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Being a homeowner for over 20 years, downsizing to an apartment has had its adjustments. Since I've never had a Renter's Policy before, I wanted to stick with a highly reputable and well-known company - which is why I chose Allstate. I filed a claim after my neighbor upstairs had a leak that came down through my apartment with nasty brown-colored water that soaked and ruined clothing inside a closet. I sent the adjuster at Allstate pictures and video of the incident. Immediately... and let me repeat this, IMMEDIATELY. The adjuster began running down a list of excuses why they wouldn't pay. He even accused me of trying to scam them. When I called him out on it, his excuse was that they have a high incidence of fraud with renter's policies. I was shocked.

While I understand adjusters have a job to do, not once was I reassured that Allstate was in my corner. Quite the opposite was true... you can tell a very STRONG emphasis is placed on them to get OUT of paying claims, and ZERO emphasis placed on quality customer service. I did not appreciate being called a liar - especially when I gave them all the proof they needed for the claim.

Very bad experience. I been their customer since 1996, sadly I had a theft claim last June and it's my first claim ever. I been through a lot with the whole situation and with ALLSTATE that I have to keep repeating myself over and over and asking me again and again for the list of the stolen items which they have it since 06/24/2016 because they want me to get fed-up and give up, and they are not even covering my whole loss, because my insurance policy is only $15000.00 and my loss is over double from that, almost all my jewelry is gone in gold and silver, my black watches bands, $1638.00 cash, gift cards, my home spare keys, some antiques and crystals, couple small brand name bags and wallets, coach key chains, perfumes etc...

The thief has a long history of stealing and drugs, she is in jail, but I don't know where to find my stuff or some of it at least. I been suffering a lot from this situation even with my health with no help at all. And I used to think that AlllState is a good company, and they will be there for us BUT with this experience it came out to be it is a very bad. It seems that I have to get the media attention on the whole situation through Internet, newspaper's or whatever, and hire an attorney to file a lawsuit even if he will take all of the money from this claim. Their renters insurance claims department is horrible, they make me suffer more on the top of what I have from my loss and damage.

I've been with AllState for a long time, and I have never file a claim. Two months ago, I got robbed, after living at the house for 16 years, needless to say I felt scare and violated. They took my two laptops where I had backup of photos and receipts. The agent, Steve **, or I think he's an adjuster, more like a clown have call me a liar for not be able to give him exact receipts from the merchants for the items stolen. Even though I have give him all receipts and paperwork he has asked for. He writes back letters telling me that those receipts are not acceptable. I'm in despair and looking for a lawyer at this point. I know he has a personal vendetta against me, or at least it feels that way.

One of their agents was very rude. About two weeks ago, I requested Allstate to investigate liability of my home damage. One of the agents called me to tell me that they cannot cover the damage because it wasn't under their policy. That's totally fine. All I wanted was to check back in with them and see whether it can be covered or not.

The part that really offended me was that this guy's manner. He treated me as if I was the one who kept asking for money or arguing with him about the policy. He was defensive in the beginning of the call and kept going on with his argument. Then I asked for clarity on some damage coverage statements. He cut my question and repeated the same argument quickly as if I couldn't understand his statements. At that point I already got angry on his tone of the voice and manner. This unpleasantness ruined my morning. I don't know what type of call he made right before mine, but it was really unfair and offensive that I was treated as such since my claim was about investigating the situation with them and understand it not getting money from them.

If they could simply explain how they investigated the case and answer my question in polite way, I would've been ok with this situation. I don't want to worry about talking with rude people in the future, especially when I am worried about the accident happened in my house. I appreciate companies with polite, right mannered agents and apparently Allstate is not one of them.

My home is less than 2 years old and we have owned it for less than a year. An inspection of the home was completed by a home inspector and by Allstate prior to insuring the home in Aug. 2015. A hail storm occurred the first week of July 2016. Allstate did cover all damages related to hail damage EXCEPT the most expensive part, the roof. The adjuster told me and showed pictures of an estimated 50 chipped concrete roof tiles that he claimed not one single chip was due to the hail. I don't know how anyone can make that assumption knowing that the roof was inspected less than a year ago with no damage reported.

