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Deborah of San Diego, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

My husband and I have been covered by AAA for 20 for both our home and cars. My husband passed away in February so I sold his car. I called AAA to take his car off the policy. I told the agent on the phone that he passed but she did not remove him from the policy. So I made a trip to the local office and removed him from our policy altogether. Last week I received my annual renewal for homeowners and they increased my coverage limits by 2.69%, my premium was increased by 45%. It was described as a premium surcharge. I am outraged and will be looking for new home and car insurance tomorrow.

nelda of San Antonio, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I am going on 4 years of service with Triple AAA. I was very happy with their rates but this year not with their service. I always pay my insurances in full for the year but this year for some reason they only withdrew partial payment. I called and complained about the error where they proceed on deducting the remaining amount. Now I am told that the person who handled my transaction probably posted my remaining balance of 574.30 to someone else's account and I cannot receive Credit on my Home Insurance until the error is found. What a bunch of Crock! My insurance is due for cancellation May 19, 2017, at 12.01 a.m. I went 3 times to their San Antonio Office at 11075 IH-10 west at. I had Bank Statement showing the withdrawals and I was assured that my insurance would not be canceled but I did receive a different message today. It seems to me that Triple AAA is only interested in sales and definitely not service.

Jay of San Francisco, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Kate ** is the more horrible claims adjuster there has ever been. She had our claim in limbo for months, asked for details, pictures, etc. she had been provided multiple times previously, and was very combative. She is awful and should be fired immediately.

Lisa of Warrenton, MO on
Satisfaction Rating

First I would like to say, I have been with AAA for almost 20 yrs and have only filed one claim for hail damage to the roof, 5 yrs ago. I have it on my car and home. April 29, 2017 my basement sewer drains backed up during the last rain storm. I called my agent to file a claim only to find out I no longer have this coverage. Apparently a bunch of provisions to my policy was deleted and I was not told. She said, "They contact you at renewal time to see if you want to keep it." They don't contact me, they bill my mortgage company, it's guaranteed full payment. They have no reason to contact me. I am LIVID!!! I am looking for a new insurance company!!

Bruno of Las Vegas, NV on
Satisfaction Rating

I switched homeowners insurance provider on February 8th 2017, so I called AAA for them to cancel as of that date... Waited a couple of weeks for the check to come in to find out that the name on the check was wrong... Called them back to make the necessary change, they told me they had to reinstate the policy, wait for 24 hr then cancel it again and issue another check (another couple of weeks delay). 2nd check arrives in the mail for an amount of $26.00 instead of $442.00. Call them again and they told me that the person whom reinstated the policy forgot to cancel it... So we go thru the same steps and 2 weeks later they issue me a check of $46.00 instead of $442.00... Call them back and we go, again, thru the same steps...

A couple of weeks later I receive another check in the amount of $396.00 instead of $442.00... Call them again and this time the mistake was on the date of cancellation, which was Feb. 8th (they calculated it based on Feb. 28th... Who knows why as my first check was issued on Feb. 17th)... At this point the person tells me that she will have to repeat the same steps in order for them to reissue another check (I asked her if I could keep that check and have them mail me the difference... And her answer is NO)... So I decided to seat on the missing $46.00 and I will never use them again and I will let everybody know that they cheat you out of your money in a very condescending way... Good and honest customer service is a thing of the past in this country.

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Dan of Howell, Michigan on
Satisfaction Rating

I put out requests to 3 other insurance companies this year to get competitive quotes and everyone was more expensive but one that was marginally less so I am staying with AAA Homeowners Insurance for at least another year.

Michael of Kearney, MO on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been with AAA for over 20 years, I have made 3 automobile claims and 1 homeowners claim. Up to this point I have been extremely satisfied with the entire claims process. 8 years ago I had a new roof put on after a hail storm. The deductible at that time was 1,000.00 which compared to a new roof at 8500.00 I was more than satisfied. On Monday March 6th 2017 we had strong storms come thru, spawning several tornados in the area. I was more fortunate than many, I only lost one tree and a 10 by 15 foot are of shingles.

