Jim Hood, Founder and Editor

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“Most people are way too trusting, way too polite and not nearly inquisitive enough. If everyone spent a little time reading worthwhile history, science and journalism instead of listening to blowhards and con artists, the American middle class wouldn't be imploding quite so quickly.”

A graduate of Southern Illinois University, Jim occasionally studied English literature but spent most of his time as a radio reporter and freelance correspondent covering the social meltdowns of the 1960s.

A serial entrepreneur, Jim founded ConsumerAffairs.com in 1998. A former Associated Press executive, editor and reporter, he has covered just about everything imaginable and a few things that seemed unimaginable until they happened. He is unduly proud of his many enemies.

He lives in the Washington, D.C., area and Sayville, N.Y., with his long-suffering spouse and two dogs, his children having grown up and moved far away.