Allstate claims that all of the chipped tiles are due to a manufacturer defect. So in their view, they are saying that at least 50 concrete tiles all chipped, on their own, in less than a year with no weather related damage. Other homes on my street with different insurance companies but the same type of roof ARE covering the damages to their roofs. I will not continue to insure my home with Allstate in the future.

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We live in rented apartment community in Tampa, FL. We were out on vacation and when we came back our daughter bedroom roof came. Luckily, no one was hurt. When we called our apartment leasing office they told us while we were out there was a tropical storm and that caused the damage and we should file our claim with our Renters Insurance for all the personal property damage. When we filed our claim with Allstate and Castle Key insurance they said everything will be taken care of and we need to submit the picture of the damages. We did all that.

After 3 months they came back stating the claim is denied. When we asked why they said the property manager said on the phone that the damages are not due to rain or wind. When I asked the insurance company whether the property manager gave anything in writing they said no, stating verbal communication is enough to deny the claims. I submitted all the email communication which I received from the same person to insurance stating it's the storm but the insurance company without any written communication or letter from the property manager denied the claim.

We filed a claim for a hail damage back in April 2016. The insurance company issued a check but we had to return it as they had the mortgage company's name wrong. Fast forward to August 23, 2016 and we still haven't received the replacement check. We have called numerous times but we got no response from them, our agent is always "busy" or in a meeting. I am starting to lose hope that we will ever get our money back as we had to pay out of pocket for all the repairs. To everyone thinking of going with Allstate, please reconsider and save yourself all the headache of dealing with this company.

Got a quote online for a renter's policy. Was affordable and a few bucks cheaper than our policy with Geico. We signed up and paid the premium. A few days later, the local agent called and asked for appraisals for the 3 pieces of jewelry we listed in the online application. 2 weeks later we get a bill for $2500. I called to ask what this was since the policy we were quoted was $723 (and we paid it in full). The person insisted I made changes to the limits and this was why the policy went up.

After arguing for over a week, someone called and admitted the policy was being jacked up to cover the jewelry (even though I listed them in the online quote to the penny) and insisted we were called and this was discussed and we agreed to pay this. They actually increased the premium 500% and didn't call - just expected us to pay. Laughingly, I asked her if she was being serious in asking us to pay $3500 per year for a renter's policy. She was dead serious. Asked to cancel it immediately, kept trying to talk me out of it and insisted I needed to send her an email to confirm the cancellation. That's more money than my parents paid for homeowner's insurance. Lol. Avoid.

I am now disabled and unemployed so I was shopping for better homeowners insurance so I went online for quotes for homeowner insurance. Allstate called to give me a quote for homeowner's insurance. The agents name was Diane. I was receiving a lot of calls from different insurance. Some called while I was talking to her and I did not like the way she was trying to get me to decide on the phone. I received a call and placed her on hold. It was Travelers. They had better coverage and better rates that I could afford. I agreed to sign with Travelers instead of Allstate. I switched back to the call with Allstate and she was gone but I received a call from another agent. Told her I had got a call from Diane but I went with another insurance. Diane was talking to my mortgage company unbeknown to me. I signed with Travelers, called my mortgage company three way, got everything set up and started.

Next day I received a call from Diane's manager asking me why I did not choose Allstate. I explained and he ended the called saying that he was sorry about not getting me to sign. I then received a call from my mortgage company and that is when I found out Diane had called them and told them she was going to be my insurance agent. I said "no way." I had already signed with Traveler and spoke to another MORTGAGE REP. WHO CONFIRMED, SO THAT agent who spoke to Allstate called them and they had to resolve that between them.

Now I just received a letter from a CC. A debt collection agency stated I have a past due debt with Allstate for the full amount of a policy I never signed nor agreed to. They kept sending me paperwork to sign and I never did. I repeatedly told them I did not want their homeowner's insurance. That I had insurance with another agency. I feel like I am not in America anymore. This is a terroristic move by ALLSTATE to take my civil liberties away. I HAVE A RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHO I WANT AS A INSURANCE COMPANY!

