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We're passionate about advocating to help consumers throughout the entire process of purchasing and maintaining a car. CARCHEX Vehicle Protection Specialists are committed to providing consumers with peace of mind by listening to the specific needs of each customer to find the highest level of coverage at the lowest possible price.


CARCHEX is an affordable extended auto warranty option, in addition to being a great choice for high-mileage cars. Although CARCHEX's contracts can be difficult to comprehend, their representatives can help you understand what you're getting into.


  • Accepts high-mileage cars
  • Partners with charitable organizations
  • Affordable plans available
  • Available in California


  • Some contracts are non-renewable
  • Exotic vehicles not covered

Top CARCHEX Reviews

Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

I have had CARCHEX in the past and was very satisfied with their service. I have returned and am sure I can expect the same high quality service as before. I shopped around and the price is more than fair. I would recommend this extended warranty to anyone.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

These people are great, military friendly, fast and courteous. They treat you look like family and not just another customer. I was expecting to wait on hold for extended period of time but they answered right away. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for an extended warranty.

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The average price for a five-year contract is about $1,500, making CARCHEX a highly affordable option. You can expect to pay approximately 2 cents per mile of coverage. CARCHEX prices are some of the lowest rates around. Costs do vary, though, based on your vehicle’s mileage, year, make and model. The mileage coverage can range from 36,000 miles to 125,000. The best way to get an idea of the cost is to get a quote directly from CARCHEX.

CARCHEX allows a maximum payment schedule of 24 months. This allows customers a long time to pay off their extended auto warranty. No down payment is required during this period. CARCHEX accepts all major credit cards and also has a 30-day money back guarantee in the case that you decide CARCHEX isn’t right for you. You won’t be charged a penny.


CARCHEX offers five coverage options. These options have further plans to choose from, making sixteen choices in all. Every CARCHEX warranty is, at a minimum, a powertrain warranty. This means that the transmission, drive axles, engine and the rest of the vehicle’s powertrain are covered.

Plan nameType of coverageTerm lengthsBest for
Titanium CoverageBumper-to-bumper7–10 yearsComprehensive coverage
Platinum CoverageStated-component5–10 yearsShort-term coverage
Gold CoverageComprehensive5–10 yearsVehicles over 60,000 miles
Silver CoverageEssential6–7 yearsBasic coverage
Bronze CoverageMajor systems5–6 yearsAffordability

CARCHEX coverage

Customers must wait 30 days and 1,000 miles before the extended auto warranty coverage from CARCHEX kicks in. This is a standard requirement among extended auto warranty providers. Not every CARCHEX extended warranty is renewable. Make sure to inquire about this beforehand when speaking with a representative. CARCHEX limits coverage to cars under 150,000 miles.

Additional benefits from CARCHEX include towing, lockout services, flat tire changes, rental car coverage, roadside assistance and emergency fuel delivery for when you’ve run out of gas. You can also use the CARCHEX mobile app to help you find a certified vehicle repair facility nearby. This is especially important because all repairs must be performed by ASE-certified mechanics. Optional coverage includes emissions coverage, key fob protection and luxury electronics coverage.

A CARCHEX auto warranty can’t cover everything; for example, modified vehicles aren’t covered. This includes anything that wasn’t originally installed, like oversized tires, lift kits or a trailer hitch. It also won’t cover regular maintenance items like oil changes, new tires, wiper blades, spark plugs and some other basic car repairs.

Another big pro of CARCHEX is that coverage is available in California. Due to certain regulations, many extended auto warranties do not offer coverage there. CARCHEX is an exception.

Is CARCHEX worth it?

CARCHEX is worth it to those considering an extended auto warranty. The cost of CARCHEX is very low. In fact, it might be the cheapest you will find. In addition to their regular coverage, CARCHEX’s additional benefits like roadside service and fuel delivery can provide major peace of mind while you’re traveling. Plus, their app can help you find a compliant repair service location, so you know you’re in good hands. If you’re considering purchasing an extended auto warranty for your vehicle, make sure to consider CARCHEX.


