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I borrowed a Loan from Navy Federal under (OOPS) OPTIONAL OVERDRAFT PROTECTION... The Loan consists of $500.00 and you have to pay it back within 30 days. I was one day late a couple of times and Navy Federal DEACTIVATED my checking account, but I spoke with a Navy Federal Representative a couple times and I was told they actually give you 35 days to repay the loan... I asked why was my account deactivated because I was one day late, she told me it shouldn't have been DEACTIVATED. I had to wait 3 days for my account to be ACTIVATED again. Somebody needs to look into their practices.

I am very disappointed in recents events regarding a third party check that was cashed in the amount of $622.80 at the Moyock NC branch under fraudulent conditions. This was my son's 2 week paycheck and was given to a co-worker (per my son's request) to bring to him as we live very close. He was to have brought this check to him on Friday, September 1, 2016. He never did. My son contacted him about this and he made up some sort of lie. Still not too concerned as it was a check! Come to find out this young man writes on the back of the check "Pay to the order of ** - his name and then signs my son's name under his! He walks into the branch, and because he was also a NFCU member, he walked out with cash money... $623.80 to be exact! Now to add insult to injury... NFCU is not responsible because this check was cashed in "good faith!" Wow... it's that easy and nobody is responsible! Thanks Navy Federal Credit Union - Moyock, NC!

Yes you're welcome. Please next time do not make funds available. I have already asked to be check on the 2nd dep. Your security alert alerted me in the very first place then did nothing else. I asked for the bank name and # my loan was coming from and called for fund availability myself what they knew and the rep was so vague. I NEVER ONCE was allowed to talk to security myself, just through rep. My signature was not mine and was not told that these transactions were not deposits but actual stolen checks somehow delp into my account with my forged signature. Then to mislead me into spending all that time copying receipts and communications to submit a fraud incident, knowing it was pointless you already knew (you'd for nothing). Planting hope is incomprehensible to me. I lost my trust in NFCU.

I have been a member of nfcu for many years. I went to get $5.00 of gas in a rental car and card denied. I turned the rental in so I could go get my car out of the repair shop. I came home logged into my account and it wouldn't let me. I called the number and was told my account was frozen. After spending an hour and a half on the phone I was informed I had an illegal deposit going into my account. They told me it was a deposit from Verizon. I knew the deposit well... I have been receiving it for a year and a half... it was my spousal support. They told me the only way I could unfreeze the account was to add my ex-husband as joint owner. (That was a crazy suggestion). Never going to happen or to change the way the deposit was made out. Well, now I have no car because I have no money to get it out of the shop, I have no way to work and no way to pay my bills or buy food.

As of today it has been 10 days, 15 phone calls and 2 visits and I still have no answers and no money. My ex-husband faxed a letter to them explaining it was my allotment for spousal support and he would change the deposit. The credit union received the letter 6 days ago. I called today and was told they are working on it. I just want to know what happened to customer service. No one ever called me or told me there was a problem with the deposit. It should not be legal for them to block all of my money. Customer service sucks. No one has called to tell me anything. I only need my account to be unfrozen for 5 minutes and all of my money will be gone. If I had money I would have an attorney... the late fees I get charged for my bills will be paid for not by me!!! If anyone has ideas on how I can get my money I would appreciate any help.

I have already lost 3 hours of work dealing with this issue. The stress has really played havoc on my health. The way this company does business is not acceptable and no one should have to go through the hell they have put me through. What's really bad I have been a member probably 30 years. If this is how they reward faithful customers I would hate to be on their bad list. The funny thing is security put my account on freeze and members are not allowed to talk to security. I'm sure the person handling my account is some young person that has been enjoying their weekends and time off at my expense. If anyone has any suggestions for resolving this immediately or if I have legal grounds please let me know. You can email.

I am trapped with this visa card from Navy Federal Credit Union. They're charging me interest on the unpaid balance. My credit limit is $14,000.00 which I maxed out on studio equipment. My balance remain same after my monthly payment. This can't and will not be paid according to Navy Federal Credit Union. I will owe this loan forever. What can I do? It's very unfair.

