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I tried to do a pre-qualification with Rocket Mortgage and was promptly turned down by some young thing telling me I didn't have enough credit experience. She then gives me a written diatribe on how to fix my credit. This was all done via a chat window. Funny, my credit goes back to 2001 and I've worked for some banks in the past. Plus I had already pulled my 3 bureaus a few days before, so I know what I was looking at. They use Equifax as a bureau, which is crap IMO. Guess they're too cheap to use EXPERIAN, the gold standard in credit reporting. Whatever. I'll go somewhere else.

Do NOT put all of your eggs in one basket by only sticking with QL. They will drag their feet and not disclose everything to you until you're a few weeks away from closing... then BAM!! Out of nowhere they tell you that something can't be done because of their OVERLAY. Their website is easy to navigate, but that's the only positive I have to say. I would NEVER do business with them again and I WOULD NOT tell others to use them. If you make that mistake, have another lender on board so you don't lose your sale. They will throw a curveball in the bottom of the 9th to RUIN your plans to close and THEY DO NOT CARE. Be cautious and read the reviews.

I contacted Quicken Loans and was quickly separated from a $500 processing fee. Not only did I not get my mortgage after 62 days of paperwork and more paperwork. NOT! The $500 fee is B.S. That's to get you invested early on. The person you are talking to has ongoing contests and numbers they have to meet for their personal goal in their 60 hr a week, eat lunch at their desk nightmare of a job. They just want your number on their monthly tally board. This was a nightmare.

Not only that but quicken wanted to charge me $3547 for points it went from 3.99% to 3.75% which was actually less than a quarter point for that ridiculous sum. I only found out about the charge when quicken sent me the final disclosure notice. I was then sent a letter that stated my loan was not approved Collateral not an accepted Property type Credit application incomplete even though I was given a final disclosure document. Run people Run as fast as you can from Quicken Loans. They are the worst. They will not return my $500 so I will also report them to HUD as a Predatory Lender. I hope the fine take care of everyone they have screwed.

I was refinancing my house through Quicken Loans and they never answered their phones. Everything was by email and I like to talk to someone "live". I got ripped off $400 for an appraisal and then they said that I didn't qualify because the guy that appraised my house was awful and was there for 10 minutes. I went through another lender and got approved and am done but I am telling you to stay away from Quicken Loans. Very unprofessional, liars and I keep getting mail from them, like I would call and use them. BYE BYE and Good Riddance.

Whenever an increase needs to be added to escrow, QL sends a account information page and indicates when a payment must be made to avoid an increase in MTG payment. Even when the payment is made before the due date, QL still increases the MTG payment for the next month. When questioned, they will add the "extra" to the principal. That is not for Customer Service, that is for their convenience.

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Quicken Loans has to be one of the worse loan companies I've ever known. They got me not wanting to buy a home. Gave me a preapprove letter, gave them the documents, they said was good. Everything was fine according to my loan officer Steve **. This guy doesn't have a clue. He said he didn't need anything else from me. We got signatures from the seller and broker. Got the gift letter for the down payment, just so he can come the next day and say "We can't use some of your income, so you need a cosigner." What!!! I make nearly a 100,000 per year, credit score over 640, and still cant get a loan through these guys... They're so full of it! PLEASE DONT USE THIS COMPANY!!! RUN!!!

NO STARS!!! As a 16 year veteran of selling real estate, I make sure my clients NEVER have to deal with Quicken. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, they are a nightmare. I am one of many, many listing agents who will not accept a purchase offer from a buyer using Quicken. There are just too many ways for it to fall apart. They have very young, totally inexperienced "loan officers" (I use that term very loosely) who each have a small piece of the puzzle.

They like to tell the consumer that they have a "team" working on their behalf. In truth, NOBODY is working on the buyer's behalf. None of them are allowed to have a real conversation with your Realtor. The person YOU hired to help you manage buying a house. They quickly (Quickenly) do everything they can to separate you from the agent you worked with. They put us on a portal that allegedly keeps us updated on your progress. It doesn't. They know we will be on the phone driving them nuts to do their job. They say it's a "privacy" issue.

