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Best Blinds and Window Treatments

Imagine the perfect amount of light streaming into your bedroom when you wake up, or being able to block all outside light when you’re watching a movie. You may not think about your window treatments often, but they are one of the most important lighting features in your home.

There are many kinds of window treatments: blinds, drapes, indoor shutters, Roman shades, blackout curtains and more. Most companies that sell window treatments offer many of these options, so choose a retailer that will provide you the best price and customer service.

Compare Reviews for Top Blinds and Window Treatment Companies

3 Day Blinds
Read 420 Reviews

3 Day Blinds manufactures and sells custom window treatments. It operates in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Toll free number (833) 287-5410
Select Blinds
Read 364 Reviews

SelectBlinds makes custom blinds and window shades. The company offers a wide selection of materials and sizes. You can request a free sample on their website. All products come with a warranty, and most items ship for free.

Budget Blinds
Read 175 Reviews

Budget Blinds sells a wide selection of window treatments, including blinds, shades, shutters and drapes. Employees come to your home to help you select a window treatment. It operates throughout North America.

3 Blind Mice Window Coverings, Inc.
Read Expert Review

3 Blind Mice sells window treats, including blinds and shades, to residents of select service areas in California and Texas. Design consultants bring materials to your house, so you can shop in the comfort of your home.

American Blinds
Read Expert Review

American Blinds offers custom-made window shades and blinds in a wide variety of materials and colors. Options include vertical blinds, roller shades, motorized window treatments and more. Free swatches are available by mail.
Read Expert Review sells a large selection of blinds, drapes, inside shutters and other window treatments online. The company has a satisfaction guarantee and a SureFit™ guarantee to ensure you’re happy with your purchase.

Read Expert Review

Blindsgalore sells a variety of window treatments online. Options include blinds, shades, indoor shutters and drapes. It has window treatments for unique windows, offers free shipping on most orders and has a low price guarantee.

Hunter Douglas
Read Expert Review

Hunter Douglas began manufacturing window treatments over 70 years ago and now offers shades and blinds for windows. You can purchase products through one of their authorized dealers. Find a dealer by visiting their website.

Read Expert Review

justblinds makes and sells several types of blinds, window shades and interior shutters. It has free shipping, free samples and a satisfaction guarantee. The company focuses on providing affordable online blinds options.

Smith & Noble
Read Expert Review

Smith & Noble manufactures and sells shades, blinds, drapery, indoor shutters and other window treatment options. It also has motorized blinds and shades. The company offers financing to qualifying customers.

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      Considerations for custom window treatments

      How much do custom window treatments cost?

      There’s no simple answer to how much custom blinds will cost. We priced faux-wood blinds for a 28x36 inch window, and prices ranged from about $20 to $100. The price increased even more if we opted for a cordless operation system. Regardless of which company you choose, several factors will affect the final cost of your window treatments.

      • Materials: The more expensive materials you choose, the more you’ll spend on window treatments. Real wood, designer fabric and insulated options will add to your final price. Aluminum mini blind or vertical blinds are cheaper options.
      • Shipping: Shipping is often free if you live in the contiguous United States. You’ll have to pay extra shipping fees if your blinds are very wide, meaning more than 90 inches, or if you live in Alaska or Hawaii.
      • Size: The larger your windows, the more materials you'll need, and the more expensive your window treatment will be. Treatments for very large or oddly-shaped windows will cost more.
      • Operation: Most blinds use a cord or rod to open and close. Cordless blinds systems are safer for homes with children or pets, but they’re more expensive. You can program motorized blinds and shades to work with other smart home features, but the motorized operation can make even a small window treatment cost over $200.

      How long will it take to get my order?

      Ordering custom blinds or shades online means the items will fit your windows perfectly, but it can take some time to get them. If you’re in a rush to receive your new blinds or window shades, consider how quickly each site will manufacture and ship your items.

