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About Heliose

Heliose is an online solar marketplace that connects you to solar panel installers and lenders. It also calculates potential savings from solar panel installation. Quotes are provided risk-free online. There are no hidden fees, and Heliose works with a vetted installer network. Heliose services are available nationwide.

    Pros & Cons

    • Nationwide marketplace
    • Includes installers and lenders
    • Specialized service offering
    • Limited online information

    Heliose service areas

    Heliose is an online solar marketplace. It connects people with solar panel installers and lenders. Heliose is available nationwide.

    Heliose solar panels and equipment

    Heliose connects you to solar installers and lenders in your area. Because installers vary, the solar panel types and other equipment will vary. Some installers carry only one brand, and others offer a variety. However, common solar panel types and equipment include:

    • Monocrystalline solar panels: Made from single silicon crystal. Highly efficient but also more expensive. Black in appearance.
    • Polycrystalline solar panels: Made from multiple silicon crystals and less efficient than monocrystalline panels — but also less expensive. Appear blue because of the manufacturing process.
    • Thin-film solar panels: These panels are used in small solar panel kits. They’re the cheapest option but have a shorter life span.
    • Inverters: Inverters rake the sun-generated energy and convert it into usable electricity.
    • Racking equipment: Panels are mounted onto solar racks and not directly to a roof.
    • Batteries: Backup batteries store energy to be used in the event of an electrical outage or failure.

    Heliose installation

    Heliose installations vary based on the installer in your area. Heliose is a solar marketplace, not an installer. However, a typical installation process includes:

    1. Engineering site visit
    2. Permitting and documentation
    3. Equipment ordering
    4. Solar panel installation
    5. Approval and connectivity

    The entire process, from quoting your project to having functional panels installed, takes one to three months. The actual installation can be done in as little as one day, depending on the project scope.

    Heliose services

    Heliose’s service connects you to solar panel installers and lenders in your area. It doesn’t offer services like solar panel maintenance. However, it can connect you to professionals who provide ongoing maintenance and support.

    Heliose costs

    An average solar energy system costs between $14,321 and $21,960 for a 6-kilowatt (kW) system. This price is before any federal tax credit incentives. Several factors affect the overall cost of a solar energy system. These include your location, the project size and any additional equipment like a solar battery.


    Heliose connects you to potential solar project lenders through its online marketplace. Common solar panel financing types include loans, leases and power purchase agreements. Interest rates vary based on the type of loan and your financial profile.

    Heliose warranty

    Because it’s a solar marketplace, Heliose doesn’t offer its own warranty on solar panels. However, the companies it connects you to for purchasing and installations offer warranties. Most solar panels come with a 25-year warranty, according to Heliose. Companies offer warranties for parts, labor and performance.

    Heliose FAQ

    What is Heliose?

    Heliose is an online solar marketplace. It connects people with solar installers and lenders across the U.S.

    How does Heliose work?

    With Heliose, you fill out information online like your ZIP code, address and your utility provider. Heliose then recommends a system that you can customize for your needs and budget. After you choose an installer, Heliose sends your contact information to the company. Quotes are available in minutes.

    Where is Heliose available?

    Heliose is available nationwide.

    Does Heliose offer storage and monitoring options?

    Heliose can help you find installers that offer storage and monitoring options.

    When was Heliose founded?

    Heliose was founded in 2022.

    Is Heliose legit?

    Yes, Heliose offers legitimate solar marketplace services. By connecting you to installers and lenders in your area, Heliose helps get your solar panel project started. As of publishing, however, we don’t have enough reviews on our site to get a sense of how satisfied Heliose customers are.

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