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About California FAIR Plan

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California FAIR Plan is an insurance association made up of private companies in the California area. It’s specifically designed for home and property owners that struggle to find coverage due to the likelihood of natural disasters or crime in their area. It provides policies for commercial properties, mobile homes, traditional homes and other structures.

What is California FAIR Plan?

California FAIR Plan is an insurance conglomerate that provides coverage for those living in high-risk areas (due to frequent wildfires, earthquakes, etc.) in California. It isn’t a state agency; instead, it's a private association that helps ensure all California residents get adequate coverage to protect their homes and property from natural disasters.

California FAIR Plan coverage

Applying for home insurance can be difficult if you live in an area vulnerable to natural disasters like wildfires and earthquakes. California FAIR Plan offers coverage for high-risk properties that private insurance companies might not be willing to cover. This insurance is available for any property in California, including mobile homes. Some of the coverages the FAIR Plan offers:

  • Dwelling: Coverage for homeowners and tenants (the website lists stringent specifications for this), including owners who seasonally occupy a home, have a vacant property or own a condo unit, as well as renters and their personal property.
  • Commercial and course of construction: Covers losses due to fire, lightning or explosion; for buildings with five or more units, such as retail, office, manufacturing or commercial spaces.
  • Business owners: Designed for small- to medium-size businesses. It covers fire, lightning, explosions, windstorm, hail, smoke damage and more.
  • CEA-earthquake: Protects against earthquakes; designed for one- to four-family residential properties and condominiums. To apply for this coverage, you'll need to be a California FAIR Plan policyholder already.

California FAIR Plan rates

The California FAIR Plan website has info on its policies, coverages and application process, but it doesn’t disclose its rates or premiums. Because it’s an insurance provider for homeowners with properties that are difficult to insure, its policies could be on the pricier side. You can call or email the company to get further details about its coverage rates.

California FAIR Plan FAQ

What does a California FAIR Plan policy cover?

The California FAIR Plan covers high-risk homes, businesses and other property from damages due to natural disasters, but you can add optional policies for both residential and commercial properties.

Who owns California FAIR Plan?

California FAIR Plan is an association made up of all private insurers in the state of California.

What's the purpose of California FAIR Plan’s policies?

California FAIR Plan ensures that California residents are able to protect their residential or commercial property in high-risk areas.

What requirements must I meet to qualify for California FAIR Plan insurance?

To qualify for California FAIR Plan’s home insurance, you must have been denied by other insurance companies and live in an area that's considered high risk.

Is California FAIR Plan good insurance?

California FAIR Plan offers basic insurance for properties likely to be affected by wildfires or earthquakes. Its coverage isn’t comprehensive, but it’s ideal for those who’ve had a hard time finding coverage elsewhere. If you live in a high-risk property in California and are struggling to find a home insurance provider, we suggest checking out California FAIR Plan’s policies.

California FAIR Plan Reviews

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about California FAIR Plan?
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    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Claims Handling

    Reviewed May 31, 2024

    This basically robbery and increasing your mortgage up to at least 1/3rd of what you are paying for just owning the house. I was dropped by my insurer and forced to buy this "Policy". The house is over 40 years old and never had a claim filed. The Fire station is less than a mile from my home and we have a fire hydrant nearby.


    Reviewed April 18, 2024

    I feel like a class action lawsuit against the California Fair Plan is in order. It's anything but fair and they are price gouging. Any lawyers out there want the case? We need to stick together as California home owners and say enough is enough!! PG&E caused some of these fires. Not only are they raising rates, but we are left paying for their screw up. Should be called the California Unfair Plan.

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      Claims HandlingCoveragePrice

      Reviewed April 9, 2024

      CA Fair Plan is terrible. They do not take autopay. They mail statements to you when payment is due and since you cannot pay monthly (I guess they just changed this) you have to pay very close attention to when you get a letter. Don't miss a payment, there is no grace period, they will drop you immediately. When you renew expect to pay double what the old policy price was. I am not exaggerating at all. This happened to us. They say they follow industry guidelines, but I know of no insurance company that does not take autopay or have some kind of grace period. Right now my yearly premium for fire only is almost as much as I paid for my complete coverage for my house and cars 3 years ago. That's how much insurance in CA has gotten. I have no claims on anything in 30 years but my rates have tripled in only 3 years.

      This is the definition of insanity. CA has gone crazy and no one is doing anything about it. It just keeps getting worse and worse. I wish I could go with anyone else but my house is apparently a tinderbox now, even though it was insurable for the last 9 years before that. I live in a track home with lots of people around me, on small lots, and no heavy brush for at least 100 yards so what's the problem?

      Reviewed April 1, 2024

      Why do I need a broker to get CFP!? Both the Broker and CFP are charging me a policy. The broker is $1400 and CFP 4x as much. Not so "Fair Plan" is it. Talk about taking advantage and something to get look at by legal matters.

      Profile pic of the author.

