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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

Been there, I applied for a mortgage to purchase a home in Florida. I told them I am interested in selling my current home in RI but needed to secure a job in Florida first. The bank assured e this would not be a problem. Went on with the loan only to go around and around with the bank. First they said the appraisal did not come out good and the home was scored as a C5. First of all they refused to let another agent attend the appraisal while my agent was on vacation and knowing the power was only on for three days because it was a Hud home came to appraise the home when the power was off.

Needless to say the appraisal was bad. Then the loan officer recommends we try for a FHA loan knowing I could not promise to have a job in Florida or my home sold in RI. So far I lost an inspection fee and appraisal fee. Then he had the nerve to ask me to do another appraisal for FHA. When I asked for my denial letter for the first conventional loan. They told it was not denied. Now I stand to lose my down payment. I do not know where to turn as they will not answer me. They just keep saying I was approved. How could I be approved wit a bad appraisal and HUD was never notified of the FHA loan.

It appears that the appraisal companies these guys use are not very experienced and as far as giving documents. I have to agree. I have been asked several times for the same information. I guess it does not matter that I have 1,600 in inspections fee lost and now I am about to lose my deposit. My current mortgage is with Flagstar and I will make ever effort to close my relationship with them. I recently opened a credit card with them. I will have that closed as well.

We had hail damage in the Spring of this year and submitted a claim to our insurance company Western Mutual who were prompt and professional in sending out an adjuster and mailing us a check to make repairs. To our misfortune we have our mortgage with Flagstar Bank whose Claims section has a bureaucratic process worse than the Veterans Administration.

After more than 4 weeks, we finally satisfied their folks and Larry ** said everything was ok and he was just waiting for a payment code. I asked him by email to please use Priority mail and send me the tracking number which was ignored. Almost 3 weeks later and no check and numerous emails asking for a status ignored. Only recourse is to complain to our insurance company and ask them to intervene somehow plus next week we are filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Flagstar Bank has to be the most unorganized mortgage company. I've been trying to complete a short sale since Jan. First off I started faxing every document that they required. I would call to check the status, they got this didn't get that. My realtor would call the next day and was told they hadn't received anything. They still operate with an old system. You can't scan documents to them. So I then started overnighting the paperwork which was expensive but I was able to track it because a signature was required. That too didn't work. I'm not sure who was eating the papers. After I fussed and fussed magically they had all my papers, on to the appraisal. They sent one person out who I think just stood in the doorway of my home as I was at work and was unable to go through the property with them.

You know they wouldn't give you a tone as to when they were coming out so someone could be there. That didn't go too well as the appraiser provided what I believe to be false information. Had to request another appraisal. It was finally done in May. Now we are getting the run around regarding the approval letter to move forward with the short sale. My realtor call at least 3 times a week and is being told different things with each phone call. When I call to express my concerns I'm sent to someone who always say they understand my frustrations but he states he would call me back with an update and here it is 3 weeks later and I hadn't heard from him or anyone at Flagstar. You couldn't beat them calling when you're late with that mortgage payment.

This has got to be worst experience I've had dealing with a major company. Fast forward to today when asked "who do I file a complaint with it. Can I get the information to your quality assurance company." I'm told "oh just send the email to me and I will send it to the appropriate person." I laughed and said "ummmm no I'm not comfortable sending you anything as you told me you were going to call me 3 weeks ago." I then asked to speak with whomever is over him and then told "oh he doesn't have an email that can be given out." Another lie. I'm going to make it my business to spread my frustration regarding Flagstar to whoever. They are ridiculous and does not value their customers.

Obtaining my mortgage with Flagstar was extremely frustrating. They could not tell me what information I needed to submit for approval, but I received daily requests for further information from a woman who refused to answer the phone or return my e-mails. After being approved for closing, the daily requests for new information continued. Even after I had provided all information, a HUD statement was not issued until the day of closing, and 2 hours prior to closing I got a call that they had miscalculated my taxes and I would need to provide a personal check for $300+ dollars (the downpayment had already been deposited to the title company).