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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2019

I had extended coverage with CarShield and I was not pleased with their coverage. When the salesman called me, he told me that my car would be covered from bumper to bumper, except for maintenance side of it like tires, brake pads, battery, radiator, and lights. When I had been with them a couple of months, I asked them to send me a policy. And I found that they had about three pages of exclusions that they didn't tell me about. So I felt that they had not been upfront with me and I didn't want to do business with them. They didn't cover seals, hoses, and anything on the emission system. There were a lot of things that they didn't cover that were mechanical terms that I did not understand. I decided that I wanted to go with a company that I could understand. So, I did some research and I called about six different extended warranties.

I spoke with CARCHEX and asked them specifically about the things that were not covered in the other extended warranties, and they were covered by CARCHEX, so I went with them. Also, the sales representatives were nice, efficient, and patient with me. They called me back. They checked with me too. They were good follow-up people. They were very polite and they seemed like they knew what they were talking about. I told them my experience from CarShield and they assured me that that would not be the case with this company. The representative went above and beyond. He gave me his name and personal extension number. He said if I have any problem, I could call him directly so I don’t have to call the company. I actually have a person that I can call and talk to. So, I really appreciated that.

However, I would like to receive a policy so that I could look over it for my scrutiny. I have paid the first payment, and I have it set up to come out every month, but I don’t have a policy. I understand that there are some exclusions, but I would like to know exactly what they are. But this company has less exclusions than most. At this particular point, I’m very satisfied and I would definitely recommend them.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 22, 2019

I take excellent care of my car, and I didn’t plan on trading it in. I was gonna keep the car. It’s a 2008 and I bought it in 2009. And so I didn’t wanna be without a warranty. I did my research, checked around with other extended warranty companies. And I went with CARCHEX because, initially, the person I got on the phone explained the warranty a lot better. I’ve been with CARCHEX long before. And I haven’t even used the warranty, but that’s a good thing. That means the car is in good shape. I just renewed and this is the third contract with them.

On my first year with CARCHEX, my dealer was able to get my car at a better situation. So I didn’t go through the CARCHEX warranty. I take my car only to the Lexus dealership. And so they were able to take care of my issue several years ago. CARCHEX makes things easy for my dealership and I like that because I’m busy.

Also, just before this last one expired, I had the car for service and it was just the undercover. I checked with CARCHEX and they said the part wouldn’t be covered because it was just normal wear and tear. Even when if it’s something that wasn’t covered by the plan, I didn’t got a, “No.” I got a explanation of, “Hey, this is not covered because it’s a normal wear and tear. It’s not a maintenance-type issue or a mechanical malfunction of the car.” She was able to go that extra mile to help me and she was even able to tell me about what it would cost to get it repaired and so forth. And so that was what I liked about them in that situation.

I went with CARCHEX just for peace of mind. When it was expiring last time, I thought they would let me know with a reminder or an email, and they didn’t. Fortunately, I remembered and I called them and their guy said, “Yeah, you’re still under warranty. It will be expiring soon.” I got a great person on the phone when I called the number. I call him CARCHEX guy. I have his number written down in a folder at home, and he's been really helpful. I’ve already recommended CARCHEX.

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CARCHEX response

We appreciate your review! Please reach out at any time should you have any additional questions regarding your plan.

Thank You,

CARCHEX Customer Service

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 2, 2019

I bought the car and it's still under the manufacturer's warranty right now. As a matter of fact, I'm dropping it off to have it checked over real quick and I've given a few excuses for me to look at a certain thing even though there's nothing wrong. And I figured, since it's still under their warranty, I can get it out of the way now if I have to. The vehicle in itself is really nice and Outbacks don't seem to have a big problem with transmissions or engines or anything else. But it has so many safety features and my biggest concern was all of the sensors. So, I thought it would be worth it to go ahead and get an extended warranty, especially for a timeframe. Besides, I don't do a lot of driving, so the amount of years will long outweigh the amount of miles.

My son recommended me to CARCHEX and other extended warranties are very similar with them in the sense that you have to pay $100 deductible upfront. But it came down to what's covered and it looked like CARCHEX covered more than what Subaru was offering. They offered 80,000 for eight-years while CARCHEX offered about 90,000 for seven years. But I'm not even gonna have this vehicle for seven years. I'm gonna turn it over in the next four to five years and I'd still have more mileage on it. So, even though the Subaru one was a year longer, I went with CARCHEX.

