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Senior Living

Growing older means making big decisions about the lifestyle you want as you age — is assisted living, a nursing home or in-home care best for you? Check out our articles on senior living to learn more about your options and how to plan for these years.

Senior Living Basics

Best of Senior Living

Whether you prefer the idea of independence, assisted living, in-home care or skilled nursing, our guides can help you find the best options available. Read about costs, care services and lifestyle support to make informed decisions as you or your loved ones grow into old age.

Assisted Living Local Recommendations

There are thousands of highly rated senior living facilities across the country, with many reflecting their local cultures through events and dining options. Assisted living facility costs, features and resident experiences may vary from state to state. Use the sections below to find and compare facilities in your area. For each location, we compared reviews, availability and other factors so you can find a safe, supportive community for yourself or a loved one.