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I have two certificates of deposits, and have had nothing but trouble with them. In just one example, it took 5 1/2 hours (2 1/2 on the phone and another 2 in a local branch) to straighten out an issue with a loan payment against one of the cds. Now there is another problem and the payment has again been refused by NFCU - and they are advance payments! Dealing with phone "support" is an additional frustration. They ask questions when the answer is on their screen, then threaten to hang up, or actually hang up when one gets frustrated at their incompetence. Have been put on hold for over 30 minutes several times.

Some of the website pages will not work correctly. For instance, went online to set up automatic payment, but it will not let the amount be put in. No numbers show up on the webpage, even though they are shown on the tablet as being entered. Again, telephone support was condescending and patronizing. NFCU used to be the best financial institution, but now is one of the worst. From processing time in person at a branch, to phone "support" to website. Hate to leave, but as soon as these cds mature my 40 year relationship with NFCU will come to an end!

I was the innocent victim of a suspected fraud claim but NFCU did nothing to assist me and help me out of the bind that I was placed in. There was a transfer of money from one friend’s account to another but the transfer resulted from a misunderstanding. My account was affected because I also received a transfer from the account suspected of fraud. It wasn't fraud but just a misunderstanding like I said. The day after this transfer, my account is locked and I no longer have any access to my funds. I find this out after attempting to make a purchase at McDonalds. No one in the security department ever reached out to me and said, “Hey we suspect that your account may be involved in fraudulent transactions.” I call the contact center immediately and get told that my account is under investigation and will be until the 20th of September and this is on the 4th.

Now I have a family and bills and a ton of responsibilities that require attention and money. I can't attend to those without monetary funds. I have been calling the customer center everyday since I found out about this and I'm usually given these cookie-cutter/fabricated responses that help no one. As days pass I begin to become more and more frustrated by the disappointing low level of help and assistance I receive. One of the supervisors I speak with tells me that if the claim initiator calls and retracts the claim then investigation will stop in its tracks and I'll gain access to my account but that was a lie.

Long story short, the misunderstanding has already been cleared up at a much lower level like it should have been but the NFCU security department still has to pursue this ghost investigation that they are taking their time to complete. They are not concerned with the fact that I have a family to feed or the fact that I have to pay for gas in order to get to work or the fact that I put on a military uniform everyday and serve this country and protection of freedom all to be told that I can't be helped until the 20th of September. I currently have no access to any of my money and have no way to pay for anything. My account is locked/restricted due to something that has nothing to do with me and NFCU doesn't seem to care. No one from security has even reached out to me like the customer contact center has told me they would. Then when I call to speak with the security department I'm told that no one will speak to me as if I'm not important enough.

Oh and last but not least, one of the customer service supervisors I spoke with decided to give me the same lack of concern and empathy that his subordinates showcased and even hung up on me. I admit that I was speaking to the supervisor with much enthusiasm and passion in my voice and I was upset so I may have used some colorful language but when you're back is pushed against the wall how are you not going to react. I found it very disrespectful that he would hang up in my face while I am voicing my extremely important concern.

I would never threaten anyone with violence but when someone tells you tough luck and acts as if they don't care that you can't feed your family that would make any MAN upset enough to want to fight because a MAN goes out and works and puts food on the table for his family and after I have done the work you expect me to be fine with you denying me access to that money that I have put countless hours of work in for on a daily basis. I am VERY unsatisfied with NFCU and would like nothing else to be move my banking services elsewhere because I have been shown nothing but NFCU's true colors once this issue arose.

I am happy to say I was contacted by a real person and was satisfied with their solution. They refunded me the interest before the check was actually cashed. They also stated they are in the process of getting ETF setup for these transactions. I hate to be the squeaky wheel, but I also can't let something like this go unchallenged.

Original Review

I decided to refinance my loan with NFCU because their rate was lower and they were offering a $200 kickback for doing so. I apply for the loan online to save time. I get an email saying I needed to contact them because they needed more information from me. I call and the info they need is the payoff amount and daily interest, which I gave in my application and to a loan specialist the week before. The person I call says there was actually no reason for me to contact them, that they could get the info from my other bank and he believed it was to just inform me there might be a delay. I told him I stood informed. Shortly thereafter I get an email saying my loan was approved and the check would be mailed to me.

