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Nationwide Insurance provides home and auto insurance for clients across the country. Nationwide is not an InsuraMatch verified carrier. Contact InsuraMatch to receive multiple quotes from insurance companies to find the right carrier for you.

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Last updated: Dec. 31, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 31, 2017

I can certainly state that their cute little song, "Nationwide is on your side", was far from true for me! Went with them in Sept. 2017 for home and auto. Had a terrible time with them for homeowner ins. Underwriter wanted repairs done within 27 days, tried contacting her to discuss this and she did not return call or email, then I was sent a notice that I was being dropped almost within the same week of getting notice for repairs!

They also said policy was not sent to them from me via email signature and therefore my premium was placed on full tort costing me an addition $115.00. I dropped them for auto because of the way I was treated for homeowners and customer service help. Had to call them to see how my refund for both auto and home were being refunded. They reported my cancellation to PennDOT, now I have to prove I had coverage with another insurance company. Never will I use this co. I have never experienced anything like this with any other insurance company!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 30, 2017

Nationwide was easy to deal with when they were merely collecting premiums from us for 26 years. We were loyal, never shopped our policy once. But when we experienced a major loss due to storm damage, Nationwide was very clearly NOT ON OUR SIDE. Their claims process is utterly unbearable. We have always liked our agent and dealing with Nationwide, but this process has left us heartbroken and disappointed.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2017

On 7-24-2017 at 1:25 AM a tornado hit our community in Stevensville MD. Our home sustained heavy damage from multiple trees falling on our home. After settling ourselves from the horror and shock of this tornado hit we began a long process of recovery. At first the insurance company was good. They arrived quickly, gave us money to house ourselves in a hotel and to purchase the essentials. The adjuster stated that we probably had $30,000 to $40,000 in damage and would be 8 to 12 weeks before we could be back in our house. A rental home was arranged where we live now - 3 months to the day later.

As it turns out the damage was far heavier than the adjuster stated. In fact the adjuster disallowed multiple issues from the appraisal that the recovery construction company included in their report. Even with those removals the insurance company has already sent nearly $100,000.00 but nothing has begun because of the removed items. I have now hired an independent appraiser and have invoked my right to settle the claim by appraisal - and they denied my "request". Note that this was not a request - it was a demand as is my right under the contract with Nationwide. In the end they will lose but for now they're happy trying to frustrate us into submission with veiled threats to discontinue our housing payment in the rental property.

Know that the adjuster from Nationwide has lied to my face, misrepresented the facts, changed his story multiple times, and now is snide with his responses. He presented himself as a "Christian" who goes to church - so typical that when someone wears their faith on their sleeve beware. I can prove everything I am saying here. NEVER allow anyone in your property once it has been damaged from a major storm, IMMEDIATELY contact a Independent Competent Adjuster and let them handle everything. The insurers hate them because they're on YOUR side. The insurance companies have only one goal - screw you out of as much as possible.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2017

Three months ago, the crawl space (basement) of our NEW home (purchased 7/2/2017) was flooded by a broken water pipe in our crawl space. We notified the plumber who installed ALL of our plumbing. The plumber in turn notified his contractor's insurance company, Nationwide Insurance. The plumber's insurance company, came to our home some two days later to investigate (examine) the flooding damage to our home: ALL of the insulation in the floor (crawl space) was destroyed and had to be removed.

The flooding of the crawl space had to be dried out. The INSULATION required to be REINSTALLED in our crawl space has NOT been replaced, after a three months period. We have submitted an insurance CLAIM to our insurance carrier, USAA, who are currently working on our claim. Our insurance company, USAA, has contacted the general contractor who has submitted ALL of the required information to our insurance carrier (company), USAA. We are currently in the process of having our insurance company take action in this matter. Including submitted a claim against the Plumber's Insurance Carrier, NATIONWIDE Insurance Company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2017

After a recent hail storm, an adjuster came to the house and told me to use "scrap" siding from the front of the home on my other damaged side. They told me "cushions come with" outdoor furniture so they would not cover that either. Every step of the way working with them has been a BIG hassle. Another adjuster came because I complained, she noted more damage, and then promptly quit the company without writing anything in my case file. A third adjuster came out and was so hostile it was unbelievable. You cannot get anywhere with this company when there is damage - their playbook is to pay as little as possible to their customers and provide less than zero customer service.