I worked with a couple who work for Quicken as their Buyer's Agent. I had to go through Quicken because they did. NEVER AGAIN! Even their closing was a nightmare. No lender can do a loan as fast (quickly) as they advertise they can. Each individual is led to believe that the problems are unique to them. NOT! The $400 fee is B.S. That's to get you invested early on. The person you are talking to has ongoing contests and numbers they have to meet for their personal goal in their 60 hr a week, eat lunch at their desk nightmare of a job. They just want your number on their monthly tally board.

I could go on and on but you get the picture. Ask almost any experienced realtor. The good news? More and more people that I meet are hearing the nightmares and tell me that they would never even talk to anyone from Quicken. Spread the word & help others not fall into their trap. I'm just glad that I can put this down in this way to send a warning out to anyone looking for the truth. I've been through it with them numerous times. Never again.

Stay away from Quicken Loans. I was selling my house and buying another, QL told me I was pre-approved. Husband of broker bought my house and Quicken was aware of it. After dragging their feet for 2 weeks Andy who was the rudest most arrogant jerk I have ever dealt with calls me and informs me with a great deal of happiness that they will not give me the loan due to conflict of interest. Do yourselves a favor and go to a real lending institution.

I recently started to refinance a mortgage because of the initial contact at Quicken Loans. She seemed very Customer focused and answered most of my questions. I then was handed off to Rob, Chelsea#1, Andrew, Chelsea#2, a Supervisor Jim, Chelsea #2, the Mortgage underwriting department, Jeff, and finally Chelsea#2 again! This occurred not over the promised lock period of 30 days or so but 78 days and several lock options (not) and I still cannot get a closing date. My information is stellar. All information was completed and returned same or next day to Quicken. They now are asking for documents to be returned again, and again, and again and claim that everyone else- ie, third party representatives are not providing timely or accurate information back to them.

So, I asked Wells Fargo if they were not returning documents and they told me that Quicken is the worst in the business. The Wells underwriter stated that no other bank he has worked for except Quicken have demanded that Customers provide all student loan information and co signatures on student loans from families with several children who are currently enrolled. He also stated that the information was provided on time, but that Quicken wanted the documents faxed in a certain way!

I then talked with my Homeowners agent who provided the disclosures pages from my policy to Quicken. They were told to resend the documents because they would not accept a binder of coverage. Not once or twice - three times! Get ready for a long wait, no action, and then you end up doing all the legwork to get what they want. And I hope you are willing to have no contact during the week, but then have your Friday late afternoons and Saturdays interrupted for important notices, emails, (which always come duplicated and followed up by a phone call), and no timely responses. Folks, it's been 2 months going on 3. RUN, Don't walk... Stay away from these snakes!

Started out to be very nice and polite. Ended up being less than accommodating. They overcharge on their closing costs. They do not try to work with you. They tell you that someone else is working on it. They are unable to transfer a simple appraisal that has been paid for. I would not recommend them if they were the only company out there.

We began with Quicken May 16, 2016. After giving them the initial info, we got a preapproval for $143 K. We found a house and the bid was accepted. After constant requests for info, I sent and copied everything asked for. Our Agent "B" sounded a little too new, but we went ahead because we already had gone so far. We got a closing for Sept 2. Then, come to find out after I could no longer access my Quicken acct, (thankfully I printed out all info on the acct), I called and asked for "B" supervisor. Mr. T called me and apologized for not supervising "B" accts as she was new, and he redid the loan. Then more requests, I complied with requests. I even had to ask a relative for a "Gift letter" for a certain amt in case we couldn't come up with the closing costs. I did that too. We paid for the inspections of the house, over $700.00. Sent $1,000.00 to the title firm. Paid $400.00 for appraisal for house.

Today, Mr. T called and said credit score was too low, they couldn't approve the loan, but then said he'd do some checking and call me back. Come to find out, they ran the credit score so many times, it lowered the score. NOTHING else was different. Now, we're set to close Sept 2, but don't have the loan as far as I know. Mr T was to call me back after he tried to fix things but didn't. I called him and had to leave a message. Thank god I have copies of everything. As of right now, I don't know if we'll close or not. I do NOT recommend Quicken loans. I feel scammed. After nearly 3 months of stress and anxiety, I still don't have a answer. Plus out the money we paid out. We have the income, but no answers.

