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Last fall I sold my home in Illinois. A couple of weeks before closing I called Chase and asked if the second property tax payment had been made. They said it didn't appear the taxes had been paid yet. I asked them to make a notation on the account that we were selling the property in hopes that the payment would not be made. When I called back to get the final payoff amount needed for closing they informed me the taxes had now been paid. They said I would have to wait some time before I could take steps on getting a refund. The reason for the wait was more on the end of the county not the bank. I called back a few months later. An investigation was opened and they said I should receive check within a few weeks. Again the time delay seemed to be on the county side not the bank.

I called back a couple of months later after receiving a check for $39. They said I should have received a much larger check as well. They had to open a new investigation to trace the check. Again they said I should receive the check in a few weeks. I called back a month later to find out the investigation has been closed. We started the process again. They have opened at least 5 investigations related to this and over a year later I still don't have my refund check. My advice is if at all possible find a different bank for your mortgage.

In 2015 I applied for a mortgage through Chase Mortgage. Thought this would be an easy process as the mortgage value for which I was applying was equivalent to the amount of money in other Chase liquid accounts (savings & checking). Furthermore I have never been late on a mortgage payment, have paid off all other mortgages in full. I do not and did not have a heavy debt burden. The debt to asset ratio for the monthly payment is less than ten percent. Was I wrong. Ridiculous the underwriting knit-picky questions, Delayed responses, Eight credit inquiries in thirty days (thanks for taking 100 points off my credit score), Day of close finally discover how much cash is required to close, Close took over two hours because they struggled communicating in order to fund the loan.

So I hang in there for the first year and now as I go to change homeowners insurance providers find that Chase has paid out of escrow my soon to be former insurance provider nearly three weeks before the premium is due. Requiring me to pay my new provider out of pocket while I wait for the check from the old provider. Next Chase business segments do not talk to one another. Had a name change - bank accounts reflect, but not my mortgage. The response from the Chase representative was about the higher standards of reporting that accompanies a mortgage. My response is that is utter nonsense as they use your social security number for reporting purposes. Enough with Chase.

I was everyone to know my Sister have been trying to get her Modification approval for 3 yrs. Chase Mortgage staff really did all they can to make her keep her Head up. They said we hear to help you keep your home. Now PLEASE know I'm the one who had to keep our prayer going up. First for my sister health. This had her blood pressure up. She was a nervous wreck. She was sent foreclosure letters. She talk with lawyer that want 1000's of dollars. I kept her up in prayer. I just want to let the world know that prayer helps. Keep the faith. Don’t give up on Chase. Your paperwork have to be done correctly. Has to be done correctly. You have to be patient.

Always remember there’s billion of people doing the same thing. There’s only so many at the table to give you a approval letter. If your paperwork not correct in any way you’re going to be denied. So make sure you do your apply correct. Call Chase if you’re not sure. After 3 years today Chase Mortgage has approve my sister modification. I had to make sure her paperwork was right this last time. I'm so happy for my sister. I want Chase to know we are so thankful for making it happen. Thank you Chase for keeping your word. Ya’ll truly help my sister keep her American Dream. This is real talk... After 3 years her prayer was answer. Modification approval. Amen. People don't give up on Chase. Prayer change everything. Be patient and do what they ask. It's all about your paperwork being done correctly.

Had Chase Mortgage since Wash mutual was sold to them. Never had any reason to contact them til now. I changed my homeowner insurance to a different company. I called the Chase customer service dept to change the insurance company. I thought everything went smoothly. They took all the information that was required for the change.

Two months later I got a cancellation letter from the insurance company for non-payment. I called the mortgage company to see what the problem was. What I got from them was since my loan balance was less than $5000 they no longer make the insurance payments out of my escrow. There was never any notification about this.. no letter... no email... nothing whatsoever, but they were collecting the escrow money for insurance. So now I have to come up with the additional insurance payment while they do an audit for the refund of the insurance escrow. It just shows you how little this company cares about their customers.

I was recently widowed... no life insurance due to my husband's health and I lost his $5,000 a month income when he passed. Besides being a total wreck for about a year after his death, I had to manage to pay bills that required two incomes; using only one income. I got behind one payment... I was sending a little extra to try to catch up my payment. That is when CHASE called ME and offered to assist me with a home modification loan. Of course I felt compelled to do it due to not wanting to lose my home of 15 yrs. Of course, they had NO INTENTION giving me the modification loan to permanently change my payments of $1,362 to $800.00. My history of making my payments have be great until my husband's death. Chase told me for three months I only had to pay $800.00 a month and could make it permanent after 180 days as long as I made the payments on time.

I did make them on time but after the 180 days I was swamped in paperwork that I filled out, refilled and faxed back and forth for 6 months or longer. There was no change in my payment other than when they said being told I have to pay the usual payment of $1,362 but now I am farther behind in my house payments because I had to not only pay the remainder from the original one payment behind but the difference between the $800 of $1,362 for those 180 days! Chase kept sending paperwork and I kept faxing it back to them only changing the dates because every 3 months I had to submit another request for modification because Chase never got around getting that modification permanent.

So since I couldn't catch up the difference in them helping me Chase refused three cashier checks to try to keep me from APPEARING to be 5 payments behind!!! Chase said when you are 5 payments behind, they will not accept any payment. So I have been threatened foreclosure for the past year and a half. My credit looks atrocious because it looks like I just quit paying on my home. I couldn't even get an equity loan because of Chase!!! The only blessing out of this is I was able to do a short sale so foreclosure doesn't show up on my credit, but they are vicious and still leave it as FORECLOSURE as the status. They wouldn't even accept the offer for the house which was $5,000 less than what I owed on the house. Of course that buyer said BYE... Luckily I found another person to do the short sale, so now Chase is squabbling over the HOA and weeds.

Closing has been postponed for 4 months then I get the Chase threatening letters about foreclosure and then they have the audacity to send me LOAN MODIFICATION LETTERS!!! I am telling you the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing... other than taking homes away from hard working people!!!

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When desiring a loan, Chase is great at providing money. When requiring assistance, even temporarily, they give a huge runaround so that you get frustrated and stop requesting. Some "Programs" are bogus. They do not communicate with each other, yet say they work as a team. Branches are understaffed. The 1800 numbers always give you another 1800 number. The branch representatives rush you out with a 1800 number. They do not research their notes on your file before they contact you. The want you to go to their website and download documents, mind you, with no instruction, then call you a hundred times to tell you it's wrong and you will have to redo.

