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I'm writing for my father. He has USAA homeowner's insurance. Over two months ago, he had a hose break in his kitchen. The water impacted the kitchen and the rooms below. At first, USAA seemed to be responding well. He was given a choice of whether to go with USAA's preferred abatement provider or a contractor of my father's choosing. My father decided to go with his own contractor. USAA sent out an independent adjuster who wrote up the initial estimate. The adjuster, upon my father's request, gave him abatement contractor names to clean up the flood mess. When the abatement contractor reviewed the damage, he thought that there might be hazardous materials present and said that testing needed to be performed prior to removing the soaked materials.

An environmental testing firm, independent (per Colorado law) of the abatement contractor, collected samples and had them analyzed. The samples did come back positive. In the meantime, USAA switched adjusters a couple of times and when we finally reached our current adjuster, we kept asking him for an updated adjuster's estimate which should include removal of the hazardous materials. We've never received that estimate. The new adjuster said he thought the abatement contractor's bid was too high and he wanted another bid so he sent out USAA's preferred contractor to bid on the job. The original abatement contractor revised his bid as well. The USAA adjuster then asked my father which company he wanted to use. My father responded that he wanted to the adjuster's estimate. There's been no response since then. We are at an impasse as we don't know what USAA will cover or how much.

I've been with USAA for 15 years. I have my car and home insurance with them. I can't speak highly enough about the auto insurance. However my homeowner's insurance seems to go up tremendously every two years. The first letter I received that it was going up, I stated that if I didn't sign the letter that basically gave them "free" reign to increase my insurance, they would uninsured me. Obviously that was the nail in the coffin because ever since they keep increasing it. I called and asked why and was told it was because of other people filing claims. Not happy with USAA homeowner's insurance!!

I previously had several high dollar item policies with USAA which one of their agents originally helped me set up and had some been in place for in excess of 5 years. I recently had a loss of one of the items, a milling machine which I purchased for 10,000$. The person I bought this piece of equipment had previously agreed to hold the item for me and then claimed because I had not picked up the item in an appropriate time after full payment was made, said she would be reselling the mill and left the state. I had a policy on this mill to its full value. After the police could not locate the seller, and my attempts at litigation failed due to the fact that the seller had disappeared, USAA stated that the policy they had issued for that item was not valid and initially claimed they would move it over to my renters policy and cover it that way.

60 days later I was told that they were denying my claim completely. This has caused a loss of 10,000$ and loss of time with their delay in processing the claim which could have been used to attempt further litigation. The insurance policy had been in place for many months, and USAA had reviewed my policies numerous times and I had been informed more than once that the high dollar item policies were acceptable. My yearly premium for home, renters, auto, and high dollar items was 4800$ a year and USAA has refused to process this claim in a timely manner, claimed that they policies they issued were invalid, and failed to properly process this claim.

It is with deepest dismay that I feel compelled to write this review of USAA. I have been a loyal member of USAA for more than 34 years. I've prided myself in being a valued customer. I've often been asked, over the years, to participate in surveys, in which I've been asked what it would take for me to change insurance companies. Always, I prided myself, and USAA, in reporting that I never wanted to change insurance providers. I WAS THAT happy. I must have spoken too soon, or perhaps my high regard for USAA was at least in large measure attributable to the fact that I have never filed a claim for any of my property. I am a careful person. I take care of my things, my car, my household goods, my personal and family possessions. I feel this is the duty of anyone, and certainly anyone holding property insurance.

Imagine my surprise, if you can, after selling my home several years ago, and purchasing Renters insurance, plus Valuable Personal Property insurance - to discover that USAA doesn't actually cover anything. Because I am someone who derives some satisfaction out of knowing where I've failed (since I like to know what to avoid next time and avoid future mistakes), I surveyed everything I could on the USAA website, to see if perhaps I'd misunderstood. Sure enough, according to their website, USAA covers everything!!! Or certainly, they want you, the customer, or potential customer, to believe it's so! It ISN'T so.

