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30 Progressive Homeowners Insurance Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 6, 2018

Progressive starts you with a 15% discount on new homeowners insurance but that goes away 5% a year for three years. That allows Progressive to seem cheap. Our homeowner's insurance went from 1300 to 1850 per year this year with no notice or explanation. We have not filed a claim. They overvalue your house but then change a percentage deductible which leaves you with a huge out of pocket for a theft or hail. They are all show but it is a terrible company. We switched to State Farm.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 16, 2018

Progressive sent me to Homesite, which turns out to be a non-accredited company according to Consumer Affairs. There was zero notification that I had been redirected to Homesite. I get to the page to bundle car and renter's insurance and it gives me the price and I think it's reasonable so I do it, giving them my debit card information. Then it says, "Congratulations on your renter's insurance, would you like to get car insurance now???" I'm like, "Where is my car insurance???"

So I call Progressive for the next 3 hours (since they can't find me) until they finally give me the Homesite number. I call the Homesite number, following the prompts to the correct department, but for some reason the person who answers can't hear me. I do this three times. Finally I call the claims department and the girl who answers gives me the direct number to the department I need and finally someone can hear me. I explain and say, "I want a refund." She says, "No problem, we'll cancel your insurance tomorrow BUT it will take 15-20 business days to reimburse you!!!" So now I don't have insurance, don't have money on my card to buy insurance, and am in a real pickle. And don't know what I'm going to do. So, yeah, Progressive is complicit in this since they use this POS Homesite crap as one of their subsidiaries.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 11, 2018

I bundled home and auto insurance back in March 2018 (I thought). I cancelled my previous home insurance. Progressive then screwed up and never started my new home insurance with Homesite. So my mortgage company informed me I didn't have insurance on my home for 1+ months, and now they are charging me $570 for just the few weeks I was "without" insurance. Progressive and Homesite are completely UNWILLING to fix their mistake. They claim they can't retroactively start my insurance and they are unwilling to credit me for their mistake. Apparently their mistakes are not their problem. And they care so little about their customers they are willing to lose them for life. Don't get suckered into switching to progressive. Just a horrible, horrible company to deal with.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 2, 2018

I have never had to use the insurance but it’s $100 lower than the other one I had so for that I give Progressive a 9. Thanks for the lower price, I can pay other bills.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 31, 2018

Have been with Progressive insurance both auto and homeowners for approx 5 yrs. Yes, sometimes the rate might be slightly higher than the competition, but reputation based on research, tells me the dollars invested are well worth it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 27, 2018

We closed on our house on 03/30/2018. On April 4th our AC unit was stolen. Progressive refused to cover the claim because we had not moved in 4 days after closing. This is legal, but not moral. The clause in the policy is intended to keep people from insuring a house they do not intend to live in from insuring it as if they do live there. It was not meant for situations where you close and simply have not had time to move in yet. WARNING, FLOW DOES NOT PAY!!! AVOID AT ALL COST!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 23, 2018

They increased my rate during the same policy year without sending me any notification. The only update that I got that it changed was the notice my account was billed. Attempted to call to get more information and the automated system hung up on me twice, which just added to my frustration. It is a very bad sign when they do not want you to talk to a person. I think it is time to change providers since my policy is due for renewal soon.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 20, 2018

After a previous cancellation of our homeowner's policy due to a dilapidated swimming pool in 2014 we contacted Progressive for a homeowner's quote. We were upfront about the cancellation and the condition of property and pool. We provided extensive documentation including pictures of the condition of our home. We were assured there were no issues in covering our home for the upcoming year.

After several months of coverage we were abruptly cancelled with no opportunity to address any issues underwriting had with our coverage. After this cancellation, I withheld the following months premium and was eventually reported to collections. I disputed the charge with the credit bureau (Transunion) and the claim against my credit was dismissed. Fast forward two years and the same collection agency progressive uses (CCS) is attempting to collect the same debt in my wife's name instead of mine. Progressive offers halfhearted coverage at average prices with no accountability on their part. Allow 3 years for hassle over any billing disputes you may encounter, and look forward to Credit Collection Services, a real treat.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 14, 2018

Progressive has dragged their feet for over 2 months in fixing our roof leak. We had several promises to get it fixed quickly, but no results after 2 months. I would rate them zero stars in customer service. Now in seeing complaints to Consumer Affairs they have a terrible ratings record.

