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USAA sells auto and property insurance to members of the U.S. military and their families. USAA doesn't currently participate in the InsuraMatch program. If you're a member of the U.S. military in need of insurance, contact InsuraMatch today to see multiple offers that could work for you. *ConsumerAffairs insurance program, powered by InsuraMatch.

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Last updated: May 19, 2018

214 USAA Homeowners Insurance Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 19, 2018

Indiana has a lot of rain February 2018. My basement got hit with water coming up from the floor the sump pump could not keep up, because I used the verbiage flood they won’t cover my damage. There was no flooding. I don’t live in a flood zone. My sump pump could not keep up. Guess what with never filing a claim they won’t cover this so they have taken my money for years. What is the insurance for crooks!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 21, 2018

10 years ago I had nothing but good things to say about USAA. Now after repeated problems with customer service ranging from homeowner's insurance claims, mortgage refinancing, and finally the app messing up and requesting duplicate wire transfers I have had enough and will be closing my accounts. With the last issue of the lack of customer service via chat not being able to cancel a duplicate wire transfer due to their crappy app when I contacted them just minutes after I received the duplicate wire transfer emails was just unbelievable to me.

Other problems include a mortgage refinance that took 4 weeks to process with repeated requests for information that had already been provided and a roof leak claim in December 2017 that USAA delayed and partly paid giving some bs excuse of the shingles deteriorating just in one spot of the roof... and only have claim reps in certain cities and they only work on weekdays!

So I had an open ceiling in December in Ohio for weeks until the claim rep could make it from Cincy to Columbus. And then when he arrived he needed the help of roofing contractors to help him on the roof! Just ridiculous how little they care about their customers. I could go on and on about my experiences in the last 6 months with USAA but needless to say, look elsewhere for banking and insurance.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 21, 2018

I filed my first homeowner's insurance claim at the beginning of January 2018. I have had USAA homeowners, auto, rental and jewelry coverage for over 35 years (As has my entire family). I have never placed a rental nor homeowner nor jewelry claim. My plumber discovered a broken pipe in an exterior kitchen wall that did MAJOR damage to my home. My kitchen has been totally gutted since Jan (four months) and the only reason I have been able to proceed with ordering replacement floors, walls, ceilings, cabinets counter etc is because I forked over the money myself.

The claim rep has been patronizing and rude to both me and my contractor. I might be able to complete this damage repair project in about another 30 days, but very little has been done except gaslighting by USAA. And to add insult to injury, my auto insurance bill arrived today... and for six months coverage, it jumped from about $600 the last six months to over a thousand now for the same six months! Ridiculous, unprofessional, and yes, as soon as this claims is complete I am taking ALL my business and my family’s accounts too, and going elsewhere.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 17, 2018

This whole experience has made it very clear USAA Homeowners Insurance is useless. Our claim was denied because of a leak UNDERNEATH our home, covered entirely by subflooring and insulation, was not reported within 14 days. It most certainly WAS reported within 14 days of our discovering it; however, because there appears to be evidence that the leak itself was present for longer than 14 days, the claim was denied. Really?? If we didn't know about it, how could we have reported it? What a sham.

What good is this insurance if there are catch 22s such as this that do nothing to protect your customers. They should be ashamed of themselves. We have been with this company for many, many years and have always had good experiences, until now. We don't want anything more than to have our repairs covered under a policy we thought was going to be there for us when we needed it. What a shame. This your company doesn't share that view. We WILL be looking for another insurance company and we WILL share our experience with our friends, co-workers and family members. Disgraceful.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 15, 2018

While on vacation my hot water heater in a closed cabinet in the kitchen leaked. USAA claim adjuster came out as soon as I got back, set up a contractor to dry out the area and then approved claim for whole new kitchen. The process was wonderfully easy and quick. Color me impressed. I couldn’t be happier with them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 26, 2018

I had to make a claim on my homeowner's insurance on my recent deployment. I was traveling to some fairly remote areas and wasn't always able to contact USAA or my contractors. USAA made everything as easy for me as they possibly could and it continued when I returned stateside and repairs were ongoing. Thanks to the loss of use coverage, USAA took over billing at my hotel the day I checked in, so my only out of cost expense for this large claim was my deductible. The settlements for each segment of the claim were handled promptly, as were all of my questions and concerns. I can't thank USAA enough for making this as stress-free as possible.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 21, 2018

We purchased a Santa Rosa home in the summer of 2017 & secured USAA coverage to cover the property. USAA set the policy amount after we answered roughly six (6) questions which after the wildfires which struck the California wine country area in the beginning of October 2017. After our losing our home to the fires, it has been revealed that our coverage is grossly inadequate, roughly 50% of the amount it will take to rebuilt our home, same size, same quality. USAA has refused to reexamine the manner how the policy amount was arrived at, as well as, compromise with us to allow us to have a reasonable financial chance of rebuilding our home. As it stands, USAA has neglected its fiduciary duty to us as insurance policyholders.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 21, 2018

I’m a veteran living on Social Security. I had heard good things about USAA and have to admit that I didn’t read my insurance policies (2 auto policies and a home policy), nearly as well as I should have. I have a perfect driving record and exceptional credit rating. My premiums seemed high to me but I thought they were probably in line with most companies. After all, they tout themselves as being military friendly and family oriented. NOT!!! My first clue of what USAA had become was: I live in a hail prone zone and 2-3 years prior I had installed a new Class IV impact resistant roof, (which is much more expensive than a normal roof), in hopes of preventing future roof damage.