In addition, if you fax anything to the 1000 numbers they provide you, they always lose the paperwork requiring additional faxes. On top of all of that, prefer to argue with you and try to sway you in a different direction than what the customer actually wants. They were unethical in the housing crash and continue to be unethical with their daily dealings and "gov't regulation" jargon. They have done nothing to help me. And continue to be a thorn in my side. Unfortunately I'm responsible for the mortgage of a dead person and they've treated me like crap since day one, 5 years ago, the day I started paying my father's mortgage. No help, no empathy, no sympathy, no concern.

On my way to my house closing, I told my realtor that I didn't care who got the mortgage as long as it wasn't Chase. Chase got my mortgage from day 1 and it has been hell ever since. When I bought my home, I was a first time home buyer and I qualified for down payment assistance and I would not have to pay it back as long as I stayed in the house for 5 years. They added the down payment assistance to my mortgage and I was told that it would be removed after the five years.

After living in the house 2 years, I lost my job and I contacted them to see if we could work something out. The rep said that I could do a short sale or foreclose, I told them that I just needed a little time to find a job. I finally found a minimum wage job after 4 months of applying to over 300 jobs and struggle but manage to make the house payment each month. At the 5-year mark, I called them to remove the down payment assistance and they told me that they couldn't do it. Now an additional 4 years later (where they have raised my monthly payment at least $100 each year), they are still not helping their customers. I use another bank for my checking and savings and use BillPay to pay my monthly payment and an additional principal payment.

I get a phone call from Chase the other day, and they tell me they haven't received a payment since March. I call my other bank and they looked up the 6 transactions and give me the confirmation and trace numbers for the BillPay. Chase had requested paper checks instead of electronic transfers so my bank has been sending paper checks. None of the checks have been cashed so I called Chase back and explained what my bank said. They said they didn't receive the checks so I verified the address and it was right. I told them that $7000+ had been sent to them but not applied to my account. They told me I have until the end of the month to send them the total amount. I stopped payment on the checks so now I have to wait 3 business days to have my money sent back to my account and then I have to take time off of work which means lost income to go to Chase bank. I am so mad at them right now.

I have been with Chase Bank for my mortgage for many years. First time I purchased, it was sold to Chase Bank. A few years later, I refinanced for lower rate -- Chase bought it again. I have had the current mortgage for 4 years. Home values started to go up again and my current LTV ratio is 78% based on the fact two units have sold in my development for $310K. I called Chase to inquire the qualifiers to having PMI removed. They told me that I would need 20% value. I asked them to send me the paperwork.

When I received the paperwork, it said I needed to include a check for $450 for the appraisal. As a single mom on a fixed income, I called Chase again to inquire as to what the LTV ratio would be and I was told 20%. Because $450 is a lot of money for me, I hesitate and asked my boss what he would do (he's the CFO of our company). He said it was a no-brainer -- that it would pay for itself in 3.5 months. I sent the check in and the appraiser came out and said based on the two comps in the neighborhood, it was looking very good.

He turned around the appraisal to Chase in 3 days. I am still waiting on a reply so I called them yesterday and was informed that I was denied as the ratio is 75/25. I would never have gambled with my money as I KNOW I don't have 25% equity. I called them today and they told me that a small amount of loans do require a different amount from the 20% and that I fell into that small percentage.

I asked why I wasn't informed of this at the start. I based my decision based on the facts, and the facts were incorrect. I told them it wasn't fair that I have to absorb the cost of the appraisal since they gave me erroneous facts. They said "it is what it is." What recourse do I have? I am definitely going to file with the Attorney General's office, and the Consumer Protection/Better Business. Anyone have any recommendations?

My husband was laid off from his job January 2016. We immediately applied for JP Morgan's mortgage assistance program, to prevent foreclosure on our home. We were not behind or delinquent on our loan. The specialist we were assigned, did not participate in our correspondence in a timely fashion at all. We turned in all required documents on time, as per stated on our correspondence. Ultimately, what ended up happening was, due to JP Morgan Chase Bank not fulfilling their end of the requirements, we were sent a letter stating they cancelled our application for assistance due to us not returning required documents by their deadlines. I have written signed proof of everything we sent, through FedEx, and the dates. We did everything required of us, on time.

It took our specialist 2 weeks, to simply call us, to tell us she needed this and that, before she could proceed. We had already sent all required documents. This was an excuse. I am so disgusted with this bank. My husband has worked very hard for our modest home, and with having 4 children to care for, this is not something we should be having to deal with. DISHONESTY!!!

DO NOT USE CHASE MORTGAGE!!! They will give you good rate to attract you. But eventually they will make you a lot of trouble! In short words, what I have experienced: Not replying phone calls or emails + low appraisal value results in paying money for points (if you have a lot down payment, they will try to lower the appraisal value so that the loan amount/value ratio will be high) + 15 days closing delay!!! Do not use Chase! I actually plan to move all my money to another bank.

I secured a VA loan in early 2013. I was shortly transferred to Chase Bank. My husband and I had separated just before the loan was transferred to Chase. I needed documentation from Chase, so that I could access the account online/get statements for tax info. Subsequently, I had to place a call to Chase mortgage. When I called chase, I was able to identify myself through Name Address of the mortgaged property and SSN.

Unfortunately: the associate that answered stated that she would need the zip of my mailing address on file: which she insisted was not the zip I had already provided. Assuming my husband had a different address on file I was unaware of and being that I work in a call center myself: I was understanding. I asked her to take me through identity verification and she replied that they did not have that option in the mortgage department. I then asked her how I would get the paperwork I needed. She told me she didn't know. I asked if I could walk into a local Chase so that I could identify myself with photoID, she again "didn't know."

After that call, I thought I would never be able to access my mortgage records. I could not understand how Chase could deny me the right to access documentation about a loan in my name.

I decided to give it a try again, and when I called in, after a full 45min wait, I was greeted by a gentleman who asked me the same questions: I gave him the very same zip that I had given the first associate. Which was correct: he sent me an email with all of my statements. I found that my first call which with wait times was over an hour long was a complete waste of time. The second associate I talked to did alright: certainly not above and beyond kind of service. He was sufficient but highly scripted.

