Amazon to give $10 in credit to those who enroll in its palm print payment system

Photo (c) isayildiz - Getty Images

The company is seeking to grow the number of people who use the contactless payment option

Amazon is offering $10 in promotional credit to those who sign up to its palm print payments system, Amazon One

The contactless payment option, which Amazon launched last September, lets customers link their card to their palm signature. The company has since brought the technology to 53 of its retail establishments across the U.S. 

The payment option can be found at Amazon Go convenience stores, Whole Foods Market, Amazon Go Grocery, Amazon Books, Amazon 4-star stores, and Amazon Pop Ups. Now, Amazon is seeking to expand the number of customers who use the technology at these locations. 

Shoppers who sign up to use Amazon One can get a $10 voucher. Amazon says the sign-up process takes less than a minute and that paying using the tech takes just a second. After linking a payment card to one or both palm signatures, customers can then begin paying for their items simply by hovering their palm over the reader device.

Privacy a priority

Amazon has promised to secure palm data using encryption, data isolation, and dedicated secure zones with restricted access control. The company has also promised to keep palm data separate from other Amazon customer data. 

A small subset of “anonymous” palm data will be used to help Amazon improve its system. Amazon said that data will be "protected using multiple layers of security controls." The company also said it will delete palm signature data in the event that an Amazon One ID is canceled or if a user hasn’t interacted with one of its palm scanners for two years. 

“Customer trust is our top priority. We treat your palm signature just like other highly sensitive personal data and keep it safe using best-in-class technical and physical security controls,” Amazon said. 

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