All insurance companies that I know of offer substantial discounts for impact resistant roofs. USAA offered a similar discount, but ONLY if I signed an affidavit that basically said they would not cover any damage that was cosmetic. (In other words they’d only cover it if my roof leaked no matter what it looked like.)

This didn’t seem right to me, so after confirming the requirement for me to sign their paperwork I, (without signing their affidavit), started checking my policies more closely.

My findings? Both my house and auto policies cost hundreds of dollars each more than other major companies. The worst part is that the COVERAGE was absolutely HORRIBLE! The company that I changed to (at a several hundred dollar savings), won’t even let their agents write a policy with coverage as bad as the one USAA recommended! USAA, while charging their clients hundreds of dollars MORE, all the while touting how wonderful they are to veterans and military personnel and their families is absolutely deceitful and shameful!

In talking to previously long term USAA clients, the company wasn’t always like this but something changed around 3 years ago. I believe they may have taken a similar “3 D” policy (Dispute, Deny, Delay), that some other questionable (major) insurance companies have recently adopted. This practice heavily inflates the company’s bottom line by reducing their payouts. This is achieved by underestimating replacement costs, inflating depreciation of property, denying claim damage, disputing claim damage and costs, and delaying verbal and written correspondence and checks regarding ANYTHING other than the original unreasonable estimates they present.

A very high percentage of clients either think there is nothing they can do (sometimes correctly so), or they just plain get frustrated and give up trying to get a fair settlement. Great way to make huge profits huh??? To be fair, almost everyone that I talked to at USAA was friendly and easy to work with. It’s the overall company policies that I have a problem with.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 2, 2018

Sunday I woke up to a water leak in the basement bathroom. I called the plumber, he came out within the hour...great service and very honest guy. He told me that my leak is coming from the outside of the house and I should call a roofer/contractor to evaluate the situation. I called a few places Monday morning and was told that the valley in my roof was failing. The water was leaking into my attic and should call my insurance company. The salesman called his inspection guy, he came out and inspected my roof for damage, thoroughly.

My husband call USAA filed a claim and was told someone would call us to come out and inspect the damage within 24 hours. The contractor called the next day and said he could not come until Thursday afternoon to inspect the house. He shows up takes a quick outside look at the roof and tells us the insurance company won't repair maintenance work on the roof. He continues to assess the damage on the inside of the house and tells us he will come back to inspect the roof when he gets a ladder. I ask him, "Why would you come to my home knowing the roof was leaking, without a ladder." My husband offered his ladder, the guy gave us some liability speech and said, "But if you want me to go on the roof, I will." He spent 10 minutes on the roof, got down and said he would write up his report.

I was so hurt, confused and felt like this guy did not show up to protect my must valuable possession -- my house. How was he going to protect my property without inspecting the cause of the water getting in my house in the first place. How could he look 13 feet up in the air and decide this is a maintenance issue. I had an accurate inspection of my roof, the shingles are loose in the valley most likely because of wind. There is asphalt missing from shingles and damage to back of the roof, he never even looked at. Water was leaking in between the flashing and the loose shingles were causes wood rot, mold in the attic.

I realize that USAA did not send this guy out to protect my property from lost and peril, but to save them money. The very sad part is he told us the roof is the original roof (18 years old) and has about 5 more years of life. He wished he could help -- like my insurance payments are some sort of charity, but there is nothing he can do. This guy has denied my claim and does not even work for USSA -- how unprofessional, and presumptuous! I am completely outraged!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 10, 2018

Oct. 2016, found a broken drain under the dishwasher. It had been leaking for quite some time, subfloor damage, cabinet damage, wall damage and the wastewater had seeped into our dining room under the wood floors. USAA immediately stated that coverage for mildew and mold is not covered. I explained that it was actively leaking at the time of detection. They sent out an inspector, produced a 1500 dollar quote for the repairs, with the instruction to have a contractor come out and submit a quote for repair, $18,000+, as the countertop tile is not replaceable, the cabinets needed to be repaired, so now the entire kitchen is patchwork.

I had to have the opposite countertops changed to match the new/different color, textured materials, The repairs to the damaged cabinets looked great, though, then I had to upgrade the other side of the kitchen cabinets to match the repaired/repainted damaged cabinets, flooring to match, etc. Did not get a check until Feb. 2017 for $6,200. Took pictures of the demolition, the floor, the walls, the damage to the dining room etc. Sent to the adjuster, informs me that all of that is covered by the payment received. I spent hours on the phone and she states that the price is dictated by a national database.

For example, 12 square feet of plywood removal, replacement is $25, as the plywood is only 12 dollars for the 12 square feet (though we had to buy a complete 4' x 8' sheet of plywood to cut the 12 square feet out of) and the labor is $13 as it will only take 15 minutes to do the work (and the national database stated that it would only take 15 minutes to do this work at $52 per hour rate). I asked where these contractors are that work on that scale of perfection in time and material. NO answer.

Here I am 15 months out. Total outlay by me is $21,000 for all of the repairs and work and I am still waiting for USAA to do something with the claim, online it states: "Your claim is unresolved because USAA needs additional time to further review and process the claim under your dwelling coverage." Letter dated October 27, 2017 at 9:32 a.m. CT.

