Whele recalls a half million Mighty Bliss electric heating pads

Photo source: FDA

The product can overheat, spark, burn or experience other electrical problems.

Whele LLC of Boston, Mass., is recalling 544,212 Mighty Bliss electric heating pads.

The product can overheat, spark, burn, or present other electrical problems, leading to burns, mild shocks, or rashes/irritation.

The firm has received 31 reports of such injuries.

This recall applies to the following model numbers manufactured between January 8, 2021, and January 3, 2022, and sold from July 29, 2021, through July 21, 2022, on Amazon.com and Walmart.com:

  • MB-001 (NA-H1121B): Large (12” x 24”) Blue Electric Heating Pad
  • MB-002 (NA-H21C): Extra-Large (20” x 24”) Blue Electric Heating Pad
  • PE-MtyBls-HeatPad-12x24-Gry-V2(NA-H1121B): Large (12” x 24”) Grey Electric Heating Pad

A list of the product lot numbers, which are on the heating pad in black text beneath the product instructions, may be found here.

What to do

Customers who purchased the recalled products should:

Ensure unit is unplugged.

Safely cut the cord off the device

Take a picture of the device to demonstrate that the device can no longer be used

Upload a picture of the device with the cord cut to www.mightyblissheatingpadrecall.expertinquiry.com to verify that they have received this notification, even if they no longer have the product on hand.

Consumers with questions may contact the firm at (866) 918-8768, Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm (EST), or by email at mightyblissheatingpad7692@sedgwick.com.

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