I called AAA to file a claim, I was informed at that time the deductible had increased from the 1,000 to 1 percent of the value I have my home insured for. AAA currently has my home insured for 462,000, meaning my deductible is now 4,620.00 dollars over half the cost of a new roof. In the 20 years I have been with AAA I have watched my premiums more than double, which I accepted because of the great care I had received in the past. When I asked about the deductible increase I was told that it would have been in my annual statement back in 2015. I'm extremely disappointed that my agent Mike ** did not even have the courage to call and let me know in person. After this I will be looking for another insurance company that is for sure. What is even more upsetting is the fact I was told that it could take up to 22 business days to get an adjuster out to look at the damage, leaving my home open to the elements. Are you freaking kidding me.

Cynthia of Belleville, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

I sold my house July 15 2015, Have had my insurance for years with AAA, my homeowners was paid through my escrow account from Wells Fargo. I have contacted them, had letters sent to AAA, text messages with attachments from the mortgage company proving my insurance was paid up. And AAA, has ruined my credit with a report saying I owe them $632.00. Crazy. Again last month I spent 1.5 hours on the phone to get to the right department in Nebraska, the guy on the phone promised me he would handle this and get it cleared up.

Wells Fargo again sent me all the documentation, this is the third time. And again I forwarded it to AAA. Someone keeps dropping the ball and losing my documents. It clearly states my escrow account payments and that I did not owe. When I sold my house I sent this documentation with a letter from Wells Fargo stating I was paid in full. I can't seem to get anyone to answer the phone, or return my calls. I told them I was going to drive up to Nebraska and take them to lunch to explain if needed to, like people used to handle a problem...

John of Carmichael, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I've been a customer of AAA for over a decade. I have always been happy with their service until now. During the recent California storm, a giant tree fell on our house, fences down, water damage in house, etc. etc. Three weeks later and there is still a giant tree on my house. Even after a second adjuster came out and provided AAA with an estimate to remove the tree - even after we garnered several estimates to have the tree removed by professionals, the best I get is a very rude woman in Oklahoma named Courtney ** that says the estimates seem high to her. (They are her own adjuster's estimates.)

I cannot get a call back from my actual adjuster. I'm just getting the runaround from people in the Catastrophe department who are trying to nickel and dime us. They are extremely rude, unintelligent, and de-humanizing. I've got a hole in my house and water damage right under the hole. They insist that this water damage is caused by "seeping" in the foundation - even though they are looking at pictures of a hole right above the water damage. The best I get in response from Mr. Ty ** is "we're going to have to agree to disagree."

This is an absolute nightmare. I have no idea what happened to the AAA that used to be. We pay for homeowners insurance for a reason, and have been willing to pay AAA a little more than other companies because of the great customer service they have always provided. But that customer service is no more. We are absolutely going to be going with another company as soon as this is wrapped up.

rita of Banning, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I live in California, and we have had lots of unusual rain since the beginning of the year. I didn't think to call AAA at the time when the leak started on my roof into my house. I would put a trash cam out to catch the leak. I paid a man to go on my roof to find the leak. He put down large pieces of shingles and tar in areas he thought it was nut that didn't work. I was informed to call my homeowners insurance which is AAA. When the claim adjuster was here in two minutes he said he can't see any damage from the rain. I told them I had to have it covered or it would have continue to rain inside. It shows where the damage came inside of the house and left a hole. AAA is not what it says. I am searching for new insurance. The customer service are rude and if it was a manager I spoke with he wasn't any better. The official office is in Texas.

