, all additional fees should be disclosed and explained.
    • Check the return policy: Make sure that the retailer accepts returns with no explanation needed. A new appliance may wind up under performing, not matching a decor change or take up too much space.

    What are different types of appliance retailers?

    Big box stores

    These large retailers carry a wide variety of products in addition to appliances. This can make shopping easy as shoppers can often find accessories and other household goods along with their appliances.

    Specialty retailers

    These retailers only sell electronics and appliance-related products. They often carry more brands and premium options.

    Price clubs

    Although the selection is not as big as some of the other retailers, price clubs often have unbeatable prices.

    Refurbished warehouses

    As long as companies offer an extended warranty, buying from a company that refurbishes products can be a great way to get top of the line appliances at a discount price.

    Who shops at appliance stores?

    Luxe shoppers

    These appliance shoppers want custom options, specialized appliances and white glove service. They might want premium products, built-in appliances and a range of accessories.

    Frugal shoppers

    Always on the lookout for the best deal, these shoppers search for the lowest price and the best deal. They ask about free delivery, installation services and price matching.

    Big families

    Extended warranties and large size appliances are a must when cleaning and cooking for a large family. These shoppers are also looking for a good deal, but quality might be the most important criteria.

    Interior designers

    These business professionals need customization options and flexible shipping. They might want to order from a company that also offers other construction services.

    Expert reviews for appliance stores

    Plessers Appliances

    Founded in 1919, Plessers Appliances continues to offer old-fashioned service but with modern buying power. As a member of the Inter-Country nationwide appliance co-op, they bring nine billion dollars in sales to the table, so they can stay competitive with large chains and big box stores.

    Read More
    Abe's of Maine

    Founded in 1979 as an electronics retailer, Abe's of Maine has expanded to offer a complete line of appliances, camera equipment and other consumer electronics. Despite the name, their store location is in Linden, NJ.

    Read More
    Conn's Appliances

    Founded more than 120 years ago as a plumbing company, Conn's Appliances sold their first refrigerator in 1937. With stores located throughout the south and southwest, they now do more than 1 billion dollars in sales, annually.

    Read More
    Home Depot Appliances

    Since it opened the first stores in 1979, Home Depot has remained focused on home improvement products. With locations around the world, Home Depot has become a household name.

    Read More
    Brand Source Appliances

    In partnership with more than 4,500 locally owned appliance retailers, Brand Source Appliances has 11 billion dollars in buying power to give their customers the best prices.

    Read More

    Founded in 1951, Goedeker's has become a household name in St. Louis, and expanded operations online in 2008. They are the owners of Number1Direct and one of the largest independent retailers and home appliances in the U.S.

    Read More
    Pacific Sales

    With 50 years of experience selling appliance products, Pacific Sales has recently expanded nationwide as a Best Buy subsidiary. They currently operate 36 full service home improvement and appliance stores and an additional 55 appliance-only stores located inside Best Buy locations.

    Read More

    Founded in 2008, is one of the fastest growing retail companies in America. They are one of the leading suppliers for appliance parts.

    Read More
    Appliance Direct

    With 20 years of business experience, Appliance Direct specializes in discount appliances and accessories. Their expansive catalog includes refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers, washers and dryers, ranges, wall ovens and more.

    Read More

    Compare Reviews for Top Appliance Stores

    Pacific Sales
    Read 173 Reviews

    Customers can turn to Pacific Sales for kitchen and bath appliances, in addition to selling refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers and more. The company also offers delivery, installation and hauling.

    Brand Source Appliances
    Read 10 Reviews

    Brand Source sells electronics, mattresses, furniture and appliances. Customers can find laundry, cooking, cleaning and outdoor appliances from the company. There are also more than 4,500 retail locations across the U.S.

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