Meanwhile, all my neighbors are getting their entire houses and property covered - even where there wasn't hail damage. Hmmm - these others sure know how to treat their insurers who have been through a traumatic event! I am going to insure with them and if you are smart you will not bother with this company for one second.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2017

We have had Homeowners insurance with a company called Allied for over 30 years including through three separate forest fires in Colorado. In that time we've had no claims and always paid on time. At some point last year, Nationwide took over Allied. Apparently someone drove by our house and took pictures of our house and surrounding area. Within the year Nationwide canceled our house insurance based on their claim that we have trees 100 feet from our house. 100 feet! It is impossible to not have a tree 100 feet from your house in most parts of Colorado. There were no options to rectify the situation or any suggestions for mitigation; we were just dropped like a hot potato. We had one month to find a new company.

Fortunately we bundled with our car insurance company and we are more than happy with our insurance which ends up saving us money. But the customer service, the communication with Nationwide was extremely poor. No one cared. Plus, their reason for canceling was not listed in their policy. I recommend staying far away from them. On your side? The jingle is meaningless.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 22, 2017

I had a termite bond on a house that I purchased. The bond stated that there was no previous or current termite damage. Nationwide insures these companies for things such as this. My purchase depended on this report clearing the house of such damage. When we got in there, we discovered that the house was completely termite eaten from top-to-bottom. We had to replace the whole structure from the rat sills, floor joists, wood flooring, wall studs, top plates, and part of the roof and spent over $65,000.

Senior Claim Rep Jessica ** handled the claim. After dragging her feet for a couple of months, after I provided her with a very detailed report w/ pictures, and after termite company dodging them insurance adjuster for weeks until he was told firmly that he had to meet with him and provide a report, Jessica called me today and was extremely rude, telling me that due to exclusions in the contract and the "facts" that they will not cover the damage. I asked her what the 'facts' and exclusions were and she stated that she did not have to tell me. I have the same contract and there are no exclusions. As a matter of fact, the termite company was going to pay the damages themselves rather than turn it in to their insurance company because he didn't want to risk his insurance being raised.

However, when he came and saw the obvious damage - that could be seen with the naked eye - and realized it was a complete rebuild and way more expensive than he had hoped, he decided to submit the claim. The insurance inspector, when asked what the worse termite damage he ever saw was, he laughed and said, "Uh! Not even nearly as bad as this!" He said, "Hands down! This is the worst I've ever seen!" The termite company (Lightening Pest Control in Mobile, Alabama) owner told me that he was just doing a friend from the real estate company a favor. As it turns out, the termite people never called the sellers, the realtors, or myself to notify them they would be doing and inspection or be let in and they stated that they did a treatment that they never did.

This is now going into a lawsuit! Nationwide should not be providing insurance if they are not going to pay out on it. Jessica was very nice through the whole process until she called to decline it and then was very rude. DO NOT INSURE WITH THIS COMPANY!!! THEY ARE NOTHING BUT A SCAM TAKING MONEY AND NOT PAYING OUT! I lost my whole life savings because of them - and now have a house sitting dead in the water! NATIONWIDE IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE! They are only out for themselves. Their team gets bonuses for not paying out!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 25, 2017

This company has lost its mojo! I have been with Nationwide for 15 years. Let's talk about the homeowners policy first. I lived in California and my house there was insured by Nationwide. Then I moved to Oregon and bought a house with husband. Nationwide said I had to insure our house in Oregon with them because it was my primary residence, REALLY! Ok now let's get to the car policy. Keep in mind I've been with Nationwide for 15 years, no accidents or any claims but every 6 months my premium keeps going up. The liability limit is low, dear Lord what if I got $500,000.00. I wouldn't be able to pay the premium. I didn't even call them to get an explanation for the rate increase, I just dropped them! And sent them a letter telling them to put their policy where, well you know!!! I've now got excellent coverage with a lower premium with, DRUM ROLL PLEASE - GEICO!!! Woohoo. People Drop Nationwide and Hit Them In The Pocketbook!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 1, 2017

