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The people were friendly. I had no problem when going into the office or calling in. I would definitely recommend and have recommended them to family. It was very easy to read and understand. I had no problem filling out the application. They made the application process very short and simple. It was very easy to remain in time with my payments because they gave me the best financing plan. They helped match my payments with my pay day so that it was easy for me to remain on time. The value of the loan was very helpful. It helped get my kids' school clothes together and get other things they needed for school. I also had extra cash to get things that were needed around the house.

Great experience. Would definitely use again and recommend to anyone who's looking for a loan. Trustworthy and reliable and very helpful. It was a long process with a lot of requirements and qualifiers. Some language was confusing and it was extremely time consuming to figure out. Many different options for different individuals and incomes. I was very happy with the options that were made available to us and would recommend. Good value for what you safe applying for and looking to get.

The customer service people were ever friendly. They answered all the questions that I asked them, and if they didn't know it, they found someone that did know. They also talked very clear so that I could understand what they were saying. All the questions that they asked were ever easy to understand. There were a few questions I didn't really understand but there was someone there to help me every step of the way. They gave me a few options to choose from that would be great for me. They didn't make me pick this one or that one where it wasn't a good fit for me and my income. Without this loan I would have never been able to pay for my dream home. I would still be working all kinds of hours to save up as much as I can just to get a house.

They were very helpful in explaining the details the loan, so there was no question about terms and conditions of the agreement. Very friendly and able to work with me throughout the process. The application process was a breeze, especially since the representative was right there to review the forms and address any questions I had clearly and precisely. The financing options were more than agreeable for me. Lots of flexibility in choosing the mortgage package that worked best for my needs. I made a great decision to get a mortgage from them. It Alleviated a lot of stress for me. The entire process couldn't have been easier, and it gave me great peace of mind.

The people were nice. It was a smooth and easy process. Thanks so much for making it easy on us to get approved and help us move into our new beautiful home where our kids will grow up and one day bring their kids to be with us. It was pretty long but that's okay. It was self explanatory to say the least, and my husband and I both felt pretty confident in filling it out. We were given a lot of choices and based on our credit we were able to go one of two ways and we were approved with the amount we had hoped for so all in all it went very well. We knew how much we needed and how much we wanted and we were approved for just 5k shy of that. So all in all we were able to pick a few different ones we had it narrowed down to.

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I am happy that it went as well as it did. The people were friendly and the process not that bad. After applying there were only a few more steps. Very Daunting and hard. I had never applied for a mortgage before. I didn't know all the paperwork that was required but they did a decent job of explaining it to me. To be honest there were not that many options for the process due to my distressed credit but I took the chance with them and it paid off for me. I get to live my dream come true of owning a home and having affordable payments and being able to take pride in my achievements. This is thanks to quicken.

I was very happy with the great customer service from quicken, as the agent was friendly, knowledgeable, courteous and took the time to answer all the questions I had. The application process didn't seem laboriously long, nor did it seem too quick to be inauthentic. It was efficient and informative. I was quite satisfied with the options quicken had for financing as they had a variety of options to assist in my individual situation. They made my options easy to understand, which I greatly appreciated. Quicken has brought a good value to my life as it was hard for me to get the financial mortgage terms I had wanted elsewhere. They made it relatively quick and easy to do!

Called to ask about lowering my interest rate. They were unable to do so but were very professional and friendly. They told me that in the future some new guidelines were being put into effect and they would contact me when the new guidelines were available to me. The application process was very easy to follow. I had a few questions that I wanted answered and they were very helpful in giving me the information I needed. I had the option to choose several different length of loan and the payment for each option. It was broken down by amount of loan, length of loan and interest rate for each. I had a good loan with payments I could afford which made for a better financial situations for me. Plus had an asset I did not have before.

They were very nice and very helpful. They made the process simple and easy to understand. They answered all of my questions without hesitation. It was very simple and easy. The application was upfront and impossible to misunderstand. It took the average amount of time to fill it out. Not very many options, but that was okay with me. There were just enough options to give me a well round choice. Very informative choices. It was of a good value. We got a decent rate considering our credit history and we have a good time frame for our mortgage loan. We are satisfied.