The test of your insurance, isn't whether the representatives are friendly and helpful, or whether they say they'll take care of you; nor is it the company's supposedly good reputation, which doesn't exist anymore. The test of a good insurance policy is whether your policy actually covers what you thought you were buying when you forked over your money. You won't know until something happens, if your policy will actually cover anything until you file a claim. Your insurance company will either pay your claim, or they won't. If they don't, they should have a very good reason. What I discovered is that despite my following all their instructions, being a very careful and conscientious customer, paying premiums month after month on multiple policies for years, none of my losses - on anything, of any kind - are covered. How convenient!

A better form of insurance for me would have been to pay one of my friends or relatives $50 per month for years, in hopes they'd help me out if I really needed it; and in fact, most friends and relatives would do this anyway, and gasp at the thought of accepting money for it. And most strangers would be more helpful than USAA. What happened after years of being an honored and loyal customer, to warrant my need for USAA to actually come through on its promises? In my case, it was a torrential storm that swept through the entire area, breaking all records. It went on for days. It was in the national news. Power went out, electrical lines were down, high winds, hail, flash floods -- historic records for rainfall were broken that had been set 118 years ago, in 1898.

The storm continued for days. It was scary and inconvenient, especially being without power. But I was safe and dry. Or so I thought. On around Day 4 of the storm, everything changed. Tons of rain started pouring into my house. It was observed to have entered through the ceiling in the Master closet. (I have since learned that rain probably entered through a broken skylight, damaged by hail.) The closet looked like the inside of a shower with all the spigots turned on, except no shower I've seen, except in a locker room, puts out that much water. The floor and carpet were supersaturated. Water leached laterally through the carpet and pad, all the way to the bathroom entrance, across the master bedroom, covering one-half the length of the entire upstairs suite. Everything in the closet was soaked.

Hearing noises downstairs, I hurried down the staircase, and my worries were confirmed. Water was pouring through the ceiling of the first floor from the second level above. Everything was drenched. And the water was not clean. It was muddy, and left sediment on all the surfaces where it fell. My couch, loveseat, artwork, everything was drenched. There were 2 inches of water under my couch. Water standing on my coffee table, and sitting on my leather dining room chairs. My piano is right there. And wet.

But that is not all. Water was also coming up from below the surface of the brick flooring, on the ground floor. Water was actually seeping into the living room, dining room, and kitchen from spaces between bricks that comprise the ground level floor surfaces, although there are no observable spaces between the bricks -- but water finds its way from areas of greater concentration to lesser concentration. So, water was coming into the first floor from both above, and below. (Exactly how it entered through the floor I'm not certain, but there must be spaces between the foundation and the brick pavers, although the property owner denies this, for some reason - possibly because it is a violation of building codes?)

I have photos of all this. I contacted the property owner immediately. She lives in another state. I also contacted USAA immediately. The property owner, who is a customer of MetLife, did nothing. She said she was sorry. She said she'd pay for me to go to a hotel, but she didn't. She said she'd pay the exorbitant cost of ServiceMaster to run their equipment 24/7, but she didn't. I've been left holding the bag. And USAA said they'd pay for these things, but they haven't. They conveniently denied my claim.

In my first call to USAA, while this disaster was taking place, the USAA representative said they'd contact someone in my area and that I'd receive a phone call in 24-48 hours. No one called. I heard from no one. They also told me I'd need to submit a complete list of damaged items, with photographs. A complete report, with lots of detail. And I should do it ASAP. By this time, my computer, printer, and office equipment were in water, and everything needed to be unplugged.

I was able to convince the property owner that some mitigation company should be called. My things were soaking wet, and I didn't know what to do. She eventually go on that, and it wasn't until about a week later that I learned that her call to ServiceMaster was for the purpose of preserving HER property, and not mine. They eventually boxed up the contents of my closet, and sealed it tightly, whereafter I learned just last week, that all of my clothing is covered in mold and rotten or stained. So, it's been kind of hard to inventory all of it, until now.

Meanwhile, USAA denied my claim anyway, based on a lot of inaccurate information they willingly solicited by anyone and everyone who had something to gain by giving inaccurate information (such as unlicensed adjusters), without actually inspecting the property, assessing the damage, or identifying the source of water entry, while totally denying everything I submitted, which is factual. I also have photos, eye witnesses, and evidence that contradicts her story she provided to USAA. Yet, USAA is denying my claim anyway.