Aside from that, the Subaru one was more expensive. But initially, the first price that I was given at CARCHEX was higher than the one offered by Subaru. However, the gentleman went to his manager then the manager came out and took all the deductions for different items. So, once we got to all the little things that he was able to make deductions for then we became much less than the other one which has worked out really well. Their rep was also very good and very helpful. He answered all of my questions and in our conversation, I finally got around to what's not covered and the list was coming up pretty short considering. So, I felt that if I'm gonna buy one, I'm going to buy the best since the price was lower than the one that wasn't the best they had. So, for me, I got a better extended warranty at a lower price and I'm pretty happy.

So far, I'll see how it works out. It's like an insurance policy. You have it, but you're hoping never to use it. But it's gonna be very valuable just for the peace of mind. Outbacks aren't notorious for being glued to the shop, so I may never have to use it and for me, I don't wanna use it. But if I have to, it's nice to know that you got something there that will take care of business. All in all, my experience was straight to the point and I'd recommend CARCHEX.

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CARCHEX response


Thank you for leaving your review with us! Very glad to hear we could help set you up with coverage for your Outback. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions!

Jason N.

Director of Customer Service

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 25, 2019

I purchased a brand new 2019 Ford F-150 and Ford only offered me a three-year, 36,000 miles warranty. They were much too expensive to get anything further than that. So, I was trying to search for something that was gonna be a bit more affordable for me as far as payment-wise. I would reach 36,000 miles sooner versus later, and I wanna have that support and some extra protection on the vehicle. The warranty that I can afford was a 60,000-mile one and that one there was 28 hundred bucks. I did sign up for it, but then I went back and canceled it.

There was this one company that I checked on and I spoke with a guy who was very nice, but I read some bad reviews that they were a scam and that they weren't gonna cover what they said. They refunded my money, which was a good thing and I was happy about that. Then, I did another company called Endurance but I had a bad experience with them. So then, I did a little more research and CARCHEX popped up. They were the third best warranty to get. I read some reviews and a lot of people were pleased, and whatever parts they needed covered were covered. I'm a big review person and the reviews made me choose CARCHEX. It made me feel comfortable to go ahead and give them a chance.

I got a good price from CARCHEX. I paid them the money and it has been a week since I made a purchase from them. The rep who I dealt with at CARCHEX was very nice and informative. He took his time and took care of my concerns. He also informed me that they cover emission parts, which a lot of warranty places do not. He went through everything and also informed me that Endurance company is no longer recognized by the Better Business Bureau. So, he was glad that I didn't go with Endurance. He ensured me that if I ever have a problem, to call him directly because he is my representative. I recommend CARCHEX, although I'm getting a little leery because I still haven't received any kind of welcome package. The rep said it would take two days to get the package. I'm hoping I would get the package soon.

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CARCHEX response


We appreciate your feedback! In regards to your Welcome Packet, please note that it could take 10-14 business days from the day of sale for you to receive by mail. If you are outside of that waiting period, please give us a call and request another copy be mailed and we will gladly do so! Thank you for choosing CARCHEX.

Jason N.

Director of Customer Service

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 4, 2019

When buying a car, if the person selling you the vehicle is trying to keep you from leaving, then 9 times out of 10 it’s a bad deal. But the person who knows they're giving you the best deal and coverage out there is gonna let you go if you wanna go and search. The people at CARCHEX, however, were confident and I like that. It was kind of a given to get an extended coverage for my Mercedes-Benz because their parts are expensive. And insurance doesn’t really cover everything that you need so you wanna make sure that you’re covered and that you’re getting a good deal. It’s a luxury vehicle and you wanna keep up with it.

I liked the way that the CARCHEX representative was speaking to me. It didn’t seem as if it was totally sales-driven and it was like they were looking out for the best interest for me. The gentleman I spoke with was very knowledgeable as pertaining to the coverage, which I liked. If he didn’t know the answers to some of the questions that I had to ask him, he was honest and he went out of his way to make sure that I would get the answer. He didn’t just say, “I don’t know,” and stopped there. He made sure that he got a supervisor to gain more information to let me know. As far as the understanding part, he wanted to make sure that he covered every nook and cranny, and he did, so he got me there.