Now here's the scam folks. They will not process this loan electronically, which in all reality would take about 30 seconds. Nope, they are going to start charging you interest as soon as your loan is approved and then mail your check via snail mail to you so you can sign it and the turn around and mail it to your original loan bank, which by the way has a PO box just for this, so even if you send it certified, all you get is certification that it was picked up. Now keep in mind your original bank is collecting interest on your original loan this whole time and NFCU is also charging you interest, and you're not even really using the money till the original banks cashes that check and pays the original loan off.

Now this whole time NFCU is charging you interest, they are also collecting interest on those unused funds in their account till that check gets cashed. Now I know it was only 7 days to complete this process, but take that account and multiply it by the thousands of loans they generate per day and it's a nice chunk of change. Now the question I asked them, which they refuse to answer, is, why can't this be done as quickly as you charge my credit card for a purchase I make? Still no answer. Did receive a couple of cookie cutter answers though. I've been with them going on 30 years, but I feel they have become too big and all the customer care that I remember them for years ago, is gone. Did I mention my mortgage refinancing with them was also terrible? Another story.

My husband has never had any issues with NFCU. I don't think it's because he's any nicer than I am when he calls but I am beginning to (after 21 years of giving them the benefit of the doubt) take it personally. I would love for someone in the highest decision-making echelons of NFCU to personally explain to me their rationale for some of the things they do:

For instance why does everyone in the family get their own access number and yet are not able to see all the accounts under their particular number unless they are the primary or joint owner? How many primary members' spouses have complete control over the finances at home and yet haven't the complete authority to handle (all) the accounts? I find it asinine that our accounts were once frozen while my husband was deployed because I sent a message under his access number and had the audacity to sign my own name. And this was back in the day when you couldn't just email the ship but were still numbering letters (I apparently am a very slow learner).

My new personal favorite is having two separate credit card numbers that pull from the same account. Ironically, I am unable to view either my credit card or the joint account under my own access number. I wonder if this means I then have to pay them? I will give them credit (admittedly, it hurts to write this) but it does make it easier to cancel a card without impacting the account (Were I to actually be able to see the hypothetical account, that is).

Which brings me to my next question (and a topic I've seen a few times in the thread below), why is it that I can't request to stop a recurring payment when I want to? I've been dealing with a recurring charge from Napster/Rhapsody for an embarrassingly long time. According to my canceled account with them, there is no billing information associated with the account which means they are not billing me (Hmmm, I say). And yet, each month there is that non-existent $9.99 charge again. I tried to settle this with NFCU and eventually received a form letter stating they didn't have enough info to deny the recurring charge. Forgive me but it is "my family's" money, not NFCU's, correct? Am I to be made to understand they are doing this for our own good - so as not to incur Rhapsody's legal wrath? I think I'll take my chances. I'm not looking to recoup the lost money - I'll take that as a painfully and apparently necessary heuristic experience.

And yet, perhaps I am doing them a disservice. Their ever vigilant fraud software did manage to "save" us numerous times while being stationed abroad. About once ever three months an alert would pop up on their system freezing the credit card. Usually when we were in the most remote travel destination in Europe. The system could detect us using the card in a small town in Croatia but could not detect the note on their system indicating we were traveling. Or the fact that we had an overseas mailing address.

Honestly, I've always had a pleasant experience with the individual representatives - even when they were telling me no. My frustration is more about feeling absolutely impotent to affect any change. Even if we were to thumb our noses and rage against the machine by switching our accounts, it wouldn't impact the executives who are the decision makers. It would impact us though - we have too much at this point tied into the accounts for it to be a smooth transition. I'm simply one of the "Who!"s without a Horton to sound the alarm.

I deposited money into an atm on Tuesday 8/23 and money is still not showing in my acct. Called NFC everyday since and was told I have to wait til they service the atm, four days later... Are you serious? Customer service rep and supervisors thought it was a joke, snickering and making I don't care noises, when all they had to do was credit my account with my money. What the hell should I lie for? As soon as you overdraft, they take that extra $20 for that $9 bag of Pampers... And what's sad NFC has a nerve to tell their customers... "We are convenient banking with more ways to bank, you get access to your money the way you want, when you want it"... (not me) so whether it's online, on your phone or in person at an atm???? Okay here's the ending, "And because we're member owned, we will always act in your best interest" Ok???? No best interest here...

