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I have had a terrible experience with Quicken and I should really have known better. I wanted to turn my home equity loan (held by my bank) into a real mortgage. My reasoning was that it was too easy for me to use the loan principal, and I was making no progress with pay-off. Also, my interest rate is 5%. Quicken sent me a pre-approval letter and I decided to investigate. My first contact was a nice young man who took more information than I thought possible for a loan application. Once he knew more about me than my gynecologist, he handed me over to another young man who needed all of the information over again and really didn't understand my unique situation.

After I communicated with him for hours, he sent me to someone in the title department who made things seem very easy... then I spoke with someone else in the title department who made things seem hard. After about a month, and me providing them with more and more information, and their assessor coming to take a look at my home (when turned out to be worth about eight times the amount requested because of a huge amount of land involved), I told them that I would only want to secure the loan with my house and approximately an acre of ground.

At this point yet another man from the title department called me, told me that the whole property had to go with the loan... became very short with me (as I attempted to explain that I didn't want that to happen), and I told him to forget the whole thing. So I cancelled out the loan request. I wouldn't deal with Quicken unless I was a first time home owner. I think they may handle easy financing better, but they were certainly a disappointment to me. Oh, and they did a HARD PULL on my credit, then after I cancelled the loan proceedings, sent me a letter sounding as though they refused to loan to me rather than me backing out of the loan.

I wanted to find the company with the lowest rates, lowest monthly payments, and just adequate service. Quicken Loans truly had higher rates, higher monthly payments, and horrendous service. The parameters of my loan package changed and I informed them of this. 5 days pass, and I hear nothing. I then call them back one last time for their best and final offer. What do I get? A stumbling, someone is audibly speaking in her ear and telling her what to say, and rude customer service associate who threw out more cheap sales tactics than a used car salesman. They couldn't pay me to take their loan. Avoid them like the plague.

Hands down the worse experience ever. They left me not wanting to buy a house anymore... It started out I was approved, congrats. Then everyday they tell me "we will let you know the closing date" only to ask for more documents over and over again, pushed back my closing over and over then I'm not approved??? Why did they just waste weeks of my time?!

Be very careful when using these guys. I was promised a quick turnaround which caused me to go forward with this loan even though I had other refi items in process. I am now at week 7 on a fully W2 income verified loan with great credit and have no path to closure. These guys are a joke with no credibility. Go somewhere else if you actually want to close in a reasonable time.

I read some of the comments about Quicken and found that what I was reading sounded all too familiar, because some of what is being said actually occurred to me. I had a FHA mortgage through Quicken and was interested in re-fing to a conventional loan. Quicken ordered the appraisal. The appraisal came in $30K under what I thought it should appraise at, according to my tax bill.

I declined to do business with them and sought a local lender. I paid for a new appraisal and guess what, the appraised value was now $2k more than the tax bill that I received (which was $32K more than the appraisal I got from the Quicken appraiser). The 2nd appraiser said they use 1 of 3 systems to appraise just as the tax office does and that the appraisal shouldn't be that far off. That seemed more accurate and a local bank felt the same.

I re-fied locally, bought another property out of state 2 months later and was looking to re-fi it due to the interest rate I received. I applied with Quicken (due to the convenience of applying online), was approved and the process started. I told Quicken I had a private loan that I was looking to get a FHA loan and that I had a 2 month old fha appraisal (in hopes of moving things along quickly and to avoid the cost of another one. Fha appraisals are good for 120 days). I was required to pay for another appraisal anyway.

3 weeks into the process and after the appraisal was conducted, I received a document to waive delivery of my appraisal until closing. I did not sign it, instead asked the mortgage broker what the appraised value was. The appraisal was not made available to me so I couldn't review it at that point. He told me that it wasn't enough to cover the loan so I needed to come out of pocket another $5k. WHAT!!!

I declined to continue the process at that point because the appraised value he quoted me was $20k less than the appraisal that I has just received 60 days prior. Again, low balled on the appraised value. I'm not understanding why this has occurred again. Today, 4 days after declining to finish the process (and because I paid) the appraisal was made available for review through the My Documents section of the process. Guess what, the appraisal was not $20k below the last appraisal. It was $7k lower, which was $13k more than the loan request. The mortgage banker lied. Why? I'm very discouraged with their "reel 'em in" and manipulate the process tactic. BE AWARE!

