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I applied for a conventional loan with BOFA back in July. I have 20% down, great credit, all documents good to proceed. But, I was never told that the BOFA branch I was assigned to in MA used Fannie/Freddie underwriting for conventional loans and, as such, items like a missing stove - are automatic fails. The loan officer knew I was buying a HUD home AS IS property - he failed to mention I might want to look up Fannie requirements. After jumping thru hoop after hoop for what should've been a typical conventional loan but in actuality required FHA requirements - I'm now told that their appraiser, who's 4 hours away from my property, cannot get back for a revisit for another 3 weeks!

I'm now on my 3rd extension, paying tons living in a hotel with my dogs, waiting only for the clear to close from BOFA and that can't happen until the only appraisal apparently available for this MA branch office can find the time to get me into his schedule. NO help from the loan officer to rush the appraisal revisit. No offer to move my loan app to a local bank that uses local appraisers. No regrets or offers of apology that he misled me about the conventional loan requirements via Freddie/fannie requirements. I would have used a different lender that did NOT need to meet Fannie requirements and saved us all time and saved me HUGE frustrations.

I even had a call with the guy who reviews the loan status - before the appraiser ever went to my property - and asked him (Duane) for verification, that as a conventional loan I don't have to jump thru hoops like with my VA loan. "No" he says, as long as it meets value... I've now had to request a 3rd extension from HUD (with charges for this) because BOFA can't get an appraiser out, as a revisit verification only, until the end of the month. Unbelievable. If I wasn't so set on this home, I'd dump BOFA entirely, but unfortunately, they are tied to my contract to buy the house.

Kermit **, Bank of America Independent Appraiser - Mr. ** has never responded to my claim on an appraisal for B of A where he had stated 500 sq ft of the original state appraised property of 2140 sq ft was "basement" when it had been registered upon purchase 20 years earlier as a single family residence with no basement. Very incompetent and would not recommend him for his lack of accuracy and professionalism.

They will deny you for any reason, legal or not, instead of approving a modification. They will claim they call you then deny you claiming they "couldn't reach you" or claim they didn't get some document that you know damn well you sent. I fought with them for 3 years until I finally got my congressman involved, then they finally approved me..... by increasing my mortgage payment by $300!!! There was never anyone to talk to, they kept switching case workers, it was impossible. And the govt? Yeah, they knew there was fraud going on so they fined them (not that we saw any of that money) and then bailed them out. Gotta love big banks/govt!! Nothing corrupt there.

It's been a mess but getting VP involved may have helped. 8 days after closing date they have an appraiser and we should close in another 30 days. My trust this home can close has increased.

Original Review

I had a BOA refi on the home I was selling so I decided to go with them for my new home purchase. BIG MISTAKE!! Started out smooth and fast with pre-approval process. Then September 4th 2016 I sign contract with seller and alert lender. She received all requested info less than an hour after asking. Of course on October 10 2016 they are still sending me paperwork they need signed. :( We were contracted to close on October 6th. On October 4th, I call BOA lender to see if we were ready to close. I'm then told NO. The appraisal hasn't been done and there isn't anyone assigned nor a possible appraisal date. I find out 2 days before closing, I'm glad I called. They use a 3rd party for finding appraisers that must be of low regard (cheap for BOA though) because the several appraisers I called don't deal with BOA.

On October 10 2016 I get a call from my lender. It was short but she told me I should find another lender! I couldn't believe it. They should have told me that in the beginning. I found an appraiser that can do a rush job and was top rated and passed the info to BOA thinking problem solved. Their 3rd party vendor doesn't have a relationship with him so it was a fast no from BOA. I know there is a national problem with appraisers but it's compounded by BOA choice of 3rd party vendor.

BOA is just pretending to be in the home finance business as far as I can see. Their lack of properly managing this loan now has me homeless with all my belongings in storage. I guess I still have some summer clothes in a box but it's getting cold out. I called another lender and they advise me up front to pay rush appraisal fee and no problem closing in 30-45 days. I'm going to have to do this unless the seller backs out. My dream home has become a nightmare thanks to BOA. The reason for this review is to try to save you from BOA headaches. Go with a lender that specializes in home loans. BOA just dabbles in loans so they can say they offer them.