Now, they're encouraging me to start all over and file a Valuable Personal Property claim. I don't want to do that because I feel that if I do, it will allow them to close out my claim on my Renters policy, and I don't feel they've performed honorably or within the standard of care established expected or established within the industry. I expect if I file a VPP claim, they will deny that, as well. Most of my damaged property is unscheduled. I feel they should do due diligence and attend to this claim.

You can stop reading if you get the gist of this. The rest are details. Yes, I am interested in filing a court action. Yes, if this can be settled by the state insurance commissioner, that would be easier and better. But I'm doubtful it will be successful. Yes, I am open and receptive to any and all suggestions. I am really in need of qualified guidance.

Here are some details: A WEEK after placing my initial call to USAA, I received a call from someone from a construction company. They said they'd been contacted by USAA, and they'd send someone out. We set up a time, they said they'd bring a team. No team came. A fella showed up alone about an hour late, he was dispatched to the wrong address. I had corrected my address at least three times with USAA, but they never seem to actually correct my address. The fella said he didn't know what he was supposed to do. He said he'd never done anything like this before. He walked around, talked a lot about who knows what, and left.

The next day, another guy called and said he was coming the following day. He was even worse. He took pictures, insulted me and my belongings, lied, and told me to lie about where water was coming in. He said I'd better not tell USAA that water came in from below the floor, or my claim would be denied. I explained water came in from above AND below.

He never inspected the roof. He didn't even look at it. I offered to show him photos of the water coming in. He wouldn't look at the actual photos I have, of the water entering. It turns out, he wasn't even a licensed adjustor. He has no license of any kind registered in the state. Neither did the first guy. How does USAA decide which unqualified, untrained, unlicensed person they will dispatch to come and photograph my personal belongings and ask me personal questions? I have no idea.

Before I had a chance to find out that the guy wasn't even licensed, I'd already heard from USAA, informing me that based on that knucklehead's so called report, they were denying my claim. I also learned that the first guy they sent out was also not licensed. I told USAA that he wasn't qualified, he didn't do anything; he lied to me about my policy, and told me to lie to USAA about where water was coming in, and I wanted them to know this! I told them from the get go, that if I file a claim, any claim - it will be ACCURATE. I don't care if it doesn't jive with their expectations. If they want to know how and where water is coming in, I will tell them what I saw. I will show them photos. I have witnesses. It happened more than once. If the source of water doesn't jive with their expectations or protocol or algorithm, that is a problem outside of my domain. I'm here to tell the truth. I have tried.

For some reason, the property owner does not openly accept or admit that water came up from between the bricks. But her sons have seen it, and we discussed it when it first happened a couple of years earlier. Maybe something about building code violations? But should I be expected to cover for her if that is indeed the case? I don't think so. And yet USAA seems very happy and willing to fully accept all of the property owner's inaccurate and deceptive statements when it helps them to deny my claim.

The property owner told USAA that water entered the residence because of leaves, based on the fact that the property owner refused to call a licensed contractor to come out and actually inspect or repair the premises, and instead called upon her elderly mother who lives locally, to find someone; and her elderly mother found an unlicensed, unbonded, unqualified, physically impaired, medically fragile person who calls himself a handyman. The fella came out and fiddled around, cleaned up the leaves, and said leaves on the roof caused the damage. He did some "repairs". The owner asked ServiceMaster to come out. They removed the walls and ceilings in the closet. The handyman returned a few weeks later to replace the walls and ceilings. But guess what. Water came pouring in again 2 weeks later when it rained, because the problem wasn't caused by leaves, and he never fixed the actual problem.

Regardless, neither USAA nor the owner will budge from their totally inaccurate, made-up story that all of this damage was caused by leaves, despite the fact that no qualified person, no contractor or any individual has ever inspected the roof to assess and identify the source of damage. Last week, the same handyman replaced the skylight at the request of the owner, and reported that it was damaged and has holes in it. This is consistent with hail damage, and we did receive hail when all this happened. Yet, despite the fact that we know there was hail, high wind, and the skylight was damaged, for some reason, the owner sticks to her story that leaves caused the damage. And USAA is perfectly fine with this. It allows them to reject my claim and give me the runaround.