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Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Resolution response: March 1, 2018

The very day I wrote the scathing review of Homesite Insurance I received a call from my adjuster telling me that they were going to cover the whole job except the oil tank itself and its contents. Good news. The reason I gave Homesite 3 stars is the investigation could have gone lots faster. I feel that three weeks without use of the oil heat is a bit much. Beyond that everything is a go for the completion of the cleanup. Homesite is a good value but a bit slow.

Original review: March 1, 2018

On February 9th the heating oil tank in my basement sprang a leak. The leaking must have begun at about 9 PM but I didn't notice it until 10 when I smelled the oil. Upon inspection I found that there was nothing I could do to stop the remaining oil from leaking out. At the same time my sump pump had been pumping the oil out into the yard. I unplugged the pump immediately and called the fire department. When they arrived they checked the situation and said there was nothing they could do. I called the claim number and after registering my claim was advised to find my own cleanup company. The following morning (Saturday) the county health department came by and gave me the numbers for mitigation teams. I called the closest one to my home and they responded within an hour. It's been almost three weeks with no heating system other than my wood stove and the insurance co, Homesite of the Midwest is still dragging its feet.

I need to point out that about half of the job is done. The basement has been almost cleaned out and most of the contents removed (saved as evidence) but since the water that comes into the basement during the spring can't be pumped by the sump pump onto the lawn it has to be collected and disposed of in giant plastic tanks. These tanks are emptied by big vacuum trucks sometimes 4 times a week The bill from just this is around $10,000 so far and we're still waiting for Homesite to get done "investigating". So far an adjuster has yet to show up. The adjuster assigned to my case is never available on the phone either. I have homeowners insurance to cover catastrophic events like this and would like to think the insurance underwriter is on my side, naive as that is. Let the buyer beware.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2017

Hurricane Matthew hit N.C. hard in Oct. 2016. Our yard was flooded up to our front steps (we had our house built up because of the potential of flooding in our area). Almost a week later, the water had subsided enough for us to check for any damage due to the wind and high waters. Other than a few shingles and outdoor items blown away or ruined we felt blessed. Then we checked our backyard! Our inground fiber glass pool was almost drained and had our lawn chairs and an anti mosquito bowl (about 20 pds.) were inside the pool. We immediately entered the pool and removed the items and were sick to see a crack in the bottom of the pool.

We filed a claim for the damage. To date we have received some 20+ letters from the insurance company, many were duplicates. We had an adjuster come out, a nice young man who almost immediately said "I don't know what to do about this, I've never worked with fiber glass pools this big". One would assume that he was very inexperienced after that remark. After another 7 letters or so just repeating the same thing "we are processing your claim", we were told to get a "professional" fiber glass company to come out and write out his/her findings. (at a cost of $100.00).

Their opinion was that the items in the pool had caused the crack and drained the pool, causing the pool to slant inward. A coverable offense. Within a week or so, we received word from the insurance company denying our claim. It seems their claims adjuster (remember the one who said he didn't know what to do?) felt that the problem wasn't weather related but was due to earth settlement/ground movement. We didn't have a tornado, it was announced by the weather channel as a hurricane!!

This has been all time most stressful experience I can ever remember. The staff all "seem" to have no knowledge of anything and getting any of them on the phone or call backs is nigh on to impossible. I found their attitudes to be lazy and hum drum. They refuse to let you speak to upper management (although that would probably be useless) by saying "all" management are in meetings. DO NOT BUY PROGRESSIVE HOMEOWNERS even if Flo is adorable.

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 29, 2017

To make a long story short, I was promised that my claim would be quickly handled several times. I was in a no fault accident, I provided everything they required and took extra steps to ensure things would be handled quickly. I was promised to my face 6 days after the accident that my check was in the mail, everything was settled, and I should be driving again no later than the weekend. Here I am, a month after everything, still paying for insurance while being ghosted by my claims agent, supervisors, even the agent who sold me my plan in the first place. Looks great on paper, but pray you never need them for anything but that.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 9, 2017

I was with the company for renter's insurance for over 2 year, no problem. I called in March 2017 about something and the agent convinced me to add water damage coverage for ONLY $8.00 more a month. I remember this conversation because we talked for a while, just so I can make sure there were No Hidden costs. Well I got the email telling me the $8.00 was coming out my account AND then $128.00 taken out too! I didn't get an email about that! When I called, they tried to do a Jedi Mind Trick on me! When a policy is renewed we ask for a down payment amount yada yada. Wait what?!

