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Gas prices level off at a seven-year high

The average price of regular gas is the same as a month ago

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There’s good news and bad news for drivers. Gas prices haven’t gone up over the last month, but they remain at the highest level since 2014.

The AAA Fuel Gauge Survey shows the national average price of regular gas is $3.17 a gallon, a penny less than last Friday but the same as a month ago.

The average price of premium gas is also down a penny from last week, at $3.80 a gallon. The average price of diesel fuel is $3.29 a gallon, the same as last week.

Demand has fluctuated in recent weeks, a big factor providing stability to prices at the pump. GasBuddy’s Patrick DeHaan reports U.S. gasoline demand was 0.3% lower on Wednesday than the prior Wednesday and 0.6% lower than the average of the last four Wednesdays. 

“Week to date, gasoline demand is at its lowest since the week of July 11,” DeHaan posted on Twitter.

AAA predicts gas prices will continue to fluctuate in the run-up to the Labor Day weekend, which normally marks the end of the summer driving season. That could put downward pressure on prices as fall arrives.

The states with the most expensive gas

These states currently have the highest prices for regular gas, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Survey:

  • California ($4.40)

  • Hawaii ($4.09)

  • Nevada ($4.06)

  • Washington ($3.91) 

  • Utah ($3.85)

  • Idaho ($3.81)

  • Oregon ($3.80) 

  • Alaska ($3.71) 

  • Colorado ($3.63)  

  • Wyoming ($3.59)

The states with the cheapest regular gas

The survey found that these states currently have the lowest prices for regular gas:

  • Mississippi ($2.79)

  • Louisiana ($2.83)

  • Texas ($2.83) 

  • Alabama ($2.84)

  • Missouri ($2.86)

  • Arkansas ($2.87)

  • Tennessee ($2.87)

  • South Carolina ($2.88)

  • Oklahoma ($2.89)

  • Kentucky ($2.90)

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