The fact that there was no standing water when either of the fake adjustors showed up a week later than promised can be attributed to the fact that they showed up a week later than promised. It's not my fault that USAA reneged on their agreement to have someone come out in 24-48 hours. It seems USAA is working for the property owner, but I am USAA's customer, not the property owner. The property owner is a customer of MetLife. The property owner has not been honest with MetLife about the source of damage. Yet, USAA prefers to go with her story, despite the fact that she has never seen the damage, lives in a different state, and refused to comply with USAA's (and my) repeated requests to provide a report by a qualified contractor.

I could say more, but this is long enough. I feel for the many people who have spent time and countless hours attempting to resolve their own issues with USAA. I feel badly for them. Many have served our country. They deserve to be treated better. My father-in-law led the Normandy invasion. He earned many medals and awards. He was a decorated Army officer. My father was a navigator in the Air Force, and flew night missions over Borneo. What does USAA do to honor their memory, their legacy? I realize that isn't their responsibility - it is ours. However, I have read so many stories by family members who are suffering because of USAA's negligence, and I didn't want my own situation to be left outside in the cold. If anything I can offer helps others stay out of this kind of situation, I'm willing to help.

I proudly boasted of my allegiance to USAA for many years. Those days are over. They need to be called out for their deplorable practices. Too many people, and too many lives are at risk due to their lack of accountability. I am seeking other insurance, and hope there is some class action suit that can help others attain some measure of justice. I'm sorry this is so long. I hope the moderators of this site will feel comfortable editing my entry to make it shorter. Thank you.

USAA does not stand behind their product. I was then USAA a customer and signed up to to their lower prices. When I had a claim they sent a woman by the name of vera who was very inapt and insisted that she did not smell dampness in my house. By the time she actually looked at the claim which took several months my home smell like mold. She insisted that there was no mold in there and sent her contractor in there who agreed with her. We were forced to bring other professionals in who confirmed that there was mold in the house. They had to tear down my floors planned my entire first floor of ceramic tile is my walls creating a huge mess.

USAA would not stand behind many of the problems or the promises that they had in their contract and drag their feet over a year and a half to actually pay us and still to this day three years later I am still waiting for some of my funds. USAA would not put us up in alternate housing and close my son and I breathing problems Due to exposure of the irritants coming from the rift of ceramics in my 4000 square-foot house. I find USAA to be responsible. I need to threaten them to get anything done. They are callous. When of the house need to be cleaned and literally every wall is covered in dust and dirt as well ceilings and the ventilation Johnathan ** as well as your next represented denied us not only housing elsewhere but also cleaning. They were forced against the wall by Service Master company that was unrelated to the company. USAA is irresponsible and not worth even utilizing.

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My company has to supply insurance certs. When I have a client with USAA, I get very anxious when I have to call USAA for any changes. I am on the phone with a rep for a minimum of 20 minutes. 99% of the time, I have to call back and get the request corrected. I find this totally unacceptable. I asked for a manager and was told no one other than the rep could assist. Today, I have called three (3) different times... First time I was on the phone for 22 minutes and received incorrect info (as requested)... 2nd phone call was 18 min and I was told the request could not be handled at this time. He would process within one (1) hour and send our corrected docs... Haven't received. Called and third time. Was on phone for over 15 min and was told they would send what was available. I would have to wait longer for the corrections.

I called because my rate more than doubled. They stated that they valued my home at 2.5 times the value. I am the one who built the home. I have the spread sheets. There is not a home in this neighborhood that sold or is listed at that outrageous amount. The Wealth Management Home Insurance woman I spoke with was sassy and I am shopping now. I saw the other complaints and I do not know why I thought it would not happen to me. I am a Wealth Management Client and even that service has dropped over the last three years.

