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Find the Best Jumbo Loan Lenders

Jumbo loans, also called nonconforming loans, give homebuyers access to more money than government-backed loan programs. If you need to work with a lender equipped to handle higher loan limits, use our guide to research the best jumbo loan lender for you. We explain what to look for in a reputable lender and how jumbo loans work.

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Our 3 favorite Jumbo Mortgage Lenders

The needs of every jumbo borrower are unique, and lenders who offer nonconforming loans can make their own rules based on how many investor funds they have access to. For example, one jumbo lender might let you borrow $4 million with a 720 credit score, while another lender might only be willing to lend you $2 million with the same score. Across the board, the most important qualifying factors lenders consider before they approve jumbo loans are your debt-to-income ratio, credit score and assets.

Our favorite jumbo lender overall
Caliber Home Loans

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Caliber Home Loans
Accredited Partner
  • Maximum loan amount of $3,000,000
  • 5% minimum down payment
  • Flexible underwriting guidelines

What we like: Caliber is a full-service mortgage banking company that offers jumbo loans to finance expensive properties. Single-family residencies, warrantable condominiums, properties in Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) and co-operative units in some locations are eligible.

Jumbo loans are available with fixed or adjustable rates over flexible terms. Caliber also has a jumbo interest-only ARM program for prospective homeowners who prefer a lower monthly payment during the first 5–10 years of the loan. This interest-only jumbo loan program requires a minimum credit score of 700 and allows up to 9 percent in seller contributions, meaning that up to 9 percent of closing costs can be paid for by the seller. Caliber also offers several nonconforming portfolio loan programs for nontraditional borrowers and investors.

What to consider: Standard origination fees and closing costs apply, including appraisal fees up to $1,200. More than one appraisal may be required before closing on a jumbo mortgage. On the plus side, Caliber is very transparent about fees so you shouldn’t be caught off guard on your closing day.

Great online jumbo loan lender
AmeriSave Mortgage

Company nameContact
AmeriSave Mortgage
Accredited Partner
  • Maximum loan amount of $1,500,000
  • 20% minimum down payment
  • 700 minimum credit score

What we like: AmeriSave Mortgage is a nonbank lender that offers competitive mortgage rates on nonconforming loans up to $1,500,000. Fixed rates are available over 15- and 30-year terms. Adjustable rates are available over 5, 7 and 10 years. In addition to a credit score of 700 or better and 20 percent down, AmeriSave requires you have 9 months of funds in reserve to cover principal, interest, taxes and insurance (PITI).

AmeriSave Mortgage also provides jumbo refinance loans to eligible borrowers. Refinancing a jumbo loan is a somewhat complicated process but makes sense for some homeowners with higher adjustable-rate jumbo mortgages who want to lower their monthly payments. Requirements for refinancing a jumbo loan through AmeriSave are similar to eligibility requirements for regular jumbo loans.

What to consider: Most standard closing costs are applicable, and AmeriSave is transparent about fees associated with their jumbo loan products. Because they are an online-only lender with minimal overhead, AmeriSave is able to waive application and origination fees.

Great jumbo loan broker

Company nameContact
Lending Tree
  • Maximum loan amount varies by lender
  • 20% average down payment
  • 740+ average credit score

What we like: LendingTree is an online loan marketplace with a large network of lenders offering jumbo mortgage loans as well as jumbo loan refinancing. Because of the noted lack of standardization across different lenders for nonconforming or jumbo loans, it’s helpful to be able to compare terms, rates and eligibility or underwriting guidelines for several jumbo loan products all at once.

Their website is easy to navigate, and the My LendingTree app helps you evaluate your financial health and identify savings opportunities before you apply for any mortgage. Through the app, you’ll also have access to credit monitoring and tools to help you improve your credit if you need to.

What to consider: The most common complaint against LendingTree has to do with prospective borrowers feeling bombarded or overwhelmed by offers from multiple lenders.

Jumbo loan questions

Are jumbo loans more expensive?

A jumbo loan is generally more expensive than other loans in that the total amount, down payment and interest rate tend to be higher than conforming loans, but not always. Jumbo loan lenders often require two appraisals to verify the value of the house, which can get pricey too. On the plus side, the difference between interest rates for nonconforming loans and conforming loans is currently not very significant. In some instances, it’s actually lower than interest rates on more traditional mortgage loans.