One hour after closing started and I got a call that they could not approve my mortgage because they considered I did not have enough funds for the downpayment (which, remember, I had already paid by certified check). So there I was, with the sellers staring at me, furiously arguing with Flagstar that I was approved for closing and I had to close that day. One hour later, I got a call from someone else stating that the issue was a large deposit into my checking account which had not been reviewed by Flagstar (a check issued for my prior home's sale, for which they had a closing statement).

Long story short, 4 hours later we could not close because Flagstar could not issue the HUD statement for our review. Then, they wanted me to email the closing statement from my prior home's sale (which they already had) to a list of 7 people, none of which I had dealt with before. When they finally issued the closing statement, my $300+ deficit had turned into $1,000 they had overcalculated and I was to get back. I had my accountant review the statement once we finally had it, and the actual amount I was to receive back from Flagstar was $1,500+. We ended up being able to close the next day because the sellers were extremely kind and the title company assured them I had already deposited the downpayment and the check had cleared over a week before.

One year into my mortgage and Flagstar has twice defaulted on home insurance payment. That means I need to pay out of pocket for insurance that I have already paid through escrow, wait for Flagstar to get their act together (it takes about 6 weeks for them to review my escrow and issue payment to the insurance), and then hope the insurance company will reimburse the overpayment. Why do I need to pay every month for escrow when they refuse to pay the things they are bound by mortgage contract to pay out of escrow?

Honestly, I wish I had never gone with Flagstar. Yes, their rates were lower than other lenders and I thought I would be saving some money. But I am so aggravated at every interaction I have with them that I am moving my mortgage elsewhere, even if that means a slightly higher payment. If you must go with Flagstar, take care of your own insurance; they will not pay on time.

Tried to complete a loan modification after 9 years due to hardship. After nearly losing our home for being denied we retained a lawyer who stopped the foreclosure. We were granted the loan modification and a new lower interest rate. Our new payment amount was exactly what I had hoped for. However only 3 months later certified mail informed us our new payment would be higher than it was before. Now we just received another certified letter increase. After 10 years our balance has decreased 5,000. We have paid over 50,000 but according to Flagstar only 108.00 comes off of principal. I'm going to make a formal complaint, see my lawyer once again, and call Flagstar so I can be transferred around. Do not use this Bank.

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Stay away from this bank - worse cust service and cons in every way. STAY AWAY. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

They are constantly losing payments and it's my responsibility to trace the payment and send them proof that they received AND cashed the payment. They just conveniently forget to post it to the account. Every time I call, I get rude responses. I call to straighten things out and they talk down to me like I am the criminal. This is the second time I have to trace a check that they cashed and did not post.

My husband and I have a checking account with Flagstar... where does the nightmare begin. We ended up getting hit with multiple overdrafts because of the way they process things. They put a hold on my husband payroll check. We ended up going into their fresh start program (which is also a nightmare). Supposedly while we were in the process of setting up our new account, they paid a bill for us that we had set up in bill pay (now according to my checking statement - this payment was returned). They payment was to the IRS for our taxes. This was back in October.

Friday (2/19-16) they withdrew $150.00 from our account stating that they were covering our payment. They gave us no warning whatsoever that they were withdrawing the funds. We showed no record of owing them $150.00. My husband just got off the phone with the IRS and they show no record of receiving a payment for $150.00. So who did Flagstar pay and on whose account. They went into our account and withdrew money that we did not owe them. When my husband call the bank, the assistant manager said that they could withdraw money at any time from our account. This bank needs to be seriously investigated, they are doing things completely illegal.