      Reviewed March 12, 2024

      My problem is the California Fair Plan itself. The cost of housing is becoming more and more out of reach for most people in this country and in California it’s ten times worse due to the fact that the California fair plan is price gouging Californians out of the real estate market. They have increased the price of fire insurance year over year and many people are not able to afford these exorbitant prices. Not to mention the fact that California homeowners on a fixed income are at a substantial risk for losing their property because of the CFP. I have purchased property in California and the mortgage payment is $2500 a month. Between the California fair plan and county taxes I will be paying over $4000 a month for this property. It is completely unacceptable that the California fair plan is over $550 a month. With no competition, they have basically been allowed to charge any amount of extortion that they want, and Californians are paying the price with loss of livelihood and housing.

      Claims HandlingStaff

      Reviewed March 5, 2024

      Policy established by my abusive, chronically criminal ex, "NO BROKER", because, as just has been discovered recently, he's in the real estate/insurance game. Clerks have refused to provide me information or to confirm with me before approving changes he makes, like "revert to 1st mortgage", March 2023. And the mortgagees are based on unauthorized usage of my "public trust" identity, forging my appellation (name), and insider schemes, facts all being revealed with claims and charges in pursuit.

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      Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoveragePriceStaff

      Reviewed March 4, 2024

      Their service overall should receive negative stars if that was possible. The worst service for a company touching so many of any company in California today. The California insurance market is trouble to say the least, this is known by most by now. Years and years of fires, rising costs of claims, inflation, regulatory issues are among the many problems. The California FAIR plan's purpose is to be there when others cannot or will not offer coverage. Their policy is a fire policy not a full Home or Commercial policy. They have made some product improvements that are positive. That's the good...and it ends there.

      That said, their "customer service" is among the worst though and they know it. Their quotes can be 30 days for one, 3 for another without explanation and maybe longer. There is nobody to call that can give you an actual status as when you do speak to someone their response is wait, we will get there (who knows when). They canceled my client's policy after he responded multiple times to loss control recs at their email (Note just because you email them to their email doesn't mean they got it. Call, email, call again as if they don't answer it, you will be canceled. They don't care. After all that, they do not take reviewing their own mistake seriously and just advise re-write and start over with gapped coverage. Their communication is awful to both agent and consumer and they make little effort to change this. The hardest part is how little they care (I know I say it a few times...for emphasis), how little effort they will make to get it right.


      1 - Plan ahead. The moment you determine you'll need a FAIR plan quote start early. Take pictures (only good for 7 days max), clear brush and be ready with a WRAP from another company. Dont wait!

      2 - Call, email, call, email - If going direct with them presume they don't get your emails or calls. Remember as above, they don't care so until you get a quote, a confirmation they got your email presume they didn't. If you don't, it's your fault in their eyes and no coverage for you. Too bad you silly consumer!

      3 - Pay your bill early - Get confirmation of payment in your bank account. If you can pay in full, do so. Their billing system has been known to lose clients, take the money but not apply it, cancel you, gap your coverage, blame you and then you start over. Maybe you'll get a sorry? Yea, maybe not.

      4 - Do the loss control (You should anyway) and send docs and pictures in right away. Trim trees, cut way brush, fix your home as they say. These would be true and you should with any company but...other companies answer their email and confirm status with you. They communicate better. FAIR plan, maybe not. Send it until you get confirmation and then call every 5 days or so to ensure they got it. Email again until you get an email back. (No email back = they didn't get it...even if its the right email.)

      As an agent, it's frustrating to me and so many. We work hard for our clients and this company knows of their flaws and makes little effort to change even being flippant about it and dismissive. You can even hear the lack of concern in their voices when you speak to them. Good luck if you must use them, maybe my suggestions above will help you stay covered.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed March 1, 2024

      Not only does CA Fair Plan take over 2 hours for someone to answer their calls, and when they do answer they can't even help! All they state is "I'll send this over to the underwriter". I have an endorsement request since January 31, 2024 I'm yet to get a response, I called twice about this situation, sent emails and still waiting, it's ridiculous how much time it's taking them. Even for an application approvals, I'm on week three now with nothing to offer the client. It's a nightmare!

      Reviewed Jan. 29, 2024

      Me and my Fiancé are currently trying to buy a home. All our paperwork was together in a timely fashion except our insurance. California Fair Plan is the only insurance available but it's been weeks since we applied and got approved. We have been waiting for the payment portal to be available so we can pay for the insurance plan we were approved for. Our property was supposed to close two days ago on the 26th. We are now out of escrow due to the CA Fair Plan and may lose this house. We have requested the seller extend the escrow but we don't even know what this timeline is for when we will be able to pay for our plan so it's impossible to know how long to request to extend for. On top of that there is another buyer making a larger cash offer which we now might have to compete with. This is an absolute nightmare.

      Customer ServiceCoveragePrice

      Reviewed Jan. 25, 2024

      When we moved to the mountains our insurance quote was 4x the cost we were paying in the small town we lived in. This was 6 years ago and a private insurance company. Since then our rates have increased at least 20 percent each year and forced into the Fair plan. Now at almost 10k a year for Cal unfair and an additional 2k for the wrap it is like someone is holding us hostage. The state of California is not doing what it should to protect consumers from this gouging that is going on. Where does it stop? Almost doubled in one year. That's just crazy. And if you do apply for any discounts, good luck on getting any response. It's been 6 months since we applied and just crickets except the renewal for double the last policy. California is pricing themselves out of the market for middle class.

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