What more is to review. You took advantage of me and now are you looking for ways to recoup the payment that you have already made??? I have contacted USAA on numerous occasions with no callback, no emails, no cell phone calls or text messages. They have all of my contacts as I have been a member for the past 26 years. Insurance commission has no interest in this case. They won't even take a statement/complaint.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 29, 2017

After filing a claim for storm ice and water damage to the roof of my insured home USAA denied the claim, sent an unqualified general contractor to inspect, and made excuses about how they are not responsible for water damage even though their inspector stated the damage was a result of water under the shingles. USAA informed me they would only pay for repainting of the wet interior ceiling drywall and that I should hire my own contractor to replace the roof. This is the second time USAA has refused to honor homeowner insurance for repair of water damages to my home. Their customer service is condescending, uninformed, cannot answer simple questions, and protects their contract inspector whose only role is to excuse USAA from paying a claim.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 22, 2017

Two years ago USAA allowed a woman to charge 625 times on my 92 year old mother's account and write bad checks of $11,000.00 leaving a balance when she died of $16,000... total of $27,000. The woman who did it went to prison and USAA sent my dead mother a 1099 for "debt forgiveness" when she did not pay the $16,000, instead of the thief. I kept them informed throughout the entire legal process. Now because I was a complaining customer, they conveniently "LOST" my elevation certificate on my home after 25 years and my insurance, on a townhouse, which could not move, went from less than $600 to $6,000.00.

I called to cancel the policy and yesterday discovered the jerk on the phone did not do it and my mortgage company paid it. I am on a fixed income and the extra $500 a month meant I was going to lose my home. I am sure because I was confrontational they decided to pay me back. I will take every opportunity to let people know what this company has done to take advantage of someone.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 7, 2017

I am trying to finish a forced-kitchen renovation. During the entire time, USAA has been very helpful & professional in handling my claim & holding my hand. They have made a miserable experience more of an adventure although it is one I'd rather not repeat.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2017

Had a lightning strike, with random damage to electronics and wiring throughout house. USAA handled this claim thoroughly and respectfully throughout the process. I have literally nothing to add, they were flawless in customer care, information, processing times and payments for repair or replacements.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2017

Our home in September of 2016 suffered major water damage when our area received 15 inches of rain in a very short period of time causing our bathroom ceiling to collapse and water damage to other areas of our home as well. USAA was contacted and a contractor came and did emergency repairs which left our bathroom ceiling removed. We were assigned a preferred contractor by USAA that came and submitted what work need to be done to affect repairs to USAA Shortly thereafter hurricane Matthew came through our area and caused additional water damage. We were in constant contact with USAA and the contractor trying to get our house repaired and basically nothing happened, one excuse after another.

Finally in January of 2017 with no repairs done and after a conference call between us, the contractor and USAA we had enough and told USAA to fire them and get another contractor. Little did we know was a keyword for USAA to "cash us out." They did not even tell us that it was now our issue to deal with and we did not even know we were now to find our own contractor and get them to do the repairs. We found out that it was our problem sometime later when we asked what was going on with getting us a contractor and were told we were "cashed out" and then told us what that meant. We informed USAA that was not what we wanted but we're told it was now our issue to deal with.

We then found a contractor and had them submit a bid to them and they responded with no they would cover our roof damage, the bid had nothing to do with roof damage and they basically just blew off the bid and we were still living with no bathroom ceiling now for six months and other water damage to our home. During this time we were dealing with many different "Storm Team" members and had no assigned adjuster. In March of 2017 a tornado came through our neighborhood and caused additional major damage to our home. USAA was contacted and they sent a preferred contractor to do emergency repairs and then assigned that contractor to do the repairs to our home. Since we still had the damage from September not repaired we asked that preferred contractor if they would also do those repairs and they also submitted a bid for that as well and USAA accepted that bid as well.

We were finally assigned an adjuster to contact and work on our behalf. During the time working with her to get us packed out of our home and find us a place to live she was caught lying to us, her supervisor as well as the company trying to locate a place for us to live while repairs were being done. We were then assigned a new adjuster. We were given three choices to stay, two hotels One of which was total filthy and an unfurnished apartment that our furniture would not even fit into. We chose to stay in the third choice. Our house was packed out except for the kitchen dishes and cooking utensils. An engineer was brought in to inspect our home for structural soundness and damage. He noted some areas in the framing that required repair as well as cracks and nail pops throughout the home.

He was unable to determine new versus any old and the adjuster then made the decision to repair them all and told the contractor that was what he was to do as well as repair the other damage. Work began and we were almost at our home daily and seeing that the contractor was not making the repairs as required but taking shortcuts. We contacted our adjuster and the contractor asking that we all walk through so we could show everyone and discuss. That never happened. We finally convinced our adjuster to walk through and he became so angry with the poor work and work that he did not authorize. He left the house very angry and even recommended we fire the contractor numerous times. We informed that under no circumstances were we going to cash out and inherit the mess and that we were confident USAA would make it right.

To make a long story short the contractor was not made to do it right was even told to do the work in the kitchen which only made it worse in there. We continually tried to get the adjuster to come look at the poor workmanship to no avail. During this time USAA transferred our adjuster to Washington DC area 3-4 hours away. We had also during this ask him directly who was he an advocate for, us or the contractor as he was more worried about the rating to give them vice correct repairs to our home, at this time we also contacted his supervisor and expressed our concerns and issues. Finally they scheduled a walk through with another local adjuster as ours could not make it there. She was appalled at the work and left the home without even completing the walkthrough as she also had to be somewhere else and would submit her finding to our adjuster and his supervisor.

We never saw the whole list and it appeared to us that they allowed the contractor to decide what they would and would not address. Some work was done but original damage kept showing back up, cracks in walls, water stains in the ceilings and poor workmanship. Mind you we kept telling our adjuster and his supervisor of this the whole time and it appeared that they just kept blowing it off. They scheduled what USAA called a "final walkthrough", again our adjuster, 3-4 fours away had another adjuster go through, numerous issues were pointed out and again not all were addressed and they had the contractor make some minor repairs but again did not address all the original damage showing back up, some they just sprayed "popcorn" over the cracks.