For those of you who are dissatisfied with USAA insurance. You might try filing a complaint with the insurance commissioner. We had problem one year concerning a storm that came through and their refusal to pay. The insurance commissioner force them to pay every claim. Please place your complaints where it counts. We need USAA to pay for claim and to be held responsible for the company's action!

Wow. In reading the other reviews I was astounded. I have been with USAA for more than 30 years and I never been treated so poorly. I read a review stating that the rep was cavalier in his attitude and that is exactly what I told the rep today in conversation. After opening a claim for water damage to my condo and USAA taking responsibility for the repairs from a leaking water heater in the unit above, seven weeks later the agents for USAA are now stating they are not covering the repairs and are denying responsibility. I have to start over and try to get the HOA insurance to cover it. In the meantime I am living without a wall and part of the ceiling and a damaged base to the kitchen pantry cupboard that looks like mold. It was sealed by the water mitigation company seven weeks ago. Boxes and packing in every room. It is difficult to walk around it all.

The agents are robots that continue to say the same thing over and over. Farmers Insurance (the company for the upper unit) listens and has been much more proactive and helpful. This USAA is not the organization of a few years ago. Time to move on. I don't need to spend thousands of dollars every year to have no customer service, platitudes and disdain.

I had been a USAA member and premium-paying policy holder for nearly 58 years, when, in February 2016, I filed a claim, for the very first time under my homeowner's policy, because of water intrusion into a bedroom and USAA-covered sun room addition to my townhouse condo in Alexandria, Virginia. The claim was handled in such an incredibly inept, cavalier, and callous manner that I felt compelled to complain, first to the adjuster, **, and, when that failed, to his superior, **, who supported Mr. ** in dismissing my complaint and denying my, under these circumstances, more than justified request for waiver of the deductible, ostensibly because he had not read my complaint and completely misconstrued my motivation as simple unhappiness with delays I experienced in having the claim processed.

I then asked Mr.** to refer my complaint to the national level of the organization for review and confirm the referral. He did call me and stated that he had instead referred it to his superior, ** In a subsequent phone call initiated my Mr. **, I asked him to communicate the results of his review for the record via USAA's online claims communications system. Mr. ** failed to respond further. I then decided that I had no choice but to send a formal complaint directly to the chairman of USAA, with "cc" to its president and CEO. Not even a written acknowledgment! Here is my response to Mr. **, posted in USAA's claims communication system, which summarizes the core issues motivating me.

A verbatim copy of that response was included in my letter to USAA's chairman as well: "That, Mr. **, is not a satisfactory response. You incorrectly concluded that my "main" complaint was the amount of time it has taken to resolve this claim. No, Mr. **, that is not the principal issue at all. Rather it is the incredibly inept handling of the claim, beginning with the inability of the two USAA-directed contractors correctly to diagnose the cause and point of entry of the water intrusion into my home and their obvious, and perhaps directed, focus on irrelevant perceived defects in the construction of my townhouse condo, followed by the initial denial of the claim by your staff for the wrong reasons, the subsequent unhelpful, uninformed, arbitrary, often contradictory and incorrect messages generated by your subordinates, and the customer-averse, not to say openly hostile, atmosphere that permeated nearly all the exchanges posted on this board.

How could you possibly miss, or deny, the essential crux of the problem here? Even ** (the adjuster) acknowledged the terrible manner in which this claim was handled and apologized for it, but refused to take any action to make amends and you are simply reconfirming that, at USAA, incredibly and inexcusably sad customer service has become the norm and that USAA has, in fact, lost its way." When I failed to receive any sort of response from, or on behalf of the USAA chairman or president/CEO, I finally decided, after 58 years, to vote with my feet and take my business and insurance premiums elsewhere. I discovered, to my regret, that I should have taken that step years ago, if not because of unacceptably poor customer service, then for economic reasons alone.

My new homeowner's and auto policies, with competing insurance companies, for precisely the same coverage limits, will save me $272.00 per six-month period on the auto policy, and $60.00 a year on the homeowner's policy. But, again, my motivation for finally cutting my ties to USAA was not financial but abysmally dismal customer service. USAA has grown so large that it is unable effectively and efficiently to manage itself. As it grew from a small automobile insurance company, that was founded by military officers to serve the needs of other military officers, into a giant financial services conglomerate, it completely abandoned its founding principle and sacrificed its member/customer-focus to the maximization of its profits, and the customer be damned. Yes, USAA, you have truly lost your way. Good-bye!