So beyond angry, I don't even know where to begin. We buy a house, call up Nationwide and get a quote. Quote sounds good so we go with them. In the meantime, HUGE mistake! They decide to come by our house one day while we're at work (that's what most people do, work) and decide they want to say that we're not living there. #1 who in the world are you to say we're not living there? We moved in the day we signed papers, the lazy person obviously just seen no car in driveway and deemed it that we didn't live there, which is beyond bull crap!!! #2 if you had any reason to think we weren't living here, you should have asked.

Anyway, so we get a random letter saying that we didn't occupy the home and that our policy was cancelling. We got this letter twice when the whole time we've lived at our address. We called in both times and the guy on the phone assured us that our policy was fine and that no further acted was deemed necessary. Who would have thought this company was a joke? Not us, we've never had trouble with them until we got homeowner's insurance with them. So, we had to talk with these people many times over our account and we were told our policy was fine that it must have been a mistake and blah blah. We're like ok, fine just wanted to make sure everything was good and whatnot. Again, countless times, we were told our policy was fine. This was December of 2016.

So, after being told many times that it was a mistake on their part and it was fixed and blah blah blah, we find out in April of 2017 that we haven't had insurance since November of 2016 that the underwriter or whatever never reopened our account after talking to multiple people hours at a time to figure out what the heck they messed up. That's nice to know that you tell people their policy is fine only to screw them over. I'm done with this ** company, I suggest you go somewhere else if you're even thinking about Nationwide, they're definitely not "on your side". All they see is $$$$. I will NEVER use or EVER recommend this company to anyone. There is nothing they can say or do to change my mind. They've completely lost their chance of fixing this. We may pursue this out and see what our attorney can do for us and this beyond ridiculous company!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 9, 2017

We had homeowners insurance with Nationwide for over 30 years with one claim over the entire period. After a morning storm, we called Nationwide to get an estimate for the damage. It was 3 weeks before they sent anyone to our house and the first thing the adjuster said when he got out of his leaking car was "Nice roof" making a reference to our only previous claim.

The damage was to an extra room added to our house which WAS insured on the policy. They lied about the dates of the incident, therefore their "weather report" didn't have a corresponding storm for the date they used. They tried to make us look like liars reporting a fraudulent claim. The adjuster ordered a "forensic investigation" which they probably spent more money on that than it would have cost to fix the damage. They denied our claim then dropped us and we had to get some high-risk insurance that was 3 times the price. This company is a RIPOFF. The adjusters are arrogant hacks with very rude tendencies. These people are RIPOFFS of the HIGHEST ORDER. Billionaires ripping off the poor, that is what NATIONWIDE IS. A HUGE SCAM!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 3, 2017

They are good at helping on certain things. They call and check on you. Some things they aren't that great on. Other than that I can't really complain.

4 people found this review helpful
Original review: March 24, 2017

Terrible Adjusters!! Terrible Service! They avoids phone calls, gets rude with an attitude and does not return calls or update the client. I have been a customer with them for over 20 years and the treatment is horrible. Once the claim is resolved, I will be switching companies.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 6, 2017

My homeowner's insurance has increased 191.00 in three years! I have never filed a claim for anything! I'm now going to compare and change companies. I will ask about their policy on increases on both homeowners and Auto insurance!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 31, 2017

I just called my Nationwide agent to see if I could get an inspector to come look at my roof for hail damage. Immediate response: "Before we get started, and if you want to file a claim, I want you to know that you have a 1% deductible, so your part before we begin, is $3,300." I'm currently looking at any 'policy changes' which would have changed my (grandfathered in - I thought - as a 20+ year customer) $500 deductible to 1% of my home's value. I certainly didn't agree to the change. I was given an 1-800 number to call in the event I want to file a claim. My home/auto/other Nationwide premiums continually go up - even though I haven't any tickets, claim filings, etc. I'll be shopping for a new Insurance company due to Nationwide premiums, service, and changing my roofing deductible w/o appropriate discussion and/or communications and/or my approval if applicable.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 30, 2017