The ceiling is painted tan and the popcorn is white and they just left it that way and you can still see the cracks. We were informed that our house was now fixed and inhabitable and were going to move our household items back in. They did and told us to provide them a list of they that we were not happy with and they would determine what would be addressed and that we were to move back into our home. During the time that the contractor was in our home doing repairs, they dropped our ceiling fan and told our adjuster it just fell, he agreed with us that it could not have, they broke a window, tried to blame us, but over eight USAA representatives never noted a broken window. Broke our bathtub drain dumping cleanup over their drywall and paint brush cleaning, caused a leak from our refrigerator they were using after we had emptied, isolated the water, and turned off and they turned it all back on and were using unauthorized.

Tripped the GFI circuit breaker when they broke and outlet connected to that circuit causing the freezer in the garage to turn off and all the food to thaw out and start rotting. (We were the ones who discovered it and I was the one who verified the GFI circuit had tripped but the contractor told our adjuster that the plug was not seated all the way in which was the very first thing I checked and it was). Damaged the front of my restored 1975 corvette in the garage opening the freezer door into it, they cut most of the cable TV cables, all the internet cables, a good number of my alarm cables at the window sensors as well as the line going to the phone which was also cut, after the home items were returned I then tried to turn the AC on as it was off because we had pointed out to our adjuster.

The one time he went to the house, that the contractor was spraying sealer, popcorn and paint and it was being sucked into the intake and showed him how the filter had become so clogged it sucked up into the vent and all that being sprayed into the air handling unit, the air handling unit would run but the compressor would not turn on. We informed the adjuster and had an AC repair company come to troubleshoot. They found that the contractors had cut all the wires from the air handling to the compressor, the intake coils clogged with dirt, debris and paint. He contacted them and they are to doing cleaning and fix the wiring. (They have stated that they are unsure if it will work or not and we are waiting to get on the schedule.) Our adjuster and his supervisor have said that we are not authorizing us to stay here while those repairs are being made because he told them to fix it.

The temperature in this area has begun to drop into the 40's at night, my wife is handicapped and stated that he authorized cleaning and repairs to either pay to stay here or move into the home with no heat. This is very condensed version of all that has gone on. In short we still have no ceiling in our bathroom, many of the damages from the 15 inches of rain, hurricane and tornado are still there, never repaired or showing back up because they were not repaired correctly and many other poor workmanship issues that have been told them many, many times. USAA (our adjuster as well as his supervisor) will not return any phone calls have stated they have no other contractors that can repair any of our concerns and that we are “cashed out”:, which we stated we do not want to do.

Now we are being forced into a home with no heat and cannot cook and eat until all the items in the kitchen are cleaned which we cannot find anyone that will just do that area and he has stated he gave us money and it's not his problem anymore. We feel hopeless, stranded and abandoned by our insurance company (USAA). It is sad that they are more concerned with grading the contractor than making them do things correctly and when they continually damage and break items they appear to side with the contractor and we had to firmly tell them that the contractors is lying and prove why. We are trying to find an attorney to help us with this mess. All we ever wanted was our home repaired and done correctly, support from our insurance company and get normalcy back into our lives. It is now over a year and have no ceiling in my bathroom, no heat and being forced into my home, very, very sad.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

Don’t die if you have any accounts (investment, banking, credit card, insurance) with USAA because if you do your beneficiaries may be put through hell dealing with a myriad of inept customer service agents to be able to manage your assets, based on my recent experiences. In my case my family actually spent money and effort to prepare for the death of my father by creating a family trust and maintaining all the assets in the name of the trust. Most financially savvy people would think that the family trust would make the transition from having two trustees (my mother and father) to having one trustee greatly simplified, but my experience with USAA has not shown this to be a fact with them.

I have 2 graduate degrees from UCLA, an MS in computer science and MBA. Most people would think that establishes my credibility to handle financial management matters with at least a modicum of sophistication and expertise. Not so at USAA. They talk to me like they know everything and I know little. They use policy and law to justify illogical and irrational behaviors, demands for documents and decisions. When I ask to see the source documents for the laws or policies which they have referenced, I never get them. I found myself reminding them that the employees at Wells Fargo bank followed the company’s rules and policies, and look at the havoc that resulted from those efforts (5,300 people fired, hundreds of millions in fines settlements and outstanding civil litigation that could easily reach into the billions of dollars).

Banks should be very careful justifying actions by referring to policy in light of Wells Fargo’s debacle. Watch out for USAA customers services representatives responding to your direct and specific questions with obfuscation and distraction (i.e. instead of answering your question they answer one of their own choosing – THINK KELLYANNE CONWAY). My experience with USAA is that they directly equate effort with results. When they can’t get anything done, they insist on telling me that they made a diligent effort but something beyond their control has prevented them from achieving the desired result. No one has suggested that my expectations are unreasonable, as they are in fact not unreasonable.

If you decide to use USAA for the variety of products and services they offer, expect to hear the phrase “I/we am/are sorry” because they love to apologize for their mistakes and failures. I still don’t understand the point of apologizing because it fixes nothing. Further, an apology from someone other than the actual source of the problem, and not a surrogate, is not remedial. “I am sorry’” is just USAA’s way of distracting their customer from ruminating on their still unresolved issue. When I hear “I’m sorry” I respond that they need to save their apologies for someone who actually finds it helpful or productive to hear an apology.

Also, don’t mistake “nice” for “good” or “effort” for “results.” USAA has serious problems with these two issues. When they can’t get something done, they tell you how hard they are trying and when they make mistakes they apologize and tell you how valuable of a customer you are. When it comes to business I always choose “good” over “nice” and never confuse “effort” with “results.”