Let's begin by saying I am or was four days before closing on a home loan and was told yesterday that my loan with Navy Federal was not approved by the underwriter. I was not given an explanation, options to get the loan approved, nor any resolution to the issue. I was contacted Monday, the week of closing that I would not be getting the loan. Please let me remind you I have a pre-approval and no changes since the pre-approval. The whole process with Navy Federal has been nothing short of a nightmare and anxiety attack. The loan processor would not communicate with me and when I would speak with her, she would say, we are on track and still schedule for closing on 8/25.

To add insult to injury, I already gave notice to my landlord that I am moving, and have to be out of my place the end of the month. Something else I made Navy Federal aware of. I have tried to contact a supervisor to discuss my concerns and to just get a freaking explanation to what happened and no one will return my calls or email. To all that reads this, find another lender that will appreciate their customers and not treat them with utter disrespect.

Where do I start? Should I talk about the collections rep who told me that I kept asking her the same questions over and over and she was doing me a favor by not hanging up on me (yep she did with the nastiest tone ever). Or should I talk about how I submitted a dispute for a purchase I made online and never received merchandise (btw I made this dispute in March). Navy Federal charged back a $140.00 on my account because I did not provide proof ( once again this dispute was in March). The charge back was done 2 days ago. I am completely lost on how they are charging back a credit from 5 months ago, but clearly transparency isn't this company's sweet spot. When the claim was submitted the rep NEVER I repeat NEVER told me I needed to provide any type of proof (once again this was in March).

So here we are today, I noticed the charge on my account and I called Navy Federal. I got the collections department and the 1st rep I talked to (the first of 6) completely switched my words around, I had to remind her that the call was being recorded. After being transferred a zillion times. I got another collections rep, she started off really nice. But I guess me saying Navy Fed customer service was horrible pissed her off. Because she then told me "I'm trying to assist you so don't get sassy with me or I will gladly hang up on you." (Shocked yet, there more.) I said "Wow, they allow you to speak to members like that." You would think she would fix her attitude but it gets worse from here. The rep proceeds to tell me all I'm doing is asking the same questions over and over and she is taking time out of her day to help me and I should be happy she is not asking me for a payment.

BUT wait there is more, she then tells me I got 3 options - 1. CALL THE DISPUTE DEPARTMENT 2. LEAVE A VOICEMAIL FOR A SUPERVISOR or 3. PAY WHAT I OWE. I was completely flabbergasted by this young ladies attitude and comments. I asked her to speak to her supervisor because she was being extremely rude.

Guys and gals - the "hold" put on your money from when it's deposited to when it's available isn't laziness or ineptitude, it's a profit-generating mechanism. Every minute they have your money and aren't allowing you to withdraw it, they're earning interest on it. Hypothetical: 100,000 customers, 2,400,000 paychecks a year, average paycheck $1,200, average hold time 2 days. That's 48 days every year that they have an extra 2,880,000,000 in the market. This is also why, in 1987, legislation was put in place to regulate banking hold times and what banks are allowed to do with those funds. NFCU pushes the boundaries of both, and while their practice is legal, it is thoroughly immoral.

It's insulting that they're allowed to have "Navy" in their name. They affiliate themselves as best they can for the sole reason that it is nearly impossible for someone on active duty to fail to pay back loan or credit card. Worse comes to worse, they'll just contact your command. Check out USAA. They deal in "real time" and they don't BS you about what "overdraft protection" is. Overdraft protection, from most banks, is exactly the OPPOSITE of overdraft protection.

For most banks (NFCU included), overdraft protection means "We'll let you draw your account negative, then charge you $35 per transaction and $17/day until the account is brought positive. And you have to opt out of it. Even Chase, who I actually really like as a bank because of the discounts they offer veterans, is a little sleazy when it comes to this. USAA just flat out tells you the reality of having and not having protection, you tell them the reality you want, and they make it happen.