My wife and I recently purchased a home that was built in 1955. Allstate Homeowners Insurance was recommended to us. We purchased a homeowners policy and while doing so we were ask if we wanted to purchase a life insurance policy as well. Not knowing what the future holds we did decide to do this as long as our payments for the life policy would be deducted from our escrow account just as our homeowners policy and yearly taxes would be. The agent assured me that would be no problem to have it set up that way. Keep in mind that the Allstate Agent Bonny ** was told ahead of time that if this was not a possibility, that we did not want the life insurance policy.

Everything was moving along smoothly until we were in our house for 3 days, then we received a cancellation notice for our homeowners policy due to the fact the "5" shingles on our roof were worn a bit. So then we moved on to another home owners policy, not that much headache involved. At that point we start getting notices from our bank about being overdrafted in our account...which by the way our account has never been overdrafted in the 3 years it has been open. Allstate was debiting money out of our account for the life insurance policy. We contacted Bonny ** for 3-4 straight days by email and telephone leaving several voice mails as to why Allstate was debiting the money out of our account when it was supposed to be taken out of the escrow account.

Finally on the 4th day we received an email stating that she worked 5 separate offices and did not have time to keep up with every finite detail of her customers' lives and that we should have contacted her before closing on our home so she could have it set up that way. Also in her response was a statement that we purchased a policy and now we had to pay for it, the policy was not free of charge. We conceded thinking our mistake was not notifying Bonny ** about our closing. Ms. ** said now that the closing had taken place we could not set up the payments to come directly from the escrow account. We apologized and corresponded with Ms. ** about the payment and requested that all future payments come out of our bank account on the 21st of the month, not the 5th of the month due to our pay schedule. Ms. ** assured us that this would be no problem and we thought all was settled once again. It was not!!

We continued to get cancellation notices from Allstate due to lack of payments. Again keep in mind we started the policy April 14th 2016 and paid her $90. May 1st Allstate direct drafted $91 from our account. I contacted Ms. ** about the cancellation policy notices and she stated that it was a billing issue and it was out of her hands and we would have to contact them to get any issue resolved. When we contacted billing and spoke with Christy she stated that it was set up on quarterly billing and that would be easy to resolve. However due to the fact that we wanted the payment date changed from the 5th of the month to the 21st of the month, we would have to send in another $91 and also on the 21st of July another payment of $91 would be direct drafted from our bank account. In doing this everything would be resolved and we would be caught up on all payments and everything would be resolved. It was not resolved.

On July 22 I called the bank to make sure the direct draft came through - it had not. I called Allstate Customer Service Line and was told that the policy was in cancellation due to non payment. Summing up all this mess we have paid out $$270 and have gotten nothing in return except headache, stress, grief, and horrendous customer service. Now in order to cancel the policy we have to fill out a cancellation form and after Allstate approves it should they deem any refund due they will cut a check at that time.

I will not recommend anyone purchase any policy with Allstate. We were not in good hands. As far as we are concerned Allstate Insurance is nothing like they advertise. Buying life insurance and home owners insurance should never be this stressful and hard. We have never had such a horrid experience anywhere like the one we encountered with Allstate Insurance and its agents. Please please please take our advice and run when you hear the words Allstate insurance. Trust us you will not be in good hands!!!

Just received a non-renewal notification from Allstate Homeowners Insurance Company. I have paid insurance through Allstate for the length of my home ownership, 15 years, starting at a premium of $899 which is now over $2200 per year. In those 15 years I have had a total of 2 claims, the first a little over $3000, which occurred in May of 2012. The second most recent was filed February of 2016, of which the entire payment was recovered from the other claimants insurance company.

In other words Allstate recovered all of the monies that was paid to us for the damages incurred, an SUV struck our garden area destroying our brickwork. The non-renewal statement clearly shows both claims with the latter indicating $0.0 paid. It is beyond my belief how an insurance company whose slogan is "You're in good hands with Allstate" can be so heartless and drop a customer who has paid insurance for 15 years, but because of two claims which totaled less than $4000 can drop a customer with two months left on our policy.