They make the pre-approval so easy and at first, everything seemed to be going smoothly. We have great credit (797) and good income, yet three days before scheduled closing all of a sudden they needed more documentation which had already been provided more than once. Loan officer says talk to processor, processor says talk to officer, so after numerous phone calls, emails and lots of frustration... our closing is still delayed. Added loan fees aside, this got way too complicated. Way too much stress for no reason other than the employees there who not take ownership and apparently do not communicate internally.

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If you are thinking about a home mortgage with Bank of America run like Hell. Not only will they give you the runaround and not close when you are promised a closing date and given a close on time commitment letter, they will lie to you about what is going on with your loan during the process and end up NEVER closing your loan. I gave them the date that I wanted to close, September 30, 2016 on August 26, 2016. Here it is October 5, 2016 and they are still not able to give me a date of when I can close. All of my belongings have been on a moving van since September 28th costing me $100 a day plus I am living in a hotel at a cost of $100 per day plus 25 dollars a day for my dog. I have told them my situation and they still won't or can't rush the process. I'm mad as hell!!! This is money that could be used towards my closing!!!???

I am truly sadden. I have attempted to contact someone who works on floor 22 or above. The policy and agreements are not a one way road. I have lost 9 years of my life trying to gain the mental ability to not eat crayons without peeling them first. 9-11 we lost 3346 souls in an act which warranted a American rage for a slap Back. I did what you asked. I did so as I did the 21 years prior to Jan 16 2003. I am not asking for anything other than the same rights and treatment I would render any of you without doubt. I need to understand how you refused a winning Bid on a Home in your REO department. Hudson and Marshall you auction company. I am not the writer. I was or was told once before. But I am worthy of this. I have a audit trail. Check and Balance. Emails and purchase contracts. Then being told you would allow a VA loan to be used to purchase? Come on CEO. This is worth your appointing someone who is on floor 21 or below?

I am learning how someone you hold accountable under company REO sales employs being the keyword. I am able to disclose your approval for granting my ability to engage in the auction. Prove I won the bid. Prove I had a sales contract. And prove I was denied purchase due to someone other than the home inspectors report which cost 350 rather than 500 from VA that the home wasn't going to pass. I ask how a worker from Hudson Marshall office in Cali emails me 4 hours later to say BOA won't accept a VA loan. I think we both know how much Being an approved VA lender means to BOA.

Here is what I am prepared to do. Allow this to be dealt with and disclose the dirty listing agent who owns 36 of your reos from 5 years. County GIS tax records. Hell she has 14 LLC also being used. Hickory NC. I have this for the boys with PA. ADA laws. Fair consumer laws. Forget the veteran of 26 years. I'm an American first. Now Let's see what you do. I hate having my ** in the street. Let's fix it or I'm going to start low naacp, ada civil rights scra and protest the VA remove your ability to service VA loans. It's a rule of thumb. The poor can't beat the rich in court. But being shot by cops, not robbed by banks and paying in my health for the revenge you sought after 9-11. I'll post the contract you breached the emails and the bidding which shows the Bank running up your price.

If you are thinking about getting a mortgage loan with BoA, run the other way! Never, never, never go through BoA for your mortgage loan. We have been a preferred customer for years now and this has been the most frustrating and ridiculous loan procurement experience we ever had in owning 12 homes. We have been told 10 or 12 times in the weeks before and after we were supposed to close the deal that just one or two more docs were needed. Most of these were already sent or uploaded two or three times during the process. We have impeccable credit, put down upwards of 60% on the home and were ensured all along that we would close on time. We are a week past closing and still no closing date! So stressful, so unnecessary!! BoA another customer just bit the dust.

Customer since 1983. Decided to refi home loan and have never dealt with such horrible customer service. I have to call a minimum of 3 times to get one return call. Wrong info sent to attorney before closing and no one will call you back! Do not use this bank!!!

If you want to buy a house, My recommendation is Never Ever go with these guys. Very bad customer service, irresponsible, mismanagement, no ownership, no accountability and you name it and you will be left in a black hole and will always keep thinking or guessing on your loan status. They will stress you out to a level that you never would have came across in your life. I don't want to give them even a single star and I do not know how to give them a negative star if at all available.