NFCU, on the other hand, operates as: 1) "We got your money on Thursday, but you don't get it until Monday." 2) "Sneeze and we freeze your account." 3) "While no other bank freezes your account for overseas use, we will, because it's so RARE for SAILORS to use their banking overseas." Avoid this bank like the effing plague.

My husband and I recently relocated to TN to help care for my ailing father-in-law. We were staying with family hoping to buy a house since mortgages are often more affordable than rent on the same type of property. We both have student loans, and have owned a home before so we understood the process and that we might qualify for a higher rate or not at all, but we needed to know in a timely manner since we needed to get settled sooner rather than later. Within a week of arriving I called Navy Federal's Mortgage Department to get pre-approval on a loan on a Friday morning so we could begin looking at houses. The website promises 1-2 business days on most pre-approvals, and after giving all our information to the person on the phone, we were told we should know after the weekend. Monday went by, then Tuesday with no word, no e-mails... nothing.

I called Wednesday only to be told that the process generally took 3-5 business days before anyone would even be in contact, and that my assigned loan officer was on the phone but would be contacting me "shortly." Another day goes by with nothing--no calls, no e-mails. I called on Thursday morning asking for the name and contact information for my loan officer (Jennifer **) only to be told yet again that she was on a phone call and would be contacting me "shortly." I e-mailed her and asked when I could expect a decision since we were past pre-approval interest and had found a house we liked already. She then asked me for information that was easily accessible in the documentation I had already sent her the week prior.

Another two days passed with no information. The application was finally sent to the credit committee a full week after I initially applied for pre-approval (much longer than the 1-2 business days the website promises). I then had to call, email, and hound her for the decision. After being told she was on the phone yet again, she told me she had the decision and would e-mail it to me. I waited over an hour with no e-mail, and finally contacted Navy Federal Customer Service to complain. About 30 minutes after that I received a one-sentence e-mail that simply said that the loan had been denied based on credit history. I was immediately on the phone with Lending Tree who put me in touch with Mortgage Lenders of America who had me pre-approved for a USDA mortgage within 24 hours. In waiting for Navy Federal, the house we initially wanted received an offer and was pulled off the market, but luckily we found something else.

I had been pleased with Navy Federal prior to this experience. They were highly recommended by my brother-in-law (a Navy vet), and everything has been smooth with the checking/savings account we opened last year. The mortgage department, however, is another story. I don't mind if they didn't find us credit-worthy. That happens and there are other lenders and we were willing to rent if necessary. But extending a promised 1-2 days for pre-approval into well over a week and not communicating with your clients unless they hound you (I still never once spoke with my loan officer--only short e-mails), is unacceptable. People have the right to know your decisions in a timely manner so they can explore other options if necessary.

I bank with Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU). I recently made a debit charge to my account knowing what balance I had in my account. My checking account immediately showed that the debit amount was drafted out leaving a lower balance. The following day another draft was made from my account from a creditor that I had set out to pay via their online payment system. This transaction did not show up until the next day after midnight. The debit purchase that was made on the twenty ninth showed that it cleared my account but they charged me an over-draft protection fee, then again they charged another over-draft protection fee on the second charge.

When I called to speak with the manager he explained that the system processed the debit transaction after the credit payment. I asked them "so why is it that you provide your customers with online banking, phone apps, etc., showing their current balance when it is untrue." I demanded a credit for the debit overdraft transaction because I saw when it was removed from my account showing a positive balance. I would be interested in learning how many customers are suffering from these deceitful processes, overdrafts with horrible excuses from these lending institutions. Customers have no way of knowing what happens from the bank end and if they are truly processing these transactions as they choose. It is unfair to the customers and something has to be done. Banks, credit unions, etc., know they are getting away with it and so they continue to abuse the situation.

First the good, the Navy Federal Credit Union was excellent following up on the home loan process, however very inconsistent in requirements for a loan. I had to resend my faxes several times because they could/would add something else. I did get preapproved and they sent the preapproval letter to my home. I lost the preapproval letter and contacted them over and over again to please send me the letter, via email most and one phone call, never got it. Always how is the mortgage process going? Never was I told that the preapproval process was on good for 90 days and now they want to recharge me so that is about $30 for what they already charged me before because the loan application has expired. See ya!