My recommendation to anyone considering going to Allstate for homeowners insurance is to not even consider them in the first place, and for current policyholders I would seriously consider looking into another company for insurance. Allstate should change its slogan to "You're in good hands with Allstate, until you file a claim". Apparently Allstate only cares about those customers who never file a claim. I thought the purpose of insurance is to cover your home for damages, but in Allstate's case its only purpose seems like to collect your money and hope you don't file a claim or two. This company turns out to be probably the worst insurance scam I have ever heard of.

Apparently Allstate never heard of the power of social media. This letter to ConsumerAffairs is only the beginning, I intend to put this company on blast until it reaches the media, enough is enough with this company. I had no idea Allstate was this bad, and to find out how bad this way, makes it even worst. This is not the way to treat loyal customers, Allstate should be ashamed of itself. The claims filed were NOT of negligence, and was through no fault of our own. With the notice Allstate has the gall to state "Feel free to contact your Allstate representative to see if there are any ways Allstate can continue to work with you to meet your insurance needs". Really, why would I want to be a customer after this. Never again, not homeowners, not car, not rental, no insurance products ever again from Allstate for this household. I intend to pass this on to as many people as possible.

Which is why I'm writing this. So my fiance has Allstate & after reviewing his policy I contact his agent. Now this agent tells me that Allstate will cover a rental property or 2nd home so I go through the lengthy process of trying to determine the right coverage. He and another person at the office are very responsive to my emails. He calls me when I prefer not to be called, seems like a genuine guy. I pay one month's premium, but when I get the policy it say I live there & had another misprint on it. When I ask him if it's okay, because I don't live there, I get no response. I tell them I won't sign the papers & fax them back until I get an answer. This was 2 weeks ago & several messages later to him & the other person not a blip from either. No response whatsoever.

So yesterday I finally call the 800# to clarify some things & just to verify I even have a policy, which they confirm I do. But I still feel leery. I mean who hounds you & then ignores you but makes you think a company is reputable? And I found out that most things can be handled by the 800# so why are there field agent offices? My car company, Wawanesa, doesn't have field agencies. It's a company & I never had an issue with a claim so this is weird to me someone courting you then "dumping" you once they get your money.

Plus, I'm worried if something does happen, because the policy written isn't correct, that they'll deny any claim if they realize I don't live there even though they said it wasn't an issue. Why lie? Apparently my fiance's policy is written the same way, but he hasn't dealt with the guy in over 10 years (no claims). I think I will look into Liberty Mutual. I know a couple of people who have them & rate them very high.

I would never, ever recommended Allstate to cover ANYTHING! After 25 years of paying them they refused to cover a water leak in my home, before that my roof! Everyone around me had hail damage from a storm & had no problem getting a replacement, oh, but not me, I had ALLSTATE! My children & I went on vacation. During the time we were gone we had a pipe burst in our garage wall with backed up to kitchen/dining area. All dining room was ruined, things stored in garage was ruined. We filed a claim, that's why we pay right?? Wrong, we were denied, time after time! Switching today & will tell EVERYONE I know/see NEVER think you're in good hands with Allstate!

I would not trust this company because I had insurance with them for renter insurance. Then I transfer to Homeowners after I bought my house. The first hurricane I received a letter saying they were no longer providing insurance in FL. They bailed on the people leaving us to find another company. They have engaged in the worst form of gamesmanship to achieve their own goals. Run away don't walk!

We recently switched from American Family for our homeowners to Allstate... What a huge mistake! The agency botched the switch over and we had to send in all the paperwork to our bank. A few weeks after we with Allstate, we received notice that we were missing 5 individual shingles on our roof due to a "windstorm" a few weeks earlier. We were much luckier than others in our neighborhood. 3 days later we had the 5 missing pieces replaced and we notified our agency the problem was corrected. Today we received a refund and cancellation notice for roof problems. We contacted our agency and received info that it was because their inspector could not make it out within the 20 days. I was upset and wanted to make sure this was just a "wires crossed" situation and they could not confirm.

I called the agency when I got home, still upset, and demanded to get answer as to whether or not they were going to reinstall the policy or if I needed new insurance. The agency was unable to give me an answer. Fed up I left a negative review on their Facebook page. The agency owner reached out and asked to speak with me Monday to fix the problem, which I agreed to.