I work at a call center for a large bank, and if I would have behaved the way their associates had on the phone. I would no longer be employed there. Their wait times are ridiculous, I am not exaggerating it was a full 45min of "your call will be answered shortly" - and it's not even tax season. Chase clearly needs to train their associates more efficiently. They clearly do not care whatsoever about their customer experience. A 45min wait, just to talk to someone, is ridiculous even on a day with the highest of call volume. They obviously are understaffed: and do not care. As I have had high wait times on both calls and misinformation half of the time.

Worst bank... been in our house since 2001. Have all insurance in our name too. Went to branch today to get info on insurance that would pay it OFF PMI because husband had a stroke and in nursing home. We need a roof over my head. Payment says estate of and sent all documents when mother in law passed. They will not recognize any of them... You cannot talk to anyone that will help us. Don't know what to do next. They are the worst bank to deal with. Please... everyone read this before using Chase.

Just got off the phone with Marcus ** with Chase Mortgage, who explained to me that the online Chase account information does not reflect what they place in your statement. Chase Mortgage has been accruing late charges since 2013. This information is not posted when viewing your online account unless you go view your digital statement. He went on to say he does not understand how the online account works but that Chase sends statements. If you wish to receive your statement electronically, paperless billing as advertised by Chase, you are unable to believe that the amount due posted online. This is the duplicitous way that Chase has chosen to conduct their business.

From my Chase checking account, I set up bill pay since 2006, not once have I been late when posting my payments. This automatic payment is going from Chase to Chase, that is why I set up the account with Chase. Their representative at the branch show me how to set this up when I opened the account. Since 2013 to 2016, late charges have accumulated. I have called the mortgage company from time to time, none of their representative brought these late charges to my attention. To add insult to injury, Marcus told that they can keep late charges on your account until the end of its term. Chase has found a way to deceive and rob their customers.

AFFADAVIT FOR **. February 26, 2016. I, Charmaine ** having been duly sworn depose and state that the following is true to the best of my knowledge. On August 16, 2007 the following transaction took place at Delaware Valley Abstract Company in Mount Laurel, NJ. Plaintiff puts down approximately 16k and signs a paper note instrument for approximately $137 payable to d/b/a Lend America, owned by Ideal Mortgage which the Plaintiff had no knowledge about. Said transaction was insured by FHA with a case number ending **. Plaintiff also executes a mortgage lien in favor of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (hereby MERS) as the nominee for Lend America and as the beneficiary under the Security Instrument MERS, a subsidiary of MERSCORP, admits on its website and has been exposed in courts across the USA, as a non-document custodian who has no economical or beneficial interest in promissory notes and mortgages.

There was no power of attorney, duly signed and acknowledged, between Lend America as principle, and MERS as agent, as required by to applicable New Jersey laws, presented to the Plaintiff at closing or recorded. The mortgage recorded in or around August of 2007 and signed by the Plaintiff displays a Mortgage Identification Number (hereby MIN) ending in **. MINs are reference numbers for transferable records which are electronic negotiable instruments governed by NJSA 12A:9-105, and require disclosure, consent, and signature of the obligor the day of closing pursuant to the UETA and ESIGN, which the Plaintiff never received. The MERSCORP/MERS system proclaims to be the legal system of record that registers the owner and controller of eNotes, displaying an eNote number ending in **, not ** as displayed on the original purchase recorded mortgage lien.

The first seven digits of a MIN references the MERSCORP membership ID, the next 10 is the loan number, meaning MERSCORP member Ideal Mortgage possibly created at least two loans with the original purchase transaction. The Plaintiff purchased both a lender and owners title insurance policy, the former in favor of d/b/a Lend America. There were existing defects of record already upon the Plaintiff's title prior to closing, of which includes, suspect assignment instruments, cancellations, and missing assignments for loans pledged to the secondary market. Title abstractor and settlement agent Delaware Valley Abstract (hereby DVA) orchestrated the closing, and was the title insurance agent who issued coverage to d/b/a Lend America, the Plaintiff, underwritten by NJTIC.

DVA then paid off Wells Fargo from the proceeds from the seller for a mortgage instrument for which there is only a suspect assignment to Norwest, a company with its own tax ID number that was acquired by Wells Fargo, and there is no assignment and or transfer of the previous sellers mortgage and note to Wells Fargo. The settlement HUD also displays approximately $30k paid to four attorneys who were not present at the table, and all have address on the same street and or in the same location as d/b/a Lend America, and its parent Ideal Mortgage out of NY. The mortgage servicer from the inception of the original purchase mortgage loan was Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. (hereby WFB).

February March 2008 Discharge of the Original Purchase Mortgage, and Refinance on February 18, 2008 without the Plaintiff's knowledge and or consent. Without the Plaintiff's knowledge and or consent, the MERSCORP/MERS system displays a MIN referencing a refinance transferable record ending ** on February 18, 2008. In February of 2008, shortly after Feb 18, 2008, the Plaintiff received in the mail from Wells Fargo Bank, a letter congratulating her the payoff of the original purchase mortgage loan and notification the lien would be released. The Plaintiff, knowing that she never refinanced the original purchase, disregarded the aforementioned correspondence from WFB.

On April 22, 2008, the criminally convicted and defunct DocX, LLC of Alpharetta, GA recorded a falsely uttered, counterfeit discharge of mortgage instrument alleging that on March 17, 2008, non-document custodian MERS discharged the original purchase mortgage recorded by the Burlington County Clerk on 08/22/2007. Said discharge was requested by WFB, and displays the MIN referencing eNote ending **, not ** which is the ending numbers for the MIN referencing the eNote not registered in the MERSCORP/MERS system, but, inserted into the original purchase lien which was stamped Discharged by the Burlington County Clerk on or around April 22, 2007.

The Plaintiff continued making timely payments to WFB for the month of February, March, April, and May of 2008, unaware of the discharge of the original purchase recoded on April 22, 2007, or the refinance registered in the MERSCORP/MERS system dated February 18, 2008. WFB cashed the aforementioned payments despite the alleged discharge. In or around April of 2008, the Plaintiff received the first ever correspondence from Ideal Mortgage, the creator and controller of d/b/a Lend America, notifying her that servicing would be transferred from Ideal Mortgage who the Plaintiff never paid from the inception of the original purchase of Aug 10, 2007, to JP Morgan Chase (hereby Chase). With the payment due June 2008, the Plaintiff begin paying Chase, unaware of the aforementioned events.

Shortly thereafter, the Plaintiff noticed the statements sent from Chase showed a balance of approximately 152k, and didn't reflect the 16k she gave as a down payment towards the original purchase of August 10, 2007. Chase response to the aforementioned discrepancy was a shortage in escrow. In good faith, the Plaintiff trusted Chase and continued making payments unaware of the aforementioned discrepancies.