Elizabeth of Carpinteria, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Given the other reviews, I feel I don't have to elaborate: 25 years with AAA, 3 claims in 25 years. Water claim - all good and paid until I found another source of leak and damage (prior to repairs). Although it was all the same damage, adjuster insisted on a second claim. I paid $500 deductible again. Upon renewal, water deductible increased by 1000% to $5000. Cannot get another carrier to take us because of the two claims!!! Trapped by AAA, grrr. Be persistent; after 4 calls and denials, I got Geico who had been good with car. Premium lower for same coverage. Discovered that person at AAA wrote the policy incorrectly and undercovered for A and over for C. Steer clear of AAA. They used to be great. I don't know what happened. I filed a claim with the insurance administration

Keri of Safford, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

AAA homeowners insurance disaster experience, Oct 8, 2016, low-quality service, lies, phone dodging, delayed services. Avoid this company, no value, the lowest quality service, liars, punks, etc, feces eating weasels, failure to respond in a timely manner, nonpayment of policy clauses. After natural disaster took so-called adjuster over 30 days to view damage, claims we need to replace all windows before they will pay claim (one was broken). Have given us 2 weeks to rectify damages (without compensation) or they will cancel policy. They are no good, not one of them, phone lines were destroyed. So called claims adjuster (Grace in Oklahoma) said she could not contact us (she was given cell phone number), family was living in hotel room. These people are running a scam, no good. ADIOS pedejo AAA.

Jonathan of Rancho Cucamonga, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Initially when we found water damage, due to an appliance, we were happy to have AAA renters ins. They took care of all of our needs. We did not have to worry about a thing. Then the premium adjustment came in the mail. Going forward there would be a $5k deductible on any water damage for the whole home. Keep in mind that it was previously $500. So their policy is this - If you move into a 20 year home with a 10 year old dishwasher that leaks the risk is low and your deductible is only $500, but if you put in a new Dishwasher after finding water damage the risk is too high to cover so the deductible $5k. I hope you are getting the sarcasm here. The real risk has been replaced yet AAA insists that the deductible is now $5k for the whole home. Ludicrous!!!

I appealed 4 times to try and reach someone with a half a brain who could logically work it out and realize that the real risk of water damage is actually now much less that it was previously to no avail. I canceled my policy and got a quote from Geico. I disclosed the water damage claim in my application and not only was the coverage matched with the $500 deductible but it was also a lower Premium. Do not use AAA homeowners or renters insurance. No one in their underwriting department has a brain that they can use!!!

Raman of San Diego, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Auto and home insurance were issued and they cancelled the home insurance after 2 months because I had one small claim for water damage in 15 yrs of owning a home. I had disclosed this at the time of insurance and the agent raised the deductible to 5000 at the time of signing. They cancelled the home and when I tried to cancel the auto they charged a huge short term cancellation fee even though it was their mistake. The insurance agent was not knowledgeable and their customer service agents had no idea of what they are talking about. This is a bad club.

Michael of Saint Louis, MO on
Satisfaction Rating

Had a partial loss fire on February 8, 2016, and at first the AAA adjuster appeared to be very competent and willing to get us back on our feet. I realize now that they were leading us down the path to slaughter. Their repair estimate includes a sponge wipe and repainting of most of the walls, then ozone treated. For some unknown reason, AAA considers this a thorough job. I had to hire my own experts who are all saying that the house needs to be gutted and rebuilt. Also, after requiring us to try to clean our personal property, it's coming back looking like hell. Now, AAA is refusing to pay us to replace it. Everything still smells like smoke and our adjuster simply pushes the issue off on the contractors (they're crooks too). Their actions are putting the health of my family at risk. Horrible company and horrible experience. As soon as the lawyers are done, my business is going elsewhere. NEVER USE AAA!!!

Casey of Penngrove, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I found out while trying to get a proof of insurance card to send the DMV that AAA had decided not to cover me anymore. I don't yet know why. It seems to have happened around the same time I cancelled my renter's insurance with them, due to poor customer service. I guess that since things were bundled they just dumped both. I had assumed they would just charge me the premium difference, but apparently not. Absolutely no communication, and now I learn we've been uninsured six months or so. I'd check online, but their website is so archaic that it wouldn't do any good. A few years ago I got in a wreck and they were fine, but there's no excuse for this kind of reckless and possibly illegal activity.