One of the girls at the agency wrote a reply to my post telling me to go elsewhere and made an outright lie about a conversation with my wife. I contacted the agency owner and told him that since his people wanted me to go elsewhere and called us liars, we would not be looking to contact him. 15 minutes later the Facebook posts were deleted. What a mistake we made to save some money. Mayhem? Allstate and its agencies are the real mayhem. Hopefully someone will learn from this and not make the same mistake we did. Never been treated so rudely and unprofessionally in all my life.

I made a BIG MISTAKE. I called Sughrue for a quote. I decided against switching. I verbally told them I would not be buying insurance from them. They charged my mortgage servicer for a year of homeowner's insurance. They were paid. In addition, my real Insurance company was paid. How did they get my mortgage info. I was told to get a quote I had to prove that I had insurance the past 12 months. I faxed the declaration page from my insurance company to them. When I called Sughrue I was told the person that had handled this was no longer employed. Conveniently her last day was just the day before. I asked to speak with Sughrue, before I could explain the problem he yelled at me "you have insurance with us" and he hung up on me. BTW I have written proof that I did not agree to the policy.

My mortgage servicer called them. My mortgage servicer said what they did was ILLEGAL. ILLEGAL to have 2 insurance policies. It was agreed to refund what my mortgage servicer had paid them. Weeks later I receive a Cancellation Notice with a partial refund! Finally months later I did receive the full amount. Maybe it was an honest mistake, (who knows maybe that is why the person that initiated the quote was no longer there). If I had been treated courteously and if they had admitted I never had a policy and was sent the full refund I would feel differently. But this has gone on for months with several hours on the phone. I am filing a complaint with the Insurance Commission.

My area had bad storms last year that damaged home siding and roofs. Everyone on my block was affected. I was the only one insured with Allstate. Most had State Farm. I filed two claims for roof damage. Allstate refused. Their premiums are very high, they do not insure their customers, they rape them. We had a wind storm this year. I have sheets of shingles that flew off the roof. Allstate refuses coverage. Have had them for 16 years. Find another company. If enough people pull away maybe they will get the message. Oh, and contacting the Department of Insurance is useless. Allstate bought them.

I was ok, until I talked to the man that works there. He was rude, and treated me like I was not important. My husband try to call but he was rude to him too. I will never be insured with them again.

Submitted claim to Allstate Homeowners Insurance in March of 2015. We had storm water damage that was caused storms. Water came in through windows from rain/windstorms. Dry wall and kitchen cabinets were damaged along with mold damage. Water damage was behind drywall, walls and kitchen cabinets, hence damage from mold incurred due to damage being unseen, not visible until over time.

Allstate claims adjusters stated damage was "long term" and or maintenance related and therefore not covered. Their assessment incorrect as I have requested numerous times for Allstate to provide proof when damage started. They cannot provide that information or proof of damage starting. Therefore, they have not proven that it is long term damage. Over $6,500.00 damage, of which Allstate should have paid out $4000.00 to cover cost of damages. I have both Allstate Homeowners and Allstate Flood insurance and with all this coverage, Allstate refuses to stand behind its product and service. If you think you are in good hands with Allstate, you are sadly mistaking.

I was with American Family for 15 years. The rates were a little high so I I decided to shop around. I choose Allstate. HUGE mistake. I see a lot of reviews regarding claims, I haven't even submitted a claim. I have only had them as my insurance company for three months. I have wasted so much time with them "straightening" things out.

First off my homeowners insurance was a little higher with them but I was getting a significant savings on my car insurance. The first issue was they told me they would take care of cancelling my current insurance policy but they did not then they acted like they didn't know what I was talking about. Luckily American family refunded me for the extra six weeks I paid them. Second, they kept sending me a partial bill for my homeowners insurance. I called numerous times to straighten this out. This bill was to go to my mortgage company. I had to provide them with the contact information numerous times. They are A big company. They should know how this works.