I've been with this sorry bank for 11 years and I have never have 1 missed or been late payment in 10 years. Recently I lost my job and was behind on 2 payments. I tried to request a modification on my loan because I'M experiencing hardship, and twice I've been denied for reasons that make no sense like I'M showing a revolving credit card on my credit that by the way has been closed for 5 months now!!! Although I've sent them documents showing that the credit card is closed they still refuse to help me out in my hard times. To make it worse I got caught up in a interest only loan at 23 years old and now 10 years later, I've paid over $120k toward interest only, with only $10 going towards my principal balance. Smdh. They won't let me get out of my loan, they want to force me out of my home by sending me other options like short sale, etc. I would never ever recommend anyone to apply for a mortgage loan with this sorry ass bank!!!

This is one of the sorriest banks I've ever dealt with. All they care about how much money they can swindle out of people. I got laid off from my job but had another one lined up but I missed about 3 paychecks. Every other bank I've ever dealt with would move one payment back to the end if you got into a bind. NOT this crappy bank, not only did they not care I didn't have income coming in and wanted their money no matter what, they started adding late charges to it and I was struggling to just come up with the money to pay it. DO NOT deal with this bank. They have to be the worst bank in this entire world, read all the reviews unbelievable, I wish there was a way to shut them down!!!

I recently notified Flagstar bank, the servicer of my mortgage loan that I am medically disabled and have not done any full-duty work since 2008. Prior to my disability, I had never had a late payment, roughly seven and a half years. I submitted a loan modification with the hope of lowering my interest rate thereby lowering my mortgage payment. This would better reflect my financial hardship and my ability to make continued payments. Unfortunately, I was denied! Under the HAMP Tier 1 program stating that the property is not my primary residence as a means of denial. However upon further review, I looked up eligible programs that I was not considered for nor was I made aware of this. Flagstar never initiated or attempted to see if I qualified for any other program of assistance.

Based upon the HAMP Tier 2 program, I do in fact qualify for a loan modification. My loan originated before January 1, 2009. Borrower (myself) did demonstrate and document a financial hardship. Rental properties occupied by a tenant or available for rent on a year-round basis. I am clearly eligible for this program and yet was never notified by Flagstar.

A couple of year ago, I refinanced through Cal Mortgage. Prior to my first payment to Cal Mortgage, they sold my loan to Flagstar. Cal Mortgage sent me the address for Flagstar to mail my payments. I made my payment to Flagstar as scheduled with Cal Mortgage. When I received my payment schedule from Flagstar, I noticed that my payments actually started a month later than they had with Cal Mortgage. I went online to Flagstar confirm this and then also called Flagstar to confirm. They told me that I was a month ahead on my payments. I skipped my next payment, paid off some other debt, and began making my payments according to Flagstar's schedule with no problems. All of my statements indicated that my loan was being paid on time.

Seven or eight months later, Flagstar contacted me and informed me that they had made an error in processing my loan and that I was actually a month behind in my payments. Because it was their error, they agreed that they would not be charging late fees and they would give me a reasonable time to catch up on the extra payment. I informed them that at the moment I had no ability to make an extra payment, but within a couple of months I would be receiving some extra pay from my employer and I could pay the extra payment then. They were very nice and apologetic on this phone call and said that a couple of months would be fine.

An hour later, I got a call from their loan counseling department saying that I'm behind on my payments and I need to take care of it. I explain the call that I received an hour earlier and they seemed ok with that. Two days later another call and again I explain the situation. This continued 2-3 times a week. I talked with their counseling department manager and ask if they can remove my name from their call list, as this was their mistake. She says it's not possible. They continue calling me.

When I go to make my next online payment, my account has been frozen because they think I'm delinquent. Again I call their counseling department and ask if they can unfreeze my account so I can make my payment. I am told no I have to bring my account up to date in order to unfreeze my online account. Me -- "So even though you acknowledge that this was your error, you're still going to freeze my account?" Them -- "Yes, we have to." They told me that I have to make my payments by phone to an actual person.

I continued to make my normal payments (having to do it by phone) waiting to receive my extra check. Their calls continue 2-3 times per week and each time I explain the situation and ask them to stop calling me. They continue to call. Finally, I stop answering them. In the meantime, I applied for a refinance with another lender and my refinance was approved. I answer the next call that I receive from them and tell that my loan will be paid off in full prior to the normal due date of my next payment.

