These five companies are paying $16.8 million to settle class-action lawsuits

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The claims windows are now open with deadlines in the first half of 2023

The claims windows are now open on a handful of class-action lawsuit settlements that could result in cash payments to affected consumers. According to Top Class Actions, these five companies will pay out nearly $17 million to consumers.

In one settlement that is now accepting claims, American Airlines will pay a total of $7.5 million to settle a suit claiming that it overcharged for baggage fees for some passengers. Consumers may be eligible if they were charged to: 

  • Check a bag on or after Feb. 24, 2017

  • Received a ticket issued before April 9, 2020

  • Received an email from the airline saying they could check a bag for free

  • Had a credit card account with American Citi or Barclays that entitled them to check a bag for free

Though people can submit a claim form now, they have until Feb. 22, 2023 to do so here. Affected consumers will get a full refund.


Ride-sharing company Uber will pay $2.2 million to put to rest a lawsuit claiming it discriminated against disabled passengers with unfair wait-time fees. The money will be paid to the U.S. Justice Department but it will be used to compensate affected customers.

Eligible consumers are those who opted in to Uber’s wait-time fee waiver program for riders who have disabilities on or before May 12, 2022. Many disabled riders complained they were charged the fee anyway.

Eligible consumers have until  April 24, 2023, to file a claim. You’ll find the form here.

Proctor & Gamble

Consumer products giant Procter & Gamble has agreed to pay $8 million to resolve claims that it sold aerosolized products containing benzene, which is classified as a carcinogen. The funds will compensate consumers who bought a number of different aerosol products containing the cancer-causing chemical.

The brands of the products include Old Spice, Secret, Pantene, Herbal Essences, Hair Food and Aussie between Nov. 4, 2015, and Dec. 31, 2021. 

Affected consumers have until Jan. 26, 2023, to file a claim form, which can be found here.


All-Clad, a company that makes a wide range of cookware and kitchen utensils, is writing a check for $4 million, settling a class-action suit that claimed cookware marketed as “dishwasher-safe” was anything but.

Plaintiffs contend that the company’s “dishwasher-safe” pots and pans were damaged after being run through the dishwasher. Specifically, the complaint said machine-washing caused the non-stick surface of the pan to peel away from the base, creating sharp edges.

Consumers who purchased All-Clad D3, D5 or LTD cookware may be eligible for a claim. In some instances, proof of purchase may be required. Claims must be submitted by March 27, 2023. The claim form is here.


If you purchased a “natural” Wesson Oil product between January 2006 and July 2017, you may be eligible for a cash payment from ConAgra’s $3 million settlement. The company has agreed to settle a lawsuit that said the company incorrectly labeled the products as “natural.”

The products in question are Wesson Vegetable Oil, Wesson Canola Oil, Wesson Corn Oil and Wesson Best Blend. The plaintiffs claimed the company marketed them as natural when they weren’t.

The deadline for filing a claim, found here, is May 22, 2023.

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