      • Item type: Treatments for odd-shaped windows and shades that must be sewn by hand are more difficult to make than others, so it will take longer for you to get them. Most sites have information about manufacturing times listed online. If they don’t, ask a customer service representative whether it will make a difference if you order Roman shades or Venetian blinds in terms of manufacturing and shipping time.
      • Manufacturing time: After you order the blinds, shades or shutters, the manufacturer will have to produce them in the specified size and color. Make sure you understand how long it will take before your products go into production and how long they’ll take to make.
      • Delivery time: A lot of companies offer free delivery if you choose standard ground shipping. Some companies offer expedited shipping for an additional fee. Ask how your order will be shipped once your items are made.

      Can I return custom shades?

      Because custom items are made just for you, companies can’t simply resell items you return. This means some online blind companies won’t accept returns. Policies vary by company, so ask a customer service representative before you finalize your order.

      • Returns: Some companies will accept returns. You usually need to contact them to let them know there’s a problem within 14 days of receiving your items.
      • Exchanges: Many blinds manufacturers will let you exchange one product for another of equal value. If you choose a more expensive item, you’ll have to pay the price difference.
      • Limitations: Your order may not be eligible for either a return or an exchange if it has been damaged during an improper installation. You might also be ineligible if you didn’t order a sample before making your purchase. Order samples beforehand, and consider hiring a professional installer to take measurements and install the blinds, shades or shutters.

      Can I see samples before ordering?

      All the companies on this guide will either send you free samples of blinds materials or fabric swatches for shades and drapes before you place an order. Some even have local consultants or showrooms to show you your options in person.

      • Samples: If you look at samples of the fabric or material, you’ll know that you like the look and feel of the material. Request samples to ensure you’ll be happy with the product you buy, especially if you’re ordering items online.
      • Showrooms: Some companies have showrooms where you can see all their materials. If you don’t have any idea what you want, look for a company with a showroom where you can see a lot of different choices.
      • Consultations: If you want help figuring out what kind of window treatments will work best in your home, choose a company that offers in-home consultations. A design consultant will bring samples to your house and take measurements. Some companies offer this service for free; others may charge a small fee for consultations.

      Can I have online purchases professionally installed?

      Some window treatments, like pocket-rod curtains, are very easy to install. Others, like indoor shutters, are a bit more labor intensive. Having window treatments professionally installed can make the process less stressful. It may also be easier to be reimbursed through a warranty if your window treatments are installed by a professional. If you’re spending a significant amount of money on blinds, shades or shutters, paying for professional installation can bring you peace of mind.

      • Retailer employees: Some blinds and window shade retailers have professional installers who work for them. When you order window treatments from one of these companies, you can choose to have your order installed by those employees.
      • NBI: Retailers without physical showrooms or local design consultants may not employ anyone who can install window treatments for you. Many of these companies, and several on this guide, work with the Nationwide Blind Installer (NBI) organization.
      • Independent installers: If you order from a company that doesn’t offer installation services, search online for an independent installer in your city.

      What else should I consider when ordering blinds online?

      Custom window treatments can be pricey, so buy them from a company that will support you before, during and after your purchase. Make sure you understand the company’s policies and its reputation before buying blinds or shades from them.

      • Warranties: If your blinds or shades break after a few months, you’ll want a company that will make it right. Look at the warranty information before you buy, and make sure to check what is covered. If a site simply says their products have a limited lifetime warranty, ask a customer service representative for more details.
      • Satisfaction guarantees: A lot of companies advertise a satisfaction guarantee, but don’t assume that means you can just send an order back for a full refund if you’re unhappy. Read the exchange and return policy specifically so you know your options if you aren’t satisfied with your order.
      • Customer service: If you find blinds or shades you like for comparable prices on sites with similar return policies, then rely on reviews when making your final selection. Read about other people’s experiences with the company’s customer service to determine which one will be easier to work with.

      Types of custom blind retailers

      Online only

      Some custom window treatment retailers only sell products online. These companies save money by reducing overhead and then passing those savings to you.

      Online and brick-and-mortar

      Many companies have traditional brick-and-mortar locations as well as online stores. These retailers are ideal if you want to visit a location to see samples but then order online.

      Design consultant only

      Some companies believe the best way to serve you is by visiting your home and working with you in person. If you want a lot of assistance, look for a company that has showrooms or offers in-home consultations.