A couple of days later I receive a letter stating that I am in default and they are going to foreclose on me in 30 days. This letter came slightly more than two months from the point that they told me of their accounting error. Mind you, disregarding the extra payment caused by their error, I have never made a late payment.

When my escrow officer (for my new loan) calls to find out the payoff amount to Flagstar, she explains the payment situation. Although the woman at Flagstar is very impatient and terse, she assures my escrow officer that the payoff amount will not include a penalty fee for any late payments. When the payment demand comes from Flagstar, it includes late payment fees. I tell my escrow officer to just pay it. It's only a few hundred dollars and I don't want to delay my escrow. I'm just glad to be done with Flagstar.

Well, not quite: Three months later, I apply for a line of credit with my bank. I get denied because of a low credit score. I'm befuddled, because when I refinanced three months earlier my credit score was excellent. I ask my bank agent, "Is there is anything bad from Flagstar on my credit report?" He tells me, "Yes, it's clearly the stuff from Flagstar that has brought your credit score down." I spend another hour on the phone with Flagstar getting them to correct my credit rating. While the woman I spoke with was vey nice and apologetic, it still took them two weeks to correct it and delayed my line of credit.

I've had a mortgage with these clowns since 2008. I have never once been late, not one day. My insurance agent sent them a copy of my Dec page each and every time I paid the premium. FSB continued to charge me for their insurance, they took out all on their own, to the tune of over 2K per year. I called repeatedly and got the run-around each and every time. One rep told me they owed me some money back. I said, "Duh". After waiting endlessly on one of the bozos to answer the phone, I got a promise that they would open an investigation and get back with me within 30 days. Guess what. Never happened.

So, I've recently sent them a check for my account history where it clearly shows they were committing insurance fraud by charging me for insurance when I already had proved to them over and over that I had insurance. I'm not going to work with them anymore. Instead, I'm calling my State's Attorney General and my State's Insurance Commissioner and demand an investigation be opened. I want a number assigned to it as well so I can track progress. Meanwhile, I'm going to sue FSB in small claims court and claim fraud which will allow me to recover 3 times my damages if I prevail. I am now in the process of finding another mortgage company to service my loan. These people should be fined heavily, order to make restitution to their clients and shut down.

My son's mobile home was destroyed by fire 2/19/2014... Flagstar was given a 100 thousand dollar check around Sept. of 2014 from insurance company... just found out they foreclosed on loan in July 2014.What happened to the 100 thousand dollars? Can't get no one at Flagstar to talk about it... heck you can't even get them on the phone... if you do they put you on hold and never return.

I did a home loan modification with Flagstar Bank. It took two and a half years to complete. After it was complete I'm paying more now than I was before I had the home loan modification.

My complaints will cover a couple of main issues:
1. Flagstar personnel cannot manage paperwork, lose materials.
2. I believe they give "false" loan modifications in some way.
3. Personnel are not held accountable for their mistakes.

4. Flagstar cannot seem to manage the typical duties and responsibilities of their business resulting in significant errors.

I've had my loan with Flagstar since 2012. I ran into some financial problems due to work, etc in 2012. I contacted Flagstar to inform them that I had lost my job and they told me to request a loan modification at that time, they never asked me if I could still make my house payment, but told me to ask for a loan modification. They sent a package to me to complete and mail back to them in Dec. 2012. I was also told, "hold off on the payments for now, they will back load them after the process is complete." So we did. We waited AGAIN for the 30, no, 60, no, 90-day period to pass for the modification to complete. Upset by this idea, I again obliged. I expected something like this since it was strange we were told not to make payments this time.

I completed all the paperwork, which I continually had to resubmit because they "lost" or misplaced faxed or mailed documents multiple times (even though they were all clearly labeled with my name, address and loan number). A few months later I was denied the modification because of an incomplete package. I sent them the paperwork they claimed was missing just to find out they already had them, but it was too old. Just about every three to four months I have had to reapply because of an expired package, this has been going on since Dec., 2012. This process has taken well over two years. They CONSTANTLY lost paperwork. I had to resubmit the same documents multiple times. Always labeled correctly and I would call to confirm receipt. Yet they were still missing.