The customer service at Quicken Loans was very good. Everyone I interacted with was very friendly and helped me in any way I needed. They explained everything. The application process for a Quicken Loans loan was really nice and easy. I got approved and it was easy. The process was great. I thought it would be harder. There were many great financing options when it came to the loan that I applied for. I thought it would be more complicated but it really wasn't. The value of the Quicken Loans loan was so worth it. I thought it would be a trap and then I'd be stuck with a lot of debt. I was very skeptical but a friend assured me it wasn't a trap.

They were more helpful than your average customer service, but nothing over the top. I would enjoy doing business with them again, and I had a pleasant experience. The application process was very over the top, lengthy and had unnecessary precautions. I guess they are being particular, which is understandable. Once you clear all of the red tape, they do provide a good amount of options of great financing for your home. I would do it again for this alone. The loan overall had some great parts and some average parts. Nothing so special above average, a few bad things, and a few good things to even out.

We refinanced our home thru Quicken Loans just recently. Due to medical issues a few years back, we didn't have the greatest credit. I sent an email asking for someone to contact me. The next day, on a Saturday, Joseph ** called me and we went over all the options available to us. I told him upfront about our past credit and he said he was pretty sure we could work something out. He wasn't pushy and was very informative. 3 hours later I had set up my QL account and uploaded all the info he needed. He never made us feel like 2nd class citizens that he was doing a favor for. Everything went so fast. Over the next few days they requested a few more documents. It's so easy because you create an account that allows you to upload, download and view the progress of where the loan is at.

An appraiser came to our home on the 9th day of the process, and to our surprise our home appraised for $90,000 more than we thought! Our loan specialist was Alicia **. She was amazing! Every single time I called her or text her she answered or responded within 5 minutes. She was so nice and reassuring. We just closed our loan. We did pay about 1/4 percent more in interest than the going rate for excellent credit. We were thrilled with the low rate we got. Quicken Loans did Every Single thing that they said they would. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for an amazing experience!!!

The service was great... they really helped, and I would be stuck without it... overall it REALLY helped me a lot with my bills. It wasn't that hard, it was easy to fill out and takes about somewhere around 10 minutes to do so... overall me, I did it in 5 minutes but for others it might take longer.

They really wanted to help me get the most affordable mortgage plan. They went over my credit, financial stability, factored in how many people who would have been living with me to make finding a plan easy. The application process was a little lengthy but authentic. I was asked to provide identification and show my credit to show that I was a financially stable person. The financial options were very diverse and ranged from very affordable to expensive. After deliberating for a few days I chose a plan that would benefit my family of three but is still adorable for our budget. I would definitely recommend people to this business. Their employees are kind and very helpful. They offer good plans and they are quite reliable, authentic and trustworthy. They don't lie about any hidden fees.

I have only needed to call customer service one time, but the person I spoke with was very helpful and courteous throughout our conversation. He knew exactly what to say to help me through the process of fixing my problem. I must say that I was none too impressed throughout the entire application process. I thought it was very lengthy, used much complex dialogue, and the instructions were a bit confusing. I thought that the financing options were reasonable. They were explained to me in relatively simple terms, and the options were designed to fit a wide variety of budgets. The value that the loan brought to my life has been immense. Thanks to it, I was finally able to afford my own place and I've been able to keep making my monthly payments.

They explained everything to me in terms that I understood. They took their time to make sure I understood. They took me through the process of the mortgage process step by step. The application process took about an hour and half. They explained my financial options and showed me the interest rate that would apply to me and showed me the saving I would save with their program. With their financing options I would be saving much more with them than who I was with now. They showed about the harp loan how much better it was and had less paper work. With the old loan I had the value compared to the harp loan I would be saving five hundred dollars per month compared to what I was paying month now.

They were a great bunch of people that I talked to. They listen and helped me a lot in the process and explained all the paperwork. Also they helped up with payment options and worked around my pay schedule so I could make my payments on time so didn't have late payment. The application process was very easy and straightforward. I did not feel that is was hard to complete and the fact that I had a answer within a couple of min of finishing the application process I knew how much I was going to get.