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Originally offered an under 3% for 15 years, so authorized $400 for appraisal on 7/12. Get a call at ~8:30 that night from a person whose initials were B who advised they could not write that loan. "Tell him we'll talk in morning." At 6:30 on 7/13 tell them (B, O and K) by email "We may still be able to do business, but we will not be rushed and until we do decide to proceed we demand the $400 deposit toward appraisal charge to my credit card be reversed BEFORE we speak." As of 7/13 no charge had been made and I spoke with B and expressed my dismay at the new loan being offered. I also made it clear verbally that I was not authorizing an appraisal.

On 7/16 learn that an appraiser wanted to schedule. I then sent email on 7/16 that "Until if and when we are agreed more concretely on terms. I am not paying for an appraisal. I am not in position (unsecured) to check my credit card, BUT if it has been charged those charges MUST BE REVERSE IMMEDIATELY." Subsequently learned today (back to secure server) they charged my card on 7/16. Now Quicken Loans has had the use of the money for 8 days and counting. I am of the opinion they are thieves.

Quicken Loans is awesome! I gave Quicken a call in April after trying several lenders local and national. Quicken was the friendliest and most professional. Other lenders did not have accurate credit information or accurate qualification criteria as Quicken did. The loan officer gave me a pre-qualification over the phone after running my credit which I gave him approval for. I was sure I wanted shop for a mortgage at this time so multiple inquiries wouldn't affect my credit score as much. So I finally found a home in June. There were a few speed bumps but the mortgage team was easy to get a hold of. My ql is easy to work with. Uploading docs was easy and fast. They did require a lot of docs but this is common with any lender and underwriting process.

FHA especially is more strict since the housing crash. Appraisal was the only thing that took over 2 weeks to get in but I hear this is pretty common as well. But appraisal came in over sale price. I've received my closing disclosure and I am scheduled to close in a few days. The two individuals I worked with throughout the process Jennifer and Landon went above and beyond with their customer service. My agent was skeptical like a lot of gold about Quicken. Now he's a believer and Is recommending them to his other clients. Thank you Quicken Loans during this stressful milestone of my life.

I have had a great experience with Quicken Loans. The figures I received have been accurate and I've always received return phone calls in a prompt manner. I am very close to closing and do not foresee any problems. They require a lot of documents however the professionalism and quick response has given me confidence that my loan will close without any hurdles.

I asked about a refinance and gave the info to the agent. I told him I did not want a hard credit pull two times as we talked less than 6 months ago and to use that report to get a rough idea on how much my payment was and if it would be worth it. Got a notice the following day that I had a hard pull from Quicken. That told me I was dealing with a 3 star lender with a 1/2 star agent and to never consider using them. I spoke to Joshua ** and was told he would take care of removing the hard pull. A week later he called and said he couldn't do anything as it was common practice for an agent to do a credit pull even though I asked not to do that and then was told a bunch of lies. He was rude and acted like an **. Beware of Quicken. They are thieves and liars. Mr. ** number is ** if you would like to call him and ask why he is such an **.

Refinance with Quicken Loans. Don't do it. They reel you in with a good looking estimate, and down the line, when you are already $490 out of pocket for the appraisal (not a competitive rate at all) and having a (hard) inquiry on your credit, the numbers don't look so good anymore. At the time the Redisclosure Package came in I notified all my contacts at QL (and you will be in contact with A LOT OF PEOPLE) that the numbers were off. The originator blamed his verification team, apologized, then suggested I would make up their error with my escrow refund from my other mortgage. Stuck with a higher loan amount and payment than applied and approved for. For the next 30 years. Thanks. Please, do find a LOCAL, someone that you can actually see and talk to. Someone that does not treat you as a number. Peace.

They are the most RIDICULOUS and INEXPERIENCED people I have ever dealt with. They never return your emails/calls unless you post a message on their website. Then you have to wait 24+ hours to get a return message or phone call. It started great then it went downhill from there. When your application gets moved to a new department and is assigned to someone new, no one notifies you of the change. When there are issues to be dealt with, no one notifies you of the issues until you ask for a status update. If I knew that they treated their customers this way, I would have never started an application with them. For a company that brags about having the latest technology, their customer service rating is 0!

