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Morphie iPod Touch Battery Case Recalled

Batteries can overheat, creating a fire hazard

Morphie LLC is recalling about 6,000 Rechargeable External Battery Cases for the iPod.  The battery case’s integrated circuit switch can overhea...


Best Buy Recalls Rocketfish Battery Case for iPhone

Batteries can overheat, creating a fire hazard

Best Buy is recalling about 32,000 Rocketfish Model RF-KL12 Mobile Battery Cases for iPhone 3G and 3GS.  The battery case can overheat while char...


Ocean Spray Recalls Craisins

Metal fragments found in some packages

Ocean Spray is recalling certain lots of Original Flavor Craisins Dried cranberries, after tiny, hair-like metal fragments were found in some packages...


Dodge Journey, Fiat 500 Recalled to Fix Brakes

Brake fluid may be contaminated

Chrysler Group is recalling about 340 Dodge Journey and Fiat 500 models from the 2012 model year because the brake fluid may be contaminated.The recalled...


Heath/Zenith Recalls Motion-Sensing Wall Switches

The switches pose a shock hazard

HeathCo is recalling about 75,000 Heath/Zenith and WirelessCommand motion-sensing wall switches.When the switches are in the auto mode and the light is o...


GM Recalls 2012 Chevrolet, GMC Trucks

Air bags fail to meet federal requirements

General Motors is recalling about 1,800 trucks to replace the front passenger air bags.  The affected models are:Vehicle Make / Model:...


Columbia Sportsware Recalls Battery-Powered Jackets

Batteries can overheat, creating a fire hazard

Columbia Sportsware is recalling Omni-Heat™ Lithium-Polymer Rechargeable Batteries.The batteries have a cell defect which can cause overheating, po...


Liebherr Expands Recall of Refrigerator-Freezers

The refrigerator door can fall off

Liebherr is expanding its recall of Freestanding 30-Inch Wide, Bottom Freezer Refrigerators.  The recall affects about 8,000 units (About 5,700 built-...


Build-A-Bear Recalls Teddy Bear Swimwear Set

Inner tube presents a strangulation hazard

Build-A-Bear Workshop is recalling more than 21,000 swimwear and inner tube sets sold in the U.S. and Canada. The inner tube accessory can be pulled over ...


Family Dollar Recalls Kidgets Animal Sock Slippers

Animal eyes can detach, posing a choking hazard

Family Dollar is recalling about 160,000 Kidgets Animal Sock Top Slippers.The animal's eyes can detach from the slippers, posing a choking hazard to youn...


Nissan Recalls 370Z and Infiniti G37 Models

Power windows may not reverse properly

Nissan is recalling certain Infiniti G37 coupes and Nissan 370z models because the power window auto-reverse feature can fail to work promptly.  If a ...


Michaels Stores Recalls Ashland Brand Glass Vase

The vase can break, posing a laceration hazard

Michaels Stores is recalling about 28,000 Ashland Glass Vases. The glass vases can break or fracture when a consumer picks them up, posing a laceratio...


Apple Recalls Early iPod Nanos

Battery can overheat, possibly starting a fire

Apple is recalling some of the first-generation iPod Nanos, warning there’s a slight risk the battery could overheat and catch fire.“Apple ...


Arctic Cat Recalls All-Terrain Vehicle

Arctic Cat is recalling about 1,380 All-Terrain Vehicles. The ATV's steering tie-rod can bend, causing loss of control which poses a crash hazard.

The steering tie-rod can bend...


Wolfgang Puck Electric Grills Recalled

The grills can overheat and melt

About 27,000 Wolfgang Puck Electric Reversible Tri-Grill/Griddles are being recalled.A defect in the electrical wiring of the electric grills/griddles ca...


Joss Rock-Climbing Cams Recalled

They can fail unexpectedly

About 1,200 Joss rock-climbing cams are being recalled.  They  can fail unexpectedly after being set, posing a fall hazard.One incide...


Bio Gaudiano Recalls Organic Olives Stuffed with Almonds

Product linked to botulism outbreak in Europe

The FDA is warning consumers not to eat any Bio Gaudiano brand Organic Olives Stuffed with Almonds.  Pure Italian LLC of Watertown, Mass., the U.S. ...


Under Armour Recalls UA Defender Chin Straps

Metal snap has sharp edges

Under Armour is recalling more than half a million UA Defender Chin Straps. The metal snap that connects the chin strap to the helmet has sharp edges,...


Battat Recalls Toulouse-LapTrec Magnetic Sketchboards

The magnetic tip can dislodge, posing a choking hazard

Battat is recalling about 95,000 Toulouse-LapTrec magnetic sketchboards. The magnetic tip of the drawing pen can dislodge from the pen, posing a choking ha...


Dutailier Group Recalls Drop-Side Cribs

Entrapment and fall hazards

Dutailier Group is recalling about 440 drop-side cribs.  The slats on the drop side can detach from the top and bottom rails creating a space bet...


Cub Scout Wind Tech Jackets Recalled

Strangulation Hazard

The Boy Scouts of America are recalling about 5,400 Cub Scout Wind Tech jackets.  The jackets have retractable cords with toggles at the hood/neck are...


Libbey Glass Recalls Fantasy Glass Bowls

The bowls can break

Libbey Glass is recalling about 18,000 glass bowls in the U.S. and Canada. The glass bowl can break when subjected to sudden temperature changes or im...


Winchester Hunting Knife Sets Recalled

Latching mechanism can fail

About 13,000 Winchester Hunting Knife Sets are being recalled by Gerber  Legendary Blades, of Portland, Ore.The latching mechanism for the knif...


Disney Fairies Plastic Trikes REcalled

Plastic fairy figures represent a laceration hazard

About 12,000 Disney Fairies Plastic Racing Trikes are being recalled by  Kiddieland Toys Limited, of Scituate, Mass.The plastic fairy figures p...


IKEA Recalls Wardrobe Mirror Doors

Mirrors present a laceration hazard

IKEA is recalling about 1,700 PAX AURLAND wardrobe mirror doors. The mirror glass can detach unexpectedly from the wardrobe door, fall and shatter, posing ...


Company Sues to Block Posting of Consumer's Complaint

Challenge to federal complaint site proceeds in secret

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) public complaints database is facing its first major legal challenge -- and the fight is being carried...