Two months ago, the Bank of America Mortgage Loan Specialist sent me email if I want to refinance my house. He will give me no cost and 0 pt. With low interest right now, I did refinance my mortgage. When doing the refinance paper, I see about $3000 on closing cost. I asked him why it is $3000? He told me it will take out when come to closing. Guess what! He did not take it out at all. He find different excuse for not taking out the $3000 closing cost. So I did not sign the closing document.

One week later, he moved my closing cost to $4000. I called and emailed him. He did not answer my email or phone call. I called his manager. She just asked him to call me. Then he gave me all kind of **. I got mad. Went to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and file a complaint on it. After that, I sent him an email and let him know. Then he called me the next day and said sorry about it. We then agreed to cancel the loan. He asks me to retract the complaint. I still mad at it. I believe that he did this to many people. This kind of people did not have any ethic. He should be fire and not allow to work on this field. So if you read this, stay away from Bank of America at Capitola and Acorns.

I made an appointment to me with a mortgage loan specialist at the teller window. Told specialist would be in their branch Sat. Sat I wait 30 min. They took people ahead of me that had just walked in. Said they had appointments too. Then I get called to the desk. Person is not specialist. She called the specialist on the phone. He doesn't really have time to talk because he has an appointment coming soon. He asked for first piece of documentation. Letter from student loan. I sent it by email and ask "What else do I need to send?" No return email no phone call, no confirmation that he got it.

Three weeks of emailing and calling Mr. ** in Missouri. Last call he picks phone up and just holds it then hangs up. I call back. Giving him benefit of doubt. He will not answer. Finally, I called to file complaint, ask for **'s supervisor, and to be switched to another specialist. No call from Stupidvisor or **. I have made a few more calls. Moved all my accounts to another bank. Got lower interest rate. Have all documentation in reviewed, approved and looking for a home all in one week. I stick my tongue out and blow at Bank of America!!!

I had what I thought was a very productive meeting with Robert ** at the Steinway, Astoria location of Bank of America to refinance my mortgage on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016. He was very helpful and we emailed back and forth with necessary documents. I followed up later on August 17th, 24th and 29th and did not receive a response to any of my emails. Today (Sept. 6th) I left a message on Robert's voicemail and also called the branch and spoke to Samantha, who guaranteed Robert would respond today, and if he didn't she would personally get back to me. I already have a mortgage with B of A and wanted them to have first dibs on the refinancing. That being said, I refuse to fight for someone to take my money and will be taking my business elsewhere. Incredibly unprofessional. I am very disappointed!

Where do I begin? By far the worst company I have ever dealt with. I started a refi June 24, 2016. I still have not closed on my loan. They have the worst communication and customer service ever. I seriously do not understand how that can stay in business. When I began this process the loan manager was so ever eager to help and kept pushing to get documents in. By the beginning of August I discovered that our loan had not gone through via snail mail. My loan manager did not even contact me. The reason our loan did not got through was because the house did not appraise for the amount they thought it would. I called and complained and got some poor sap to answer the phone and he was very nice.

I decided to stick it out with Bank of America - BIG MISTAKE! The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. They do not respond in a timely fashion to calls, emails, etc. This has caused me unnecessary stress and anxiety. I will tell everyone I know about this horrific company. The only reason I have Bank of America as a mortgage is because it was sold by Countrywide. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not use this company.

My refinance activity began with me just looking to lower my rate. My current rate is 5.23 & I was looking to go below 4%. There are two Bank of America branches in this area that I have used since 1997. I refinanced once before which took about one week total time to go to closing. That was to lower the interest rate also. My current balance is below $55,000 (won't give actual amount here). I was told by BOA they will not refinance amounts under $60,000 so we did paperwork for that amount. When I left this BOA office the paperwork was put in for the $60,000 at the 4% rate. I received a packet of papers to sign but the rate was in at 4.5%. The BOA rep told me that that's what the rate is (no change) so we closed this activity & it went away.