After calling customer service 3 different times and each told me my renters insurance would not cover my loss, I hired an attorney who said they had to open a claim and he spoke to them and they opened a claim. 3 months later still no word on the claim. We provided them with the information they requested. They haven't denied but have not made it right. They are ignoring me. My attorney said after 6 months we can take them to court. This is a game! What is the point of having renters insurance if when you have a disaster and lose everything they leave you empty handed? At Christmas we had no tree, no furniture, no decorations, only the new beds that we borrowed money to replace after being in a hotel for several weeks then to moving to new rental. I tried to submit a claim in September and it is now Jan 30th and we are without many essential things still!

I have never filed a claim before and I anticipated from commercials that say "Nationwide is in your side" that insurance helps in emergencies. Not for us - not yet anyway. I am a single grandmother raising her grandchild. It is a sad state to have her without all of her own things and have to start over without any help. This had been an awful experience and it is like not having any insurance, only then we might have had some other resources available but "since we had renters insurance" everyone assumes we are We have 1 chair after purchasing everything else, clothes, shoes, hairdryer, personal items!!! I am a grandma and I am sitting on the floor!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 22, 2017

Through strong storm my garage ceiling fell over my car that was parked there! I have two claims. Car & home. The adjuster for the car took her sweet time & showed up 4 days after & was late about 4 hours from the time of our appointment. She has not down a thing! The adjuster of the home came on time but 4 days late! He reported everything to the main office but the guy who reviews the adjuster documents is declining everything! His name is Ray **. The most dishonest, prejudice, hateful, full of complex man ever. I am so disappointed with these people & this insurance co. I will definitely will change my insurance after these claims pass through! Please do not join the Nationwide insurance!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 5, 2016

Horrible, deceptive and sloppy service is exactly what I have received so far from Nationwide insurance services. I have been shocked and disgusted with their lack of service, and from my perspective, saying Nationwide is on your side is a blatant and bold faced lie. So the situation was that one night, my neighbors tree, which is been hanging over my house for some time, fell down ripping a giant hole in my roof and landed in my bedroom/office. I had been sitting at my desk working on bills about three minutes before the tree fell. I got up to get a snack and that's when the tree landed on my house and it sounded like an explosion. A giant branch landed right at the chair where I had been sitting three minutes earlier. If I've been sitting in the chair when the tree fell, it would've hit split my head open and I would not be writing this today.

I looked for a place to stay for myself and my son and could not find anything nearby that was available and was anywhere close to us other than a one bedroom one bath hotel room. I talked to my insurance agents, Sanfilippo & sons insurance agency, and they told me to make arrangements for a place to stay and the insurance would cover it. I ended up making arrangements for my son and I to stay at a friends house for a price that was less than we would've paid for a hotel. The insurance adjuster, David **, told me that the insurance would not cover that and that if I was staying with a friend, they might be able to pay me about $50 a week because "a friend shouldn't charge you that much".

He also suggested that my son and I move in with my parents for a while so I explained to him that my parents were dead and that I had not been paying my friend, whose house my son and I was staying at, many, many years of premiums to take care of us in an emergency. He retorted that I hadn't just "jumped into a pile of money" and that nationwide insurance would not cover to stay at my friends house even though it was cheaper than it would've been if we had stayed at a hotel. He went on to tell me I had no rental loss insurance on my property so they would not cover me for the loss of income from my tenant. This was also found to be untrue as I read over my insurance policy again. This guy David ** seems to think when he makes a decision about my policy, there is no room for discussion, although frequently he is been dead wrong.

What is also amazing to me is the little nationwide is on your side theme and we are attempting to give you great service, which is written on the bottom of each note that he sends. It says if you've not received exceptional service to give a call to a particular person and they give that person's phone number. The particular name and the particular number is David ** and is the phone number I've been calling. So if I'm not happy with my service I complain to the person who's giving me horrible service??? Isn't that someone similar to being raped and then reporting the rape to the rapist???

