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Find the Best Electric Companies in Texas

In Texas, energy was deregulated in 2002, giving homeowners, renters and business owners more options when deciding who will provide electricity to their home or place of business. Texas electricity companies allow Texans to choose a provider who will give them the best price and service options.

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    Compare Texas Electricity Companies

    Just Energy
    Read 1,163 Reviews

    Offers electricity to residents and businesses throughout several Texas cities, including Dallas, Houston, Corpus Crist, Fort Worth and Arlington. Their 5 plans begin at 12.8 cents per kWh for 60 months.

    Learn More Call Now Toll Free (844) 707-9413
    Direct Energy
    Read 2,214 Reviews

    One of North America's largest providers of electricity, natural gas and other home services for residents and businesses throughout the U.S. and parts of Canada. In Texas, their 4 plans start at 11.7 cents per kWh for 36 months.

    Spark Energy Gas and Electricity
    Read 813 Reviews

    Offers electricity and gas to residents and businesses throughout 19 states, including Texas. With over 11 plans to choose from, pricing starts at 13.9 cents per kWh for 18 months.

    Learn More Call Now Toll Free (855) 465-1954
    Champion Energy Services
    Read 424 Reviews

    Offers electricity to residents and businesses throughout several Texas cities including Fort Worth, Dallas, Austin, Houston and Abilene. Their 3 plans start at 10.2 cents per kWh for 12 months.

    TriEagle Energy
    Read 197 Reviews

    Offers electricity to residents and businesses throughout 3 states. In Texas, their 9 plans begin at 9.4 cents per kWh for 36 months.

    Green Mountain Energy
    Read 74 Reviews

    Offers electricity to residents and businesses throughout 9 states. With over 10 plans in Texas, pricing starts at 10.6 cents per kWh for 36 months.

    Reliant Energy
    Read 225 Reviews

    Offers electricity and other services to residents and businesses throughout Texas, including Houston, Corpus Cristi and Dallas. Choose from 9 plans starting at 11.5 per kWh on a month-to-month contract-free basis.

    Cirro Energy
    Read 33 Reviews

    Offers electricity to residents and businesses across the country. With over 4 plans in Texas, pricing starts at 10.9 cents per kWh for 24 months.

    TXU Energy
    Read 251 Reviews

    Offers electricity and home protection plans to residents and businesses throughout Texas. With over 10 plans available, pricing starts at 10.9 per kWh for 12 months.

    TruSmart Energy
    Read 42 Reviews

    Offers electricity to residents and businesses throughout Texas' deregulated service areas. Their Prepay and Weekly/Bi-weekly customers are served by Now Power, which offers 3 cents per kWh with a $30 account balance maintained.

    Bounce Energy
    Read 13 Reviews

    Offers electricity to residents throughout several Texas cities. There are 6 plans available, and pricing begins at 10.5 cents per kWh for a customizable time frame.

    WTU Retail Energy
    Read 10 Reviews

    Offers electricity and other services to residents and businesses throughout West Texas. With 3 plans available, their pricing begins at 11.2 cents per kWh for 24 months.

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      How much is electricity in Texas?

      The average cost of electricity in Texas is about 10.98 cents per kilowatt-hour. Use the chart below to compare the energy rates of a featured plan from the top Texas electricity companies.

      Company namePlan nameContract lengthEnergy rate*
      Spark EnergySpark Instant Plus12 months$0.118/kWh
      TXU EnergySuperSecure12 months$0.139/kWh
      Green Mountain EnergyGo Local Solar12 months$0.157/kWh
      Bounce EnergyAmazing18 months$0.118/kWh
      Just EnergyBasics18 months$0.139/kWh
      Direct EnergyPower on Command24 months$0.121/kWh
      Reliant EnergyReliant Secure Advantage24 months$0.130/kWh
      Champion EnergyChamp Saver36 months$0.119/kWh
      TriEagle EnergyGreen Eagle36 months$0.119/kWh
      Cirro EnergySmart Lock36 months$0.121/kWh

      *Energy rates are accurate as of 02/18/2019 for the ZIP code 77077

      How to choose an electric company in Texas

      1. Consider the electric company's history

      Many Texas electricity companies have been around for decades, and each has a reputation that precedes it. Customers may want to take into account a company’s history and how they have handled providing electricity in the past.

      • Legacy providers: The oldest Texas electricity companies, called legacy companies, have been around the longest, and they have provided electricity in the state since long before energy was deregulated.
      • New electricity companies: Many Texas electric companies came about after energy was deregulated, and most offer the same quality of service as the older providers in the state.

      2. Factor in any rewards programs

      Because there are many electricity companies in Texas, companies may attempt to win customers over by offering extra rewards. These can include many types of promotions for signing up or rewards for using the service.