I am a member of USAA’s wealth management group, which is supposed to get me to better trained and more senior representatives. On most of the issues having to do with my deceased father’s accounts I have been dealing with USAA’s “office of the president” team which is supposed to be their most capable customer service representatives that have the power and access associated with the “office of the president.” The “Office of the president” representatives tell me that my problems cannot be escalated to a higher level, they say they are at the highest level. However, they clearly know little about social media and the power of the internet or the media – I CAN ALWAYS ESCALATE TO THE INTERNET AND THE PRESS WITH OR WITHOUT USAA’s ASSISTANCE OR APPROVAL.

Since USAA has several products and services you would think that they would have a central point of contact to deal with the necessary account changes associated with a death, but you would be wrong. I received calls from 1) investments, 2) Banking, 3) insurance & 4) life insurance/Medicare so far and they all want basically the same things: a death certificate and the section of the trust that deals with successor trustee. I have had to repeat the very same information 4 times. Further, the trust information should have already been in their possession had they provided the “Excellent member service” or “knew what it means to serve” and required or requested information needed for the survivors to continue on with their lives.

In our case, since the credit card was in my father’s name but used primarily by my mother, USAA immediately terminated the credit card when I notified them that to stop the Medicare supplemental insurance payment. No mention was made to me of the other consequences of my notification like termination of the credit card so my mother was unable to pay for her groceries, freezing of access to bank accounts and investment accounts, and required changes to the dwelling umbrella insurance policies. Everything was frozen while we waited to receive the death certificate – it takes a couple for weeks for it to arrive from the State of California. I guess in the interim USAA thinks my mother does not need to pay her bills or buy groceries.

Since USAA cancelled the credit card that my parents used for automatic payment of some of their regular household bills (utilities, phone, cable TV) we get to discover which companies need to be contacted and billing information updated over the next few weeks instead of helping us make a smooth transition like you would expect from the company that “knows what it means to serve.”

Even though all of my father’s assets were held in trust accounts with my father and mother as joint trustees with each becoming the successor trustee when one of them dies, USAA still froze the assets. My father used the BILLPAY option available to USAA members to pay all his regular recurring bills, drawing the money from the trusts checking account. So he had all their vendors’ addresses and account numbers in the BILLPAY system. When he died USAA prevented me from accessing or using any of that information. We would have made backup had we knew that even though everything was paid by the trust we lose access to the vendors and the recurring payments.

Further, the credit card which was in my father’s name (because you cannot set up a credit card in the name of the trust) was closed when USAA was notified of my father’s death so all the automatic payment drawn from the credit card were terminated and we have no record of the vendors who were linked to his credit card. This makes no sense because the credit card was always paid with Trust funds, so there was no need to terminate the account immediately.

Had USAA provided “excellent member service” they would have assisted us in transitioning to a new credit card for my mother where we would have had the opportunity to reassign the vendor payments to the new credit card. When we finally got an account set up form my mother to log in and manage the trust’s assets it was not set up with the same security options that my father’s account had as you would expect a company that “knows what it means to serve” would do.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2017

USAA abandoned me and my 100% service connected disabled spouse when we moved into our temporary residence in Atlanta, Georgia after selling our beautiful home in VA. As we landed in GA and arrived at our new place... a flood occurred the day we landed in GA. We walked in the residence and there was a huge flood. All that we owned sitting on the floor waiting for us to arrive was saturated with sewage. Whole piece of feces, urine and a stench that was unbearable. We called USAA insurance company, left several messages and all of my belongings were sitting in the sewage and we initially had an adjuster who was on the phone and happened to see the news video of us being interviewed by Channel 2 news. He immediately put us in a hotel and gave us a few initial payments. Then we got a call from some other adjuster telling us to leave the hotel and we were abandoned ever since.

It took 45 days and still no adjuster. Called USAA and no one would help us. They never sent an adjuster out for 2 years and three months after all of damaged belongings were put into a storage unit. Which we paid for with our social security money for 2 years so we could prove we had the sewage infected property and still 2 years and 4 months later the adjuster opened the storage door to assess the damages. Took a few pics of few pieces of property in front w/ spider webs all over the stinky property and he never looked in a box or at any of what I claimed. Just took pictures from the outside and left. 2 weeks later USAA denied the claim. This was a disgrace dirty. They took my insurance money, caused me to be robbed, hospitalized from the sewage, and homeless and then abandoned me. I have called claims over and over and over again. To no avail.

My eyes and lungs got infected because I was doing the adjusters job and I was put on a breathing machine a "nebulizer". We were rendered homeless because as we waited for an adjuster our renters insurance told us we had to leave the hotel and they had not even sent anyone to assess the damages. Channel 2 news came out on the day it happened and documented the flood. While we were homeless and vulnerable a con artist minister told us to stay at their home and when we were showering they robbed us. We DID not find out until we went to the bank. Long after we called Cobb County detectives. The person was prosecuted and jailed. We DID not hear from USAA for several months until they decided not to pay us. Then when we called them upset they told us we were being investigated... me! A retired magistrate certified by the supreme court of Virginia with an impeccable character!

And I was investigated... for what? They would not tell us. It was a stall tactic. My husband was sent to Massachusetts because he could not stand and was in pain and sick from exposure to the sewage. Relatives kept him while I tried to resolve the very reason why I bought insurance to cover me and my husband if a tragedy occurred! They abandoned us and left us to the elements after 2 years and 4 months and they had come nowhere near us. They denied the rest of the $20,000 claim and said the property that sat in sewage for 6 weeks and then in storage for 2 years and 4 months was not damaged and the claim is denied. 2 years and four months later I turn to God Almighty and asked him to deal withthe adjuster who caused all of this neglect to happen Norfolk, Virginia - field adjuster at USAA.