So I'm not finished with the process yet, so if there are massive changes in the way I am treated I could change my rating, but let me tell you, it doesn't seem likely. So to summarize, I had a tree fall on my house, through no fault of my own. I was told to find a place to stay temporarily, I was told to find a contractor to rebuild my house, and now Nationwide is telling me, through their agent David **, that my contractors are charging more than they should so Nationwide is not willing to pay them. So a tree falls on my house, again through no fault of my own, and it now appears like I'm going to be out at least $20,000 to have my house built back to where it was.

I was hoping that my insurance agents, Sanfilippo and sons insurance services, could help me through this process, but they, from my perspective, seem unwilling, unmotivated, and totally inept. When this process has been completed I will take policies on all three of my houses to another company and definitely to other insurance agents. I suspect I have 80 years of policy premiums through nationwide and through these agents, and I don't believe I ever made a claim.

After Nationwide told me my cars were not covered under my personal property, I asked them to send an email that contained my insurance policy. They told me that they could not email it and that they could put it in the mail and I would probably get it in 10 days to two weeks. That was not too helpful when I'm trying to make arrangements to have the tree taken out of my roof, to mitigate damages, and to get my home repaired. Since it was the neighbors tree, and since another tree had fallen from his yard previously, I believed he was negligent by not keeping a better eye on his giant tree that loomed over my house.

When I talked to his insurance company, Farmers, they were very helpful and pleasant and gave me lots of good information. The adjusters were kind, thoughtful, and actually seemed to care about doing the right thing. They gave me a check for each of my two cars that got beaten up when the tree fell. They had a list of lots of people who worked on cars in the area. They had their favorites who, they recommended, but they were very clear that we could go to anybody we wanted to do for the car repairs. They wrote a check and they said if they were for the repairs that were needed but that they overlooked and damages, they would make sure everything was taken care of properly. The checks were quite reasonable for the damage, and then they made sure that we had vehicles to drive while ours were being fixed. Farmers was awesome, caring, and treated us extremely well.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2016

I am a General Manager of a roofing contractor in Denver Co and selected certain areas to locate homeowners who might have hailed damage property from some of the hail storms this year. If they are either unaware or were turned down by the insurance companies claiming not enough damage, that would be preposterous for these areas? I have seen enough physical evidence from the hail storms in 2016. The areas we have seen are literally catastrophic. NO claim in these areas should be declined? My complaint is with Nationwide who has denied approving a claim on 5 out of 6 structures that 4 of which has taken over a month to basically get an inspection done and that had to be done by an engineer hired by Nationwide.

There was another engineer present and he said the engineer from Nationwide didn't use conventional methods of examination which he thought was odd? The claim on the 4 bldg. property the findings were probably predetermined before they looked at the roof? The explanation seems to center around the exact storm date, but if I'm correct, don't remember seeing that part in the exclusions section? Besides I have enough evidence that hail compromised not only the structural integrity of the roofs but has caused severe damage on all the collateral items not mentioned but can be included in a deposition (Appraisal if necessary) along with a petition of perhaps a class action suit? Accusing Nationwide of fraud by denying claims that weren't really inspected or the Inspector was incentivized by a "not enough damage " result turned in occupied by 4 different tenants in each building.

The other location has repeated hailstorms this year of 1.75" up to 2.25" inch size hail. There are obvious holes that have penetrated and severely compromised the wood shake shingle and its ability to retard common weather conditions that would eventually cause internal leakage? The damage reported at the 4 unit 4plex has been inspected by myself, a notable HAAG certified inspector and a Public Adjuster certified by the State. Personally, I have been very disappointed in the handling of the claim. It has been one of the more unpleasant experiences dealing with any one company. I consider myself one of the best Inspectors in detecting hail damage and well versed of how your policy reads.

The only thing we're asking is that Nationwide do the right thing and take care of your policyholders in time of need! To have confidence that this company really does have their back. And will honor its policy coverage so the insured can feel good and recommend Nationwide as a company that does what they say. I have witnessed, documented and recorded routine tactics to try and deter, frustrate or give the insured the belief that they don't warrant a claim.