I was simply asking for information and the broker Paul ** asked if he could pull my credit rating. Since I hadn't even applied for a loan, I agreed, only to find out later that they pulled a hard inquiry without even telling me. Annoyingly, the broker Paul ** refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing hiding behind the recording of the phone call and saying I should have known that when an institution asks for the credit rating it pulls a hard inquiry. That may be true if you APPLY for a loan, which I never did. My advice? Stay away from companies that don't operate in a transparent manner.

You cannot get a straight answer from Quicken Loans on the home buying process. Everyone tells you something different. We were told we needed $1700.00 for closing costs on an FHA mortgage. Got the required homeowners insurance. Then 2 weeks later we were told because of taxes and insurance our closing costs will be $2800.00. Now here we are 11 days til closing and their agent at Quicken is trying to tell us we need $4000.00 to close. FHA requires 3.5% down. Is way more than 3.5% on a $67,000 house. I tried their online chat and when I demanded the number for their CEO they disconnected the chat. I am disgusted.

I have been a lawyer for 50 years and in Real Estate for over 30. I have participated in hundreds of closings as a lawyer and principal. Never have I had such a difficult time as I just had with Quicken on a simple refinance. My client was looking to borrow some additional money on his Coop apartment. He wanted to borrow 12% of the appraised value which would have raised his monthly payments by only $500 per month due to a reduction in interest rates. His income was easily able to pay that and he had additional unmortgaged real estate in 7 figures. A slam dunk? No.

After several months and dealing with no fewer than 10 people at Quicken we finally closed. Every few days a new name would appear with additional questions or objections and demanding more documents. Many who wrote were unaware of previous conversations. To add insult to injury when we closed finally, rates had come down but we were locked into a higher rate. I will not go back to them. Give me a conventional bank or broker you can talk to face to face anytime.

If you are a sole proprietor forget this company if you have any business debts. They deduct them from your net income and your gross income because "that's the way we do it at Quicken Loans!" I was pre-approved this morning and they called me at around 5 PM and declined. Thanks QL for lowering my credit score for your incompetence.

I'm buying a home for the first time and decided to apply for a loan with quicken after shopping around to get the best interest rate. The quicken loans specialist that I spoke with (Tarek **) initially seemed to be very helpful and speedy, as I was eager to close on a house. He helped me through the pre-approval process. He was fast talking and seemed to be incompetent, however I attributed this to Quicken likely being a quantity not quality business... BIG RED Flags started to show up.

Then came the actual loan application... Little did I know this was the beginning of a nightmare. Every day I sent more and more documents and every day he swore that nothing else was needed. Then like clockwork, the following day there was always "one more thing needed for the underwriting team to review from me". Finally after a few weeks of nonstop submission of documentation and almost never being able to get in touch with this guy, he said my loan application was approved and the following week we would move to closing and title. When I call the following week to check on the status, all of the sudden my loan application was denied. I was informed by another agent that it was never approved. It was all lies from the start!!! Stay far, far away!!!

Working with Quicken Loans and with an agent that was too close to my mortgage company should have been a big NO NO! Everyone planning to buy a home expects the process will be stressful and at times frustrating, but my experience with my loan officer and my real estate agent was at times painful. It started with Jay, a loan officer that pre-qualified me for a conventional loan without looking at my 2014 taxes. The only reason you should go with Quicken Loans is because of their conventional loans and incentives, so after a week or two of paperwork I am told I do not qualify for a conventional loan, but that a credit report specialist will help me to gain a few more points and I would qualify. Quicken Loans refers me to a company that will match me with a real estate agent. That's when I meet David ** at Keller Williams in West Hollywood.

It started bad. The market in Los Angeles is fast paced and very little inventory of homes. He would not call back, text or reply to my emails. So I signed up to Zillow, Trulia and other apps and started doing my own research. I saw only a few properties before I decided to buy one and most of the properties I found them online, it was not my agent. His job was to open the door and while I was viewing the home he was on his cellphone discussing other matters. I would not mind, but I thought it was not professional, at least take a minute to check the home, tell me about the amenities, sell me the home.