      Custom blinds and window treatments customers

      Online shoppers

      If you prefer shopping on the internet, ordering blinds or window shades online is for you. You can shop for drapes, indoor shutters, window shades and blinds from the comfort of your couch.

      Those with unique windows

      If your house has unusually large or small windows or ones that have a unique shape, you’ll have many more choices if you buy custom blinds or window shades.

      Those who want professional design help

      If you need help choosing what kind of window treatments you want and what colors or patterns you want them to be, look for a company that offers in-home consultations.

      Blinds and window treatment expert reviews

      Select Blinds

      SelectBlinds manufactures custom blinds and window shades in a wide variety of materials, colors and sizes. You can shop online and then order a sample of the materials you’re interested in before making your final selection. SelectBlinds is a part of the SelectShops company and is headquartered in Mesa, Arizona.

      Read More
      Budget Blinds

      Budget Blinds sells blinds, interior shutters, drapes, curtains and other home decor. Each location is an independent franchise. Schedule an in-home consultation to view all your available choices. Budget Blinds has franchise locations throughout the United States with a few locations in Canada and Mexico. Budget Blinds is part of the Home Franchise Concepts® company.

      Read More
      3 Day Blinds

      3 Day Blinds manufactures and sells window shades, blinds, interior shutters and curtains. Consultants come to your home to help you choose the best window treatment and give you a quote based on your needs. The company has consultants in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.

      Read More was established as No Brainer Blinds in 1996 and is now one of the world’s biggest online retailers for window treatments. It sells blinds, shades, curtains, drapes and other window treatments. It merged with The Home Depot in 2014.

      • SureFit™: offers the SureFit™ guarantee. If you make a mistake when you measure your window and order the wrong size blinds, they’ll exchange them for free.
      • Free swatches: You can order up to 10 fabric swatches or material samples for free. When you order, you’ll also get a $10 coupon for use on your purchase once you pick out which product you want.
      • Satisfaction guarantee: has a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like the color, style or quality of your window coverings, contact the company to return or exchange them. You have 30 days to make up your mind about whether you like your new blinds.
      • Professional installation: Use the website to find a pre-screened Nationwide Blind Installation (NBI) professional blind installer. NBI workmanship is guaranteed for one year.
      • Decorating ideas: If you’re not sure what kind of window treatment you want, visit’s Inspiration Gallery. This section of their website has hundreds of pictures to give you ideas about curtains, blinds, inside shutters and more.
      • Best for: online shoppers and those with unique windows.
      American Blinds

      American Blinds sells custom-made window treatments, including shades, blinds, vertical blinds, drapes, indoor shutters and more. They also have specialty products for skylights, doors and other unique windows. The company has been in business for over 60 years and has been involved in online blind sales for more than 20 years.

      • Free swatches: You can order up to 10 swatches for free. Use these to help ensure you pick out a color and material you like. You can choose a sample pack of popular products or design your own sample pack. You can have them overnighted to you for $10.
      • Warranty: In addition to any manufacturer’s warranties, blinds and shades from American Blinds come with a three-year warranty on all materials, including cords and ladders.
      • Professional installation: American Blinds works with Nationwide Blind Installation (NBI) to help you find a professional blind installer. When you enter your zip code on the site, it will show you the estimated cost. Use the online form to ask one of the installers to contact you and schedule an appointment.
      • Child-safe options: American Blinds’ website has a section dedicated to blinds and shades that are safer for children than traditional corded blinds. They also have a Child Safety Matters page that tells you which type of blinds are safest for homes with children.
      • Lookbook: American Blinds’ online lookbook has images to help you find inspiration for your window treatment. You can filter images by room or by window treatment type.
      • Best for: online shoppers and those with unique windows.
      Zebra Blinds

      Zebra Blinds sells blinds, shades, indoor shutters and other window treatments. The website offers a wide selection, so you’ll be able to find treatments for all your window needs. They ship direct from manufacturers’ factories to save you money.

