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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

Resolution In Progress

My brother has been hospitalized several times and out of work for the past year. He made mortgage payments in May, June, July and August of this year, but was about 3 months behind. It is hard to tell with WF mortgage accounting. My brother made a partial payment of $556.81 on April 3, his payment is $640.12. They applied the funds and then did a payment reversal on 4/12/16. They should have held that money until the $83.31 was paid to make a full payment. My brother's disability company has been shorting the money that he is owed and sent him $200 instead of $900. Wells Fargo decided on 9/2/16 that he was in active foreclosure. My sister and brother went to the Kissimmee Florida branch on 9/9 to make payment on the mortgage, Wells Fargo refused to take the payment and instead created a foreclosure case.

I went to WF in Austin, Texas on 9/6 to pay the escrow shortage of $252 which was refused. I sat at the WF branch on 9/9/16 from 3:45 p.m. until 6:10 p.m. with payment in full to bring the mortgage current as displayed on the mortgage account website and payment was refused. I spoke to Taylor in the WF Executive Office who said that they would not take payment, that the back office attorney was adding charges, they created the foreclosure case that afternoon after my brother and sister tried to pay, he said we would have to wait for a reinstatement quote which means that Wells Fargo can continue to add charges while refusing payment in full. It is now 15 days later and fees are continuing to add up, but no disclosure as to what fees and for what reason.

I feel that because there is equity in the property and PMI insurance that WF is blocking a homeowner who has paid mortgage payments on that property for over 20 years and forcing a foreclosure. These are unfair and unethical business practices that Wells Fargo is practicing. Does Florida need more foreclosures? How much did WF receive for bailouts? I will be happy to provide the printouts from the website with the amount needed to bring loan current on it and I have bank employees and ID number of those I spoke to as well Wells Fargo stamp on the escrow check that was refused. We have filed a complaint with the FDIC and will continue to fight.

Resolution In Progress

I just wanted to add that this company is horrible from top to bottom. My experience was far less harmful than that of many people from prior cases of abuse listed here. One thing is clear; "policies are started at top levels and run down to lower levels via bad management and poor (or no) leadership." Wells Fargo is a business that without question has profited by harming people and financially destroying them. Wells Fargo has shown complete lack of regard not only for individuals, but for the economic effect that spreads outward to people that they do business with as well.

My personal experience although far less harmful than foreclosure was very bad for myself and my family. Having lost my job in late 2007 I struggled to keep my car which was our sole means of transportation (myself, wife and school aged daughter). We fell behind one payment and our insurance was lost for a short period of time. As could be expected Wells Fargo placed insurance on the vehicle. I made arrangements and was happy to find that they would extend the payment and drop their insurance since I had already corrected that issue on my end. I thought at this point that everything was fine. I had brought the payments current and was fully insured. Even better than that I received a letter stating that I had overpaid for the insurance and that amount would be credited to the account.

This had all occurred over approximately a six week period of time. Fast forward just a few days to my next statement and I am being billed for the total amount of insurance plus my payment. I knew this was a mistake so I called for the first time of many calls and correspondence to follow. The end result was the same as many people have stated in regard to mortgages and fraudulent accounts of late. No help from Wells Fargo. This would not occur if management at all levels did not allow it and most likely encourage it. Of the 5300 people that lost their jobs I believe that most were victims of poor leadership and corporate wide mismanagement at the expense of everyday hardworking people.

The end result with my car was simple. I had family who helped out with a car to replace the car with Wells Fargo. I took the hit on my credit score. The sad part is that the replacement car cost more than just paying the made-up balance to make the loan current. At that point how could I trust that they would not repossess the car after I paid them the money they say I was behind. And even more harmful is that people do not believe that Wells Fargo would be that wrong in their actions. I lost my car, and a company like Wells Fargo would never treat people like that. I must not be telling the truth. All of these people that have written posts here are victims. Most if not all harmed far worse than myself. It makes you wonder if the stage coach robberies of the old west were inside jobs.

Resolution In Progress

Where to start? The local branch mortgage loan banker was completely incompetent. She did not call when promised. Did not follow up. Did not return calls or emails, claiming she didn't get them. She would come back with excuses for not calling or processing something because she was getting her car repaired or taking her mom shopping. Seriously! She insisted that I would qualify for conventional when I already knew I wouldn't. She argued with me about my tax return and what was on it and what she could use to qualify the loan... I was so frustrated that I called 3-4 other mortgage companies, including my own bank... thinking that fine, I could just take it somewhere else. Every last one of them told me that they couldn't use the figure she insisted on using and that I could not go conventional. I had to go HARP. Still she wouldn't listen to me.

She wrote down two of my credit card number in a notebook, promising to destroy them when she processed my appraisal fee and loan app fee in a day or two? (yes, I cancelled the cards). She did not warn me in advance that I would have to pay over $700 just to make an application. Instead she took all of the required documents (way more than anyone else) and then requested the funds. No forewarning. At the very same time I started 2 refinances with Quicken Loans, I was told that no, that number on my tax return (a roth rollover) could not be used to qualify the loan and I would have to go HARP and yes, I would qualify. Problem with the HARP program is that it has to be processed with the current mortgage holder.

Thus, I was truly stuck with Wells Fargo. I had no option to go anywhere else. I presented this information to the Wells Fargo mortgage banker as she was still trying to qualify me for conventional, and she got mad and said "Well, why don't you have them do your refi then." Seriously, I had to explain to her the requirements of the HARP loan and that Wells Fargo had to do it.

I called the 1-800 Wells Fargo number a total of 3 times over the course of these first 2-3 weeks of trying desperately to work with her to request a replacement. My first two calls were completely ignored. They had promised to get back to me... nothing. The third time I asked to speak with a manager as I had already called twice before and nothing had been done. I was assigned a manager from the 'executive' branch who held my hand through the following/additional 2 long months of this process. He couldn't really do anything but check on me and light a fire under some people when they weren't performing. Each time I called to get him involved I'd receive upwards of 5-7 emails or calls from people who swore, that although they could not answer my questions or do anything they were all over it... And then nothing. I'd have to call again and again and again. This went on all summer long.