FHA and Ginnie Mae shut down Ideal Mortgage for mortgage fraud. By the fall of 2009, Ideal Mortgage was out of business, its principal was sued for mortgage fraud, and both FHA and Ginnie Mae cut ties with the originator for issuing fraudulent mortgages endorsed by FHA, and sold to Ginnie Mae guaranteed trust.

Ideal Mortgage was also issued Cease and Desist orders from different state authorities, including the State of New Jersey for mortgage fraud. Ideal Mortgages warehouse lines of credit were closed.

2011 2013. The Plaintiff, still paying on time, but experiencing financial difficulties, acted in good faith in her attempt to secure from Chase a modification, still unaware of the aforementioned discrepancies. Chase did not oblige, and no modification was granted. Unknowingly to the Plaintiff, on February 17, 2012, Chase caused a falsely uttered Assignment of Mortgage instrument to be recorded with the Burl. County Clerk dated 01/24/2012, alleging that non-document custodian MERS acted as nominee for d/b/a Lend America whose owner Ideal Mortgage was defunct as of the fall of 2009, without presenting a duly signed and acknowledged power of attorney pursuant to NJ laws, assigned to Chase the original purchase mortgage to ending with MIN **, the transferable record which is not referenced in the MERSCORP/ MERS system but inserted into the original purchase mortgage lien discharged by WFB and DocX as of March 17, 2008.

Said instrument was prepared by E. **, an employee of Nationwide Title Clearing out of Florida, and is currently party to a consent order issued by the State of Illinois who prohibited further creation of counterfeit mortgage related instruments. The person impersonating an officer of MERS is employed by Chase, the falsely declared assignor, as is the Louisiana notary. Said instrument also displays the MIN ending ** which is not visible in the MERS system, only MIN ending ** dated 08/10/2007 and the unlawfully converted refinance ending in ** dated 02/18/2008. Said instrument makes no mention of a transfer of the original purchase note instrument.

On October 23, 2012, the NJ Home Keepers Program recorded a second lien upon the title for the Plaintiff's property in return for paying approximately $47k to Chase on the Plaintiff's behalf. The $152k balance declared owned by Chase never decreased upon Chase's receipt of the monies from the NJ Home Keepers Program. Chase has sent me a mortgage payoff in the amount of 161,000.

Late Summer Fall of 2014. In the late summer of 2014, the Plaintiff was introduced by her fiance to his childhood friend, and arguably one of the best forensic and securitization examiners in the residential mortgage industry, who uncovered the discharge of the original purchase mortgage of 2007 by way of a counterfeit DocX, LLC discharge, along with a refinance dated 02/18/2008, referenced in the MERSCORP/MERS system ending in **, and the counterfeit assignment instrument dated 01/24/2012 referencing the MIN ending ** for the original mortgage instrument discharged by DocX and WFB.

On October 6, 2014, Chase faxed to Charmaine ** forensic examiner a serious of counterfeit documents including; An image of the original purchase mortgage displaying the whiting out of the discharge stamp affixed by the Burlington County Clerk; A forged and unrecorded modification instrument dated in 2011 displaying the unlawful forging of the Plaintiff's signature, referencing the unlawfully converted and unrecorded 02/18/2008 refinance, and Chase never gave the Plaintiff a modification; A forged and counterfeit paper note instrument dated 02/18/2008, displaying MIN ending **, referencing an FHA Case No. ending **, designating d/b/a Lend America as the lender, displaying the unlawful forging of the Plaintiff's signatures, and a stamp on page 2 of 2 presented as an endorsement in blank that is undated, and alleges a transfer by d/b/a Lend America by its alleged officer, Gwen **;

A forged and counterfeit HUD-1 displaying a settlement date of 02/18/2008, a refinance amount of approximately $137k, a settlement in NY which the Plaintiff never attended, and the forging of the Plaintiff's signature; Said fax also displays cover pages from NTC, and makes reference of Ginnie Mae; Said fax did not include a mortgage lien to accompany the unlawfully created, counterfeit paper note instrument dated 02/18/2008; Shortly thereafter, the Plaintiff forwarded both Chase and WFB QWRs and Debt Validation letters, and received in return from the defendants; Chase sent the same documents set forth above, along with; an altered version of the unlawfully converted, forged, unrecorded modification instrument; an unrecorded mortgage lien dated 02/18/2008, designating d/b/a Lend America as the lender, MERS as the nominee and beneficiary and or mortgagee under the instrument, MIN ending **, and the forging of the Plaintiff's name;

And a title insurance policy from Stewart Guarantee Company whom the Plaintiff contacted and the carrier declared the closing agent for the 02/18/2008 transaction, EAM, is not affiliated with Stewart; I, Charmaine ** spoke to supervisor at the Insurance Company and was told by the Insurance Company that they had no knowledge of EAM Land Service and he doesn't make enough money to get involved with this. I, Charmaine ** has an insurance policy issued by EAM Land Service in New York on behalf of JP Chase and Ideal Mortgage bankers d/b/a Lend America.

Wells Fargo sent; An altered version of the original purchase mortgage displaying the whiting out of the discharge stamp by the clerk; An alleged true copy of the original purchase note displaying on the last page a stamp presented as an endorsement in blank that is undated, and alleges a transfer by d/b/a Lend America by its alleged officer, Gwen **, the same imposter appearing upon the unlawfully converted refinance note dated 02/18/2008 forwarded from Chase; On or around September of 2014 I, Charmaine ** sent a QWR, Qualifying Written Request to JP Chase and Wells Fargo requesting information about my loan. Wells Fargo and JP Chase has not issues a qualifying written request information as of this date, February 26, 2016.

On or around September of 2014 I contacted JP Chase and spoke with their investigation department to inform them that I didn't refinance my mortgage and that my signature upon the paperwork they sent me with my signature has been forged. They informed me that they would investigate this matter and get back to me. I have not heard from them as of this date in regards to this forged signature on a refinance of my property. JP Chase has ignored all my request as of September 2014 in regards to the fraudulent signature of the refinance on my property. JP CHASE continues to send mortgage statements to my home in regards to amount due and I never refinanced my property with Ideal Mortgage d/b/a Lend America or JP Chase. This has caused immense stress in my life as I could lose my home to a fraudulent transaction. I have searched my credit report and there is no record of my loan with JP Chase provided since April of 2008.