      • Free shipping: Most blinds and drapes ship for free to the contiguous United States. Depending on the brand you select, there may be an additional charge for blinds over 94 inches or a handling fee for interior shutters. Visit the website’s shipping page for details.
      • Free samples: Create a free account on Zebra Blinds’ website to order free fabric swatches and material samples.
      • Newsletter: Zebra Blinds regularly has sales and special discounts. Sign up for their newsletter to get alerts about sales sent right to your inbox.
      • Designers and installers: Use the Zebra Blinds website to find local professionals to help you choose and install your window treatments. Installers are professionals with the Nationwide Blind Installation (NBI) organization, and designers are members of the InteriorDesignPro network, an online community of professional designers.
      • Blog: Visit the Zebra Blinds website to read their blog. Its articles about window treatments can give you ideas for your house.
      • Best for: online shoppers and those with unique windows.
      The Shade Store

      The Shade Store has been making window treatments since 1946, and all items are still manufactured in the United States. You can order online or visit one of the company’s 55 locations. The Shade Store manufactures and sells customized blinds, shades and drapes. It offers free shipping to customers in the United States and will send you free fabric swatches and material samples.

      • Showrooms: The Shade Store has 55 locations across the United States. Find locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington state and the District of Columbia.
      • Resizing: If you make a mistake when measuring and the item is too large, The Shade Store may be able to cut the item down to size. If the item is too small or can’t be resized, the company will give you a 50 percent discount on a re-order. You must request the resizing or discount within 30 days.
      • Warranty: Blinds and shades from The Shade Store come with a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects and a five-year warranty on the motor in motorized blinds.
      • Measuring and installation: The Shade Store has partners in many areas of the country and can help you find professional installers. They will measure your windows for free. Installation charges are based on the cost of your purchase, so it’s easy to determine the installation fee. Visit The Shade Store website for more details.
      • Child safety: All of The Shade Store’s products comply with standards from the Consumer Product Safety Council and the Window Covering Manufacturers Association. Many items can be customized to be cordless, adding increased safety for homes with small children and pets.
      • Best for: online shoppers and those who want professional assistance choosing window treatments.
      Hunter Douglas

      The Hunter Douglas company was founded in 1919 and began making aluminum blinds in 1946. Today, the company sells window treatments around the world through local retail partners. It offers a variety of custom-made blinds and shades for windows.

      • Dealers: Hunter Douglas has authorized dealers throughout the United States. Visit the company’s website to find the nearest dealer and request a consultation.
      • PowerView® Motorization: Buy blinds and shades equipped with PowerView® Motorization. This motorized blind system is programmable to open and close your window treatments on a set schedule. It’s also compatible with Nest and can be operated using an app on your smartphone or tablet.
      • Product Recommender: Use Hunter Douglas’ Product Recommender to determine which window treatments might be best for you. Answer a few simple questions about your needs and preferences to get customized recommendations.
      • Warranty: All Hunter Douglas products come with a lifetime warranty against material and manufacturing defects. The motor for motorized blinds is covered for five years, and cords and operating mechanisms are covered for seven years.
      • American manufacturing: Hunter Douglas has manufacturing facilities in the United States.
      • Best for: individuals who want professional help in their home to take measurements and make selections.
      3 Blind Mice Window Coverings, Inc.

      3 Blind Mice Window Coverings, Inc. serves areas of California and Texas. Design consultants come to your home to show you samples, help you decide on products and take measurements. You can find a consultant and book an appointment online.

      • Locations: 3 Blind Mice serves areas in Southern and Northern California as well as the Austin, Texas area. Local consultants can come to your home to help you make selections and take measurements.
      • Schedule online: If you’re in one of the service areas, you can schedule an appointment with a design consultant online.
      • Live chat: The 3 Blind Mice website has a live chat feature, so you can instantly get answers to your questions.
      • Video library: Visit 3 Blind Mice’s website to watch informational videos on choosing window treatments, motorized and smart blinds, child safe blinds and types of window shades. This video library may help if you’re just starting to choose a window treatment.
      • Referral bonus: If you refer a friend who makes a purchase from 3 Blind Mice, you’ll get $50 off your next purchase. Submit your friend’s name and email through a form on the company’s website.
      • Best for: individuals in select service areas who want professional help in their home to take measurements and make selections.