With Quicken Loans I had exactly one person to deal with, answer questions, collect documents, assist me through the process and also offer advice in how to deal with Wells Fargo (I'm so grateful). With Wells Fargo I dealt with a total of 22 people from start to finish. Each one, it seemed, more incompetent than the previous and nearly all of them lacking any customer service skills.

From start to finish it was suggested, offered or advised that I withdraw my loan application (mind you, $700 into it and with additional expenses nearly $3,000 by the end). They seriously did not want to refinance this loan... Oh, and why would they? They were holding a $220,000 mortgage at 6% and had me by, well, the seat of my pants. I was going to put a huge amount of money toward the principal in the process of the refi (Thank you Mom. Inheritance.) and reduce my interest rate to 4.5%, taking my payments from over $1,300 to about $841. Clearly this refinance was not in their best interest. Clearly they did not want it to happen. Clearly it was a federal directive, via HARP, to make good on their past history. Their penalty box.

Some history: I have a huge credit score. I didn't even know they went that high. I'm not silly... I took the original loan in Nov. 2008 with anyone who would write it. I was turned down 3 times. It was the only loan I could get. The interest rates at that time were running in the 5%-5.5% anyways and as an investment property I would get hit with an additional .0.5% risk anyways... It wasn't good, but it wasn't way out there either. I intended to refinance just as soon as I secured the property. I lost my job in early 2009, the same year I turned 50, and have been holding on by a thread and unable to find employment. I always made my payments on time. I never got behind. I did not get this loan with Wells Fargo, they bought the loan almost as soon as it was issued. No job. No refi. I was stuck.

I met every deadline. The appraisal came in and I waited for someone to contact me... It was the final piece. I had stalled the appraisal and demanded that every other piece was in place before we proceeded with the assurance that the only thing that could trip up the refi was the appraisal. I knew full well that after having made an initial down payment of over $50,000 and paid on it for 8 years and with the improvement of the housing market that it would appraise. I didn't want to pay for an appraisal if the loan was not going to be approved. We had discussion after discussion after discussion after discussion about this...

They took the money for the appraisal in the beginning of May. The appraisal was done in end of June. It took them that long to do whatever it is they have to do. I was on point the entire time, ready, waiting and responsive to every request, deadline, appointment, document, etc. When the appraisal finally came in it sat on someone's desk for 2 and a half weeks. I finally called. It took them another week to retrieve an underwriter's acknowledgement of the appraisal so that we could proceed. Grrr! What number are we on?

I have/had a zero interest ecology loan for new windows via the local utility for this property. They were nice enough to put a lien on the property. They would subordinate that loan, balance $1,300+. Wells Fargo refused... Why? We'll never know. I had to pay it off. One more stumbling block. Thank goodness I had the money or it would have all fallen apart. (Before appraisal... that made them mad... they didn't want to clear title until after the appraisal at my cost.)

The loan lock expired while they drag their feet and failed to close the loan. In the interim the interest rates had fallen. Did I get the new lower interest rate... No! Final closing docs/figures. Wow! What a battle. I wanted to adjust what I was bringing to closing... Bring in a little less, move the payment up slightly... Keep some in savings just in case. It practically turned into a federal case. They refused to adjust the numbers, claiming that I had been the cause of everything that had delayed the loan process to this time and we would miss the current end of July deadline and inconvenience them. Disgusting. They won this one. It took them more time to ignore and argue about my request than it would have taken them to process it. (Maybe?)

Closing: Several people called in the days prior to final signing to make sure everything was in place... I was completely furious by this point and assured them that I would sign absolutely anything that landed on the table. And I did. They had changed my address to my friend's address where I had happened to be staying when the final docs were issued. In future all of my bills might go to her, not me. Perfect!

I wait, now, 2 months later, for a final accounting. Anyone who knows anything about this knows that after all the docs are signed and numbers punched in there is always a final reckoning which always results in a check to settle out the dollars that were not needed to close out the old loan, pay off this or that, etc. The two Quicken Loans that I closed weeks prior to this, that went like clockwork and closed on time. Each had final payouts of over $1,100. This one zero, zip, nada. I was told that Wells Fargo is just that good at nailing down the figures that there wouldn't be a final payout. Really? The costs, payment, etc. were all exactly as stated on day one of the loan application even though the loan closed 15 days past the stated deadline and with one additional payment. They must be clairvoyant or just total crooks.

Perspective: First contact 5/9/2016. Closing 8/30/2016. Complaint filed with FDIC, OCC, etc. shortly thereafter. No outcome yet... Aside from one call from Wells Fargo to advise me that they would be calling on 'Monday' regarding my complaint... No call came. I'm shocked. In short (probably too late for that) If you have any other option, any, DO NOT GO WITH WELLS FARGO. They are absolutely INCOMPETENT. THEY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN. They are not providing us a service. Have you seen the list of fines they've gotten for a variety of indiscretions in the last 1.5-2 years? That should be warning enough to you.

Resolution In Progress

My modification request was denied despite my SSDI income being $770 a month and their mortgage payment being over $900. My illness is terminal. Their reason was I have successfully made the payment so far this year which I did by burning up my savings every month. They are not the least bit concerned that I will be gone and there will be two children left homeless.

Resolution In Progress

My experience began in June 2016. My wife is the person on the mortgage but she requested a form to let me talk Wells Fargo Customer Service. We inquired about the Hamp program the first week of July 2016. We were told we would first have to fill out the appropriate forms and fax them within 48 hours. We did so. We received a letter informing us that Wells Fargo's servicing agreement with HSBC BANK USA N.A. trustee for WFMBS 2007-15 did not permit WF to modify the mortgage.

Next since we inquired about the HAMP program they were required to pay our property taxes and create a new escrow account increasing the payment to an amount unknown at this time. We had no idea the mortgage had been sold as a Mortgage Backed Security with HSBC as the trustee and Wells Fargo was the Servicer for them. Next we appealed the decision now, it's "you do not qualify," At the same time along with the denial letter is an exterior appraisal that we did not request.

Then we get a call from a Executive Resolution Specialist (AKA Professional Paper Shuffler And Stalling Artist) who is addressing our concerns. I could have wrote his report for him. Wells Fargo is as pure as the driven snow. I asked why an appraisal was done on our home on May 2, 2016. He has been checking on that for over a month. I found the address on the appraisal and called that office this morning 9/22/16.