USAA Jonathan **s' professional profile on LinkedIn... Jonathan **. Field adjuster at USAA. Location: Norfolk, Virginia who had me investigated for no reason! I gave it over to God. He (will) fight this battle for me. I had no other recourse. Stay tuned. He mistreated the wrong people. Now. Watch God almighty! Ed. Clemons and Jacqueline **... Atlanta, GA ** if anyone wants to file a class action. No one at USAA has done anything about this and the president's office. His name "Mr. Stuart **" cannot be reached. He has pit bulls protecting him unknowingly from what his customers are going through. So sad. Thank you Lord in advance.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 29, 2017

We have had USAA for about 10 years. We switched from GEICO even though the rates were higher particularly the homeowners because the coverage was better and met our needs a little bit better. That coverage is good for nothing if you can't utilize it when you need it. That is precisely what happened. I've never had a claim in my life and our basement was robbed while we were home and the police did a pretty thorough investigation but they didn't catch the criminal or anything. The biggest thing that was stolen were about 30 to 40 containers full of all of my winter clothes shoes and purses. Literally everything for winter that was mine was in those containers. Some of my clothes and I would say maybe one out of every five pieces were expensive designer and well taken care of or new with tags or near new condition. I also had about 10 expensive bags and all of my boots and shoes which were about 60 pairs.

Some of it was easy to remember exactly what was in there but most of it I couldn't think of it and that was a demand that they had up front. They said I had to remember every single item and for every item find it on the internet with a price. Some of my bags were discontinued and it was extremely hard to not only recall all of it but to find prices to send to them. Well I got through probably a quarter of it and I couldn't remember any more of my items specifically. I asked them if I could just say $100 for five turtlenecks and they said, “No each one had to be printed.” I went through several ink cartridges and it took me weeks to get this done. They came up with a figure of something like $27,000 quarter of it that I turned in. They asked if I was comfortable with that and I said yes because I just wasn't going to be able to remember anymore.

I was unhappy that they couldn't give me a $300 allotment for sweaters or something like that but at least it was enough to replace what I could think up specifically losing. She said they would get back with me and the next day she had a proposal of they will hold 15,000 and each item that I purchase they will give me 50% of everything over $50 until all that money was used. That would mean I would have to spend thousands and thousands and thousands out of pocket to be able to use this. There goes the possibility of finding some of it on eBay. And not to mention what about all the items that are under 50? It was just awful. She said if I don't like that I can take 5000. Well that's what I did because it was too confusing what she was proposing and I didn't know if I was going to be able to find the exact things that I had before. That is a strong unlikelihood so either way I was going to lose all that money.

I took the 5 so I could replace some of it. I wish so badly that I had just denied the whole thing because 5000 isn't worth filing a homeowner’s claim. I just felt like after all that full-time work that I did on this claim I should be able to get some of my things replaced at least so I took the 5. But now since I know how they work I am scared to have them as my insurer. What if my house catches fire and they do this crap to me about every piece of clothing my child owns are every piece of everything in our house? I think what they did to me was ridiculous and unfair.

So for $30,000 worth of items that were eligible to be replaced I got 5000. I have been dragging my feet about switching to another company but I need to do it in case something goes wrong. I cannot go through that again with those people. They're not going to replace the stuff in my house anyway if the house catches fire if they treat that claim like they did mine. I should have stayed with Geico.

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Original review: Sept. 7, 2017

We made one claim and it was handled quickly and USAA Homeowners gave us some good advice on how to stop another. We get a rebate every year in December. Also, we are family like we were in the US army.

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Original review: Aug. 31, 2017

I am building a new home and need builder's insurance. Called USAA to inquirer on a quote, unfortunately was denied a new policy because I have too many claims. Hmmm let see... claims on rental properties which were for weather damages and water damages on residence because of plumbing issues. All claims were legitimate. So basically, I am denied a new policy because I used the one I was paying into. Wow... why remain a member? Time to be in better hands.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 12, 2017

April of this year was a horrible month. We had a bad hailstorm in which I filed a hail damage claim to my house. The first time adjusters came out, there were three of them and the supervisor basically stated they were not going to cover this roof due to the expense of the roof. I have had to fight tooth and nail with about decking, radiate barrier. This has been the worst experience. Then to top it off I have been paying over 140 a month for the past 15 for my expensive jewelry. I had $70,000 worth of jewelry stolen. They had investigator come to my house and treat me like a criminal. Since then they still stammering to pay for items. What is the purpose of an appraisal when they don't follow it. Who know in the end how much I'll come up with. The company totally disgusts me. Over the last 15 years they have turned from great insurance company to just plain money grubbing corporation who cares nothing for the people they work with.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 8, 2017

No problems while I am paying my bills and not making a claim. Once you make a claim, they drag their feet forever and you have to fight them every step of the way to get paid. My main claims adjuster and his boss well so rude. I was on the phone every other day trying to get them to do their job. You think at a time when you are most stressed out because you have to move your family out of your house and into temporary housing, they would be responsive. Nope. Zero ** empathy.