On or around November 2014 a lawsuit was filed in New Jersey Burlington County Superior Court on my behalf against JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Lend America, EAM land Service, New Jersey Title Insurance Company, MERS Corp, Black Knight Financial and New Jersey Homekeepers program to get resolution of my fraudulent mortgage transactions. My lawsuit has been dismissed without prejudice due to having incompetent representation twice in the state of New Jersey and I am still seeking resolution of my mortgage loan.

I have spoken with Chase filed criminal complaint, went to New Jersey Attorney General's Office and also filed a complaint with Consumer Protection Bureau which forward it to Office of Comptroller. I have not gotten a response as of yet about what is going to be done about the forging of my name on a refinance mortgage. This has caused me a great deal of stress and it has been two years since I found out what happened and I am looking forward to the day this is resolved.

My mother got a mortgage, before she died we wrote a letter so Chase would let me take over the loan, the house was left to my son. Well they gave me nothing but runarounds, lies. They took the house when in fact they didn't have the right to. I was spoken to very mean. They said that they would board up the house, cut the grass etc... The city has an unfit on the house, they still have the basement door open, homeless people have been living in the house, God only knows what they done to it. What my son and I have been through due to all of this I want to sue them. They need to learn that they can't do this and get away with what is going on. How come a class action lawsuit isn't on-going? There is more to this story, but it really upsets me, I have PTSD!

Chase have admitted mortgage servicing fraud to me in writing from their personnel and former end Bear Stearns executives in Gahanna Ohio. They continue their mortgage servicing Fraud operation in order to cash derivative hedge bets on homeowner predatory loans sold by Bear Stearns prior to being merged into Chase bank. I have filed over 70 complaints against Chase bank with U.S. Consumer Financial Protection agency for fraud, extortion, racketeering site, fraud mail, fraud respa, and tila violations, including creating unilateral loans and liens on my home when I did not even apply for this loan which has undisclosed balloon payments.

Contacted Chase about removing the PMI from my loan, was told I would have to have an appraisal completed by one of their approved appraisers. So, I paid $450 for the appraisal. When I got the appraisal back, I saw that the appraiser had used homes back to nine months ago for the comps! The final amount also came in under the tax value. So, Chase said because I only have a 78% loan to value ratio they would not remove the PMI. That means I have over 21% equity in my home! When I purchased I was told once you have over 20% equity you can have the PMI removed. Now, Chase says, sorry, it's 25%! So, they won't remove the PMI.

JPM/Chase Rate should be five stars BELOW the first star. The headlines read: "JPM/Chase Mostly a Criminal Enterprise" JPM/Chase Executives and Board of Directors in New York need to be more thoroughly investigated. The "Executive Offices" as they are called at 3415 Vision Drive, Columbus, Ohio needs a "house cleaning" as this office has falsified and fabricated my mortgage payments for 22 years, stating I made "less than the required amount" therefore they could NOT apply my payments to the Mortgage Balance which is a LIE. I showed proof through my original documents, mortgage statements, bank statements, cancelled checks, etc., of this criminal act. I paid MORE than the Mortgage Statement, as every month I paid EXTRA Principal, both WaMu and JPM/Chase ADDED this extra principal to my balance, PLUS the added Interest also.

Many of my checks were put in "other columns" checks were NOT documented with the full payment and marked NSF, even after showing proof with the cancelled check, checks were not applied. I always sent checks in the middle of the month and frequently sent two checks to pay ahead. These checks were held and NOT applied and in some cases ONLY one check was documented. I had an Escrow Waiver for both Property Taxes and Home Owners Insurance, but both WaMu and JPM/Chase Violated the Waiver and had Corelogic pay the taxes. My City Treasurer sent checks back as I was NOT delinquent in my taxes.

The County Treasurer also sent checks back UNcashed because my taxes were paid. WaMu and JPM/Chase would not credit my accounts with the returned checks, instead took my Mortgage Payment Checks and put them in the Escrow Account and NSF in the payment column and the Interest keeps being added. Every contact I have made with the Columbus, Ohio Office and ask them if they reviewed my ONE INCH thick envelope of documents that I sent in December 2014 to refute their falsification of my payments, they all respond with "NO" - they had NOT viewed them, but were just listening to their "co-workers" story about my account. Since I sent proof of JPM/Chase employees altering my payments from 1992 through 2013 the MONTHLY copies I had been receiving during 2014 stopped. I guess the TRUTH staring them in the face was a SHOCK!!!

All communication STOPPED, NO ONE would talk to me, no matter how much evidence I sent to numerous offices, all I received were a constant weekly letter giving a date when JPM/Chase would have an answer. I still have NO answers as to why they falsified my payment record and continued to add interest daily. I contacted the FBI Mortgage Fraud, Consumers Financial Protection Bureau, US and MI Senators and Representatives, US DOJ, US AG, NY AG, MI AG, OH AG where the Falsified Records came from, MERS as when JPM/Chase started servicing our mortgage in October 2008 - they NEVER had the MERS despite my complaints until April 2014.

I contacted Fannie Mae, as JPM/Chase stated they were the Mortgage holders. Fannie Mae constantly and consistently DENIED holding the Mortgage by letter and email and phone. May 2007, I sent an extra $1,000 Principal Payment, it was ADDED to my balance, plus interest all these years. Frequently I added an extra $100 check along with the extra payment in my Mortgage Statement - these payments never appeared in the payment column, nor deducted from the balance. JPM/Chase has PAID over $20 BILLION Dollars in fines for their criminal actions by US Agencies, Government, EU Government, Companies, etc. whom they have cheated.

JPM/Chase has paid over ONE Billion Dollars in Legal Fees. The Michigan Supreme Court Ruled in December 2012 that $3.75 BILLION Dollars of JPM/Chase Foreclosures were Voidable since they were done by "robo signers" and illegal signatures. Schneiderman & Sherman, Farmington Hills, MI where the Foreclosure Attorneys hired by JPM/Chase. The Foreclosure was in our weekly paper the exact same day that an employee of JPM/Chase told me that there was NO Foreclosure planned. The Foreclosure Attorneys REFUSED to give us the amount to pay to STOP the Foreclosure and Sale of our home and property. It took us THREE weeks to get an amount, so that the Law Firm could keep raising the costs.