Been with USAA for 49 years. As a lark, I asked for quotes from other companies for HO. The two quotes that I got were within $100 of each other. BOTH WERE $4900 LESS THAN USAA. Exact same coverage. That's a lot of money. Two claims in thirty years, one for a robbery and one for storm damage. Should I pay USAA $7300 or another company $2500 for the same coverage? DUH.

I am a disabled veteran. A 100 percent disabled veteran. On February 28, 2016 a car ran into my house demolishing my kitchen. I thought I'd be well taken care of because I had USAA, the insurance for veterans. Man, was I mistaken. USAA been absolutely horrible, adversarial, demeaning, uncaring, difficult, and downright rude during this entire process. The first claim adjuster was so rude I asked that she be removed. The field adjuster was then sent out to my house with sole intent of nickling and diming, and haggling me down to where he thought my claim should be in value, and to attempt to compel me to use their contractors. It has been over a month now and there have still been no work started at my house. USAA would have you believe this is my fault, but it's not. They sent out their contractor, and when I informed them that I'd be seeking my own contractors, that's when the trouble started.

BEWARE OF USAA. They will take your premiums, but when it's time to pay, they will turn on you. I even elevated my claim to the CEO's office, thinking I would get better treatment, but that had no effect on USAA. I do not even get a phone call. They only communicate with me via email. I've never been more frustrated than this in my life. I feel like I'm all alone with no one to help me.

Temporary housing was supposed to be set up for me because there is a hole in my house and we have had rodents or animals get into the house during the night. The temporary housing unit found shelter for us, but it was declined because they were told we need to stay in the same vicinity that we currently live in. The place that was approved was in a gang infested area that I refused to be relocated to. We are still living in the house that I boarded up to keep the rodents/animals out of. I am fighting tears every day through this entire process. My daughter is seeing medical professionals for stress disorder associated with the incident.

Received now standard notice USAA WILL NO LONER HANDLE HIGH VALUE PROPERTIES, WHICH ARE PUSHED to Bankers Trust. Couldn't get anybody to talk to me who understood the policy differences. Was left on hold 25 minutes until I hung up. Called back, left two messages for managers, and no return calls! Current coverage will expire in two weeks! Been a member over 26 years!!

My Homeowners Insurance rate was increased from $1177.02 to $2302.35. We filed one claim, but we were advised that the insurance was not increased because of that and that the rate change for Georgia made the changes and that there had been claims in my area which may had a factor. However, USAA was charging us $263.00 per month for full coverage on 3 vehicles/lockout service/tow service/uninsured motorist.

I did comparison and cancelled my auto and went to Geico where I have ALL of the same features and my monthly payments are only $176.00 a month. Dropping my auto insurance which dropped the multi-discount only increased the insurance by $114 a year. USAA is not affiliated with the U.S Armed Forces, but they make it seem as if they cater to the service members, but they do not. It doesn't matter if you are a War Vet or not, they want to make money off of the military and their families. Shop around and I promise you will be alarmed at the much competitive prices of other insurance companies.

I have been a long time customer with both HO and Auto with USAA. My entire family uses USAA and never had any issues until now. I recently noticed the molding discolored in my master bedroom and immediately called USAA. I followed everything they said to the letter, hired a plumber to do a shower pan test (failed). I even got a quote from the Builder they recommended. He wanted to say the leak was from a faulty door seal and to fix just replace the door. I was unsatisfied with this and removed the base molding only to find a rotten wall sill. I called a friend that is a builder and he came by and checked out the situation. He laughed at the first builder's remedy to fix the problem. He said the leak is from the pan and thus the entire shower needs to be gutted and replaced. USAA has stated that if it is determined that a leak has been there longer than 14 days then it is not covered.