I've only been banking with NFCU for a year and a half. However my experience has been better in that short time than the experience I had with 121 Financial for 20 years. The Customer Service Representative go well beyond the call of duty. I am very happy with Navy Federal Credit Union.

I want to first start off by saying that I was forced to join NFCU when I enlisted into the U.S. Navy 20 years ago. Looking back now, it seems pretty jacked up to me. With that said, I recently applied for a mortgage pre-approval online with NFCU. I researched their website beforehand to see what required documentation I would need and obtained it (i.e. W2s, pay stubs, asset information, etc.). I was assigned a loan officer the next day and was able to upload these documents via their secure document upload. The following day after that I received an email from my loan officer asking me to upload the very same documents. I responded in kind informing her I had already done so. A couple of more days go by and I still had yet to hear anything.

As with most things in life, I am ignorant when it comes to home loan pre-approvals. Especially since this is my first time applying for one. However, the website claims 2-3 business days. So two days later I emailed the loan officer asking if there is anything else that was needed from me since I had not heard anything (it was my nice way of saying "Hello? Anybody there?"). I received an email from my loan officer only telling me that she was busy and would get to my application as soon as possible. Nothing more.

A week passes by and now I try calling my "loan officer" only to get her voicemail. I went to their Facebook page to ask a general question of how long a pre-approval should take. Instead of answering the question they directed me to their 1-800 mortgage line number. So I called the mortgage line and the only help they could provide me was to inform me that I was assigned a loan officer. I told them I knew that and that she had not contacted me and it had been a week already. They apparently made contact with her somehow and the representative was able to relay a message from her to me... To tell me she is busy and would contact me later.

I waited a couple of hours and did not hear from her so I called only to get her voicemail again. I again emailed her via the message site and I did receive a response this time. Again, apologizing and only telling me her that she is busy and will get to my application as soon as possible. I had it at this point so I went online to research other lenders. I was put in contact with one and after providing the same information over the phone, I received a written pre-approval authorization within THREE HOURS and at a lower rate than advertised on the NFCU website. This is not the first time I have had such poor service from them either. I should have jumped ship a long time ago. I will certainly fix that here soon. It saddens me that other institutions take better care of military members.

First of all let me start by saying that I despise navy federal. They hire idiots to work for them and they tell you lie after lie. They also allow people who have stolen your identity open accounts in your name. Long story short, I refinanced my car with them and then someone opened a fraudulent account with my California ID. I told them who the person was and they still locked my account by the way has been locked since July 26, 2015. I ended up losing my main income and when I called to tell them that I was no longer working and trying to get my social security started they did not care.

As of this date my car note is two months behind and my checking account which was locked last year still has money in it to cover some of my car note. I should have kept my behind with Nissan motors credit. I would have been finished paying for my car next may, but since I refinanced it with navy federal I am stuck another three years and they keep telling me that I have not even started paying the principal, just the interest.

Do not do business with this credit union because they are not for the military families and definitely not for the civilians who are sponsored by family members. I am looking out of my door every few minutes to make sure that they don't repossess my car. I need my car. I have a nineteen-year-old autistic son that's non-verbal who I need to get to doctors & hospitals in case of emergencies. I need answers on how to get my car out of this situation. My credit score dropped 300 points fooling with this place. I cannot finance a piece of bubble gum. How far behind does the car note have to be before I get a knock on my door from the repo company? I want to start a class action lawsuit against navy federal credit union.

My experiences with Navy Federal have been poor the last month. I'm a retired Army member, so there has never been any question of my qualification to join. Sent proper paperwork to membership. Received welcome e-mail and applied for credit card, checking plus savings, and checking line of credit same day. Until a month again my account got hack. Someone deposited some money into my account. They took money out of my account. Now Navy stated I am held accountable for it. No one wants to help me or No one can give me answers, and I've asked three different departments.

I called them to challenge the charges and now disputing the charge. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I will prevail, but NFCU makes it hard. In the past, I was charged over $3000 by someone who had gotten my checking account and savings account information number. I asked NFCU to investigate but they told me "it just wasn't worth it". I have won every time, but they still fight me. I'm ready to give my business to someone who cares.