I went to DHS and VA for help since I am very ill and unable to work. The VA immediately contacted S&S via email confirming that both DHS and the VA would pay the back payments and all the foreclosure costs. JPM/Chase brought in a "negotiating" Law Firm. Dykema Law Firm, now the largest Law Firm in Michigan. Since we were having so much trouble with S&S getting the amount and the constant increase of costs, Dykema Law Firm stated they would put a "FREEZE" on the amount owed, since the DHS and VA assured payment. The Freeze NEVER happened and Schneiderman and Sherman continued to add more charges.

The VA increase the amount three times to accommodate these increases. We were then told that the amount paid by DHS and the VA did NOT cover the costs. I told BOTH Law Firms that if there were any more increases that we would pay them. BOTH Law Firms REFUSED to give us the amount, stating they were "negotiating" with JPM/Chase to pay the rest of the increased added costs as NO freeze was put on the assured payment by two Government Agencies. Dykema Law Firm sent us a Contract/Agreement to sign.

We REFUSED as it was full of Lies that they wanted us to agree to. We signed absolutely NOTHING and did NOT agree to anything that Dykema Law Firm tried to force us to sign to cover up all the ILLEGAL Falsification and Fabrication of everything JPM/Chase and WaMu had done to our Mortgage. It was also an ILLEGAL Foreclosure as all the money we paid, plus all the added illegal interest applied and all the payments that did not get applied, the balance of the mortgage was ZERO, plus JPM/Chase OWED us money!!!

Months after the VA and DHS assured and paid the back payments and foreclosure costs in September and October 2014, I received my April 2015 Mortgage Statement. All the Foreclosure costs, the back payments, Corporate Costs, Broker Fee Costs and numerous other costs were added to the mortgage balance. Approximately $13,000 added costs were in the Statement, plus the balance of the Mortgage. The Foreclosure Attorneys, Schneiderman & Sherman NEVER applied the VA and DHS checks to the Mortgage to take us out of Foreclosure. The Foreclosure listed for our home to sell by the County Sheriff stayed on the County Public Bulletin Board until November 7, 2014.

The VA and DHS checks were instead they transferred the money to Dykema Law Firms Accounts and NEVER applied. June and December 2015, JPM/Chase hired Nations Valuation Services and ProTeck Valuation Services to do a Broker's Price Opinion on our property. I received the documents in January 2016. Summer 2015 and Winter 2015 Property Taxes were paid by JPM/Chase through Corelogic Tax Service. My Property Taxes were NOT delinquent. I've been in contact with Corelogic and both the Valuation Service Companies asking them if they knew they were in Violation of our Rights by what they were doing to our property???

March 22, 2016, I received three (3) envelopes, each costing $6.95 per envelope with the exact same falsified documentation and propaganda that JPM/Chase continues to spew out regarding our mortgage, despite the fact that we have repeatedly sent them the ORIGINAL Documents showing PROOF of their LIES, Fraud, Corruption, Falsification and Fabrication of payments, violating my Escrow Account by paying the property taxes, stating they were delinquent when they were NOT. JPM/Chase Executive Offices in Columbus, Ohio, nor the numerous other JPM/Chase Office across the US have NO Data Base as I would receive different information from the different US JPM/Chase Banks in different states.

Lee Raymond Chairman of the Board at JPM/Chase has been on the Board for 28 years throughout all the criminal actions that JPM/Chase/Jamie Dimon, CEO have been found guilty of and paid over $20 Billion in fines. Lee Raymond it should be noted was also at Exxonmobil from 1963-2005, during that time frame, Raymond was the most outspoken US Executive against Climate Change. Look now at the investigations being conducted against E-M and all the documents showing proof of fraudulent reports during Raymond's apparent time at ExxonMobil. Another JPM/Chase Board of Director William Weldon, was the CEO at Johnson & Johnson when the Toxic Products were being manufactured and now people are dying of cancer with multiple lawsuits against Johnson and Johnson.

Weldon was "let go/fired???" from J&J and where else does Weldon have a spot on the Board of Directors??? On Lee Raymond's former company Exxon-Mobil. When Raymond left Exxon-Mobil he left with the largest Retirement Parachute in history. When Board of Director Members go from one corrupt company to another, HOW are we the VICTIMS to get any form of justice??? Then take a look at Jamie Dimon, CEO and everything he did to generate the $20 Billion Dollars in fines.

Since 2008 with the collapse of the Mortgage Industry and Wall Street and MILLIONS of innocent victims were at the Mercy of GREED and POWER and despite the fines paid by numerous guilty companies, NOTHING has changed. Reading the numerous letters of the people filing complaints, JPM/Chase goes right on cheating their customers. 2015 headlines read that employees at JPM/Chase embezzled millions of dollars from customer accounts. It NEVER ends. With JPM/Chase ~~~ WHERE and WHEN do "We the People" who pay our payments on time and honestly get some justice???

We are the VICTIMS of a Corrupt and Criminal banking system of JPM/Chase. Look up JPM/Chase Rap Sheet of criminal acts, all listed on the Internet. WHERE is the Securities and Exchange Commission who investigates companies who sell stocks??? They should be investigating HOW JPM/Chase manipulates payments to enhance their Profit Margin. WHERE is the Office of Comptroller of the Currency who are suppose to oversee how Banks do business??? WHERE is the US AG and all the other Agencies who have been started to help "We, the Victims" of Mortgage Fraud and WHY are all these Agencies OVERLOOKING and IGNORING the fact that NOTHING has changed.

Hands were slapped, fines paid and it was back to doing illegal business to their customers as before. Since 2003 when WaMu took over our mortgage and since 2008 when WaMu went bankrupt and JPM/Chase took over WaMu's servicing of the mortgages I have been in a battle for HONESTY and JUSTICE for the money I paid on my mortgage and all the extra principal and all the illegal paying of my property taxes and lying that I was delinquent when I was not. Why paying my property taxes in 2015??? Why sending companies here to do a Broker's Price Opinion in 2016???

I went through an application refinance pre approval process online with CHASE. I waited 4 days no response so I stopped at my local Chase branch since they hold my primary mtg. I met with a bank rep that put me on the phone with a mortgage specialist. He found the info I applied online with. We went as far as him giving me rate and term on a 15 year loan. My Income, credit, LTV all well in line. Quoted a rate of 3.5% plus closing cost and so on. I asked if that was the best rate I qualified for because I've seen lower. He said if I shopped around and found a lower rate he would match it. I said I have accounts with Bank of America and Wells Fargo. My question was if I found a lower rate why would I come back to Chase. He said that's the way they do business. The CFPB should look into that.