Over 90% of entire neighborhoods in parts of Co Spgs, and other heavily hit areas were impacted by these storms, a lot of the homeowners don't even know because their insurance company lied! I would be very curious to see how many of these claims were denied. Denver, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Golden, Lakewood and many other cities and towns were affected also. If they continue to negate what should be corrected, I will advise my clients to do whatever it takes to expose this crime.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2016

Nationwide is truly a wicked company. Their insurance adjusters are worthless people with no conscience. I don't want to write what happened but I can tell you this. It happened three years ago and I will never, ever fail to tell any prospect looking into this company to beware of the bad service they have provided me.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 21, 2016

The underwriter would not disclose the reconstruction details, so the lending company wouldn't want it. When submit the cancellation through DocuSign (which has digital DocuSign envelope ID), 4 months later they would claim never received it or associated with the account, and insisted the cancellation is due to non-payment initially. Even sent the non-existing coverage to debt collection agency. That would be another branching headache to deal with.

It doesn't help that my settlement company mistakenly sent them the payment, so obviously it would take a bear to get that back. There will be many agents to deal with. It just appears not every call is logged or recorded as they claim. Until you get someone who is nice and responsive, things goes nowhere. Nobody seems to see the whole profile of you. I have not dealt with any commercial entity so disorientated. Again, very thankful to nice agents who at least response and take ownership. The rating does not reflect their personal efforts to do their best, it is the systematic process lacking as a whole company.

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Original review: Oct. 17, 2016

After experiencing premium increases renewal after renewal, my Nationwide agent convinced me to sign up for their "SmartRide" program to record my driving and to qualify after the program is completed up to 40% off my next premium renewal that would stay in place as long as I had the policy. For those who are not familiar with this program, you install a device in your auto that tracks your driving for several months and records any incidents that they would consider would make you a higher risk customer. You get a weekly report on how you are doing and what % of a discount you are eligible for on a week to week basis.

Once the program is completed, the final percent of discount is calculated on a cumulative of the several months you are in the program. The total discount applies to your next premium renewal. My agent informed me also, that he has never had or seen where anyone participating in the program ever received more than 30%, including himself. I qualified for a 26% discount after the program was completed. I completed the program 2 weeks before my insurance renewal came up. I received my renewal documents today and saw that my savings with my 26% discount was 1 cent.

I called Nationwide direct to have them correct what I was sure was an error in their system since the amount I was going to pay after my program completion with the 26% discount was the same as the previous 6 months with the exception of the new premium again was only 1 cent less. The Nationwide employee informed me that the new premium was correct because all of their customers had received an increase this renewal period. He could not tell me why or what the renewal increase was for, because he said the company would not tell them. He could only inform me that we had an increase that applied to their customer base nationwide.

So, what I have learned from the "SmartRide" program, is that whatever percent discount you qualify for, that is what your premium will be increased too for the next renewal period. Example: I qualified for a 26% discount for my responsible driving, therefore my premium was increased 26%. The "SmartRide" program is a "ruse", and Nationwide had no intention of extending any discount for participating in the program. I was reluctant in participating in the program when it was first introduced because I felt like it was an invasion of my privacy. I turned down my Agent's recommendation to participate many times before due to that. But, when my premiums kept rising each renewal period, I decided to participate knowing I was a responsible driver and the discount would be very helpful in me trying to maintain my monthly budget.

I do not like dealing with dishonest and or intentionally misleading companies, so I am cancelling my auto and homeowners policy with Nationwide and will be relaying my experience with many others so they avoid dealing with or experiencing the same very frustrating experience I have dealt with. If you are considering participating in this program, don't waste your time or allow an invasion of your privacy for nothing! Soon to be ex-Nationwide customer.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 15, 2016

I have a list of damages that is over $50K dollars in damage with my home and business. Nationwide wants to give me $1K (over phone talking with ED). I have been with them for 40 years. I am a widow. Just went through Hurricane Mathew and we are in a emergency zone. I called my local agent at Beach Nationwide in Savannah - Matt. He didn't even respond. We are in desperate need of power, tv and internet. I lost 6 trees that fell on my deck, fence, roof, porch, etc. My pharmacy lost closed 10's of thousands. I have been in tears for over a week. We lost our refrigerator and freezer. Downstairs flooded. Windows broke. We are devastated. What do I have insurance for if they are not concerned about their customers.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 1, 2016