I have started the long, slow process of moving my accounts out of USAA. When I called to drop my auto insurance, the guy on the phone try to convince me not to move. After explaining all the difficulties I had with home insurance division, he was speechless. USAA divisions, you have lost a very profitable customer because of your home insurance division. I am so disgusted with the service, I can't ever persuade myself to ever do business. Closed accounts: 1 auto, 1 home, 2 checking, 2 savings, 1 529, 1 401K, 2 brokerage, 1 credit card. Seventeen year customer. Get the picture?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 2, 2017

I've been a USAA member for 17 years and used to love the company but now I hate them. They used to be a company committed to serving the military community and veterans and now they exist solely to screw you. While I was in the hospital recuperating from a gunshot wound, someone vandalized and burglarized my house which has been insured with USAA for 17 years with no claims. USAA has jerked me around for two years, always requesting more information and never returning phone calls and finally told me they refused to pay anything. I have lost a lifetime of memorabilia and expensive items. Every time I see one of their commercials about a member for life it makes me want to vomit... Do not trust USAA!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 30, 2017

I have been with USAA since I joined the military. Started with just insurance and then recently got banking services. I had a claim one day after changing my property insurance over and it was a nightmare. After filing the claim and being contacted by a "investigator" I knew something was not right. I sent in pictures and all information required BUT because I couldn't meet with her my claim was never processed.

Not only that she would call so much that it was very harassing. I contacted her supervisor who didn't care at all that I was letting her know that I was being harassed and even so it made no difference. So here we are in July and I am being told that all of my accounts will be closed due to them saying I had made a false claim, back in April even after telling them that the lady wasn't even doing the claim since I couldn't meet with her. Needless to say I am having a hard time and USAA has yet to care at all. After me getting my credit card and they took the money since the account is being closed before it's supposed to EVEN though that was on them and not me. I surely have had it up to the max with USAA.

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Original review: July 19, 2017

I have been a loyal customer of USAA for nearly 20 years. USAA claims to support the military family, but in actuality they are assisting in killing mine. I'm a hundred percent disabled veteran with two children. USAA has failed to take responsibility of their preferred contractor. USAA has a contract with contractor connections, and together they claim that they guarantee the work of their preferred contractors for 3 years. Which is not the case at all. I have taken this matter all the way to the office of the CEO of USAA, and they refused to assist in this matter. I paid my premium on time every month for the last 20 years. Now they refuse to assist me.

On December 7, 2015 No Limits Construction was paid by USAA for the following service.They were hired to replace all of the drywall after water backup in my home. Mold removal from the water was done by Service Masters, and Eco Systems Industrial Hygienist was hired to ensure that there was no more mold growth, and the house was cleared of environmental hazards and mold prior to No Limits Construction started there work. No Limits Construction was paid a total of $11, 834. 40 for their work. They were hired by USAA as a Premier Contractor. On July 20, 2016, I noticed that there was mold growing in the sump area, and I informed USAA of the problem.

On August 4, 2016 a representative from USAA came to my house about the mold growing, after my house had been repaired about 4 months ago. They determined that the door that was placed on the sump pump area when the house was repaired caused no ventilation in that area, and caused mold to grow rapidly in that area. This is not due to my fault, it is due to the contractor placing a door in that area, where there was previously none. Now this must be fixed. I am a 100 percent disabled veteran with severe health problems. It has been over a week and I have not had any communications about this problem, and plans on who is going to fix this problem. In the meantime mold is rapidly growing and this interferes with my health. It is unsafe for me to stay in my home with mold growing. I am requesting to be placed in a hotel until this problem is taken care of, as soon as possible.

That space has been opened every since I bought this home in 2002, so air could flow from the sump area, therefore condensation could not build up, and no mold issue would occur. But When No Limits Construction did not follow proper procedures and closed up the sump area, condensation built up, and mold begin to grow in the work area. They were suppose to leave my property in the same condition prior to the water damage. So by not following the scope of work they caused more damage to my home, by blocking air circulation and black mold started growing. On August 11, 2016 I was informed by USAA that No Limits Construction agreed to remove the barrier, and also to remove the mold. To this date, I still have the barrier and Black Mold still growing in my home.

No Limits Construction came to my home and set up professional size humidifiers in the sump area, and also placed black plastic over the closest doors leading to the sump area, and stated that they would be back to finish mold removal. But instead a week later they returned with an Industrial Hygienist which they hired and personal associate. No Limits Construction hired a Environmental Hygienist to state that the mold was not caused by the enclosure they installed. Which was insulting, because they were trying to take advantage of a 100 Percent Disabled Female Veteran, by causing serious health conditions and financial hardship for a reckless error that they caused.

USAA stated that they would pay for a second opinion for the cause of the mold. Eco Systems. Eco Systems determined that the cause of the Mold was due to the enclosure that No Limits Construction installed, caused no ventilation and condensation and Mold to grow. Eco Systems informed USAA via phone On October 3, 2016 of their professional findings. Therefore that is two inspectors that stated the mold was caused by their improper installation.

From October 3, 2016 until October 20, 2016, I constantly sent emails to USAA emails concerning the mold growth, and my emails were ignored. I called No Limits Construction and they also ignored my phone calls. I am a 100 Percent Disabled Veteran, and I fight on the behalf of Veterans for them to get the benefits they they deserve. I currently have nearly a half of million veterans that I support on a daily basis. I enlisted their support in getting USAA to respond to this environmental hazard caused by No Limits Construction LLC. Only after hundreds of emails from concerned veterans made complaints to USAA about the unprofessional treatment and service I was receiving did I finally get a response.

On October 27, I emailed USAA and asked again for the report from Eco Systems to determine the cause of the mold. Months have passed and I still haven't received the report from Eco Systems yet, USAA disapproved the claim and stated that it was a matter between me and Eco Systems. They were in receipt of the report since October 27, 2016, and still failed to use the report in rendering a decision in the causation of the mold.

