Pennsylvania residents and businesses have been able to choose their own electricity supplier since the state deregulated electricity in 1997. The supplier consumers choose is the company that generates their electricity, which is the component of electricity that costs the most.

Top 9 Best Rated Pennsylvania Electricity Companies

Champion Energy Services is backed by the clean power generator Calpine. Champion provides electricity to residents and businesses living and operating in select deregulated energy markets, including Pennsylvania.
Spark Energy offers electricity and natural gas to residents and businesses across the country. Pennsylvania residents and business owners can enjoy lower rates, transferrable service and referral rewards by switching to Spark.
PECO Energy is the largest utility serving the greater Philadelphia area. They have several assistance programs for low-income customers and those experiencing temporary financial hardship.

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What features matter most?


A lot of variables factor into the price of your energy costs, which is why it pays to shop around and see what rates you will get with different electricity companies. Understanding how different rates work will make a difference when deciding which company will save you the most money.

  • Fixed: A fixed rate means your price is set for a predetermined amount of time, typically a year. The price will not change through the duration of your agreement, which can be financially beneficial if prices increase but costly if the market price for electricity decreases during your contract.
  • Variable: A variable rate changes with the market conditions. Your price can increase or drop depending on market rates, and, if you keep up with market rates, you can figure out ways to lower your costs. Fluctuations can make it difficult to budget or plan your monthly expenses.
  • Time of day/usage: Some plans will charge customers based on their usage. They may charge more per kilowatt hour (kWh) during evening and weekend hours than they charge during the day.

Type of energy used

There are multiple types of energy sources that can be used to generate electricity. Different companies use different types of energy. Consumers can also generate their own clean energy and interconnect it to some energy suppliers.

  • Electricity: Electricity is neither renewable nor nonrenewable. Instead, it is made up of the conversion of other energy sources, which can be renewable, nonrenewable or a combination of the two.
  • Nonrenewable energy sources: Nonrenewable energy sources, including crude oil, natural gas, coal and uranium, cannot be replenished naturally in a short amount of time. These energy sources have a negative impact on the environment.
  • Renewable energy sources: Renewable energy sources, including wind, solar, geothermal and hydropower, can be replenished naturally in a short amount of time. These energy sources are also called clean energy sources, since they do not pollute the environment. Many electricity companies are turning to clean energy sources for both residential and commercial customers.

Sustainable initiatives

Many electricity and utility companies are invested in sustainable initiatives that help protect the environment in the communities they serve. Consumers who are interested in sustainability will want to seek an electricity company with a focus on improving the environment.

  • Waste management: Waste management programs help residents and businesses cut down on waste at the source. This can include fewer harmful emissions by using renewable energy sources, reducing the use of plastic bottles and more.
  • Sustainable energy fund: Pennsylvania has four funds in place to assist in the development of sustainable and renewable energy programs in the region and statewide. The funds have helped fund over 100 projects through loans and grants.
  • Recycling: Electricity companies who focus on recycling are dedicated to improving the environment of their community. Check with your chosen electricity company to see how they incorporate recycling into their everyday business model.

Additional services

Some electricity companies do more than just provide electricity. Their service can include plans that help homeowners inside and outside of their residence.

  • Tree removal: Tree removal can include removing trees and stumps, cleaning up branches, pruning and handling any tree-related emergencies. These services are usually offered at a competitive price.
  • Warranties: Warranties can include extended home warranties for appliances and other systems. These might be offered through the electricity company, or they may be offered through a third-party provider.
  • Lighting installation: Many electricity companies can install security and landscaping lights on homes, in addition to streetlights in neighborhoods and on highways.


How easy it is to transfer your plan, set up new service, keep track of your usage and pay your bills might make a difference when it comes to choosing an electricity provider.

  • Online bill pay: Online bill pay is standard for electricity companies, although most also give consumers the option to pay by mail or over the phone. Online bills can usually be set up for automatic payments, so you don’t need to worry about missing a payment.
  • Transfer of service: It should be easy to transfer your service with any electricity provider, as long as you are moving within their same area of service. Some areas of service are significantly smaller than others, so if you are a resident or business with plans to relocate in the near future, you may want to consider choosing a company with a wider service network.
  • Usage tracking: Tracking your energy usage can help you save money now and in the future. Most companies have tracking available when you log in to your online account, and some have apps that can make it even easier to track your usage and figure out areas where you can save more money by using less electricity.