After going through 4 levels of customer service reps that could not tell me why this appraisal was ordered. I was transferred to the President's Office. His representative gave me the same old story. He said he would have to refer my question to: If you guessed the Executive Resolution Specialist you're correct. They could not answer the simple question, "Why was my home appraised and who on the 3rd floor of your office requested it and paid for it?" I would not use Wells Fargo to finance a Kiddie Car. So 4 months after being appraised no one knows why. FYI appraiser will not respond either. We are going to pursue a Quiet Title action for all the misleading and delaying tactics of which there are many. Do not take anything they tell you as truth,

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Resolution In Progress

Wells Fargo is my mortgage company. I fell slightly behind on my mortgage and even after speaking with them and arranging payments they continued to harass me. When I call to talk to someone they tell me they can't access the previous information from the last phone call. I was told that I had to start all over again, going through all of their questions about if I want to keep the house, why did I get behind, what is my address, are the phone numbers on file correct... It is insane that a bank this big cannot keep a record of the last correspondence so that the person on the other end of the phone can access it. They call day and night, sometimes up to 4 times a day including weekends. The crazy thing is I am only one month late and will be catching up this month, which is what I keep telling them each time they call.

They are the rudest, worst bank ever and once I stay current and can go to a different bank I am going to do it. I don't think it is the fault of the people calling. I think that they are probably being pressured by their superiors to get money from their customers like they were pressured into opening accounts that were not authorized just to keep their jobs. I know people behind on their mortgages for 6 months to a year and they tell me their banks don't harass them like this bank does. I saw on the news all of the unethical things they have done and they should be ashamed taking advantage of people who are just trying to get by. I have already spoken to other banks and once I stay on track for a while I am going there with my mortgage. I highly recommend everyone do the same.

Resolution In Progress

My mom had a mortgage through the bank for years now. My father died, and the bank keeps charging her more and then less for her payments. They say that they are trying to help her as a senior citizen. They have a third party that she is paying for insurance, but they told her they are through her bank, so they automatically take this out of her bank as well. Without her knowing, they are now charging her more than she earns. All of a sudden, they told her that if she doesn't pay the couple thousand in late fees, which she didn't know about, they will foreclose in 2 months.

When she called them and gave her personal information, Wells Fargo hung up the phone on her. She is a disabled senior and cannot get to the bank. The other day, they told her if she sold the house, she won't get anything because they have to pay what she owed. They have her paying almost 3 times more than what the house is worth. This is making her sicker.

Resolution In Progress

I was denied a modification with WF 3 years in a row. WF would not let me out that pick a payment loan. That I was tricked into anyway. So, I stop paying them and was just ready to let the house go. So, I stopped paying for 4 months. I really value my credit. So, I hired a law firm to handle the Pre-Foreclosure. Law firm was able to get me out of the pick a payment loan and got a modification. So, my house only was worth 68,000 but, my loan amount was 144,000. Wow. So, once I closed on the modification. I was informed about a year later, they sent me a letter telling me that they left out some very important information on my closing docs.

So, I called them and they inform me that I was being sponsor by somebody I never knew that, and once I pay off my loan with them that, I still owe my sponsor 44,000. So, now my loan amount is 188,000. How are they able to do this? And they never sent this information to me in by mail. I had to call them to find out what important information left out closing docs. Can somebody please help me. How they get a sponsor without informing me. So, if I default on my loan, then my house is his/she... Confused...

Resolution In Progress

Long short this bank for mortgages suck. I am a Real Estate salesperson. Back in March I had a buyer who after 4 months could not close because of Wells Fargo. We finally walked away. Now, we have a new buyer and his bank is requesting the previous Wells Fargo FHA appraisal. Wells Fargo has yet to release it. We keep on getting the run around. All I can say at this point is that I have lost all faith in Wells Fargo and would never recommend it as a mortgage lender.

Resolution In Progress

I fell behind on my mortgage loan in December of 2015 loss of income due to medical reason. In June I contact Wells Fargo and inform them that my appeal hearing with social security disability was scheduled for Aug 16th and I was told the only thing they can do was to let me speak with home preservation specialist. I agree and paperwork was mailed. I was deny loan modification because no income for me and low income for my 86 yr old mother. I mailed payment for $3900.00 and check was mailed back with a letter stating insufficient amount. I then receive from Wells Fargo on August 1st a reinstatement offer for $9700 + to be paid before September 4th.

On September 9th I call Wells Fargo to let them know I was mailing check for $12,000.00 and which address to mail payment because of due date and was told because date expired the check would be return. I ask to speak with manager to see if they could make any exception. I was transfer to home reservation manager who to me no offer was mail and the loan at in Foreclosure statute. I offer to fax letter, then the letter magically appear in the system with offer end of August 31st. Again I asked to fax my version of their letter. I was then placed on hold.

After an hour and half of speaking with different specialist and getting different informations. I was transferred to foreclosure specialist but to no avail. I heard to same thing over again. Finally she said she's sending an email to the manager, to asked if they can make any exceptions. I receive a call from Erica in the complaint department. I was told that she would review my case and get back to me by September 23rd. However to I receive two letter a payoff statement for $199,000 and another reinstatement quote of $18,000.00 due by 10/10/16. I immediately call Wells Fargo and was told I request a pay off statement. I had two heart, pulmonary embolism and recently had a stroke in March, my chest was throbbing and I felt like I was spinning. I'm in a nightmare and I cannot wake up.

"Jesus" I now have a new specialist because Dennis moved to a different department. I won my appeal with social security but in order to do another loan modification I need a award letter, which I did not received. They refused letter from my disability lawyer and I'm now at a cross road. Wells Fargo correspondent states call if you need help and you get when you do are run around and people with monotone voice saying, "Your reinstate amount is --- you're in foreclosure and there's nothing we can do". They rather refuse payments and forecloses property and take equity than working with customer. Shame on Wells Fargo, worst company ever.

Resolution In Progress

This happened some time ago. I tried everything possible to solve but got nowhere with anybody. My widowed mother listed me as a co-owner of a property she resided in in Florida. She was in her 70's at the time. She failed to advise me she had done so. I was a resident of California at the time. Some time later she met a man who was an employee of another mortgage loan company and she became romantically involved with him. He coerced her into applying for a $30K loan. The gentleman discovered that I was part owner of the property and I was advised I would be receiving documents to sign so she could receive the funds.