On July 4, 2012, a hail storm impacted the Murrysville PA area with 1 inch hail. This storm took its toll on a large number of roofs including ours. At the time, we had Nationwide Insurance and filed a claim for the damage. The Nationwide Agent, Alan **, appeared and told us they would never pay for our claim after glancing at our roof from our front yard. They did deny our claim and we filed an appeal. Nationwide sent a roof engineer to investigate our claim and he did find hail damage however Nationwide again refused to honor our policy. We filed suit however since we did so beyond the 1 year statute of limitations within our policy, we will lose our case.

The moral here is Nationwide Insurance does not honor its homeowner policies and will hide behind its 1 year statute of limitations language. This language states you must sue Nationwide within 1 year of when you notified Nationwide of a claim. We failed to do this as we felt Nationwide was going to honor our policy however we now know they never intended to do so. I suggest you avoid Nationwide for any insurance needs as they will not honor their policies.

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Original review: June 21, 2016

I have had Nationwide since 2000 when we purchased our first home. They were recommended when we signed our mortgage. We started off paying $330.00 a year for very reasonable insurance. This quickly went up to over $800.00 yearly for the exact same coverage without our knowledge. It is now 16 years later, our payment always went into escrow so we never knew about the changes until this year. When I called to cancel with Nationwide they offered us pretty close to the rate we gave them back in 2000. Why now? Why take advantage of us for 16 years and not value us as a customer?

They are the most dishonest company I have ever known. When I complained to the BBB they claimed they did not have my phone number for 16 years, though they had no trouble contacting me a few weeks ago with a better rate. By the way, we have had the same number for 16 years, with the same answering machine, with the same message! This is a horrible, horrible insurance company. If you have them, I strongly encourage you to shop around for someone else immediately. If you are considering them, DO NOT!

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Original review: June 20, 2016

Nationwide sold me a bill of goods when my agent proposed I consider using their commercial policy for protecting my condo in the event there is interior damage to the condo. 3 years into the policy a pipe burst in between the wall facing the hallway and my utility closet. Nationwide stated that because the water originated from the external side vs. internal / interior wall to the condo the policy does not cover this event. The building / HOA maintains a policy for such circumstances, however there is often a huge deductible associated, which oftentimes is a shared expense to the homeowner(s) should a claim is reported. In my case the total deductible came to $5000 (out of pocket) shared between the owner below my condo unit and me.

Living in the condo 8 years feeling reasonably protected - now I realize I have major exposure leading to massive $$$ out of pocket expenses to situations well outside of my control... Nationwide claims there's no insurance company in the USA providing gap coverage for circumstances of this type. Wondering if am the only one feeling this way, and if there's any solution out there for reducing this risk, other than selling the condo. Thanks in advance!

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Original review: June 16, 2016

Horrible company to deal with. I was unfortunate enough to have a major mitigation company to deal with a water leak from above the ceiling. They did a south of the border job of mitigating the damage. I had Nationwide rep inspect the site and then had 2 of their "preferred contractors" bid the job. My own contractor wouldn't touch it because of previous problems with Nationwide. The bids were ridiculously low. They failed to acknowledge major amounts of work required. I called the Nationwide rep back out to point out the deficiencies. She merely stated that any additional work would be dealt with on a case by case basis. NEVER ALLOW THIS. Get an accurate baseline bid first.

I then brought in another contractor who used an independent insurance appraiser to establish an accurate baseline bid. Nationwide then brought in their other mitigation company to verify my contractor's claim. At this point I am 60 days into the claim and not a bit of construction work has started. Nor was I compensated for out of house expenses because I had another home 52 miles away I was using. The actual damage estimate from my contractor was 3 times their estimate. The most ludicrous statement Nationwide made was that thousands of gallons of water pouring from the ceiling and down the walls did no damage inside the walls and the sheet rock did not need to be removed and the tile would be fine. Only then did I advise them that I had a degree in Architecture and 30 years in the construction business.