It is clear to see by the Environmental Report by EcoSystems and the Claims Agent that inspected my home sent by USAA that the cause of the mold is caused by No Limits Construction. They stated they would take care of the situation, then backed out of it. USAA stated that they were responsible for lodging while mold removal and laboratory testing from the industrial hygienist came back. They were not willing to pay for appropriate lodging for my family. I am a 100 Percent Disabled Veteran, and I can not afford to pay for hotel lodging.

No Limit Construction is aware of this, and knew that, would prevent them from removing the mold. They would have caused me and my family to be homeless while mold was removed. This is despicable unprofessional, and I pray that the board can rectify this complaint. This Black Mold is causing additional illness to me and my family, I survived 20 years of service to my country in the military, and I would hate to die at the hands of a contractor that does not take responsibility for their actions!

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Original review: July 6, 2017

A few weeks ago a storm ripped off chunks of my roof, letting water in and flooding my upstairs master bedroom and downstairs bedroom. When the adjuster finally came out 3-4 days later, and then told my wife (I work on the road) that the holes in my roof would not be covered and that particle board was more than sufficient repairs. Absolutely ZERO communication from our rep. Treated rudely like I was bothering them when I called. Just find out what was going on. On top of the "sufficient repairs" the contractor did it also rains inside my house now! What joy! I am receiving 1000 dollars to refloor, reroof and reinsulate my home. Thanks USAA. You're the best!!!

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Original review: June 29, 2017

As with so many of the other complaints on this page, I have been a loyal USAA member since I was 16. I am now 50. I have had two claims on my insurance both happen to be this year. The first resulted in the company that USAA sent to my home recommending a new roof for my home. After approximately, 2 months and 3 more visits from people USAA sent the claim was denied. During this time another problem occurred that I was told not to tie to the original claim but to start a new claim. It took a month for them to deny this claim.

This was denied because the damage occurred over time even though I was blind to the damage and the fact that I told them about this during the first claim was used as a reason even though they told me to do that. Needless to say, my business with USAA is finished and I am pursuing legal options. With the recent complaints I see on this page, I am wondering if there is a class action complaint in the future.

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Original review: June 23, 2017

If you listen to their commercials or talk to their customer service, you'll get the impression that USAA is all about their customers and serving the veteran and/or active duty member. But when it comes to insuring your home in Florida, USAA doesn't care if you're an active service member, veteran or retiree... they're going to jack up your rates to make you drop them as an insurance carrier.

Apparently USAA doesn't want to underwrite policies in Florida anymore, so they're tripling or quadrupling their annual rates for coverage. My own policy that used to be $2,800 annually has gone up to $8,915 without warning. Competitive rates with other carriers are priced around $3,000 annually for the same coverage... that tells me that USAA is intent on driving their members away from them for home coverage.

Talking to friends is what prompted me to check my current policy. Since the homeowner's policy is something my wife was coordinating, she trusted blindly that USAA would never charge its members more than the going rate for a product or service, and they definitely wouldn't overcharge us. After all, they were started by service members for service members... but nowadays, I guess it's all about the bottom line and the loyalty to the service member is no more. If you haven't checked and compared your policy rates in-a-while, I recommend to check the numbers as fast as possible... the time for trusting USAA has passed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 21, 2017

I was renting a house in Colorado going on three years. The illegal aliens that my landlord hired in November to roof the house in November turned into a fiasco. After the roofers destroyed the electrical lines by mistake and hiding it caused me to make a claim for coverage. I was told by USAA to allow the landlord in the house without me being there or a representative there at the house or they would not cover my losses. After I contacted a Kathy ** (a director) they assumed a limited; and be it known, a limited liability and issued a check for hotel expenses and it took an Act of Congress.

They paid me for limited losses and demanded a receipt for a private chromatograph that blew up as well. They have refused to pay for that loss and demanded a receipt. I provided the receipt and the adjuster denied it because I didn't have enough details for them to pay on it. Really? This company has taken advantage of me and I am still waiting to get this loss processed. I cancelled them after that and found another renters insurance policy. USAA you suck!

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Original review: June 17, 2017

I felt the need to write a review concerning USAA. They are always advertising how great they are. Had one claim last year with home insurance. No communication whatsoever with me after writing them twenty times. I hired a public adjuster still couldn't get a call back. After 9 months they informed us out of 75000 they will give us 10000. So I am suing them. I have every piece of documentation they need but they didn't follow thru with anything. They said because I bought the things with business checks which they knew the first day when they received the documentations and it's my business. I can buy with any checks I want.

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USAA expert review by Matthew Brodsky

USAA was founded in 1922 and serves members of the military and their families. The company offers insurance policies, banking, investment options and other financial services.

  • Good pricing: USAA is known to have some of the most competitively priced policies available.

  • Additional services: With its home insurance policies, USAA offers identity theft coverage should any homeowners personal belongings be used to steal their identity.

  • Variety: USAA offers many types of homeowner insurance, and they are a one-stop insurance option, meaning policyholders can also purchase other types of insurance through the company.

  • Service: USAA only provides its services to members of the military and their families, so it’s not a viable option for every American. Americans who haven’t been affiliated with the military do not have access to the company’s services.

  • Consumer service: USAA Homeowners Insurance has complaints filed against it, indicating that policyholders are not always happy with the service they have received.

  • Best for: Traditional homeowners, condo owners, farm owners, mobile home owners

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Matthew Brodsky

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Matthew Brodsky is an established expert on insurance, having written hundreds of articles and other pieces of content on the subject, interviewed countless practitioners, and attended dozens of conferences and events. He served as an editor at industry magazine Risk & Insurance for six years.

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