I questioned why she needed the money and she advised she was broke. She became angry with me for interfering. Mind you, I still did not know I had been added to the deed. To make this a much shorter story: I never received any documents to sign and the loan was approved without my inclusion. The gentleman moved in with my mother, stole all her money causing all her check payments to bounce, etc. Sometime later, the original loan company was apparently purchased by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Due to non-payment of the loan, WFHM moved to foreclose on the property, suing my mother and me. This is the first I became aware of a loan being taken in my name. Conveniently, the original documents were lost.

This was the beginning of a period of pure hell in that I had to give up my life in Ca. and relocate to Fl., where I became my mother's full-time caregiver because it turned out she was suffering early or mid-stage dementia. I was able to find the copies of the loan documents with this man's signature on them and pressed elderly exploitation charges against him with the local sheriffs office. They presented the case to the states attorney's office who refused to prosecute. As well as the sheriffs office and the state, I was in contact with the state department of Children & Family's, the state department that oversees the banking industry, who felt strong enough about my claim to pass my complaint to a regional office in Houston, Tx., as well as attempting to find any help anywhere, including my congressional representative as well as one of our two senators.

I tried to work with Wells Fargo to obtain some sort of payment plan as I was not able to work because of my mother's illness. We were trying to live on her social security plus a small retirement amount. I have been re-chewing this cud everyday for years because, to this day, not one of the entities mentioned above have ever explained why the perpetrator of this fraud got away Scott free and I was forced to pay back the loan. Most all of the above is documented and I still have those documents. And what I have written today is only a portion of what I had to go through to be where I am now. In light of the latest news regarding Wells Fargo Bank, I am now raising my head to add to the destruction of WF's reputation as well as the corruption of the agencies that exist to help citizens who have been exposed to this type of fraud. I also intend to contact the Federal agency that has since been established to protect consumers.

Before relocating to Fl. I had many conversations with law enforcement and DCF via phone and emails. I still have the emails. Because I was unaware of my mothers illness before I relocated, I was trying to get this man away from her. Hindsight made me aware that at least DCF should have realized that my mother had dementia. As a untrained observer, I was certainly made aware of her condition as soon as I was physically reunited with her.

Resolution In Progress

I have been having a similar experience to many of the people posting here. My boyfriend was going through a job transition back in May 2016 and wasn't going to get a paycheck for over a month, so I thought, "hey, you can do a modification for a couple of months and then just pick up where you left off." When we called Wells Fargo in April to get ahead of the game and not be late for any payments, they were so very helpful at first helping him to get the modification. He on numerous occasions, gave them permission to talk to me because I am a little more experienced in this area, and I am much better at keeping my cool than he is.

When we asked about the modification, I SPECIFICALLY asked her, she who is recording all phone calls, what happens to the balance of the amount due for each of those months. She said that will be added to the life of the loan. I said "great, so instead of being paid off for instance in January 2040, it would be April 2040." She said "correct." Fast forward 4 months... We receive a letter saying that there is a balance of $5,876.00 due by September 8th. Of course, this starts our circus of phone calls, emails, run-arounds, and wild goose chases.

The person we were dealing with said that he signed something saying that he understood that it would be due in September. I asked her to get us a copy because I have copies of everything that he signed and nowhere in there does it say anything about when it is expected to be paid back, so all we have to go with is the recorded call that they record saying that it was due at the end of the life of the loan. She said that we need to fax her a request because she can't accept the request over the phone or by email.

Let me say, I do have the money to pay this, and if they can produce this signed piece of paper, I would be more than happy to pay it, but if they are wrong, why do we have to suffer? Meanwhile, we wait and accrue late charges and interest because they will not let us pay this month's payment until everything is paid up. Every email to them would be followed up with a call within 24 hours during the hours that we told them he could not answer saying that they cannot accept any requests from me because I am not on the account. I wrote up every email and sent it to everyone involved and then my boyfriend would hit reply to all and write "Please see my request below..." So it was from him...

After about a month and a half of emailing and calling and leaving messages with her, her boss, and her bosses boss, she finally said, "oh I can't do that... You have to fax that request over to our customer communications department...." At this point we are dangerously close to the Sept 8 deadline. We asked for the fax number because it is nowhere on the website, and she gave it to us.... We faxed the request over again, along with a request to give me ability to communicate and make decisions on anything pertaining to his account. Throughout this time, every time that we could not contact our person, her boss, or her bosses boss by phone, we would call back in and speak to anyone that would answer just so that we could make sure that our requests were being entered into the system and that something was being done.

Well, since nothing ever got posted to the account, I googled the fax number and although, it did belong to Wells Fargo, it was to the wrong department. Finally we got someone that was being slightly friendly and helpful and would give me general information even though "they are not authorized to talk to me." She gave us the correct Fax number. I also googled fax numbers for Wells Fargo Mortgage and I faxed these 2 requests for 5 different fax numbers in hopes that it would get somewhere.

Fast forward again... It is the 6th or 7th... They finally got the faxes so they can now speak to me, and I was transferred to the person assigned our "case" that is apparently in the Executive Offices. He said that he is researching my case and that they have a resolution date of Sept 21. I am staying on them because this doesn't feel right and it is past the 8th so once again, I spoke with him once. I have left voice mails and messages with other people in the department over and over again and it was over 4 days and no one had returned my call... So much for the 24 hr call back.

Yesterday was the 5th day. I called and his voicemail was full so I called back and did the just give me anyone that will talk to me number and this person said that they would send a message to our case worker and that caseworker's manager. I gave them my contact info for during the day, and the only half hour I would not be available because I would be in a meeting.

The gentleman that I left the message with looked over all our documents and said, I don't see any documentation in this file that shows anything about when the modification is due!!!! Really?!?! I know this because I have copies of everything, so please just do the right thing and honor what the first person said to me 6 months ago on the phone.

A new person called my cell phone instead of my office number as I had asked them to do, and she called in the half hour that I said I would be busy. She said she was my new case worker and that she expects a resolution on Sept 21 and she will contact me then. I'm sorry, that is not acceptable to me. While they are wasting time, we are getting deeper and deeper into being trapped into a foreclosure.