Kimberly of Russellville, KY on
Satisfaction Rating

I had a house fire on September 18th. My adjuster left major things off my scope. I have broken windows from the fire department that are to be "cleaned" not replaced, sheet rock cracked and falling that he wants cleaned and painted, I could go on and on with problems with our scope. It was almost 2 weeks before we got an adjuster to our house and now they won't return my phone calls after messages left. We still are without clothes due to them having to be sent back to be cleaned 3 times and continue to smell like smoke but AAA refuses to give us the go ahead to replace. Meanwhile I have 3 children at home. They have been an absolute nightmare to deal with. We have never had a homeowner's claim until now and today receive notice they are raising our insurance $1300. I would not recommend AAA to anyone.

Jasonya of Stockton, CA on
Satisfaction Rating
I just made a claim today, 10/18/2016. I told them that there were two holes in the roof. They asked what kind of roofing I had, explained they would have an inspector come out. The claims agent, Tosha, told me that if it was approved, they would fix the roof and IF WE WANTED, they would cover the interior damage.

I come home, and my husband tells me an inspector called HIM, made an appointment, and immediately told my husband (without even LOOKING at the damage), that they would not cover the roof (exterior) damage and would only maybe fix the interior damage! WHAT??? Why the hell would the claims agent ask me what kind of roofing we had and ask if we would want INTERIOR fixed along with EXTERIOR if they DON'T cover exterior!

I feel and smell a LAWSUIT! My husband is a lawyer and he is GOOD at what he does. I will NOT put up with this. I have read the many disturbing claims from homeowners who thought they could TRUST AAA and I see that there is a HUGE problem here. Hmmm, maybe a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT? That would taste GOOD!

Ca of City, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Filed a claim for water damage to kitchen - was paid. One for bathroom - denied due to below $750.00 deductible. Adjuster booked payment to the denied claim so our record showed 2 paid claims in the last 6 years. Renewal denied. We complained. Finally it was fixed but now AAA is offering a renewal with a $5000.00 deductible. Paybacks? I get a higher premium for 1 paid claim in a 6 year period, but $5k!!!

Charles of Bakersfield, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Do not use AAA for homeowner's insurance! I had a massive leak under my kitchen sink that caused a lot of damage. The adjuster from AAA said that it was my responsibility. After 17 years without a claim they deny me when I needed them the most. Useless company that tries to get out of paying any claims. Look up all the complaints made to ConsumerAffairs. They also raised my rates right after the claim was made even though there was no coverage. AAA reputation has seriously suffered for good reason.

Barry of Waseca, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

My mother had water damage to her basement from a sump back up and sewage drain issue. She called AAA and the representative told her to call Service Master to clean up the mess as he would be covered. She proceeded down this path and then 5 days later the claims agent came out to conduct a review, during the review he told her how tired he was having to travel all over the state and that he just wanted to wrap things up quickly, she appeased his request and he left. 10 days later the adjuster Kurt and AAA representative Kris call my 78 year old mother and double team her answering her questions with No No No. My mother was very upset and called me to see if I would help. I called Service Master for their report and it indicated 100% saturation day 1 and the water source being the sump and drain which is covered under the policy.

When I called AAA Kris was unprofessional and rude. He told me he did not receive the report from Service Master and would like to see it. I said how can you take a position without reviewing all the facts so I sent it on to him. He called a few days later and was rude again stating the claim was denied because the sump line broke outside of the home creating the water issue, I stated that was not 100% correct as the sump bucket and drain caused some of the water issues as well. I asked if I could speak to his manager and he said no but gave me his number, and then stated, "You do whatever you want to do. The claim is denied." I could not believe the treatment and quickly realized the treatment my elderly mother received from the AAA team. If you are a senior, stay away from this company. They are not helpful and you are paying insurance premiums for a policy that doesn't protect you. Beware!