My question is this: How would the homeowner ever know about this in order to meet the 14 day criteria? As soon as I noticed anything I contacted them and went ahead with their contractor. Now they are saying the claim is denied and I am up ** creek. I don't have the money at this time to completely redo my master bathroom. I feel this is completely BS, the homeowner has no leg to stand on. Homeowners insurance should protect you from the large claim that could bankrupt you. I will be moving my coverage and speaking with family members and recommend they do the same. I have never had a claim and have been with USAA for 10+ years. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM A COMPANY THAT TREATS ITS MEMBERS LIKE THIS!

I requested a Texas Windstorm quote for a home in Galveston, Texas. In the past USAA would issue you a policy through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. Premiums were reasonable but I heard that filing a claim through them was a challenge. During this call I was informed that USAA now provides that coverage with their HO policy and I cannot get coverage through the Insurance Association. The quote provided for a HO w/ Windstorm through USAA was $1418.85 PER MONTH, the annual premium was $17,026.22.

Keep in mind, if we purchase this home, it's a $250K house. A nice place but nothing special. I tried to explain I couldn't afford that and would like a quote through the Insurance Association. The rep, Shane, said that wasn't possible, I could only get the $17K premium because USAA now offers it. As I attempted to explain that the cost was beyond affordable, Shane kept talking over me saying "Do you have any questions about any of your policies with USAA?" That's ALL he would say and wouldn't stop talking while I was trying to find out if there was anything I could do or even talk to a manager. Shane wouldn't shut up. I finally just hung up.

I have been a member of USAA for 17 years and have seen a steady decline in the area of Property insurance. Sadly, I am seriously considering leaving USAA, but I will do my homework first. And my suggestion to others considering switching to USAA, they were a really good company but have made numerous changes over the last few years that have resulted in degraded customer service and unaffordable premiums.

I phoned the USAA Homeowners Insurance customer service to inquire as to why my homeowners insurance rates have nearly tripled since 2009, going from just over $500 per year to more than $1400 last year. I was given the same song and dance I get from them on any other rate increase; the increases were due to the high number of losses in my area and the future anticipated losses. I asked the customer rep if USAA was going to refund me the excess premiums I paid if the anticipated losses did not occur. You know what the answer was.

I then asked the customer service rep where I could obtain copies of the loss information they submitted to the Alabama Insurance Commission for the past five years to justify the rate increases and he told me they were public records and I could get them from the state insurance commission website. I went there and, of course, nothing was found. I sent an email to the USAA homeowners insurance division asking for that information. I received an email back from Mr. ** which stated the information I requested was proprietary and USAA could not release it to me.

I can't believe that USAA can submit rate insurance requests to the state insurance commission any time they want to and that information be confidential. Seems to me they are making it proprietary for a reason; so they can squeeze every penny out of their policyholders and we won't know that they are just sticking it to us year after year. In the meantime, USAA annual profits are at an all time high and we continue to pay more for insurance. Go figure! Time for a new insurance company!

I am a second generation USAA member for over 25 years. I have carried my homeowners, automobile and umbrella liability coverage through USAA for all those years. I recently relocated from Connecticut to Florida. I was shocked when I was quoted a premium of almost $9,000/year to cover the house we bought in Florida. (The value of the dwelling in FL is about 2/3 that of the house in CT otherwise limits identical.) I obtained quotes from other carriers through local brokers with identical limits to the USAA quote at approximately 25% of the premium USAA quoted. USAA Underwriting could not give me a reason for the discrepancy in rates nor would they make any adjustment in their quote. As much as I like USAA I am not paying $7,000 more than I need to just to say I am insured by USAA.

To add insult to injury, USAA has just informed me they will not be renewing my USAA umbrella liability policy due to my carrying my homeowners coverage through a non-USAA insurer. If I want to continue umbrella liability insurance through the USAA "General Agency" with a non-USAA carrier my premium would rise from its current $285/year to over $600/yr. Again there would be no change in policy or underlying limits. USAA makes the claim in their advertising, 92% of its members' plan to stay for life. I thought I was one of that 92%, but it appears they don't want me. BTW in the entire time I have been covered by USAA, we have had one homeowners claim and one auto glass claim.