I am now debating taking the money that I have to pay the balance if they can produce this imaginary piece of paper and use it for a lawyer to go after them because this is not ok that they get away with doing this as a normal practice. It is not up to them to take people's houses from them because they think the person is in over their heads. Up to this point, he has not had issues. If they wanted to force him into a foreclosure, they should have just said no to the modification and then it would be on him. When you say you can help.... the government sets these things up so that people can get help... and then you pull something shady like this, they should not be allowed to continue these practices.

Resolution In Progress

We bought a home in 2005. Having banked with WF my whole adult life, that's where I went for a mortgage. What I got was an 80/20 interest only loan. Fast forward 5 years... we try to refinance with a conventional mortgage. Well, we all know the housing values tanked at that time and they wouldn't refinance. For the next 5 years, we pay the ARM rate until the "loan" converts to a fixed rate mortgage at the 10 year mark. Well, we find out that this 80/20 mortgage was actually 2 home equity lines of credit (we were never told of this all along).

So, I'm still thinking that we are going to move to a regular mortgage at year 10. Nope! Because the house value hasn't risen enough for them (short of us paying $17,000 up front), we had to be converted to 2 fixed rate home equity lines of credit (which are much higher than mortgage rates). I talked to everyone I could and nobody could help me secure a regular mortgage loan. Because the house wasn't a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, we didn't qualify for the HARP program. Forget the fact that we were never late on a house payment, we have 7 different accounts with WF and we have great credit. As soon as the equity builds, we will definitely be looking elsewhere. We are just stuck right now.

Resolution In Progress

This review pertains to Wells Fargo's Loan Modification program. In July of 2016, my mother had difficulty maintaining her mortgage payments. My father, a Veteran of the United States Armed Forces, passed away in September of 2015. As a result, she lost his income that was contributing towards paying the mortgage. She contacted Wells Fargo in order to proceed with a Loan Modification. Everything seemed to be fine and dandy, until one day... In August of 2016, the lady that we spoke to over the phone wanted a mountain of paperwork to be filed. As such, we gave them any and all necessary documentation, even twice under a few circumstances. After everything was submitted, there was no communication whatsoever for several weeks at a time, other than the occasional e-mail.

Then, all of a sudden out of the clear blue sky, she receives a call in September of 2016. It's the rude and obnoxious Home Preservation Specialist letting her know that the Loan Modification was denied. The only explanation that was given was that my mother's main permanent source of income was considered too low. Without any hesitation, she suggested to either have a Short Sale on the residence, or simply walk out on the mortgage. My poor 70 year old mother started sobbing, and may possibly face foreclosure.

Wow, even I was in dismay. I can't possibly think of any reason as to why they would treat a Surviving Spouse of a deceased Veteran so harshly. She is on a limited Social Security income, so of course she needs mortgage assistance. I should have believed all of the negative reviews written by other users on here from their own personal experiences. What purpose does a Loan Modification serve if they're just going to turn-down multiple people anyhow? This program should be terminated and abandoned. It's practically useless from my point of view.

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We recently sold our house to a buyer that used Wells Fargo. We went under contract on the house in March. We decided to go ahead and buy another home and we closed in 30 days with another lender. Buyer had constant issues with local broker who was dragging her feet getting anything done. On 9-9-16 we closed on the house finally. They were told originally we would close in 30 days. It took 4+ months. In that time it cost me almost $5500 in payments. The local broker was not in communication often and normally took 4-5 days to respond to emails and phone calls. She would blame every issue on someone else and never took responsibility or apologized for taking so long to complete. I would never recommend this incompetent company to anyone looking a mortgage.

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In the later part of Aug. 2016 a Mortgage Broker out of Winona overwrote my signature on a refund check out of my escrow account and gave half to my ex-husband. I've been a supporter with Wells Fargo Mortgage for many years and put my trust in them for all my banking years. The aftermath of all this has resulted in an enormous amount of stress not knowing if any of my account numbers or information has also been given to my ex-husband who suffers from psychological issues. I believe extreme ramifications should be taken and policies should be changed.

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I applied for a home equity loan, they gave me a tentative date to close and then they missed it, but didn't let me know they were going to miss the date. They said "well it was a tentative close date, so we didn't need to inform you that we were going to miss it." And since they didn't have a new date tell me, they saw no reason to call. Their idea of communication was to call me weekly to tell me they were still processing my loan. "What exactly are you doing" I asked my lending agent - "well some other group is processing it right now, I'm not sure exactly what they are doing and I am not sure how long it will take." The worst was when my lending agent went on vacation, my loan processing stopped. I called a supervisor to find out if someone else could work on my loan, so some progress could be made while my agent was away - "no we don't do that, she'll be back soon".

About 2 months after the tentative date we began talking about closing. As closing approached the fees kept climbing, but I needed the money so I agreed. Then we had the closing call, we agreed on fees of about $700, and we closed on the loan. A few hours later I got a frantic call from my lending agent - "I miscalculated your fees. It is now $1,800, that's fine right?" I told her that I wanted no part of her loan, and I demanded they delete all the personal information they collected from me, as I assured them they would never hear from me again. Months later I am still trying to get them to get rid of my information. I am struggling, but feel better off than working with this company.

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I refinanced my house, with Wells Fargo receiving loan payoff funds on 26 Aug, a Friday. On Monday I called to see when I could expect my escrow refund. They said they hold the funds for 15 days, then cut a check and place it in USPS for snail mail. I am incensed that they charge daily interest on mortgage loans, but keep my escrow funds 15 days before beginning the refund process.

While fuming from this injustice, I found that I was mistaken in thinking my September mortgage auto-payment had been cancelled. It was paid from my other bank into the closed account. When I called on Sep 6 to inquire when it would be refunded, I was first told that it would be kept 30 days, then combined with my escrow refund and sent as a single check. I told the rep that my escrow refund was already in queue. She was not able to explain further exactly what would happen. Wells Fargo pattern is clear. They keep your money for arbitrary periods before refunding it to you. Their greed and gall are not what I expect from a bank.