A couple of weeks later I went to the BOA branch I normally deal with & spoke with their rep who told me based on my activity & credit score they would do a 3.8%. We made an appointment & began paperwork. Midway through this meeting the BOA rep told me she "just" received an email (I didn't see it) & she couldn't to the 3.8 but could do a 4.0%. We settled on that & I had to jump the refinance amount from the $60,000 to $65,000. With over 15 trips/meetings, paperwork review/signings I still don't have the BOA finished paperwork to do a closing. No return calls, emails or paperwork? It's going on three months now. I paid almost $500 for the title search & market review (a person made a visit & went through the house). I have a copy of the report & it's OK. So far my current mortgage is with BOA. No misses or ever any problems. Just can't get them to respond.

I dealt with Bank of America since 2008. I went to NACCA and got my mortgage reduce and my 2nd mortgage was removed. Once I completed the refinance Bank of America sold my mortgage to SLS. I'm happy because they lost out on 100k. Check out coming to a state near you.

They upped our monthly mortgage payment double stating we were behind with insurance. This went on for several years. According to our insurance company it did not go to them and we were not behind. My husband who is disabled went to the bank several times for up to 4 hours each time and no one could tell him where the money went. Suddenly after complaints the mortgage went back to normal. So where is the 4 years of double payment monies?? We asked for a summary of where the money went and never received this. We were robbed and they basically got away with it.

I just lost one home to nasty old Bank of America and their crooked law firm in Colorado. They used fabricated, forged, and phony documents containing documents executed in blank by known "robo signers" like Michele Sjolander. Because the state of Colorado appears to be about as corrupt as B of A, the courts totally ignore any evidence offered on behalf of innocent, helpless borrowers because of Rule 120 that give any lender standing without having to prove their status as the possessor/owner of any note and trust deed. They don't even swear in the attorneys (mostly by phone where the judge asks the attorney if they have a copy of the original note and trust deed!!!).

Bank of America violated federal and state laws in dual tracking on this property and the law firm even appears to have violated state law and common sense by submitting a bid for open sale far below what was owed or required per fair market value to insure B of A would not end up with a property that literally stole and were not entitled to under wrongful foreclosure.

Even the county appears to be involved in some way by not requiring absolute proof of ownership per the initial foreclosure request after all that has transpired all these years. Little wonder that Bank of America is rated on of the worst America Companies and even more interesting that the BBB rates B of A in spite of the preponderance of evidence to the contrary based upon thousands of complaints, thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) to many agencies including the CFPB, and the same with all the lawsuits on behalf of the public, and the lawsuits brought against nasty old Bank of America by the USDOJ, the CFPB, and many state governments like the great state of Montana who stood up to nasty old Bank of America.

Maybe the BBB is a client or shareholder in Bank of America - certainly does NOT pass the smell test. We need an immediate moratorium on ALL foreclosures in the US, and the CFPB and other state and federal government agencies need to grow a pair and take steps to protect all innocent and helpless borrowers in our wonderful country. Colorado's stupid law (many claim is unconstitutional) should be immediately repealed!! That's my story and I am sticking to it. I am a 71 year old Vietnam Veteran and this is just NOT right in any way to let lenders steal homes.

We recently, tried to do a short sale through Bank of America. This process started back at the beginning of May. We were told that all paperwork would be submitted through our realtor/third party negotiator and the document collection process would take approximately 30 days. Right from the start, they kept telling our realtor that they did not receive the paperwork.

It took almost 2 weeks before he was given access to the equator online system that they use to process short sales. Over the next 2 months, paperwork would trickle down to us about every 10 days or so to sign. We immediately signed it and sent it back. I tried several times to contact BofA through our assigned BofA counselor, but was unsuccessful. The last time I received an email from her was on July 15, stating that the short sale had been declined (no reason) on June 29 - this only after I had tried several times to contact her to find out the status. Just last week (July 29) I received more paperwork to fill out and our realtor said they were still collecting paperwork!

Unfortunately, last night, I received notification that the buyer has backed out since the contract had expired. I believe Bank of America purposely delayed the short sale process to avoid having to do anything. This mortgage which was one of the Country Wide loans associated with the housing collapse has been a bad deal. Bank of America settled with the government on these bad loans, but has refused to actually help those in need. Now, unfortunately we have to start this process all over and I feel I will get the same results.