Updated on 08/22/2016: Update from before. As of today, our loan has been unapproved. Only 11 days before our closing date. Reason they give? "Does not meet requirements of Program qualifications". YET, they continuously pulled HARD credit reports KNOWING that hard pulls DECREASE your credit score. We started off on May 16, 2016 with no problems and a PRE-APPROVAL letter for $120 thous. Then Quicken upped it to $143 thousand. After doing everything that was asked, paperwork...etc. After our "first" rep told us there was no problem with the score dropping that they would use the score from the FIRST PULL...now, after 3+ months, my husband's credit damaged. We are 11 days to closing and we're DONE. NO HOME, NO LOAN, NOTHING.

We're out over $700.00 in inspection fees for the house, hopefully Quicken does as they claim, (I doubt it) we should get the $400.00 back from the appraisal, and hopefully the $1,000.00 from the title company we had to pay for in advance. If you are buying a house, remortgaging or selling...please...RUN!!! This has been one promise after another, 4 different agents or whatever they call themselves...and 3 months of HELL. They pull HARD CREDIT reports that DO DAMAGE to your credit. From May 17th to now (8/22-16) they have pulled 7 hard credit reports.

We'll see if they come through with their promise of reimbursement of the $400.00. I seriously doubt it. Nothing else they told me has come true...not even close. I am so angry for being put through 3+ months of hell. They told me today, the loan "may" got through in 30-45 days, but what SELLER would agree to that? That's why when they sent me a note saying the loan could NOT be approved, I said fine... DONE. At this point it gets me the heck away from QUICKEN LOANS.

I just had a very bad experience with a Quicken Loans advisor (Korey **). While trying to understand where the fees and rates were coming from as I had received a couple other options from various lenders and Quickens rates and closing costs were coming a bit higher the loan advisor began yelling at me. I actually had to ask him to stop yelling at me. His response was that he is just so passionate about what he does. That is NOT any excuse! Not how I want to be treated as a potential consumer and possible customer. NO way!

Was using another mortgage company to purchase a home. Got tired of their bs so I searched for another and chose Quicken Loans. The man I first talked to was pleasant and professional. Took my info got me settled to thinking this would be quick and done within the time frame of our purchase agreement. Got the process started and a week before close date they had to push it back a week. Then it was pushed back again. Always for some other info needed. They took me out of the loan which removed my income. The appraiser said a licensed foundation inspector needed to inspect the basement. I had to yell at someone to get them to take the inspection I had done earlier. Then they found my son's debt to income ratio was now off so they needed more for down payment. Put my income back in as rent. Then pushed close date back again.

After a few days I suddenly had a close date. But then two days before it got pushed back again because they didn't get the info into their system in time for the close. All in all I have had to deal with over five people to date. The closing has been pushed back five times now. I was told I would be on the title but not the loan. And today I was told that I was not on either the title or the loan. So to date, the closing I was told that could happen within 30 days has now been almost 60 days. And even now I cannot be sure that the date they say will be the actual closing date is even going to happen. I will never ever use this company again. And will tell anyone I know that they should steer clear of them. They are totally incompetent and unprofessional.

From the beginning, we were not told the truth, we were given over to numerous other reps. We told them what we wanted - never got it. Before we were to close, everything had changed.

It was actually my daughter's first home, we were helping her thru this and there were times where she called us crying. She dealt with 7 different people throughout this process which did not get finished, and when one person would say something, the next person would say, "No you didn't have to do that". Then because we gifted her money to help out, they wanted our bank statements. I was going to give them a VOD (verification of deposit) which is what our credit union faxes to mortgage companies, they said that wasn't good enough.

I will never recommend this company to another, they were not professional and didn't know what they were doing. My daughter realized my name was on her bank account, so technically it wasn't a gift, but a money transfer. When she informed the last person about this, he said, "No because your mom's name isn't going to be on the house." My husband and I tried talking with several people to help her with this and we also got different stories.