Debbie of Livonia, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been a AAA member for many years; I switched my car insurance to them when they began offering it and was very pleased with the smooth transition, so when homeowners insurance was also available I took that as well. I have made no claims on either policy. I was surprised by the letter I received in June that I would have to make an appointment with an inspector who would be contacting me to come and take pictures inside & outside of plumbing, electric, etc. I have made many improvements in the last few years including electrical work, new furnace, new water lines & drains & new roof.

7 weeks after the inspection I received a very curt letter informing me my home "did not meet their criteria" and my policy was being cancelled! There were 4 very minor issues listing "damaged" soffits & siding and a "missing" section of gutter. I feel like they were looking for any excuse to drop me because I have an old (100+ years) house? I am using the 6 months left on my policy to shop around for new car & homeowners insurance from a company that values and respects a good customer who's never missed a payment.

Kathy of Brownstown Twp, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

We made a claim on our roof due to wind damage. We lost several shingles and had others that broke. About 30 sq feet of roof the shingles lifted up during storm and seal was broken. Adjuster came out and said only front of house was damaged even though roofer showed me damage on back of roof. When AAA said they would only pay for the front of roof I asked to have someone come back out. This time they admitted that there was damage done to the back of the roof but here's the kicker. They told me a FEW of the shingles had the nails put into hi (about a 1/4 of an inch) and they would not cover it. Then to top it off they raised my insurance $240 a month. I am canceling my policy with AAA and so is my Mother and sister and anyone else that I can convince too. I recommend that, if you're reading this, you do too!!!

Brian of Angier, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

Signed up for AAA Homeowners insurance. Later started an in ground pool project with county work permit in place. AAA gave me 2 weeks to "have water in the pool or they would cancel the policy." (Very unrealistic requirement under the circumstances.) As deadline approached - they wanted a picture of water going into the pool. I sent them one. Then at 5 min to close of business, they said they wanted a picture of the pool full (it was filling). The next business day I get a call from my MTG company saying my policy is no longer in effect. TO HELL WITH AAA, I will now cx my AAA car insurance and cx my motor club as well. I have 4 kids, who will NEVER do business with AAA and as I can influence the next gen after that, I will too.

Breezy of South Hackensack, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

I AM VERY UNHAPPY WITH AAA. I WAS DISPLACED DUE TO A FIRE IN MY RENTED HOME. I lost everything and I had a mother daughter residence. When I called AAA the day of fire and displacement they assured me I would have some funds allocated to my account. It was a Friday and a Holiday weekend. The money never appeared. We Sat broke in our hotel room Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, and Tues. On Wed I went to bank. It was confirmed that AAA put my funds in someone else's account. Next I had to find temporary housing. After a local co. failed and had poor service assistance we found a 3 bedroom place on my own. When I called AAA to notify them the claims specialist handling my case was away on vacation for a week and he had no coverage!

Week 2 at hotel at 1800 plus dollars a week that sent me too. Week 3 begins at the hotel and still no results. I had a home with a sunporch and 2 floors of bedrooms and living space. I had a basement with a washer and dryer. I will not be told where I have to live and how I have to spend the next 6 months of my life. I am extremely disappointed with AAA and how they don't handle claims properly. There is no accounting for their lax attitudes and work ethics towards their customers. We are 4 people displaced. I am sickened and disgusted that I am being treated as non emergent. I paid my insurance faithfully as they expected. I am in need now due to fire and being displeased. I EXPECT THE SAME!

Diana of Mayville, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I called AAA after noticing the barn roof had caved in after the ice storms a couple of years ago. Not being sure if it was covered, I had the agent come and check it out. After checking the barn, she proceeded to get on top of the polebarn (I never asked her to check that roof). I had a water leak in the basement and asked if it was worth claiming. After checking that out, she said the roof was not covered but the basement leak was.

AAA sent out a crew called Professional Restoration Services who boxed everything up and took it to a warehouse stating that they would clean everything and bring it back. Months later, everything came back boxed up. I didn't open the boxes for months until I was looking for something. Unbelievably, they had placed everything in boxes and brought it back literally the same way... Nothing was ever cleaned. On top of that, they tracked black basement water all over my breezeway after I just had it cleaned. I had to pay out of pocket to have it steam cleaned again.