Third, they sent an inspector who decided we needed a new roof. Our roof was not horrible but did need to be replaced in the near future. They decided this a month after the policy started. They gave us little time to do this and who puts on a roof in March in the Midwest? They said they were cancelling the policy but would reinstate it when the roof was complete without a lapse. We got a new roof in their timeframe but because they took too long to send out an inspector the insurance lapsed. They reinstated the insurance about three weeks later. In the meantime my mortgage company tacked on some insanely high priced insurance because we didn't have any. So that was all done with and I was like "ok everything's good now."

Haha I was so wrong. Today I'm balancing my checkbook and see Allstate took out $544. I was signed up for monthly automatic payments for my auto insurance, which should only be $100 or so. Naturally I'm fuming. I call my local agent thinking it has something to do with my homeowners insurance again but she tells me it's my auto insurance and she doesn't know what the deal is but will call back later.

She calls back and tells me they made changes to my auto policy. Changes I have no idea about or authorized. She goes on to tell me that because I don't have proof of continuous auto coverage I lost that discount. So my insurance went up $1200 for a six month period. Mind you my insurance was $600 for six months. I was like "that's not true. I've had American Family for the last 15 years." My policy with Allstate started 2-19 and my coverage with American Family ended 2-23. There was no lapse. I've had Allstate for three months and they're just coming up with this now. No one contacted me about this.

The lady at my local agency tells me they will charge me $544 next month too. I argue with her for a while that I did not authorize this charge and would never pay $1800 for six months of auto insurance. I didn't get anywhere. She tells me to call American Family and have them fax her the information stating when my insurance ended with them. They do so quickly. I get a call back from Allstate saying they received the information but it's not good enough for them. They need a special form that comes from corporate headquarters but she talked to American Family herself and they were going to get that for her. Once they get the form she will have the underwriters review it but that could take 7 days.

Next American Family calls me and says Allstate is being difficult. He says this form will take 7 days or so to process but he will get it to Allstate ASAP. So now I'm looking at two weeks at least to possibly see my money again. Another interesting thing is that there seems to be this magical database for all insurance companies that has all this information from all insurance companies. Both Allstate and American family mentioned it but somehow American family could see that I had insurance through 2-23 but when Allstate looked at it my insurance ended in December. Weird? Why did it take Allstate three months to come up with this. Obviously when they gave me the quote three months ago they knew I had insurance when they gave me this discount for having insurance. Three months later there's an issue? They never called and said there's an issue. If they had I would have taken care of it.

I regret setting up automatic payments but I did this with American Family for 15 years and never had an issue. I was always notified when there was a change in the amount they were taking out of my account even if it was a few cents. It's complete fraud. It's stealing in my opinion. I work hard for my money and feel ripped off. I filed a complaint with the Allstate corporate office but have not heard anything back yet. This is a major insurance company. They know what they're doing but they sure play stupid when you question them. They pass the blame or make up ridiculous excuses. Not professional at all.

I'd love to get a lawyer because surely this has to be illegal but that would cost more than I lost. I am hopeful that I'll get this "straightened" out and get my money back. I'm sure there will be something else that comes up. I plan on looking for another insurance company after I get my money back. My advice is to stay as far away from Allstate as possible. Do not give them your business unless you like spending all your time dealing with them and having your money stolen.

My insurance company is planning to cancel me if I don't have the shingles on my roof fixed. I am indigent. I worked for 35 years with the State of South Carolina and now I am going to end up on the street. I am trying to go through the Lexington County Grant program but nothing can be done until the first of July. They are closing out their end of the year papers and my renewal for homeowners is July 1. I was told that if they send contract to Allstate I might get to go until July 20th. I would just like to say that I think Allstate should change their trademark "You are in good hands with Allstate". The last part should be "until something happens".

I am very disappointed in Allstate. I have had the Auto 35 years and homeowners almost 12. If I could find another company that would take me I would leave Allstate in a skinny minute. I can't sleep. I stay keyed up all day knowing that I am going to lose my home. I just want to thank you so much for your non-help in this matter.

I am complain for stolen car from body shop. Contains in car. Allstate won't help you any way with paper work. They want you to make mistakes so they do not have to pay. They will take the extra mile not to pay. Do not buy vip policy thinking you are treated vip. Waste of money. Please do not think you pay extra you are treated better. NO. My case will be in court. When you have claim one day you will learn a good lesson. Please do not take a chance.