Horrible and stressful experience with this company. Was given a pre-approval letter that was valid for 90 days. Found a house within 30 days. After paying $400 fee, providing bank statements, tax returns, W2s, etc., and weeks of stress I was told my debt to income was too high to approve loan. They had all of this information from my credit report and my initial application when I was pre-approved so they could have told me this upfront and before I was put through all of the unnecessary stress! I am relocating due to a job transfer and now I only have a couple of weeks to find a home! I would not recommend this company to anyone!!

Unreal how poorly educated on their own products and rules. Unfortunately we are too close to closing to change to another lender... I was pre-qual by QL and went home shopping. After finding a home they told me their review dept had not noticed my short sale on credit report? What? And I was no longer approved. I called and spoke to multiple people and was approved FHA and told I would be able to refi just 3 months after closing due to date of short sale. Guess what? Was then told that was wrong and I had to wait another 12 months to refi?

In addition I am going to echo comments of others here about the stupid number of phone calls and emails from multiple people asking for things over and over, very high-pressure tactics and very unprofessional. If we were not so close I would walk away, I will not refi with them/recommend them/ever use them again and I have advised multiple colleagues of how poor the experience was and to definitely not work with them. Completely not acceptable - your licensed mortgage brokers do not know how to read a credit report and do not know short sale guidelines. A zero star if I could have given one.

I had contacted Quicken Loans for information on a refinance to get a shorter term mortgage and lower interest rate. After a few phone calls back and forth a gentleman named Chad told me he had the perfect loan for me. The closing costs were $6100.00 and it was a 30 year loan at 3.875%. I almost laughed. I had told him I did not want to incur closing costs and I wanted a 15 year loan. After telling him NO, I received phone calls twice a day, which I did not pick up, and finally the calls were reduced to one time a day after two weeks. I also received a loan letter to sign yesterday. Last night I had had enough and picked up and told them if they called me again I would contact Federal Banking Commission. They put me on the DO NOT CALL list. After my experience I would NEVER use them or recommend them.

We recently sold our home and was looking for a new mortgage preapproval for a new house. Our credit scores were 750 and excellent debt to income ratio so we felt this would be an easy process. After calling Quicken Loans they took our information and ran a credit check only to receive a preapproval in minutes. Great! We thought but after sending all of our information the next day they requested we would feel comfortable making offers. Our loan agent Nick ** was great the first day but would not return our phone calls after that. After leaving messages with supervisors we still had no answer on our loan approval. Thankfully after spending 4 days waiting we decided to use another company. We were not comfortable dealing with a company that did not return calls especially getting into deeper into actually closing the loan. STAY AWAY FROM THIS.

Well let me just say do not go to Quicken Loans for anything. My experience is horrible due to unprofessional, sneaky, disrespectful, lying people. I am speaking of David ** and in his credit department Adam **. For start they take all your information and tell you they are excited to help you but don't expect to be able to get in touch with David ** on Mondays because you won't and when you finally do hear from him he will say, "Oh yeah I'm sorry Mondays are not good for me. I'm so busy and swamped with work." Well excuse me but am I not a customer, you don't tell people that.

And Adam ** will not once go over your credit report to make sure everything is accurate and sufficient. Oh no he will just tell you the score and want you to open a credit card with high interest saying it will be worth it cause it raises your credit the fastest only to find out 3 months later it has dropped your score. And when you ask him about the score drop he says something doesn't seem right and he'll have to get with his supervisor to see what happened. When you hear back Adam ** says, "No, it wasn't the credit card" and then "Well yes it was but it still helped," just a bunch of excuses and trying to cause confusion.

While you are going through looking at house after house that you never seem to get if you call David ** he will tell you about how he just moved into his new house, how professional. Just what someone wants to hear when they are not getting any closer to owning their home. So please do yourself a favor and do not turn to Quicken Loans for any professional help, I would only recommend David ** and Adam ** if you are running a mule and donkey show cause these 2 are a couple of **.

UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY. I wasted a lot of my time, after spoke with an agent and followed all instructions, after select the home and pay for the inspection, after lost job day, after three week, they told me that I had not qualified for the loan.