      Blindsgalore sells name-brand blinds, shades, indoor shutters, drapes and other window treatment items. It offers a wide selection, including items for odd shaped and unique windows. Its low price guarantee and satisfaction guarantee help ensure you’ll have a positive experience. The company was established in 1998 and is headquartered in San Diego.

      • Referral discount: You earn 20 percent off future orders when a friend you’ve referred makes a purchase from Blindsgalore. Your friend will also earn 20 percent off when they use your referral link. Visit the website to send referral links.
      • Free samples: You can order up to 15 material samples and fabric swatches for free. Samples arrive in a few days, but you can pay to have them overnighted if you need them faster.
      • Price guarantee: Blindsgalore has a low price guarantee on all their products. If you find a lower price on any product you bought from them at another online retailer within 15 days of your purchase, they’ll issue a refund for the difference.
      • Warranties: All Blindsgalore orders come with a manufacturer warranty. The warranties vary by product type and manufacturer. Make sure to read about the warranty for the specific product you’re ordering before you make a purchase.
      • Satisfaction guarantee: Blindsgalore offers a satisfaction guarantee on all orders. If you’re not completely happy, you can contact the company to make an exchange within 30 days. You will be responsible for any price difference when selecting a replacement.
      • Best for: online shoppers and those with unique windows.
      Smith & Noble

      Smith & Noble manufactures and sells shades, blinds, drapes and other window treatments online. In some locations, the company has designers who can help you choose your items. The company prides itself on providing a wide variety of customized options at affordable prices. It has been offering custom window treatments since 1987 and is located in Corona, California.

      • Motivia® Motorization: Smith & Noble offers motorized blinds and shades with Motivia® Motorization. You can choose to have a button on the window treatment or control the shades or blinds with a remote. Prices for motorization start at $79 per item.
      • Warranties: All Smith & Noble products come with a limited lifetime warranty for any manufacturing or material defects. Cords and Motivia® Motorization are warrantied for five years.
      • Measurement and installation: Smith & Noble has professionals across the United States who can measure your windows and install your window treatments. Measurement is free, and installation starts at just $99. If you use one of its professionals, the company guarantees your blinds or shades will fit. If they don’t, Smith & Noble will replace them for free.
      • Financing: You can finance your new window treatments through Smith & Noble. Some financing plans have an interest-free period. Financing is subject to credit approval.
      • Design help: Schedule an in-home design consultation to get help selecting your window treatments. If a designer isn’t available in your area, you can have a design consultation over the phone.
      • Best for: online shoppers and individuals in select service areas who want professional help selecting window treatments.

      justblinds manufactures and sells shades, blinds and indoor shutters. You can order products online and have them shipped to you for free. The company sends free samples and has a satisfaction guarantee. It is based in Houston.

      • Satisfaction guarantee: If you’re not happy with your purchase, justblinds will work with you to resolve the problem. Contact the company within 30 days of getting your order to request an exchange or refund. To qualify for this offer, you must have ordered samples before making your purchase. Visit the website for specific details.
      • Warranties: justblinds warranties all product sold on its site. The materials and operating mechanisms are protected for three years.
      • PriceMatch: If you find the same item for less within 30 days of making a purchase from justblinds, the company will refund you the price difference.
      • Discounts: justblinds regularly has sales and offers special discounts. Visit the company’s website to sign up to receive email alerts about sales.
      • Video library: The justblinds website has dozens of videos to help you learn about blind installation, selecting the right window treatments, product demos and more.
      • Best for: online shoppers.

      Compare Reviews for Top Blinds and Window Treatment Companies

      The Shade Store
      Read Expert Review

      The Shade Store has been in business over 70 years. It makes and sells blinds, shades and drapes. All products ship for free within the United States and come with a warranty. Order samples online, or visit one of their showrooms.

      Zebra Blinds
      Read Expert Review

      Zebra Blinds sells window treatments, including blinds, shades, shutters and drapes. Items are customizable so you can get window treatments for odd-shaped and oversized windows. Shipping is free for most orders.

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