Every year my policy was renewed they never asked me for more money to just renew a month payment. So I said just review the taped phone call and see I'm telling the truth about the agent saying all it will Cost me is $8.00! When they called me back, the rep. was like "Well that agent will go for retraining but our policy is to cancel the policy if you want to cancel something you added on at a later date!" Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face! Instead of admitting your employee messed up, and refund me my money; I was told the ONLY way to get my money back was to cancel my renter's policy! DONE! Now I'm going to Allstate to be in Better hands PLUS I will re-post this review everywhere so no one else will go through this!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 9, 2017

In December of 2016 I changed my home and car insurance to Progressive. A Week before Christmas they wrote me an email, not even a letter, saying they give me 5 days to get a new roof and get my house painted or they will cancel the insurance. My roof was older, but not leaking, and there was only a little paint that was chipped on the house. I really got my house reroofed in the timeline, but since the deadline was December 28, no contractor was able to do the work, since it was too cold and most were on vacation. Progressive was totally unresponsive, even after my contractor talked with them on the phone and asked them to extend the deadline! They still canceled the insurance! I really think something like this should not be legal! Where are the consumer rights here? This insurance company is a rip off!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 21, 2017

Customer service is poor to mediocre. There appears to be no human involvement in the underwriting process. They create policies without accurate information (they didn't know what type of roof was even on my home, and I'd had the policy in place for nearly five years before I filed my first and only claim). They raise your rates every year and communicate this to you via letters in the mail that you're expected to comb through. You deal with three different companies if you have an issue with a claim - Progressive, Homesite and Wardlow. The term coverage is a stretch: I ended up spending $5,000 to have my roof replaced (and this was a 1,500 sq. ft. ranch-style home in Texas).

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 7, 2017

Progressive covers everything even if the sump pump dies. I am very pleased with their service coming from DuPont who covered nothing.

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Original review: Nov. 8, 2016

Well last week I went to bundle my insurance with Progressive. BIG mistake. They charge my account $750.00 x 3 = $2,250.00 so I called. They said I would have a check for $1,500 next day. Did not happen, or the day after, and the day after. I have been put on hold for hours. Still have not gotten my refund. And what about my checking account. They don't care that they have put me so far in the red I can't get out. I canceled the homeowner's insurance now. They told me I have had it for 4 days. I won't get it all back, REALLY!!! I don't have a clue what to do to get this paid back. Any ideas?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2016

Rates sounded great when getting a quote, with 500 deductible. Then to find out that it don't cover drains, does cover storms, unless it's Hail damage. It covers it but your deductible changes from 500 to 5000.00. Insurance companies are coming sneakier by the day in ways to charge you and not cover anything. I guess If my house burns down I'll be in great shape though!?!

36 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 28, 2016

The floor collapsed in our rental house damaging major appliances and furniture on a Thursday afternoon. Still hadn't heard from the company until afternoon on Friday. Our claims representative is in Phoenix, and no adjuster ever came to view the property or the damage. They took the word of the landlord's adjuster, who hardly stepped foot into the house to inspect the damage. On the following Thursday, Homesite said it was caused by poor ventilation and we were not covered. As a renter, I am not responsible for the structure. My insurance does not cover the structure, it covers the contents. I am covered. They don't want to pay. We have had to pack and move as the house is not livable, incurring further expense. Horrible company. We will be exploring further options to get our coverage.

7 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 29, 2015

We have had to make no claims, but so far we are pleased. Progressive was recommended to us by our son. It was a very reasonable amount for quite good coverage, and we are able to pay it online which is a big plus.

14 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 26, 2015

New policy for me but they were very helpful when applying. Progressive insurance agent were very attentive to all of the questions I had as I setup the homeowner insurance policy.