Applied for a mortgage loan, submitted personal information, and so far has been kept secure. Obtained a pre-approval relatively fast. When a sales contract was signed, final qualification could not be obtained unless I came forward with a commitment of more funds. They had the information at the start and were found to be incompetent reading bank statements and income statements. They accepted an initial down payment amount and changed their story to require more funds from other accounts and higher down payments to "close" the loan.

During the whole process including to be switched between 3 different representatives we were lied to and led to believe everything was good to go on getting our home loan. It wasn't until after doing all the work of finding the home, negotiating back and forth, faxes, dealing with various companies, going to look at dozens of homes, etc. that they tell us because of mistakes made by their incompetent employees we get told no. It was after we already found the home and started the whole process they backed out. We didn't even get an apology when it was their mistakes then was basically brushed off. Very unpleased and they have put our family in more of a bind now because of this. I will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau.

I have had a terrible experience with Quicken and I should really have known better. I wanted to turn my home equity loan (held by my bank) into a real mortgage. My reasoning was that it was too easy for me to use the loan principal, and I was making no progress with pay-off. Also, my interest rate is 5%. Quicken sent me a pre-approval letter and I decided to investigate. My first contact was a nice young man who took more information than I thought possible for a loan application. Once he knew more about me than my gynecologist, he handed me over to another young man who needed all of the information over again and really didn't understand my unique situation.

After I communicated with him for hours, he sent me to someone in the title department who made things seem very easy... then I spoke with someone else in the title department who made things seem hard. After about a month, and me providing them with more and more information, and their assessor coming to take a look at my home (when turned out to be worth about eight times the amount requested because of a huge amount of land involved), I told them that I would only want to secure the loan with my house and approximately an acre of ground.

At this point yet another man from the title department called me, told me that the whole property had to go with the loan... became very short with me (as I attempted to explain that I didn't want that to happen), and I told him to forget the whole thing. So I cancelled out the loan request. I wouldn't deal with Quicken unless I was a first time home owner. I think they may handle easy financing better, but they were certainly a disappointment to me. Oh, and they did a HARD PULL on my credit, then after I cancelled the loan proceedings, sent me a letter sounding as though they refused to loan to me rather than me backing out of the loan.

I wanted to find the company with the lowest rates, lowest monthly payments, and just adequate service. Quicken Loans truly had higher rates, higher monthly payments, and horrendous service. The parameters of my loan package changed and I informed them of this. 5 days pass, and I hear nothing. I then call them back one last time for their best and final offer. What do I get? A stumbling, someone is audibly speaking in her ear and telling her what to say, and rude customer service associate who threw out more cheap sales tactics than a used car salesman. They couldn't pay me to take their loan. Avoid them like the plague.

Hands down the worse experience ever. They left me not wanting to buy a house anymore... It started out I was approved, congrats. Then everyday they tell me "we will let you know the closing date" only to ask for more documents over and over again, pushed back my closing over and over then I'm not approved??? Why did they just waste weeks of my time?!

Be very careful when using these guys. I was promised a quick turnaround which caused me to go forward with this loan even though I had other refi items in process. I am now at week 7 on a fully W2 income verified loan with great credit and have no path to closure. These guys are a joke with no credibility. Go somewhere else if you actually want to close in a reasonable time.

Updated on 08/09/2016: I was contacted by Quicken Loans due to my relationship with Charles Schwab brokerage account. I start to work with Dave **. I take an hour on Saturday June 11th to "walk through" the application with him. We have great credit, all W2 documented earnings, plenty of equity in the house, etc. etc. Dave says "this is exceptionally clean". At 8 weeks in with complete silence from Dave, Alysha ** (My "Client Care Specialist" - clearly an Oxymoronic title), I am at total radio silence on the status. I call and call. Finally, am told "we are clear to close, just waiting for the pay off on one of your original loans". That was July 22nd. Today, August 9th, still no word on the payoff (I guess companies refuse to let you pay off your loans), and there is a new list of requirements in my electronic documents list.

Needless to say, at eight weeks into the process, I will be withdrawing my application and filing a grievance. These guys are unethical, lie, and should never, never be trusted. I am shocked and plan on determining what recourse I have with the licensing group. I have all the e-mails to prove they ACTUALLY LIE to you. You may feel free to contact me directly and I will give you the entire play by play. If you have good credit and reserves go somewhere else. These guys are more like predatory lenders.