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In late December 2013 I was included in a mass layoff (firing) from a tech firm out of California. I had a mortgage with Wells Fargo (no choice of my own). Wells Fargo bought the mortgage from the servicer I originally had. My wife and I gasped for air when we were notified. We both have had previous bad experiences with Wells Fargo. I swore off Wells Fargo back in the 90's when I applied for a checking account and they demanded a credit report. I walked out and never looked back. Anyway, like the good homeowner I was, I notified Wells Fargo that I had lost my job and it may be a few months before I was re-employed.

The point of the call was, of course, to make some temporary arrangements until I was re-employed. I request was transferred to the Home Preservation Department. Has a nice ring, right? Well, the nice lady on the other end convinced me that I qualified for a special forbearance program. We talked about the lack of income I had and that any assistance would be appreciated. I was almost excited about this. I thought they were actually trying to help me. "Let's put you on a 6 month forbearance, and you can resume your normal payments at the end of that time", she said. Nice! Now that would be helpful.

About a week or so after the call, I received a document regarding the special forbearance. The document showed up in early February. It was in a letter format, a bit confusing, but the payment terms were simple, "On June 1st, 2014, start making your regular payments." That was it. I questioned the Home Preservation Specialist about the terms and was assured that I only needed to resume my regular mortgage payment. I signed the document and sent it back.

After the 6 months was over, I had secured a job, caught up on my bills and called to resume making payments. The payment was accepted over the phone, no problem. The next month, I went to make the next payment. The customer service representative did not want to take my payment. Slightly confused, I went to a local Wells Fargo and paid the payment with cash. The next month, I went to make the payment and was refused unless I paid all the payments missed during the forbearance period. Okay, now I was really confused. Not only was my payment required by calling Wells Fargo, now they're insisting on the full balance from when the forbearance started. I did my part, I thought. What is going on here?

The bottom-line, I was misled by the Home Preservation Specialist. I was also placed on one of those conditional loan modification programs so I could get the loan current. That never happened either. Every time I applied, I was turned down because my debt to income ratio was too high. I applied to the State twice for help and was turned down. By this time, I was so far behind that foreclosure steps had been started in the background. In June of 2015 I had to file a chapter 13 to stall the foreclosure. Now they had to take my payments. So I resumed my payments. During that time, I landed a better job. I reapplied for a modification to put all the arrears at the end of the loan. After complaining loudly and insisting on a supervisor, I was eventually granted a modification. I voluntarily dismissed the chapter 13, and the rest was history.

Now, my credit is totally screwed because of what they did. I would have rather been a few months behind and paid extra to get caught up than be lied to as I was. I really don't care what spin Wells Fargo wants to put on this. They wanted to foreclose my house and cash in on the 200k in equity I had. From the other reports and reviews I've read since, this is a standard M.O. for Wells Fargo and other banks. A practice similar to Predatory Lending is Predatory Loan Servicing. The special forbearance I was put on is a practice commonly referred to as manufacturing a default or manufactured default. They create a situation to cause a default, then they act on seizing the asset.

The really sad part of all this is that they actually pretend to care and help. Because these bank are so huge, they act with complete impunity against the consumer. Unless you have very deep pockets, suing is just not an option. If you're ever offered a Special Forbearance, run! This is a Trojan Horse designed to manufacture a loan default.

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My husband and I just got married on February and a great deal on a home fell into our laps. We contacted Wells Fargo for a mortgage in the beginning of May 2016. First time home buyer. They assured us with our financial situation that we would have the mortgage no problems. I asked them the entire time if we were going to be approved. They said yes! (But that means conditionally approved.)

At first they were returning our calls and emails and answering all of our questions daily. No problems. I provided them with everything they asked me to. In the beginning I told them they had their numbers wrong on the Taxes of the home, the flood insurance number were wrong everything was wrong. I asked if this was going to be a problem, because they need to update it (they have recorded conversations and emails to prove that I told them from day 1), they told me no. That they would update the numbers after the appraisal was done. I paid for some of their fees, the appraisal, the house inspection, everything was done. They still did not update the numbers.

Throughout the summer I would email them and leave messages for them, and they wouldn't get back to me. I asked them to call my husband to go over the costs to close, it took them 4 weeks!!! to make that phone call and I emailed them and called them about it. No answer. There was always an excuse. "Oh it's a busy time of year" or if I asked them about a task that came up on my mortgage tracker of what it was, their answer was "Oh, I don't know, I have to find out" HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW? And plus, they didn't get back to me for days! Horrible customer service and the unprofessionalism was disgusting! My Homeowner's insurance and Flood Insurance companies left them messages so they could bind the contracts but they didn't call them back. Everything was pushed off and delayed!!!

August 4, 2016 was the scheduled closing. They had literally 3 MONTHS to update everything properly. Two days before my closing they emailed me that they can't approve my mortgage because of the numbers not being updated correctly. I was LIVID! I immediately called a supervisor. Got him on the phone to let him know because of their screw up, I am going to be homeless!! He at first wanted to correct the issue. He told me that he would push the loan through. I have ALL Emails stating this! I did everything he said. I canceled a credit card. He wanted me to get 4300.00 extra in the bank over a weekend.

I pushed the closing to a date they told me to so they can rush everything to get the loan approved. I told him being a supervisor, I do not want anything to do with the loan officer that screwed up the mortgage the first time. He kept cc-ing her on the emails. I told him I only want to deal with him. He had no respect for me in that aspect. Did EVERYTHING THEY TOLD ME TO DO!!! I have a small side business that I had to use money out of to pay for my wedding in February for. I told him this the entire time. They were accounting for that in the mortgage. He asked me for a letter to explain why I shows a loss so far this year in the little extra I get from that business. I sent him the explanation. I used the money for my wedding. He wanted me to revise the letter a few times. I did as I was told.

Then 2 days before closing BAM! "Sorry we can't approve you." He had the loan officer I did not want to talk to call me to tell me. I asked her to speak to him, she wouldn't put me through. I was done. That day I called my lawyer and a new mortgage guy, who both said I got screwed by them. I was in underwriting the same day I was denied by wells fargo. However, the sellers were angry that I wanted to postpone the closing again and killed the contract.