Customer representatives would tell me one story and the next day I would hear an entirely different story. No one had the same information to provide - and some would straight up lie and give wrong information, like on my last try. I submitted my package in on April 14th, 2015 and called every week to check on it. Well in the third week of April, I was told that they had not yet looked at my package, and on the 30th of April again they didn't have time but would call me if anything was missing. I called again the first week of May and again in the second week just to be told that they had just finished reviewing and were going to walk it thru to the underwriter and that they will be calling me if it was approved or disapproved, to give them a few day to look at it.

Well I called again on 22nd of May just to find out it had been disapproved on the 30th of April, because the underwriter had requested a form from the V.A. and the V.A. had not given it to them. When I called the V.A. and asked why, the V.A. stated that they were never connected by Flagstar and that they would call them and find out what form they needed. I was also told that my house would be going up for sale on the 27th of May 2015. This only gave me a day and a half to get whatever they needed to stop the sale, which with V.A's help we did it. I would love to find out if this is an American Bank or what to throw veterans out on the street on the day after a veteran holiday. Now my new sale is on 13th of July, but still waiting for my loan modification. Well here it is July 16, 2015 and Flagstar finally approved my loan modifications, and it was just as other had wrote. My interest went up 1.5 % and my payments went up $200.00 a month.

Flagstar issued me a overpayment in escrow fee refund in Nov. of 2013, only to bill me 4 months later for double the refund. To correct the mistake, Flagstar upped my monthly mortgage payment from $1941.85 to $2774.75. To date, Flagstar has ruined my credit, issued 3 bogus loan remods, and gone back on all agreements.

I accidentally sent out my mortgage twice. After the first check was processed, I called Flagstar and they said they could hold it until the first to go toward the next month's mortgage payment. I was very specific with my questions. Prior to ending the call I repeated to the lady helping, "So my check will not be processed until after the first." She said "Yes". Lo and behold five days later we get emails about overdraft and overdraft fees. I should have known better because she wasn't very convincing. Next time I'll just call my bank.

Then I called and spoke to Caroline ** who was not helpful at all and very rude. Telling me so sorry and not convincing at all, she doesn't care about her customers. I asked for her name and last name. She refused to give me her last name. What kind of company doesn't allow for their employees to give out first and last name? She's a liar and very unprofessional. Flagstar just wants your money and could care less about the people behind the payments. I'm very disappointed I had one simple problem and wish they had been honest with me.

I have been with Flagstar since Jan 2014. I have had nothing but problems. My fiance lost his job shortly after we closed, but I was still able to maintain my payment for a few months after. I went on maternity leave shortly after and did not get paid. I have been asking Flagstar for hell since Sept 2014. They told me to contact Loss Mitigation Department. After months and months of faxing paperwork and trying to get a loan modification or forbearance, they finally told me they could not help me. All of a sudden I was in foreclosure. All I wanted was some help to get my loan current. We are both working full time and are on our feet and they still won't help.

I have been asking for a reinstatement quote for a month and a half and now all of a sudden it has to go through an attorneys office because of the foreclosure (that I had to tell Flagstar about because when I called said attorneys office they had no idea who I was. So I called Flagstar and they told me it was a mistake on their part and they did not tell attorney that I was denied a loan mod, so now all of a sudden I am to pay attorney fees and foreclosure fees). I sent a check in for the past due amount and I am still waiting for it to be processed. Customer service has no idea what they are talking about ever. I have been told so many lies. I just want to save my home!! I have a single point of contact who I have called at least 15 times and I have spoke with twice. They are never held accountable for what they say. At one point they told me I had to pay $3,000 a month for 3 months in order to save my home!!! I hate this place!!!