I found myself constantly following up and making sure he was not dropping the ball. Most of the time it sounded like he had dropped the ball. When you need to close within a timeframe, you need the peace of mind that your agent is on top of every detail. I ended up discussing the possibility of changing real estate agents and mentioned it to him, but that did not make any difference. David kept insisting it was a matter of paperwork and the loan officer not doing the extra effort, but that I would qualify for a conventional loan and me being a first time buyer, I trusted him, but he could not deliver and I ended up paying huge sums of money in closing costs and taxes and getting screamed at by my loan officer.

I guess my 1-bedroom home was not enough (in terms of commissions), so he suggested I buy an investment home "with all the money" I would get back (credits). I thought it was a crazy idea at first, but many people suggested I should do it. The idea ended up being extra stress on top of everything else because David would not follow up on it. I had to fill out all the paperwork with a different loan officer. When I had the issues with the loan officer screaming at me and asking for paperwork I had already submitted, I explained the situation to David and he said he would talk to Quicken Loans so he would not work with us. It did not happen. I continued getting calls from the loan officer. I was not sure where was the loyalty since the real estate agent was referred by a company related to Quicken Loans. They knew each other and had worked with each other in the past.

The last issue I had was during closing. My real estate agent left on a trip to New York, so during the closing period I did not hear from David not even once and his assistant was having a hard time reaching him for important matters related to the closing. It was added stress. When he got back he was supposed to pick up the keys and do a final walkthrough of the home. I was asked to do it myself, and at the end I was not able to do a final walkthrough and had to sign without looking at the property. You’re buying your home without making sure all the repairs were done, the property had no additional issues. It was awful.

I was harassed over text message by the Quicken Loans loan officer, texting me late at night asking me not to get him in trouble, blaming someone else for his screw-ups. He even offered to pay for the extra days of rent I would have to pay for causing a delay in the closing date from his own personal money, which freaked me out since this is nothing personal. I am sure David must be great for big homes. He is friendly and it seems like he knows his stuff, but for first time buyers or people looking for something that will not bring him huge commissions, I would not recommend him. I am still waiting for some paperwork. He said he would bring three days after closing and it’s been almost a month since I’ve been at my new place and he still has not delivered it – not very professional.

Responded to email advertisement. Initially, it seem to go smoothly but then they kept demanding to ask questions over the phone during the initial inquiry such as who my insurance was with, agent contact info, etc. I requested that send me written questions so I could respond in a manner that would not waste our time rather than having them hold on the phone while I search for the information. Many of the questions were ones that would only be necessary if their rates were reasonable and competitive. I would then be emailed by a different agents (3 times) concerning my possible loan. I gave up and decided to try the "Rocket" method but the original agent interceded so I could not use "Rocket Loan" service. I then get an email from a higher titled loan person apologizing saying they would correct the situation. The next day I get an email stating a 20 and 30 year rates and charges. I then get an email from a fifth agent offering loan services.

About 3 hours after I received the one liner info for the 20 and 30 year rates. I get another email asking what I was going to do and if they should scrap my file since I had not responded in the 3 hour time frame. To make things more ridiculous, their rates were not competitive. I wasted over two weeks trying to deal with them. This was a refinance of a $300K property for a 100K with a credit score of 800+. I ended my loan process.

Very frustrating working with these people who give you different answers every time you talk to someone. In May, I applied for a home loan just under me and it was approved, then later was denied due to student loans. Tried adding my husband but his score was a bit low. Since then we repaired his credit and made sure what was showing shouldn't be considered since we paid off and caught up on his bills. I reapplied, and again was approved. I talked to a representative and made sure that I was still approved and not to get mixed up with the original application. He said I was fine and to start looking for my home and that the offer was good until the end of July.

I didn't feel easy about it so I called again and I get a response saying they never reactivated my application and that we are denied again. I told them about my husband's credit changes and they are still looking at old information, everything is up to date yet they couldn't see any of that. I am happy I decided to call before house hunting, it would have ended up being a nightmare finding a home and then being denied. They need to get their act together and learn how to read documents.

I became disabled in 2014. In 2015 Quicken told me I could refinance my two loans if I gave them a $400 deposit. I did and they turned me down. Said my credit score wasn't high enough. In 2016 they called me again and said "Now your credit score is high enough and we can refinance you." They took my $400 (remember I'm on fixed income) and then turned me down again. This is bait and switch. If Quicken loans calls, run for the hills.

