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Volvo Recalls 2007 S80

Power steering may fail suddenly

Volvo is recalling about 8,400 S80 cars from the 2007 model year. The company said a power steering system hose may burst, resulting in a loss of power st...


Disney Pogo Sticks Recalled

The bottom rubber tip can wear out and the handlebar end caps can come off

Bravo Sports is recalling 159,000 Disney pogo sticks. The bottom rubber tip attached to the pogo stick frame can wear out prematurely, posing a fall hazard...


Fisher-Price Recalls Little People Builders' Load 'n Go Wagons

The reinforced handle can cause lacerations

Fisher-Prices recalling about 208,000 Little People Builders’ Load ‘n Go Wagons. The back of the wagon’s plastic handle has molded-in rei...


phil&teds Strollers Recalled

The stroller brakes may fail

phil&teds USA is recalling about 10,000 Explorer and Hammerhead strollers in the United States and Canada. The brake mechanism on the strollers can fa...


Honeywell Recalls Electric Baseboard and Fan Heater Thermostats

The thermostats can overheat

Honeywell is recalling about 77,000 electric baseboard and fan heater thermostats. The thermostats can overheat, causing them to melt and smoke. This poses...


Kohler Recalls Glass Shower Doors

Hinge panel can shatter, posing a laceration hazard

Kohler Co. is recalling about 100 glass shower doors because the hinge panel can shatter, posing a laceration hazard. The recall involves a 1/2 inch thick...


Children's Bathtub Non-Slip Pads Recalled

The pads can slip, causing the child to fall

Prime Line Products is recalling about 8,000 sets of children's bathtup non-slip pads. Some pads do not stick to the bathtub surface, posing a fall hazard ...


Prime Line Child Safety Latches, Outlet Covers Recalled

Screws can loosen or break, exposing child to hazards

Prime Line is recalling about 37,000 sets of child safety latches and outlet covers. The screws on the safety latches and outlet covers can loosen and/or b...


Ross Stores Recalls Acacia Chairs

The chairs can collapse

Ross Stores are recalling about 1,200 Acacia chairs. The chair can collapse when weight is placed on it, posing a fall hazard to consumers. Ross has recei...


Homelite Recalls Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Attachments

Nozzle and spray bar can break

Homelite is recalling about 40,000 surface cleaner attachments sold with its power washers. The surface cleaner attachment's nozzle and spray bar can brea...


Uvex, Swix Ski Helmets Recalled

Helmets present a head injury hazard

Unvex Sports and Swix Sport USA are recalling about 800 Uvex Funride ski helmets. The helmet provides insufficient shock absorption and resistance to penet...


Target Recalls Children’s Task Lamps

The lamps present laceration and fire hazards

Target is recalling about 13,000 Circo children’s task lamps. The lamps may overheat, causing the adhesive inside the lamp socket to melt and migrate into...


Chrysler Recalls Dodge Ram Trucks

Tie rod problem may cause loss of control

Chrysler is recalling about 242,000 Dod Ram trucks from model years 2008 through 2011 to fix problems with the steering linkages and tie rod assembly. ...


Meijer Recalls Touch Point Heaters

Possible short can create a fire hazard

Meijer Inc. is recalling about 13,000 Touch Point oscillating ceramic heaters. The oscillating mechanism in the heaters can short out, posing a fire hazard...


Scorpio and Absorbica Safety Lanyards Recalled

Safety stitch may be missing, creating a fall hazard

Petzl America Inc. is recalling about 375,000 Scorpio and Absorbica Shock Absorbing Lanyards. Some lanyards are missing a safety stitch on the attachment l...


Diving Unlimited International Recalls Weight Systems

Weight pocketes can detach, posing a drowning hazard

About 1,500 DUI Weight & Trim System Classic and DUI Weight & Trim System II sets of diving weights are being recalled....


Task Force Electric Log Splitters Recalled

Laceration, amputation hazard reported

Changzhou Globe Tool Group is recalling about 20,000 electric log splitters sold at Lowe's stores....


Chanel Recalls Silk Scarves and Garments

The recalled items violate federal flammability standards

Chanel is recalling silk garments that do not meet federal flammability standards. The scarves, dresses, skirts and blouses are made of 100 percent silk an...


Edushape Recalls Mini Stars Building Sets

Knobs can break off and create a choking hazard

Edushape Ltd. is recalling about 18,000 Mini Stars building sets. Additional sets were  recalled in September 2010. Plastic knobs can break fr...


Mizuno USA Inc. Recalls Baseball and Softball Gloves

Gloves may contain mold

Mizuno USA is recalling about 131,000 MIZUNO Supreme Series and Ballpark Pro baseball and softball gloves. Some gloves were found to contain a variety of ...


Dollar Tree Recalls Glass Votive Candle Holders

The holders can shatter while in use

Dollar Tree is recaling about 117,000 glass votive candle holders. They can shatter while in use, posing a fire and laceration hazard to consumers....


Sage Creek Organics Recalls Children's Sleepwear

Violates federal flammability standard

Sage Creek Organics is recalling about 600 sets of children’s sleepwear. The garments fail to meet the federal flammability standards for children’s sleepw...


Live Better Vitamins Recalled

Packaging doesn't meet child-resistant standards

International Vitamin Corporation is recalling about 12,000 bottles of Live Better One Daily Tablets and Live Better Complex Vitamin B50 Tab...


GNC Recalls Women's Multivitamins

Bottles don't meet child-resistant closure requirements

General Nutrition Corp. is recalling about 2,500 GNC Women's Ultra Mega®, Ultra Mega Active, Ultra Mega Energy and Metabolism, and GNC Prenatal Formula wit...