The continued increase in auto and home insurance is leaving me speechless. I contacted my insurance agent for a policy review. The meeting was excellent. I gained a much better understanding of why the increase in insurance. The increase comes from so many reasons but here are a few... if you're in an accident and you have injuries, or a person you hit has injuries your auto insurance pays yours and their medical bills however, if the cost of health care goes up, the cost of the insurance has to go up to keep up with the cost of the health care increase.

And auto repair... when auto repair goes up, auto paint, labor, parts, etc. the cost of insurance has to go up to keep up with the cost of repairs. If you have a widget you're selling... and you have to get the parts from 4 different companies and those 4 companies raise their price, the widget price has to go up because cost of goods has gone up. Once it was explained to me I understood better. No one likes to pay more but at least I understand now.

I am very disappointed in my agent, Bill **. The company slogan is "You're in good hands," - maybe not with this agent. I would expect any agent to work for the company, but with me as well and not seemingly against me. I am a 26-year customer of Allstate who has never complained, paid premiums on time, and never once filed a claim. When I had a recent issue with a rental property, I became painfully aware I was dealing with an agent who didn't have my best interest at heart. I would recommend anyone dissatisfied with their agent to take action. Contact corporate, change agents, or even companies if need be. If still not happy, file a complaint with the Dept. of Insurance. After many years with Bill **, I am no longer recommending this agent.

I recently switched insurance companies for Allstate as they offered a cheaper rate, but the local agent called after I canceled my insurance with Liberty, and said I needed to add more to my insurance, which would be a higher rate. Then he called me again and said, "A inspector went to your property and we want you to paint the trim around the windows and replace a piece of vinyl siding, etc." I said, "My previous insurance co. never asked to do all this." He said, "We are a different company." If I knew they would be like that I would have picked a different co.

On 7/13/15 an area in Woodridge Illinois experienced a hail damage event, as documented by the national weather service. Many homes in the area had damaged roofs, and in the area that I live 85 roof replacement permits have been issued between 8/1/15 and 3/31/16. Many homes were visited by roofing companies that knew our area had damage. I had a roofer come out and stated that he did see roof damage and he showed me pictures. We did file a claim, and Allstate sent out a team of two to review the roof. Allstate found NO hail damage on our roof. Coincidentally our neighbor was also having their home inspected (State Farm) and they were granted a new roof. We are left to conclude that Allstate treats policyholders differently than other insurance companies.

We had an F1 tornado in our area March 1st of this year. We filed a claim with Allstate for roof damage as did our neighbors with various other insurance companies. All other companies except Allstate are paying for new roofs for the damage. We had two companies inspect our damages and determined that the entire roof needed replaced. Allstate only wants to replace part of it which conveniently is up to the amount of our deductible. We cannot replace only part of the roof because the shingles have been discontinued by the manufacturer and cannot be matched.

We live in a HOA which does not allow us to have mismatched shingles and Allstate knew this before they insured us. It has been an ongoing battle since this happened. The adjuster that they sent out bragged about how he is not giving any of their customers roofs. A couple of our neighbors were able to get another adjuster to look at the damage and are now getting their roofs but for some reason, we cannot get them to send another adjuster to look at our damage or to reevaluate our claim. For those that have AllState, please get rid of them and for any others, don't get this company. "You're In Good Hands With AllState" until you need to file a claim.

Found bottom shelf of cabinet in kitchen wet. Called plumber and All State. Plumber had to take out cabinet to find leak. Upon removing cabinet found cold water pipe split and shooting out like water fountain. Some mold had formed from the dampness. In order to fix the pipe plumber had to cut up a section of the floor. Plumber stated it looked like the pipe just burst. When adjuster arrived he took pictures and submitted the claim. First All State declined the claim stating it was due to seepage. I said how can it be seepage the pipe burst. Then they changed it to wear and tire. Claim is still denied. Told several friends about my claim and the first words out of their mouth was you must have All State. I kills me having AllState for over 15 years without a claim and they denied this. In good hands I think not.