There were a lot of different options to be able to pay it back and they also work with you to make sure the payments were on time and was able to make the payments work with my schedule of paychecks so overall it was a very good experience. The value I got was good. I got the amount I needed and I had a option to get more but I choose not to get any more as I Just wanted to try this process or and see if it was actually all it was up to be and to also make sure I was able to pay back amount quickly.

Somewhat unfriendly, rude and in a rush. Didn't want to fully answer my questions. Kept getting opened ended answer that didn't answer my questions. Easy to understand application. Quick to fill out. Left some questions about everything. Lots of good financing options. Some great, some not so great for us. We picked the best one for our family and it was helpful to our lifestyle. The value of the loan has brought our life to a better state of mind with everything we needed to do. It helped us come more at peace with our bills.

Quicken loans were there for us the entire process, any questions or concerns we had were solved immediately and we were comfortable the entire time. The application process was extremely quick, we were surprised on how easy it was. For our next mortgage we will definitely use them again. Quicken loans was very helpful and made sure that we understood all of our financing options. Quickens loans staff was extremely helpful. When all was said and done, my wife and I felt that our business was appreciated and that we were a valued customer to quicken loans. We felt we got a fantastic product.

Agents were honest and seemed to generally care about me. They asked questions and listened to my concerns. I was extremely satisfied with my experience. As with any loan application, there was some time consuming parts and a lot of information required but the process overall was efficient and a pleasant experience. They offered competitive rates and a vast selection of products that met my immediate needs. After shopping around with multiple loan companies I landed with Quicken Loans. The loan was just why I needed at a rate that I felt comfortable with. No early payoff penalties and the origination fees were manageable.

Very professional and trustworthy. The customer service rep was genuinely friendly and concerned about the issue I presented her with. She went over and beyond my expectations to resolve the problem I had. She even provided a callback a few days later to make sure the problem was handled. Most applications are very tedious and hard to fill out. This was not the case with the Quicken Loan application. I found it to be easy and doable. I was able to complete the entire application without seeking assistance, as I have had to do with previous loan applications.

There was variety of financing options available to me. This is definitely not something that I am use to. Usually I may given one or two options to choose from but not so when it came to the Quicken Loan. I am thoroughly pleased with the options provided to me. Awesome value. I could not have asked for something better. As a matter of fact, I do not think that there is anything better or even remotely equivalent to the value I received from my Quicken Loan.

Best in the business, very professional. The ease of understanding and fast process makes this a go to for anyone looking for a mortgage. The application process is fast, easy, painless, all around effortless and educational. A teenager would be able to do it with ease, if they paid attention. Financing options are broad and personalized, almost difficult to choose between the options of which could be the best. All in all a great part of the service. The value the loan has brought to my life is in knowing I made the right choice in using Quicken Loans, no regrets, just a good understanding and a great deal of savings.

They were very helpful, ease of application completion, ease of understanding the complex wording associated with getting a loan, friendliness of the coordinating staff of friendly helpful understanding people. Very much a friendly, warm, helpful environment that is most essential in a complex high energy mortgage loan market that always entirely without reservations is there for the customers. The financing that was seemingly quickly unassumingly offered to me was an adjustable rate loan which is, dependent on the whims of the unpredictable aches and pains of the stock market. The particulars of the known values of this loan are the low interest rates that is paramount in my daily life for a person like me and my family with a moderate income.

Every time I called they were always very kind and patience to help me with whatever questions I had. I was nice to have a warm welcome to all my questions and not making me feel like I was annoying them. It was very quick and easy process. Always able to get answers to any questions I had as far as what paperwork I needed. I had a clear checklist of what papers I needed to provide them. They gave my husband and I a lot of clear options we could take and explained all of the options very well. Every time myself or my husband would call to ask questions about our options they were always very helpful. It was really a great process and value. My husband and I felt that they were there to help us making sure we could get our dream home and at a great rate.

I use their customer service on the phone and they are great customer service. I automatically transferred to a live person which helps me with my concern or inquiries about my loans. It was kinda long because my credit is poor and I have to make good credit first then they accept my application. It was a hassle applying for any loans so I understand why my application took so long. They have 30 year financing option that I don't think I like because it's somehow long, maybe I'm already dead by that time but it's worth a try for the next generation of my family. Value is worth it because I can transfer it to generations to generations of my family. It is expensive but somehow I can afford it to pay because of having a good paying job. If not then I'm in trouble.