Anyway sure enough Bank of America beat the rate by 50 BPS 3% so I went with them. I looked at my credit report and saw that the "CHASE" ran my credit several times!! I think the guy did it out of spite!! Beware consumers!! Not happy with the vindictive profiling by Chase. I am Hispanic by the way. Not that you could tell by appearance, just by name of course. He couldn't tell over the phone.

Due to the crash in the economy I was forced to do a loan modification, I was unaware that it would increase my mortgage loan amount up by $11,000.00. My original loan amount was $105,000.00. At the time of the modification it was $101,000.00, Chase bank attached $11,000.00 onto my mortgage increasing my mortgage to $112,000.00. I would like the Chase research team to investigate and please explain to me why I now owe $108,000.00 after I have been paying on an original mortgage loan of $105,000.00 for more than fourteen years on a thirty year fixed mortgage.

I would like for the research department to please explain why my loan amount has not gone down but $4,000 in the past four years after the modification, that is a $1,000.00 a year toward my principal. Please explain why my mortgage loan amount became $112,000,00 for doing a loan modification, please explain why did Obama allow the banks to rip people off like this. Please someone explain this.

After 3 months Chase put a lock box on our home, never told us we had a real estate agent who was going to rent it out. Chase sent foreclosure notice. Chase was notified of our move. The house still sits empty even after offers that Chase would not approve for short sale. When asked about putting the payments at the end of the mortgage and renting it out we were told we couldn't do that and the lock box was there to keep squatters out. We have filled out papers for harp every month for the past 4.5 yrs while we are still being charged fee after fee, interest upon interest while they hold the keys.They won’t even accept a deed in lieu?

In attempting to make an arrangement for ONE monthly payment, I called Chase bank on 4-8 and yet to get a reply, but was sent a large re-fi package to complete by 6-29-16. I want to take care of April payment before May payment come due on the first of May... That is why I reached out to Chase on 4-8-16. Chase stated "THERE IS NO HELP FOR MY ONE MORTGAGE PAYMENT" and "CHASE DOESN'T OFFER HELP WITH ONE PAYMENT ANYMORE, BUT WE USED TO DO THAT". So I am left FLAPPING in the wind with no assistance to KEEP my account current. NO THANK TO CHASE.

I've had my mortgage with Chase for 5 years. After year 2 I called trying to get my PMI off. A agent said she could do that and put me into a program to lower my payment. She kept misapplying my payments and caused me to have late charges. I finally got her supervisor and was able to opt out of the program after 7 attempts. Now 3 years later and never being late I get notices almost every 3 months accusing me of needing assistance and even if being in bankruptcy!! None of this is true. My acct is up-to-date and I have now had to opt out of this alleged program 18 times!! Absolutely ridiculous and no one there can explain to me why this keeps happening.

Even a one star rating for Chase is too much! They deserve a minus one star! I want to say, however, that the employees in my Chase Branch are wonderful people. They are very friendly and so nice, and do everything they can to help. They are not responsible for the unjust, cruel and abusive actions taken by the Chase executives. I took out a mortgage with Chase in July 2003. As I was a single mother raising two children on my own, without any help from my ex-husband, I told them that I would be paying my property taxes and my home insurance separately. I wanted to make sure that no matter how difficult things were for us that I would not have any trouble paying my mortgage. They said it was fine. All these years I never had a problem and never missed a mortgage payment.

In fact when I was working... I was working at a law firm in New York City for 20 years when our economy crashed, and most of the staff were laid off... I would make an extra payment on my mortgage to reduce my principal. I worked two shifts at our law firm for years and one day on the weekend to make sure we would be all right and I would be able to put food on the table and take care of my children, and pay the bills... And of course, one of the main concerns was to make sure our home was safe. Thank God our law firm is open 24 hours a day and there was always a lot of overtime. However, in 2014 I got the shock of my life. I received notice in February 2014 that Chase went behind my back and paid my property taxes and they informed me that my monthly mortgage payment of $647.77 was going to change to $2 119.99 a month starting May 1, 2014! I was so shocked I could not believe it!

I went to my branch and spoke to an officer and showed him the letter and he called the Mortgage Department and asked them what was going on. The person from the Mortgage Department told him that Chase received a call from the Town of Huntington telling them that I was delinquent on my property taxes! The Branch Officer told me when he got off the phone that we had to work quickly. I told him I was going to speak to the Receiver of Taxes, and the County Treasurer's Office to find out what was going on. I drove 30 miles to the County Treasurer's Office the next day and was told "Absolutely Not! That was False!" They told me that they do not know which bank a homeowner has their mortgage with, and they have never, ever, called a homeowner's bank! The Receiver of Taxes said the same thing.

In fact the Receiver of Taxes, herself, told me that the Town knows that Chase, and other banks, DELIBERATELY cause trouble, to force their customers to escrow their property taxes so they can charge them a lot more money! CHASE BLATANTLY LIED! I guess they never thought I would check up on them! I also contacted my former boss right away and told him what Chase had done. He was a Litigation lawyer at our law firm, and was laid off a week before I was. He was so shocked and said he would do everything he could to help me. He wrote them and called them for five months before he got Chase to stop escrowing my taxes. He requested that they add the money they paid the Town, without my permission, to the end of my mortgage and keep my mortgage the same and they refused. Instead, they spread the money over five years and raised my mortgage to $805.85.

Just before July 4, 2014 I received a letter from Chase saying they were stopping the escrow, but that they would be watching me. In the meantime throughout the whole five months I was receiving letters from different locations of Chase saying I would lose my home if I did not pay them the higher monthly payment they were demanding. These letters were coming from different states and seemed totally disconnected... as though the right hand did not know what the left hand was doing!!! In 2015 I did not have a problem with them so I thought, thank God! However, when I went to the County Treasurer's Office January 29, 2016 to make a payment on my taxes, I was informed by them that my taxes were all paid, and I did not owe anything! I could not believe that Chase did it again! When I explained to the person helping me what Chase had done in 2014... and now again... they were very upset and told me to fight Chase!

They are not backing down, and are now forcing me to pay more than double what I was paying before... $1,716.63 as of May 1, 2016!!! They are ruthless, cruel and abusive and must be stopped! Everyone who has been hurt and abused by Chase has to do something to stop them. If we all join together and take action something will have to be done. They have to realize that they cannot continue their cruel, unjust, abusive actions toward their customers and get away with it. They have to be held accountable, and they have to reimburse us for all the pain and suffering they have and are causing us. If we do not do something to stop them, and the other banks who are doing terrible things to their customers, because they do not care, and because they think they are too big to fail, they will continue doing what they are doing and making more people homeless. We cannot allow this!