All I got after that was lowball replacement costs, delays in communication and damage denials. I had full replacement coverage and Nationwide was aware of custom tile and granite work. It took 5 months for Nationwide to pay for the additional mitigation and to issue a check for the final damages. This project should never have taken more than 2 months. I am aware that this is a consistent approach with most insurance companies in this modern age, but this is my experience with Nationwide.

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Original review: June 8, 2016

I had nationwide policy for my auto (4cars), home and 2 commercials for past 10 years paying over $5K/year. There was huge hail damage in my neighborhood. All my neighbor's insurance (not nationwide) have covered and repaired all their damages (roof, siding, gutter) but nationwide rejected almost every damages at my property. Contractors & I provided pictures of hail damages from roof and outdoor AC but based nationwide experts, all damages have been rejected. They ask me to get HVAC contractor to indicate the location of AC leak and if it is due by hail damage. AC contractor has charged me over $200 and indicate the location where it was leaking (from hail damage). I then submitted the report to Nationwide and they still rejected the claim without paying me back for the report. Just wanted to share my experience with Media. Hope this helps your decision.

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Original review: May 25, 2016

I was recently notified of a $100 a year rate increase on my Homeowners policy by Nationwide. The reason was something on my credit report. I have a 770 credit score and have been a Nationwide customer for 25 years. I wonder how many others are overcharged this way and don't notice it because it is handled through escrow. I got a better policy for less money through another company. Nationwide is not on your side. I wish that I could spend millions on lobbying.

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Original review: Feb. 29, 2016

My 83 year old mother has been insured by Nationwide since the 60s. She returned home from rehab to find a damaged floor from water leak. She called Nationwide and they sent a crew to dry the area. This was followed by a contractor who tore the flooring up. It was at this point that an adjuster came out and ordered the work to stop, stating Nationwide would not cover the claim. The adjuster should have assessed the situation prior to any authorized work. My mother did not approve or ask for her floor to be removed. Now she has ambulatory problems and a damaged kitchen floor, unable to fully use her kitchen.

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Original review: Feb. 19, 2016

Sandy -- we got hit. We live on the south/western part of Long Island. They came promptly but denied a good portion of the claim and specifically the back up portion of the policy. They paid part of the relocation and blamed the power down on the flood and not on the wind. They managed to twist and bend the facts in order not to make payments. I need information from whoever can help identify whether or not they paid for back up insurance. In addition, after an accident by car did you experience an unusual increase in premium?

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Nationwide Insurance expert review by Matthew Brodsky

Nationwide was first founded in 1925 in Columbus, Ohio. Originally, it had 1,000 policyholders. Today, it’s one of the country’s largest insurance companies, and it offers several types of insurance, including homeowners insurance and auto insurance.

  • Great discounts: Nationwide offers excellent discounts for homeowners, including up to 20 percent discount for insurance if customers bundle their homeowners and car insurance.

  • Belongings replacement service: Nationwide offers the Brand New Belongings service, which replaces belongings that are lost or damaged when a home undergoes an accident or damage. For example, this program will replace items that are burned in fires, broken by falling trees or damaged by severe weather like tornadoes.

  • Processing speed: Nationwide is known for processing customer claims fast, which means that customers who submit a homeowners insurance claim can expect their claim to be evaluated and their money given to the them quicker than most insurance companies.

  • Company: Nationwide is a large company, so customers may feel that they do not get much individualized or personal customer service attention. Most consumers must deal with a central customer service center, which is likely not in the location a customer is calling from, although Nationwide has a network of agents around the country.

  • Qualifications: Nationwide has stringent qualification standards that have to be met to approve people for policies, and people with financial troubles or weak credit may not qualify for Nationwide homeowners insurance.

  • Best for: Traditional homeowners, condo owners, farm owners

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Matthew Brodsky

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Matthew Brodsky is an established expert on insurance, having written hundreds of articles and other pieces of content on the subject, interviewed countless practitioners, and attended dozens of conferences and events. He served as an editor at industry magazine Risk & Insurance for six years.

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