Are you wasting your Amazon Prime benefits? Bet you are.

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Baby Boomers and students have pluses they probably don't realize they have

Are you using all you can squeeze out of your Amazon Prime membership? Probably not, especially if all you’re doing is dropping $139 a year for movies, two-day shipping, and little more. 

At a time when money is tight, ConsumerAffairs thought it might be interesting to find what unused Prime perks there are, especially ones that make perfect sense because a consumer can save money elsewhere and keep everything under one roof.

Here’s a few things that might help in that department:

Spending money and getting money back

There are lots of credit cards that offer “cash back” to customers when they make a purchase, but with Amazon Prime’s Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, eligible Prime members earn 5% back on anything they buy at as well as Whole Foods Market. 

And as that 5% adds up, Prime Members can apply it to future purchases. Let’s say, you buy something for $100, that’s $5 off another purchase which makes things like buying a pound of coffee really inexpensive.

One-day – or quicker – delivery

Two-day delivery is the Prime standard, but Amazon has quietly amped up delivery to 24 hours or less on 20 million items. Plus, in some U.S. cities, customers can now shop for products from their favorite local retail stores like GNC, Sur la Table, PacSun and Superdry on Amazon and have their purchases delivered on the same day to their doorstep. And if you really want lickety-split service, there’s two-hour grocery delivery, free on orders over $150.

Gamers – especially Baby Boomers – gaming delight

A recent AARP study showed that Americans aged 50-plus are playing video games more than ever – a fact that Prime can address where major, youth-leaning gaming platforms such as Twitch, might not be able to. Prime members get access to free games and in-game content at Prime Gaming every month on top of a free monthly channel subscription on

A Prime membership also gives U.S. subscribers the opportunity to play a rotating selection of free games each month on Luna, Amazon’s cloud gaming service

Audiobooks your thing?

Baby Boomers also love audiobooks and if they’re a Prime member, they can take advantage of Audible Narration on top of the digital, downloadable books they can get on their Kindle e-readers.

According to BookWritten, the only bugaboo about Audible Narration is that it’s often confused with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, a separate paid subscription.

To find free audiobooks, BookWritten’s Pradeep Kumar says all you have to do is search for “Books with Audible Narration in Prime Reading.” And Kumar says it’s a pretty good selection, too – lots of fiction and non-fiction, but romance and comics, too. He says one cool option with Audible Narration is that you can switch between reading and listening to your book. 

Try before you buy

Buying clothes online is tricky. For one thing, you can’t see the quality of the item. For another, you can’t try on the item. But with Amazon’s Prime Try Before You Buy you have seven days to try on new styles and sizes before you’re charged for the ones you want to keep. It’s a whole department store of items, too – not just clothing, but shoes and accessories as well. 

Students get even better deals

We’re a few months away from heading back to campus, but here’s one plus that the students in the family can take advantage of: If they have a valid .edu email address, they can sign up as part of the Prime Student program, which gives them a six-month free trial for Amazon Prime. If they like what they’re getting out of it, they can upgrade to a full Prime Membership for 50% off.

Another advantage is that Amazon offers textbooks, too – usually at much lower prices than the college bookstore.

Unlimited photo storage

Google Photos probably has the corner on the photo storage market, but the company also started charging for storage past a certain point. Amazon, however, gives Prime members access to unlimited high-resolution photo storage with Amazon Photos, as well as 5 GB of video storage.

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