Then to make matters worse, I got a letter saying AAA was excluding both my barn and pole barn from my policy because of bad roofs. AAA had me go through the hassle of figuring out the value of everything and putting what year it was purchased... Only to say everything was worth 50% of the value I had listed. They paid me 2,870.00 and Professional Restoration Services over 5,000.00 just to box up my stuff and return it dirty. Nothing was ever done to clean the basement nor breezeway floors. For this only time that I ever made a homeowners claim, my insurance is significantly higher and now it is difficult to change insurances because of the one claim.

My auto insurance has been just as bad with AAA. I have gotten nowhere when I have complained. After the agent called me introducing herself and stating she was here to help me, my insurance was once again jacked up because I mentioned that my son was in the army. She asked if he stays with me when he comes home. She then put him on my insurance even though he has his own. She stated "that is the law."

Now my auto insurance is also 400.00 higher than it was. I am extremely disgusted with AAA and would never recommend them to anyone. Their practices are underhanded and definitely not pro consumer. I plan on complaining to the Better Business Bureau and anyone else to prevent other consumers from having the same bad experiences as I have had with them.

Anna of Phila, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I have AAA car insurance and was happy with it for several years, until I had a problem. Customer service was awful, agent was never available to talk, email was only an option. This year I requested a quote for home insurance. Since I already had a car insurance with AAA, I expected to get a good deal. I was not provided the quote automatically. Later in the day I was contacted by the agent via email, who sent me a list of questions I needed to answer prior getting a quote. I was not buying the insurance. I just needed a quote for purchasing a house but I was asked to provide so many little details about the house like I was a current owner.

Along with the questionnaire I was provided with a non working direct number of the agent. I responded back to the agent and asked to clarify the questions. Unfortunately, I missed the call from the agent but when I called back, the agent told me that he was busy with another caller and will give me a call back. Never received a call back. Next day I requested another quote from AAA. Another agent contacted me with the similar questions. When I answer them, she sent me my quote, which was the highest I got from other companies.

When I printed details, the value of my house for the insurance was $10K more than an actual cost of the house. They wanted me to pay for an air. I got back to the agent pointing the difference. The response was very short and rude. "I don't have any other quote for you, the system does it automatically and if I change the price of the house, the difference will be only $100." Really??? Only $100? For them it's nothing. I realize that AAA is good only until you have no problem. If there is a problem, you can't trust this company.

Laurie of Milford, NH on
Satisfaction Rating

I just switched to AAA a few months ago for both auto and home. I have had to jump through hoops for the homeowners. I was sent a list of things that needed to be done to my home - trampoline removed (understood), soot around pipe from pellet stove removed (fire hazard?), and my house painted (exposed?). They also wanted to know if my pellet stove was "home made". I didn't know there was such a thing. Anyway, I told them I would address the things over the summer and never received any additional correspondence so I assumed that time frame was satisfactory.

This morning I opened my mail to find a "refund check" for cancellation of policy and no further information. I had no idea what is what or which policy (home, auto, or both). After I called the number, and also received a return email from my contact, I discover it was canceled due to the trampoline and soot. I never received any notice - even though I was told a letter from the underwriter was sent in May. I have had no insurance since July 2. I am livid. All the items had been taken care of, I just didn't think to send pictures since I really didn't think it was a rush since they didn't reply to my email saying it would all be done over the summer. I have been waiting for 6 hours for a return call from a manager. I have no choice at this point but to re-instate through them (effective tomorrow) but I plan to find another company.

After reading these reviews, and what I have just experienced I can only imagine the kind of coverage they provide, and it is not a company I want to deal with. They were roughly $300 a year cheaper than the company I had for the last 13 years, but you know the saying "you get what you pay for". I would not recommend this company to anyone. And my contact, who was initially very helpful and polite before I switched over, suddenly had an attitude with me anytime I had questions. Live and learn.