Please avoid this credit union for mortgages at all costs! They are disorganized, overburdened incompetent on top of being unethical and borderline noncompliant with federal laws. We have bought four houses in our lives with different mortgage companies from Wells Fargo to Prosperity mortgage. Navy Federal has been a disaster and we are now on the verge of losing our contracted home because of their incompetence. They did a bait and switch on rates and "program fees" by offering one verbally with a verbal agreement from us, only to call at 4:45pm on the Friday before our settlement demanding a verbal consent to a rate 2% higher or an extra 10k in a "program fee" if we didn't agree. We had to push back our settlement date and may lose our home because we wouldn't agree to their extortion.

Our loan officer was overburdened and couldn't keep track of our documents or our loan. She called us at 10pm on a Wednesday to cry and let us know she was in charge of 125 loans on her this month including six families with our last name and she couldn't meet our settlement date or keep up with her work. She was replaced, but the promises she made verbally regarding our mortgage were not passed to the new loan officer. The legal documents which needed to be signed at each stage of the process were uploaded to a third party site which once the password was locked, I was unable to get a competent sys admin to reset the password for me - over two weeks of asking. I have yet to view or sign documents which were legally required at each stage of the loan and our settlement was supposed to be in 72 hours.

I have called the supervisor of my loan officer twice and have yet to receive a callback. I can honestly say, this has been the most horrendous transaction ever. Avoid their "deals" on mortgages at all costs. They aren't deals unless they can close the loan at the rate they offer. We gave them 60 days to close our loan but were continuously threatened with our date slipping regardless of how responsive we were as customers. Buying a house is stressful enough. Getting a mortgage company that can be responsive, ethical, transparent and truthful is mandatory --- this was NOT our experience with Navy Federal. We now wait to see if this transaction can be saved. Of course, they never answer the phone and are closed on weekends. The loan officers have yet to pick up the phone on my first try. To sum up - save yourself. Find another lender.

My experiences with Navy Federal have been poor at best. I have had a savings account with them my entire life, and a vehicle loan with them for 4 years. My interest rate on my loan is astronomically high which is certainly upsetting, but the most upsetting part is that I have not had the vehicle for almost a year now but I am still having to pay on it because Navy Federal refused to refinance or repossess the vehicle when it was wrecked. If you offer vehicle loans you should repossess the vehicle when it is not salvageable.

But my biggest complaint is that they are way behind the times. They need to wake up and get into the 21st century. I cannot pay my loan payment over the phone with my credit or debit card. If I want to do it with a new bank account online I have to submit the account for approval and wait until it comes back approved through SNAIL mail. I can't pay it online with my debit card either without going through all that. I can't get online statements, they still send me paper... It's the most frustrating thing I've ever seen. I can't make my loan payment on time sometimes because of all their goofy restrictions, I have to go into a branch, which doesn't work out for me because I have a job... So by the time I get off the branches are close. Their online system and telephone system need to be updated to avoid this ridiculous hassle.

My experience with NFCU has been that they are very disorganized. I'm a retired Air force member, so there has never been any question of my qualification to join. Sent proper paperwork to membership. Received welcome e-mail and applied for credit card, checking plus savings, and checking line of credit same day. Deposited $400 in checking and savings. 24 hours later, I receive an e-mail that my accounts (and my MONEY!) are all locked up by some BSA department asking me to email them documents. So far I've e-mailed the documents 4 times and I finally faxed them two times to the same email and fax number. Not different depts. They claim they still have not received them. My attempts to get to talk to a higher up have been unsuccessful.

This is 3 weeks later. I'm about to fax the documents yet again. What a circus and a mess of an organization. Meanwhile, my $400 in funds is money I am locked out of, and although I was welcomed as a member and approved for a credit card, I've now been locked out for 3 weeks and am really mad at their ineptness. Another circus clown answer they gave me was - "go into a branch and bring your documents." Well, since the nearest branch is 8 hours away (that's one way distance) in a different state, that's kind of not happening. I told the member service rep there were no branches in my state and she told me to drive to another state. Is she serious?? Not happy. No one can give me answers, and I've asked three different departments.

I have been doing business with Navy Federal since 2008 when I was on active duty. They go above and beyond for their members and I'm incredibly satisfied with them. Anytime I've had an issue they resolve that. What I needed a credit card they overnighted it to me. Truly an awesome experience. I recommend maybe Federal to anybody eligible.

