Amazon expanding Buy with Prime service by January 31

Photo (c) George Clerk - Getty Images

The service has been found to be beneficial to both retailers and consumers

Though the holiday shopping rush may be over, Amazon says it is still working to make shopping easier and more convenient for Prime members.  

The company announced that it will expand its Buy with Prime service, which allows shoppers to make purchases with retailers outside of Amazon, while still getting many of the same perks of a Prime membership, like fast delivery and easy returns.

Amazon launched Buy with Prime on an invite-only basis in April 2022. It hand-picked select direct-to-consumer retailers to sell their products through the Prime platform. 

By the end of January, Buy with Prime will expand to feature any eligible retailer that signs up for the service. For shoppers, this means getting access to Prime membership benefits while having a wider reach of where they can shop. 

See Amazon reviews

With the expansion of Buy with Prime comes another feature that might benefit both sellers and consumers: Amazon reviews. 

Retailers will have the option of adding Amazon customer reviews on their own online stores. This can help shoppers feel more comfortable and confident in their purchases and might translate to more sales for merchants. 

Locking in more purchases 

While the expansion of Buy with Prime gives Prime members the opportunity to connect with new brands through a well-established source, the service can also benefit sellers. 

Amazon said it found that the Buy with Prime feature was effective at locking in 25% more sales for merchants. However, this figure is only an average, with some sellers seeing more or less than that number since utilizing Buy with Prime. 

As Amazon expands the service at the end of the month, Prime members will be exposed to even more new retailers while utilizing their Prime membership. 

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