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Apps to help parents get through the holidays

Having these apps in your back pocket can help keep your family organized

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With the holidays just around the corner, there may be a few parties or family gatherings in your future. If you’re a parent, you’ll likely be facing many additional holiday-related stressors.

From baking for a holiday party at your child’s school to checking off a seemingly endless shopping list, parents have their work cut out for them around the holidays. Luckily, several apps are available to help moms and dads survive the holiday hustle and bustle.

While each app has its own forte, this selection may help take away some of the stress a parent often feels while navigating a busy holiday season with kids.

Apps for a worry-free holiday

Whether you’ve got food allergies to consider at Thanksgiving or gift ideas to keep track of ahead of the holidays, these apps may help keep you organized and calm.
  • AllerGuarder. Food is a primary focus at holiday gatherings, but food allergies are more common than you might think. One in 13 children in the U.S. is affected by food allergies. To make sure your feast doesn’t trigger an allergic reaction, have kids wear the AllerGuarder bracelet. It can communicate with an app on your smartphone to remind you not to feed a child at your gathering something they’re allergic to.
  • Picniic. Families have a lot to juggle around the holidays. The various parties and functions on each family member’s schedule can be difficult to coordinate, but Picniic can help parents stay organized. With Picniic, the whole family can see and update their schedule on one central home hub.
  • Presence. Will you be heading out of town over the holidays? If so, home security may be at the forefront of your mind as you pull out of the driveway. This app can turn your unused smartphone or tablet into an internet security camera with motion detection. While you’re away, you can sign into Presence on another mobile device to see real-time video and audio of your home. The app will even send you an alert when motion is detected.
  • Giftster. Holiday shopping can send stress levels flying. Keeping track of gift ideas while also sending out your own holiday wish list can cause mental clutter for all but the most Type A individuals. With Giftster, parents can stay on top of their gift-giving game. This app makes it easier to organize gift lists ahead of time, which can help reduce your overall stress. 

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