I am approved now, but lost the home, and now had to move in with my parents to try to find another home. I lost out on money for 2 appraisals, the inspection, and other fees they made me pay. They wouldn't let me use the appraisal I just paid for with the new mortgage company. I now have to stay at my parent's with my husband until we find another house. I actually found out that my cousin got screwed by wells fargo with their mortgage, and I am in contact with a lawyer who has many many Mortgages cases against them. I am going to pursue legal action against them as well. They are horrible and they costed me my home. I have the emails from the supervisor stating that they are getting their mortgage department more training. That they were reprimanded. Guess what... I AM HOMELESS BECAUSE OF YOU! I would love for them to pull the recorded phone calls as well. STAY AWAY FROM WELLS FARGO!

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All I can say is, "WOW!" This is by far the worst business transaction I have ever been a part of. Having bought and sold other houses before I expected this one to go much like the others, relatively smoothly. I was completely wrong. The person we dealt with was in an IL office. He was completely unorganized, uncommunicative and made one error after the next. Multiple clerical errors were made and went unnoticed until either my husband or I found them. Several emails to many of the people involved in our transaction went ignored or unanswered. I even sent text messages to his boss but nothing improved. Multiple delays caused by stupid mistakes cost us so much time and money. I regret getting involved with Wells Fargo 100% and I will never do business with them again. Save yourself time, money, stress and frustration, go ANYWHERE else!

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I refinanced with Wells Fargo about two years ago (second time with them). All was fine until I received a letter stating that my monthly payments were going up $108 because they "miscalculated" my escrow! That was about three months before the affected month of July. I made my first raised payment in July. A couple of weeks later, THEY CALLED ME and said that they could "stream-Line" my FHA mortgage. And could lower my monthly payments about a $100-$130 a month. Okay... Why didn't you tell me this BEFORE you raised my monthly payments! (You knew about the escrow!)

Over the next couple of weeks, they started the process. First I was "locked-in" at 3.625%. That would lower my payments about $122 per month. Two days later, AFTER printing out and signing the paperwork, I got a notice that I was "locked-in" at 4.125%. That lowered my payments about $100. I was fine with that. It would bring me back down to where I was before the raised payment. I was told it would be a couple of more days, and everything will be finalized. They called me the next day and told me they could not do anything more for me because FHA does not include closing costs to be added into the mortgage! Bull!! A co-worker just stream-Lined his FHA mortgage two months prior. It included putting the closing costs into the mortgage. As I stated earlier, this is my second time refinancing with Wells Fargo. But that's a whole other story!

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We are in a position to pay off our mortgage. To make a long story short, a family member took the funds to the bank to wire it for us. Wells Fargo wouldn't allow her to do it due to fraud concern. OK - so we sent the certified funds overnight along with the payoff form sent to us from Wells Fargo. We tracked it, it arrived early the following morning. That was Friday. Today is Wednesday. It has NOT been posted to our account and WF states they have no record of receiving it!!! This is $200,000 we are talking out - certified funds!

We are approaching the first of the month where we would need to make a mortgage payment and interest is accruing. I gave them the tracking information and asked to email a copy of the signed delivery receipt and copy of the cashier's check. They won't tell me where to send it! We are furious! We are so nervous about them dragging their feet to post this money and there's nothing we can do about it! Once this is resolved, we will be closing all 7 of our family accounts there!!!

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Whenever we start the mortgage application, they advertised some advantages and discounts with a long relationship with WF bank. I had been using this bank 10+ years, and had steady deposits with this bank, even moved most money sitting in different banks since they encouraged us to open an investment account, but no advantage at all. It was extremely slow process and made us wait for long enough so that we just couldn't move to different bank to meet the closing date.

They started us with the best loan from WF, then kept moving us to the worst loan you can get from WF, but we just ended up having this loan not to lose the house since this whole process took 1 month, now we need to close soon. Their decision is made based on their "computer model" and they cannot accept any exception even the underwriter reviews the documents manually and see we are easily qualified. I am really disappointed with their misleading advertisement about the loan programs and would not recommend to anyone around me.

Had a great experience working with Todd. The process was seamless from start to finish and I was happy with the accessibility once it was closed out. Feel good to have that HELOC available for a rainy day.

I absolutely HATE this company with my entire being!!! They are the devil and they have no intentions of helping ANYONE! They are the scum of the earth!! Have been dealing with WF for almost a year concerning my parent's reverse mortgage. WF is a joke and should be out of business. They have absolutely no customer service.

My mother passed away over a year ago. When her death was reported, we were told we could purchase house, do short sell for 90% of appraised value, or try to sell home for profit and keep the difference. Never was a will or death certificate asked for. We have yet to get any information from WF concerning this reverse mortgage. Was told a few months ago they needed will & DC, faxed it... they don't do email!!! They never received it, faxed again a month later.

Then told that my sister and I were co executors of will and they will not release any information to me without my sister authorized signature (she lives in New Zealand). Was told she could send letter stating they could speak with me... letter was faxed (still no emails) but she signed her married name. Wasn't acceptable even though her married name is what appeared on Will. She resubmitted with maiden-married name... still not acceptable as she did not relinquish her rights as a co executor and then we were told we were not co executors only representatives. To make a long story short, house is to be auctioned in October and my siblings and I are no closer to any sort of answers to any of our questions. Several people are interested in purchasing the house, but apparently WF feels the need to auction it.

I will never use Wells Fargo Bank again for any of my business, nor will I ever tell anyone to use them! My husband and I recently married in April 2016 and wanted to refinance our mortgage to have our names on it and to get my ex husband's name off of it. My mortgage was already with Wells Fargo, so they already have my record of NEVER missing or being late on a payment, plus mine and my husband's credit are excellent.

So, I called them in May to check with them about a refinance. BIG MISTAKE! Do NOT use them! We were assured by them that we qualified for their HARP refinance. We started sending them our private information in May. We kept being assured by them that everything was going along fine, but could we send "one" more thing. Then the one thing led to another, then another... At the first of August, they called and said I needed to send them typed, signed, and dated "letters of explanation" stating why my previous address, which I moved from 11 years ago when I sold the house and built the one I live in now, was showing up as my current address.

So, once again I sent in what I thought they needed. We were able to set a close date of August 16 at 4:30 with a local a notary. I was called at 3:00 on the 16th by Wells Fargo to let me know that they couldn't allow us to close because they weren't getting current employment information from my husband's job, even though his work had sent his information over and over again to them. Wells Fargo was supposed to contact my husband's work to get that information. His work never was called or contacted in any way by Wells Fargo to get that information. We were cooperative in every way with Wells Fargo, even when asked for, what we felt was unreasonable information. It is our opinion, after dealing with this bank for over 3 months, that they are very incompetent, unreliable, and don't follow through with what they say they will do. We will NEVER use this bank in the future and will NEVER recommend them to anyone.

