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Truman Lewis, Reporter

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“Consumers need to stand up, make noise and demand the service and product quality they are entitled to. This includes taking an active interest in politics and voting for candidates who don't move their lips when they read. Aggressive journalism and educated, civic-minded citizens are what made America great – not long-winded speeches, cable shouting matches, dumb political ads and celebrity gossip.”

Truman is an old hand at covering news, interrogating politicians, cozying up to sources and slipping past police lines. After a youthful stint covering Mob activities and other war-like enterprises, Truman sought out more peaceful beats. He has been a bureau chief and correspondent in D.C., Los Angeles, Phoenix and elsewhere, reporting for radio, television, print and news services, for more than 30 years.

“I've been shot at by crazy women, spit on by well-dressed gentlemen, beaten by rioters, gassed by riot police and even thrown off a building, though I like to think at least some of it wasn't personal,” says Truman. “Despite that, it's really hard to think of anything I'd rather have been doing all these years.”

Now somewhat secretive and not eager to meet up with certain of his past subjects, Truman, who writes under a pseudonym, keeps mum about his personal life and eschews social media.