12 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 22, 2015

They are a good company to work with. I had a claim and was paid fairly quick for the necessary repairs that needed to be done. My only problem was that they took a while to pay the company that did the drying in our basement after a flood. The company called me several times because they weren't paid, so I was dissatisfied that it took Progressive so long to take care of their payment.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 19, 2015

They are a good company however when a Hurricane Sandy ripped thru my yard taking one of the largest trees on the block down, they did not inform me that since it fell into my neighbor’s yard that they needed to call and put a claim on their policy. I went ahead and had paid someone to remove and take tree away all to find out that my policy would not cover this. It's important for insurance companies to explain perils and what is and is not covered!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 15, 2015

Haven't had to file a claim with Progressive. The premium is lower than most for similar coverage. Progressive has an easy website to navigate and provides digital insurance cards which are very convenient.

11 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 12, 2015

I never had to make a claim so I really don't know how their service would be other than the fact that I have and have used their auto insurance and they are wonderful.

6 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2015

I do like our insurance company. They are local and are always there when we need them. The only problem is how high the prices keep going up every year.

21 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 4, 2015

We had hail damage on our property and roof. They can put in a timely manner and compensated us for what we lost. They always have gotten back to us in a timely manner and I have never had to call them more than once for anything. Very informative when I needed them.

20 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 30, 2015

I also use Progressive for Auto insurance and it is easy to sign up, get a quote, and make my monthly payments. I have not ever had to file a claim, but feel like if I did, they would be helpful and easy to work with.

5 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2015

A storm shorted out my breaker box, a tv, a xbox one and my refrigerator. I filed my claim on the 28th of Sept. They was told this was a major hazard and that I should not mess with it. However I am disabled - I have to sleep with a fire extinguisher while my breaker box sparks. I have partial electricity throughout my home. The furnace doesn't work unless I mess with the breaker box. We have no means to keep groceries. I have had cords strung out across my home so my stuff works, washer, tv, internet, etc. I have fallen, blacked my eye, scraped my nose, been to the doctor twice from being sick due to heat and breaker box. Now they tell me at least another 7 to 10 days my kids and I are expected to live this way. It has already been 20 days since filing the report.

During the first week is when I list electricity in part of the house. So had they done their jobs I would not have fallen several times, I would not need cords strung all over my home and my heat would work fine. So if they get it out in the next 10 days it will have been a month they have put my life in danger by expecting me to mess with the breaker box knowing every time I am taking a chance of being electrocuted. We have had to buy a small fridge to get by, borrow cords to keep things working, time lost from school for the sicknesses. Please help if you can. Thank you. I have many pictures just do not know how to attach them that I can add them from here.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 19, 2015

When I signed up for Homeowner's Insurance with Progressive, I authorized them to withdraw MONTHLY payments. However, they took it upon themselves to withdraw the ENTIRE YEAR and then made me wait almost an entire month before they would put that money back! I had to talk to at least 4 different people and, of course, it was never their fault. I have cancelled my insurance with Progressive and would highly advise against using them for any reason. Nobody had a sense of urgency or a sense of accountability and did not seem to understand how withdrawing over $1000.00 dollars out of somebody's account could possibly cause a problem for some people. I had to actually call my bank with Progressive on the phone to make sure the 1000+ dollars cleared out of my bank account, before they would put it back in over 21 days after they withdrew it. NIGHTMARE!!!

9 people found this review helpful

Progressive Homeowners Insurance expert review by Matthew Brodsky

Progressive Homeowners Insurance is a division of the Progressive Corporation, a large company known for offering a wide range of insurance products including rental, condo, mobile home and traditional home coverage.

  • Select what you pay: Customers of Progressive can select what they pay out-of-pocket if they have a claim, and then their insurance policy will take care of the rest.

  • Legal fees covered: If a homeowner is sued because of something that happens to their home, Progressive will cover the insurance bill through its liability coverage.

  • Flood insurance available: The company offers insurance to homeowners in flood areas, which can be rare for homeowners insurance companies.

  • Free online quote: Customers can receive a free quote for what their insurance might cost them online, which is simple and convenient.

  • Multiple insurance policies offered: Progressive offers multiple types of insurance, so homeowners can purchase all of their insurance in one place. Many customers also receive a discount on things like homeowners insurance if they purchase multiple policies from the company.

  • Best for: Traditional homeowners, condo owners and mobile home owners

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Matthew Brodsky is an established expert on insurance, having written hundreds of articles and other pieces of content on the subject, interviewed countless practitioners, and attended dozens of conferences and events. He served as an editor at industry magazine Risk & Insurance for six years.

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