Do jumbo loans have PMI?

Private mortgage insurance (PMI) is meant to protect lenders in case a borrower defaults and their home winds up in foreclosure. It’s normally only required by a lender when the borrower makes a down payment lower than 20 percent. If you make a large enough down payment of about 20 percent or more, you usually won’t be required to pay PMI premiums.

However, PMI requirements can vary by lender. When PMI is required it is paid monthly until the borrower puts enough toward the total loan amount that the lender stops requiring it. You can expect PMI costs to be anywhere from 0.5–1 percent of the total loan amount every year.

Are interest rates higher on jumbo loans?

Jumbo loan interest rates have historically been between 0.25 to 0.50 percent higher than conforming loans. More recently, jumbo loan rates are sometimes lower than their conforming counterparts, but not always. Individual lenders can set their own interest rates since jumbo mortgage loans are kept in lenders’ loan portfolios.

A half a percent might not seem like a lot, but the spread between 3.5 percent and 3.75 percent can mean paying more than a hundred dollars more on your monthly mortgage payment. It also means you’ll pay more for the loan over time. As with any other type of mortgage loan, there are adjustable- and fixed-interest rate jumbo loans, and some lenders offer interest-only jumbo mortgage loans.

Can you refinance a jumbo loan?

You can refinance jumbo loans in much the same way you can refinance a conforming loan. Like other types of mortgage rates, jumbo loan refinance rates can fluctuate over a relatively short period of time, and it could make a lot of sense to refinance your jumbo loan if you got a fixed rate while rates were high. Often, the same lender who originated your jumbo mortgage loan will also be able to refinance it for you. Still, it’s not a bad idea to get quotes from other lenders to see how their jumbo refinance mortgage rates compare against one another.

Not sure how to choose?

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    AmeriSave Mortgage
    Read 3,271 Reviews

    Offers affordable mortgages through its easy online approval process. Custom quotes include no obligations, no commitments and no hidden fees. Provides a wide variety of loan types, including conventional, jumbo, FHA, VA and USDA.

    Call Now Toll Free (866) 815-0655
    Mr. Cooper
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    Provides new home loans and mortgage refinancing. Offers competitive interest rates. Award-winning mobile app. Online loan tracking. Guarantees closing date or the company will pay your first mortgage payment.

    Caliber Home Loans
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    Offers conventional and government home loans. Refinancing options available. Loan consultants available online and throughout the country. Close on a home in as little as 10 days. Online mortgage calculator offered.

    First Internet Bank
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    Provides purchase, construction and refinance loans with fixed or adjustable rates. Gives free personalized quotes in less than a minute. Most borrowers close in 40 days or less.

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    Gateway First Bank
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    Offers purchasing and refinancing loans with fixed and adjustable rates. Provides conventional and government-backed loans for condos and manufactured homes.

    Quicken Loans
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    Offers conventional mortgages plus FHA, VA and jumbo loans. Refinancing options available to lower payments, change terms or take cash out. Provides fast online application process through RocketMortgage.

    Wells Fargo Mortgage
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    Offers home, refinancing and equity loans. Online and in-store services available. Work with a local consultant. Interest rates vary depending on customer qualifications. Find out how much house you can afford on its website.

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    Specializes in home purchase loans, home refinance, home equity, reverse mortgages and auto loans. Compares rates and quotes from multiple lenders. Provides free mortgage and auto loan calculators. Terms and conditions apply.

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    Chase Mortgage
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    Offers fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgages for purchase and refinance. Provides FHA, VA and jumbo loans. Get prequalified online and connect to a Chase Home Lending Advisor.

    Guaranteed Rate Mortgage
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    Offers mortgages and refinancing services. Apply and get approved online. Work with loan officers and loan specialists assigned to your case. Get approval in as little as 15 minutes.

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    Suntrust Mortgage
    Read 400 Reviews

    Offers programs for first time home buyers. Provides cash-out refinancing, home improvement financing and home equity lines of credit. Find current mortgage rates and calculators on its website.

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