Well 2 yrs ago at the advise of a real estate agent, we skipped some payments in order to qualify for loan modification and lower our payments. After 3 agents and a lot of papers, 6 months later we were approved and our payment went down $100. If I would have known I wouldn't have done it, anyway we were under the impression per BAC that the past due would be added to the end of the loan, YEAH right - we did a property search on our house to find out they put a $13000 lien on our house??? No idea they could do this, never received letters to pay, it was " a second mortgage" - I wish I knew an attorney to fight this!!! Don't do modifications unless you really need to!!!

Complaint: Bank of America declined my home loan 12 days before closing. Appraisal fee was lost and they have ignored my request for a refund of the appraisal. This complaint is in regards Application #:**. Loan Program: FIXED RATE FIRST-LIEN HOME LOAN. On June 1, 2016, I began the process of financing with BOA. My loan officers were Jonathan **, Nicole ** and Chuck **. Let me start by saying I have copies of ALL of the email correspondence I've had with Mr. ** to substantiate the details of my experience outlined in this complaint. I would be happy to provide the file upon your request.

There are no words to describe how poorly the entire finance process was handled and I have never interacted with a company that is so unethical in their business practices. My closing date on was initially set for July 13. After my credit was pulled and Mr. ** confirmed all of the numbers on his end, he gave me a loan estimate for $488,000 at a rate of 2.85% with one point with the help of his supervisors Nicole ** and Chuck **. He confirmed the amount I would have to pay out of pocket was the $460 cost for the appraisal. He indicated I was required to use their Appraisal Agency and they would charge/coordinate the appraisal. Once again, I have all of the paperwork and email correspondence to validate everything.

Over the next few weeks, the appraisal was ordered and completed, and all loan disclosures and other paperwork were signed and submitted by me in a timely manner - usually the same day it was emailed - and I was repeatedly told everything was on track to close on time. The appraisal came back and showed my home was valued at $620,000 - so everything was perfect until June 24, On June 29, My job received a request from Mr. ** employment verification form which was sent on after 2 hours by E mail. On June 30, I reached out and asked Mr. ** but did not answer phone or email. So called Ms. Nicole ** and Mr. Chuck ** about the status of the loan, apologized and said she didn't know what was going on, but there was a delay and "we wouldn't be able to give you loan as income to debt ratio is high and as 30 days is over your loan is declined as of today."

This caused me to lots emotional and mental stress. Finally Mr. ** emailed me and told me that, "This is due to my contract did not put guaranteed income word. I am very sorry." Not only did Mr. ** waste over 6 weeks of my time processing the loan, He required me to order an appraisal that ultimately was unnecessary for the terms of a loan he knew did NOT meet our requirements. When I requested the name of his manager and the address for his corporate headquarters so I could file a complaint, he refused to provide the information. And when I requested a refund for the appraisal because BOA failed to follow through with their commitment to me, he stopped responding to my emails entirely. I have never experienced such a lack of professionalism and customer service. BOA needs to be held accountable for their business practices.

Desired Settlement: I am seeking $5,000 to cover the cost of the appraisal ($460) and compensation for the days I took off from work and time I lost from signing/scanning countless documents and providing financial statements and other docs to BOA so we could finalize the loan. If we did not qualify for a loan in the amount of $488,000, then Mr. ** should have realized that before the finance was initiated and an appraisal was ordered. This was entirely their mistake and I should not be penalized financially for their error.

I applied for a loan modification and got it. I signed the paperwork and got temporary coupons and began paying the amount. I got in the mail a bill for the original amount and called my customer relations rep and was told it would take time for the proper paperwork to be done. After four months of getting bills and talking to my rep, I was told there was a glitch in the system and they were working on it. Meanwhile I found out my credit rating went down because the original amount was reported to the credit unions and I was delinquent on the payments even though I was paying Bank of America every month.

I contacted the Consumer Protection Agency and they contacted BOA and it was turned over to the resolution Department. I was told I was late sending in my paperwork so Rhea cancelled the loan modification. I faxed back the signed copy from the bank that the modification went through plus I was told all along that everything was fine with the modification. As of now my credit is in the toilet and it shows I have not paid since January. I can not get any credit because of this and have been turned down for credit. They tell me they are working on it but meanwhile this has a tremendous impact on my life. I do not know what to do.