They were extremely helpful, they were able to answer any questions I had and they worked hard to find the best loan to suit our needs with payments we could afford. The application process was pretty straightforward and although it took some time of course with any loan it would take some time to complete. Once we got started they were there to help us should we need any help on the application. We had issues years ago with my husband being laid off so our credit wasn't perfect and that reflected on what options were available to us so I just wish that they could see we did the best we could and always paid on time so I feel we should be able to receive better options. We got this loan due to a couple surgeries that were needed and it helped tremendously because without it I would not have been able to have the surgeries that I needed at the time. I would have had to wait awhile longer.

Very helpful. Answered my questions and concerns. The customer service department is very knowledgeable and helped to make this a stress free experience for me. The application process to me was pretty simple and easy. I didn't feel like I was being interrogated about every detail of my life to apply. The financing options made me feel like I was truly the one in control. There was stability. There were decent interest rates and flexibility in terms of payment. This loan has been so valuable to my life. It has opened up opportunities that would not be possible for me on my own without it and I don't know where I would be without it.

They were really helpful and knowledgeable. They answered all of my questions and were very nice and friendly. I felt comfortable talking to them and felt safe giving them my information. It was very simple and easy to do. It was convenient and didnt take too long. I felt it was easy to understand. I didn't get stuck or need help. It gave me options to best fit my needs. Wasn't very lengthy. I felt like I was getting exactly what I needed and felt good about giving my information. It has really helped me get where I want to be. It has bettered my life and that of my family. I wouldn't be where I am today without it and I'm very grateful.

Before I was drowning in debt and felt there was nowhere to go to, a friend told me about the company. A VERY short time later I am living comfortably, with easy flexible payments and now I actually have a savings account!!! It was a very simple online process that took very little time. I received my money quickly and was able to pay off all of my debt and now have 1 easy payment. They were very many options for people of every financial situation for you to choose from that could in my opinion change your life. I would highly recommend to anyone interested. Before I didn't think there was an easy way out of my situation until a friend recommended to me. I went to get more information and followed the steps.

I enjoyed going there. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. They made doing the paperwork a pleasant experience. When you go there you feel like you are their favorite and only customer. Paperwork was a snap. Everyone was friendly and helpful and they were there to help if needed. Everything was a pleasant experience. The paperwork was easy to understand and complete. They offer several options for financing so everyone would be happy. They offer their very own called YOURgage plus they offer FHA loans and VA loans. They have jumbo loans 30 yr fixed rates as well as 15 yr fix rates. Offers for anyone and everyone. The value the loan has brought to me is being able to afford the home I want, a place for my grandchildren to visit and many memories to come about.

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Quicken Loans is an online mortgage lending company. Founded as Rock Financial in 1985, Quicken changed course in the 1990s to focus on online lending and has since become a leading mortgage lender.

  • Refinance information: Quicken’s website has a host of information for consumers looking to refinance their mortgages. A list of frequently asked questions, a direct line to a home loan expert, a list of required documents for refinancing and numerous other bits of advice are all located easily on the front page.
  • Dedicated HARP page: Because HARP is in effect until September 2017, consumers still have the opportunity to see if they qualify for HARP refinancing. Quicken provides a comprehensive guide to HARP loan modification including eligibility information and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Zing blog: Quicken’s featured Zing blog contains relevant articles not only about home ownership and mortgage refinancing but also about lifestyle topics like gardening and technology. Quicken regularly updates this blog to keep information current and topics varied.
  • Online calculators: Whether a consumer wants to refinance their home loan, is looking for a new home or wants to see the impact of making additional payments on their existing loan, Quicken offers free online tools to calculate estimated savings and expenses. The online mortgage, refinancing and amortization calculators are easy to use and provide instant financial estimates.
  • Mortgage comparisons: Quicken provides a loan comparison chart, so consumers can see the various loans Quicken offers at a glance. The chart has brief descriptions of the loans with links to more information and application pages for each loan.
  • Best for Quicken is best for consumers looking for instant information about mortgage refinancing.

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