Jackie of White Bear Lake, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

We've had AAA for about 15 years. They used to be a very good company. They have gone way downhill. We had two huge trees fall on and destroy our 30x31x12 garage. The adjuster was a jerk, impatient and argumentative. We purchased replacement value insurance and apparently our agent screwed up and didn't tell us it had a cap on detached buildings. Naturally we were upset. We wouldn't get even a third of the replacement costs. He kept defending the agent by telling us we did have replacement coverage. Frankly I think it should be illegal to sell insurance as replacement value when it replaces nothing... very deceiving. The policy had an exclusion for "out buildings" so our 30x36x12 garage was given the same consideration as an outdoor biffy. He argued every little thing when we lost everything and was rude about it. So deceived and disgusted.

Louis of Tulsa, OK on
Satisfaction Rating

Wood floors - 3/4" Oak 3" distressed Planks - were ruined due to a broken waterline flood. Adjuster came out and I received their estimate of damage. After looking at the adjusters allowed area to be replaced it was obvious by the visible "cupping" of the wood that he had underestimated the damaged area (Note: he did not do a moisture scan of the floor and substrate). I declined utilizing AAA recommended Contractors and contacted a Flooring contractor whose work I am familiar with. My contractor came out and performed a floor scan which showed the wood and also the plywood substrate over the concrete floor were saturated during the flooding and were still wet. The adjuster allowed for partial replacement of existing wood (~80% of total) with unfinished wood which would require staining to match existing. He made no allowance for replacement of the plywood substrate.

In staining the wood it would be required that the house be vacated for ~72 hours due to the fumes and the access to rooms in the house. Once again the adjuster was apparently unaware of this requirement and did not allow for temporary housing. Substrate replacement, additional damaged wood and temporary lodging were omitted from the financial insurance reimbursement offer provided me.

Upon examining the damage to the flooring my contractor (35 years in business) advised that the entire Wood Floor and plywood substrate be replaced with Pre-Stained equivalent. A 3/4" thick - 3" Oak Distressed pre-stained Plank was found which has a similar stain to the damaged floor (Bruce CR3455). The contractor presented a bid for turn key replacement for $2,013.37 more than the AAA offer. Note that AAA did not include Substrate removal and replacement, Omitted over 150 SF of damaged area, required staining and did not allow for temporary housing during staining. My contractor submitted his itemized bid to the AAA adjuster June 9, 2016. On the same date, I sent an email to the adjuster with the justification I outlined above, and attached a copy of the itemized bid and also left a voicemail on his cell phone.

After not hearing back from him I re-sent the email requesting an update. He called me saying he had been out of pocket but received my info. On 6/18 the Contractor called me to advise he had heard nothing from AAA. On June 21st I once again requested feedback with no response and on June 22nd I forward all information to the Manager of adjustments requesting a phone call -- 3:30 pm on June 23 and still no call back.

A little bit about my background/experience - I'm a licensed Real Estate Broker, Perform inspections and price opinions to Mortgage companies on the condition and repair costs on their foreclosed properties; I also am a Project Manager responsible for compiling estimates of construction repairs/new installations, and oversee the bid process and bid awards to contractors -- So this ain't my first rodeo in this arena but it's the first Homeowners claim I've made in the 20 years in my house (~5 yrs with AAA.) Needless to say I'm not impressed.

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  • One-stop shop: AAA can be a convenient place for homeowners to get all of their insurance policies, including auto insurance and pet insurance.
  • Insurance: AAA is a known for being a car insurer, and their reputation as a homeowners insurance company is much newer.
  • Customer service: AAA homeowners insurance is a large, corporate company with many employees, increasing the risk of inconsistent customer service.
  • Best for Traditional homeowners, condo owners

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AAA Homeowners Insurance Company Profile

Company Name:
Year Founded:
1000 Aaa Dr.
Postal Code:
United States