Opened a new account. Was going to transfer all my funds, loans etc to Navy Federal. After being turned down for a car loan which I already have, just looking for a little better interest rate. My credit score well over 700. I will not do business with this place again.

I open a checking account a savings account and then a secured credit card. I had a total deposit of 18,000.00 then they blocked my accounts requesting id. I sent my va id. They said it was not acceptable. I sent my state id - they said it was tampered with. They told me I had to go to a branch office which was an hour away they act like "since I have your money and I am going to put you thru hell to get it back." I thought I would open a 10,000.00 secured card so it would boost up my credit but as of today they have my money and the customer service is bad. You ask to speak to a supervisor and the supervisor tells you the same thing and there no supervisor above the supervisor so you are done.

If this is how Navy Federal Credit Union treat the people that serve the country they should be shut down and not be given the right to be called Navy Federal Credit Union because you would think the people that serve and protect your country or any person to that matter should be treated the way NFCU treat their customers. Me I am filing a 100,000.00 lawsuit for holding my money and not giving me access.

When I originally applied for a car loan, I had a credit score of 749. Yes 749. Yet for my used car loan they still have me a 17.19% interest rate. As you may know, my principal balance hadn't gone down hardly any. I came across some financial difficulty, so I had to refinance. It's been several years since I refinanced and my interest rate is still high: 16.89%. I've been paying on this car for 5 years and have only paid $5,000 dollars. I called them and asked if they could removed some of my late payments from my closed accounts, and they said it was against their policy, and frankly they didn't know anyone who would even do that. I'm just confused. Maybe I had it wrong, but that account had been closed for a few years, and my current one is in good standing. Those late payments are the only things that are affecting my credit.

And then with the checking accounts. Parents, please talk your children out of using this bank. They allow active duty military to go negative $500 because they know that they will continue to receive a paycheck. That -$500 may seem "nice" but you can easily get stuck in a cycle of debt. As a bank they do nothing to prevent you from continuing to make the same mistake; there are no repercussions.

These people are frauds, cheats, and LIARS. I was promised a 0% promotional introductory APR to move a large sum of debt into their care - they then switched the APR to 12.90% before the closing date of the first month. I've called their supposed customer service, and they were equally worthless, and disingenuous with me. They refuse to make good on their promise, and they will be hearing from my attorney the day after Memorial Day. Buyer beware!

Run to USAA. NavyFCU is nothing but crooks. After 20 years with them they can't even extend you some time to make up credit card payments due to loss of temp. employment. They took my last $300 before my next payday and left me with 91 cents. ** wouldn't help out. USAA worked with me. Run and cancel NavyFCU. Thieves like Bank of America. They aren't interested in Military Members.

Some Navy Federal employees are so incompetent. They gave different answers for the same questions. They give you the runaround.

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Navy Federal Credit Union was founded in 1933 with seven members and has grown to have 5 million today. Members must be affiliated with the Department of Defense, Coast Guard, National Guard or U.S. Armed Forces. Immediate family members of the Navy Federal Credit Union can also join.

  • Products and services: Navy Federal Credit Union offers a complete suite of checking, savings, credit cards and loan products. They also provide online and mobile banking.
  • Credit cards: The credit union has credit, debit, prepaid, specialty prepaid and gift cards.
  • Membership benefits: There are a variety of promotions and benefits for Navy Federal Credit Union members including low loan rates, loan and insurance discounts, discount partner offers and more.
  • Saving benefits: To support saving and financial security, the credit union offers a special high interest rate certificate of deposit.
  • Mobile and text banking: The mobile app allows customers 24/7 account access and is supported by Apple, Android and Kindle Fire devices. The text banking provides alerts as well as transfers and account information.
  • Advice and planning: The resource center offers extensive information about managing money, retirement, financial planning, taxes, military and work life. This portal also includes financial calculators, free navy financial planning and home buying seminars.
  • Security center: The fraud protection portal gives advice regarding credit and debit card fraud, phishing scams, online and mobile security along with ATM security.
  • Best for Military members and their families who need specialized banking services stateside and overseas.

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