I work for a Lender as an Account Executive so I understand my guidelines!! When a scenario comes across my desk I know how to answer the borrowers or brokers questions. I don't pull credit first like Quicken Loans wants to do. Watch out Quicken Loans Loan officers are quick to pull credit! I called Quicken Loans and spoke with two different loan officers and explained my scenario. I did not want them to pull my perfect credit which is a 790 FICO. I asked them if they can work with me, I have been at my job for less than 1 year.

The first Loan Officer would not help and could not answer any of my questions, she was adamant about pulling my credit. So I hung up, called back and spoke with another Loan Officer. Again this loan officer had no idea how to answer my questions. Each time she put me on hold to ask her supervisor. After 30 minutes of her badgering me about needing to pull my credit, I accepted. Then she took my email and phone number and said she would call me back the next day.

The next day she called and said she could not help me because I was not in my current job for more than two years. She can't refinance my house due to the job qualifications. This is a horrible business practice, pulling credit hurts the credit score! The Loan Officers should have known their guidelines! In many cases if a FICO score is on the edge of qualifying for a certain program and is pulled and pulled the FICO will go down and disqualify the borrower. I've seen this happen many times and the borrowers can do anything about it! I wanted to educate everybody about this horrible business practice Quicken Loans is doing so you will not have this happen to you. Be aware, Quicken Loans is not a place to get customer service with your house refinance or purchase. The Loan Officers do not know their guidelines!!

We wanted to refinance our home and get out from under Chase and Wells Fargo. We called Quicken, spoke with Candice who is a sweet, fast talker and good at roping you in. A $500 deposit later, a lower interest rate and we were actually happy. We uploaded all the documents, because we understand that refinancing is just like starting over and they need all that information again. Fast forward two weeks and I thought we were close to being done. Then they sent out a two but appraise who actually told us "nothing has sold in your area, so I'm gonna have to come in low."

When we questioned him he became very hostile. Turns out when he came in 20k under market, Quicken decided to change our loan without a phone call to us. There were more fees, our deposit disappeared, now there was mortgage insurance, and we were gonna pay just under what we are paying now. When I questioned this, our loan was transferred to a solution consultant, who proceeded to "fix the numbers." She wrote yet another Liam which changed everything again.

When I complain that it wasn't what we wanted, she apologized via an email and told me she would fix it. Forward to our fourth estimate which now includes a $26,168 down payment. Run as fast as you can. This bait and switching is illegal not to mention immoral. What a terrible company. Tell all your friends and family to stay far away. They have not once helped me, just continued to make it worse. I have messaged them again but I know it will be more of the same. It's a shame, I was really hoping there was a company out there that carried out customer retention.

I'm hoping that at least one person reads this and avoids this company. Save the time and heartache. My husband lost his job 10 years ago and we've been working hard to improve our credit and buy a house. The local banks all wanted huge down payments, but Quicken pre-approved us for our dream house - not a huge amount of money, but we were happy. My husband gave me the pre-approval paper for our 20th wedding anniversary. I even talked to the sales guy, Bill **, who congratulated me and said he was so happy he could help.

Then the nightmare began. We just keep getting strung along with more and more documents. For 3 months they've had this loan, and now a week before closing (that's been pushed back 5 times) they want copies of our leases from our last 2 houses. This is on top of 24 months of rent receipts, then bank statements proving the money came out (and not liking the info we sent and requesting more). This is after telling us to use our credit cards to keep "as much money as possible" in our checking account, but then re-pulling our credit because "the process is taking too long" and needing more documentation because our credit went down because of usage. When my husband says, "We can pay down the cards and my score will go back up" the response was, "We aren't credit counselors".

Arguments over non-existent student loan accounts, even after sending proof everything was up to date. We received a monetary gift from a friend and even after filling out gift statements and sending HER bank statement, we had to draft a letter saying how we have such a close relationship when she's not family. You send them things, and they ask for the same things again. Just when you think you have sent everything, they start in on something new.