My daughter-in-law has a loan with BofA for over 7 years (impound account for payments and taxes). In March of 2015 one half of the property was sold in a tax lien sale due to BofA neglecting to pay the taxes. The subject property/home had 2 parcel numbers within one lot that could not be split by law. Bank of America failed to pay the property taxes on the vacant part of the lot, a realtor bought it, BofA was notified by me when the realtor arrived stating she now owned the land. BofA had their attorney buy the land back but now put the land in their name and not my daughter-in-law. After many months BofA sold the loan for both parcels to Carrington Mortgage but kept the land in their name...

After many months (12) BofA has now placed the land back in my daughter-in-law's name with Carrington as the lien holder, however the loan is in default and she is about to lose her house thru no fault of her own. When the land was sold to the investor, my daughter-in-law stopped making house payments as she had to pay to remove her property off the land she didn't own anymore and had no faith she owned any of the lot since according to the city, the property could never be split, yet they allowed an illegal land split by selling have of the land. Bank of America has refused to compensate her or to bring the loan current, Carrington has refused to modify the loan and are moving forward with foreclosure... Anyone have any ideas for a good attorney to take this case without money upfront? These folks need to be sued for breach of contract, illegal foreclosure.

In 2004 Bank of America took over my loan from Countrywide. Balance was $60,000 at 5.25 interest 30 year loan. In late 2015 I went to pay off loan and they said it would be $49,000. When I had looked it up, early payoff on their mortgage calculator was showing it at $29,000. When I questioned them about discrepancy they said all interest was front loaded. Is this legal? I feel like they have cheated me out of $20,000.

My extremely negative experience with this bank is the same as everyone else's. What's important to know is that Bank of America has flexible policies only when it works to their advantage. All they care about is $$$ NOT the customer!!! In other words, the bank continuously makes arbitrary, on-the-spot decisions that work the system so that they can maximize how much money they can squeeze out of you. This includes changing policies about bank fees without notifying their customers, and adjusting the dates/times when they finalize transactions so that you, the customer, lose money, and they benefit. This bank is everything that's wrong with our country's financial system. You would be doing yourself a disservice by banking with them. I would recommend your local credit union instead.

Do not use Bank of America for your mortgage needs! I have purchased homes previously and have a bit of experience going through this process. Dealing with BoA was a complete nightmare. The loan processor was not communicative. There was no reply to my emails in days and when he did reply he would ask me for the same documents he already received. Only he never read his emails. Or read them once a week.

During the loan approval the dollar amount needed for closing changed every week drastically and I ended up being 'cheated' on. I have been taken advantage of for no apparent reason. I am appalled that a bank this size can treat customers so bad and expect to continue business. I will definitely search for another company to refinance as soon as possible even though I know this will cost me. At least I will not feel ripped off! I hope they use my comment to better their business and advise employees on proper attitude towards customers. Most importantly not to lie. I will make sure I add my opinion to social media in order to warn other innocent home buyers. Bank of America should be ashamed of their work ethic. Do not use Bank of America!

I was in the process of trying to buy a home. Spoke with Kenneth ** with Bank of America in Plano, TX. Also spoke with his manager and his name was Forest ** the manager. I started this process back on January 10, 2016 and by the way my name is Micheal **. I was promised that my loan was approved so in the mean time I had given my notice to my landlord that I was moving. So I went to talk with the loan officer and he talked to me crazy three time about my loan. So then I went over his head which did nothing for me. I was told that I could take my business somewhere else and get a loan. I'm a ** single disabled African American man with two disabled children. When I went for the loan I was not offered the first time home owners or the disability discount. I would like to know if all ** African Americans are treated the same way.

I was advised to provide documents and I provided them to the loan officer and then he would come back and ask for the same information and he did this four times. I was also questioned about my gift of funds ten times. I was promised that I would be in the house by April 15, 2016. In turn I lost a place to stay and had to start all over. God knows I need all kinda of help. I would call, leave message to call me back and he would never return my call or would call me back on Friday at the end of the week. I would appreciate if this could be reviewed again due to the way it was handled. In the time length it took I could have built a house. Is this the way Bank of America treat their customers. I was told not to use them and I went ahead and tried to use them. PS the system has failed me again.