Before their first attack against me in February 2014, I was in my Branch one day and I asked one of the Branch Officers what would my monthly payment be if I escrowed my property taxes. He did a calculation and then told me that it would be approximately $1,700.00. And then he told me in confidence "Do Not Do It!!! Because if you cannot maintain the increased monthly amount, CHASE WILL FORECLOSE YOUR HOME!!!" This is what a Branch Officer in my Chase Branch told me!!! Another female Branch Officer told me after the first Chase attack that she did not escrow her property taxes!

I want to quote a paragraph I read in - "Banks are scooping up homes at a rate unprecedented in human history. Not even Genghis Khan or Adolf Hitler succeeded in driving people out of their homes at the rate of a million households per year, dislocating millions of people. The 21st century wars are economic! Over 2,076,764 American homes are now in foreclosure! That is 5.4 million people!" After our economy crashed in 2008 with 23 million Americans out of work, Chase paid its executives $29 billion in bonuses for 2009. The highest ever paid by the bank, and an increase of 28% from the previous year, when 1,626 JPMorgan bankers took home bonuses of more than $1 million each! The Bank also received $25 billion from the US Treasury's Troubled Assets Relief Programme (TARP).

And... don't let them persuade you to apply for a loan modification... which they also suggested to me... because many who have applied for a loan modification, while waiting for it to be finalized, found out to their horror, that instead of doing the loan modification they had promised their customers, Chase instead foreclosed their homes!!! We cannot let this continue another minute longer, because it will only get worse! We have to all join together to fight this evil that is destroying our peace, security and happiness, and before anyone else is made homeless! Please count me in... but we have to take action quickly!

With the exception of some wonderful Chase people, like Michael **, I am basically disgusted with Chase and after my house is sold, I will have almost 1.5M dollars in equity which I will deposit into the Bank Of America and leave Chase for good! My husband whose name is on the mortgage passed in Feb 2016. I am the trustee of the estate. Chase has made it impossible for me to communicate with them regarding the mortgage even when I tried to explain to them I have my house up for sale and want to make everything right after the sale.

I have sent in numerous papers showing my name as the estate owner (as joint tenants, the estate passed on to me) and they keep asking for more and more proof! Even after I showed proof my estate is up for sale so we can pay off Chase mortgage, Chase allowed Trustee Corps to put a "foreclosure" notice under my listing on Zillow. That in itself is an act which has the potential of sabotaging my sale as the "vultures" seeing the foreclosure notice will WAIT to act. And other potential buyers could be a little leery of such a listing property! Chase has done everything it can to hurt me, rather than help me trying to get things made right between us and Chase. I look forward to doing business with Bank Of America after the sale is completed and leaving Chase for good.

I had a 11 year mortgage with my now ex husband with Chase bank. In 2008 I divorced and my husband took me to court trying to get our 20 year family home. The judge didn't make a final judgment but in February 2016 my ex fraudulently refinanced the mortgage outta my name without my knowledge. I just found out from my daughter spilling the beans. I was so mad that Chase didn't contact me or even send me one document of this dealings.

When I called their credit department - they said I didn't need to know and said they wouldnt give me the information because it was private?? I was pissed! They used my name on this mortgage for 11 years and held up my credit with a 155,000$ mortgage?? When I told the employee I wanted copies of who signed my name off this mortgage they sent me some application documents that you receive when anyone applies for a new mortgage?? Chase bank is fraudulent and breaches your securities. This is one bank to stay away from. Biggest Predatory Lenders!! I will be looking for an attorney to get involved and will be going back to family court to see what original judge has to say. Bad banking business ever. Frauds.

We fell behind in our mortgage after I lost my job. We entered into a loan modification and then halfway through our finance quit working and it was -40 below in Minnesota so we had to fix the furnace and need to redo our modification. It took them months to decide. We had too much debt and not enough income so we were turned down. I got a second job and we reduced our debt and reapplied. After months and months, we were denied again.

This time they said our finances were such that we should be able to make the payments but first we had to pay the amount in the arrears, which is $12,000. We were told not to make payments while the modification was pending and it took them so long that now we are so far behind. We asked if we could just refinance or put those payments to the end of the loan and they said no. Now we are in danger of losing our house. No one wants to lend us $12,000 to pay back mortgage payments. I may soon be 60 and have no place to live. By the way I did not originally finance with Chase, our mortgage company sold our mortgage to them.

My wife and I are trying to settle my mother-in-law's estate by selling her home. In the rundown of the title an old mortgage that has been paid was never released. Contacted the mortgage research lien release department of the bank. From day one told them that I have no proof of payment. Although the bank has nothing to prove that the money is owed. The bank has done nothing but delay. Will not return calls have to contact them. When I do I get voice mail. Will not give me supervisor's names or anyone I can talk to directly to solve this problem.

I am so mad at the moment and wanted to write the review. I wanted to refinance with Chase since my original loan is still with them and I wanted to remove Mortgage insurance. Original impression was that all they need is paycheck information and mortgage information. As times moved on it turned into awful customer experience where they were asking for more and more documents and it no longer felt as refi but entirely brand new loan.

The clerk (Jeannette ** Mortgage Banker Assistant at Chase) she does not deserve even this title, was incompetent, could not read what needed and asking same things over and over. Once again it shows that Mortgage and Loan industry needs complete face lift. Working in this day and time in such way it absolutely unacceptable and I am not mentioning the so-called "Customer Experience". It does not exist at CHASE!!! I would not recommend you to work with this lady or even Chase. Overall rates are average. You can always find a more competitive and better ones and service is lousy, so it's lose/lose.

J.P. Morgan Chase Home Mortgage & My Attorney--Starr Law Group, Pompano Beach, Florida worked together to foreclose on my home. Starr Law was hired to do a modification for me, and they never did forward all documents from me to give to J.P. Morgan Chase. The Attorney, Stuart ** told me to stop making payments to Chase until the modification was complete at which time all payments in the arrears would be added to the end of the mortgage. Chase would not work me with me and foreclosed. I tried to make back payments and Chase refused the payments. The law firm ripped me out of $3500.00 - both Chase & the law firm are crooks.