In the meantime, our lease was up and we are "camping" and living with our parents because we feel like if we pull out they'll charge us fees, or worse, give us the loan after we find a rental. But we can't last like this more than a week or so (we have 3 kids, and both of us have jobs). When my husband asked the guy if they ever use common sense, the guy says to him, "I've been in the banking industry for 11 years and I have never been allowed to use common sense." They are a scam. They will string you along with no intention of giving you a loan they "pre-approved" you for. I feel like they stand around the break room with their best stories of documents they made people send.

It is sad to read the unfortunate experiences that several people have had with Quicken Loans. After being victims of the housing market crash, our credit had always kept us from buying a new home. We never thought it would be possible for many years to come. Quicken Loans made this all possible. From the first phone call to the closing, the experience was wonderful. Brooke ** took us through the entire first portion of the process and true to her word, answered the phone in the evening and on weekends. Tiara ** pulled everything together and made sure we were beyond ready for the closing.

Suzette ** went above the call to get our closing finished even when the sellers did not cooperate. The online uploading of documents and digital signatures were a lifesaver. We even were able to log in on vacation and sign documents so that the process was not impeded. We received updated emails on a regular basis and frequent phone calls just to touch base. This meant a great deal when you are nervous about something going wrong or deals falling through.

Many times during the process, the Quicken Loans staff assured us that they were working for us and we did not feel alone in the process. We would certainly recommend Quicken Loans to friends, co-workers and family. Not all experiences were like ours and we realize that not everyone's loan and situation is the same. We can only tell people our story and it was a positive one.

I had a 727 credit score yesterday. After inquiring about Quicken Loans offers, I had a bazillion phone calls from prospective lenders, yet today had a 644 credit score because I had 77 inquiries on my credit - multiple from sources like Wells Fargo and others. Thanks Quicken Loans - when my home loan doesn't get approved, expect a lawsuit from our state's Attorney General. I've already provided them the information of your SCAM!

How frustrating. Total waste of time. Wanting to refinance to complete minor work and flooring. We cannot physically finish work ourselves. In order to have appraisal we need to complete work. In order to get loan we need appraisal. Waste of time and a load of frustration.

We were approved for a loan in 2015. I'm self employed and told them they wouldn't be able to use my income so we qualified with my husband's income. We were submitting an offer and after uploading dozens of documents, I asked them to make sure we were as qualified as possible, I didn't want any surprises. More uploading of documents and we were assured we were good to go. Offer was submitted and accepted, deposit went into escrow and Quicken came back to say "OOPS, we used your income when we qualified you and now you are qualified for $100k less than you thought." Totally their fault as we discussed this several times. We had a guy who didn't know what he was doing and lost the house. I would never use them for a loan again.

I contacted Quicken Loans in July, and closed on the house at the end of August. They were more than helpful and very courteous during the whole process, explaining anything and everything that I needed to know. The paperwork was a bit much, but they helped you do it, and it was actually very simple to do. They requested a payment for the appraisal, but I received a check at closing for the exact amount. I got a zero down VA loan through them, and I look forward to using them again.

My experience with Quicken Loans was a waste of time. After spending hours on the phone and dealing with documents I had to withdraw my application. The agent's promise was for an easy and quick closing with no surprises. The surprises actually occurred after I downloaded my pay stub and W2 form. They wanted more and more documents and some of them did not make any sense.

So, first of all the agent offered me a 30 year loan which would take me back to the first year into paying more interest than a principal and refinancing would not make any sense. After calculation, I decided to do 20-year loan. The agent rolled my escrow in the amount of the loan which would make my payment higher. At the end though the closing cost was suppose to be zero. According to their promise, the documents that the loan officer gave me to sign were with a sum of almost $8000. Honest, fair, just and ethical business should be the credo of all financial institutions.

Decided to refinance my house because my wife and I decided we wanted to have kids. Refinancing would save on our monthly house payment to be able to support our family's needs. After 1 year we received a letter from the mud district saying our taxes were delinquent. I sent the information to Quicken Loans because this was included in our monthly payment. After their investigation I received an email from Quicken Loans telling me unfortunately the title company they use (TITLE SOURCE) forgot to include the mud tax in my loan. I explained to them the reason for my refinance was to save money. I am now paying $100.00 plus per month. Had I known I was going to pay more per month I would have never refinanced my house with Quicken Loans. Who refinances their house to pay more money? I am now struggling to meet my family's needs due to this. I would never recommend this company to anyone.