Five products in your home that may be about to fail

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Consumers report problems from exploding glass to overheating hairdryers

Your home can be a dangerous place. You could trip over a rug in the hallway or slip and fall in the shower.

But some products in your home can also be dangerous, although regulators work to identify them and issue recalls. But there may be other products in your home that have yet to be recalled but nonetheless might pose a hazard.

ConsumerAffairs researchers scoured the internet looking for consumer comments and complaints about products that are not only potentially hazardous but also might not work the way they are intended.

Mueller’s “onion chopper” vegetable slicer was the subject of a recall in 2020 but is still triggering consumer complaints. It was deemed a laceration risk but some consumers report they never got the promised replacement.

“I submitted all the required information & Mueller sent me an email saying I’d be sent a replacement,” a reviewer named Mishelle posted on Amazon in 2021. “That was 11/27/20. I have yet to receive my new chopper or hear from Mueller with a delivery status. Not happy!”

Exploding glass

Some consumers have complained that Hamilton Beach slow cookers have glass lids that are prone to shattering. Some consumers have reported the glass lids shatter with no apparent stimulus from the user.

In recent years ConsumerAffairs has received reports of glass cookware shattering after being heated in an oven and then being exposed to room temperature, suggesting consumers should exercise caution when heating tempered glass.

“Bought Pyrex set at Walmart 10 days ago first time I used it for a rack of ribs,” Mike, of Sierra Vista, Ariz., reported earlier this year. “Put it in a 350-degree oven and 40 minutes later it exploded into a million pieces.”

While TV sets seem to be more reliable than they were a decade ago, some consumers still report problems. Some have complained that the Sony X900H TV’s variable refresh rate (VRR) feature does not work as advertised, substantially lowering the picture quality at higher refresh rates. 

Sony’s X900H is advertised as a device that is optimized for the PS5 and next-gen gaming, equipped with a variable refresh rate feature that provides “reduced input lag, increased frame rate, and ultra smooth motion.” 

“I love that the x900h, advertised with 4k and vrr and 120hz, actually didnt mention that VRR disables local dimming and 120hz halves the horizontal or vertical resolution so it looks worse than 1080p at times, it’s incredibly frustrating,” WoodyTSE posted on Reddit earlier this year.

Overheating hair dryer

Some consumers have claimed the Conair Cord Keeper hair dryer is defectively designed and prone to overheating, causing internal components to melt. Several claimed the 1,875-watt hair dryers pose a risk of burns or fires.

“While drying my hair today I heard a pop and then a spark along with a flash of flame coming from the cord,” GMCchick posted in a review on Amazon earlier this year. “Not wanting the fire to get to the outlet I panicked and unplugged the burning cord from the outlet and dropped it on the floor where I was able to put out the fire.”

Companies often issue recalls for products after federal safety regulars get a large number of complaints. Consumers who encounter what they believe to be defective or unsafe products can report them to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) here.

It’s also helpful to share your experience with fellow consumers by posting a review on ConsumerAffairs.

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