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How much does an exterminator cost?

Expect to spend $300 to $550 on one-time pest control services

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You should expect to spend between $300 and $550 on one-time pest control services, although it can cost $2,000 or more to treat an extreme infestation, like from bedbugs or rodents.

Some experts suggest hiring an exterminator on a recurring basis (for example, quarterly) in order to stay on top of your pest problems throughout the year.

According to HomeAdvisor, quarterly full-service pest control costs between $100 and $300 per visit for a 1,500-square-foot house.

You can also hire an exterminator once per year for full-service pest control for between $300 and $550. The benefit of quarterly treatments is that you can target seasonal pests, like mosquitoes or bees, and develop a year-round plan for preventive treatment.

One-time treatmentMonthly treatmentQuarterly treatmentAnnual treatment
Insect control$300 to $550$40 to $70$100 to $300$300 to $550
Rodent control$200 to $1,200$50 to $150$100 to $300$400 to $2,000

Note: Average costs listed are for a typical 1,500-square-foot home. Some pest control companies charge an extra $25 per 1,000 square feet (over 1,500 square feet).

One-time treatment$300 to $550$200 to $1,200
Monthly treatment$40 to $70$50 to $150
Quarterly treatment$100 to $300$100 to $300
Annual treatment$300 to $550$400 to $2,000

What is the average cost for pest control?

One-time treatment costs range from around $50 to $8,000, depending on the type of critter.

Most top pest control companies offer an inspection prior to service. Some do this for free, while others charge a fee — usually between $150 and $300. This money is put toward creating a plan of attack based on an assessment of your home. Usually, this includes the first round of treatment as well.

Most exterminators provide free touch-up services if pests return within a certain amount of time after treatment. Learn more about hiring pest control and what kind of prices you should expect.

Low-end quoteMidrange quoteHigh-end quote
Spider extermination$100$150$200
Roach extermination$100$250$400
Ant extermination$100$300$500
Mosquito extermination$100$300$500
Wasp extermination$100$700$1,300
Rodent extermination$150$325$500
Bat removal$200$425$650
Bedbug treatment$300$2,650$5,000
Termite fumigation$2,000$5,000$8,000

Note: Average costs listed are for a typical 1,500-square-foot home. Some pest control companies charge an extra $25 per 1,000 square feet (over 1,500 square feet).

Low-end quote$100$100$100$100$100$150$200$300$2,000
Midrange quote$150$250$300$300$700$325$425$2,650$5,000
High-end quote$200$400$500$500$1,300$500$650$5,000$8,000

Factors that affect pest control cost

There is a wide cost range for pest control services — and price variability within each service. This is because there are a lot of factors that come into play when pricing each treatment. Make sure to ask the local pest control company you contact how its pricing structure works.

  • Treatment type: Pest control can happen in a few different ways — there are chemical, biological, electronic and physical options. Chemical is the most popular, as it’s the most time- and cost-effective, but it might not work for every homeowner or type of pest. Some homeowners prefer no use of chemicals. If you have larger pests, any of the other three pest control treatments might be a better option, but they may be more expensive. This is because they often involve additional equipment or products and more labor.
  • Frequency: Homeowners can get pest control as a one-time service (when there’s an infestation), quarterly or annually. You’ll always pay more for the one-off treatments because they require more time and effort. If you choose quarterly or annual maintenance, you can hopefully prevent larger or more costly infestations down the road. And, usually, the more frequent your preventive treatments, the more you’ll save per visit.
  • Location: If the infestation is located somewhere that’s easy to access, like a finished basement, the price will typically be lower. If your pest control team has to dig into a crawl space or tackle multiple spaces throughout a home, you should expect your costs to be higher.
  • Pest type: As shown above, the price of pest control depends in large part on the type of pest being treated. While small pests like ants are on the lower end of the price range, larger pests like mice and rats and infestations from bedbugs are more expensive to deal with.
  • Property size: The bigger the space, the more expensive treatment is. Most exterminators start at prices for 1,500 square-foot homes. If your home is bigger than that or you’re treating a large outdoor space, you should expect your rates to go up, although not by too much. Some professional exterminators charge an additional $25 per 1,000 square feet over 1,500.
  • Infestation size: There’s a big difference between a small wasp nest and a large infestation of termites. When the infestation size is larger, you’ll have to pay more for labor and pesticides, which will increase your overall cost. There also may be some follow-up services required.

DIY vs. professional pest control costs

In some situations, you may be able to handle a pest infestation yourself, like if you catch ants early. With these, your costs just include buying chemical repellent or purchasing traps from your local hardware store.

However, hiring a professional at the start of the problem can help you assess the root cause, like a crack in the foundation or an unsealed window, helping to prevent the pests from coming back. It can also give you added assurance that you’ve dealt with the problem thoroughly.

In most cases, a professional will be better able to diagnose an infestation and come up with a strategy to eliminate it for good. Plus, most professional pest control services come with a pest-free guarantee: If you see any pests come back within a certain amount of time or in between services, the company will come back and provide another treatment at no charge.

Pest control vs. exterminator costs

Hiring pest control is usually more expensive than hiring an exterminator, but it may save you more money in the big picture. Pest removal usually includes extermination plus additional, personalized services for preventing recurrences. In general, exterminators are more focused on immediate solutions to your pest control issue.

Pest control companies are more likely to offer plans for repeated visits, like quarterly treatments, which are part of a strategy to keep pests away from your home all year.

Indoor vs. outdoor pest control costs

Indoor pest control is the most common type of pest control. It’s what most people think of when they’re calling for professional support. The prices above are for indoor pest control treatments.

Outdoor pest control is usually a bit more affordable because it’s more centered on pest prevention. It also allows for more freedom in using certain chemicals or control methods than in indoor settings.

For example, getting rid of a wasps’ nest outside is easier because the nest can be removed with chemicals, whereas inside, more safety steps need to be in place to clean the area, and the technician must devise a strategy to keep the pests from coming back.

Bottom line: Is professional pest control worth it?

Pests are called pests for a reason. Whether you have a harmless infestation like moths in your closet or a more serious situation like mice and rats in your basement, it’s important that you get it under control quickly. Not only will this keep your family safe and comfortable, but it will also protect your property and belongings from damage.

Only small infestations can be handled by a homeowner — and even then, many homeowners see the pests return because the root cause hasn’t been addressed. If you’re dealing with an infestation that seems beyond your control, choosing a professional pest control company can absolutely be worth it.

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