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Well last week I went to bundle my insurance with Progressive. BIG mistake. They charge my account $750.00 x 3 = $2,250.00 so I called. They said I would have a check for $1,500 next day. Did not happen, or the day after, and the day after. I have been put on hold for hours. Still have not gotten my refund. And what about my checking account. They don't care that they have put me so far in the red I can't get out. I canceled the homeowner's insurance now. They told me I have had it for 4 days. I won't get it all back, REALLY!!! I don't have a clue what to do to get this paid back. Any ideas?

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The floor collapsed in our rental house damaging major appliances and furniture on a Thursday afternoon. Still hadn't heard from the company until afternoon on Friday. Our claims representative is in Phoenix, and no adjuster ever came to view the property or the damage. They took the word of the landlord's adjuster, who hardly stepped foot into the house to inspect the damage. On the following Thursday, Homesite said it was caused by poor ventilation and we were not covered. As a renter, I am not responsible for the structure. My insurance does not cover the structure, it covers the contents. I am covered. They don't want to pay. We have had to pack and move as the house is not livable, incurring further expense. Horrible company. We will be exploring further options to get our coverage.

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A storm shorted out my breaker box, a tv, a xbox one and my refrigerator. I filed my claim on the 28th of Sept. They was told this was a major hazard and that I should not mess with it. However I am disabled - I have to sleep with a fire extinguisher while my breaker box sparks. I have partial electricity throughout my home. The furnace doesn't work unless I mess with the breaker box. We have no means to keep groceries. I have had cords strung out across my home so my stuff works, washer, tv, internet, etc. I have fallen, blacked my eye, scraped my nose, been to the doctor twice from being sick due to heat and breaker box. Now they tell me at least another 7 to 10 days my kids and I are expected to live this way. It has already been 20 days since filing the report.

During the first week is when I list electricity in part of the house. So had they done their jobs I would not have fallen several times, I would not need cords strung all over my home and my heat would work fine. So if they get it out in the next 10 days it will have been a month they have put my life in danger by expecting me to mess with the breaker box knowing every time I am taking a chance of being electrocuted. We have had to buy a small fridge to get by, borrow cords to keep things working, time lost from school for the sicknesses. Please help if you can. Thank you. I have many pictures just do not know how to attach them that I can add them from here.

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When I signed up for Homeowner's Insurance with Progressive, I authorized them to withdraw MONTHLY payments. However, they took it upon themselves to withdraw the ENTIRE YEAR and then made me wait almost an entire month before they would put that money back! I had to talk to at least 4 different people and, of course, it was never their fault. I have cancelled my insurance with Progressive and would highly advise against using them for any reason. Nobody had a sense of urgency or a sense of accountability and did not seem to understand how withdrawing over $1000.00 dollars out of somebody's account could possibly cause a problem for some people. I had to actually call my bank with Progressive on the phone to make sure the 1000+ dollars cleared out of my bank account, before they would put it back in over 21 days after they withdrew it. NIGHTMARE!!!

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Matthew BrodskyInsurance Contributing Editor

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Progressive Homeowners Insurance is a division of the Progressive Corporation, a large company known for offering a wide range of insurance products including rental, condo, mobile home and traditional home coverage.

  • Select what you pay: Customers of Progressive can select what they pay out-of-pocket if they have a claim, and then their insurance policy will take care of the rest.
  • Legal fees covered: If a homeowner is sued because of something that happens to their home, Progressive will cover the insurance bill through its liability coverage.
  • Flood insurance available: The company offers insurance to homeowners in flood areas, which can be rare for homeowners insurance companies.
  • Free online quote: Customers can receive a free quote for what their insurance might cost them online, which is simple and convenient.
  • Multiple insurance policies offered: Progressive offers multiple types of insurance, so homeowners can purchase all of their insurance in one place. Many customers also receive a discount on things like homeowners insurance if they purchase multiple policies from the company.
  • Best for Traditional homeowners, condo owners and mobile home owners

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Progressive Homeowners Insurance
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