It was around the holiday season and it was busy. I have four children, so my schedule is hectic but the rep followed up with me, and that was what got me to go along with it. If he didn’t follow up with me, I probably would've, on my own time, searched for something else. He got me at a good time and gave me the necessary space in between. From the first time that we spoke until the second time that we spoke, he gave me that space and he let me know a really good deal.

I wasn’t too familiar with warranties and I’ve had other people call me as well. But those other people weren’t trying to see if there was a better option or something that was more suitable for me, and CARCHEX did that. When the rep started listing some options, there were some things that I found out that I really don’t see any fit for. But he was able to accommodate that and I like that because sometimes, when you talk to sales associates, it’s like they’re robots. If you ask them anything outside of the ordinary, they’re like, “Wait. What? That’s not how the call is supposed to go.” I hope that every associate is like the one that I spoke with because he was totally awesome and great. He remembered that I have children and he knew I was busy around that time, but he was compassionate about that which was neat and I like it. I would recommend CARCHEX. The people are realistic, honest, suitable, convenient and flexible.

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CARCHEX response

Very glad to hear we could assist with your vehicle protection! Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding your plan, and we thank you for choosing CARCHEX!

Jason N.

Director of Customer Service

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 11, 2019

Having a vehicle protection plan is extremely valuable for my high-end car. And due to the persistence of the sales representative, I got an extended coverage from CARCHEX. He was very thorough, professional, and accommodating. He stayed in touch with me and also called me on Black Friday to offer a Black Friday special, and I enrolled.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 10, 2019

Purchasing a warranty from CARCHEX over the phone went well. The rep was able to get me the best protection with them. I like the way that they handled me.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 9, 2019

Everything seems pretty awesome so far. On November 29, CARCHEX wrote me an email for the order confirmation of the contract and there was a slight error in the engine detail on my truck. So I wrote them back and made that correction. I told them that the engine of my truck is 6.7 liters turbo diesel, and not a 6.4 twin turbo. The rep also wrote back that day and said he would update it. I’m still waiting for them to send me the hard copy of the policy. But I got what I wanted, and it was a decent price for what it was.

Purchasing the policy was pretty easy. The rep was suggesting I buy the Silver Plan, instead of the Platinum or Gold plan. It was $1,000 more. I read through all the coverages and I went over it with them. I had a bunch of questions about and I verified something about the fuel pump. I asked them if it covers the two fuel pumps on the truck, and they said yes. I asked if I could get that in writing and the rep said that our conversation was recorded and that it was verified. I don’t know how long they keep those voice recordings. But it seemed like they were doing their best to try to get me a good plan.

When I read through all the benefits of the higher plan, it was kinda interesting. With the lower-priced plan, it included the injectors in the fuel system, which was part of that repair that I had to have done, whereas the higher dollar plan included pretty much everything else except the fuel injectors themselves. All modern transmissions are controlled electronically. And the higher-priced plan covered all the electronics like the navigation system, the Bluetooth stuff, and the electric switches. It covered more on the transmission. They have a $15,000 payout on it because it covered all the different suspension parts as well.

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Rated with 3 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 7, 2019

I bought a truck and it got a lot of miles on it. It's all highway miles, but still I was concerned about it over the long haul ‘cause I needed to get about three years out of it, and I drive a lot back and forth to work, and I wanted the security of having a plan there. I started the process of buying the policy with CARCHEX. It was a quick and painless process but it's 30 days before you can actually use it. They sent me the initial packet and I looked it over yesterday. It seemed everything is pretty good. The rep was good too. I talked to another gentleman after him and they were helpful over the phone. That was the first time I've ever dealt with them, and I was pretty impressed. Also, they were the number one rated online.

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Rated with 3 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2019

I was with CARCHEX for about a year in the past and their service was good. However, the last person I talked to was very rude to me so I never called back. It was a sales call and I tried to set it up 3 times, but things keep happening every time I try to set it up. I said, “Look, my car got contaminated again.” And the lady said, “Just tell me right now you don’t want the coverage.” So I said, “Well, just take me off ma’am,” and then she hung up the phone. I can’t deal with a company like that ‘cause that’s rude. So, some people that work in CARCHEX are very nasty.

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