      • Rewards programs: In Texas, some electricity companies offer customers cash and gift rewards in exchange for using their service.
      • Sign-up promotions: Some Texas electric companies offer incentives for signing up for service, including gift cards, donations to charity or a promise of a lower bill.
      • Additional services: Another extra incentive offered by many Texas electricity companies is the added bonus of extra helpful services, like a moving service that will help take care of ending electricity service when leaving and finding a new electricity provider in a new location.

      3. Compare the electricity plans offered

      One of the most important features of an electric company is the type of electricity plan offered to consumers. This is often the most important deciding factor for customers choosing a provider.

      • Fixed rate plans: Some electric companies charge consumers a flat rate for electricity throughout the entirety of their electricity plan.
      • Variable rate plans: Variable rate plans charge consumers a different rate from month to month, and these plans often lack contracts and allow consumers to take advantage of changes in the market.
      • Green plans: Green electricity plans in Texas allow consumers to choose electricity generated from eco-friendly sources, like solar power.

      4. Decide how eco-friendly you want to be

      There’s no doubt that electricity uses up some of the Earth’s natural resources. However, some energy companies in Texas are more eco-friendly than others, using different sources of power and dispersing different amounts of emissions into the environment.

      • Green companies: Electricity providers focused on eco-friendly power often generate electricity from sources other than natural gas, such as solar power, hydroelectric power (water) and wind.
      • Traditional electric companies: Traditional electric companies in Texas generate electricity from more traditional sources that are not renewable, such as coal or natural gas.

      5. Review the contract terms

      Many electricity companies in Texas require consumers to sign a contract. The terms of this contract spell out how long a customer must stay with the company and how much they will pay, among other specifications.

      • Non-contract companies: Some of Texas’ electricity providers do not make consumers sign a contract, and they provide power on a month-to-month basis.
      • Minimum terms: Texas electricity companies with minimum terms require residents to commit to a certain amount of time buying energy from them, and these companies often charge a cancellation fee if service is ended before the contract expires.
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      (866) 587-8674 Learn More Learn More
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      (877) 346-0863 Learn More

      Types of Texas electricity companies

      Legacy electricity companies

      Legacy electricity companies in Texas have been around the longest. These electric companies often rely on the more traditional non-renewable sources of power to generate electricity, and they often have the reputation for being some of the most dependable companies in terms of providing power for residents.

      Green electricity companies

      Green electricity companies in Texas are more focused on eco-friendliness. They often provide electricity generated by more renewable sources of power, such as solar power, water and wind.

      Texas electricity companies FAQ

      Is electricity expensive in Texas?
      Yes, electricity is expensive in Texas. The state is the most expensive major electricity market in the U.S. However, Texas’ sunny climate makes it possible to save money by supplementing your home with solar energy.
      How can I get a better deal on electricity?
      To get a better deal on your electricity, you need to negotiate with your power company. Follow these steps to get the most bang for your buck:
      1. Compare rates from multiple providers.
      2. Ask your current electricity company to match its competitors’ best offers.
      3. Be polite but assertive with your demands.
      4. If you’re successful, see if you can get your discount applied to your most recent bill.
      5. Make sure the discount is perpetual rather than for a limited time.
      The Public Utility Commission of Texas maintains its Power To Choose website so residents can find the best deals on electricity in their area.
      Is electricity cheaper for businesses?
      Typically, yes. Electricity is cheaper for businesses than for residential homes because businesses get bulk rates. Because most houses don’t pull enough power to qualify for bulk rates, the best way to save money at home is by reducing your energy usage.
      How do I choose an energy supplier?
      Texas is one of only 15 states that allow customers to choose their energy provider, so compare multiple suppliers to pick the right one:
      1. Find licensed energy companies with great reputations in your area.
      2. Compare their prices to see which ones provide the best rates.
      3. Check online reviews to see what customers have to say about each company’s service.
      4. Read through the contract to make sure there are no hidden terms.
      How do I change my electricity provider in Texas?
      If you’re considering changing your electricity provider:
      1. Check your current contract to make sure you can. Some companies lock you into rates for a certain amount of time and charge penalties if you try to cancel service early.
      2. Shop around and compare multiple companies to find the right one for you.
      3. To make the official switch, call your new power company and pick a start date. Cancel your current service as close to that date as possible.
      What is a third-party energy supplier?
      Third-party energy suppliers are middlemen in the electricity supply chain. These businesses buy energy from utility companies in bulk and sell it to consumers at a slightly higher rate, which sometimes helps customers save money. Third-party energy suppliers often provide better customer service, more flexible terms and fixed-rate plans.
      Can I get electricity with bad credit?
      Yes, you can get electricity with bad credit in Texas, although you may have to pay a larger deposit before starting service. Some companies waive the deposit for low-income households.
      How do I find out who my energy supplier is?
      The easiest way to determine your energy supplier is to ask your home’s previous resident or owner. If that’s not an option, find the meter and look for a sticker that indicates the company that owns it.

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