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Gas prices jump heading into the July 4th holiday

Most states see an increase in prices at the pump

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With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic fading in the rearview mirror, millions of Americans will hit the road over the Independence Day holiday. In just about every region of the country, they’ll find higher gasoline prices.

The AAA Fuel Gauge Survey shows the national average price of regular gas is $3.12 a gallon, four cents higher than a week ago. The price is up nearly $1 from a year ago.

The average price of premium gas is $3.74 a gallon, also four cents higher than last Friday. The average price of diesel fuel is $3.24 a gallon, two cents higher than last week.

Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, says a huge spike in demand is driving the increase.

“According to GasBuddy data, Wednesday U.S. gasoline demand surged 7.53% from last Wednesday, the highest Wednesday since summer 2019,” DeHaan posted on Twitter. “It was 7.48% above the average of the last four Wednesdays.”

Earlier in the week DeHaan reported that supplies were running low at some stations around the country, not because of a shortage of fuel but because of a shortage of truck drivers to deliver it.

Some states in the West have seen large price increases in the last week. In Idaho, the statewide average is up 11 cents a gallon in the last seven days. The price is up 10 cents in Oregon and Utah, and eight cents in Alaska and Utah.

The states with the most expensive gas

These states currently have the highest prices for regular gas, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Survey:

  • California ($4.28)

  • Hawaii ($4.02)

  • Washington ($3.76)

  • Nevada ($3.74)

  • Oregon ($3.62) 

  • Utah ($3.56)

  • Alaska ($3.51) 

  • Idaho ($3.44)

  • Colorado ($3.43)

  • Illinois ($3.37)

The states with the cheapest regular gas

The survey found these states currently have the lowest prices for regular gas:

  • Mississippi ($2.75)

  • Louisiana ($2.76)

  • Texas ($2.80) 

  • Missouri ($2.81)

  • Arkansas ($2.81)

  • Alabama ($2.81)

  • South Carolina ($2.82

  • Oklahoma ($2.83)

  • Kansas ($2.88)

  • North Carolina ($2.89)

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