I read some of the comments about Quicken and found that what I was reading sounded all too familiar, because some of what is being said actually occurred to me. I had a FHA mortgage through Quicken and was interested in re-fing to a conventional loan. Quicken ordered the appraisal. The appraisal came in $30K under what I thought it should appraise at, according to my tax bill.

I declined to do business with them and sought a local lender. I paid for a new appraisal and guess what, the appraised value was now $2k more than the tax bill that I received (which was $32K more than the appraisal I got from the Quicken appraiser). The 2nd appraiser said they use 1 of 3 systems to appraise just as the tax office does and that the appraisal shouldn't be that far off. That seemed more accurate and a local bank felt the same.

I re-fied locally, bought another property out of state 2 months later and was looking to re-fi it due to the interest rate I received. I applied with Quicken (due to the convenience of applying online), was approved and the process started. I told Quicken I had a private loan that I was looking to get a FHA loan and that I had a 2 month old fha appraisal (in hopes of moving things along quickly and to avoid the cost of another one. Fha appraisals are good for 120 days). I was required to pay for another appraisal anyway.

3 weeks into the process and after the appraisal was conducted, I received a document to waive delivery of my appraisal until closing. I did not sign it, instead asked the mortgage broker what the appraised value was. The appraisal was not made available to me so I couldn't review it at that point. He told me that it wasn't enough to cover the loan so I needed to come out of pocket another $5k. WHAT!!!

I declined to continue the process at that point because the appraised value he quoted me was $20k less than the appraisal that I has just received 60 days prior. Again, low balled on the appraised value. I'm not understanding why this has occurred again. Today, 4 days after declining to finish the process (and because I paid) the appraisal was made available for review through the My Documents section of the process. Guess what, the appraisal was not $20k below the last appraisal. It was $7k lower, which was $13k more than the loan request. The mortgage banker lied. Why? I'm very discouraged with their "reel 'em in" and manipulate the process tactic. BE AWARE!

Originally offered an under 3% for 15 years, so authorized $400 for appraisal on 7/12. Get a call at ~8:30 that night from a person whose initials were B who advised they could not write that loan. "Tell him we'll talk in morning." At 6:30 on 7/13 tell them (B, O and K) by email "We may still be able to do business, but we will not be rushed and until we do decide to proceed we demand the $400 deposit toward appraisal charge to my credit card be reversed BEFORE we speak." As of 7/13 no charge had been made and I spoke with B and expressed my dismay at the new loan being offered. I also made it clear verbally that I was not authorizing an appraisal.

On 7/16 learn that an appraiser wanted to schedule. I then sent email on 7/16 that "Until if and when we are agreed more concretely on terms. I am not paying for an appraisal. I am not in position (unsecured) to check my credit card, BUT if it has been charged those charges MUST BE REVERSE IMMEDIATELY." Subsequently learned today (back to secure server) they charged my card on 7/16. Now Quicken Loans has had the use of the money for 8 days and counting. I am of the opinion they are thieves.

Quicken Loans is awesome! I gave Quicken a call in April after trying several lenders local and national. Quicken was the friendliest and most professional. Other lenders did not have accurate credit information or accurate qualification criteria as Quicken did. The loan officer gave me a pre-qualification over the phone after running my credit which I gave him approval for. I was sure I wanted shop for a mortgage at this time so multiple inquiries wouldn't affect my credit score as much. So I finally found a home in June. There were a few speed bumps but the mortgage team was easy to get a hold of. My ql is easy to work with. Uploading docs was easy and fast. They did require a lot of docs but this is common with any lender and underwriting process.

FHA especially is more strict since the housing crash. Appraisal was the only thing that took over 2 weeks to get in but I hear this is pretty common as well. But appraisal came in over sale price. I've received my closing disclosure and I am scheduled to close in a few days. The two individuals I worked with throughout the process Jennifer and Landon went above and beyond with their customer service. My agent was skeptical like a lot of gold about Quicken. Now he's a believer and Is recommending them to his other clients. Thank you Quicken Loans during this stressful milestone of my life.