On 12/24/2015, a terrible storm came thru my area - winds at 40-50 mph for about 45 minutes, hail, and lots of cloud to ground lightning. At 3am lightning lit up my house, the electrical outlets had electricity shoot out of them and the power went out. When the lightning hit, it sounded like a truck fell on my house (I was expecting a tree). My roof began leaking in the front and back of the house badly. At daylight, I discovered the inside of my chimney was missing - and some of the rocks had gone thru my roof - no damage around my chimney just the outer edges of my roof. My upstairs lights were out, and my double oven, stove and fridge were not working properly, my microwave was inop all together. I called a guy to come patch my roof and he sealed the leaks temporarily.

I called Allstate and filed a claim - around March 10, they sent inspectors out and then engineers. The engineer that was to inspect my roof and chimney did not bring a ladder and could only take pictures from afar. He took pictures of the stones that had been sitting out in the wettest 3 months I have ever seen. It flooded 2 times and rained every day for 2 months and then claimed the damage was from deterioration and the discolored ceilings were from long term leakage. The ceilings have been up and intact for 40 years. The electrical inspector said the fuse box had discoloring but nothing else. I even pointed out to him the section that the circuit breaker upstairs was attached to was not only discolored but burnt off the box.

Also I showed him where my power usage was negative the day of the strike (where electricity flowed backwards thru my meter into the lines outside). Ignoring all this and the 2 inspections I had done, Allstate said the damage was not storm related and denied the claim. Then sent me out a non-renewal notice due to un-repaired storm damage citing the roof, chimney and breaker box.

Allstate is an unbelievable poor excuse for an insurance company. On Easter Sunday we awoke to a flooded house due to an unknown pipe burst. We immediately contacted an after hours plumber and Allstate in order to ensure we alerted all the proper parties to the issue and to immediately get the claim in process. Come to find out we had a hot water pipe burst and although the plumber that arrived was not able to find the leak, he did stop the hot water from flowing. Allstate then referred us to a company called Blackmon Mooring (a water extraction company). I spoke to company and requested information around the cost and exactly what was going to be done. The company would not provide me any information and only stated "don't worry about it your insurance will pay for everything." Because of the lack of transparency I declined the work to be completed and began to dry out my house myself.

The following day (Monday) I had a leak detection team find the leak and I also spoke to the claims adjuster to discuss the details. Right from the start the claims adjuster stated that the leak and all the damages would not be covered if the problem was found to be in the slab. He was also extremely rude and uncaring for the situation I was in. Needless to say the hot water leak was in the slab; however, the line went from my hot water heater to my bedroom and then was routed under the floor to the kitchen (completed by the builder at the time). This should have been completely covered. Furthermore, the inspector arrived at my house on Monday, stayed 5 minutes, took a couple pictures and told my wife nothing was covered - slab leak... Keep in mind this was not a slow slab leak, rather a sudden pipe burst.

Once we heard that comment we rushed to the Allstate office to discuss the matter with the agent - the agent tried to make phone calls and stated he felt it should be covered, but his hands were tied - I find that hard to believe. We even tried to reason with the Adjuster and he literally laughed on the phone when my wife and I were going through our concern with the denial. This was all captured on speaker phone with the agent present - he did not come our defense once. The adjuster thought this was funny while our house sustained $20,000 in damage. Long story short, this was my first claim in 15 years and Allstate completely left me out to dry with $20,000.00 in damages....

Now on to Blackmon Mooring. As I stated I declined to have the company come to my property on Easter Sunday. On Monday night two people from that company actually showed up at my house and asked if I was ready for service. I told them to leave, I did not want nor need their service. They left and as they were leaving they took a picture of the front of the house. My wife ran out to see what they were doing and the driver stated "My supervisor requested that I take a photo so we can bill for a visit".

I brought this concern to Allstate and it fell on deaf ears. Apparently, Allstate feels as though this highly unethical behavior and fraudulent activity is something that is completely acceptable. All I can say is Allstate does not care about the customer and the customer is NOT in good hands with Allstate - it was a battle from the time a sudden and accidental discharge of water from a burst pipe that is a part of the insured dwelling completely ruined my wood floors, baseboards, and carpet.

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