I, like another reviewer, always pay my mortgage according to when I get my first paycheck of the month. It is always there before that late date of the 15th. Recently refinanced and now they call and harass me starting in about the 5th of the month. Have asked them to stop, but they say they are required to call. Even though have never been late in over 10 years. Ridiculous! Also, am tired of their banking fees that you know nothing about but that they nail you for. Initially decided to bank with them due to their great hours, but they have changed these. No longer open until 7:00 pm and no longer open on Sundays. I haven't changed things because it is such a pain, but one of these days...

The insurance claims process is completely ridiculous. Instead of just releasing the funds that we need to get the work done, they will only release the funds for the materials to the name of one company. We like to shop around and get the best deals on things and they make this impossible. Also they will not release money to pay people to help us with the labor. They are very difficult to get a hold of and have attitude with any disagreement.

For my latest home purchase I decided to save some pennies and use Flagstar Financial, instead of Wells Fargo like usual. It's been a nightmare. I get spam snail mail daily. Also, they send me the next months bill the second I pay the previous. They have already sent me the bill for 9/1 that I sent in. I pay it, and post date the check to get it off my desk and set the date for when the bill is actually due. Well they have been electronically entering the check into their system, changing the date from what I had, to the day they enter it, so it goes through. I found this out this morning. So they falsify the information written on the check to get money sooner. I'm pissed. Going in to Wells Fargo to have them take over the loan, even if I'm going to pay more a month. Their ratings on consumer reports are terrible as well. STAY AWAY FROM FLAGSTAR FINANCIAL!

I read the complaints in this complaint file. If you really want someone to intervene on your behalf and help you, you need to contact your state's consumer complaint division or your state's attorney generals office. Re: Flagstar mortgage, I currently have been lied to about so many things re: an escrow check refund, that it is beyond belief. Absolutely no consideration or caring. Office of president should have the courtesy to say: "Let me work with and help you get this resolved." Rather, they are always full of excuses and legal crap. Promised escrow refund 20 days after closing loan and now going on 35 days and no check.

I was in a Hardship. My work got slow and I fell behind on my mortgage payment. I was told to contact the loss mitigation Dept. at Flagstar Bank. I was told they would help me If I filed for a Forbearance. I filed out the proper papers and mailed all the documents they required. I was told to wait and keep mailing in my current check stubs. I waited a year - it was the worst year of my life. I kept calling and waited a hour on hold just to be told it takes time for the review. I got nervous about losing my home. So I asked around and was told I could file Bankruptcy on my home and save it. So I filed chapter 13 and saved my home. But there were Consequences. I started out owing the bank 102,000.00 on my mortgage and after it was all said and done I owed 140,000.00 on my mortgage. They were supposed to help me. Not make me so upside down I can't even get help now because I owe more than my home is worth. How is that Help. I am screwed!!!

This is absolutely the worst bank ever. I wouldn't recommend anyone to this bank. The customer service is horrible. Every time I cash my check I tell them it's a payroll check because of the first incident that happened and they still deposit my check wrong. So every Thursday I call at 9 in the morning to get my account back to a positive balance because it's stating I have over drafted because there's a hold on my check. I been banking here for 6 months you would think they would get to know their customers by now. I have currently closed out my account and will never bank with Flagstar for many other reason but this one was just most frequent and continuous reason they really should close this bank down. It's not like it's doing the customers any good.

Made all payments on time and no courtesy extended. Undisclosed fees in contract such as .25% of the principal to close out escrow account. Terrible customer service. The answer is no to any requests even for escalation to manager. Watch out for the customer service rep named **.

I refinanced my home loan in December of 2014. My first payment was not due until February of 2015. It is now my April payment, and I have had to track down my payment every month. In today's age of IT, the fact that I can not pay next day with an ACH through my online banking system is absurd. I have to send an E-Check which, as it seems takes two weeks for them to process. Now I understand that it takes time for my bank to send these checks, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, my garbage man gets them and processes them in 5 days!!