Customer service

Because most things for your service can be done online, you won’t be regularly interacting with the customer service representatives at your chosen electricity company. You will, however, want the assurance that someone is available to help you when there is a crisis or emergency.

  • On-call emergency service: Most electricity companies have emergency service available 24/7, with crews available to work throughout the day and night to restore power, handle down power lines and take care of any other emergencies that arise. Make sure you have the emergency phone number stored, since it is likely separate from the office phone number.
  • Financial assistance: Whether you are low-income or need some temporary financial relief due to a personal crisis, your electricity company should be able to provide you with some form of financial assistance. Call to speak to someone about your options before you miss a payment.
  • Power outages: Power outages can happen on a wide or small scale, which is why it’s important to report them when they happen in your area to make sure help is on the way. Most electricity companies have power outage information updates on their websites, and some will send text alerts to customers who want to receive them.

What are different types of electricity companies?

Electricity suppliers

Electricity suppliers (also called electricity providers) generate your electricity, which is the most expensive part of your electric bill. Switching electricity suppliers can save residents and businesses hundreds of dollars each year in areas that are deregulated, including Pennsylvania.

Electric utility

The electric utility company is the company responsible for building and maintaining power lines and poles. The electricity you receive from an electricity supplier runs through the lines and poles put up by the electric utility. Residents and businesses should contact their electric utility if they experience a power outage in their area.

Who's it for?


Pennsylvania residents may find that switching electric suppliers can save them hundreds of dollars on utility costs each year. Look for a supplier in your location, and compare prices to find the one that will save you the most money.

Business owners

Business owners can also save money by switching to a new electricity supplier. Electricity suppliers often offer customized rates for businesses, so make sure to shop around and see which one will save money and provide the best service.

Green energy lovers

Residents and businesses that want to invest in green energy will want to look for an electricity provider that uses nonrenewable resources to comprise their electricity. They might also want to consider using their own personal clean energy sources and connecting them with a local energy supplier.

Company reviews

  • PECO Energy Company

    PECO provides utility service for the Philadelphia-region and southeastern Pennsylvania. They have served Pennsylvania for over 130 years.

    • Best for PECO Energy Company is best for businesses and residents in the greater Philadelphia, especially residents who need some financial assistance.
  • Penelec

    Penelec is a FirstEnergy company that services areas in Pennsylvania. Before energy was deregulated in Pennsylvania, they were one of two electricity providers for the state. Former Penelec customers can opt to have another electric generation supplier, and their electricity will continue to be run through Penelec’s lines and poles. Customers who do not make a decision about a new provider will continue to receive electricity from Penelec.

    • Best for Penelec is best for Pennsylvania residents who do not want to use a new electricity provider.

  • Penn Power

    Power is a FirstEnergy company and electric supplier that services select areas of Pennsylvania.

    • Best for Penn Power is best for residential and business customers living within their service range.

  • Duquesne Light Company

    Duquesne Light Company serves Pennsylvania residents and businesses in Allegheny and Beaver counties. In addition to providing electricity service to customers, they also work with customers who wish to interconnect their personal renewable energy generating system (i.e. solar panel or wind turbine) to Duquesne Light’s transmission and distribution system.

    • Best for Duquesne Light Company is best for residents and businesses moving or relocating into their service area.

  • First Energy

    Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, FirstEnergy Corporation has a vast electric system comprised of 10 utility companies. They service areas in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland and New York.

    • Best for FirstEnergy is best for residents and businesses located in one of their service areas who are interested in clean energy.

  • Wellsboro Electric Company

    Wellsboro Electric Company services 178 square miles, with about 570 miles of overhead and underground power lines, in Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Their consumer density averages about 10 customers per one mile of electric line, and the company serves around 5,900 residential and commercial customers.

    • Best for Wellsboro Electric Company is best for residents living in their service area of Tioga County.

  • PPL Corporation

    PPL Corporation is an investor-owned utility company that owns and operates Western Power Distribution, Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities, and PPL Electric Utilities. PPL Electric Utilities is their Pennsylvania electricity service company, and they deliver electricity to residents and businesses in central and eastern Pennsylvania.

    • Best for PPL is best for Pennsylvania businesses and residents in central and eastern Pennsylvania.