I am not a financial type of guy. I borrowed funds to purchase my daughter a home. Since I had a line of credit with Bank Of America, I thought I would continue with its service(s). I paid the downpayment asked for but knew nothing of PMI. I was asked to pay just shy of the 20% requested to procure the loan. Had I known 20% was needed to avoid paying PMI premiums, I would have done so (I guess ignorance of the subject matter is not excuse). Nonetheless, when I made the complaint I was told in substance that I should have paid the full 20% to have avoided the PMI premiums. As opposed to paying off the loan within 30 years, I will pay off the loan within 3 years from an investment. The company would have made more dollars within the long run, but its greed of getting as much as possible as soon as possible will cause me to save instead.

This Abbas **. I was a first-time buyer in 2011 with no experniced at all. I went to Bank of America who I had an account with. I asked if I qualified to buy a house and she said, "Bring your paycheck and tax returned" and I did it after that I got my proof. She told us luckily your rate is high and I searched and I called her I do not want that. It was only for week which was very low as %3 and she gave to us for 4.87 and she did not listen to us we asked her to combine with mortgage she said no it is better to have spread and you will get twice a year and will be %1.15 which is for California(Brentwood) and we got bill for $6000 a year and called her.

She knew what she has done to us. I have one income and I have to take care of everything. In 2015 on May 23rd I got a notice that I have to pay $290 late charge which I was sick back and forth and family loss and family problem and I was not home at all until a few months ago. Someone was taking care of my bills and some how he did not see the bill till 17th and paid one day late. I have been calling from the bank and discuss and they said, "we waved it and you just pay your mortgage and do not worry" till few days after I received a bill nothing changed and I called again and she said I am going to call my manager to call you. I have never received a called. I called again they are not willing to help and worst bank and worst and meanest people I have ever seen. I am not happy because they lie and they do not keep their promise. Worst experience I have ever had.

l wrote this because I want people to know and do not trust this bank at all

because she knew what she has done to us.

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I am a first home buyer and did not have any experience at all. I just trust Bank of America. As result she told us "you get couple thousand twice year" and I asked if "you can add it to our mortgage". She "no no it is not good". We end up with $6000 a year and when I called her she said "oh no. They made a mistake." Make the story short I was back and forth, called, text properly and they said "these houses has contract for 30 yrs with school and so on and your loan officer and agents knew about it and they should of told you". Also she locked our loan in highest rate in 2011 which rate was very low and when I ask her "why should I lock my rate" she said "trust me" which 3 days after rate was 3 point.

Now on 2016 which I got so many problem with my health and family issue. I had someone to take care of bills and he was saying "there is paper. Said you can pay till 17th". I had a surgery and I just got home and I received a notice "you have to pay $800 late fee" and I was almost headache to find out whats going on. I had worst experience with customer service. I went to bank branch in brentwood to complain and get helped. The manager opened the complaint file for me and also helped me with phone.

I asked for manager. She said "How can I helped you (jisla)." I told her the story and she said "no worry I waived all. You can call tomorrow and checked." I called day after and spoke to lavien and she said "yes she did 8 and your mortgage is gonna be $1,109.99" which I always paid and I repaid back to her twice and thank her. I received a bill "not waived" and is the same. I called again. "Why do you lie to me and play back and forth". After 1 hours conversation they gonna called me on tuesday to see what they can do. I am very unhappy and there is no way I trust them and I don't let any ones I know they get worst experience as I. I need someones to take care of my issue. Thc.

I read a very similar review as mine and want people to know how bad Bank of America treats their clients and I am their valued wealth management customer being with the bank since 1987! They take forever, lose many of the papers and no communication. They are so large they just do not care at all or value your account. I had Ira and CDs which I have taken all out of the bank. It was easy to bank with them and my friend works at Merrill. They are closing branches. Closed drive thru and make it impossible to even renew a heloc with them. I went to Wells Fargo and they made loans quick and no problem and I don't bank with them. They just do not care at all.

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