I contacted Wells Fargo when I was shopping around for a mortgage. They are suppose to have the best rates around, but this is a lie. Their interest rates & APR are much higher than every other mortgage I've ever seen! Their APR is currently over 5% & interest rate was 3.89, when I've been offered as low as 2.5 for interest & 4% for APR. This results in a higher monthly payment. More so then the rates, their customer service is terrible! They pay no attention to detail & I was constantly finding mistakes! Kelly literally starting fighting with me when I told her I had a better offer, and treated me liked I didn't have a clue about anything! I've done my research! I know everything there is to know about PMI, FHA loans, seller's concessions, because I ASKED! The only GOOD thing is their upfront costs - this quote was lower, but even if I put more down, the monthly payment was still higher.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage has apparently made a practice of dragging their feet in processing smaller mortgages. I am a home seller and my buyer was having a lot of difficulty getting answers and assistance. I called on her behalf because she missed her mortgage commitment date. Wells Fargo at 886 Rte. 73 N, Marlton, NJ is the branch we dealt with. The mortgage consultant continually told us for 2 weeks that the commitment would come 'today or tomorrow', that it was with the underwriter. We contacted them each time the date was missed. They stopped answering and stopped returning phone calls. At no point was an explanation offered.

I at one point reached out to the branch manager. He listened for a moment and then when he 'looked into it' stopped returning my calls and messages as well. He also never offered a sound explanation of why underwriting was taking over 2 weeks. Then at the last possible day, I get a call saying that we would have to push back closing. This notification came 4 days prior!!! Still no explanation as to why it wasn't done on time. I called the corporate offices to file a formal complaint. Was told I would get a call back. Never did. Bottom line... Wells Fargo was too big to fail and now they are too big to give proper customer service, adhere to deadlines, and honor their commitments. I have heard from all real estate agents involved, other brokers, and other people that have had similar experiences. Wells Fargo does not like giving small mortgages and therefore drags their feet. Small customers are not welcome.

GO FIGURE!! As told to Wesley **, PhD, JD. Wells Fargo Bank seems unwilling and unable to own its part in an snafu that is now going to cost a married couple their home of 12 years. Wells Fargo is insisting that Leonard and Rosemarie ** breached the terms of their loan modification agreement and as a result are now being placed in foreclosure. All sides (of which there are three) agree on the following facts.

Lenny and Rosie ** obtained a loan modification from Wells Fargo Bank in 2013. It came at a propitious time because the cleaning company that Lenny had

started to grow full time after he lost his job at a local hospital. The business was now showing a steady and healthy monthly income of $2,000. The business was growing because if you knew Lenny and how hard he worked, you had no doubt that he made offers that his customers were happy not to refuse. Despite the sudden loss of income when Lenny lost his hospital job, Lenny and Rosie had never missed a mortgage payment and had never been late. The high school sweethearts had faced tough times before in their 42 years of marriage. They tightened their belts, sold a Hummel collection 40 years in the making, and always met their obligations.

The loan modification was a welcomed relief because it meant that Rosie's disability income from her life-long struggle with multiple sclerosis would just about cover the new mortgage payments and the money from Lenny's business would allow them some breathing room. The loan modification had been obtained through the services of a lawyer - the third side in this unmitigated disaster in the making. All sides agree that the lawyer had played a helpful role. Lenny and Rosie, for their part, made their new lower mortgage payments under the loan modification, never missing a payment and never being late. The lawyer took care of the paper work and communications with the bank; and all sides agree things were going exactly as they all had intended.

Then suddenly and completely without warning of any kind, the mortgage check was returned. When the bank was called, Lenny and Rosie were told that they had breached the terms of the trial period of the loan modification because they had not signed and returned the final documents of the loan modification and as a result the bank was placing them in foreclosure. Lenny and Rosie pointed out that they had never seen any such final documents and the bank administrators informed them that because Lenny and Rosie were represented by a lawyer, the paper work had gone to their counsel.

Counsel was called. The lawyer acknowledged that he had received a packet of papers from the bank and, for reasons known only to God, he had tossed the envelope unopened in the ** file. He now opened the file while Lenny and Rosie were on the phone. The lawyer saw that the packet contained documents that required Lenny and Rosie's signatures. The deadline for returning the documents had passed and as a result Lenny and Rosie's had indeed breached the terms of the loan modification and the loan modification was, in effect, never in effect. Foreclosure was the next step. Upon hearing the lawyer confirm what the bank had told them, Lenny lost control of his blood pressure and Rosie's MS began to act up. Things could not be worse.

"Not to worry," the lawyer said, or words to that effect, "once the bank realizes that it was my mistake and not yours, this problem should be corrected." All sides agree that the lawyer had made a mistake, that the lawyer informed the bank of the error, and that the bank acknowledged that the error was not Lenny and Rosie's doing. But the bank also said that it was Lenny and Rosie's responsibility to sign the documents and return them in timely fashion to the bank and Lenny and Rosie's failure to do so meant the loan modification was never in effect.

Lenny and Rosie were responsible even though the bank had never sent them the paperwork. "Rules of proper legal conduct prevent us from communicating with you directly when you are represented by counsel." Is it true that the bank could not have copied the communication with the lawyer to Lenny and Rosie since ultimately the bank was going to hold Lenny and Rosie responsible for the return of the documents and not the lawyer? Apparently, the bank is unwilling or unable to see the sense of this and act accordingly.

The mortgage payments that had been made under the loan modification were applied to the original mortgage agreement as if the loan modification had never existed. That meant that Lenny and Rosie were not only behind in their mortgage payments but their track record of never missing a payment and never being late was utterly destroyed. And, what is more, they would have to qualify for a new loan modification only if their present circumstances would permit. And that would first require bringing their old mortgage out of arrears or face foreclosure! They SUCK!! DO NOT EVER USE THEM. It's okay though, President Obama bailed these SUCKERS out in the big BAILOUT. Go figure!!!