At this early point, I have only been a customer for three months, I am already frustrated with Flagstar. I have bought many homes through my lifetime, and have never come close to the idiocy that is Flagstar. Also, my bill is due on the 16th, I get endless calls starting around the 3rd of every month. I ignore them until about the 14th, because I then know that something has been screwed up again. Who is running this place? If given the opportunity to go to Flagstar, or ANYWHERE ELSE, go anywhere else. The customer service is horrible, as well. I can't believe I give... or try to give, these people my money.

Requested a pay-off amount on Flagstar website. Did not want to pay $35 fee for an email, so I selected USPS delivery. The date that a certified check or wire transfer was due was the day after I received the letter. My bank was closed, so I was not going to meet the 5 days without accumulating more interest. I called and was told that I was late and must pay $157.63 due to certified check arriving after the 5 days (4 days in the mail). Then they returned the check to my bank without notifying me that they did so.

By the time that I received a message from my bank, now I have a 3rd notice of late payment. Supposedly, they returned the check due to wrong account number. I used the same online bill payment that I used for all of the other payments. No wonder they need to buy out mortgages. No one would ever want to do business with them otherwise if they read all of these poor reviews. Do not use this bank! All comments are spot on! Customer service is not very helpful.

I created a Flagstar account in 2010 when I was new to Michigan and my real estate agent suggested them for my new mortgage. They sold my mortgage a couple years in, but I kept the account as my primary checking was with Wells Fargo, which does not have locations in southern Michigan. A couple of years ago, I got married, and rather than open a joint account, my husband just transferred $200 a paycheck to put towards the mortgage of our home in Michigan. He used the Flagstar account, and we used that for savings. This year, we need to pay into our income taxes rather than receive a refund, and I tried to transfer the savings I have in Flagstar to Wells Fargo, where our payment would come.

First, I was told I needed to either add my husband to the Flagstar account or to get his permission to transfer funds to Wells Fargo. Then I was told that Wells Fargo could not verify I owned that account. My husband came home from work early so I could add him to Flagstar, I called Wells Fargo and confirmed there was no issue with that account, and I asked my local Flagstar person to contact security (with a voided Wells Fargo check so she could confirm the correct account numbers) and complete the transfer. I had also left a message with the person in security. She did not contact me for the next two days.

Today, I contacted Flagstar again and was told there was no reason I needed my husband's permission to transfer between two accounts I own (duh!), but that the only person who could help me complete the transfer was the person in security who was not returning my calls. I told them I would be in to withdraw all funds and close my account. It would have taken me less time to do that to start and literally drive to Wells Fargo to just deposit. On a side note, Wells Fargo has carried multiple mortgages in my name since 2000 and has never sold one. I've had the same mortgage agent for 15 years and have never had trouble like this. Who needs a local bank anyways!

Where do I begin? We set up to have our mortgage paid on a bi-weekly basis. Everything was great, the money came out when it was supposed to and we were rolling right along... UNTIL Flagstar told us we were 3 months behind on our mortgage and they were about to start foreclosure. I called the company to get everything squared away (afterall, I DID see the money coming out). The woman I spoke with was incredibly rude and actually said to me "Ma'am I don't know what you're mad at me for, YOU'RE the one who hasn't paid your mortgage in months". That set me off... turns out the error was actually on THEIR end! They had received the payments, but not allocated the money correctly. So not only was I insulted, my credit was put in jeopardy.

Most recently (or shall I say for the past year), I have been working to get tornado damage done to my house repaired and paid for. As other customers have complained, every time I get them everything they need, they come up with some other BS document that I need, or what I have provided is not good enough. And obviously the answer I receive changes depending on whom I speak with. Today I asked to speak to a supervisor and he was condescending. When I asked why the staff I've been speaking with for the past several months had been telling me one thing and he was giving me a different answer, he was rude. I have demanded a call back by 5 pm tomorrow explaining to me why their customer service has been so sub par. I doubt I get that call, and if I do... I doubt that there will be anything of substance to the conversation. RUN don't walk away from this company. If I could give negative 5 stars, I would.