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Keystone RV recalls various Crossroads trailers

A short circuit in WiFi prep wiring may pose a fire risk

Photo source: Keystone
Keystone RV Company is recalling 1,112 of the following model year 2020 Crossroads trailers:

  • Cameo (models 3201RL, 320RL, 3701RL, 370RL, 3801RK, 380RK, 3891MK, 389MK, 3921BR, 392BR, 3961MB, 396MB, 4021FK, 402FK)
  • Cruiser (models 24RL, 27MK, 28BH, 28BH, 28RD, 28RKS, 29RK, 29SI, 30BH, 30RLS, 3311RD, 3391RL, 33BHB, 3851BL, 385BL)
  • Hampton (models 364MBL, 370FDL, 371FKL, 372FDB, 374BAR, 375DBL)
  • Volante (models 240RL, 270BH, 28BH, 295BH, 310BH, 3201IK, 3251RD, 325RD, 325RL, 326RK, 329DB, 32SB, 33DB, 3601LF, 360DB, 360LF, 370BR, 3801MD, 3851FL, 3861BL)
  • Redwood (models 3901MB, 3951MB, 3981FK, 3951WB, 3901WB, 3991RD, 400LK, 4001LK, 391RL, 390MB, 390WB) and
  • Sunset (models 185RK, 186BH, 212RB, 215BH, 222RB, 242BH, 253RB, 257FK, 259RL, 272BH, 285CK, 288BH, 289QB, 291RK, 309RK, 330SI, 331BH, 332QB)

The WiFi prep wiring may have improper circuit protection between the Wi-Fi switch and the Wi-Fi prep.

In the event of a short circuit in the wiring, there may be an increased risk of fire.

What to do

Keystone will notify owners, and dealers will correct the circuit protection free of charge.

The recall is expected to begin March 20, 2020.

Owners may contact Keystone customer service at (866) 425-4369. Keystone's number for this recall is 20-368.

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