On December 10, 11 or 12 (I do not remember the exact date) there was a leaking problem in the condo number **. I am in unit ** the same building and the USAA, the insurance of unit **, has not still taken any action on it. I need some painting here and there in condo due to that leakage but nobody answers! What is the role of USAA, just making money???

I have had USAA for 10 years without 1 claim. A fuse blew on our hot tub causing the power to go out in during the cold of winter. The water inside froze and ruined the motor. USAA denied the claim because they do not cover claims due to freezing. Although the real cause was the fuse blew. After months of trying, and a $150 inspection, they denied the claim. Can't tell you how disappointed I am in their lack of service. I will be switching my Auto and Home Insurance.

Contacted them regarding damage due to huge natural gas leak affecting thousands of homes. Spoke with belligerent, hillbilly woman in Texas. They deny claim stating "gas damage isn't physical". First time I had to make a claim with this company. They are crap. Best homeowners can hope for is huge fire/explosion so these criminals at USAA can "see" the damage.

I had to have my entire house re-plumbed due to a leak under the foundation. I didn't even think about insurance until the job was nearly done, when the walls had been put back together. An adjuster came out IMMEDIATELY and verified everything with the contractors who repaired the plumbing. He said "Not to worry, USAA will pay for it". Within a week I had a check covering the entire bill, less my deductible.

The customer service representatives are always easy, nice and considerate when talking with them. Years ago, I placed a claim due to a hurricane. The company responded in a timely manner and sent a claims adjuster out within days of my claim resulting in a payout in less than a month. This claim also did not affect my premium. Extremely pleased with their overall service.

We have been with USAA since 1972. They have always been prompt in responding to our needs which have been few. There was a theft from our former home in 1984-85, hail and tornado damage at another home in late 1980's. They have been available for advice with our farm coverage.

There is no better company than USAA. The service people are extremely polite and efficient. They always follow through when they say they will. They have good marketing ideas and are not pushy about their products and are never impatient on the phone. I have been a member for over 40 years and I seriously think there is no better company! I would highly recommend them to anyone who is eligible to join.

I had a small fire in my home. It was caused by a dryer. USAA was immediately responsive. They gave us the option of staying at home or a hotel. Within a day, they set up inspectors, cleaners and repair crews. The process was efficient and carried out quickly. We have not noticed a change in our policy premiums.

USAA has great customer service. We also have our auto insurance and insurance on our valuable possessions with them and have never had any problems. They pay claims promptly and efficiently. They are helpful when you call with questions, etc. We have been members of USAA for 48 years and would not even consider changing.

We've had few claims, but several years ago, there was a violent storm go through our area. We needed a new roof. Our State Farm agent was very prompt in viewing our battered roof. And we were processed quickly and were able to get a new roof in short order.

We are a military retired family. Have a house in OK which most companies will not recommend. USAA covers and has for years. One incident when part of the roof was blown off a few years ago. They had an adjuster there the same day - got a contractor and the roof was fixed within days. Great service.

USAA is very customer focused. You always get to speak to a representative without waiting. Representatives are always helpful and courteous. When filing a claim send an estimator out promptly to get a quote and the settlement is always fair and equitable. I've been with USAA for over 25 years and have been most satisfied. I would highly recommend them.

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USAA was founded in 1922 and serves members of the military and their families. The company offers insurance policies, banking, investment options and other financial services.

  • Good pricing: USAA is known to have some of the most competitively priced policies available.
  • Additional services: With its home insurance policies, USAA offers identity theft coverage should any homeowners personal belongings be used to steal their identity.
  • Variety: USAA offers many types of homeowner insurance, and they are a one-stop insurance option, meaning policyholders can also purchase other types of insurance through the company.
  • Service: USAA only provides its services to members of the military and their families, so it’s not a viable option for every American. Americans who haven’t been affiliated with the military do not have access to the company’s services.
  • Consumer service: USAA Homeowners Insurance has complaints filed against it, indicating that policyholders are not always happy with the service they have received.
  • Best for Traditional homeowners, condo owners, farm owners, mobile home owners

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